Natural Cures for Degenerative Disc Disease

Last Modified on Oct 27, 2014

What Is Degenerative Disc Disease?

Generally considered a disease of aging, degenerative disc disease is an age related condition. The spine is constantly subjected to stress and periodically, minor injury. These stresses combined begin to compound and cause damage over time. This gradual proliferation of damage or normal changes in the spinal discs is known as degenerative disc disease. For most individuals, the degeneration of discs causes little problem or concern; however, some individuals experience severe pain in conjunction with the condition.

The symptoms associated with degenerative disc disease vary depending on the intensity of the condition. The symptoms may result in back or neck pain in some while it causes no pain in others. One of the most common symptoms reported, when any are experienced, is sciatica, or pain that radiates from the low back into the buttocks and upper thighs. In addition to this pain, some individuals may experience tingling or numbness in the legs and feet.

The intervertebral discs or spinal discs are the padding or cushion between each vertebra of the spine. By comparison, these discs are somewhat like “shock absorbers” that cushion the spine as it moves and bears weight. As the body ages, these cushions break down, causing degenerative disc disease. Common causes that contribute to this breakdown include loss of fluid and tears and cracks in the disc. Injury, obesity, heavy physical work and smoking add to the degeneration of discs.

Degenerative Disc Disease Treatment

While degenerative disc disease is a common part of aging, certain measures can be taken to prevent degeneration and reverse the current levels of degeneration. One effective natural degenerative disc disease treatment includes 500 mg of Hyaluronic acid powder, 9 grams of sea salt, and 500 cc of water emulsified and taken daily. This mixture works to restore the cartilage in the discs. Additional options include vitamin C, magnesium, and calcium – all which support bone and joint health. A healthy lifestyle complete with regular exercise and light weight bearing exercise helps maintain bone and muscle health and serves as a supplement to degenerative disc disease treatment.

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User Reviews

Hyaluronic Acid   0  0   

Posted by Nitin (Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India) on 07/13/2012

Hello, myself NITIN, First of all thanks for sharing such wonderfull information, pls help me out with my query-:

I have degenerative disc disease, and I am taking TED's REMEDY(500mg HA 9gm sea salt 500ml water).

"I want to ask that this solution is TOO SALTY so will there be any side effects of taking this solution for a long time(2-3months approx)."

and "for how long I have to continue this remedy to fully restore my degeneration?"

MY L4/L5-9mm (present state), 15mm is normal....

PLS HELP ME OUT!! thanks

Posted by Duncan
Phoenix, Arizona
Hyaluronic Acid won't emulsify

I was excited to get my H/A powder. I followed the instructions from "Ted's Remedy". It immediately formed this clear, gelatinous globule at the bottom of the bottle. I shook it repeatedly throughout the day and got it mostly dissolved, only to wake up and find that it had settled overnight in to the globule again:(

I shook it vigorously again and dissolved it most of the way and drank a dose this morning.

The only thing I can think of is that I put the dry ingredients in the bottle first, then added cold water. I can't see how it could make a difference if I put the water in first?

Any advice? I'm really hopeful that this formula will help!

Posted by Andrea C
Cardiff, Wales
Water First!! And the 'Glouble' is the HA gelling, so that's okay. Other than that, just do as you're doing, when you see the gel bloob, shake till it mixes as per usual. Love Andrea C XXXX.

PS, I shook mine per Ted's remedy, following it to a tee. It's no good reading half a remedy but being gung ho about the rest.

Posted by Duncan
Phoenix, Arizona
Thanks Andrea!

Can anyone tell me where to find Ted's original post on this? All I can find is this comment thread. I've been poking around the website, but can't find it.

Posted by Dano (Williston, Ohio) on 10/18/2010

Hi, read about your solution for degenerative disc disease, how do I measure out 500 mg of HA powder........1/4 tspn or what?..... Please give me an idea of approximately howmuch to use. Thanks, Dano

Posted by Lisa
Lafayette, La
27 Posts
Dano, it depends on which brand you are using, and if it is just HA, or has something like msm mixed into it, which would make your measurement different than if just HA. Purebulk, the brand I use, is, I believe, 3.56 grams (3560 mg) per 2 teaspoons. So, I break that down into approx. 1/7 of that dose, or 1/3 teaspoon. It's a little more (593 mg. ), but it doesn't make any difference, it's close enough. Be VERY sure you dissolve it in fridge temp. Water, NOT room temp water.

