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Posted by Weisdaclick (Miami, Fl) on 01/14/2013

I am a man in my early forties with a lot of white hair (not even gray - it's stark white). As my hair is naturally black it really sticks-out. Now here is the thing: I have a brother who is 3 years older than me. I am the "healthy one" - always working out and watching what I eat whereas he drinks heavily and smokes a little, he has virtually no gray at all.

I have tried to work out why we have this difference and can think of two reasons:

1) We are both very tall but I am an inch taller and often have cold hands & feet. I reckon this means scalp circulation is also not as good.

2) My "healthy" diet of no alcohol was not as healthy as I thought. For years I was drinking diet sodas and my bro drinks beer by the case-load. Turns out beer has copper and a couple of other minerals and my diet sodas leech minerals from the body.

So now I have quit sodas some time back and am trying to get more copper in my diet. First off was BSM which may be very, very slowly working. A black spot of hair about the size of a fingernail has formed around my temple area.

Recently I have been taking a bit more powdered cocoa and the spot has turned into more of a streak of dark hair - seems to be working. Encouraged by this I am trying to eat more nuts and have even tried liver - it has to be the most disgusting thing ever but if it can help me get some hair color back I will eat it now and then.

I am also drinking a little beer these days. I have read that those who drink in moderation tend to live longer than those who drink nothing. Today I ordered some liquid chlorophyll and will add that to the diet.

I would love to hear the thoughts of the board. I hate having so much white hair at this age - it is the only thing that ages me. I really, really want to get more of my black hair back naturally.

Posted by Dheepa (Chennai, india) on 12/06/2012

I recently bought "ORGANIC BLACKSTRAP MOLASSES" plantation brand in a organic shop.. then only I found that 0% copper mentioned in it..I bought since I have got lot of grey hairs.. Now will it work for me... I am worried..do any one has an answer...

Replied by Sara
Sacramento, Ca
Hello, I am 39 years old. This year, I noticed some gray hair and felt a little depressed and sad. I started taking Alpha Lipoic Acid for general well-being. I noticed my gray hairs are gone for good. Black Strap Molasses is good in term of iron and magnesium, but if you are concerned with your gray hair then ALP is the answer.
Replied by Anon
Hi, I use Bsm for anemia and I have not noticed a change in my hair colour- I use the unsulphered organic type. I also have worn 2 copper bracelets for a few months but really I haven't noticed a change in hair colour. Obviously we are all different and we have different body chemistry. Interestingly when I had my last hair mineral test it didn't say I was low in copper but I swim in chlorinated water once a week and this may have skewed the results. Maybe the answer lies in having a hair analysis and seeing what you are deficient in? Interestingly, of health gurus actually have grey or White hair so perhaps there's not a cure? My mother is in her mid 70s and has mostly brown hair( she has less grey than me!! ? Her hair is auburn colour which is dark brown with quite a lot of red in it( copper). The main drug she takes is thyroxine which could be similar to taking iodine? If this helps I'm not sure- her father didn't go grey till he was in his 80s..
Replied by Elsa Easterly
Elsewhere, Ca
Sara, Would love to know the brand and dosage of alpha-lipoic acid you are using. Would be ever grateful if you could send a brief email to me at elsaeasterly at yahoo dot com. Thanks!

Posted by Veggie (Hong Kong) on 07/23/2012

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  I had been taking organic unsulphured blackstrap molasses for gray hair for the last year or so. Instead, I found that it cured my borderline anemia and I could donate blood again. I take a tablespoon every day with soymilk. It is also working on my gray hair but much more slowly. I realise that my roots are not turning gray as quickly as before and I could wait longer before retouching my roots. Very pleased with the results as I had been trying other remedies like flaxseed oil and vitamin Bs without success. I am vegan so blackstrap molasses is definitely useful for vegetarians or vegans who have problems with anemia.

Replied by Alabama1999
Birmingham, Alabama, Usa
[NAY]   This did not work for me; also it is too sweet to take every day.

Posted by Jorgo (Athens, Greece) on 01/04/2012

I am 25 years old and suffer from premature gray hair. This thing really makes me stresed and look older. On site I read that blackstrap molasses are used for reverse gray hair to normal. I want to know how long I am going to use it to see result, and if I stop using it will my hair turn again to gray? Has Blackstrap Molasses any side effect to the body? I will really appreciate your help.

