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Side Effects from Common Home Remedies

Last Modified on Nov 05, 2015

The Earth Clinic team is incredibly proud of all the natural, effective remedies discovered and uncovered throughout our site. Still, our goal is always to improve and protect your health, so we want to make sure you're also aware of any possible side effects from the natural cures our users recommend.

Natural remedies are, by their very nature, generally safe. However, any of us may have unknown allergies, may be taking drugs or consuming other foods and supplements that might interact strangely, or the remedy itself may be dangerous in larger doses or with continued use.

Natural Remedy Tips: Our best advice -- always start slow and with the lowest possible dose, then increase the dosage slowly. Most of the side effects and poor health results we see are from users who try to change their health too fast with a super-sized dose of... whatever. Take it slow, and try one remedy at a time to see what works best.

Before you try any natural remedies, please check out the following information on home remedy side effects.

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User Reviews

Acidity Reactions From Vinegar
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Posted by Amie (Janesville, IOWA) on 10/09/2007

If you are having a reaction to vinegar, you may have candida. Yeast-proliferating foods-such as sugar,(including honey), and vinegar exacerbate intestinal candidiasis. Candida is extremely common, given to the poor choices in food selection now days. For me, candida was the root cause of all my sinus problems, headaches, bloating in my belly, on and off fatigue/depression, poor memory/brain fog and added to weight gain and an addictive craving for sweets,breads, and vinegars. fyi: another sign of candida overgrowth is recurrent fungal infections of the toenails and fingernails; or recurrent athlete's foot.

Replied by Mayte
Kissimmee, FL

[BETTER BUT WITH SIDE EFFECTS]   I have been diagnosed with the following HBP, Fibromyalgia, and cluster headaches. So I am willing to try anything to feel better than I do. I was told to take 2 tsp of ACV and 1 tsp of Blackstrap Molasses,and 1/2 cup of Aloe Vera GEL with (alkaline) Water. I have a Alkalizer filter. I have been taking this mix for about 4 days and I have lost 2 pounds a day, Pee like there is no tommorrow, and go several times a day to the bathroom for the other stuff. Blood pressure has been going up even though I am taking my medication. I am itchy all over but I do have more energy and I was told that this will get rid of some toxins in my system which I believe that is true. The itchy is what I do not underwstand is that normal? The fact that I have lost weight makes me happy since I need to loose weight. I am not that hungry anymore, and I do not crave sweet stuff. The doctor said if I lost some weight it would help with the HBP and I also have allergies to Perservatives in the foods especially MSG I breakout in hives. I think that since it cleans toxins in the body and I believe that is why I am itchy due to the toxins being messed with in the body I hope I am right. Because over all I am not going to stop unless something major happens. So far I feel it is helping me with the elimination of toxins and I really need it.
Replied by H
Seattle, Wa

really, it would be best if u stayed away from msg ! -r u being forced 2 eat preservatives? no,so when getting side effects of preservatives,don't complain- u chose 2 eat that item, just don't eat packaged food; don't microwave;

don't cook food inteflon or other plasticy non natural surfaces; use glass or iron, make your own food, don't eat out at restaurants, most employees never wash and food, aprt from being loaded with preservatives has the added risk of being old.

Whatever you do, never drink beverages from SODA FOUNTAINS!!! This I cannot stress more.I have seen this firsthand at many restaurants, I've worked in, these machines have never been cleaned.THey are installed and forgotten. Once I was unclogging one of these and i pulled out a blob which looked like an x-files creature.

what else can i say here? carbonation in small moderation. no corn syrup. no tap water.

don't buy fake peanut butter(hydrogenated)- ur just buying infated water, not actual peanut butter.

buy organic or natural foods, unaffected by nerve damaging preservatives, eat that ezekial bread, try 2 really meditate once in a while, do pranayama. fast once in a while...etc,etc.

