Inflammation Remedies

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Inflammation - Causes and Treatments

Inflammation is the body’s natural response to an irritating substance or event. The body’s natural defense mechanism, inflammation occurs as the body attempts to heal itself. Inflammation also serves as the body’s biological response to attempt to remove a harmful or irritating substance that has entered the body. While inflammation is a biological defense response, inflammation alone does not indicate that infection is present in the body.

The specific cause of inflammation often defines the type and severity of symptoms present; however, inflammation often presents a range of common symptoms. Typical symptoms of inflammation include redness, a swollen or tender joint, joint pain, stiffness and loss of function. Additionally, inflammation may cause more general “flu”-like symptoms such as fever, chills, fatigue, loss of energy, headaches, loss of appetite and muscle stiffness.

Inflammation is generally caused by the release of chemicals from the body into the bloodstream or affected tissues. The release of chemicals increases or heightens the blood flow to the specific area that has been injured or infected and typically results in redness and heat in the area. Additionally, chemicals that leak into the tissues cause swelling. The entire process of reaction and healing activates the nerves and causes pain.

Home Remedies and Cures for Inflammation

No matter the cause of inflammation, the result is often discomfort and even pain. As such, remedying the issue is important to find relief. As you will read below, several home remedies can be applied to cure inflammation. Sarsaparilla and boswellia are herbs that relieve inflammation. Castor oil, chrysanthemum tea, manuka honey, desiccated liver and magnesium chloride are also effective options. Juicing organic vegetables as well as fresh cannabis leaves and consuming the juice can also relieve inflammation.

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User Reviews

Boswellia and Sarsparilla   1  0   

Posted by Megan (USA, Illinois) on 10/03/2008

[YEA]  I have been taking boswellia and sarsparilla which are herbs for almost a year for inflammation. It has been very helpful which is why I feel compelled to share this with you. I suffer from inflammation and fibromyalgia like symptoms although I have never been diagnosed. I use Boswellia seretta (must contain boswellic resins) which is also known as Frankincense. I bought my own in bulk from mountain rose herbs and cap them myself because I take so much. I take 2 capsules a day about 3 times a day.

Castor Oil   1  0   

Posted by K.C. (Portland, Oregon) on 06/25/2007

[YEA]  I have had gut problems for years. (I have an extra-long colon, like twice normal length.) General inflammation, sometimes burning an inch or two below my sternum ( a good remedy for that is pancreatic enzymes), a pointed ache in the gall bladder area (just below right ribs) whenever I ate anything with fat, and a pain in the left lower corner of the abdomen aftter eating. I did an all night castor oil pack and all of these symptoms have disappeared and have not come back.

Posted by Cmkalm
Houston, Tx
What is a castor oil "pack"?

Chrysanthemum Tea   1  0   

Posted by Van (Sunnyvale, Ca, Usa) on 10/11/2011

[YEA]  This simple yet delicious tea has been a life saver many times. One time I had a bad case of chemical poisioning and I had sores and welts all over my eyes, face and mouth. It happened so quick I freaked out and reached for some chrysanthemum tea. Within minutes it all calmed down and I was normal again. Generally in Asia this tea is used to bring down heat and inflamation like canker sores. Hard to believe because it's so sweet. The kind I use is the powdered kind in packets. Just mix with water. You can also use the dried flowers but I have a problem with the dried pollen.

General Feedback   0  0   

Posted by Sara (Salt Lake City, Ut) on 01/04/2013

question; are anti-oxidants also anti-inflamatory? i realize anti-oxidents get rid of free radicals, however...?

Juicing   2  0   

Posted by David (Anchorage, Ak, Usa) on 08/25/2012

[YEA]  I wanted to add juicing cannabis leaves to the list of remedies for inflammation.

Posted by Nugo (Brentwood, Ny, Usa) on 01/15/2010

[YEA]  Vegetable juices great for inflammation!!

