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Nutritional Supplement Questions Answered!

Last Modified on Apr 19, 2015

The nutritional supplements industry has become enormous and complicated. It offers safe, effective natural remedies for innumerable health conditions, but at the same time there is a lot of hucksterism and overblown claims about medical benefits that may not be true. Worse, some nutritional supplements are prepared without safeguards or sufficient study behind them, so that poisonous contaminants and dangerous side effects are a possibility.

We believe that most supplements are safe for most people, but we all need an unbiased place where we can discuss supplements and their makers so that we can find the safest and most effective nutritional supplements.

Read Earth Clinic user advice on how to ensure supplement safety and which side effects to look out for when treating illnesses or looking to improve your overall health.

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Posted by Newagewoes (Melborne, Florida) on 10/30/2010

[WARNING!]  For all the Morgellon sufferers out there, I just found out something important, it turns out that many of our vitamins & supplements ( even good brands ) have Magnesium Stearate in them, I myself have been taking up to 7 different supplements per day with it in them! My doctor who is baffled that I cannot get my immune system built up even though I have been on epicor for two years, suggested that I go home and check the labels on all my OTC pills because Magnesium Stearate blocks immune builders and tears down the immune system, never more than 1 pill a day should be taken with this ingredient in it.

Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France

It is awful to hear that even supplements, which one hopes are healthy, come with things which could harm your health!
Replied by Tina
Princeton, Nj

Hi, newagewoes, after reading about the harmful effects of magnesium stearate ( either via a post by Ted from Bangkok or Bill from Luzon, Phillipines) I have been very diligent about studying labels before buying my supplements. Of late I have been coming across something new on the labels: magnesium stearate from vegetable source. Does any one have more info about this?
Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France

I had never heard of magnesium stearate before I read about it on this site yesterday and therefore went to check my supplements. Only the Quercitin I bought in Britain contained it and then the vegetable kind. No idea if that is the same, better or worse but then I did a Google on the subject and found as many articles defending it as attacking it so I really don't know. Some say you get it from a lot of stuff you eat so the little bit in a pill amounts to nothing, others say that it is bad for your immune system.... Someone said that if you want to make good quality supplements you need to use it.... Well, I am used to being confused about all kinds of subjects connected to my health and now I have still another one! Someone suggested online that this component has been forbidden here in France but somewhere else I read that it has been regulated and couldn't find anything more about it being forbidden.
Replied by Aurora
Mason City, Iowa

Is this the same as stearic acid or magnesium stearate? which are both present in my magnesium citrate capsules. I looked it up on "wiki" and it doesn't sound like a good thing. I would appreciate any more info. Thanks
Replied by Rob
Manhattan, Ny

Newagewoes, please let us know if as a result of eliminating Magnesium Stearate from your diet, you are able to get better immune readings (higher CD4, T cell, etc) from your doctors tests... I see it in many of my supplements, even in immune builders and would like to hear from some real world results before I decide to eliminate them or not. Thanks!
Replied by Merryanne
Orange City, Florida, Usa

I did a google on magnesium stearate, it is mostly made from vegetable stuff and it may be from soy beans and I am led to believe it is. Soy will stop your body from absorbing all the iodine you need, and it blocks some of the absorbency of the vitamin and minerals your body needs and you will find soy products in 98% of all packaged products on the market, even starkist tuna has soy veg broth!!!! Linda in Florida
Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines

1165 Posts
Hi Tina... Magnesium Stearate is found in many compressed tablet forms of vitamins, minerals etc and is only used to actually help form the tablet. When I used Ascorbic Acid tablets in the past I would crush them up and add water as Ted advises. But this always produced a cloudy, milky solution. That is caused by the Mag Stearate. When I switched and used pure Ascorbic acid powder, the solution was always crystal clear. Being a waxy substance, Mag Stearate also interfere's with digestion and absorbtion of nutrients, and some people are actually allergic to it. The best forms of vitamins, minerals and nutrients to take are either in powdered form or in a capsule(containing powder). Avoid all tablets forms if you can.
Replied by Tricia

I can't remember where I got this information so I can't substantiate it or reference it. I read somewhere in the past that magnesium stearate is used as an acceptable method of oiling the machinery used in making the supplements where the ingredients would come in contact and normal machinery oils could not be used
Replied by Tina
Princeton, Nj

Hi Bill, thanks for your post. So magnesium stearate, from vegetable source or not, is best to be avoided? I thought so. I do try to buy my supplements either in gelatin form or as powder but in some cases, it is well nigh impossible. Calcium, for example, is hard to find in either of those mediums. What do you suggest?