Replied by Carmen
Los Angeles, Ca

geez, i didn't read anywhere that she was complaining. i didn't like the tone of your reply- you are being helpful, but berating someone with the old "you ate it, you don't have the right to complain!" is perplexing and rather offensive.
Replied by Tamsin
Normal, Il

FYI, I've worked in lots of different restaurants and everywhere I worked the soda machine was thoroughly cleaned every night, without exception. I also agree with Carmen regarding your tone.
Replied by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, USA

Hi everyone, I do believe how we speak to one another is very important as it can feel harsh and disrespectful and I have seen it here before from a poster who consistently was outright rude. Berating others is never a good tactic. Still, I understand where H from Seattle is coming from. What I often say is: the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. When we have a negative effect from anything- food, medicine, people, situations, etc., we must look at it squarely and ask ourselves WHAT? and then take the measures necessary for a better result. I think this person became overzealous in their warnings is all. I get that more each day that I am on this new journey of juicing, green smoothies and raw food. I am not 100% just high raw at this point and having amazing experiences. Each day I look around me and I see how many ailments, disease and pain people are in and still they continue to put these things into their body. I'm not saying it's easy to change, I'm just saying if you want to see changes, you must change the way you are doing things. I have always been committed to eating "healthy"- since I was 19 and started as a macrobiotic. Then just vegetarian for many years but my health suffered so I returned to eating meat. I was fine until about 4 years ago and became committed again to finding an answer to my physical pain I have endured. I went completely through alternative means- herbs, homeopathy, chiropractic, physical therapy, Chinese medicine, acupuncture, massage, only organic, etc. Eventually, I found this site and have tried ACV, hydrogen peroxide, oil pulling, etc. Everything helped a little. It's all good. Then the mini beet protocol and I decided to go for it. OMG! Major headway. That lead me to juicing, which lead me to the raw food world and now into the superfoods world! Amazing is all I can say. I feel my body returning- my life being given back to me. I know pain, I know incredible pain but I was not willing to live with it or be anesthetized or medicated by the doctors- that is not a power I am willing to give them. On these sites I have seen testimonies of "miracles" over and over- people defeating cancer, fibromyalgia, diabetes, debilitating illness, chronic fatigue, depression, etc. all these things that society is now naming and accepting. These are all symptoms of the breakdown of how we are eating and what we are putting into our bodies willingly. I urge all of you to look into this- we all have access to computers who are on this site so do the research- there is so much out there for us!

Deanna from Augusta, GA- google Terminator Zapper and do some research on this. All of you who have issues with strange symptoms that the medical profession cannot explain read about the parasites and nano bacterias that are affecting people and what you can really do to rid yourself of these- the zapper, zeolite, liver cleanses, MSM- there is so much. Some of these leading people can be heard on youtube- it's free! All of it available for our own knowledge. And look at these people while you're listening- they're vital, alive, dynamic!

I am with all of you on our quest for health but be willing to really do the research and do the work to get yourself off the mainstream wheel- it's not working. I can only tell you these last couple of weeks have been mind-blowing for me. I hope you will find that for yourselves too.

EC: Lisa's extensive (and fantastic) feedback on the Mini Beet Protocol can be found here:

Replied by Franji
Melbourne, Australia

I am about to try ACV. I have had a sore throat for 5 days and I came across this website. I used to drink ACV yeasr ago because I heard it was good for you. I will let you know. I am beside myself and just want it to go away. Here goes! Bottoms up!
Replied by Peter
Kensington, Ca

I want to point out to Mayte from Kissimmee, FL, that whatever benefits are derived from apple cidar vinegar, high blood pressure is a very serious health issue, and if yours is increasing on account of anything you are doing or not doing, whether it is diet, medication, therapy, or lifestyle, you are causing grave risk to your body.

I also want to point out to all readers that a huge number of people live in good health to an old age despite what you might consider appalling lifestyles, attitudes, actions, and exposure to toxicitity. A great deal of health has to do with one's path, with the affirmation of (positive) personal transformation, and the encouragement of truth that is by and large not measureable. I am writing about spiritual truth. So, if you get over warts or severe food allergies as I have, through autohypnosis, and hayfever through mere will power, this is an affirmation of a deeper truth not easily measured.

The deeper benefits occur when you start paying attention to that deeper truth. You may also find you change your lifestyle, but the lack of enduring or permanent positive change as has been the experience of some people using different lifestyle approaches and regimens suggests to me that while the initial successes, or even long term successes are not to be denied for the reasons I stated, ultimate dissatisfaction or failure indicate there is a deeper truth toward which people are being directed and are being encouraged to explore.


