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Last Modified on Jun 28, 2014

What Causes Grey Hair?

A potential cure for grey hair has been much in the news lately, after researchers determined that it was hydrogen peroxide building up in our hair that causes it to turn grey. Oxidative stress causes hydrogen peroxide to build up in our hair follicles, slowly to build up within the hair itself and bleaching the melanin in each hair to grey from the inside. The research team reports that a new form of psuedocatalase, a drug used to treat vitiligo, shows promise as a reliable treatment to reverse greying hair.

Aging sees many of us accumulate gray hairs, but premature grey hair is a possibility as well. In this case, genetics may be at fault; however, stress and nutritional deficits may likewise be the cause of a growing grey hair problem. This matches up with the theory of oxidative stress and hydrogen peroxide, since stress and poor nutrition will increase our body's levels of oxidative stress.

Reverse Grey Hair Naturally

Antioxidant supplements as well as foods and herbs such as green tea or oregano leaf can reduce your body's oxidative stress, to potentially slow or cure grey hair. Mineral and other nutritional deficits can also be addressed, and for our readers blackstrap molasses has been the most reliable dietary aid to prevent grey hair.

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Blackstrap Molasses18 YEAS

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Amla Berry

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[YEA]  11/20/2006: Saf from Birmingham, UK: "Hi I'm writing about the posting pasted above. I've been researching into Amla powder. Amla is also known as the 'Indian Gooseberry' (Emblica offinalis) and has been used in India for hair for hundreds of years. It has a very high content of Vitamin C. I would say that it's more of a preventative measure than a cure for grey and falling hair.

Anjuli suggested Lemon and Coconut oil. If you wish to use these, you could definitely mix the Amla powder (available at Tesco supermarket in the UK as well as many asian/Indian grocery stores), into the oil mixture. Some of it will dissolve and there will be a grainy residue.

A lot of vegetable oils are very good for both the Skin and Hair. They are saturated with vitamins and nutrients. You can mix them together too and also use the purest essential oils. I find the following oils very good for the hair: Olive, Shea Butter, Mustard Seed, Coconut, Jojoba, Sweet Almond Oil and Thistle Oil.

Essential oils that you can mix into the blend of oils include Ginger, Rosemary, Lavender, Cedarwood, Benzoin, Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang. Only ever use the most purest essential oils.

If you add 5% Vitamin E Oil to the blend it will help keep it from going rancid for longer. Store the oil away in a cool place away from sunlight.

You can mix amla power into the oil when you dispense a little to use it.

Use the oil as an overnight conditioner by massaging well into the scalp and and hair. Wash it out in the morning. If you can't do this then massage it into the scalp and hair and leave it in for as long as you can even if it's only 15 minutes before a shower.

When it comes to washing out the oil. Massage shampoo into your hair first and add a tiny bit of water. If you wet hair first, it will be difficult to get the oil out.

A recipe for intensive oil treatment: 24.5ml Thistle Oil, 24.5ml Olive Oil, 3ml Vitamin E Oil, 0.5ml Vitamin A Palmitate, 50 drops of Rosemary Essential Oil, 30 Drops of Grapefruit Essential Oil and 20 drops of Ylang Ylang.

Or you can replace the above Essential Oils in the recipe by using the following instead: 15 drops of Ginger Essential Oil, 60 drops of Lavender Essential Oil and 15 drops of Cedarwood Essential Oil. Although the oils will improve the condition of your hair and stimulate the hair follicles and your scalp there is no guarantee that they will make new hair grow or get rid of gray hair. It may however help prevent an early onset of hair loss.

Hope this helps. Good luck and God Bless. "

09/15/2010: Souad from Meknes, 50000, Morocco replies: "I am only 27 years I suffer from premature gray hair. Because I suffer from stress and anxiety when I was studying. My hair start graying in 21 years old. Now I hope to find something really useful for this gray. How can I get this amla berry. Do u know any site that expose this product. Thanks in advance"

EC: Hi Souad,

You can find companies that sell amla berry products on Google and Amazon.