With full respect Jorgo.

Replied by Francisca
Zug, Zug, Switzerland
Jorgo, a while ago, every time I opened this site I saw an advert on the right side of some pills to reverse gray hair. At the time I posted a question here asking whether anybody had tried but no one answered. No idea whether the pills help but I know that scientists have been working on finding something to keep hair color. I have the very same problem but I am more than twice as old as you are. Still not nice.... And I would love to stop dying my hair. I do drink a bit of molasses once in a white but not too much because of it being so sweet so, I have never noticed any change! Now I am off to dye my hair once more, believe it or not.....
Replied by Debbie
Melbourne, Australia
I think gray hair is a mineral deficiency. If science comes up with a pill to stop Gray hair it won't help the underlying problem, that is a mineral deficiency.
Replied by Francisca
Zug, Zug, Switzerland
Debbie, I think that the pills advertised here contained minerals. I was hoping someone had tried them.....
Replied by Kate
Maidenhead, Berkshire, England
Due to my hair loss I can't use commerical hair dyes, however I've been taking unsulphured blackstrap molasses for the last 3 weeks, my grey hair has turned dark black with reddish pigment. The cooper in the molasses is key to changing the hair colour.
Replied by Swhit
Los Angeles, Ca, Usa
Grey hair is cured by copper and zinc, unfortunately I was told this from a friend years ago who had used it and turned back to black within a few months but she has died and so has how much to take.
Replied by Vince
Toronto, Ontario
The brand of molasses I bought was from wholefoods. It is called "wholesome blackstrap molasses". It doesn't say on the label that it has copper. I am wondering if anyone has had results with this. Also, are there brands that state copper content?
Replied by Anonymous
North Bergen, New Jersey
Hi...I have lots of grey hair in my late 20s. I am too much worried about it. So while searching for remedies for grey hair, I landed here. I am so happy that I found out this site. I am going to try unsulphered blackstrap molasses from tomorrow. I bought it from Wholefoods. It doesnt say it contains copper so I asked a specialist there and He said they dont list everything on the package but it does contain coppper. I hope it works for me as it did for other. I will update my results after a month.
Replied by Sydney
Washington, Dc
I haven't tried the molasses yet, but I will now try after having read what I see here. I will say that I do believe reversing gray hair is possible, because I was able to do it, accidentally.

One day, about a month ago, I had a gray hair that was just kind of hanging out of place, so I pulled it out. I was shocked to see that, while the tip of the hair and then up for about six inches it was gray, as it got closer to the root of the hair, the hair had returned to black and there was two inches of dark hair from the bulb to the point where it turned gray again). So, something I was doing made me start growing dark hair again. I wish I had kept track of what vitamins I was taking back then because it was probably related.

Posted by Mg (Dubai, Uae) on 10/25/2011

Hi! I started taking BSM about 4 weeks ago. I take one big tablespoon in the morning with warm water. I have 25% grey hair towards the front of my head and at 29 it makes me feel much older than my peers and makes me feel very depressed.

I don't see any change in colour as yet. Please can someone help to tell me how long it would take to show the results.

Replied by Jay
Toronto, Ont, Canada
To Mg from Dubai, Uae. Some people have had success with taking BSM for hair loss or premature grey but it does take time whatever the protocol used.

Be aware that on average, hair on a human's head grows about a half an inch per month.

If your treatment is successful you will see the new growth coming in in your natural hair color.

So over time you would see your natural hair color at the root end of the grey hair as the hair grows and eventually you can cut the grey ends off.

Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France
Of course, no one wants gray hair, that is normal, neither do I but I wonder if anyone has tried the supplement which is often advertised on the top of the main page on this site.... Any good results or hasn't anyone tried? I am a bit afraid of trying things bought on the Internet as you never know what is in there! It can just be a scam to get your money and it may even damage your health, I don't know! Just curious....
Replied by Gavin
Manganui, Northland, New Zealand
A lot of natural oils mimic Ostrogen, if one of these is rubbed into the hair follicle it stimulates it to grow, There's an old Indian remedy that works, the oil can be bought in Asian shops. Bhringraj oil. You could also have poor thyroid function if so that would cause hair loss. So maybe, up the iodine. Small amounts of coconut oil rubbed into the scalp are beneficial as well.
Replied by Mg
Dubai, Uae
[NAY]   Hi! I have been on BSM for over 3 months now and still no change in the colour of my hair. Is there a certain minimum quantity that I must take. I am currently taking 1 spoon with warm water first thing in the morning.

