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Dermatitis Treatment and Natural Remedies

Last Modified on Feb 02, 2016

What is Dermatitis?
Dermatitis is an inflammation of the skin that can be the result of any number of skin conditions, but usually stems from allergic reactions. Symptoms may vary between different forms of dermatitis, and they can range from rashes to blisters but always include red skin, swelling, itching, and sometimes lesions, oozing, and scarring. Eczema is another common type of dermatitis, known as atopic dermatitis; eczema is a chronic condition where dermatitis is typically temporary.

Along with allergies, dermatitis can be caused by skin irritations from soap, laundry detergents, and bleach. Typical allergens that cause dermatitis can be rubber, metal in jewelry, cosmetics, and perfumes. The necessary level of exposure needed to cause an allergic reaction may be brief or prolonged, it depends on the person's sensitivity to the substance.

NB: In eczema or atopic dermatitis, long-term use of steroid cream to treat dermatitis, while providing relief from symptoms, can actually exacerbate the condition; and discontinuing use of such creams can lead towards a cure.

Home Remedies for Dermatitis Treatment

This section of our folk medicine website includes cures for: Eczema, Discoid Dermatitis, Severe Contact Dermatitis, and Heat Rash. Each dermatitis cure is reported by our readers who have tried various home remedies and supplements to cure and find relief from these tricky skin conditions. Please send us your feedback about your own experiences with these home remedies for dermatitis!

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Remedies for Dermatitis

Natural Cures

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Acidophilus, Biotin12011-06-20
Aloe and Ice Packs12014-10-22
Antiseptic Handwash12008-09-12
Apple Cider Vinegar512014-12-05
Apple Cider Vinegar, Eczema Cream12011-07-06
Apple Cider Vinegar, Baking Soda12007-06-03
Apple Cider Vinegar, Calendula Cream12011-10-29
Apple Cider Vinegar, Hydrogen Peroxide12007-12-05
Apple Cider Vinegar, Sea Salt12011-05-02
Apple Cider Vinegar, Sulphur Clay Mask12011-01-17
Apple Cider Vinegar, Vitamin E12011-02-21
Apple Cider Vinegar, Yogurt22014-07-11
Apple Cider Vinegar, Yogurt, Diaper Rash Cream12011-06-24
Arnica Salve12008-08-18
Berloque Dermatitis12014-09-16
Borage Oil12009-02-10
Borax, Hydrogen Peroxide12007-10-17
Burdock Root, Milk Thistle, Yellow Dock12011-12-14
Castor Oil12009-06-23
Coal Tar12008-11-27
Cocoa Butter12008-11-17
Coconut Oil32008-05-30
Cold Showers12006-08-28
Contact Dermatitis12011-11-05
Cortisone Cream12009-06-10
Dandruff Shampoo12012-03-02
Dead Sea Salt12014-06-03
Decolorized Iodine12006-09-29
Diaper Rash Ointment32011-02-13
Dietary Changes22012-10-05
Face Products12011-04-28
General Feedback12011-05-02
Grapefruit Seed Extract12011-04-20
Green Tea, Tumeric and Buttermilk Mask12013-01-23
Hydrogen Peroxide and Moisturizer12016-02-02
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Magnesium Chloride12010-02-15
Multiple Remedies102014-10-17
Multiple Supplements12007-12-18
Natural Makeup12011-08-04
Oatmeal Paste Topically12011-09-29
Peppermint and Argan Oils12015-03-19
Pigmented Purpuric Dermatitis Remedies12013-03-30
Rosa Rubiginosa (Rosehip)12013-11-22
Shea Butter12008-06-25
Swimming in the Ocean12015-10-13
Ted's Remedies12011-07-24
Vinegar and Olive Oil12007-05-09
Vitamin E12009-05-02
Zinc, Magnesium12008-09-28

Acidophilus, Biotin  
6 User Reviews | 1 YEA

Posted by Lisa (Miami, Fl) on 06/20/2011

[YEA]  I have had PD for over 10 years now. The only prescription medicine that ever worked for me was the minocylline. It completely took it off. However, it will return and it is pretty expensive and most insurance companies have a hard time approving it for patients. Everything else that I have been told - stay away from fatty foods, flouride, sls products - has not worked at all and ACV w/green tea only slightly minimized it but caused itching. I have it pretty severe and I am really frustrated with it. I look at this site every so often and I finally took the advice of the gentleman who recommended acidophilus. He, however, removed flouride and sls products - I did not. I have maintained the same diet and I quickly felt results with the acidophilus pill.

However, I also suffer from occasional alopecia so I picked up a bottle of Biotin. I take one of each daily around noon as I also suffer from hypothyroidism and you cant really mix the medication for that with anything else for about 4 hours or so to be safe it doesnt stop the synthroid from working. I never write on these websites but this time I had to tell anyone who will listen and who suffers from PD that with me taking one pill of each acidophilus and biotin daily I must tell you that my PD has drastically been reduced. The biotin has also improved my facial skin that I dont need makeup anymore. I totally love my skin now and I am not embarrased anymore. I hated living my life with redness around my nose and mouth and noticed that it would worsen when I ovulated and the week before my menstrual cycle. (I know too much information but I think it is important to know because these are the times the flare ups would occur the worse and I have never read where anyone ever mentioned that. ) I have pink now... Pink - slight pink and hope that as I continue taking the vitamins it will slowly go away. Now, I must admit one thing, I dont know if it is the acidophilus or the biotin that is working these wonders but I did read the following on webmd for biotin deficiency symptoms:

"Symptoms of deficiency include thinning of the hair (often with loss of hair color), and red scaly rash around the eyes, nose, and mouth."