01/27/2012: Kate from Maidenhead, Berkshire, England replies: "Souad, due to my hair loss I can't use the conventional hair dyes, however I found taking unsulphured blackstrap molasses 2 teaspoons twice a day for the last 3 weeks has turned all of my grey hair to dark black with reddish pigment. The copper in the molasses helps to change the hair colour. You can purchase it from the UK, Goodness Direct (by the way I don't get commission for mentioning the name of the company). You can also purchase Amla from the internet. Good Luck"
04/28/2012: Cayte from Zanesfield, Oh replies: "Do you have to mix molasses with water or just take it as it is? Cayte"
09/26/2012: Kate from Maidenhead, Uk replies: "Cayte, you can mix the molasses with apple cider vinegar (ACV) or you can mix the molasses with hot milk and drink it before bedtime. My favourite remedy is molasses and ACV as it helps with weight loss."

[YEA]  01/19/2006: Anjuli from Boise, Idaho: "The Indian gooseberry Amla is ground into a powder, once mixed with water and massaged into the scalp regularly will help keep hair from going grey. Amla powder is available at Indian specialty shops. Also a mix of coconut oil and lemon are beneficial."

Eric from KC replies: "Just a question about the amla powder. Do you use it after shampoo/cream rinse? And can it be mixed with the coconut/lemon suggestion you have down there also? And will it get rid of the grey you have already as new grows? Thanks and if this doesn't work, what other ones actually work? No one replies with any positive feedback?"
08/07/2012: Citygirl27 from Richardson, Tx, Usa replies: "Can I use amla oil ("Amla hair oil") the same effect?"


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[YEA]  02/25/2012: Maria from Gippsland, Vic, Australia: "500mg Ashwagandha with breaky and dinner 5-6 days a week, and I might add not for grey hair, was taken for about a year. Hubby was about 10% grey but not now - no grey. We did not notice it till about 6 months. Has not had any for 6 months and still no grey. He was also taking neem and tulsi for 3-4 weeks on and off and zinc. The zinc was taken only once or twice a week. This is the second time he has got rid of his grey hair without trying, The first time he was young to be going grey."

Avoid Corn Syrup

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[SIDE EFFECTS]  08/18/2009: Jeannie from Franklin, Wi: "Avoid Corn Syrup - Grey hair

Someone mentioned that copper is needed for your hair to keep its color, and if you do a search, you'll find that's true. Americans especially are severely depleted of copper. I read somewhere that corn syrup sucks the copper out of your body, and corn syrup is in MANY of our processed foods, so thats no surprise. Blackstrap molasses, as someone else said, is one of the best possible natural sources of copper, and is a good supplement for many other problems as well. I'm nearing 60 and have only a few grey hairs, that started appearing after I hadn't taken any blackstrap molasses for quite a few months. When I take the molasses, my hair color slowly comes back. I just add it as a sweetener to tea, or make a tea of ACV and BSM. Takes a little getting used to, but I definitely look and feel better when I take it regularly."

12/09/2009: James from Bronx, New York replies: "I dont think the Blackstrap Molasses works for grey hair - I used it twice after I read these testimonials and I have to say that I noticed 2 new grey hairs in my beard today - I never get any grey hairs in that part of my beard, but after I used the BSM I noticed more not less grey hairs.

My only explanation is that even if its unprocessed - its still has the same negative effects as sugar. if its copper that retains hair color then I will be seeking that in another non-sugar product to try it out - I'm not over 40 yet and have some grey hairs.

I used organic BSM unsulphered from Paraguay. I probably will try it for a few more days but if I continue to see more grey hairs I will stop and will post that ppl wanting to stave off grey hair not fall for the snake-oil sales pitch I see being posted so much."
12/09/2009: Celteyes from Pearland, Texas replies: "Come on James.....you tried it twice and what...you think all your gray hairs were gonna be gone? Am I missing something? Is this a joke? Give it a chance, I haven't noticed anything with my hair yet, but I have noticed more energy and a feeling of well being. Oh and you know snake oil has positives also! hee hee Take care."
12/13/2009: Dott from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Usa replies: "Hi, I have another possible reason for grey/white hair. You MIGHT have a copper deficiency. Supplemental copper may help. My husband has served as the guinea pig for this experiment. He used to be teased a lot by family for his white-haired resemblance to wild and hairy Einstein photos. When I started reseaching causes of white hair, I found lack of copper in the diet is one. Then, I looked up foods high in copper, and discovered that my spouse didn't like ANY of them, and rarely ate any copper-containing foods. So, I got him a 2 mg. copper supplement, and he takes it daily. His hair is no longer white, but it is not that close to his natural color either yet, but it is getting there. I would estimate it to be about 70% grey yet, but it is improved enough to notice, his nape is quite a bit darker, his eyebrows are free of grey, his arm hair is darker than it was, and he told me just this morning that his chest hair is also starting to darken now. Supplemental copper is also apparently good for elasticity of the arteries to the heart---that makes you wonder if its lack might contribute to heart problems, but I haven't been able to find any indication of that online really. Still, we will take the bonus."
04/30/2010: Gabi from Toronto, Canada replies: "BSM definitely causes gray hair to grow dark. It happens after 2-3 weeks of taking BSM as your hair grow. It does not make hair getting darker! New darker color shows like roots on colored hair. When you stop taking BSM you will notice after couple of weeks more gray roots showing up again.

