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Heavy Menstrual Bleeding Home Remedies

Last Modified on Mar 08, 2015

Treatment of heavy menstrual bleeding often focuses on boosting nutrient intake to support the body’s natural processes. Nutritional supplements offer relief not only from heavy bleeding but also from cramping, missed periods and other menstruation concerns. A balanced, active lifestyle can also help treat menstrual issues.

What is Heavy Menstrual Bleeding?

Heavy menstrual bleeding, otherwise known as menorrhagia, is a condition in which a woman experiences abnormally heavy or prolonged bleeding. While menstrual bleeding is common, menorrhagia is characterized by such heavy blood loss and cramping that an individual is unable to maintain normal daily activities.

While menstrual bleeding varies for most women, heavy menstrual bleeding can be characterized by specific symptoms. Soaking through one or more sanitary pads or tampons in an hour, needing to use twice the recommended amount of sanitary protection and needing to change sanitary protection during the night typically constitute abnormally heavy flow. Additional symptoms include bleeding for a week or longer, passing large blood clots, not completing daily activities and experiencing symptoms of anemia.

A number of factors may contribute to menorrhagia. Hormonal imbalance, dysfunction of the ovaries, uterine fibroids, polyps, adnomyosis, an intrauterine device, complications of pregnancy, cancer, genetic bleeding disorders and medication may contribute to heavy menstrual bleeding.

Home Remedies for Menorrhagia

While treatment of heavy bleeding is often dependent on several factors, many home remedies offer relief from the condition. Three of the most effective natural treatment options include blackstrap molasses, apple cider vinegar and cayenne. These components deliver vital nutrients for regulating the menstrual cycle and limiting blood flow.

Blackstrap Molasses

A so-called superfood, blackstrap molasses delivers an extremely high amount of nutrients. One of these nutrients is iron, which can effectively treat symptoms of anemia. Iron aids in the process of creating red blood cells and may help regulate the amount of blood lost during menstruation.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Taking apple cider as a tonic helps reduce bleeding in most women almost immediately. Apple cider vinegar flushes toxins out of the body and naturally dissolves issues causing heavy menstrual bleeding.


Cayenne has an innate ability to balance the blood flow in the body. One capsule of cayenne dissolved in a cup of warm water quickly balances blood loss and relieves symptoms of heavy menstrual bleeding.

Menorrhagia can be difficult to manage; however, simple natural treatments can offer relief from the condition and balance to the body. Several natural approaches are available and offer safe, effective treatment of heavy menstrual bleeding. 

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Posted by Sunshine (Florida) on 02/13/2015

[YEA]  First of all I must tell you that I am 44 and in peri-menopause. Which, has been horrible for me. First, my periods I noticed were heavier. I was told because I no longer take the pill and my tubes are tied was the reason. Then, my cycle was lasting 10 days, then 15 and so on. Finally after five half month period heavy non stop bleeding, seeing Drs, trying depo. Shot, hormones and whatever as ginnie pig they wanted to give me. Anything but actualily taking care of the problem. I have no health insurance just basic Medicaid. Which I believe they don't want to cover surgery if at all possible not too. So, I got send for an ultra sound and they found cysts, tumors, fibroids. When I got the results my MD. Doctor said I needed emergency D&C. Which to this day I have not got ton. Finally the doctor agreed to schedule surgery for Summer. Yes, you heard my right Summer 2015. This problem started 2014. Months on end with on going cycle. So, as I was headed to my GYN appt. To finally get surgery scheduled my phone rang, it was the Gyn office calling to cancel my appt. Due to fact one doctor was hurt and other had to cover hospital patients. That was in Dec2014 it's now Feb13th and no call to set surgery for D&C and cervical ablation. So, my period started back up few days ago after being gone for six weeks. After my 5 half month period. Which I am at my wits end. So, I decided to search internet for home remedies. I came across this web site. Believe I am willing to try about anything. So, day one in the evening I did 3 tbsp of ACV. With the Mothers on it. Made sure it was this kind only! Second day, 3 tbsp of ACV. With splash of apple juice. Drank quickly followed with 8 oz water. I noticed my cycle was getting lighter. I could hardly believe my eyes! I figured it couldn't hurt to keep drinking away. Day three period almost gone and only spotting. Can't believe this has actually worked!! I want to yell from ROOF top to all women suffering. This is hands down the best thing ever.

Thanks, earthclinic for for sharing the info. If you had not posted I wouldn't be better

Posted by Beth (West Virginia, US) on 12/14/2014

I am in Perimenopause, and I am having the constant bleeding. I am on my 8th week of spotting. I had success with Femaprin for 14 months, then it stopped working. I came in search of something else, and found this website. I see ACV has worked for a lot of you, with the constant non-stop bleeding. For those of you that take the ACV pills, what is the brand, and how many times a day do you take them? I also tried red raspberry tea pills, they did nothing for me. I also tried just the Vitex, and again did not work for me. So I am praying the ACV will work. I tried some in the water, before bed, and it stopped, but through the night I started again, and it was more than spotting. Sorry for TMI. So I don't know if the ACV made it worse, or not. But I am willing to give this a try. I just want to take the pills, but unsure of how many a day to take, and how many times a day. And if there is any unwanted side effects from too much? Thanks for any help.

Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe

Beth, you can also try Blackstrap Molasses and Sage tea.

Why ACV pills? You can just buy the ACV and take it in multiple ways as described right here on EC.

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Beth,

I agree with Mmsg that Blackstrap Molasses would be something else good to try, in addition to the ACV.

Regarding the ACV, everyone is different. If you try the pills, try a couple a day and see how it does. If you see no change, you could increase to 4 etc. My husband takes 2 a day of the NOW brand. I think they smell terrible. :) But he thinks my vinegar drink tastes terrible! :) You might look at the ACV pages on this website to see warnings (in red) and side effects (in orange) to help you see what possible side effects have been noticed.

You might look for the book by Dr. John Lee called, "What your Doctor may not tell you about pre-menopause." I found it very helpful several years ago.

I hope this will be resolved for you soon!

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Beth
West Virginia, US

I tried the ACV in water a couple days, and actually stopped for a whole day, but then the next day I started bleeding again, but I didn't drink as much the day prior so that could be why. I stopped it, until I received the ACV (NOW brand) pills in the mail today, I took 4 so far it hasn't stopped, or slowed down, I just hope it works with the pills, as I hate drinking the ACV in the water. Thank you both for answering my questions. I will look for the book. Merry Christmas!
Replied by Beth
West Virginia, US

Well, 3 days of the ACV tablets 2x's a day, and so far it's doing nothing to stop the spotting. Maybe I haven't given it enough time yet, but I am losing hope. Most everyone else it seems had the bleeding stop within a few days. I guess I will just be one of the unlucky ones. I will keep taking it, but not holding my breath it will work. If it does work, I will be back to post, if I don't then you will know it didn't. Best wishes to all out there that have had success, and will have success with the ACV.
Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe

Beth, have you tried Blackstrap Molasses and/or Sage tea?
Replied by Beth
West Virginia, US

No I haven't tried those. How much do you take each of those? The ACV tablets are doing nothing for me. I read it takes the ACV tablets longer to get in your system then it does the actual ACV liquid. I may go back to the liquid, because I did stop for a whole day with it. I am only spotting a little, and I can't believe it hasn't stopped it, others that bleed a lot have success. It doesn't make sense, I am worried it's something bad nothing will work. Since I have tried Vitex, ACV, Maca, Am/PM menopausal formula, and Femaprin. Although Femaprin did help me for 14 months it stopped. I probably should have taken a break from the Femaprin for a couple weeks, and started over, someone told me my body, might have just got used to it, and stopped working.
Replied by Beth
West Virginia

I hadn't had a period since Sept, only spotting. I took the ACV pills for over a week, but wasn't getting any where so I started a couple tbsp of ACV with a couple tbsp of water 2 to 3x's a day & taking Vitamin C pills 1000mg a day then my period started very heavy for about 3 days, and then it went down to spotting., Yesterday I only spotted a few times, and had nothing most of the day. So far today nothing. So I am hoping this will continue. Will write another update, either way, in a few days.

Okay on another note, the ACV pills & combination of drinking the ACV liquid & water made 2 planter warts disappear on my foot, I have had for years, and nothing I did worked. I know it's because of the ACV, because I have not done anything else, I wasn't taking the ACV for this reason only for the spotting, but to my happy surprise got rid of the warts in the process. I had read to soak a wart in the ACV, but I was afraid of it burning my foot. So I guess by taking the ACV internally it worked from inside out, and removed them. So try this also for warts. ACV seems to be a real cure for a lot of things. I just pray the continuation of the ACV & the Vitamin C will continue to keep me from spotting & bleeding, and put me back on track with my periods now that I have had one. Since it helped me rid myself of those warts I hated for so long. I hope this helps someone else.

Replied by Beth
West Virginia, US

I hadn't had a period since Sept, only spotting. I took the ACV pills for over a week, but wasn't getting any where so I started a couple tbsp of ACV with a couple tbsp of water 2 to 3x's a day & taking Vitamin C pills 1000mg a day then my period started very heavy for about 3 days, and then it went down to spotting., Yesterday I only spotted a few times, and had nothing most of the day. So far today nothing. So I am hoping this will continue. Will write another update, either way, in a few days.

Okay on another note, the ACV pills & combination of drinking the ACV liquid & water made 2 planter warts disappear on my foot, I have had for years, and nothing I did worked. I know it's because of the ACV, because I have not done anything else, I wasn't taking the ACV for this reason only for the spotting, but to my happy surprise got rid of the warts in the process. I had read to soak a wart in the ACV, but I was afraid of it burning my foot. So I guess by taking the ACV internally it worked from inside out, and removed them. So try this also for warts. ACV seems to be a real cure for a lot of things. I just pray the continuation of the ACV & the Vitamin C will continue to keep me from spotting & bleeding, and put me back on track with my periods now that I have had one. Since it helped me rid myself of those warts I hated for so long. I hope this helps someone else.