Does this sound familiar to anyone????? Isnt if amazing that after all the dermatologists we have visited, nobody has mentioned a possible biotin deficiency???? I have seen 3 different dermatologists and they all seem to blame it on the flouride and sls but will not confirm. Yet we trust them and do whatever it is they tell us to do. Flouride free toothpaste is not too cheap and sls free products arent either, yet we do it because nobody but us understands what it is like to live with this horrible redness in our face! Gosh it makes me so mad that all it took was some simple vitamins to rid myself of this PD that was harming my self esteem and ruining my pictures because of the redness. It only gets worse in extreme hot and cold weather too! If you suffer from PD and have tried everything like I have and have had no success, please give the acidophillus and biotin a shot. It cant hurt. I bought them right off the target pharmacy dept.... And to the people who recommended Acidophilus - THANK YOU.

Replied by Liz
Elmwood Park, Il

Thanks for your post! I was told I have PD due to an ointment with steroid I was using for over a year. A Dr had prescribed it to me so it kinda makes me mad that I would be going through this now, but anyway... After reading all these posts I went ahead and got some of the organic plain yogurt, acidophilus and coconut oil (moisturizer instead of my MaryKay). The yogurt feels so good I don't even want to rinse it off!! Lol The acidophilus works great, taken that before so I was ok with taking it again. I'm currently on Oracea 40mg which I started today after an awful few weeks with the 100mg. I'm using Metrogel (nights) and Protopic (mornings). I switched my toothpaste, shampoo and stopped wearing makeup. Dermatologist told me to no longer use anything to wash my face, only water. WHY AM I STILL MISERABLE?!!


WASHING: I would think that not using anything to wash would leave all the dirt on my face. ??

COCONUT OIL: Have you ever tried the coconut oil to moisturize? I laid off of it from my face because I thought it was making me break out more but I may use it again because my skin is so dry. I do use it on my body, hands, feet and it's wonderful! Not greasy at all and my skin feels & looks great.... Except for my face!!!

BIOTIN: Can I take the biotin supplement with the Oracea? How much are you taking? I have "Hair, Skin & Nails" supplement. Can I just use that?

PROTOPIC & METROGEL: Have you or anyone else used the Protopic and Metrogel. Just curious to hear how they worked for other people.

Thanks for your help. Feeling overwhelmed with it today. Thanks for "listening"


Replied by Sara
Charleston, Sc, Usa

I'm sorry to hear that you're still having problems. I am too. :( From what I understand, it is the sodium lauryl sulfate in cleansers (soaps, face washes, dishwashing liquids, shampoo, etc. ) that are contributing to the PD. I recently switched all of my cleansers to SLS free (which is not easy to do, there's sulfates in everything! ) along with my toothpaste that is also fluoride free. You should also switch to fluoride free water since most tap water has added fluoride. I am taking acidophilus and biotin supplements. I also use the yogurt mask and am eating yogurt all day pretty much. I stocked up on Good Belly from Whole Foods to add even more probiotics to my system.

I was on antibiotics a lot growing up and have been fighting this for years. Only in the past few months has it gotten this bad. It started spiraling out of control when I was prescribed Metrogel. 3 or 4 days of that and it seemed that I had really made it angry. It has been getting worse ever since then.

I hope you are feeling a little better. I understand feeling overwhelmed... I haven't left my house in 4 days. Good luck.

Replied by Marie
Indianapolis, In

Liz, So sorry for your suffering. I have had PD for over 2 yrs now. For about 8 months in the beginning it was unbearably hideous. I was unbearably hideous. PD felt like it was ruining my life. My partner and my best friend both have perfect skin. I felt alone. It was truly agonizing. Multiple trips to the Dr. and Dermatologist led me to use a series of different products.

I tried Metrogel, Tretinoin Gel, Clindamycin, and prescription strength cortizone cream. I couldn't tell you which was the worst, but none seemed to have any effect at all. Quite honestly they all made it worse. The "it gets worse before it gets better" rule does not work out when you work with the public. I also took antibiotics which just got my hopes up because it would go away then come back about a week or so after I was done taking them. Not to mention leave me with infections in other sensitive parts of my body(if you catch my drift. ) So next I tried the natural route. AV, Tea tree oil, coconut oil, Tamanu oil, Neem extract (I'm sure I am missing a couple in there somewhere)

Then I discovered a life saver (for me) "Nixoderm". This was the first thing that had any real lasting effect. Just put it on the effected area and slept in it over night. Burned like H*LL almost to the point that I was about to wash it off then the sensation goes away. I woke up the next morning in amazement over my face because at least 50% of it was gone. It is super cheap. I bought it online & it lasts forever. Nixoderm did not cure me completely, but it makes my PD managable and at the time I was desperate for anything just to lessen it.