I tried to use the shell of an organic egg ( I read that it is an excellent source of calcium in a book about natural care for preventing tooth decay and also for re-growing teeth if one has cavities) in a smoothie but there were still tiny pieces in my green smoothie ( I use a Vita blender). Thanks again for your helpful posts.

Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France

Tina, my Quercitin, bought in the UK, powder in a gelatin pill also contained magnesium stearate! So it is not only the pills that have it. I suppose they use it when they ground the components to powder so that they don't glue to the machines. By now I am really confused, I have read that it is bad, also that it doesn't quite matter...... One never knows who is telling the truth!
Replied by Tina
Princeton, N J

Hi Francisca. As soon as I read your post, I went and checked the ingredients on the two supplements I have in powder form: Ascorbic acid from Trader Joe's and MSM from Jarrow. Both of them do not mention magnesium stearate! The MSM mentions silicon dioxide as an anti-caking agent and I will do some research on exactly what this is. The HA that I get from Source Naturals mentions stearic acid, as one of its ingredients - another name for magnesium stearate? Thanks for alerting me.
Replied by Rob
Manhattan, New York

Could someone point me to some scientific studies proving that Magnesium Stearate impedes immune function. I am wondering if this is just a sales pitch for some companies to sell their vitamins against a competitor. Personally, I would prefer my supplements to be without it or any fillers but still need some proof to it's harm.
Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France

Rob, if you do a Google you will find enough page against and pro magnesium stearate. Difficult to tell.... And some say that it is indeed a sales pitch by some companies. I don't know what to believe but this morning I talked to a lady in an excellent health shop where I go quite often and she told me that she is convinced that magnesium stearate only helps the manufacturers make better quality supplements (something I had already read online! ). I have to say that the people working in this shop seem not only to be very well informed but the customer care is also very good: everything you buy is in their computer so that they can check next time, they really take the time for you.... I love going there.

Still.... They can't know everything and nowadays more than ever there always seem to be two different opinions on everything! I asked her about Monosodium Glutamate and similar components on some of their products and although none contained MSG as such others contained similar products which she had no idea also seem to contain MSG. The world we live in is so very complicated that making an informed choice is very hard. Therefore.... I did buy the supplements and some do have magnesium stearate. There weren't other choices..... But in the end, was this spread because someone found a way of selling his products to a wider public? No idea!

Replied by Lolly
Brooklyn, Ny

Made from hydrogenated palm or cottenseed oil, or occasionally even beef tallow, it is used to lubricate each particle comprising a capsule or tablet containing it. (This speeds up the manufacturing process). However, it reduces bioavailability of the capsules' nutritional content by up to 65%, impairs T cell activity, can cause liver toxicity, and carries a high pesticide residue.
Replied by Maria
Sarasota, Fl

magnesium stearate has been an issue a long time but only recently has it been exposed as not something you want in your supplements. the company vpnutrition has never had mag/veg stearate in their products and they ship all over the world.
Replied by Vince
Toronto, Ontario

I developed an allergy to it. I was taking quite a few supplement and they all had that crap. When I take a supplement it is not to get the fillers. Its the lower grade ones that have it and I would strongly advise against taking anything with it. My conditions improved once I stopped taking supplements with mg stearate in them. I noticed a reaction to a needle I had gotten and wondered what the hell was going on. Likley the mg stearate was clobbering my immune system.

Posted by PR (Houston, Texas) on 01/10/2009

Maintain Freedom to Purchase Vitamins, Minerals & Herbs

This one is easy and fast just click on the link below and it will take you to Obama's site to voice your opinion on being able to purchase vitamins and herbs, and not water down versions. Next click on the blue box (Of The People, By the People) submit your thoughts. If this is important to you please share this with others.