Replied by Jacques
Quebec, Canada

Dear Beth; In reference with your heavy bleeding,

the best and the most usefull way is to take QUERCETIN 500-mg x 3 days. It will stop the bleeding the first day. The propriety of the quercetine is to re-enforced the micro vessel to prevent the bleeding. I have a lot of success with the quercetin for this problem.You can buy the quercetin in health store. Very effective.

Posted by Carol (New York) on 10/26/2014

Can anyone tell me.. I been taking ACV for Around 2 months Give or take a little.. I just got my first menstrual cycle and its not my normal menstrual I usual get for two days heavy .. then it lightens up for 3 days... around.. this time I didnt get it heavy at all but have a light flow for about two weeks.. I'm getting alittle concerned becasue I never had this happen to me. should I stop the ACV.. it has really helped me with my arthritic knee.. and with my weight loss.. any advice will be appreciated.. thank you everyone.. God Bless

Replied by Mama to Many

Dear Carol,

It would be a shame to have to stop something that is helping with the arthritis and weigh loss. My inclination would be to continue for another cycle or two with the vinegar and see how it goes. Perhaps it will level out. Even with the longer cycle, a lighter flow is desirable. If it happens again, you could always try some cayenne or shepherd's purse to see if it will stop the bleeding in a more timely fashion.

I have never noticed ACV affecting my cycle for good or bad and I have taken it for 6 years. But everyone is different. 100 people will share 100 stories on the topic!

Just my 2 cents. Let us know how it goes.

~Mama to Many~

Posted by Vicky (Orlando,fl) on 11/22/2013

[YEA]  Thank you all for sharing the amazing results using acv. I had a period that lasted 32 days! Very heavy and painful, my doctor was ready to schedule another surgery (had 2 in a year) and searching the internet I came across earth clinic and decided to try.... I took 2 tbls in 8 oz pf water 3 times a day, my period stopped at night the next day. A true miracle.

Replied by Fame

I am bleeding since 34 days and l came to know about the apple cider vinegar miracle. I have started taking this since 4 days but my bleeding is not stopping yet please do advice me what else to do I am also a diabetic but its controlled not above 130 fasting please advise me what to do
Replied by Becky
Atlanta, Ga

I couldn't stand the taste, so I mixed it in with Apple Cider. Can barely taste the vinegar at all!

Posted by Iammrsnicnic (Charlotte, Nc) on 09/23/2013

[YEA]  Due to irregular bleeding and prolong spotting I had two hysteroscopies (June 2010 and June 2013). Just a few weeks ago the spotting came back right after my monthly period. not wanting to go through any more procedures I did research and came across the ACV on this site. I tried the raw apple cider vinegar and water and the next day the spotting has completed stopped. I was in shock because I thought it wouldn't work for me. The only question I have is how long do I have to drink the ACV? Does anyone know?

Posted by Patsy (Philadelphia, Pa) on 09/07/2013

[YEA]  Thank you Earth Clinic!!! I have no idea how it worked or why it worked but it did. The apple cider vinegar stopped my bleeding. I was bleeding for 28 days and it did not look like it was going to stop anytime soon. I stumbled upon your site and saw that people said apple cider vinegar stopped their bleeding. I took 2 tablespoons of raw apple cider vinegar 3 times daily and in 7 days it completely stopped. The heavy bleeding stopped in two days. I was ecstatic. Again thank you!

Replied by Scmm
San Ramon

HI I have a question... does ACV diluted to 5% acidity with water work? Can I use it?
Replied by Mama To Many
Tennessee, Usa

Hi Scmm,

Most Apple Cider Vinegar is diluted to 5% acidity when you buy it. Most people that use and dilute it further in water to drink it. (I do have a child that just takes the 5% straight and then drinks water, to get it over with.) I like 1 Tablespoon of vinegar in an 8 oz. glass of water. This works great for me.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Scmm
San Ramon, California

Thank you so much for answering my question. I started using it from yesterday afternoon, Should I drink it till the period stops or should I continue it for few more days after the period is over? Thank you for your reply, Scmm
Replied by Mama To Many
Tennessee, Usa

Dear Scmm,

I would go ahead and take it a few days after you period is over. It is safe to take all month long. Some people take it 5 days on and 2 days off.

Let us know if is solves your problem for you!

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Barbara77771
Rhode Island

I was wondering how long do you need to take the apple cider vinegar if the bleeding stops and also is it something you can take just at the onset of your period or is it something you need to take all month long to get the benefits of shorten less heavy periods? Thank you

Posted by Maggie (Philadelphia, Pa) on 07/14/2013

[YEA]  I just went through an unsuccessful IVF cycle and I was having a horrible menstrual cycle - crushing pain and very heavy bleeding. I have a history of endometriosis and I started to get worried about what was happening and whether the endo was going to get worse. In addition, it was difficult to function because I was in so much pain and I don't like to take any medicine unless I have to. I read about ACV for menstrual issues, so I tried it - 2 tbsp in a small glass of water three times yesterday. By yesterday evening, I had stopped bleeding and the pain was completely gone (in the am, I was bleeding heavily and in terrible pain). ACV works and I am hoping that continued use will help me to get pregnant!

