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Side Effects from Common Home Remedies

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Apple Cider Vinegar
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Posted by bang55 (Kuala Lumpur, WP) on 06/30/2009

[SIDE EFFECTS]  After reading so much about ACV, I tried it and have been on it for more then 1 month now. Initially I felt energized and great. Now I always end up with bloated tummy and recently for the past 10 days, my tongue is bitter. Temporarily I have stopped taking it. I started off with 1 tbls of ACV and 1 tbls of Blackstrap Molasses in 8 oz of purified water. I want to continue with ACV for at least 6 months, can anyone advice. Thanks

Replied by Dianna
Austin, Tx
i had a similar problem when i was taking ACV in large doses (1 tablespoon in 8 ounces of water)

when i would take it like this every night i would have bloating and gas when i was trying to sleep - very uncomfortable.

i didn't want to entirely stop the ACV - so what i started doing was to put about 1/4 to a 1/2 a teaspoon into 32 ounces of water and drink it throughout the day.

this has worked great for me. i still get about a teaspoon of ACV per day and it doesn't give me gas or bloating.

also i had a very bad reaction to blackstrap molasses. i tried several times to take it starting with 1/8 teaspoon and every time i would become dizzy, have diahrreah, and just feel horrible. i stopped taking it and each time it would take a few days to feel normal again. this was organic no sulfur added blackstrap molasses.

from what i've read blackstrap molasses contains natural occuring sulfites (or is it sulfates?)and that would make sense because i have trouble with sulfites/sulfates (red wine gives me an instant headache, etc).

Replied by Serena
New York, New York
After reading this website, I am determined to try ACV, however in reading all of these "side effects" I am foced to ask the question, Do people actually know the difference between a teaspoon and a tablespoon? 1 teaspoon is 5 milliliters and 1 tablespoon is 15 milliliters (TRIPLE the dose!) Working at a pharmacy, I know the importance of starting a new medication at a small dose, and working your way up to the recommended dose. This way, it gives your body time to get used to the medication and also if side effects/allergies occur, they will occur with much less intensity at a lower dose, and if they continue at the same low dose for a full week, there probably is a problem and you should stop and consult your physician. The other important part of working your way up to the recommended dose is the recommended dose part, which I understand is 1 to 2 teaspoons (5-10 milliliters) diluted up to three times per day. Maximum daily dose of 6 teaspoons (or 30 milliliters) When starting anything new, you do not want to start at the maximum daily dose, overloading your system with anything new and different can cause extreme consequenses. I am excited to try this remedy for my fatigue, allergies, depression, IBS, acid reflux and insomnia, however I will probably start at 1/2 teaspoon (2.5 milliliters) ONCE per day and increase as needed IF needed every few days or so. I'll write back in a few weeks and let you know how this works for me.
Replied by Lisa
Brandon, Florida
Hello, I have been reading the comments on the side effects and noticed that people would take a huge starting dose not knowing about their body's tolerance and then they would have a reaction. I would use a small dose and see the results. I have used the ACV and castor oil and gotten rid of moles. Awesome
Replied by Healthy248
Digby, Nova Scotia, Canada
How exactly did you rid yourself of moles, what mixture did you use, I have recently developed many little moles or skin tabs and would love to get rid of them. Thanks

EC: Please see for more remedy information.

Posted by Mai-lee (Upstate, N.Y.) on 06/28/2009

[SIDE EFFECTS]  Hi . I stated on ACV about a week ago, I have been having very loose Bowel movement, Is this from the ACV???

Posted by Hazel (Canberra, Australia) on 06/24/2009

[SIDE EFFECTS]  I tried taking half a tablespoon of ACV in the morning with the intention of building up to a full tablespoon or more, however every time I take it for more than a few days my hair dries out and becomes like straw. Has anyone else had a similar reaction to taking ACV?

Replied by Lisa
Brandon, Florida, Usa
Whenever you add something new to the system it should be in a very small dose to see the effects. Hitting your system with such a high dose so quickly can be a shock.