Replied by Cindyanywhere
Anywhere, Usa

Peter, would you give more information on how you actually overcame food allergies? thank you, cindy

ACV, Baking Soda and Lemon Juice
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Posted by Lori (Delta, Co) on 11/10/2010

[SIDE EFFECTS]  I started taking the lemon w/BS for over a month ago and I felt like I was getting a funny taste in my mouth like metal and it felt like a coating was all inside my mouth. And Saturday I woke up and my tongue had a white coating on it and the insides of my mouth all around my cheeks inside my lips and the way back of my tongue felt like it had a coating and was red and swollen almost like a rash my tongue underneath felt inflamed and tight. I felt terrible like I had been trying to catch a real bad cold. I never had this happen before. I started immediately taken more of the BS and ACV in very warm water and sipped on it. My throat started to clear up and by Tuesday I felt normal again. I'm thinking it was all getting rid of candida or??? I thought I might have mixed too many remedies. But I still take the lemon w/BS, blackstrap molasses, lecithin, e and d, and occasionaly sea salt. Any idea what it might of been could it of been ridding candida?

Replied by Lisa
Waynesboro, Virginia

If you already have systemic candida, it could have been a die off reaction. If it is getting better then you can keep doing that. I have been improving with my candida; I don't even do the molasses since it's another sugar.

Posted by G (Palo Alto, CA) on 07/21/2007

[SIDE EFFECTS]  Hi Ted, I have a question for you: I started on 2 tbl ACV & 1/4 tsp Baking soda along with lemon juice. This I take twice a day for the last 5 days. The main intention is to reduce my blood pressure. I definitely see improvement in energy levels. However since I have started taking this I have begun getting constipated. Also my blood pressure has risen by about 5-8 points on the systolic reading and I feel I am gaining weight. Does this sound like I am retaining sodium? In one of your suggestions you mention using Potassium Bicarbonate. However I am unable to find it in the pharmacy. Please let me know what you would recommend. Thanks

EC: Question Answered on the ACV and Baking Soda Q&A

Replied by Tom
Galloway, NJ USA

[SIDE EFFECTS]   Hello everybody, I also experienced a bad case of constipation. But to make matters worse, my butt not only feels like it is clamped shut but it burns like hell all the time. I've never had hemmies but I am assuming thats what they feel like (no bleeding). I started out with a teaspoon in about 10 oz of water but then I followed EC advice with 2 teaspoons in a liter of filtered water and sipped during the day.

I stopped for about a day and a half and the bottom end of me is getting better. However, I have a case of rosacea and it seemed to clear up nicely and I was peeing like a race horse..But the burning butt is a deal breaker. I was using _____ organic with the Mother... Any suggestions? Would baking soda help or should I forget about it? Thanks

Alkalizing Remedy
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Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) on 09/02/2011

[SIDE EFFECTS]  Hi, I just took the alkalizing remedy (baking soda, potassium bicarbonate, citric acid) in the monring and in the mid afternoon I took it again and threw in a little vitamin C and magnesium. I read somewhere on here it was recommended to alkalize 4 times a day to strengthen the immune system. I haven't been able to eat much cuz I don't feel well but on the 2nd time I felt a quick full body heat flush and then anxiety for a few minutes until I drank more water and ate an egg. I might have been a bit dehyrdrated as well. My stomach feels a bit in turmoil right now. Did I do something wrong? What can I do right? Gracias!

Replied by Bianka

[YEA]   Hi All, I take apple cider vinegar 4 drops with tsp honey bit of warm water to stir then add cold and knock it back only once a day it has helped my bad back no end but why would anyone want to take their concoctions more than once a day - anything that is taken too much is not good for you.

I also take quarter tsp of Bicarbonate of soda in half a glass of water for my heartburn when it comes on which is about once a week now whereas before I lived on rennies - then the doctor put me on some sort of antacid tablets that had side effects like putting on weight. So I stick to carrying my bicarbonate of soda in an old tablet bottle.