Posted by Diamond (Hamilton, Ohio) on 05/07/2012

[YEA]  I had tried so many remedies for excessive menstrual bleeding all helped a little but did not stop my bleeding. I was told my only option by my physican was surgery yet my blood count was so low that she could not even do that. ACV stopped my bleeding completely in 2 days! So after 8 months of non stop bleeding and numerous natural remedies I found relief in 2 days from ACV. I tried the liquid but switched to tablets due to stomach upset. I now can address my anemia caused by my blood loss. I am not sure how or why this worked, only know that it did!!!

Replied by Lori
Ellenton, Florida

Where do you get this acv? I have been bleeding for 3 months and already on birth control. I think it's making it worse- they say I may need surgery but I am only 31.
Replied by Carla
Cavite, Philippines

I have continuous light bleeding for 1 1/2 months I am 28 yrs old, my mom bought me a HEINZ APPLE CIDER VINEGAR, is this will help to stop my bleeding?
Replied by Natstar
Pemberton, Bc

Hi Carla, Please try find organic - ie stay away from the big companies. Its your body, your garden - use the best for you. You're worth it. I say this becauseo f reading the earlier post of the woman who quit meat products and then started having her period. I have heard this so much - re too much hormones in the food - meat and dairy being the biggies for those who wish to have their periods/get pregnant. God bless your mom for being there with you/for you.
Replied by Diamond
Hamilton, Oh

[YEA]   The vinegar needs to be organic with the mother. The processed variety will not work. 2 months later and I have had my first normal period in over 2 years from ACV. Any woman with bleeding issues should try this it really works.


For those looking for a good source of ACV, one of the best and most trusted brands is _____ Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, with "the Mother". Most health food stores carry it, though the smaller independent stores seem more likely to have it than the big chain stores. If you have a Whole Foods Market nearby, they carry it as well. You can also get it at It's worth the money, and is certainly cheaper over the long run than drugs or surgery. :) Good luck!
Replied by Cathy
Biloxi, Ms

I, too, have heavy menstrual cycles. In fact, I have been on BCP since I was 17 to slow my flow. This past year I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a mastectomy. Could it have been the BCP? Who knows. Since then, I have eliminated possible causes from my diet and lifestyle. After reading a post from this site about ACV, I thought I would give it a try. Low and behold, it worked!!!

Here's my simple recipe:

1 can Beets; pour out half the liquid and replace it with Organic Apple Cider Vinegar; store in a mason jar in the refrigerator.

At the beginning of my cycle, I eat two-four beets per day for first three days. No more problems.

Replied by Maria

[YEA]   Hi everyone, I just want to share my story about heavy bleeding for anyone who is going through the same thing. I had my period in May for 5 days it was really light (i have irregular periods since I was 13 im now 33) then 3 weeks later my period started again and for the next 8 weeks I had really heavy bleeding and I was passing blood clots. Whenever I stood up I could feel that I was going to have a really big flow and had to get to the toilet asap. It was awful some clots were huge and I thought that the bleeding would never stop.

I was going on holiday at the beginning of August and I was dreading it as I couldn't go swimming like this so 4 days before I went I came on this website and read about Apple cider vinegar, to be honest I thought it was too good to be true and I didnt expect it to work but I went to a health food store and I bought apple cider vinegar and also the apple cider vinegar tablets. I put two tablespoons of water in a glass with some water but I couldnt drink it as it made be gag so I put some orange juice in it but I still couldnt drink it so I had the tablets, within 2 days the bleeding became so light and by the time my holiday came it had completely stopped!! I couldnt believe it I have no idea why this helped.

If anyone is going through the same thing please try ACV as I thought the bleeding would go on forever and im sure it would if I didnt take the tablets! Sorry for the long post but I just wanted to give some hope to people who are going through the same thing.

Replied by Jackie
Spring Hill, Florida

[YEA]   I love this site!!! Thank you everyone who talked about using ACV to help with prolonged, heavy periods. I thought I'd never stop bleeding even tho mine had only been 3 weeks compared to some of the other stories. I'm 51 and my periods had always been so predictable til this past year. I am taking 2 capsules of ACV 3 times a day and it stopped in 2 & 1/2 days... thank you, thank you...:)
Replied by Lyd

We have such similar stories. I am about to try ACV now. Thank you
Replied by Beth
West Virginia

How long did you take the tablets, before it started to work? I have been taking 2,2x's a day for 3 days, and I am still not showing any signs of stopping.

Posted by Richard (Winston-salem, Nc) on 05/04/2012

My wife is from Mexico and I told her about using ACV for menstrual pains and for lessening the menstruation. She told me that in Mexico, it's common belief that anything acidic during menstruation will lessen the time of the mentrual cycle but will also give you "the belly" (something like an enlarged abdomen or just more belly fat) because you're not letting your body rid itself of everything it needs to. I would appreciate anyone's comment on this phenomenon.