Posted by PEA (Santa Barbara, California) on 06/24/2009

Don't put the wrong amount of ACV in the 8oz water!!! Ive noticed all that have issues with this remedy or adverse effects are people putting WAY TOO MUCH ACV in the water. They all complain it doesn't work but, they are putting 1 or 2 Table Spoons of ACV! The REMEDY IS 2 TEASPOONS!!!

Replied by Healthy248
Digby, Nova Scotia, Canada
Where did you get the exact dosage, the first one I got said 1tbls ACV, 1tbls distilled water, 1tbls of honey ?? What should it be. Thank you

Posted by REKHA (PUNE, INDIA) on 06/13/2009

[BETTER BUT WITH SIDE EFFECTS]  I have been regularly reading your website,thank you, its truly informative &lucid. I have been having varicose veins, &controlled diabetes, i took ACV and felt much better, but i feel i'm loosing weight, while my doc insists i should gain atleast 2 kgs--- please guide and advise, my husband suddenly had gout, has been taking ACV for the past 2 days, though the pain is less, the swelling has not yet gone., please guide.

Replied by Wrldtrvlr
Orlando, Fl
I have been taking 2 tblespns of ACV with a dash of honey and chasing it with 8 oz. of water for 7 days for gout after I gave out of the Rx from my physician and the pain returned 2 days later. The ACV dulls the pain, but I too still have the swelling and can't put weight on the foot. I have also eliminated everything except chicken and a few veggies like broccoli from my diet, It seems ACV may just be a temporary fix. Has anyone had better results with Gout?
Replied by Kathy
Dubois, Pa
A sovereign remedy for gout is cherries. It used to be thought that it had to be sour cherries, but it turns out that any kind of cherries will do. You can get sour ("pie") cherries canned in water in just about any grocery store in the U.S. Just make sure it is not "cherry pie filling", where the cherries are swimming in a starchy, sugary glop. What you are looking for is plain cherries canned in water. The ingredient list on the back of the can should say "ingredients: cherries, water", and NOTHING else. Start by eating about 3/4 cup of cherries a day, and then cut back to 1/4 to 1/2 cup after awhile, once you start to feel better. Adding cherries to your diet on a more or less continuous basis ought to keep the gout away.

p.s. some people just make more uric acid than others and so are prone to gout.

Replied by Candy
Fort Madison, Iowa, Usa
try some transdermal magnesium. you just soak your feet in it for about 20minutes. works.
Replied by Alain
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Answer to REKHA from PUNE, INDIA about husband's gout

See my post(s) in EC

I basically mentioned about using pH paper to measure urine's pH. The less acidic the urine, the more uric acid will be eliminated through the urine. Drinking more water will help. Fresh and good quality veggies and less protein will also help. Alkalizing foot baths will help.

Check for some alkalizing suggestions. If swelling or water retention, Reduce sodium intake.

You can contact me at alainwiel[at]yahoo(dot)ca if you have questions.

Good Luck

Replied by Healthy248
Digby, Nova Scotia, Canada
Hello there! I have read almost every thread, and finally got to a place that addressed my concern, which is Gout that I have on and off for a few years now. A few days ago I started using Black Strap Molasses in a drink 2 times a day, on the second day after only one hit of this, my big toe on my the right foot started acting up, first question is will BSM aggravate gout, if not would the iron in it cause a similar reaction in a person already prone to gout, could I have to much iron in my system, and could it cause a gout attack. I have recently started the ACV & Honey & Distilled water regimen, but the gout is still here after 2 days, in defense of ACV I had a few purine rich items recently and also fish today and just read that haddock is a no no, especially if your in the middle of an episode of gout, is there an iron over abundance issue with either of these and could it cause a gout flare up as well. Now that being said I was told that my uric acid levels were high, can I assume they were not lying to me, I don't trust Doctors to much, they seem to push pharmaceuticals far to easy, and never offer up a holistic approach. Forgive the long windedness of my article.