Should I increase the intake? or should I take it along with something else instead of plain water?

I really need help.

Replied by Joan
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Usa
I've been using BSM for about six months or so now. There have been changes in my hair. It is healthier, shinier, thicker and yes it is lighter. The grey is not as noticable. I take one tablespoon every morning. Give it time.
Replied by Sandi
Orange County, Ca
[YEA]   I've been using BSM since I found this site 2-3 years ago. Before I started using BSM, I could find about 10-15 white hairs scattered around my head and I could tell I was at the start of becoming completely gray - I was in my early 40's at the time. I started taking 1 tbsp. Of BSM daily, very consistently, in my tea. Around the 3rd month (maybe it was longer), I noticed 2 hairs on my head that had white tips with brown roots. I even showed it to my husband who was extremely skeptical of me taking BSM to cure my gray hairs. My grays were becoming less frequent (I had plucked the previous ones) and was rarely seeing any new grays growing in. There was a period of time when I got sick of taking the BSM, and the white hairs started returning.

So I went back to taking BSM daily, but this time, I made the BSM fudge (equal parts EVCO, BSM and organic nut butter... Along with some added things to make it yummier like raw cashews, chia seeds and hemp seeds) and it's like dessert. I have a few teaspoons of BSM fudge daily and I love the taste of it so I never fail to consume BSM consistently. I rarely ever see any gray. Now I am almost 45 and I don't have any gray. I started telling all my friends about it, and there have been mixed results depending on the level of gray. My sister, who is like me with the scattered grays here and there, started taking it and it works for her. My friend, who has an entire head of gray hair and colors it every 6 weeks, started trying it. After consistently taking it daily and finishing the bottle of BSM, she claims it made her hair grow much faster but didn't change the color back to brown. It annoyed her because she had to color her hair even more often since her hair was growing out so fast taking BSM.

So, I think my conclusion is that BSM works, but you have to take it forever. As soon as you stop, the grays will return. If you are completely gray, it will either not work or you'll get tired of waiting so long to see results. It's a very slow process and you have to be patient. Take BSM if you're just starting to go gray, and I think you'll get positive results from it.

Replied by Jles
Tucson, Az
What's EVCO? please post the receipe for the treats. It sounds yummy.

EC: EVCO - Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Posted by David (Edinburgh, Uk) on 09/20/2011

[NAY]  Hi, I'm 33 with a lot amount of grey hair. I have been trying for 5 months sort out this issue mixing a glass of milk with 1 tablespoon of molasses every day and didn't work. Should I mixed it with other liquid, soy milk rather than normal one or any juice??? Any feedback would be great. Thanks in advance.

Replied by Cat
Lake Worth, Fl
Perhaps try coconut oil, as well as oil pulling with coconut oil. I have found that since including a regimen of 2 Tbs. of coconut oil per day taken internally, and also oil pulling once a day -- that my gray hairs have been replaced by brown again.

Good luck!

Replied by Dkire
Dublin, Ireland
Do you think that women would have more success with these recipes? It just seems to me from the posts I've read that the greatest proponents are women:-/
Replied by Amcken3
Casper, Wyoming
Soy is bad for you even if it is not genetically modified. It is strictly forbidden on the Gerson therapy. I would use almond or coconut milk.

Posted by Keith (New York, Ny) on 08/23/2011

I find the feedback very interesting being that I am a interested in natural products vitimins, minerals and herbs. I also have a lot of grey hair but am getting accustomed to it now, but sometimes it gets boring. I have been dying my hair for the past 20 years. I will certainly try the BMS for my hair.

Replied by Dkire
Dublin, Ireland
Hi. Have you made any progress yet?

Posted by Robert (South Australia) on 08/15/2011

To those who have used blackstrap molasses to restore their hair colour, how long did you take it to see the results? also what was the dosage that you took?

Posted by Dreamcatcher1 (Nashville, Us) on 05/31/2011

[SIDE EFFECTS]  I had some grey hairs and chose to go the natural route and try Blackstrap Molasses to get my color back. Well, I took the Blackstrap Molasses concoction for about two weeks if that long. It caused my sugar levels to soar and my flawless face went crazy. My cheeks were covered in fine and large pimples and they itched! I'm still working to get my skin back to normal. I have family members that are diabetic and I think my body is sensitive to big spikes in my sugar level. Good luck to those using the Blackstrap Molasses method. It's not an option for me.