I was actually surprise that this remedy works so well. Regarding lack of copper: gray hair is just a symptom of it. I read that lack of copper is causing brain aneurysm and stroke in effect but do not ask your doctor if it is the truth.

Anyway gray hair doesn't mean you will get a stroke, you might be at higher risk of having one.
PS I am looking for advice how to deal with heel spur.
Soaking in Epsom salt helped my right heel but left got worse. Ouch! it hurts!"

06/08/2010: Lucy from Santa Cruz, Ca replies: "HEEL SPUR...too much uric acid in the system. I had to alkaline, and there is several ways to do that, but I chose lemons. I watched a doctor on a talk show who said he took 5 lemons per day for his health. I did 1 lemons three times per day. I don't remember how long it took, maybe a week and the spurs on my heel were gone."
07/03/2010: Larandee3 from Dubuque, Iowa replies: "Gabi from Toronto, Canada: Ask your insurance if they cover heel spur blasting. I had heel spurs in both feet, Had them blasted the right foot cleared up and the left foot was done twice then cleared up. It's been 8 some years and still no problems with my feet. I had them blasted during the experimental stage and it was done for free. I hope this is helpful. Larry"
10/13/2010: Ab from Indianapolis, In Usa replies: "My ash brown/blonde hair is graying. Has anyone with natural hair color other than black had good results taking unsulphured BSM?"
10/01/2011: Daniellejudith from Edinburgh, In replies: "Just wondering about using blackstrap molasses. I bought some, but did not see anything that said it had copper in it. Did I buy the wrong kind? With all that sugar, wouldn't it be better to take copper supplements? I found some on line. Just wondering what the difference is between copper supplements with no sugar vs BSM with sugar?"
01/30/2012: Helen from Milton, Nc 27305 replies: "Thanks! Now I know why my hair has gone from white to dark blonde and is getting darker! I will keep taking tablespoon of blackstrap molasses EVERY day. I am 84 years old and you can imagine the stares that I get!!!! However, I love it and my hair is so ALIVE, just like a child's new hair. This has happened since the last of April, 2011! My children are almost afraid to ask what I have done! Now I can tell them. I am also eating raw apricot kernels daily to prevent cancer so did not know which to credit the new hairchange to to!! "
01/31/2012: Debbie from Melbourne, Australia replies: "Helen, gray/white hair is caused by a copper deficiency. Copper deficiency according to Joel Wallace is related to heart disease and blockage (among other things) so keep doing what you are doing, not just for your hair benefits.

What brand Molasses do you eat. Mine is very high in iron (and iron is an antagonist of copper) so it didn't work."

05/29/2013: Rosemary from Sandy Springs, Ga replies: "Thanks Dott for your feedback about copper supplements. I have waaaay too much grey hair to be just 43. I've suffered from it since I was 25. I just got a copper supplement with kelp and zinc today. I really hope to see results soon. Even though I color my hair with henna I see new white hairs just three days later! Ridiculous. I will post my results soon."
05/29/2013: Joy from Battleground, Wash replies: "While it is TRUE that hair goes white and grey due to mineral deficiency and mineral imbalance could be the cause. Also, if you take kelp and you are hyperthyroid you will SUFFER. Copper toxicity causes liver problems and thyroid problems.

A healthier appoach would be to take a full spectrum mineral with supporting vitamins since minerals are only part of the orchestra. My grey hairs are going away with supplements and I use very little copper or zinc.

If you use the supplement you bought; try 1 every other day so you don't get overload and cause a deficiency in your other minerals

A progesterone deficiency can also cause grey hair."

05/31/2013: Kt from Somewhere, The Usa replies: "When I started getting grey hair I didn't care. Everyone in my family that I remember went grey, then white if they lived long enough. After reading this post I went to the mirror, looked and I don't have it anymore. I don't remember how long ago I started taking BSM every day but prior to that, when I had grey hair, I remember I was only taking magnesium powder and an occasional vit C. (I drank OJ everyday but when I consumed a little more cheese I took one or two of the 1000 mg C tabs for preventative reasons).