I've been suffering from inflammation all my life, there is no diet that make lose weight, I have noticed however that all grains: corn, chicken peas, all beans, rice, wheat, potatoes make me to gain from 4 to 6 pounds easily during the night!! My meal doesn't even weight that much! So I just don't eat them. But lately I started juicing and I have noticed big changes in my body. Hands, arms, knees, ankles are now a lot better. I can feel my bones now.

I drink a big glass of vegetable and fruit juice in the morning as a breakfast and that's all. My diet is the same so it has to be the juicing! I don't have a recipe I just put on the blender what I have in my refrigerator that day (carrots, apple, pears, strawberries, banana, any fruit and cucumber, celery, spinach and any other leaves I got. I would say I'm impressed.

Posted by Moi
V Ville, Ca
Nugo, are you still eating beans, wheat etc.? Just wondering if you are losing weight while eating the above and juicing.
Posted by Nugo
Brentwood, Ny
Usually I eat starches or grains once or twice a month. My diet is very simple: Juicing in the morning (I use a good blender), meat or chicken with vegertables or salad for luch and a light dinner at night, most times just fruit, vegetables again. I indulge myself with chocolate once in a while. Take turmeric o ginger capsules often.
Posted by Mary
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
83 Posts
Hi Nugo: I can relate to the gaining weight from normal amounts of grains and starches. I recently had a health scare which motivated me to juice. I lost 12 lbs which is huge for me as I am used to having such a hard time losing weight. The odd thing is I did not excercise. But I juiced everyday and I felt better. I recently took back oatmeal as it is my favorite but it is making me gain. Back to the same diet as you. Only beans don't affect me.

Manuka Honey   1  0   

Posted by Lu (Brisbane, Australia) on 06/10/2011

[YEA]  I have been getting very good results taking Manuka honey for gastritis (inflammation of the stomach lining). I take it twice a day... Once before bed and again in the morning. Taking it with a piece of bread slows down absorption and keeps it in the stomach longer.


North Pole Magnets   0  0   

Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand)

The use of north pole magnets (using a very powerful neodymium magnets) will help reduce inflammation. South pole increases inflammation, so please take note to apply the correct one. To identify the north pole is to get a compass. If the north pointing compass points to your magnet. It means this side is north. So mark the positions accordingly. The idea is well accepted in sports area, but are not well accepted in conventional medicine. Sports people need results and the faster they heal, the faster they can compete.

Posted by Matt
Millbrook, Ny
What we call the South pole (in the Antarctic) is actually a physical North pole, the physical South pole then being in the Arctic. So the red needle that points north is actually South seeking, therefore we want the red needle to point AWAY from a magnet to find it's north pole. A simple way to remember it is that the "northern" end on our compass is actually a north pole magnet.

A simple and informative video demonstrating this:

I woke up today with a very sore, stiff neck from sleeping in an awkward position. As I am writing this, I have a strong north pole ceramic magnet on my neck, and my pain has become more tolerable after maybe ten minutes.

Posted by Matt
Millbrook, Ny
I just realized that I made a mistake awhile back here, regarding which side of a magnet is north. PLEASE IGNORE MY LAST POST! I would like to ask Earth Clinic to please remove it if possible.

There may be some confusion as to which side is north (as was in my case), but Ted correctly stated that the compass needle that points north should point to the north pole of the magnet being tested. There is a great amount of information available on bio-magnetics, and I'd like to try to supply as much factual information as possible. That's for another time, however, and for possibly a new page on this site.

I should also note that there are many magnetic water treatment devices available that cost anywhere from $20 to over $400. You can magnetize your own water using magnets for only a couple dollars :) , But I suggest doing plenty of research before you attempt this.

Remedies Needed   0  0   

Posted by Lileetha (Andalusa ) on 06/20/2014

I am in very bad pain. my shoulders and neck esp right side hurt like crazy. It feels gravelly neath the skin, my neck jerks and the pain feels electric and like it is totally inflamed and will not calm down.