I also found a product from a place near my hometown called "Skinmagic" It contains Burdock root, gotu kola leaf & echinacea root. Also very inexpensive. The web address is I use this ointment twice a day in combination with the occasional use of the Nixoderm if I have a bad flare up. I do sometimes use the yogurt mask but aside from just feeling good on my skin I never really noticed a difference in the PD. I will soon be trying the acidophilus and biotin, as I am on the eternal quest for a natural cure that will CURE, as my PD fluctuates from 75-80% better for most of the time. I try to maintain a healthy diet as well. Little sugar, rarely eating anything fried, lots of water etc.

This is what helped me. Hang in there.


Replied by Diane
Ottumwa, Ia

Re: Biotin. Thank you Lisa from Miami. Nutritional deficiencies are one of the causes to suspect in any kind of rash. Biotin deficiencies develop easily and the symptoms will look exactly like PD. If your rash is non-itchy, try Biotin. I realized that I had been really good about taking my B-complex for the past couple of months, and when the rash first started, I doubled up on my B-complex, of of course made the Biotin deficiency worse and escalated the rash. Even my very good B-complex doesn't have proportionately enough biotin in it, and since the B vitamins are used in specific proportions, I was actually draining myself of biotin every time I took my B-complex.
Replied by L.b.
Lexington, Ohio/usa

I just wanted to responed to the person who is only using water to wash and still has trouble. I did all those things you did also and would still have trouble in patches on my face. From reading this site it has really helped. I take a good brand of vitamin b complex it helps and so does the acidophilus, but when I washed my face with manuca honey only and tried the vinegar rinse it burn to much. So I deluted the vinegar to 50/50 with water and still to much. I came up with an idea to try because I was wondering if the tap water was maybe some of my problem? I put 1 cup of distilled water in an empty bottle, 1 tsp of manuka honey, 1 tsp of apple cider vinegar with the mother. I shake it up and at morning and night I use a cotton ball to wash my face with it. Afterwards I put a small amount of Grapeseed oil on my face. It really has made a huge difference. I use the grapeseed oil on my arms when they flare up and it helps them very much too. I hope this will help someone else.

Aloe and Ice Packs  

Posted by Juliebeth (Littleton, Colorado) on 10/22/2014

Started experiencing dermatitis (and maybe it's also heat rash) about 6 weeks ago. Just discovered this website and have started following some of the advice (ACV, Biotin). At night when the itching gets bad I discovered two things that help. 1) Sensitive Skin Aloe Vera, and 2) Ice Packs. Just wrapped them in a towel and laid them on the itching area. This gives great relief.

Antiseptic Handwash  
5 User Reviews | 1 YEA

Posted by M (St Louis, MO) on 09/12/2008

[YEA]  A friend in the cosmetics field said the redness in the lines some people have from the nose to the corners of the mouth can be caused by mites. She recommended alcohol. Not having any on hand at the time I used Germ-X handwash, not the intended use for it, BUT it worked to stop the irritation and get rid of the redness and bumps. I noticed that IF MY DOG LICKED MY FACE I WOULD GET THE IRRITATION AGAIN! now I NEVER let my dog lick my face, ever! I'm sure I have him to thank for the mites I think I get. So Germ-X when needed, CLEAN BED LINENS OFTEN, AND NO DOG SLEEPING ON THE BED!!

Replied by Violet
St. Pete, Fl

Dog mites don't affect people. If your dog has mites you'll know it because he will be itchy and miserable, thus the dog should be treated. But, like I said, dog mites affect dogs and human mites affect humans - they are two different things. So for those of you who enjoy sleeping with your pooch it is ok to keep doing so. If you notice a problem after being licked then you are probably allergic to the dog's saliva.
Replied by Robert Henry
Ten Mile, Tn Usa

Wow, Violet..... wondering where you are getting your facts. Ever read what Hulda Clark says about pets and parasites? Are you aware that Demodex Mites cause mange in animals and get into your nose hair roots and are almost impossible to cure? A dog's tongue contains E-coli and is the greatest cause of human stomach ulcers. Ever watch what spot your dogs licks when his buddy comes up? Do you know why all dogs have to be wormed every so often? Ted and many others have posted all this on this site. Read more.
Replied by Violet
St. Pete, Fl

Hi Robert Henry, I got that info from my vet. I sleep with my dogs all the time and after reading M's post I called my vet to inquire about the mites. That is what she told me.

I was not aware that demodex gets into human hair roots but I am well aware of all your other comments (worms, e-coli, where dogs lick).

I am on this site all the time but I have just recently started posting, in fact that was only the 2nd time I have posted here and from the tone of your reply obviously I have upset you. Sorry :-(

As for reading more, I am a very prolific reader but I have by no means read everything on this site yet... I'm working on it ;-)

I am always interested in hearing what others have to say, and I am more than interested in learning as much as I can about natural cures. Now I'm off to read the demodex posts.