I am poor and cannot afford a variety of vitamins and/or supplements. These are available in our food. There is a problem with what has happened to our food so any added vitamins or supplements could cause an overload of something. According to a nutrition almanac BSM is a balance of nutrients in itself. Who knows how long that will be safe?

I started taking BSM because of the water soluble B Complex vitamins. Taking only one of the B vitamins for something specific can cause a deficiency in the others, contributing to major depression which I had years ago. I'm convinced that BSM must have given me what I needed to get rid of my grey hair even though it did not matter to me."

04/17/2014: Jeri from Connecticut, Usa replies: "Put some black strap molasses in a glass of milk.....you won't believe how sweet and creamy it is. SO GOOD :)"


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[YEA]  08/05/2012: Gdg from Dubai: "B12 deficency result in white hair. Take supplement for b12."

Bee Pollen

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[YEA]  03/06/2006: Mary from Nevada City, CA: "My husband and I started taking bee pollen over twenty years ago, we are both now in our fifties. We have our full hair color, but it seems like most of our friends are grey - or dye their hair. Many female friends 5-12 years younger tell me that they are more than half grey - so they dye to cover it. I've read that bee pollen sometimes restores color to grey hair. So I be live it is possible. we just feel happier and healthier on it - so we've kept it up. We let it slip this winter and then I got that wicked cold that is going around - the long one."

05/08/2008: Dawn from Deltona, FL replies: "I read a reply that by taking bee pollen has prevented to the growth of gray hair. I wonder if it would restore your natural color if you already have gray hair coming in?"
05/22/2009: Isis from Miami, Fl replies: "I was wondering what kind of bee pollen you purchased. And also how is the dose you both consumed. Thanks."

Blackstrap Molasses

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Blackstrap Molasses Cure for Gray Hair

Home Remedy Ingredients

  • Blackstrap Molasses - 1 Tablespoon

Nutrient and mineral rich blackstrap molasses undergoes an additional refining step over the stuff you ordinarily find in the grocery store. Adding a daily tablespoon of blackstrap molasses to your diet can restore needed nutrients to your body, slowing and perhaps reversing your hair’s transition to grey. Many people like the taste of it in coffee!

06/28/2014: Shireen from California: "I bought plantation brand organic blackstrap molasses unsulphered and it has 0 copper. The store said that pretty much plantation is the only company that does the blackstrap molasses. What should I do? Will it help with grey hair?"

06/05/2014: Sandy from Middletown, Ohio: "I just purchased Plantation Organic Blackstrap Molasses. My main purpose is to get rid of grey hair. I have been reading that the copper in it, is what gets rid of the greys. My bottle has 0% copper. Online, every bottle I look at, doesn't even mention copper. Where can I find the brand that contains copper?"

06/05/2014: Kt from Usa replies: "My Nutrition Almanac states that BSM is rich in copper. Because it is under 1mg. per TBSP it can be listed as 0%. I get "Tree of Life" and it doesn't show copper on the label but it got rid of my grey hair.

BTW, I do not get "organic" anything."

04/24/2014: Thain from New York,new York: "hi there, I recently came across this site while doing research to reverse my rapidly greying hair. I am very interested in all the posts citing Blackstrap Molasses as a viable remedy. Most of the posts list copper as the primary effective element in this treatment. Today I went to the grocery store to purchase the recommended brand mentioned in the majority of posts, but the nutritional information lists the copper content as 0%. Am I missing something here? any advice or information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance."

[NAY]  04/04/2014: Alysajade381 from Allentown, Pa: "Today is the 7th week I've been taking 2 tbsp of Blackstrap Molasses every morning for my gray hair. I have black hair and I've had gray hair since in my 30's. And I don't see any change of my hair color from the roots. I had high hopes because I am extremely allergic to Permanent hair dye. It makes my scalp swell up & itches like crazy & I been using temp hair dye but the color fades fast. I was hoping to at least get a slight darker change of my gray. But no results here. I will keep taking it for couple of months longer. I'm not giving up that easy LOL!"

05/16/2014: Anita from Kuwait replies: "Could you let me know if there is any changes on your grey hair after using black molasses."