Hyaluronic Acid and Sea Salt   0  0   

Posted by Joel (Manchester, UK) on 09/09/2014

Hi Guys

It was just a question regarding the article I've copied in below. It's for treatment for Degenerative Disc Disease.

My Mother has been suffering with this for some time. I'm trying to get her to take the mixture of Hyaluronic Acid and 9 grams of sea salt but she's worried that taking so much salt is dangerous. Also she was worried about the Hyaluronic acid.

I just want to put her mind at rest really, would you be able to confirm that these levels of sea salt and Hyaluronic acid are safe to take over a period of time? Thanks


Degenerative Disc Disease Treatment

"While degenerative disc disease is a common part of aging, certain measures can be taken to prevent degeneration and reverse the current levels of degeneration. One effective natural degenerative disc disease treatment includes 500 mg of Hyaluronic acid powder, 9 grams of sea salt, and 500 cc of water emulsified and taken daily. This mixture works to restore the cartilage in the discs. Additional options include vitamin C, magnesium, and calcium – all which support bone and joint health. A healthy lifestyle complete with regular exercise and light weight bearing exercise helps maintain bone and muscle health and serves as a supplement to degenerative disc disease treatment."

Posted by Happy

The copy and paste portion of your post does not state who wrote it. If I were you, I would not follow it. 500 mg of hyaluron acid, per dose, or even per day, is way too much.

There is absolutely no reason to preserve it with all that salt...... just cold water. make it one day in advance. I believe that the dose is about 10 mg of H.A., dissolved in water, X twice per day. Store the H.A. water mixture in the refigerator, for up to 3 days.

There is no reason to give her all that sea salt, and eat all of that chloride, and all that sodium; just to get some trace minerals.. Just buy a ionic minerals supplement. Giving the trace minerals in ionic form.

Have her make herself some bone and cartilage broth by boiling down her collect meat scraps in a large pot. simmer for 3 days, or continuously, every day, on very low heat. Then can the broth in jars, or refrigerate. see the sally fallon books and websites. for details. That will give her cartilage and bone calcium as food. perhaps also hyaluron.... if it is not killed by heat.

Be carefull with giving her molybdenum supplements. I took those, 500mg each, for only 7 to 10 days, and they caused a copper deficiency in the spine cartilage, which gave me a sudden case of degegenerative disk disease. a bad case. I stopped the molyB and added extra copper as supplement pills. also took hyaluron powder dissolved in water for 4 hrs minimum. Seems like it was about 10 mg H.A. powder X twice per day. I recovered in about 4 or 5 weeks. I could not have tolerated 500 mg per day of H.A. I don't think anyone could either, and there is no need to.

QUESTION: did your mammy take the FOSAMAX, or Bisphosphonate class of osteoporosis drugs ???? If so, that is what happened to her spine. Get her off of them immediately and supply her bone nutrients to try and repair the damage done by the perscription drugs.

Remedies Needed   1  0   

Posted by Liz (Ireland) on 09/19/2014

Hi There

Any help would be so much appreciated.

My mum has a number of health conditions but recently has been diagnosed with Degenerative disc disease, she is in agony with her arm and back and can't sleep at night with the pain. Her knees are also starting to hurt her and her mobility is not the best. I love this site and always turn to natural remedies. I read that Hyaluronic acid has helped so many people with Degenerative disc disease so I ordered the powder form from Ebay from Ihealth. Im just wondering in teaspoon fulls how much would you need?? to mix with 11/2 teaspoons of sea salt? and how long would this last? My mum can be very forgetful and forgets her medication for her diabetes quite regular which has led to many a hospital trip due to her sugar levels been so high. I work in Holland and Barret and we stock Hyaluronic acid 20mg with 60mg vitamin c in tablet form a 30 day supply, how many of these would she need to take a day to notice a difference??

Thank you in advance for any advice.