Thank you for any advise you might give

Posted by Serenity (Oswego, IL) on 05/28/2009

Can acv cause an uti? would the detoxing acv does make the urine full of toxins and thence place bacteria in the urine? I am at wits end here with a terrible uti and antiboitics so far isnt doing the job totally. I was using acv before the infection and now just so sick. Please....i need help

Replied by Sally
Ogden, UT
Serenity, try D-mannose for your uti/bladder problems. In my circle of users, it is 100% effective. They take 700-1400mg a day. It is a simple sugar which attaches to bugs in the bladder and carries them out in urination. Google for full explanation. Can be obtained from any health food store or one of the many catalog/on-line vitamin vendors on Google. Please let us all know how it does for YOU.
Replied by Sangeetha
Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
Hi: I get yeast infection every time I start ACV after a gap...I don't know the reason, but the same ACV helps relieve it too. For the relief, I use 2 tbsp. of the organic ACV in a jar of water and rinse the affected part with it. I have also tried soaking a face cloth in water and ACV and applying to the effected part for a few minutes. Do this 2-3 times a day for 2 to 3 days and you might be rid of it.
Replied by Serenity
Oswego, Il
Thank you for your response. Me also..seems like when I stop and then start again I get the infection. Right now they took me off of microbid cause of horrible reactions. dont know what i will do now. I am trying d-mannose to see if it willl help. I will try the application like you said. If anyone has anymore suggestions PLEASE email me. I need all the help I can get now. Thanks and God bless!

Posted by Pamm (Alabaster, Alabama) on 05/15/2009

[SIDE EFFECTS]  I have Addison's Disease and I have tried taking ACV on several occasions and yes it does help with all kinds of problems allergies, headaches, and arthritis. What I have noticed while taking my Organic Acv is swelling in my fingers soon after and my fingers are very red and shiny and alot of discomfort. It only happens when I take Acv so how can I find out why the Acv is doing this and what can I do to get the swelling to go down in my fingers. My urine Ph was very acidic this morning after taking Acv 3x times yesterday. 2 tablespoons in water. Does it have something to do with lowering the potassium levels? I want to take Acv w/o the swelling in my fingers. Please help..

Replied by Ezra Gardener
Detroit, MI
[WARNING!]   This also use to happen to me when I took ACV. However it would occur in my feet. What I started doing was applying coconut oil when this would happen and got GREAT results. I got instant cooling, & relief. Try it on your hands next time around and let me know what happens! - Ezra Gardener

Posted by Julie (Tallahassee, Florida) on 05/03/2009

[SIDE EFFECTS]  Hi everyone. I'm 18 years old, in good health, but I get terrible hay-fever and cat allergies. I just started taking ACV for my allergies, 2 teaspoons in 8 ounces of water three times a day. The first night I got a rash on the top of my left hand, tiny itchy red bumps, and less on my right hand. The next morning I felt itchy all over my body (the rash had gone down though, no spreading), but at least my allergies were completely better. I mean VERY itchy... on my arms, hands, back, neck, legs... everywhere. I decided that day to just have 2 teaspoons in 8 ounces of water once instead of three times, but now it's the next morning and I'm more itchy than ever! The one serving yesterday wasnt enough for my allergies either, as they are very bad now. Do I have to choose between having allergies and being completely itchy? I don't know what to do, but I really want to get rid of my allerigies and if anyone thinks this is a temporary side effect, I'm willing to try to wait it out and keep taking the ACV. Oh, and it's ___s organic, raw, unfiltered ACV, with the "mother." I'm about to major in voice, singing classical music, but I can't do that if i'm having allergies all of the time! Help, please?