Replied by Kewpie

Actually demodex mites are human mites that we give to our dogs. Your vet will not advise you correctly on this anyhow because they do not recognise that we are passing them back and forth with our dogs. I do have an old vetrenairian book from the 1950s that discusses demodex as a human ailment passed to dogs. If you are worried about mites, use D.E. powder.

It is not E coli that causes ulcers, rather it is H. pylori.

Apple Cider Vinegar  

Posted by Shopaholic (Saint Paul, Minnesota) on 12/05/2014

[YEA]  I have eczema on my buttocks since I was 7 years old. I've tried ointments and creams but it was not cured. I read from a post in Earth Clinic that ACV can treat eczema topically. I followed the procedure of wetting cotton with ACV and applying directly to the buttocks. I got immediate relief from the itchiness after a few minutes. The itch did not occur since then. I decided to continue application until the skin condition is fully healed.

Posted by Niculo (Philippines) on 09/11/2014

[YEA]  I have a 1 year old boy who suffers from ectopic dermatitis. the doctor has recommended cetaphil lotion and cleanser but didn't work well with him. So I tried ACV when his taking a bath. but it didn't give much effect when you rinse it. So what I did I had an empty spray diluted 50/50 of water and ACV, then everytime he feels like scratching the skin, I would just spray some of the diluted ACV. After a day or two the redness is gone but still has to keep his skin hydrated so I put a lil petroleum gel.

Posted by Raffy (San Diego) on 07/27/2014

[YEA]  I have my eczema for about 8years. After trying all the recommended meds by professional not even single meds works for me. But one day when I diluted 50/50 vinegar and tap water and apply into affected area just for two times application day and night then using virgin oil day and night my eczema has been gone.

Posted by C (Johannesburg, Gauteng) on 06/26/2014

Acv for eczema or dermatitis: I am applying a 50/50 concentration of apple cider vinegar and water to eczema on my face and then rinse off after a while. I do this twice a day. I have followed this regime for a week.

My questions are:

1. How long should it take before I see progress?
2. the little bumps are still very itchy and not clearing. Is this normal? Should it not have gotten better by now?


Posted by Alice (Sydney, Australia) on 06/24/2012

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  I've been doing the Candida Diet (gnarly detoxing along with probiotics, ACV and yoghurt masks) for over a week and have experienced huge improvements, the only issue I'm troubled by is the spread of the dermatitis to the skin around my eyes. When I put the ACV near my eyes I can feel them respond and so I never put it too close, can I? Is the yoghurt mask making it worsen in this area? Are there any other solutions out there?

Preemptive thanks for helping cure my zombie eyes! I sincerely appreciate any advice and wish everyone the best with their health quests.

Replied by Marc

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]   I have been on the same regiment (ACV Yogurt mask, probiotics, etc) and have noticed substantial improvements and am probably in my second stage of die off except around the eye. I was wondering if you have any suggestions on how to beat the candida around the eye?

Posted by Forgetmenot Blue (Green Bay, Wi, United States) on 06/19/2012

I have been struggling with POD for four years now... But it has gotten progressively worse. I thought it was acne for a long while since it started during my first pregnancy, but once the pustules became unmanageable, I saw the dermatologist and was officially diagnosed with POD.

This summer has been the worst. My POD goes crazy in hot and humid temperatures and the bumps and pustules goes dormant during the colder seasons--leaving just a red patch on my skin and little bumps under the surface. Anyways, after going on four different rounds of antibiotics and two different creams, I felt defeated. Then I found Earth Clinic and began reading everyone's posts and got renewed confidence that I could beat this thing.

This thing (I think) is just a symptom of having systemic yeast overgrowth in my body (or Candida overgrowth). Based on a lot of others' advice on here, I began using organic AVC on my face (not diluted, but I'm thinking about changing that because it gets so red from it) and it helped dry out 75% of the pustules--a huge relief since that was what I was most conscious about. Then I began a Candida-free diet last week and began taking Caprylic Acid (anti-fungal) supplements. I began experiencing stomach flu-like symtoms from the dying yeast (also known as yeast-die-off) so I began backing off on the Caprylic Acid supplements. I don't need more toxins in my body than what's already there!

My face seemed much happier on the Candida-free diet even without the antifungal supplment. Then my daughter had her birthday and I totally messed up my diet. And what do you know? The next day my POD flared back up with a vengance!

That convinced me that my POD is yeast related and the only way to truly fix it is to fix what's going on inside me. I bought some high quality probiotics (billions of those buggers in each pill, not millions) from my health store and a Yeast-Be-Gone supplement that is supposed to eliminate the yeast-die-off symptoms. I have also got back on the Candida diet and have been faithful for four days now and my skin is getting much better. What I think is helping a lot too is I open one of the probiotic pills, I add a little water, and I apply that to my face as a sort of sticky cream. I am also doing some organic greek yogurt masks, which has helped with the redness of my skin.

However, I am starting to lose hope again. The Candida diet is crazy hard to maintain. Today I woke up feeling sick and shaky. This may be a yeast-die-off symptom (again), but still, I can't imagine eating this way for six months.