Posted by Prioris
Florida, US
266 Posts
Search for my posts on bio cell ha. I cured my herniated disc in 6 weeks.

Your mum's spinal cord is depleted of nutrients.

Posted by Kshitij (Kampala, Uganda) on 11/21/2013

Looking for treatment and management of degeneration of disc condition.

Posted by Mike 62
Denver, Colorado
Kshitij: The dosages and ratios of vitamins a, d, and k2 hold an important part of the answer. Most vitamins act as co-factors to protein function. Vitamins a and d regulate the activity of genes to produce proteins. K2 activates these proteins to bind calcium for bone remineralization. All foods are very low in d. Blacks get 6 times less d from sunlight as whites. 5000 units of d3 and 30, 000 units of a costs 5 cents. Humic/fulvic acids, xeronines, and k2 are in raw organic and grassfed foods. Eat as much of these as you can. K1 can be converted into k2 when digestion is good. K1 is in organic spices like parsely, basil, sage, and thyme. To improve digestion make home made live ferments. Make green smoothies from organic baby leaves. They contain growth factors not in mature leaves. Eat raw organic whole dried cane sugar for carbs.
Posted by Prioris
Look up Herniated Disc and Degerative Disc Disease under ailments where it talks about Hyaluronic Acid. You need a highly absorb-able Hyaluronic Acid, e.g., Biocell.
Posted by Liz
4 Posts
Hi Prioris.

Thankyou for your reply. I googled Bio Cell and do capsule form 240 capsules with collagen. Would the tablet form be as beneficial as the powder?? My mum would probably find the tablets easier to take if they worked the same. Would 100mg tablets be too much to take in one day? I seen a post earlier further up say 20mg a day was enough and 100mg would be too much. Any suggestions/advice would be greatly appreciated, the pain in my mums arm is keeping her awake most nights and I'd love to be able to help her.

Posted by Prioris
266 Posts
I haven't tried the powder but I assume it should work as well. It all goes thru the same digestion process.

Tablets are more convenient for me also.

As far as 20mg being enough, it is irrelevant if she is depleted of HA. The goal is to pump up her levels so her body can heal. Don't worry about overdosing. For someone who doesn't have degeneration disease, it could be enough. First step is to get her functional and remove as much pain possible.

She can experiment with maintenance dose and find out what is right for her. If she has degenerative disease, she will have to keep the dose up. degenerative diseases are caused by infection. If not, she could do ok on something lower.

The reason why sleeping can be so painful is because the spine and even joints are all inflamed. Hence any pressure on them becomes painful. Once they get replenished, she should sleep more comfortably.

People who have trouble sleeping on hard surface beds probably have medical conditions. I sleep comfortable but I notice my spleen tends to be inflamed so not perfectly comfortable on my back. that is due to ME/CFIDS etc. Another back problem could be due to kidney or bladder infection.

She may find she has other problems she didn't know she had once she addresses this layer so one problem at a time.

Posted by Prioris
Florida, US
266 Posts
Lets make sure we are on same page

Each 2 Biocell capsules contains

BioCell Collagen II, providing: 1000 mg
Hyaluronic Acid 100 mg
Chondroitin Sulfate 200 mg
Hydrolyzed Collagen Type II 600 mg

Make sure she takes it on EMPTY stomach. Make sure she drinks enough water also say at least 8 ounces when taking capsules. Before bed time or upon rising is probably convenient time for her to take capsules.

She should take a minimum of 3 capsules per day. She can do LOADING phase and take more first week. It accumulates in body which is what we want it to do. I'd have her do 4-6 capsules every day for first week and then drop down to 3 capsules after that.

So 3 capsules would equal a Biocell Collagen II formulation containing ...