Replied by Don
Gardena, Ca
My sister had the same problem. Turns out she was allergic to all types of vinegar.. Try oil pulling with sesame oil:

Posted by Sangeetha (Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands) on 05/03/2009

[SIDE EFFECTS]  I stumbled upon your website sometime in December 08 while I was surfing the net for home remedies for a small kidney stone. I tried the lemon juice olive oil recipe, but it didn't work (maybe because my stone might not be calcium oxalate). Then I read about the ACV remedy and I started it not just for my kidney stone but also for my food alleries. I started with IGA brand, went on to Heinz and finally to _____ when I found it in the stores here. For quite some time I took 2 tbsp in a big glass of water twice a day. Later I realised it is supposed to be 2 tsp (not 2 tbsp) so I changed to 2 tsp in a big glass of water twice a day. I always added a dash of salt, pepper and lemon juice to improve the taste. When I would skip it for a couple days (weekends) or more and then have the first glass, I would feel like I am drunk (I never drink) and wouldn't understand clearly what was going on for around me for a couple of hours. In around mid March I reduced to just 1 glass a day (as I would get headaches on weekends, after drinking ACV thru the week, I never get headaches otherwise, except after too much exposure to sun) and after a couple weeks I reduced it to just 1 tsp in 1 big glass of water. While it helped me a lot with my kidney stone and allergies, I didn't feel quite right - like I would feel drunk if I drank it after a gap. I have stopped drinking it for 2 weeks now as I started realising that I haven't been feeling myself. I have been working as a secretary for the last 23 years and I am excellent at my work. But for the last few weeks, I have been forgetting to do things at work, that come just naturally to me. I have been forgetting to do important things. I work as a secretary, so work done wrongly due to my forgetfulness is being notice by my boss and our clients. I have never ever been like this. I never have had to make an effort to remember anything and can multi task like my second nature. But remmebering to do the routine work has now become a burden for me and I am worried that don't know what will I do wrong at work next. ACV is the only thing I have done different in these months, so I am wondering if it is ACV that has caused the memory loss (and lack of concentration) in me. One of my colleagues had mentioned that I should not be mixing lemon juice with ACV as one is alkaline and the other acidic (I don't know which is which). Why has this happened to me? Has ACV either alkalized or acidified my body too much? Which one of the two it has done? And how can I get my body being back to the state it was before? How can I nullify the effects that ACV has done on my body.

I would greatly appreciate solution to this as it is effecting my work and my self-esteem. I just don't feel myself anymore.


Replied by Ingrid
Lawndale, California, USA
Dear Sangeetha,

All fermented fruits will have the alcohol effect, tha's why you feel like you are drunk, the side effects will not last very long, drink a lot of water, and if you can get a hold of a fresh coconut, drink a lot of the water, there is nothing better for UTI, and UT related anything. COCONUT water, good, natural refreshing won't cost much $$$ either. Please let me knw how you feel afterword, and regarding your work, it might not even be related with what you took, it might just be the stress of what you were going through.

Replied by Sangeetha
Gramd Cayman, Cayman Islands
Hi Ingrid

Thank you for your response. I doubt if we get fresh coconut water here in the Cayman Islands (though I do see plenty of them on the trees), but we do get the canned ones. However, I am allergic to coconut and generally try to avoid it. Stress may be a part of my work related, but it doesnt make you feel drunk and numb all day. I I am feeling drunk and numb even this morning and problems at work have gotten worse and I am seeing my doctor today to understand what's happening to me and to find a cure.

Replied by Sangeetha
Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
Further to my below post, I must add that I have hypothyroid which seems to have been affected by ACV. I have done blood test for thyroid and the results will come out shortly. The condition I described in my earlier (below) post is called brain fog as stated Cathy's post in the link below:

I have the exact same condition and have had problems at work due to forgetting, not able to concentrate, etc.

So I guess while ACV did wonders with my kidney stone and food allergies, those with thyroid (in my case hypothyroid) must tread with fear or consult their doctors before using ACV. If I didn't have thyroid, I guess I might have continued taking ACV.