It also feels kind of stringy, ropey, and sometimes like there are pieces of very thin rock, thin and flat.

I have tried acu, massage chirp, hot showers ice, herbs and nothing seems to ease the pain. I am going nuts with it, have similar pain around the side of my belly near my hips, but the neck pain is the worst.

i am taking 2 meds gabapentin 250mg and trazodone 100mg I have lymes but according to my chiro it is almost gone.

I have bad digestive trouble, seems I eat and excrete but do not absorb. I am utterly exhasted and sleep terribly. I have neuoropahthy in my legs and feet, not from diabetes.

i feel extremely sad and angry and depressed; often cannot stop crying and lots of mental pain and brainfog.

i eat no sugar flour or junk food. Any ideas esp for pain. I am in agony. thanks lileetha

Posted by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc
471 Posts
Hello Lileetha from Andalusa,

(Did I spell all that correctly?)

Well, your condition reminded me of something I read within the past three months...all that stuff going on under the skin etc. The site I was reading said the source was least to similar sounding symptoms.

So this is my best guess and if me I'd just make sure I didn't have a system wide virus on the rampage.

But I figure I'd have nothing to lose to try some Colloidal Silver for a few weeks to see if there was any improvement. For such a condition as you describe I'd take CS orally (two tablespoons) three times daily on empty stomach. If energy levels start coming back within a week, then I'd know I was on to something.

And by the way...and I always try to remember to ask this...if your symptoms can be tracked back to a few months to a year AFTER a serious infection of some kind; bronchial; sinus; mono or strep...spider bite; whatever...if you can say some memorable infection predated and close to the onset of symptoms then I'd say with more certainty that the condition was virus related.

If I started getting better on such a three times a day regimen of the CS, I'd keep it up for three to six months.

So here might be your story....Yeah, I was working in the yard two summers ago and got a bite of some kind on my arm and it was ugly and red and itched like crazy, and following that about a month later I got a really bad sinus infection that lasted a full month and I never really got my strength back ... and THEN I started having all this other X, Y and Z to happen...etc.

THEN, I'd say, infection is the cause of your problem.

Now I'm assuming that you have eliminated prescription drugs and interactions and food intolerances. Oh, but combined with a possible system wide virus, food intolerance would just ADD to the problem. But I doubt if carb sensitivity is at the heart of the problem.

I'd fire the "shotgun" using CS and see if energy comes back a bit. That would be your "Ah HA! " moment.

Posted by Mr. Ree
Re: Help for Pain and Food Absorption: Drink 6-8 ounces of Kefir in the morning WITH the fat in it...You'll start to absorb your food in one or two days...
Posted by Lileetha
27 Posts
Hi Dave,

thanks for your quick reply. Could you tell me what kind of cs to use, what brand and strength etc?

I am still taking psych meds 250 mg gabapentin, and 100 mg trazodone , I want to come off them but must do slowly. I came down 50 mg on gaba and had very bad results was way more angry depressed sad etc. I did not go back up but must proceed carefully.

Thanks dave

Posted by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc
471 Posts
Hello again Lileeta,

from Andalusa...

Order your DMSO on line from "Dr. Jacobs DMSO" and you'll get his web site.

On your psych issues, you didn't mention if schizophrenia was a part of the problem but also google the use of niacin ... astounding results. Dr. Abram Hoffer came up with astonishing results using B3. Google, "Dr. Abram Hoffer Niacin",

Posted by Lileetha
27 Posts

I often post and then get responses, but when I ask further questions to clarify, I do not get replies. I also do not know how to find replies, what is the procedure please? Please tell me in a step, by step manner. Thanks.

I feel great pain in my neck and shoulders, it feels gravelly neath the skin, and kind of ropey and stringy, not smooth, it feels like it is electric and inflamed. It feels like it is almost constantly shooting/zinging. I have arthriitis and lymes, but according to my doctor the lymes is almost all gone.