Click on this link:

You will be connected to a page on the site where a blue box headlined "Of the people, by the people" urges you to click in and submit your ideas. Colleague Jan Schwartz, LMT, a past chair of the Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation, shared that he has seen evidence that the ideas don't fall into a void. Obama staffers are known to actually respond. Go and contribute! More on the Obama grassroots strategy is available at this Washington Post article.

Replied by Joyce
Joelton, Tn

Thanks to JL for the alert on using "change the government site" to click on. I just left it and it is simple to use. I urge everyone that wants to retain the privilege of having a site like EC and its helpful information, as well as the privilege of being able to read about and buy the safer alternatives of vitamins, minerals, supplements and herbals to voice their opinions there very quickly. The route the FDA is taking now could even conceivably be used to abolish internet sites like EC or the

Now is the time to arise and sing out & let your desires be known.

Posted by Joyce (Joelton, Tn) on 11/22/2008

[WARNING!]  Here is alert from Natural Solutions Foundation re FDA trying to sneak through a law making it against the law for anyone to ship vitamins, minerals, supplements across state lines. If they succeed this time everyone had better get the books to learn to identify and collect their own herbal remedies. This is the 3rd time that I know of that medicine has attempted to make all vitamins, minerals and supplements under medical control (prescription only) and since they have the big pharmaceuticals joining with the AMA and attacking from outside the US first (has already been passed in Australia & Canada I think), I am afraid they are going to succeed unless enough people react in a hurry to make them back off. If EC readers will clink on a link to their site they will only have to put in their name & email address & click on "send my e-mail" to register protest.

Alpha Lipoic Acid   0  0   

Posted by Imelda (London) on 12/16/2012

Hi, I was thinking of taking ALA. I usually take my medication in the morning. Would it affect medication or when would be the best time to take it.

Astaxanthin   1  0   

Posted by Tinydancer (Dayton, Ohio, Usa) on 09/20/2012

Has anyone taken astaxanthin and have any feedback from it?

Replied by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa

Hi Tiny Dancer, I took astaxanthin for over 3 months and quite honestly, didn't see any changes. And I was taking a very high quality one which was not cheap! Since then, I have given up on all supplements because I never really feel any difference. Except for lyposhperic vitamin C. I moved into Chinese herbs and they've made such a big difference for me that I am staying with those. Best of health to you, Lisa
Replied by Kylie
Whitianga, New Zealand

I took astaxanthin for a few months and noticed that it really improved my vision. Normally in winter I have trouble seeing the computer screen on gloomy days (and I stare at it for 8 hours a day), but astaxanthin made my vision really strong. I went overseas and stopped taking it, and now my computer vision is a bit dodgy again, so I resumed taking it earlier this week. Can't remember how long it took to improve last time.

I raved about it to my mum and gave her some capsules and she said it was great but couldn't name any specific benefits it gave her. Then she asked for more and commented that she preferred it to fish oil, which I explained it wasn't a substitute for.

I totally believe in it and will continue to take it. Can't comment on the sunscreen benefits of it yet but if it stops me burning I'll let you know after summer.

Other than the definite vision improvement, I haven't noticed any other benefits with it, but that's more than other suppliments have given me so I'm stoked.

Replied by Art
Tustin, Ca. Usa

I would agree with Lisa's results regarding Astaxanthin. I used it for about 6 months at 8mg per day and can't say that I was able to discern any noticeable benefit. To be fair though, astaxanthin is noted as a very potent antioxidant and as such, positive results may not be readilly apparent or discernible within the first 6 months of use. Significant reduction of oxidative stress is generally considered a positive health benefit associated with astaxanthin, but this may not translate into a noticeable improvement in overall health, but if it helped ward off something like undiagnosed cancer, you would never be aware of that benefit.

I would like to see more human studies at relevant dosing levels before drawing any final conclusions about astaxanthin.

Secondly, astaxanthin is not cheap, especially at dosage levels used in some studies like this one that used two different dosage levels at 16mg and 40mg per day: 16mg

It turned out that the 40 mg dose showed modest benefit while the 16 mg dose showed less. Based on a lower end price of. 20 per 4mg softgel, 40 mg per day would come in around $2 per day or $60 per month. In the world of supplements that ain't cheap. On Dr. Mercola's website, he sells astaxanthin that costs .67 per 4mg softgel. It would take 10 of those softgels to equal the 40mg dose used in the above study or more than $6.70 per day or about $200 per month! Yes, effective dosing in humans needs to be better understood and defined, and until then, I will consider astaxanthin as having good health benefit potential, but will wait for conclusive studies that better define effective dosing and effect.