Replied by Cat
Austin, Tx
I too have taken 1-2 TAB of ACV, _____'s brand and at first it was great; lost 4 pounds, had clear skin, more energy, no joint pain, eyesight improved etc.. Then, I began noticing that I get dizzy when I take it and got a candida rash on my face. Both went away when I stopped using it. Tested it again one morning and found I was dizzy, my blood pressure and blood sugar shot up, I itched; this was just 1 tablespoon in a huge glass of water. By nightfall, the candida rash was back around the nose and mouth. Conclusion: ACV is great for some but not for all, or all the time. I test it - realized it - eliminated it's DAILY use. Now, I use it only as a medicine when eating badly and when seasonal allergies cause symptoms. Candida is kept very active with VINEGAR plus sugar and wheat in all its forms. I now know that as a life-long carbo addict with thyroid, candida and pre-diabetic issues my DIET had to change. When I'm consistently low carb for at least 2 weeks, my itching, moodiness, hard dry feet, shoulder pain, etc.. diabetic/candida/thyroid symptoms disappear. AND, my eyesight and voice get better. Low carb for me means eating the following daily:

6-8oz of meat or fish
egg yolks (allergic to whites),
raw salad with olive/coconut oil & spices (no vinegar)
unlimited cooked veggies
1 fruit
Gallon of water a day

On this diet I turn into SUPER WOMAN! with consistent weight loss, great memory and energy, AND, no pains or allergies. When seasonal allergies occur or I over-carb, 1 "teaspoon" of ACV before bed eliminates symptoms, but, I get right back on my low carbo diet the next day. Research and test what you are putting into your body and don't be afraid to cut back or eliminate what does not work for YOU ....peace out...CAT

Replied by Andrea
Rough And Ready, California
[BETTER BUT WITH SIDE EFFECTS]   Vinagar did everything it is supposed to do for me. No more constipation, no more dehydration, more energy and loss of weght, however my mind does not function as well, I can't remember the names of the insects I try to classify. I am going to take less and take it in tea to help lose water from my blood to reduce the increase in BP. My blood pressure is too low, but now it goes a bit too high.

I can't understand the inability to concentrate. I am still experimenting and now am taking one teaspoon in a cup of tea with some artifical sugar.

EC: Have you read some of the side effects reported from artificial sugar? Brain fog is one of them!

Posted by Andrea (Kalamazoo, MI/USA) on 04/24/2009

[SIDE EFFECTS]  I tried ACV for 2 weeks and found my BM had turned pale yellow. A bit disturbing so I quit. Is this typical?

Posted by Anonymous (Bergen, NJ) on 04/16/2009

[SIDE EFFECTS]  ACV also makes me very constipated. Seems to dry me out. Tried various brands/types, w/ and w/o baking soda, miniscule amounts to tablespoons, numerous times, and all had same constipating effect. Anyone with an explanation? Also, it makes me cold (lowers blood pressure - maybe the reason?) & did the same to a friend who tried.

Posted by Renee (Kampala, Uganda) on 04/09/2009

[SIDE EFFECTS]  after reading this site about the wonders of ACV. I was eager to try it to lose weight. i bought american garden ACV because it is the only one available here. i take 10ml in 500ml of water and sip all day. however i feel very tired all the time and i have these bad i started taking it at once in the evening but i felt worse. these side effects subside when i stopped taking it. i felt better in my stomach when i was taking it. when i stopped the bloating and acid reflux returned.

i would really like to continue taking it. is there any advice you can give me on how to reduce these side effects? i have searched the site but dont see any remedies for the headache side effects. thank you

Replied by Che
Roxas City, Phil
Ted said any brand will do as long as its made from apples. Continue taking it and observe for a few days. Maybe your system is on transition period or healing crisis. Goodluck hope it works.
Replied by Ted Donate

Bangkok, Thailand
388 Posts
Dear Renee:

Apple Cider Vinegar may not for some who has metabolic acidosis. A person with low levels of bicarbonates to neutralize the acidity may experience headaches. Therefore, a baking soda is added to neutralize the acid. My experience has been that an acid reflux works similar to that of yeast, which causes gas to rise as it ferments from the stomach. Most fungus yeast like bacterium are destroyed either from increasing the acidity of the stomach acid, or by alkalizing the body sufficient to neutralize them. The second remedy that is used is 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar plus 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1 glass of water taken twice or three times a day. The resultant pH here is roughly 7.5 pH when it's fully reacted, but will see a 7.0 pH initially. Acid reflux is noticed whenever a saliva 's pH to be below 7, instead of the usual 7.3 and a person has a lot of acid reflux at 6.5, become very weak and insomnia whenever saliva pH is below 6.