Today I found a website that sells a probiotic system/supplements that is supposed to rid you of Candida... But here's the catch... It also allows you to eat what you want to eat. AKA--no Candida diet.

The website is: Has anyone ever used ThreeLac probiotics before and had good results?

Thanks so much! This site has really helped me mentally and physically fight this skin condition!

Replied by Tony
Church Hill, Tn, Usa

Hello ForgetMeNot Blue! I know what you're going through with candida. I'm now in my 6th week of the candida protocol provided right here at EC. It's a tough health condition to get your grips around. I too am having a hard time with anti-candida diet. I'm finally doing much much better on it now after 6 weeks of treamtent.

However, I'm still experiencing die-off symptoms myself. I've had an overgrowth problem since 1996 myself. I just didn't know until recently after going through numerous problems with my health & even hospitalization.

I don't think Ted or Bill hare at EC support the product ThreeLac. I remember reading a pretty lengthy post from one of them about ThreeLac. I can't seem to find that post though right now. Below is a link to the ThreeLac page here at EC: in there! Do you have a support system at home? I've been so grouchy lately none of family can stand being around me! This is a long & tough battle! Try to stay positive! Use the complete protocol from the link below:

Report back to us here again with results! Keep in mind, there are no quick fixes for a candida overgrowth problem. I wish there was myself but there's not! We have to be patient & fight the battle! It's hard but stay focused! We'll see a healthier body & mind once we get across that hump! I've still yet to get across that hump myself! Thanks & God Bless!

Replied by Natstar
Pembie Bc

HI POD, Please please please stay in tune with your diet. It's nice that they advertise that you can have your cake and eat it too (lol literally :), but remember, its your body saying 'no I dont like'. Give it time to heal. Sites that say basically 'eat crap and still look like a million bucks' aren't honest. Stay smart;)!
Replied by Forgetmenot Blue
Green Bay, Wi, United States

Thanks Tony and Natstar for your responses. Tony, thanks for the links to the other threads. I really hope you feel better soon! Yes, you both are probably right: my body IS trying to tell me something.

It's been a full week since I got back on the Candida free diet for my perioral dermatitis. For two days now the raised rash has been gone and only a couple tiny pustles have appeared during the day which I have removed through the use of _____'s Apple Cider Vinegar/Water mix! My skin is still red and there are definitely underground bumps underneath the skin, but considering that it has been 90 degrees all week and I stay-at-home with my kids in a house without A/C, that is truly amazing!

In addition to my skin getting significantly better, my canker sores are gone and my GI tract has been "normal. " Yes, I think my body likes this diet, even if my sweet tooth (and my husband) don't!

My question is to others who have/are on the Candida diet... when do you start reintroducing stage three foods? And likewise, when do you start reintroducing fruits, milk, and/or products with yeast? I'm assuming it's sort of like dipping your toe into the water with each new food and you wait to see how your body responds, but I thought perhaps there's a good formula to follow.

Thanks so much!

Posted by Ally (Dundee, Scotland) on 06/15/2012

I have just been diagnosed with PD. Like others I started getting a few spots last year which quickly spread into really sore angry spots across my chin. I felt so self conscious. Doctor prescribed antibiotics for 2 months but they weren't working quickly enough for me so I went to a herbal chinese doctor who gave me a herbal cream and concotion of herbs to make tea to drink three times a day and herbal tablets. He said I had too much heat in my blood and recommended laying off spicy foods, lamb, etc. This definitely helped and when I finshed the course I only had some flare ups of small spots and redness but.... Problem was I then in my wisdom tackled the break outs by dabbing on a steroid... And well you all the problem with that. So I spent a good time thinking I was clearing it up when I've made it worse. I finally saw a dermatologist last week and I now have antibiotics again for 2 months, and an emulsifying ointment to wash with and use as a moisturiser too. No cosmetics, creams etc. I am also waiting for a further appointment to get patch testing done to establish if it is any of my regular products which are contributing to this. Of course I am now dealing with the big flare up following stopping using steroid, so had a couple of miserable days. The emulsifying ointment really softens the skin though making it feel more comfortable but it's pretty unsightly. I found this site last night so am off out this morning to get vitamins to try, buy non flouride toothpaste and I put ACV on it last night too.

There seems to be mixed comments though on how long the flare up lasts following stopping steroid - any views? Also some people seem to say it stops altogether and for other it comes and goes - can it disappear altogether? Finally I live in the UK but are there any brands of make up without SLS I could try? I know it's maybe vain but I work in a really public facing job and sometimes a bit of cover up just makes you feel better! Thanks

Replied by Maria
Samlesbury, Lancs Uk

Ally seems to have so much in common with what I am suffering. A few odd spots around base of my nose, chin and side of my mouth so I dabbed on steroid ointment a few times. The spots turned into a red angry rash all around my mouth, chin and under my nose. I now have a red muzzle of bumps which doesnt seem to react to anything. Anti biotics, ointment, cream, gel etc. I just wondered how Ally was doing so I would know what I can do to see some improvement. I self diagnosed the PD after I read contra indications for the first ointment the nurse perscribed. Doctors just dont seem to know enough about this and I have had to keep reading up and suggesting what they can try on me next! Been using azelaic acid and taking oxytetracycline (500 mg twice and now 3 times a day) for a week but no improvement. Can anyone help please? I'm 55 years old, in the best of health, already take various vitamin supplements etc and nothing has changed apart from my foolishly self medicating a few spots with steroid ointments. Classic case of PD but just where do I go from here?