Replied by Jennifer
Sunrise, Fl

ACV increases alkalinity, not acidity. :)
Replied by Cat
Bop, Nz

Richard from Winston-salem, Nc: Your wife could try eating only raw food (fruit and veges, nuts and seeds) prior to menstruation will drastically decrease bleeding time from 6-7 days down to 1 or 2 with much less blood flow. Cooked foods are a lot of the reason we have disease and sickness but it's also great for menses.
Replied by Iriedarling
Kingston, Jamaica

I second the suggestion made by Cat from Bop, Nz with some variation. I drank 2-3 cups per day of fresh blended vegetables, esp. dark greens (calalloo, bok choy, spinach) because they are high in Magnesium, Vit A. Varying the vegetables is best. Include other colours. Supplemented with an Iron/B-Complex tonic and most days had a high quality raw muesli (nuts, raisins and no sugar) to get other nutrients from food. By the next period, spotting was gone; bleeding manageable, pain reduced and the period showed up on time. I still eat cooked food and meat but only at one meal.
Replied by Heather

Hi, it would be interesting to know what you don't eat- do you have coffee or caffeine, do you drink wine, do you eat oily fish- do you take any supplements? Thanks x
Replied by Iriedarling
Kingston, Jamaica

Hi Heather. I'm a little uncertain if your question was directed to me. Forgive me if it wasn't.

I avoid tea, coffee, sodas, restaurants and fast foods. I find this very difficult because like many people I enjoy convenience however tea and coffee trigger my migraines (I'm told they also deplete magnesium) so although I love the flavour, I have some incentive. I'm not terribly strict about avoiding these foods though. Life and food are to be enjoyed but I now listen to the warnings my body gives when I over indulge. Headaches, irritable bowels, moodiness, negative changes in my skin or eyes remind me to eat more live foods. I've noticed that the more live foods I eat the less I crave convenience foods. The more convenience foods I eat, the less palatable vegetables become. I think the important thing is to pay attention to the signals your body is giving you and learn what deficiencies they may be signalling. I don't worry about eating organic grade foods because frankly that's not widely available here unless you grow it yourself. Someone said that perfection is the enemy of good; so I just do what is reasonable in my situation. Although, I'm a big believer in getting my nutrients from food, I'm always aware that there are situations where absorption from food is difficult so a physician who communicates well with you is a must.

Replied by Heather

Hi, Thanks,, yes it's great to hear from you. I'm glad to hear you've resolved your heavy menstruation. I'm really looking closely at what I eat to see what affects me- I've been eating more oily fish and taking cod liver oil so I'll report back of I see good improvement- I also finally realised that I shouldn't be eating so much broccoli as it's probably blocking my thyroid function.. Anyway, thanks for your reply x

Posted by Maylin (Providence, Ri) on 02/11/2012

[YEA]  WOW this really worked for me. :) I just had my second baby two months ago and I had my period ever since. My flow was real heavy and crampy so I decided to look in google for a remedy to help me slow it down a lil bit. THANK god I came across this website!! . I started drinking 3 spoons of Apple Cider Vinegar yesterday 3 times a day along with 8oz of water, today is my 2nd day drinking ACV and my period totally stopped!!! Is this really happening????...... I still can't believe it. :) god bless Apple Cider Vinegar. I recommended it to everyone with heavy menstrual period.

Replied by Lat11698
Grady, Al

[YEA]   I am so excited to share this story with you ladies. I came across this website a few days ago because I was trying to obtain some information about missed menstrual cycles. I found the cure for it right here on this website.

Today is February 11, 2012. I had not seen my cycle since December 5, 2011. This is not the first time it has happened to me. The early part of last year, I had gone almost 3 months without getting my cycle. One day without notice, it came and it was a massive overflow. Luckily for me, I was in a pasture fishing with my mom and there was no one else around. It freaked me out because I was thinking at the time, what if I had been in a grocery store or a public place when it happened. Anyways, I got over that time. Months went by and my cycle was normal. Then, after it went off in December 2011, it never came back on again.

After researching this website, I decided to try the apple cidar vinegar. Yesterday morning, I put 1/2 cup of water in a cup and 2 Tablespoons of apple cidar. The taste wasn't lovely but it was bearable. I sucked it through a straw because I had heard also that the acid in the vinegar is not that great on your teeth. I love pickles so I guess it doesn't really matter to me.. :) I also drunk another dose of it last night before I went to bed.

Around 11am this morning when I used the bathroom, I could tell that my cycle was beginning. I was so freakin amazed by this. It truly works.... And even more, it came without the flooding effect. I was so worried about my cycle because I have a trip planned to Destin, FL next week and I had all kinds of thoughts going through my head about what if it floods while I am out with the girls, etc.

I hope anyone reading this will use this remedy. I also think I have figured out what causes my cycle to do this and why the apple cidar works. This is just my opinion and observation but here goes. The uterine lining sheds each month when our cycle comes on. However, for those times our cycle don't come on, the uterine line actually blocks the menstruation from happening. Just imagine this lining that's there blocking the area where the blood flow comes through. Each month that your cycle does not come on, that lining is there starting to sag heavily from the built up menstruation. Weird I know. But then I think the reason the apple cider vinegar helps start your period is because the acid in it is so strong that it helps eat away the lining. Just a thought but something is going on for this to work as well as it does. I can't really explained the part about why the blood flow does not come out uncontrollably. Maybe it also dissolves some of the blood while it's working on the uterine lining. Like I said, just a thought. I am curious though.

If anyone has a better explanation, please explain it to me. Good luck ladies. I hope you all have as much success with this as I have. Thank you so much to all the ladies who posted their situation on here. You never know how valuable the information you share is until you do!!