I have been getting acupuncture, cupping, guasha, massage, chiro, physical therapy etc and the pain does not stop.

My muscles are incredibly tight, like rocks and my posture is bad, with scoliosis.

I also have some pain through out my back.

I also have taken herbs like boswelia for the pain, and nervagesic which has valerian etc in it, turmeric, tart cherry juice and it does not help. Topical stuff like arnica, traumeel natural patches with cayenne etc have not helped.

The pain is driving me nuts.

I have similar pain around my hips on the sides of my stomache. The neck shoulder and hip area pain are worst on my right side.

any ideas would be most appreciated.

I also feel totally exhausted, sleep very very poorly, trouble falling asleep, sleep quality is very bad and wake around 2 2:30 am. The pain, stress, digestive trouble and waking up to pee, and worry keep me up.

My digestion is very bad. I feel like the food sits in my lower abdomen. it feels heavy and acidic. I have bloating, gas belching acid stomache occas reflux and big dumps of poop, some brownn, some yellow or greenish, undigested food, a little mucus, ibs, alternating constipation and big dumps and some very, very loose stools, diarreah, but not for long periods, often the poop smells very bad. I don't mean to be gross, but am trying to get a picture across of what is going on.

I have neuropathy in my legs and feet, left foot is often swollen, it is not from diabetis. My balance feels off.

I have brain fog, it is hard for me to learn new things, bad memory, and lots of anger rage resentment especially, fear terror anxiety, and sometimes cannot stop crying, mood swings and depression.

I take trazodone 100mg at night for sleep, and 250 mg gabapentin for moods at night.

Recently, I came down 50 mg of gaba, with drs permission. I feel a lot worse.

I also have bad dandruff, crust in ears and a rash on my arms and legs, that I always get when the weather gets warm. this year is worse. I also have bad breath, athletes foot, for years and a vaginal infection that does not go away, hemmoroids, floaters in my eyes and do not hear too well out of my right ear.

I know there is alot in this post, but I am trying to give an overall picture of the problems I am having. I also have mercury fillings, about 15, and I am trying to contact a dentist who can remove them. There is also something in my apt that is making me sick, poor air quality, perhaps mold, tho not visible and a bad smell in bathroom that does not go away. I do not have money to move at present.

I have also tried loads of supplements which have not helped and reiki, the reconnection etc.

all is not bad however,

I am also a visual artist, poet, aspiring musician and singer, writer, dancer and storyteller and lover of life.

these health problems are overwhelming me esp the exhaustion and pain.

any ideas, moral support would be most appreciated. Thank you.


EC: Hi Lileetha,

Please sign up for a free Earth Clinic account so you can always find your posts and the replies that follow. This is the easiest way. You can also choose to be notified by email when someone replies to a thread once you have logged in.

We have attached this post to your thread on the inflammation page under "Remedies Needed".

Posted by Rsw
Uniontown, Oh

A few of the ailments you describe, like the pain in your back and shoulders, sound like it could be Polymyagria Rheumatica, an autoimmune disease that is sometimes provoked from statin drug use. The test for this is a blood test for sedimentation rate. The sleeplessness, brain fog, etc can also be symptoms of statins. Taken together, it does sound like it could be some environmental illness, and Bill Thompson from this site is excellent in advising people about remedies for that. Best wishes. I hope you can start to feel better soon.

Posted by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe
Lileetha, are your magnesium levels where they should be?
Posted by Mama To Many
705 Posts
Dear Trudy,

So sorry you are still suffering after only one month of statins. What have you tried?

The first thing that comes to my mind would be activated charcoal. It is good for pain and inflammation and detox. You could take it internally, 1 teaspoon in 8 ounces of water daily, two hours away from supplements or drugs. You could also use charcoal poultices over your liver over night three times a week.

Turmeric is a great blood purifier, anti-inflammatory, etc. You could try a teaspoon each day. It is helpful taken in some whole milk with a little pepper. (It won't win any cooking contests, though.)