[YEA]  02/26/2013: Lucia Maria from Nanuet, New York: "BlackStrap Molassas does make your hair darker like it says it does, I am proof of that! I had just colored my hair "blond" and all of a sudden within about I'd say a few days after that, my hair is getting dark all over from the top to the bottom! It does take about 3-4 months for the BlackStrap to kick in but it does work if you are a natural Brunette! I take two tablespoons a day."

02/27/2013: Courtney from Granite Bay, Ca replies: "Blackstrap molasses has a lot of iron in it, though. Assuming you're not prematurely gray, isn't too much iron contraindicated for mature women?"
04/02/2013: Vince from Toronto, Canada replies: "May help with a copper deficiency which may cause grey hair. Better to make sure you are copper deficient first, or it won't work. Worse if you are high in copper, it may make you feel worse. Adrenal fatigue can cause you to have lower level of copper binding protein, making the copper you take in bio-unavailable. Then the copper you take in gets stored in your brain and liver causing problems. Poor adrenals may underly grey hair. Something common in Starbucks customers!"
10/05/2013: Joseph from Malta replies: "Hello everyone at Earth Clinic,

Could someone please give me some advice on the best way to intake BSM, so that the nutrients can be bioavailable? I have been taking one tablespoon neat with breakfast: just pouring the viscous substance on a spoon and putting it into my mouth: but after quite a number of months I have not seen any change in the proportion of gray hair. Don't know whether it would perhaps be better to dissolve it in water or milk, though I don't see why it should. Thanks so much for your help :)


10/05/2013: Mike from Denver, Colorado replies: "Joseph: Nutrients are effective when taken several times a day with water."
[YEA]  03/08/2014: Chattvol from Co replies: "BSM is working to restore some color to my gray hair. I actually have dark streaks in it now. My husband has decided to take it as well."

01/14/2013: Weisdaclick from Miami, Fl: "I am a man in my early forties with a lot of white hair (not even gray - it's stark white). As my hair is naturally black it really sticks-out. Now here is the thing: I have a brother who is 3 years older than me. I am the "healthy one" - always working out and watching what I eat whereas he drinks heavily and smokes a little, he has virtually no gray at all.

I have tried to work out why we have this difference and can think of two reasons:

1) We are both very tall but I am an inch taller and often have cold hands & feet. I reckon this means scalp circulation is also not as good.

2) My "healthy" diet of no alcohol was not as healthy as I thought. For years I was drinking diet sodas and my bro drinks beer by the case-load. Turns out beer has copper and a couple of other minerals and my diet sodas leech minerals from the body.

So now I have quit sodas some time back and am trying to get more copper in my diet. First off was BSM which may be very, very slowly working. A black spot of hair about the size of a fingernail has formed around my temple area.

Recently I have been taking a bit more powdered cocoa and the spot has turned into more of a streak of dark hair - seems to be working. Encouraged by this I am trying to eat more nuts and have even tried liver - it has to be the most disgusting thing ever but if it can help me get some hair color back I will eat it now and then.

I am also drinking a little beer these days. I have read that those who drink in moderation tend to live longer than those who drink nothing. Today I ordered some liquid chlorophyll and will add that to the diet.

I would love to hear the thoughts of the board. I hate having so much white hair at this age - it is the only thing that ages me. I really, really want to get more of my black hair back naturally."

12/06/2012: Dheepa from Chennai, india: "I recently bought "ORGANIC BLACKSTRAP MOLASSES" plantation brand in a organic shop.. then only I found that 0% copper mentioned in it..I bought since I have got lot of grey hairs.. Now will it work for me... I am worried..do any one has an answer..."

12/06/2012: Sara from Sacramento, Ca replies: "Hello, I am 39 years old. This year, I noticed some gray hair and felt a little depressed and sad. I started taking Alpha Lipoic Acid for general well-being. I noticed my gray hairs are gone for good. Black Strap Molasses is good in term of iron and magnesium, but if you are concerned with your gray hair then ALP is the answer."
12/07/2012: Anon from Anon replies: "Hi, I use Bsm for anemia and I have not noticed a change in my hair colour- I use the unsulphered organic type. I also have worn 2 copper bracelets for a few months but really I haven't noticed a change in hair colour. Obviously we are all different and we have different body chemistry. Interestingly when I had my last hair mineral test it didn't say I was low in copper but I swim in chlorinated water once a week and this may have skewed the results. Maybe the answer lies in having a hair analysis and seeing what you are deficient in? Interestingly, of health gurus actually have grey or White hair so perhaps there's not a cure? My mother is in her mid 70s and has mostly brown hair( she has less grey than me!! ? Her hair is auburn colour which is dark brown with quite a lot of red in it( copper). The main drug she takes is thyroxine which could be similar to taking iodine? If this helps I'm not sure- her father didn't go grey till he was in his 80s.."
12/20/2012: Elsa Easterly from Elsewhere, Ca replies: "Sara, Would love to know the brand and dosage of alpha-lipoic acid you are using. Would be ever grateful if you could send a brief email to me at elsaeasterly at yahoo dot com. Thanks!"