Replied by Starhawk
Houston, Texas Usa
[YEA]   There is an alkalyzing protocol by a man named moreless which uses blackstrap molasses and lemon juice and extremely diluted calcium hydroxide and water and kelp. This protocol has cured many diseases including candida even though there is sugar in the blackstrap molasses; this is due to the fact that candida cannot exist in an alkaline environment; so basically this is about creating the correct ph level in the body. Also I believe it is the lemon juice that activates the minerals in the blackstrap molasses to it can be absorbed. His protocol is on another website so I don't know if I can mention it, so try googling Moreless ph balance, or moreless alkalyzing drink of if interested contact me and I will send the recipe. Also different types of baths are included to also alkalyze, but what I am saying here is that perhaps this is a safe way to take blackstrap molasses because the body is alkalyzed and candida will not be a problem. Moreless is no longer on his old forum but has a new forum, if you can email me do so or I will check back on this post. Starhawk Houston Texas.
Replied by Tonya
Hopwood, Pa
Hi I would like the recipe and want to know where to get the extremely diluted?? in the advice column. I have candida for 31 years and want to clear it up This would be an answer to prayer.
Replied by Faith
Vista, Ca/ Usa

Would you be able to send me the BSM receipe that is alkaline? I love to use it for candida, and reversing some gray hair. Thank you so much. Faith

Replied by Nancy
Houston, Texas
In ref to the candida, I researched for over a year and kept trying different remedies, but nothing worked well. I kept a list of the recommended herbs, etc, and kept researching. One day while shopping in a health food store, I saw a product called ____ that had many of the herbs on my list as ingredients. First time I had seen that, so, skeptical, I decided to try it. I began to notice some relief from itching within hours, and relief that lasted more than 3 or 4 hours in about a week. It was the first time I had relief. I used it for about 4 maybe 6 months. After that, I switched my focus to better choice of foods, and doing well.

I appreciate this website doesn't like to list product/company names, because often there are other motives. My only reason is the product had natural ingredients and actually worked. I was so incredibly grateful, that I wanted to share the information. If the website can't list the product name, I will provide my email, but I would rather not do that at this time. I will check back.

Replied by Jaki
Fremantle, Western Australia
Hey, very interested to read more on the anti candida and alcalysing drink. Please email me. Thanks

Posted by Vanessa (Kota Kinabalu, , Malaysia) on 12/28/2010

I am 30 yrs old and I have some gray hairs. I always feel really not confident with myself around people. Previously I dye my hair but ever since I took the blackstrap molasses I stop dying to see the result. It has been 4 months already but I can still see some gray hair growing. It's just that some of the gray hair growth are more fine rather than thick like before. Is this a progress since most of the testimony I've read from other people, their gray hair grows to their natural color? and is is ok to pluck the grey hair? would it caused more gray hair to grow?

Replied by Tom
Regina, Sk
Have you tried any of the other remedies on the Gray Hair page?:

I would guess that where you live, something like seaweed should be readily available. Also, it's non-prescription and it should be quite inexpensive too. Remember that the life cycle of each hair is a few years, and the hair shaft above the scalp is dead keratin, so it won't change back but new erupting hairs you will be able to see if they're dark. The amount of bound iodine in seaweed can vary greatly, like by a factor of 100, but Iodine isn't the top reason for seaweed in this case. As a living plant from the ocean, it will have most or all of the trace minerals that are mostly missing today from any land soil-grown food plants. The one specific trace mineral that gets mentioned repeatedly as being deficient in gray hair is COPPER. It is also necessary in reinforcing the arterial walls to prevent aneurysms. It is usually available in a 3 mg dosage tablet copper sulfate.

According to Oregon State University's Linus Pauling Institute, loss of pigmentation is one of the many symptoms of copper deficiency, since copper has an essential role in the enzyme processes involved in melanin formation. This is a trace mineral, meaning that the body needs only a small amount. While too little copper can contribute to health problems, too much copper can also be unhealthy. Consult a certified nutritionist to help determine the right dosage before supplementing copper to help with graying hair.