Posted by Lauren (New York, Ny) on 06/12/2012

[YEA]  Hi everyone. This site has been really helpful. I had horrible dermatitis all around my nose, chin, and side of mouth area. Nothing seemed to help. It's almost gone now after a few months of trial and error, and here's what did it: Apple Cider Vinegar was great as an astringent on my face and in water every day. About 1 tablespoon daily. I also took acidophilus and biotin, though those didn't seem to make a massive difference, I definitely do think they helped some. Then I bought Nixoderm and I use that morning and night. It's great. Then my friend who specialized in natural food remedies told me to start eating lots of cucumbers and cut out dairy. Wow. In just a few days the redness was going away, I had more energy, no more bumps, it's almost completely gone!! I HIGHLY recommend the cucumbers and no dairy combo. The skin of cucumbers is very good for your skin. Lastly - take a look at the stress in your life. Is there something that's bothering you nonstop? I found resolving a stressful situation in my life definitely dimished the bad outbreaks. Good luck!!

Posted by Kiki (Winnipeg, Mb) on 01/05/2012

I would like to thank everyone who posted, I have had POD for a few years now and I have gotten steroids and creams for doctors and nothing has worked. I am using cortisone cream and it has made it worse and spread to the rest of my face. I have bought ACV and I am going to try putting it directly on the rash as well as ingesting it. Hopefully this works.

I am so glad that I found this site as my mother told me to go back to the dermatologist. From what everyone has said I no longer feel alone in thinking that those doctors have no idea what they are talking about. Everything that I have tried from them has made it worse. It is frustrating that these people go to school for this and it seems that they have "screwed" a few people over with their prescriptions. Anways enough with my rant, I am going to try this and hopefully it works and if not there are lots of great suggestions here! Thanks to everyone!

Replied by Bkwrimsan
Lake Forest, Ca

[NAY]   I tried ACV after a doctor prescribed Desonide with no success. After a couple of weeks, I saw no real results - my skin seemed slightly better on the first day, but even with consistant daily applications I saw no major change. Another doctor has put me on doxycycline, which seems to be working fairly well, but is making my psoriasis flair.
Replied by Lindi
Vancouver, Bc, Canada

[YEA]   Man oh man, am I so glad to have found this thread! I had seborrheic dermatitis around the folds of skin by my nostrils as a child. I had used a myriad of corticosteroids, which never cured, and did, at best, a decent job of treating redness. Eventually, the SD went away from my face (to later colonize my scalp and ears). But it was quite a releif to have a clear face through my teen years, and into my early 20s.

Now, at 23, I broke out with PD all around my nose. Like many of you, I had just used my corticosteroid cream from my SD for my face... Bad, bad idea. I had been battling the redness with my creams for a month, until a couple days ago my face got much, much worse.

The dermo had told me to stop using my SD creams, and prescribed me something ... A concoction of topical antibacterials or antifungals... I'm not sure, I never bothered to pick it up from the drugstore. I hate dermos and their never-ending creams and stuff that is expensive and doesn't work. :(

I found this site and I'm so thankful I did. Its been 2.5 days now, and my severe PD rash is still there, but VERY mild in comparison, the skin is smooth, and makeup will easily hide the redness. Here's what I did:

Apple Cider Vinegar, diluted equal parts water. I used the cheap ACV I had in my pantry. Its Heinz, so I doubt its "with mother" but it worked anyways. The first day, I really went at it with the ACV. Every 2 hours or so I'd dab a cotton ball or swab into the ACV and water, and dab it on the PD. At first it stings a lot, but it gets better.

I also took some biotin supplements that'd I'd bought months ago, just for kicks, but I doubt that it contributed significantly to my results.

The second day I started putting aloe vera on my PD once the ACV had dried up. I probably only applied it 2-3 times.

Today, I woke up and there was MUCH less redness. There was a considerable amount of flakes attached though. A cotton swab, gently rubbing it while applying the ACV really helped. The skin underneath is a bit pinky, but the inflammation is seriously, considerably less. The margins of the PD have been reduced also. I'm SO happy!!!! I bet that by the end of the week it will be barely visible. I'm so impressed!

Thanks everyone!!

Replied by Ed
Vancouver, Canada

Hi Lindi, how is it now? Are you cured? I'm also from Vancouver btw ;)

Posted by Neels (Charlotte, Nc) on 09/22/2011

Hi all, I have been dealing with PD for 3 months now (Not nearly as long as some of you, I was so sorry to hear that some of you have been dealing for so long. ) My story sounds similar to many of you... Thought it was acne, went to a dermatologist and was perscribed Metronidazole and Protopic. I used both for about a week and didn't see any improvement, however the PD didn't seem to get worse either.