Re CANDIDA - I got rid of mine that I had had for years on and off with the following:

2 -3 half capfuls of Aloe vera (cranberry flavour) juice (this is like a weed killer for yeast) 1 -2 acidophulus tablets (10 million per capsule) as the 4 Billion suggested capsule gave me a temperature. I gave up all sugars, all yeasts incl alcohol except Apple cider vinegar, and gave up mushrooms as suggested in the candida book - this I did (and noted on paper each day my headaches etc) I did this for 3 months suggested and all my ailments went away now I keep aloe vera in the fridge for when I need it (opened it only lasts a month) and always keep taking my acidophulus tablets 1 or 2 a day - they are the good bacteria that is suppossed to be found in Actimal and Yogurts and Yacult except that the later 3 things have sugar in them and make you fat hence contarindications.

So why not try the above for candida and like anything the bad will come out in some form like itching or headaches or nausea but should only last a week . I now take Selinium tablets - antioxidents once a day and a squirt of lemon juice also antioxident to ward of colds - I watched a documentary that said that oxygen oxideses our body like rust and therefore we should all be taking antioxidents because of this and the chemicals in the air.

Look after yourselfs and don't overdo your concoctions but personally I would do things over a course of a month or 2 -3 only and if it does not clear up then think again.

Apple Cider Vinegar
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Posted by Chris (Santa Clara ) on 09/15/2015

[SIDE EFFECTS]  I am getting a headache taking acv. I hear so many good benefits. Does this happen to some people?

Replied by Sky
Stone Mountain

[YEA]   I have been taking ACV and have been getting headaches. Is this normal or should I stop taking the ACV?
Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe

Sky, if you see it's helping you in other areas, why don't you reduce your dosage until you find a no-headache dose.

Posted by Leeanna (Florida) on 06/09/2015

[SIDE EFFECTS]  I started taking the ACV a few weeks now and I haven't seen my periods as yet for the month and the date is passed by 5 days now.

Posted by Squaregum (Geneva, Switzerland) on 03/24/2015

[SIDE EFFECTS]  I don't know if I am posting this in the correct forum.

After reading thouroughly about the benefits of drinking ACV I decided to try it. I went to my health store and purchase a bottle 5% acidic, unpasteurised, etc... Could not get my hands on Br...., cause I live in France, but let's say is 100% organic and the lot.

I had 2 tbs with water in the morning, ( I take usually lots of water during the day), and 15 minutes later I develop this headache... I came back here to read that my body is detoxifing itself so I think ok, I will keep going. Everyday a headache, depleated energy (and I am usually ready for the gym in the morning), for the 5 days I drank this I could not find the energy to do anything on top of the slight headache my body was depleated ans screaming for cookies (which I never eat, sugar cravings).

My last intake of ACV was yesterday before lunch. I had a major final exam today and I just couldn't study due to the lack of energy and the headache. During the night I thought no more, tomorrow is a big day and I cannot afford to feel like this anymore, lack of energy, not wanting to exercise (which I usually do very pleased).... No more ACV.

I had been reading also about coconut oil, so this morning I decided to have a tablespoon of it, and although my headache didn't go away immediately, it faded away gradually. By the time my exam started I was feeling more energised than the previous 5 days while drinking ACV. I am still using it topically on my face.

I want to say that the first time I opened the bottle of ACV I gagged, now I am kind of used to it and doesn't disgust me that bad. I would want to continue with it, but I need some input as to why I feel so bad while drinking it.

Any input/help, very much appreciated.

Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe

Squaregum, you obviously started out with too much.
Replied by Squaregum
Geneva, Switzerland

Thank you for your suggestion. Any specific dosage? Should I do half of it or even more?
Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe

No, Squaregum, start with less than half. You can always add later. And start with only once a day.
Replied by Squaregum
Geneva, Switzerland

Thank you. I had one teaspoon this morning and so far so good.

Posted by Wodell333 (Lil Ole, Vermont) on 01/20/2015

[SIDE EFFECTS]  Just a question and not sure if anyone has had it happen or if it is even related. Three days ago I started taking Braggs ACV 2 tablespoons 3 times a day in a huge glass of water. On the second day on wakining I was very stiff and my joints ached And even now I feel the same way. I did not work out, I am not sick. Is this just me or has anyone else encountered this odd symptom? I had tried ACV for GERD and some energy as I heard it could help both. I also heard it helps arthritis, but it seems like I'm having the opposite effect. Any suggestions would be helpful.