Kelp: Sea-based foods like kelp are high in naturally occurring minerals including iodine essential for the proper function of the thyroid gland. Unfortunately kelp has fallen out of favor in Western diets due to its salty taste. Whilst in Asia recently I remarked how uncommon it was to see people under 70 with gray hair, this is due partly to their wholefood diets and consumption of sea-based vegetables. #

Fermented Foods: long implicated as being essential for a healthy digestive system. Most cultures have a version of fermented foods which provide local beneficial bacteria for the digestive system. Examples include miso, Kimchee, Sauerkraut, yogurt, Kefir, sourdough breads. Many of these you can make yourself using easily obtained base products.

Then there's Foti:

Many traditional methods use herbs to eliminate gray hair and a popular Chinese herb used to get rid of gray hair is Foti. Foti is the common name for polygonum multiforum. It is a climbing vine with red stems and white or pink flowers. It is grown in central and south China. It is known to grow to a length of 30 feet. It is known as He Shou Wu named after a folklore hero

Replied by Jay
[YEA]   I was chatting to an older guy in his 50s who used to have loads of grey hair. He has been taking Organic Sulphur MSM and had amazing results with almost a full return to his natural colour. I did forget to ask how often he did take it, but worth researching.

Posted by Fatima (London, Uk) on 02/08/2010

When is it the best time in the day to take organic black strap molasses for greying hair? I have just started it & I take it just before lunch, but is this the best time? Also is the dose one tablespoon a day? Can a diabetic take this remedy?

Replied by Donald
Muskegon, Michigan, U.s.
[YEA]   This has been my experience using black strap molases. i take it three times daily. once in the morning, once at miday and once in the evening. i pour about one incn in a styrafoam regular size glass, mix well with warm water and down the whole thing. i am 56 and started graying in my early 20,s. i am pretty much all grey with some white. i have been on this regiment for over three months. i also take b vitamins. my hair now is getting some color at the top of my head and working downward. i visited my son the other day and he said that my hair was getting darker and was i using a hair dye. i assured him that i was not. then about one week later i visited a friend i had not seen in a long time. she looked at me and asked if i was dyeing my hair. and finaly when i went to get my hair cut my barber commented that my hair was getting darker. this change of my hair can only be the result of the unsulphered blackstrap molasses (ubsm). i use only unsulphered blackstrap molases which can only be bought at health food stores in my area.

also i have type II diabetes. because i am unemployed and uninsured i could not take my prescribed insulin. i just could not afford it. i googled natural cures for diabetes and found out that unsulphered molasses would cure and regulate blood sugar. it suggested using it twice daily would do the trick. recently i went and had blood work done for my diabetes and the results were that my blood sugar levels for the past three months very normal. again i contribute this to the ubsm. i am certainly not saying that one should not take their medication for diabetes but the addition of ubsm certainly cannot hurt as it is low in sugar. you would to talk to your doctor about it first. anyways usbm is working for me . i really believe that it works but in a very slow way. have patience and hang in there. have a good day. donald

Replied by Robert Henry
Ten Mile, Tn Usa
[WARNING!]   NAY, this is not my experience nor what I have researched. When I tried blackstrap molasses, my sugar went out the roof for several weeks. My doctor told me that iron can mess you up big time. It took awhile to get my glucose back reasonable.

I caution any diabetic about using blackstrap molasses.

EC: Thanks, Robert! This thread has just been cross-posted to the diabetes page.

Replied by Dianna
Austin, Tx
i am a diabetic on insulin too... and unsulfured organic blackstrap molasses made my blood sugar VERY high and it didn't go down for like a week... and i only took about a teaspoon in cofee.

the second time i tried it i mixed it into a smoothie - but only 1/2 teaspoon and it didn't seem to make it go up... wonder why?

Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, France
Could you maybe specify in spoons how much molasses you take each time? I have been trying it for a while but so far nothing seems to have happened. I drink about 1 soup spoon in a glass of water every morning. Maybe it is not enough....
Replied by Sunny
Canton, Michigan, Usa
Hi Donald,

I am also from MI. I didnt find any blackstarp molasses with copper content in the market. Could you please tell me the brand name you have used?