I found this blog and have started to use the ACV (ingesting & topically), yogurt and acidophilus (it's been two days). I have also eliminated products that contain SLS. I would like to say that I think the PD is improving, but that could all just be in my head too.

My question is... How much of the ACV should you drink? How often? How often should you apply the ACV topically? When should you apply the yogurt? Immediately after the ACV? How often? I have stopped using the Metronidazole, was that a good idea? Should I use it again in conjunction with the natural items? Finally... When should I expect to see dramatic results (i. E. Feeling like I can go out in public with out a bunch of red spots all over my face)?

Any advice/suggestions would be a great help! I appreciate what I've read so far and look forward to being PD free soon!

Replied by Michelle
Reading, Pa

Wow, just wow. After reading back posts to 2007, having POD for a week doesn't seem so bad. I feel so awful for all of you having it longer and/or not being able to get rid of it! :( I know the looks from people are awful. I didn't like people staring at me even without this!

Other than being extremely drug sensitive, I've never had any allergies of any kind. I did use a topical steroid on and off for a few months about 7 years ago, but no acne drugs ever, never taken birth control, no sinus problems, haven't had an antibiotic in years, haven't worn makeup in years, haven't used toothpaste in years (but baking soda), no fluoride in the water and yet for some odd reason I woke up one morning last week looking like a clown. So I guess that leaves stress? Which I do have. A lot. My nerves have been shot for years. Anyway, it's all over my cheeks and now creeping on my upper lip and now I have a spot on my nose too (probably payback for joking that all I needed now was a red nose and little car to jump out of... ). I'm on day 2 of the ACV and also alternating honey (which really helped with the itch) and coconut oil for moisture but so far haven't seen much in results, except the additional spot appearing on my nose. I already have done 2 detoxes and a liver detox this year, and have been taking acidolphilus for 8 months now including B, C, A, E, D, Lysine, NAC, krill, chlorella, calcium, magnesium, zinc, and switched to sea salt (due to Fukushima, btw guys, PLEASE look up enenews. com for your health) so I don't understand! ? Maybe it has stopped progression? But like I said, a week and a first time sufferer I don't have much to go on for comparison except my condition isn't nearly as bad as some of the pictures I've seen.

But what has given me some relief is calendula ointment in that it's taken a lot of the redness away and calmed it down some - at least I can move my face somewhat now. I also started taking skullcap per the recommendations of the Native American Medicine Woman I see as she's convinced it's nerves in my case and actually, that did take the jolt out of my system somewhat even after the first pill - apparently it's much used for that and I now see why. So I've decided to keep up the ACV for 2 weeks so I'll see how that goes and continue doing what I've been doing. *crossing fingers* I've also stopped using shampoo until I can find a good one, used olive oil for cleansing over the past week, but now found a good soap SLS-free just in case (but who would want that anyway right? So I'm going to stick with that too. ) It's Yardley's English Lavender.

Hopefully next week I can follow up and say it's all gone. Regardless, I thank Ted and the site and you all for your wonderful help and wish everyone the best of luck too. And again, please become aware of the radiation issues too and what you can do to protect yourselves as there's at least 3 melt-throughs, at least 5 more reactors open fissioning since March, and they are now burning the contamination, so we're all being constantly dosed with these hormone disrupters and will be forever soooo :(

Bless you all!

Replied by Weavemike44
Cincinnati, Ohio, Usa

HI, I've been dealing with PD for almost ten years now. I've been treated on and off with Tetracycline and Doxycycline - and my PD typcially goes about 90% away when I use the antibiotics, but I've recently had some bad flare ups and my new dermatologist prescribed me Protopic.

I used Protopic for a few days, but read mostly negative feedback online about it and decided that I want to get to the root of the problem naturally.

To me, the hardest part about naturally diagnosing PD is not knowing other people's exact symptoms when I read what works and what doesn't. I don't get any bumps, pimples, etc. - I just get redness on both sides of my mouth and down near my chin. If I'm not treating it at all - it will get very flaky and dry (especially after a shower! ).

So, my question to the expert or the experienced, since I just have this redness - - what's the best approach?

So far, in the last week, these are the steps I've taken:

  • Purchased _____'s ACV - have applied directly the first few times, since yesterday I've decided to go 50/50 with water so it irritates my skin less. And since I'm just trying to get rid of red splotches, I was wondering if I should even try ACV.
  • Since lastnight, began using no-flouride toothpaste, not using any soaps with SLS
  • For a few days, I've taken Acidophilus and Biotin
  • Since yesterday, I'm giving the yogurt mask a shot (I'm hopeful this does something about the redness! )
  • Cut out coffee
  • I'm applying the California Baby Calendula cream a few times per day and after the yogurt mask comes off

Am I doing too much? Or, am I far too impatient? Today is Tuesday - and I've been on the natural kick since about Saturday. I also drank quite a bit Saturday night, and I'm wondering if the alchohol ingested can set you back for more than just a day.

I just want to see some signs of improvement!!

I also picked up some Tea Tree Oil, but I haven't cracked it open yet. I feel like my skin might just need a break - but I don't know. I just want to get rid of these darn red splotches around my mouth, and I'd be a happy camper!