Replied by Nisha
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

I have severe menstrual pain and heavy periods. Please tell me how to take ACV. Is it to be taken everyday or only during periods?
Replied by Gabbii
Auburn, Al

My cycle has been on since October of 2011. If it does stop flowing, it has never been off for more than a week and it comes right back on. This is so very frustrating, and any advice would be nice.
Replied by Carol
Bridgetown, Barbados

Hi go to your helth food store and get some maca it come in capsuls or in powder form it work for me I was going through something like you , and go on the inter net and see what maca do for us women with menstrual issues, I do hope that (MACA) work for you.

Posted by Krista (Sherman, Ny) on 12/01/2011

[YEA]  I just wanted to thank those of you that have posted their experience with using ACV for prolonged periods and for providing this site. I missed my period for two months. When it came it lasted for nine weeks. It flowed through tampons and pads. I could not leave my home for fear I would leak through. I also had very large clots. My doctor did a sonogram and said nothing was wrong so she scheduled an appointment for a gyn. I was sick of bleeding so heavy. I was getting exausted and anemic from the blood loss.

So, I decided to find a home remedy for the problem. That's when I found this site. I thought I need to try this. I mixed one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with 8 oz. of water and drank it two times a day. My period completed stopped in a day and a half. I have cut back to once a day but the bleeding did not come back yet. I am very happy that I didn't have to spend lots of money and go through unnecessary medical procedures to stop it. I wish doctors would share this kind of information. Thanks again earthclinic.

Replied by Motivated2012
Jacksonville, Florida

[YEA]   Hi all,

I was diagnosed with PCO about five years ago... I'm 45 years old, married with no children. I been having abnormal cycles all my life and at times none at all. I found a website which made reference to ACV by _____ Organic Raw (unfiltered). I begin taking about six months ago and I tell you NO lie. I have had a cycle every month. I'm also type II diabetic and my numbers are AWESOME! I have always exercised (walking) on a regular. Sometimes the "Natural" elements work. I wished I had knew about this years ago but hopefully this information can be helpful to someone:)


Replied by Kristen
Arcata, Ca

[YEA]   I am so thankful that I found this site and saw all of the other women's experiences by using ACV. I am a 45 year old so I am in perimenopause and my symptoms have been horrific. For the past two years I have had excessive bleeding, flooding, clotting, anemia, and pain with my periods. I have missed many days of work and I have had to stay literally locked up at home for fear of having constant accidents out in public. My periods were every 3 weeks instead of 4 and they would last for say 10 days. Just recently I went to the doctor and she put me on birth control pills. Well I didn't have a period for 5 weeks.... Then midway in taking my birth control pills I started to flow again. It was light so I thought I was doing good. Then, I just continued to flow for days. Then on day 13 of light bleeding I started to flood and huge clots again only this time it was worse than ever before. Just to say this as of day 18, yesterday, I was about to go to the hospital thinking that I would need a blood transfusion.

But I came across this website while I was looking for natural remedies for my heavy menses. I have _____'s ACV and I put some in some water with honey and drank it three times yesterday and I am pleased to say that I am having a much lighter flow. I have used it today as well and it has made such a difference for me so far! I have found my saving grace!

Thank you so much for this site and all of the helpful comments from women like me. I am spreading the word so other woman will have to suffer like I have! So ladies reach for the ACV (organic, raw, unfiltered, with the "mother") for your period!

Replied by Joonie
York, Uk

Apple Cider Vinegar and nightmare period issues!! Oh my goodness! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! After three years of continuous bleeding and hellish, frightening pain I find this fantastic site, Earth Clinic. I have been to hell and back since all this period saga started [ I'm 45 by the way].

Doctors find it easy to shove pills in your face and send you away. I was put on norethisterone for 21 days and off for 7 days which turned out to only make the matter worse plus awful side effects. Anyway, I decided to take myself off these horrendous pills which made the bleeding a hundred times worse, the clots remained the size of mobile phones and the cramps remained the same as those I experienced during childbirth, yowser - not to mention the flooding and not being able to leave the home, shop, drive or be Mum! [ having to use 19 pads and tampons in less than 24hrs for days! ] Absolute nightmare - infact at my worst I thought I may die - really - it was that bad. I was fainting, needing a chair to sit at the cooker to try and cook for my family as I was so weak. I could hardly wash myself as I was pooped all the time. I was having to crawl up the stairs. Our bed had to have plastic sheeting on it, not that I slept as I was up every 20 mins changing. I had to sit on rolled up bath sheets on the sofa and at one stage I had to sit on my kitchen floor as I could wipe away spilage, oh goodness I'm getting rather teary, whoops.

My poor husband and son were worried to death.

BUT NOW AFTER TAKING ACV I'VE GOT MY LIFE BACK. I've been swilling ACV for a month [ 1 tbls in 1 tabls of water 2 or 3 times a day using a straw to look after ones teeth ] and it took effect almost immediately. The bleeding became lighter and lighter and then stopped for a whole 11 days - that was fantastic for me. I then had what appears to have been a normal period with no pain, no flooding and no need to take spare knickers and clothing when I left the house. This period has lasted 8 days and stopped [Been great to sleep too]! Before I was bleeding for 45 days stopping for 1 - 16 days with constant spotting and then heavy again for days. In one year I only had 29 days WITHOUT bleeding. Did the Doc care much? NO!