I would consider doing both of these for at least a month and see if you see any improvement.

Let us know how you are doing.

~Mama to Many~

Posted by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe
Also, Lileetha, have you tried going gluten free? Cutting out dairy and sugar?
Posted by Redtulip
6 Posts
Dear Lileetha

I would recommend you turpentine bath but only with special tonics and you must follow schemes and protocol (not difficult). It sound strange but it a old Russian method which restores metabolism, gives you a good detox, helps with a pain and reduce inflammation, increases blood circulation and gives you energy. I know what I say.

You can Google for turpentine bath or turpentine bath tonic to get more info about it.

Posted by Trudy
I also have pain from statins. Only on them for a month, years ago. Brain fog, sleepless ness, etc. What do I do to fix it? Will it ever get better? It really flares if I read or do anything when my neck is bent.
Posted by Rsw
Uniontown, Oh
Hi Trudy,

I belong to this group with statin problems:

You can join and you will see that many people have damage from short term statin use. The two things that seem to have some benefit are fish oil and Ubinqinol (CoQ10). The people who have the most damage seem to be the ones who were the most active prior to statin use. It is thought that the use of statins without CoQ10, and most people were not told this by their doctors, damages a pathway in the body that causes actual DNA damage. In fact, one of the first statins invented included CoQ10 patent in the formula, acknowledging the necessity of the supplement, but was not made using the CoQ10.

You are not alone in the way you are feeling. I sleep on a buckwheat pillow which helps with my neck and resulting morning headache. I also drink green gunpowder tea every morning which also helps the headache. Best wishes.

Posted by Lileetha
27 Posts
Also, I feel run down like a low grade virus but no cold or cough just exhaustion and run down feeling. I am taking high dose of vit c. Any other ideas? Thanks, Lileetha
Posted by Lileetha
27 Posts
Hi Dave,

I'm confused. You said to take cs, but then you suggested I buy dmso, when I asked what kind of cs to take. Could you explain please. I now feel like I have a low grade infection. I feel like this when I get brochitis, but I do not have bronchitis. I have been taking high doses of powdered vit c and echinacea. If you have any other ideas I would welcome them from you or anyone else.

Thanks lileetha

Posted by Udh (Chennai, India) on 11/16/2011

I am 20 years old and for the last 21/2 years I was suffering from abdominal pain around umbilicus, internal itching at a point close to umbilicus, itching in ear and it goes to anal region and urinary area. I had constipation and now it is alternating with frequent motions some time. I lost around 20kg in the last two years now it is stable but I couldn't gain weight too. My lower extremities are cold. I am getting headache and couldn't sleep properly. I have tried allopathy, homeopathy, ayurveda but I couldn't get any relief. Allopathy doctors couldn't understand the itching and telling me it is my thinking. I have undergone all tests from biochemical tests, x Ray, ultra sonogram, CT scan, gastroenteroscopy twice, colonoscopy, capsule endoscopy, biochemical markers for coeliac disease. All results are normal except for low Hb, medium sized ulcer in the first endoscopy with H. Pylori positive. After 2 months in second endoscopy no ulcer is detected but the biopsy report shows no H. Pylori this time but the final report says chronic inflammation of intestinal mucosahistopathology and the pathologist gives in d/d chronic viral infection. I am doing my third year engineering and life is hell with pain and itching

Udh from India

Posted by Filiz
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Your symptoms may all be related to gluten sensitivity. I would suggest that you eliminate all gluten for 30 days and watch what happens. I would be really surprised if all your complaints did not disappear. You must do it radically though, just reducing gluten will not work. All the best.
Posted by Organic Activist
Chicago, Il
Sounds to me like a paraistic infection. Have them test you for this. Also, it is wise to eat properly too, only fresh foods, organic if possible. Try to stay away from any processed foods, even rice.
Posted by Anonymous
internal itching has to do with overloaed toxicity it could be from parasites, or a virus?, Are you on the verge of have low thyroid? How are your hormones? Do you have allergies to food fibers or chemicals? So while you figure it out, to stop all itching fast naturally high quality Vitamin C I take 10,000 mg 2-3 times a day. If you get diarrhea then lower the dose and then alkalize 2-3 daily.