Replied by Tinydancer
Dayton, Ohio, Usa

Thank you Kylie and Lisa for your quick response. I listened to Dr Mercola on Dr Oz show talk about how good Astaxanthin was for the eyes and I would like to prevent a slow growing cataract from growing further. According to Dr. Mercola, that can be done. I am going to order some based on Kylie's experience with it. I will keep you updated of any improvements. I just had a eye exam and will be going back in 6 months for follow-up, I pray there will be improvement. Thanks again.
Replied by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa

Hi Art, Yes, it just wasn't cost effective but of course, if I'd seen the results being touted, I would have continued. I don't have many wrinkles so that wasn't really an issue but I would have like to see my vision improve. I definitely need reading glasses! And that did not improve one iota. I also had first heard of this from Dr. Mercola. And of course, I like that he is a Dr. getting valuable information out to the public which most drs. don't even know but sometimes I'm suspicious of his salesman pitches since he sells so many products on his site. Of course, diet is something I always consider for nutrients. And I eat wild salmon about once a week and fresh vegetable juice everyday so perhaps, I am getting this anyway... Lisa
Replied by Art
Tustin, Ca. USA

Hi Lisa, The same here, no vision improvement at all at that 8mg/day for 6 month dose. I also tried Zeaxanthin specifically for my vision since that is what it is frequently touted for. That was also a 6 month experiment.

I agree about Dr. Mercola and his sales pitches for his product line. It tends to detract from the research that he presents giving the feel of a conflict of interest. His product line also seems to be at the higher end of the price range for any given supplement that he offers.

I much prefer to get research information from places that are not selling the product they are reporting about.


Replied by Rob
Manhattan, NY

[BETTER BUT WITH SIDE EFFECTS]   I experment with it now and then and find that it does have an effect.. Most notably on inflammation.. (for myself).. However initially found it affected my digestion. (diarrhea) I also take it with a multi cartenoid. Since it is just one of hundreds of beneficial cartenoids.. With this one it is good to take breaks since there are no long term studies. & better not to overdue it. I just take one 4mg at bedtime.. There are a few supplements and herbs I seem to go back to and this is one.. But as you see in the posts here it's affects depend on the individual... IHerb has some decent prices for this. Dr. Sahelian gives some balanced advice on it here...
Replied by Laura
New Plymouth, Idaho, Usa

No one has to buy products from Dr. Mercola to read his FREE newsletters. I purchase newsletters from some other doctors, which are also filled with things you can buy from them. It does cost money to do business even if your goal is to bring information to people to help them. Just a thought.
Replied by Cindy
Toledo, Ohio

I took astaxanthin for about 2 weeks and it caused my face to break out with cystic acne. As soon as I stopped taking it, my face cleared up. I would not recommend it.
Replied by Carly
Seattle, Wa -usa

Hi, RE Astaxanthin:

My husband is 54 years old and has been taking 8mg of astaxanthin daily for about five months now. I started him on it because I read about what a great antioxidant it is (at 10x times more powerful than vitamin C! ) and since altzheimers runs in his family, etc.

About two minths into him taking it, I noticed that his crows feet are REMARKABLY improved. I mean seriously improved. He is and has been a sun worshiper, and had started having some deep lines around his eyes in the past few years from it.

Anyway, it is pretty expensive as far as supplements go, but with his family history of diseases I think that whatever it is doing is worth the money.

I would take it myself, but think I am allergic to shellfish. After pricking one of the black gel caps and seeing the bright red-pink color of the liquid inside I was afraid of having a reaction to it. If my lines get much worse I may have to rethink my fears though. lol.

Okay, that is my personal experience of watching what it did to my husband over the past three to six months.