I have stocked up on ACV and I am so positive it's gonna keep on working - it's truly amazing. I even look like my old self again - HURAH! I've been out shopping, walking and enjoying myself I even went to my friends house this week, before I was too scared I would bleed on her furniture or be in a mess on the street.

Loving life, being positive and loving myself again. Thank you Earth Clinic and all the Ladies comments I read on this Lady Matter. I will spread the word, deffo!

I can hardly believe it! In fact it makes me quite emotional.

Replied by Susan
Jacksonville Fl, Us

To JoonieYork, Uk

I am 49 years old and I started having symptoms of pre menopause about 4 or 5 years ago. It started with me by me skipping a month and then the next month I started with extremely heavy bleeding and the blood clots. It was hard to stand and walk because the huge blood clots would just slip right past the tampon and pad. I was using the highest absorbancy of both. Well I bled heavy like this for 3 weeks, scared to leave the house, couldn't go shopping, or go out to dinner with my family.

Went to the DR, he said there was something he could give me but he said " We like to let it work itself out". So anyway, the next month I had a normal period that lasted about 8 to 9 days, which was a day or so longer than my usual, and about the 2 or 3rd day would be my heaviest days with flooding with blood clots. I could deal with that and it went on like that until September of this past year. Then I skipped a month and then the next month spotted for the whole month, then stopped for 2 weeks and then started spotting again. I spotted from November until December after Christmas and then I started bleeding heavy for about a few days and then stopped for 2 days. I then started again really heavy with the huge blood clots and cramps, blood clots seem to slip right past the tampons and pads so I have to limit what I do.

I get weak and lightheaded and it's been going on now for about 3 to 4 weeks. There are times I think I am slowing down and then here comes the flood. I get angry and emotional because there are things I can't do, some clothes I can't wear for fear of ruining them.

Then I read the ladies post, the name I posted at the beginning of my post, and after reading her post I don't feel so bad. She gave me a lot of inspiration, it's one of those sayings " when you think your life is so bad and think you have it so bad just stop and think there is somebody out there that is having it worse " so I am feeling much better today.

I haven't tried the Apple cider vinegar, but I am going today to get the Organic apple cider vinegar along with the Blackstrap molasses and organic foods. I also have the benign, non-cancerous tumors in my uterus and I know they need to be removed, but I just had colon surgery a couple of years ago and they had to remove 8" of my colon along with my appendix due to Diverticulitis. That is a major surgery to recover from, especially in the later years of life. I am just now starting to feel better from that surgery, so I am not looking forward to having another surgery.

I am scared to take Hormone pills. I have heard so many horror stories about them, but I ran across this amazing website earth clinic and I was reading that Blackstrap molasses is good for fibroid tumors and a lot of other things so I am gonna try that first. I am a believer in home remedies over harsh medications that Dr's want to push on you so I think me running across this website is a GODSEND, I am feeling much better about myself now, just have to get this bleeding to stop.

But I was wondering about one thing. I know going through pre menopause is a must and is natural because it prepares your body for menopause, so I was wondering if stopping the bleeding would only be prolonging the pre menopause? I don't know, just something I was curious about?

and for Joonie York if you read this please message me. I would really love to talk to you because your story has been an inspiration to me, or reply and I will send you my email address. I just want to say Thank You.

Replied by Mama to Many

Dear Susan,

It has been several years since Joonie posted that; I hope she sees it and is able to get back to you! It is so encouraging to see that others get better from things you are dealing with!

I am very hopeful that the Apple Cider Vinegar and Blackstrap will help you a lot!

Regarding you question if stopping the bleeding will prolong the pre-menopause, I do not think so. I do think that some prescriptions and herbs may prolong pre-menopause. But, I think what you are trying to do is REGULATE it. The amount of bleeding you have had is likely leaving you anemic (The Blackstrap will help with that.)

In addition to the vinegar and blackstrap, you may want to look into castor oil packs or charcoal poultices on the abdomen 4 nights a week for a few weeks. Both have helped women with fibroids and benign tumors in the uterus, which may be the reason for the out of control bleeding.

Hopefully the vinegar and Blackstrap will help quickly. If they should take a bit of time to regulate your cycles and bleeding, cayenne pepper and Shepherd's Purse are both helpful when you are having too much bleeding. 3/8 teaspoon cayenne pepper in 6 ounces of juice and/or 30 drops of Shepherd's purse tincture. I have taken them hourly (for a couple of hours) for heavy bleeding during a miscarriage, which may have spared me from a D&C.

Keep us posted on your progress!

~Mama to Many~

Posted by Fashionprincess (Los Angeles, Ca) on 11/30/2011

I have recently started taking the birth control pill Loestrin24. I have taken 21 days worth, but on say 19, I started bleeding. Now, I'm not sure if this is my period, or just breakthrough bleeding... What can I take to make it stop? I am going on vacation with my boyfriend, and I'm scared I will have breakthrough bleeding during my trip. Will ACV help? Any other suggestions?