The baking soda may raise a little of saliva pH, but the effect is seen more if the potassium bicarbonate or the preferred tripotassium citrate is added along with baking soda. The third remedy I used is 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar plus 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda plus 1/4 teaspoon of potassium citrate in one glass (or if a person has trouble taking a full glass, then 1/2 glass of water may be necessary). It takes about over a week for the body to neutralize the acidity accumulated in the body and the acid reflux to subside.

A little known information is that most fungus, as in yeast, tend to grow at low acid condition, where the pH is between 4- 5.0. Most healthy person has a pH below 3 whenever the stomach needs to digest food. Starches, peanuts, potatoes and especially low acid food as in orange juice or fruit juice may wosen the condition as pH is acid but not too acid and tends to add fuel to the fire and this is how acid reflux is tested.

The simplest of all remedy I used is baking soda alone, but a newer remedy I may add a small pinch of ammonium bicarbonate or ammonium chloride, which kills the fungus and yeast. However, baking soda alone works, but to effectively raise the esophagus, and throat pH, I may need to add the potassium. The remedy is 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda and 1/4 teaspoon of potassium citrate in at least 1/2 glass of water taken twice a day. This should have least effect on headaches and other problem. A potassium bicarbonate may be substituted. Some other people whose saliva pH is much lower such as 5.5, may require a lot more potassium to normalize the condition however. For example 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda plus 1 teaspoon of potassium citrate in 1 glass of water and taken at least twice a day. A yeast condition or an acid reflux, are quickly killed in some cases with 1/8 teaspoon of ammonium chloride or ammonium bicarbonate alone is possible. However, acid reflux in Thailand is generally rare and hard to find, but I had very few cases and is generally neutralized with the mentioned remedy. A person of acid relfux may also have low chromium, low vanadium, low manganese, low copper and low molybdenum, but the easiest way is to just avoid sweets and starches are the easiest. And then the drinking water we add minerals by simply adding the sea salt, either sea salt as in dead sea, himalayan or even the sea salt they used in fish aquarium, which have clearly labeled minerals on their packages.

The addition of sea salt is between 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon per liter of water. If a drinking water has contaminated with heavy metals, the addition of 1/4 or even 1/8 teaspoon of sea salt will taste unusually salty or metallic. In which case adding to ordinary bottled mineral water would not have this effect and the source of the contamination often comes from bad pipes and rusty or contaminated water faucets. So the sea salt is synergistic with the other remedies mentioned. The addition of baking soda cannot be added with any sea salt, because it has a laxative effect, unless of course a laxative effect is desired due to constipation.

For most headaches I found that excessive calcium and lack of magnesium and especially vitamin c deficiency to be the common cause. If I take 500 mg of sodium ascorbate vitamin C twice a day, all headaches are gone the next day. A high common table salt intake and sometimes too high of sea salt may cause a headache too. The common table salt causes much higher headache where the most common source comes from the all American diets of french fries and potato chips, which are acid, high in calcium and has high fats. Low potassium and low magnesium can cause it too. Too much calcium entering the brain leads to headache and a magnesium is antagonistic so it reduces them. A potassium citrate increases alkalinity as do a baking soda and reduces calcium from leeching of the bones as the blood alkalinity is increased thus reducing the headache that way. So there's many causes of headaches, but these are the major ones. The apple cider vinegar is acid so a body without sufficient alkalinity to neutralize this has high blood calcium as the acidity causes higher leeching from the bones and reaching the brain and it's more worse if the person has low level of vitamin C, the form I prefer is sodium ascorbate, because it's an alkaline form, as opposed to an acid form of vitamin C such as ascorbic acid.