Thanks, Sunny
Replied by Anony
BSM and juices spike my blood sugar too unless combined with other foods, like in a soup with lots of hardy whole pureed vegetables. The other foods help the BSM enter the blood stream more slowly.
Replied by Whisperingsage
Northern Ca, Ca, Usa
Dianna from Austin, on the blackstrap molasses upping your blood sugar in coffee but not in a smoothie- what was in the smoothie? was there yogurt? Milk? What was the protein source? Do you have fats in there? protein and fats WILL modify the effects of sugars. That is why one's body often will normally crave milk (if you like milk) to go with a dessert, especially a chocolately one. Because of the protein and fats, that is also why ice cream (which is also high in calcium) isn't such a terrible effect on the blood sugar compared to more carbo pure desserts.

Posted by Bsm (Shanghai, China) on 01/11/2010

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  I moved to China in the age of 24 coz of work requirements, before that I had absolutely no issues with my hair, in fact they were great. By 26 my eating habbits were totally changed and I wasnt eating home cooked food and religious factors stopped me from various foods. At that time I noticed few grey/white hair appearing in the beard and head. They were few so I didnt care much but when I was 27, I started seeing a lot of them.. i believe it was a little early for me as I had no genetical problems for hair in my family.. I did a little research on google and tried using coconut oil/vaselene/medicated shampoo and almost everything but I realized that its only helping in a minor shine and conditioning for a temporary time and hair grows from inside out not outside in.. so it wasnt helping much and didnt convince me.. then i read about Blackstrap molasses on the web.. I tried to find it but finally I had to go to HongKong to get it. I have been using it for almost 3 months now regularly and by the way its not unsulphered.. its organic (pure blackstrap molasses).. in the first month..nothing happened, 2nd month.. some white hair started falling..3rd month.. I started seeing white and weak hair falling down regularly and some white hair r getting brown back to its original color only from the tip not from the roots..the pure white hair are also catching brown color very slowly.. my beard is still unchanged coz i think hair is very thick there and i shave almost everyday..so after 3 months there are some results finally.. lets say out of 30% white hair i am left with 22% (not a great achievement anyway)... I never used hair color.. I would just say that if you plan to use BSM then be patient.. results are definite but u have to wait for a long time.. I think after 6 months I will start getting it back more quickly..i m not sure about beared but lets see..the other effects of BSM is that i have gained weight a little..but there is another thing i noticed.. I havent even caught cold from the time i started using BSM.. I m catching no flu..although i travelled to cold places in different countries..i interact with sick ppl too sometimes..but i think its coz of BSM..and also i avoid restaurants.. i prefer eating at my apartment.. i try to keep balance in diet..meat/veg/fruits/milk..I include them everyday.. i dont use any special shampoo now.. i just use a herbal one.. mild shampoo without much chemicals..

its worth trying..good luck!

anyone has same results especially for beard.. plz share nov_2@hotmail.com

Posted by Jeannia (Salem, OR) on 07/25/2009

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  Last year at 50-yrs old I began seeing silver hair and wanted to nip it in the bud, and found this site on gray hair. The benefits of B/S Molasses(BSM) purchased at a health food grocery store has been that my new hair growth is my natural color. I began taking BSM January of '09 and a "warbonnet" of 2" of natural black hair is quite visable as of July '09. I intend to keep faithfully using this habit.

At first I experimented with coffee then switch to 3/4 cup of filtered water microwaved (hot enough to melt the molasses), 1 Tbl BSM, an allspice mixture (cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg) measured to taste, and 1/4 cup Vanilla Soy Milk. [all measurements should be adjusted to drinking container size] I add the BSM & spices together in the hot water to dissolve then add the soy milk to cool down to drink, and to me this taste like pumpkin pie. As to the allspice measurements I premix together in a spice jar and add according to taste. In the beginning I sprinked to get the right flavoring and viola! found it. During the cold months I wanted more flavoring and as a warm drink, now that it's warm using less flavoring for an iced drink. This is a versatile receipe limited only to your imagination -- enjoy.

Replied by Jeniren
Melbourne, Australia
Thanks for this recipe for a nutritious tasty hot drink. I'm going out to buy it today. I am 61 with no grey hair although small parts occassionally turn grey then reverse. One coin sized patch turns white if I get a bad shock that 'freaks me out' then gradually recolours. This has happened twice that I can recall. Another small patch can turn grey if I eat the wrong food then gradually recolours when I stop eating the problem food. This has happened a couple of times since I first noticed it 15 years ago. It takes a couple of weeks for the colour to fully return. I eat gluten and dairy free, with very little meat and lots of raw foods, fruit, nuts, juices and cooked vegetables etc plus nutritional suppliments including B vitamins. I also use soy milk but am currently changing to raw goats milk. My husband's hair went grey at 60 when he went on a prepackaged diet with many refined foods including white flour and sugar, dairy products and cheese. Now he has stopped that diet the colour has mostly retuned to his hair. I will add BSM to my diet for taste nutrition and hopefully a healthier look.