Replied by Jen
Bozeman, Mt, Us

I don't think ACV will work but you never know. There are some amazing uses for it. It can't hurt to try it. You can also try taking cayenne capsules or drinking a tea with cayenne in it. I know it helps slow bleeding for women giving birth and other bleeding issues. When I got the DPT shot a while back I had non stop bleeding for like 2 months. Great birth control huh! I was told (by my doctor) to take Aleve which isn't natural but it did stop the bleeding. It worked for me almost immediately. I would go right back to bleeding if I got off it so I decided to forgo any sort of hormonal birth control at that point. Good luck!
Replied by G
Ny, Usa

I don't believe that cayenne would help with this kind of bleeding... Used topically on cuts, yes. Cayenne is known to be a natural blood thinner. My mother had nose bleeds when she took it internally. From what I have read about break through bleeding while taking birth control is that you probably need a different dosage/prescription.
Replied by Catherine
Colorado Springs, Co

Cayenne does work internally as well as topically for different kinds of blood and cardiac conditions. I'm no expert on it by any means, but I remember reading that it can have different effects- both blood thinning and thickening. I for one used it to slow down bleeding after experiencing a miscarriage years ago; nothing else worked, or as fast! Although I really don't know anything further than that, like if it would work for breakthrough bleeding. It must be some kind of imbalance pertaining to hormones or maybe minerals, but that's all I can comment on!
Replied by Fashion Princess
Los, Ca

Has anyone heard of yarrow? Someone recommended I use a yarrow tincture to help with the breakthrough... Anyone have any experience with this?

Posted by Somewhereinchina (Beijing, China) on 12/01/2009

[YEA]  I just wanted to say I am so grateful one of my friends told me about this site! As an American living in Beijing, I am a bit hesitant to go to the doctor unless its a total emergency...But when I hadn't had my period for 6 months (not preggers), I thought I may have to go to a doc. Then i saw this site! I drank Apple cider vinegar for 2 days- one 8 oz. glass of water with 3 tablespoons once in AM, once in PM. My period just came! I'm a believer!

Replied by Eunicycle
Honolulu, Hi, United States

[YEA]   I also missed my period and am not pregnant. I did ACV and I got it within a couple days!! Wow a miracle cure!! I love this site and I love ACV! Thank You so muchhhhh!! :)
Replied by Michele
Coffeyville, Ks Us

[YEA]   It helped so much with my problem of heavy bleeding, I am 53 and was having such a terrible time. I tried 2 tps ACV with a bottle of water and orange flavored drink mix. I drank it 3 times that day and it slowed down the flow so much, it made my period so much more easier to deal with. I recommend the ACV treatment each day of your period, you won't need any other medicine at all.
Replied by Onemoretime
Indianapolis, In, Usa

This is amazing. I was actually looking for validation to a claim that I am ready to scream to the top of my lungs and I found it here! After my last period, someone told me about drinking ACV for cleansing my digestive tract and relieving myself of excess water. Well, I think I was so focused on my increased number of bowel movements that I missed another wonderful discovery!

Let's go back... For years, menstruation has been a nightmare for me. I was to the point where my doctor told me that if I wanted to have any more children, I needed to do it now because what she wanted to do about my ABNORMAL bleeding would prevent pregnancy. Well, I've since battled infertility issues (for which I am looking to resolve naturally before I go back to the fertility specialist), but I just came off my period and realized that I didn't have debilitating cramps, my monthly headache, nor those big monster clots that hit the comode water and splash back up at me! Could ACV be a part of my healing?! ?! ?! ? I mean, no one knows how depressed I would get knowing that my period was coming... Nights of miserable sleeping, nervous anxieties of messing up my clothes... I'm gonna do this for another month and if it still works, I'm telling everyone I know who deals with periods from HADES!

Replied by Angela
Omaha, Ne

Its true... I did a colon cleanse and thereafter made sure I took lots of fiber and drank tons of water and as a result my periods were 100x better and I did not even get PMS anymore or migraine headaches. There is a correlation with unhealthy bowels and PMS/ Heavy painful periods. Thank you and happy periods! I still want to know how to make them SHORTER as in shortened days.

Posted by Arlington (Reston, VA) on 06/29/2009

i read that apple cider vinegar helps to restore missed periods and if drink 1 tsp with 8oz water missed period problem will be solved, and in the same time i read that Apple cider Vinegar shortens the period and flow i am so confused i missed my period like 6 months before and i am not pregnant to , what can i do,, is one give me right information i am very thankful

Posted by SUE (PEEKSKILL, NEW YORK) on 10/28/2008

[YEA]  hello friends, i could not take the acv in the glass-just made me hurl too much so i used the tablets instead. acv tablets worked for me for cramps and heavy bleeding-they can be purchased at the health food store

also-i was anemic and have to take iron every month 125 mg for each day of period ( more than the 18 mg everyday in vitimin suppliments

over all much better and period is managable-more so now than in my 20's and 30s'

another natural remedy for feeling much better is coconut oil-we now use in everything-digestion and wellness if you are not allergic

please ask rn or doc first make sure they are items you can take.

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