Replied by Cess
Nairobi, Kenya
Dear Renee

Sorry I read your question much late (4months after you posted it) as I was researching on side effects of ACV. I made the same mistake i think sometimes early this year and bought the American's Garden ACV because it is the first thing I saw in the supermarkets. I had not done much research on ACV

My advice (hope it is not late) would be that you look for natural ACV. If I remember well the one I got had 5% citric acid (natural ACV has 5% natural acidity)and i guess it was distilled (of course i did not realize that until i took it and my whole body started aching especially in the joints). With more info I started looking for natural ACV in the few health shops we have here in Nairobi. The one I found is OK and I would therefore advice you to look for health shops in Kampala, you might get lucky to get natural ACV. I do not take it regularly though because it makes me loose weight and I am very petite.

I was however confused because I saw one in one shop labeled "_____s" but the word "organic" was canceled manually with a marker everywhere it appeared on the label. Hope you get the right ACV and all the best. Cess

Replied by Calista
Penang, Malaysia
Hi, Renee. I have 2 suggestions for you. First is to try 5ml (instead of 10ml) of ACV in 500ml water and see if that dosage suits you better. Second is to increase your daily water intake. ACV may be flushing out toxins from your body and without water, the toxins remain in the body and cause problems. So, more water will ensure the toxins are flushed out. Also, tiredness and headaches can be your body's way of telling you that you need more water. Best wishes.
Replied by Mj
Los Angeles, Ca
Just wondering if large doses of apple cider vinegar (2 Tablespoons 2-3 times a day) will make a person smell like vinegar, much like garlic does? I work with the public and do not want to be offensive! Thanks for your help!

Posted by Debbi (Anaheim, CA) on 04/02/2009

[SIDE EFFECTS]  I've been drinking 2tbsp of ACV in water throughout the day for the last week. Yesterday I gave myself a paper cut & when I licked the blood off my hand I noticed it had a very strong metallic smell & taste (something like pennies or rust). Today I can smell that same smell on my skin (hands mostly) and taste it in my mouth (been sensing that part for a few days now)... is this caused by the ACV?

Posted by Georgia (Chicago, IL/USA) on 03/31/2009

[SIDE EFFECTS]  Apple Cider Vinegar for Acne- Question & Side Effect:

Yesterday evening I drank 2 teaspoons in 8 oz of water w/organic herbal tea and used the 50/50 ACV (_____s) w/distilled water as a toner at night after I cleansed my face by hand w/Out of Africa's shea complexion bar and before I placed Jason Vitamin E 25000 I.U. cream on. Side effects: My skin seemed fine, but soon after became blotchy, red, and stingy, this is after the cream was placed on face. I have some redness due to acne, and for a couple of weeks prior to this new ACV regime, I used BC aspirin mask w/honey, so this ripe face of mine is a discouragement and frightened me since it looks like a sunburn, never this red ever.

Question: Should I use the aspirin cream, if so, when? Or is aloe vera gel good? What should I do do about my flared up face? It calmed throughout the day, but I still feel stingy and it looks red and tight even after I washed my face this morning.

Today I drank 2 teaspoons of ACV in 8 oz of water twice. Organic herbal tea w/honey separately. Side effect: My throat burns a little and I had a bit of a throw up-hick up too. Tonight I'm only going to use the toner I made last night w/o the vitamin E cream (to see which is the aggressor- the soap, cream, or ACV). I'm still using the soap, and based on my test tonight, I'll either go with or without it tomorrow morning and evening.

My question is, am I to feel SICK? I feel weird sensations like a fever, headache, and exhausted. But during the day I was pretty well and energetic. I also find myself going to the bathroom more than usual, like all the time. What's up? Am I allergic or having a bad reaction? Are these warning signs? Or just toxins leaving my body? I've never cleansed myself w/ACV before so I may just be a bit sensitive or is this a red flag for extreme sensitivity?

Thanks in advance! (: Appreciate this awesome site!

Replied by Georgia
Chicago, IL/USA
Once I stopped the vitamin E cream, my face stopped it's rash/sunburn symptoms. I have noticed I am more energetic, but my face is breaking out more! And it's oily! I use to have dry skin. Is it the shea butter soap doing this? Is this suppose to occur? Still drinking the ACV twice daily and using the toner now with BC (aspirin) powder in the mix to help exfoliate and die down the redness and doing this once to twice daily depending how my face feels. Should I wash it off after a few minutes, or keep letting it sit on my face?