Posted by Rebeka (Memphis, Tn) on 06/11/2011


I am deeply grateful for all of the great advice on earthclinic. You really help all of us who do not have access to good health care and for those who do not trust traditional medicine.

I have three questions.
1-where can I get the chewable dessicated liver tabs?

2-where can I get hydrated magnesium chloride in crystal or powder form?

3-what do you recommend for numb feet and legs. It feels like I am walking on gravel all the time. Also my butt is numb. It feels like something is lodged in my rectal area or like a tight feeling or pressure in the butt. I am not constipated. I have been to the doctor for blood work and exam. He put me on meloxicam-15mg once a day.

Thanks for any advice you can offer.

All the best,

EC: Hi Rebekah,

If you search "Dessicated Liver" or "Magnesium Chloride flakes" on either Amazon or Google shopping, you can see various brands that sell these products.

Posted by Rein
Gatineau, Qc Canada
2 Posts
To Rebeka from Memphis, Tn:

"3-what do you recommend for numb feet and legs. It feels like I am walking on gravel all the time. Also my butt is numb."

What helped me was Yoga, lying down on my belly while reading or computer .. , stretch a lot, find sore spots on leg for accupuncture massage points = (tiger balm)neck stretching exercises lean back , walk a lot in sun and tread-mill, walk backwards slow carefully, in bed wiggle hips a lot e g 100 times up and down, sleep without pillow, are you shoulders drawn up u tense a lot -rotate 100 x, or until tired , relaxing after exausting movements comes automatically! (consider tantric therapy or similar to get ciculation going running) or sit ly on the side, don't sit for extended periods, yah sitting in squat position (gradually) is fantastic. Experiment and watch for body responses etc. et me know...

Posted by Sylvia (Lecanto, Florida) on 10/01/2010

I have a problem I hope someone can help with. I have a swelling in my elbow from retaining fluid in the elbow due to an inflammation. Doctor drained it twice but it didn't cure the problem. Doctor does not advise draining it again. Am now wearing a pressure cuff on elbow and applying ice several times a day. This helps but still have the fluid pooling in the elbow. Love this website, found lots of answers here.

Posted by Bunny
Santa Ana, California
Have you tried DMSO? I use 6 parts DMSO to 4 parts castor oil on sprains. It reduces swelling and inflammation very effectively. You can go as high as 7 parts DMSO, but it irritates my skin at that level.

Posted by Andres (Tucson, Az) on 12/31/2009

Chronic Inflammation

Ever since I was real young I've had many inflammatory-related issues. Allergy sensitivity tests would show a reaction to most foods/elements. Now that I'm 27 my symptoms have improved through a healthier diet, but some symptoms still linger such as constipation, fatigue, brain fog, hair loss, and general dryness.

I've been looking for posts on this site for recommendations but it's hard to pinpoint causes since my symptoms cross over spectrums of autoimmune, metabolic, and intestinal disorders. Some of the remedies on this site (acv, coconut oil, etc) have very little to no results. I've spent so much of my life treating symptoms individually, but ever since I learned of my predisposition to inflammation, I feel like I'm getting closer to treating the cause. The question is, how?

It would be much appreciated if someone more knowledgeable can point me in the right direction.