Replied by Bess
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

I take 4 mg astaxanthin daily but haven't noticed any eye changes yet - perhaps it's a subtle change - I haven't been taking it for a long time. However, my wrinkles (crow's feet) have softened a bit so who knows? I'll keep taking it for now. I do agree with Laura's comments (Laura from New Plymouth). Just as I have from reading Earth Clinic, I've learned a lot from Dr. Mercola (and the comments at the end of his articles). Sure he sells products (very few on the Web don't) but no one is obligated to buy them and he invests a lot in his Web site and other health-promoting ventures - including labelling regulations for genetically modified foods (since we don't seem to have a choice about GM foods), getting fluoride out of the water, etc. Read his free newsletters, learn what you can and make your own decisions. Good health to all! Bess
Replied by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa

Hi Laura, I really wasn't speaking against Dr. Mercola as I salute him for getting a lot of information that is unknown by many drs. He is one of the contributors at The Longevity Now conference I have attended many times now. He's brave for speaking out on alternatives and diet. And an interesting aside, I believe his site is the number one alternative site and Earth Clinic is the second! I also think Dr. Oz is doing such wonderful work to the general public. People who otherwise, wouldn't know about many out-of-the-box treatments or remedies. I laugh when I'm walking through WF or another local health food store when I hear people inquiring about a list of items they have on a piece of paper which they heard from Dr. Oz. So great, people are being educated on self-help! Here's to everyone's health, Lisa
Replied by Alex

[SIDE EFFECTS]   OK, that should be potential side effects! Took 12mg pd for almost 2 months. Cannot say I felt better or stronger for it. Did have sore gums and tongue throughout though, as if on the verge of breaking out with mouth ulcers. Now that I have discontinued astaxanthin for 3 days, soreness is gone. Could be coincidence obviously (I do get funny symptoms in my body quiet regularly)

Posted by Aaron (Bend, Oregon) on 09/27/2011

I was hoping you could tell me if it would be okay for a smoker to take astaxanthin? I read on a few websites that it could actually cause lung cancer? Your help would be appreciated.

Posted by Kathie (Houston, United States) on 05/25/2011

[YEA]  I just read an article that shares several studies on an antioxident/ caritnoid called Astaxanthin. Studies showed that benefits included fewer fine lines, smoother surface, less under-eye puffiness and increased skin tone and elasticity... now get this... IN JUST TWO WEEKS! Take at least 2 mg (I am going to take 4 mg) every day. Because it is oil soluable, take it with food and your other oil vitamins for it to absorb best. It is also a great anti inflamatory, benefits eye health, and protects from sunburn!

Replied by Kathie
Houston, United States

I forgot to mention the link for the article (for wrinkles, anti-inflamitory, eye care and sun burn protection), here it is:

B Vitamins   1  0   

Posted by Pauline (Ny) on 07/30/2011

[SIDE EFFECTS]  Question for Bill From San Fernando
Bill, when I take vitamin B50 complex, I notice that my urine turned yellow, is that mean I don't need to take B complex vitamins ? Thanks

Replied by Lanos
Socalif, Usa

Hi Pauline, Do not quit using B-vitamins due to color of your urine.. A/c that is absolutely normal.. Hope you have improved health as you consume the proper nutrients. God bless you.

Posted by Ellen (New Canaan, CT) on 09/20/2008

[YEA]  I was at Trader Joe's last week and was browsing through their line of supplements. One supplement in particular caught my eye - sublingual folic acid, b6 and b12. I had been seeing some good information on the web about the b vits, so I decided to buy it. (cheap by the way.) The one thing I noticed immediately is I am in such a darn good mood after I take it! I forgot to take one pill 2 days ago and some pms irritability set in. Took my vitamin and within half an hour, my mood improved. I think this may be a great supplement for those with depression or anxiety. Here's some info about folic acid on Dr. Mercola's site: So it may be the folic acid that is enhancing my mood, I don't know.

Bee Pollen   0  0   

Posted by Sara (Sacramento, Ca, Usa) on 08/19/2011


I would highly appreciate if you open a new page under supplement for Bee Pollen. I am sure a lot of people have it, and they have experinces to share it with us on eath clinic.



EC: Find it here under supplements:

Posted by Juan-diego Garcia (Albuquerque, New Mexico) on 09/21/2009

I keep reading how bee pollen is "nature's multivitamin." Is this just another fad or can this be a really helpful supplement? Does it contain the nutrients it claims?