Hyaluronic Acid 150 mg
Chondroitin Sulfate 300 mg
Hydrolyzed Collagen Type II 900 mg

Posted by Liz
4 Posts
Thank you so much for all your help and all the information, it's more than appreciated. I will order her the biocell and start her on them next week. I will keep you posted on how she is doing :)
Posted by Liz
4 Posts
[YEA]   Dear Prioris

I just wanted to let you know, that my mum has found a huge improvement since taking the tablets and wold like to thank you for all your help and advice, me and my mum really appreciate it. xx

Posted by Haveittodayray (Las Vegas, Nevada, United States) on 07/24/2012

New to the forum, I am 69 years old and have recently been diagnosed with:

Severe degenerative disc disease and impingement of tendons. Doctors have giving me Rx for pain, ie, Hydrocodone-Acet aminophen, Etodlolac, and Gabapentin. Had both xrays and Mri. Has anyone had any experience with these drugs. Any suggestions? Have pain on both hips, back, and shoots down both legs and knee caps.

Will I be in a wheel chair soon? Currently, still working 4 hours per day, lifting 10-50 lbs at all times. Should I quit work immediately? Any suggestions appreciated.

Thanks, haveittodayray

Posted by Octavia
Birmingham, Alabama
Hi my mother has DDD and she is not in a wheelchair yet. It has been ten years since diagnosis. She does not work. I don't think you should quit if you can help it because it can get very depressing staying home. But try not to lift much anymore. Take care and I hope this helps.
Posted by Steve
Las Vegas, Nevada
102 Posts
Many people have had success using bio-north magnets on the area of concern, bio-mag science carries them as well as other places.

Posted by Philip (Dearing, Ga) on 09/17/2009

Degenerative disc disease - New Thread

My mother suffers from Degenerative disc disease and had surgery almost two years ago. One of her bones in her back will not fuse back together. Any ideas from the people out there that can treat this disease and also what can be done to get bones to FUSE back together. Information would be greatly appreciated.

Posted by Joyce
Joelton, Tn
252 Posts
For Phillip from Dearing: Have you searched EC for arthritis, osteoporosis, joint pain, etc. This has been addressed several times.

A question: Is your mother on Fosamax or similar medicine to prevent bone loss? If so, you should be aware that some of them are connected to TMJ &/or lower jawbone necrosis (death of bone).

For bone health first off think cod liver oil, Vitamin D3, Vitamin C, and healthy eating.

Posted by Philip
Dearing, Ga
Thank you Joyce. No my mother is not on any medication that I am aware of, with the exception of high blood pressure med.She has taken all kinds of vitamins all of her life. So many in fact, we often thought she may be taking to many.

Recently reading here on EC, I have learned from Ted. If a persons PH is not balanced they will not absorb the vitamins and minerals properly. So maybe taking all those vitamins all those years were useless.

But yes, she has taken the ones you have mentioned. She never really did healthy eating though. Alot of YO-YO dieting. She is also allergic to milk and eggs and never consumed either of these that I can ever remember.

I never knew the importance of the PH balancing for the absorption vitamins. I think we all should stress the importance of this or else people are wasting thier time and money on the vitamins.

I never thought the surgery was a good idea, but she was convinced by my sister who is a nurse and pro doctor everything. I have a great chiropractor in my area, that has been able to keep many people from going under the knife. Although you have to keep going, you are able to avoid the knife.

Thank you.

Posted by Joyce
Joelton, Tn.
252 Posts
Hello Phillip, You didn't mention your mother's age, but a decrease of hydrochloric acid production needed to digest the foods eaten, can also contribute to poor absorption of nutrients, and a yo-yo or nutrient deficient junk food diet probably also contributes to decrease in productionof HCL in the stomach.

Iodine is said to be necessary for stimulating the stomach to produce HCL. SSKI or Lugol's solution at level of 2 drops in glass of water daily should be sufficient. She can self test for iodine deficiency by painting a 1" area of tincture of iodine on hidden spot (like abdomen or inner thigh) and let it dry before covering. It if disappears in a short time, then her body is so hungry for iodine that it slurped it right in and then she should take 4 drops SSKI or Lugol's per day until health improved.

Posted by Jennifer
Mooreland, Indiana
Please tell me what MSM is.

EC: See this page:

Yoga   1  0   

Posted by Hari (Hyderabad, India) on 03/04/2014

[YEA]  The best way to CURE degenerative disc disease is yoga... It will give you relief from the pain and agony. I suffered for almost five months and found a good yoga guru who cured me completely. I request all of them who suffer from any kind of back/spine problems to try Yoga once. You will experience a better life for sure.. Thankyou


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