Replied by Brad
Rhode Island

My guess is you get worse before you get better. Why? Because it is pulling away the bad stuff from the joints and bringing into the bloodstream which then gets excreted. Just a guess but I think I'm right. Don't stop, keep doing it.
Replied by Bee
New York

You might be having that die off effect or your body is detoxing .. I know when I oil pull I feel like I get some sort of flu.... I never had that with ACV but I do eat a lot of organic and drink alkaline water and use lemons so maybe I am not that toxic.. Have you tried the PH strips to check your urine and to check how alkaline or acidic you are?
Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe

Wodell333, my guess is that you are taking too much.
Replied by Phyllis
Tuscumbia, Alabama

Hello Wodel333,

I agree with both suggestions given so far. You may be having these symptoms from detoxing effects, on the other hand you may be taking too much. The only time I've ever taken six tablespoons in a day was to get rid of gall stones.

Posted by Erin (Minneapolis, Mn) on 07/07/2014

[SIDE EFFECTS]  Hi, I just started drinking ACV with some lemon juice and dried ginger (day 2). I have been feeling bloated and was wondering if that will go away with time? Is there any other things that might happen to a new user that would be helpful to know?

Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe

Erin, try reducing the amount of ACV and mixing in some baking soda. It'll fizz.

Posted by Mily75 (Ontario, Canada) on 01/14/2014

[SIDE EFFECTS]  HI, I have been dealing with constipation & hemorrorids all my life, I'm 38 years old. Recently had a colonoscopy and all was clear with no issues.

Doctor said add water & more natural fibers and 1 teaspoon of metamucil to your diet which I did. It helped my constipation but the side effects were brutal extremely gassy and sensation to go all the time but nothing would come out just the sensation was there. it was horrible

So I stopped taking natural fiber & metamucil. I heard apple cider vinegar was a natural remedy for this so I started having it for 8 days. The first 2 days I had 1 or tablespoons raw and straight not diluted in anything. After that I had 1 tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar with 1 tablespoon of honey in 1 glass of room temperature water first think in the morning. It def helped my constipation making me go daily, but on the 7 day of drinking this I woke up nauseous and stayed like that the whole morning. Then afternoon developed a bitter saliva taste in my mouth. I stopped the APC and the next day I was fine. Decided to take it every other day. So waited 1 day and took it the day after, and the next day I had nausesous and bitter saliva which has lasted for 3 days now.

My questions are as follow:

- Is the nauseousness and bitter saliva a side effect of the ACV?

- If so, is this permanent side effect or will it go away? The reason I'm asking I had the ACV on Saturday and today is Tuesday and still dealing with the bitterness saliva

Please advise. Thanks in advance.

Replied by Mike62

Mily75: I make 1 gallon daily of a home brewed ferment similar to ACV and have not had any side effects. Detox reactions can occur anywhere in the body. The cells of a weakened immune system can miscommunicate causing allergic reactions. Because 70% of the immune system is the digestive system where the problems seem to be maybe strengthening this area would be a good idea. There are many favorable reviews on amazon for rutin for hemorrhoids. At the same place you can get the best remedy for improving the immune system, a 17 mushroom blend extract from Washington. For constipation take black chia seeds. These are very high in soluable fiber and have many favorable reviews for the colon. For the bitter taste in mouth google lifestyle karma bitter taste in mouth. For nutritional support watch raw food videos.
Replied by Mily75
Ontario, Canada

[SIDE EFFECTS]   Thanks for the reply. I will follow up your advise for the chia seeds and costipation. However, what i want to hear from was are there anyone else out there that experienced nausea and bitter saliva or taste in mouth after 1 week of drinking apple cider vinegar. I'm trying to validate if this is the culprit for the symptoms i'm experiencing. Thanks.
Replied by Carly

Hi Mily75, I had the bitter, metallic taste in my mouth a while back. I googled everything I had been eating and using...and came up with my toothpaste being the cause. I had been using Sensodyne Pronamel at the time, and there are many things written about it causing a metal, bitter taste on the web. I stopped using it, and the taste went away fairly fast (a day or two if I remember correctly). Anyway, you might want to google your toothpaste and mouthwash brands along with "bitter taste" or "metallic taste" and see if there is any info on the web. Even if you have been using the same product for years, it can start giving you trouble at any time....sometimes the manufacturer will change ingredients, etc also. just another thought, something else to look at. Good luck, I know how icky that taste / feeling is!