Posted by Rena (Mineral Bluff, Georgia) on 06/13/2009

Hi Rob From Manhatten,

I've been experimenting with the herb Polygonum Multiflorum, and it does seem to be working but it is very slow. I was at about 35% gray, but recent pictures tells me I have decreased in gray, and natural hair color is coming back little by little. At first I thought I might be under 10% gray now, but the pictures tells me it's more like 20% still gray (wishful thanking I guess). I am making my own tincture, and it seems to be working better than the health food store pills. I still want to give it more time, and am not giving up.

I started taking the health food store capsules back in Mid January, 2009, with little effect. Then started making my own Tincture about Mid March, whereas I started noticing some results. So in essence I have decreased gray hair by about 15% in the last 3 months. It is stated on herb pages that it takes approximately 6 months for desired results. I am hoping I can report even better progress within the next 3 months.
My partner who is 62 has thinning hair along with gray hair, has only been taking my tincture for about 2 months. He told me his feels like it is getting thicker, and pictures are showing a slight difference. We are both hopeful, but again it is too early to be conclusive. I will report back in a few more months and let those who are interested know. Peace, Rena.

EC: Please read the article: Potential rare liver reactions to "He Shou Wu (Polygonum multiflorum)"

Replied by Dw
Guildford, Surrey, United Kingdom
Is Blackstrap Molasses also suitable for children of age 5? If somebody suffering for grey/white hair problem. Your early response is highly appreciated...

Posted by Eddie (Albuquerque, New Mexico) on 04/26/2009

I have been taking blackstrap molasses for about 1 month now. I mix a spoonful with my coffee in the morning. It's too soon to tell if it is working for my grey hair, but my skin seems to be getting darker. I took zinc supplements for years for my joints. I found out that zinc depletes copper from the body. That is probably why I started turning grey at age 28. Copper is responsible for coloring our hair! It turns out that blackstrap molasses is full of copper. So in theory, blackstrap molasses should work for grey hair. I have talked to one person who had a relative in her seventies with no grey hair. The relative said that her secret was that she too a spoonful of molasses every day. I will write back in a few months with an update on my grey hair.

Replied by Jojo
Chicago, IL, U.S.A
Based on all the testimonials, I have started taking 2 Tablespoons of Blackstrap Molasses and one vitamin B Complex Pill daily in the morning. I have 20% gray hair and increasing. I am in the late 20's. I don't know if this will work or not but there is no harm in trying as this is a more natural alternative. Every human being's body is different and reacts differently. So I am not surprised this hasn't helped everyone. But I think all of us with gray hair should give this a try and inform each other. I will definitely update in a few months if I see any difference.
Replied by Gill
Punjab, India
hello . my self roop........i m 23yr of age..and i have a problem of grey hairs.....i m really very worried......as my grey hairs are increasing day by day.......i just read about blackstrap molosses at your site...i just want to ask wheather this molosses really transfers grey hairs into black.......is there any side effects???from where i can get this molosses..........hope to see your reply soon.....

EC: http://www.earthclinic.com/remedies/molasses-where-to-buy.html

Replied by Kristi
Houston, TX
Hi Paul, I just started taking blackstrap molasses (a teaspoonful in the morning). It is rather disgusting and i almost got sick to my stomach the first time. Try what i do...

Pour a glass of orange juice and have it ready.. Put a tablespoon of blackstrap molasses on a spoon.. Put the spoon towards the BACK of your mouth and swallow the molasses as fast as you can. Then hurry and drink the orange juice (have the juice ready in your hand). Then after you drink the juice i suggest you drink a glass of water and then go brush your teeth. I have done this and this technique makes it tolerable.


Replied by Mary
Rocklin, California
Blackstrap molasses is great in a smoothie with banana and/berries you can' t even taste it!
Replied by Sam
Los Gatos, Ca
I have [one particular] brand organic BSM unsulphered and on the nutritional label it says copper 0%. Is that the same for other brands?

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