Posted by Ravi S
Dallas, Texas, United States
7 Posts
Looks like your symptoms are similar to mine. I am a self diagnosed Celiac. Please try strict Gluten free diet. You could add flax seed powder and rice bran for fiber. Turmeric(bulk from Indian store) in your cooking would work wonders. Honey and Black strap molasses does marvels. I am a total vegetarian since birth, by the way.
Posted by Bunny
Santa Ana, California
You are describing the classic symptoms of hypothyroidism. Blood tests aren't very accurate-the conventional range for normal is too broad. Track down diractions for doing a basal body temp test. If it is low you need to take care of your thyroid. Chlorine and flouride both supress thyroid function, and you will need to look into taking iodine-at least 3-6 mg. a day(it's safe to about 40mg)-as well as other supporting supplements. If it is very bad, you may need to take Armour or Naturthroid. Try to avoid synthroid. You also need to start taking HCl with pepsin and a general digestive enzyme. Any health food store has them.
Posted by Kathy
Bay Shore, New York
2 Posts
You sound like me, it does sound like thyroid. I have a high Reverse T3. I take T3 only meds.
Posted by Anonymouscat
La, Ca
Our ND suggested eliminating dairy from the diet may very well eliminates back pain altogether. We never eat sweets but one day we were out and had three desserts by the evening my entire lower back was inflammed with pain radiating up to my skull I was sick the entire night. Woke up drank ACV to try to eliminate the toxic effects of white flour and sugar. Went to the dr and she to do yoga back stretches and if that does not work they would order images to see if there is a herniated disc.
Posted by Anonymous
La, Ca
Inflammation can be caused by so many things. I had blurred vision, low back inflammation, tiredness, dizziness, etc... I had hypothyroidism I was sure... but according to two MD'S my thyroid was fine I was in the range and that was that. I saw an ND, he took one look at the test and said your thyroid is on verge of being low so let's take care of it and see how you feel. I take 10 drop HTHY thyroid drops, and Hawthorne solid extract daily. I also take 1-2 drops Lugols. Iodoral is another thing that we discussed which is comparable to that of the Japanese iodine rich diet. I believe you take 1-4 tablets daily if you take this it is good be monitored so you know where your at. I've read that the salivia test is the best test for thyroid not the blood test.

Turmeric   2  0   

Posted by Emma (Europe) on 11/08/2012

Does anybody know how much is safe to take of tumeric for inflammation. I see you can get 400mg tablets/capsules. Also would it be safe to take with medication.Thanks

Posted by Suzanne
Fort Wayne, Indiana
I do know turmeric works for me. I put 1/4 teaspoon in a glass with a bit of olive oil. I then grind black pepper into the mix, stir and add a bit of warm water. This I drink though I do have to add water and stir a few more time. I use olive oil because this is what we have though any liquid oil would work. The oil keeps the tumeric from upsetting your stomach and the black pepper helps your body absorb the tumeric. I started this after reading here that it reduced inflamation. My feet and heels hurt terribly after walking for health outside or on my treadmill. This works! It took a few days but it has changed my life. Turmeric is cheap even at our health food store. I take this mix once a day and am able to walk as long as I want.
Posted by Ed2010
Oakville, Canada
We use turmeric very much in our cooking. For a family of 4 we will use at least 1tsp - 2 tsp of turmeric powder in daily cooking in variety of recipes.

You can take a 1/2 tsp - 1 tsp of turmeric powder daily without any issues.

I recommend you to buy food grade turmeric powder in your local indian grocery store and use. It is very much cheaper when compared to capsules in bottle.

200 gms of turmeric powder is only $2.99 here in Canada.

Good Health, Thanks

Posted by ann (duncan, sc) on 08/30/2007

[YEA]  I have been using Turmeric for my inflammation for 2 years now and swear by it. I have an autoimmune disease which causes a lot of inflammation. I take 1 tablespoon a day and it keeps my swelling way down.I am now goiter free and do not need thyroid removal surgery. If I go off of it the swelling picks back up and my goiter returns. I have taken it in capsule form or by mixing it with water and swallowing fast!

Posted by Dixie Pearl
Tracy, California
2 Posts
Hi Ann, did the turmeric on its own get the goiter to go away? thank you for posting.

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