Biotin   0  0   

Posted by Zack (Brooklyn, Ny) on 09/02/2011

Has anyone had success with the Biotin, Vegital Silica and Chelated Zinc?? Before I waste time with useless things I like to get some input on these things. thanks

Replied by Jakechicago
Chicago, Il

I have had very good and immediate success for splitting nails with Horsetail extract - filled with silica. The splitting stopped within the first few days and has not returned.

Blood Work   0  0   

Posted by Patti (Ewing, Nj Usa) on 03/08/2010

hello, The last time I had to have a blood work up- I had to fast the night before and the following morning, after giving several viles of blood-I passed out. This was about 20 years ago. I have a phobia about passing out. My Dr is telling me to get the full blood work up and when I told him I was afraid of passing out, he wrote a note on my chart telling the clinic to have me lay down. He then said it's all in my head anyway. (I did not like that response but was in the waiting room as he told me this so I didn't follow up.) So now I am procrastinating. Not getting the work done that I need. I thought I read a while ago that there is a blood test available where they take a much smaller amount of blood and can still get all of the results. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Or does anyone else have experience with getting blood work where they you don't have to pass out from not eating, then having all that blood taken?


Replied by Patti
Ewing, Nj

Thank you so much to Dj frm Pdx.....

It took me forever to find this Doctor and it was only because a few people in the health food store told me that he had sent them in there rather than giving them meds. That pleased me, but I wasn't happy at all with the Doctors comment either. I see him in two weeks and I don't have a problem telling him how I felt. At the time I was on my way out while he was heading in to see his next patient.

You are right, I may have outgrown it too, you are right. Thank you for your support, I do think I'm the only one. I hear friends going to get blood work and surgeries, and they seem so non-chalant about it.

I'm already squeamish with just the blood work, I can't imagine surgery!
Thanks again,


Bromine Health Alert   0  0   

Posted by Oscar (Syracuse, New York) on 06/02/2014

The element BROMINE is very bad for you. It is in many, if not most, breads, soft drinks, and more. Bromine displaces iodine in a very many biological processes and causes: Cancer, mental disorders, skin disorders and more. It very much screws up your entire endocrine system. This is NOT news but few are aware of just how dangerous BROMINE is to so many aspects of human health. These very real dangers have been well documented for over 30 years now. Here is one of many links available about the dangers associated with the element BROMINE:

Be wary of sea salt and seaweed foodstuffs also because they contain bromine. Using iodized salt is best. Iodine is the element you need. The element bromine readily displaces it and thereby screws up all the many biological processes involved. Ignorance is NOT bliss....Oscar

Calcium and Magnesium   0  0   

Posted by Elizabeth (Los Angeles) on 08/01/2013

Someone told me to take calcium and magnesium at different times as they fight for absorption. Is that possible and should one do that procedure? I have been taking a cal/mag/zinc tablet for close to 10 years. Am I doing it wrong and wasting my money?

Replied by Mike Giller
Denver, Colorado

Yes you are. I wasted a lot of money and many years taking supplements. Minerals from rocks are not the same as minerals from food. Too many minerals from rock end up as plaque in the arteries. Minerals work in proportion like a symphony. Minerals work with vitamins like K2. Polynesian women get 175 mg. of calcium a day while making and nursing babies. Minerals work in the body for a few hours. You have to take small doses several times a day. Americans take the most supplements and have the worst health. I take the superfoods and I feel superduper. They contain all the carbs, oils, proteins, vitamin, minerals, and phytochemicals the body requires. Nutrients have electromagnetism. The frequencies need to be pure and the vibrational energies high. Improper growing, processing, and cooking messes everything up. I get Hawaiian spirulina, korean chlorella, black chia seeds, sucanet, nondefatted desiccated liver, absorbable colostrum, raw whey, raw cocoa, red miso, raw honey, and coconut oil. I get most of them shipped to me. I buy them from reputable companies. They are highly recommended by naturopath doctors. I take them in the proper dosages in small quantities several times a day with lots of water.
Replied by Paula
Salt Lake City

I would like to try spirulina and chlorella but after researching them I found they are very high in iron. I have hepatitis c and don't think it would be good for me... Too bad - I was looking forward to trying them... Iron helps the virus replicate so I've read..
Replied by Xotzin

Mike Giller from Denver, Colorado would it be possible to email you personally ? I live in Denver as well and could use your help with MB for parkinsons if you have the info and know how? Let me know please and thanks

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