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  07/23/2012: Veggie from Hong Kong: "I had been taking organic unsulphured blackstrap molasses for gray hair for the last year or so. Instead, I found that it cured my borderline anemia and I could donate blood again. I take a tablespoon every day with soymilk. It is also working on my gray hair but much more slowly. I realise that my roots are not turning gray as quickly as before and I could wait longer before retouching my roots. Very pleased with the results as I had been trying other remedies like flaxseed oil and vitamin Bs without success. I am vegan so blackstrap molasses is definitely useful for vegetarians or vegans who have problems with anemia."

[NAY]  08/16/2012: Alabama1999 from Birmingham, Alabama, Usa replies: "This did not work for me; also it is too sweet to take every day."

01/04/2012: Jorgo from Athens, Greece: "I am 25 years old and suffer from premature gray hair. This thing really makes me stresed and look older. On site I read that blackstrap molasses are used for reverse gray hair to normal. I want to know how long I am going to use it to see result, and if I stop using it will my hair turn again to gray? Has Blackstrap Molasses any side effect to the body? I will really appreciate your help.

With full respect Jorgo."

01/05/2012: Francisca from Zug, Zug, Switzerland replies: "Jorgo, a while ago, every time I opened this site I saw an advert on the right side of some pills to reverse gray hair. At the time I posted a question here asking whether anybody had tried but no one answered. No idea whether the pills help but I know that scientists have been working on finding something to keep hair color. I have the very same problem but I am more than twice as old as you are. Still not nice.... And I would love to stop dying my hair. I do drink a bit of molasses once in a white but not too much because of it being so sweet so, I have never noticed any change! Now I am off to dye my hair once more, believe it or not....."
01/05/2012: Debbie from Melbourne, Australia replies: "I think gray hair is a mineral deficiency. If science comes up with a pill to stop Gray hair it won't help the underlying problem, that is a mineral deficiency."
01/06/2012: Francisca from Zug, Zug, Switzerland replies: "Debbie, I think that the pills advertised here contained minerals. I was hoping someone had tried them..... "
01/27/2012: Kate from Maidenhead, Berkshire, England replies: "Due to my hair loss I can't use commerical hair dyes, however I've been taking unsulphured blackstrap molasses for the last 3 weeks, my grey hair has turned dark black with reddish pigment. The cooper in the molasses is key to changing the hair colour."
05/25/2012: Swhit from Los Angeles, Ca, Usa replies: "Grey hair is cured by copper and zinc, unfortunately I was told this from a friend years ago who had used it and turned back to black within a few months but she has died and so has how much to take."
07/04/2012: Vince from Toronto, Ontario replies: "The brand of molasses I bought was from wholefoods. It is called "wholesome blackstrap molasses". It doesn't say on the label that it has copper. I am wondering if anyone has had results with this. Also, are there brands that state copper content?"
07/28/2012: Anonymous from North Bergen, New Jersey replies: "Hi...I have lots of grey hair in my late 20s. I am too much worried about it. So while searching for remedies for grey hair, I landed here. I am so happy that I found out this site. I am going to try unsulphered blackstrap molasses from tomorrow. I bought it from Wholefoods. It doesnt say it contains copper so I asked a specialist there and He said they dont list everything on the package but it does contain coppper. I hope it works for me as it did for other. I will update my results after a month."
08/30/2012: Sydney from Washington, Dc replies: "I haven't tried the molasses yet, but I will now try after having read what I see here. I will say that I do believe reversing gray hair is possible, because I was able to do it, accidentally.

One day, about a month ago, I had a gray hair that was just kind of hanging out of place, so I pulled it out. I was shocked to see that, while the tip of the hair and then up for about six inches it was gray, as it got closer to the root of the hair, the hair had returned to black and there was two inches of dark hair from the bulb to the point where it turned gray again). So, something I was doing made me start growing dark hair again. I wish I had kept track of what vitamins I was taking back then because it was probably related."

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