Replied by Leslie
New Castle, Pa

I have it also since last February. Tried several different things and so far wasn't able to get rid of it until I saw a post here on Nixoderm. It is working great! I bought it on ebay (not sold in the US) for $1.00. It comes in a little tin and is a paste. I put it on at night after I wash my face. It is for eczema, acne, psoriasis, etc. and is made by SC Johnson. I am thrilled with the results so far and it's only Day 4. I did some google research on it and it's been around for 40 years and I've read feedback on a message board from and there are alot of people with positive results. Two draw backs... It smells like sulphur and burns at first like no one's business but then dissipates. Worth it though! Hope this helps!

Posted by Patrice04 (Corona, Ca/usa) on 08/17/2011

I am taking Apple Cider Vinegar for dermatitis. My question is, do I have to stop taking it two days a week as Ted suggested? If so, can I still keep cleaning my body with it on the two resting days?

Posted by Mmcgraw (Hamilton, Ontario) on 08/11/2011

[WORKED TEMPORARILY]  I think I may have spoken too soon. My face was completely clear of the POD on sunday after a week of using the ACV and now it is back- not as bad but still very red and dry. I started right back up with the ACV but diluted. I stopped using the ACV for maybe 2 days after my skin was normal, do I still need to use it even after my skin is clear? Or has my skin become immune to the vinegar? Has anyone had this happen to them? Also I'm using virgin olive oil after I put on the ACV to moisturize now, I hope this doesn't complicate things anymore.. I was so relieved and happy and now its back again. Ugh!

Replied by Jay
Toronto, Ont, Canada

To Mmcgraw from Hamilton, Ontario: For starters, you would be much better off using organic virgin coconut oil rather than the olive oil to moisturize. It is very good the skin and hair and is naturally antibiotic and antifungal.

From my experience, this type of skin condition acts like a fungus in the sense that it will withdraw or appear to go somewhat dormant in the area that it is being attacked. It spreads to other parts of the body and returns to the skin once the attack (your ACV treatment) has stopped. You need to attack it vigorously on several fronts if you want to totally eradicate it. This inclued a strong probiotic because the gut is usually the main hiding place. Go to refrigerated section of a good health food store and buy a probiotic with at least 6 different strains of probiotics and follow directions on the package. You need to continue taking these and continue with the ACV for at least a month after you feel the skin condition has been resolved to have some confidence that the problem has been eliminated.

Replied by Mmcgraw
Hamilton, Ontario

Thanks very much! I appreciate your advice! I just got back from the health food store and got some probiotics, coconut oil and Apple Cider Vinegar with the mother. I was using heinz and I'm wondering if that affects the results at all? I also picked up a yeast detox called "candigone" Has anyone used this? Would it be a good idea if I tried?

The coconut oil feels great btw!

Replied by Jay
Toronto, Ont, Canada

To Mmcgraw from Hamilton, Ontario who wrote " I was using heinz and I'm wondering if that affects the results at all?"

Different people have had good results with different vinegars. Some have even had successes for some ailments using regular white vinegar, some with regular Apple Cider Vinegar, and others have had their best results only with organic Apple Cider Vinegar(which includes the mother).

Mmcgraw from Hamilton, Ontario also wrote "I also picked up a yeast detox called candigone. Has anyone used this? Would it be a good idea if I tried?"

If you google candigone you can see various reviews on the manufacturer's website. There appears to be a mixed response to the product with some raves and some blahs. It is a 2 step formulation with several antifungal herbs. In general, doing a good detox regardless of brand is usually a good thing, but for some people the die-off or toxin flush can be overwhelming.

I strongly recommend following the food guidelines that come with the product to support your battle regardless of whether you have quick success or not with or without using the produt.

Read the product reviews and make your own decision.

Replied by Jason
Seattle, Wa

I just wanted to note that anyone looking for a cleanser should pick up some dead sea salts (make sure it is the real thing). I use a mortar and pestal to grind it into a flour-fine texture and then lightly massage it into my face (focusing, but gently on the derm spots) for about a minute or two. I follow this up with moisturizer with colloidal oatmeal (which is specifically designed and used for eczema, derm, etc.) as a moisturizer. This has helped tremendously, though I must say that I also maintain a plant-based, whole food diet as well and I take vitamin supplements, propolis, manuka honey, acidophilus, and some others.

For scalp, I wash my hair with a baking soda/ water mixture (at a 1:4 parts ratio) and then rinse and follow with a ACV vinegar/ water mixture (same ratio). This hair regimen has removed all scalp dermatitis (I have to keep doing it or it WILL come back) and I would like to add that my hair had begun to thin due to the derm but now my hair is very full and baby hairs at the hairline have returned. I even get compliments on my skin and hair and the look of surprise when I tell people about the cheap and simple products I use. I really hope that this helps someone, I know this thread is old but I also know the struggle of dealing with the embarassment of derm. Regardless of whether or not you get the eczema, derm, acne, whatever, under control, you should know that you should live your life and those that matter won't mind and those that mind shouldn't matter to you.

Much love, peace, and wishes for the skin you dream of :)