Posted by Naz (Karachi Pakistan) on 11/20/2013

[BETTER BUT WITH SIDE EFFECTS]  I've been taking Apple cider vinegar early mornings with water and once in the middle of the day and then before I sleep. My main purpose has been to detox with it. I feel it is great but today I've been feeling a lot of heart burning. Is it possible that ACV can cause stomach ulcers? Should I continue taking this on an empty stomach in the mornings or stop with that? I've changed my diet and have a lot of yogurt and fruits in my diet now. Hardly any fried foods. What can be the reason? Should I get an H pylori test done? Thanks!

Posted by Hotlava (Seattle) on 10/18/2013

[SIDE EFFECTS]  Side Effect:

I started drinking ACV in larger doses (6T/day in tons of water) after developing a nasty bladder infection.. It worked wonders on reducing the infection (I was happy I still went to the doctor to get antibiotics! ), but my joint pain/discomfort skyrocketed and would worsen the more ACV I drank. It disrupted my sleep unfortunately, which doesn't help w/ fighting infections. (I get the same kind of joint discomfort when I am sick with the flu and when I eat nightshade vegetables.)

I used to be a strict ACV follower, as it helped reduce my body fat and increased my energy (lost 20 lbs w/o trying! ), but then I noticed that it worsened a scalp condition, facial acne, and tonsil stones/halitosis. I was using an organic, unfiltered, unpasturized, popular gold labled brand of ACV.

Now that I am drinking the ACV again, while it is helping reduce the UTI/bladder infection, the joint pain increased and the scalp flared up too. I get similar effect when I drink Kombucha and unfiltered beer.. I consider the side effects to be too burdensome to bear as a "detox", and so cut out the ACV.

However, I am wondering, could the Mother and yeasts be part of why I experience side effects? Has anyone who's reacted to motherized-ACV experimented with organic, unfiltered (or not), PASTEURIZED ACV to reduce their reactions?

I am a big fan of probiotics and enzymes and such, but am not worried of loosing those health properties by using pasturized ACV as I can find those in other foods. I think that the major benefits of ACV are the acetic and malic acids, mineral content, and phytochemicals, all which are unaffected by pasteurization.

I appreciate any thoughtful responses!

Posted by Sunny (Los Angeles, Ca, Usa) on 06/30/2013

I have been drinking ACV and I have been pooping dark green is this supposed to happen? (I have not been taking anything else). Thanks!

Posted by Mari (London, Uk) on 05/18/2013

[SIDE EFFECTS]  Hello, I started taking a spoon of Apple Cider Vinegar every morning, when I heard that it aids digestion and alkalines the system.

However, since I started I have been waking up with burning eyes and my tounge and mouth feel very acidic every in the mornings. I also experience worsening pains in my joints (hand) that seem to get worse every day.

Could the Apple cider have made me more acidic? Please advise. Thank you.

Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe

Mari, have you been diluting it in plenty of water?
Replied by Davey D.
Vancouver Bc., Canada

To Marie from London. You are supposed to take two tablespoon of ACV in a glass with 1/4 tsp. of baking soda mixed in and let it fizz off. Then you can mix some water or flavored water if you like up to a full glass. No wonder you are so acidic.

Davey D.

Posted by Nandu (Kerala, India) on 04/29/2013

[SIDE EFFECTS]  Initially, I had used ACV with mother and got good results with a chronically blocked nose and warts. However, I find that any internal use nowadays, even the lowest recommended dose, triggers an aggravation of my barely dormant facial dermatitis and urticaria. Odema and melasma also occurs. I was such a fan of ACV that I tested this in several ways with long breaks in between. It definitely ACV that causes the aggravation. Just thought I'd pass on this feedback.