What face creams do you recommend with ACV for acne remedy? I have scars already too. ):

TY if anyone can assist me. (:

Replied by Charice
I suggest you stop everything you are putting on your face. Use a face cleanser of your choice - not the shea butter soap; you are adding more oil to your face and you don' t need that. After you wash your face, then use 100% tea tree oil. Do this at night time only. The smell is very potent, so you don't want to smell like tea tree oil during the day!

In the morning use only water to wash your face. If you need a light moisturizer, check out ___ [drugstore] in their face cleaning section and find one that is good for acne.

Your shea butter soap- use that for your body. I personally use shea butter and vitamin E formula I get from ____ [drugstore], as my moisturizer in the morning - but I don't have major acne problems.

My son was having major bumps on his face from shaving. In addition to changing what type of razor he used, he added tea tree oil to his nightly regimen. His face cleared up!

Tea tree oil is expensive for the little bottle ( get it at ____ or some local pharmacy store like it). The cost is around $13 for 1 fl oz. BUT it lasts a long time! Everytime I would get a pimple or feel one coming. I would put the tea tree oil on and it usually was either gone the next day or smaller. Gone by day two or three.

Replied by Sarah
Kansas City, Mo
I had horrible acne for about three months from excessive facials and using too many various facial products. The cure was the the virgin coconut oil.

It has been less than a week since I threw out all my expensive products and switched to virgin coconut oil. I wash my face with a face wash that only has natural ingredients - absolutely no parabens!. Don't over wash your face either. Twice daily - max.

I then apply the virgin coconut oil as often as needed. I understand that your experiencing more oil production, but the virgin coconut oil will help balance.

Another thing to consider - ingesting the virgin coconut oil. Just make sure you don't use refined coconut oil It's not the same.

Good luck.

Posted by Adriana (Diamond Bar, California) on 03/29/2009


My mother and I began taking ACV yesterday, 2 teaspoons 3x's a day. I have noticed some very positive results from this, including clearer skin and the disappearance of an infection I have had for over 12 months. However, both my mom and I had terrible leg cramps and pain at bed time last night. I am wondering if anyone else has had this minor annoyance occur after ingesting ACV? I am a 23 year old female and my mother is a young 50, both of us are very healthy, average build, but neither of us are very active. I read about putting a bar of soap at your feet when you sleep to help with Restless Leg Syndrome. I am going to try that tonight. However, I do not know if that is what me and mom are suffering from. If this is just a side effect from the ACV how long should we expect to experience this? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Replied by T
Maryland, USA
My first thought was that you might be low in potassium, but as this effect happened to both of you under the same circumstance at the same time, then I wonder if it is indeed the ACV. Are you using an organic type with the "mother" in it? If not, try the organic, and also start smaller - just a teaspoon or two once a day to see how your body handles it, then you can increase it a bit. Please let us know how it goes as it could be relevant to someone else down the line :)
Replied by Wrldtrvlr
Orlando, Fl
[SIDE EFFECTS]   I too have been experiencing extreme leg cramps at night since beginnin ACV, which frightened me. I assumed it might be an extension of the gout for which I was taking acv.
Replied by Lisa
Brandon, Florida, Usa
I cured restless leg syndrome. One thing I used was quinine which is in Canada Dry soda water.
Replied by Cat
Austin, Tx
Sounds like low magnesium to me... Try magnesium citrate and make sure to keep up your potassium. I've noticed that some people get low iron with ACV and thyroid problems. I believe Ted's original suggestion of 1-2 tsp. Is a great way to start, but for those now experiencing these awful symptoms like memory loss, anemia, leg cramps, etc... I would suggest backing off ACV for a month, then trying again with added minerals like magnesium etc... ACV may cause detox, but if it is painful, lower the dose or stop completely for a few. Peace out, Cat