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Side Effects from Common Home Remedies

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Apple Cider Vinegar
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Posted by Tana (Orange, NSW) on 04/03/2013

[SIDE EFFECTS]  Greetings, I would like to ask a question - I commenced taking 2 teas. ACV in water with honey, each morning, approx 1 year ago. As time has passed I now get horrible indigestion & acid reflux, burning right up to base of my throat. Particularly at night when I lay down.

The Dr. put me on medication for 30 days, which settled it down. Now, without medication it is starting up again. I had my gallbladder out 18 yrs ago.

I loved taking ACV, however, am now wondering if it actually has caused this problem? Rather reluctant to commence again. Would really appreciate advise.

Kind Regards.

Replied by Jnell
Lumby, Bc, Canada
Hmm, just thinking it could be something else you are eating or drinking, dairy or meat maybe? ACV is actually a very common cure for Acid Reflux. Also you could try mixing about 1/4tsp of baking soda in 6-8oz of filtered water and sipping that when your having discomfort :) Good luck

Posted by Sharon (Coburg, Vic) on 02/03/2013

Can apple cider vinegar cause bloating of the stomach?

Posted by Patels (Toronto, Ontario Canada) on 01/27/2013

[WARNING!]  Apple cider vinegar side effects are mild and can be easily prevented. Here are 5 side effects of apple cider vinegar and how to prevent them.

Few of my known friends tried this one and hd scary sidfefeects ranging from serious damage to vocal chords and flu like symptoms. Please please be careful.

Posted by Uzanne (Fort Wayne, Indiana) on 11/08/2012

[BETTER BUT WITH SIDE EFFECTS]  When I take apple cider vinegar daily I break out with painful herpes. I finally figured the ACV was the only thing I was doing different. I wondered if anyone else has had this experience? At first I thought it was the effect brought on by cleansing my body but the pain was too much so I stopped the ACV. If this is the virus being attacked I want to continue but I need to know if anyone else has had this experience. I do want to take ACV for all the good things it has done for me. But I was miserable. Thanks and I hope to gt some feedback.

Replied by Carol
Statesville, Nc 28677
TO the girl who gets herpes side effects upon taking apple cider vinegar. When I started taking ACV to cleanse my body, I too got a tiny bump in the corner of my lips and knew it was herpes. Had this once or twice before. I immediately put rubbing alcohol on it and all over the rest of my lips to protect them. The alcohol starts to KILL the herpes as it tries to grow! If you don't believe me, TRY IT! IT WORKS! The doctors don't want you to know this because they won't make any money off of you if you cure yourself! Right! Okay, please use a dab of rubbing alcohol on the bump as soon as you have THAT feeling on your lip. Keep applying it as soon as you get that feeling and I promise, it won't grow! Its amazing, I just experimented with rubbing alcohol one day and it worked. Hope you get this soon. By the way, I have been cleansing with Apple cider vinegar with the mother in it for a month. Add one tsp or more of the vinegar to two cups of water. I drink glasses of this all day. If you feel that darn thing on your lip just zap it fast. Thank you God for rubbing alcohol! Sincerely!!! :)!

Posted by Yoj (Lawrenceville, Ga, Usa) on 05/30/2012

Hi! I am new to the site but I am really enjoying it here! I have just started the ACV and so far have only taken it 2x in 24 hrs. I am taking 2 tsp in 8oz cranberry juice. I already have a canker sore on the back of my tongue. I know this is common but should I cut back on the ACV or maybe the cranberry is too much acid? Just wondering the cause and if anyone else has had the same issue and solved the problem.

Thank you!! Yoj

Replied by Nickie
Rinsing mouth with diluted Grapefruitseed extract and swallowing gets rid of canker sores really quickly.

Posted by Cat (Bop, New Zealand) on 05/24/2012

[BETTER BUT WITH SIDE EFFECTS]  YEA BUT WITH SIDE EFFECTS: Thinking I was doing everything right for the last few years, switching to non-fluoride toothpaste and consuming ACV (sometimes 3x day but last few months 1x week), never drank sodas, even as a child, healthy diet with little processed food - I've been suffering toothache and went to the dentist a couple of days ago where he announced I had a LOT of work needing doing in my mouth. I was horrified but have been thinking perhaps I shouldn't have switched from fluoride to non-fluoride, did the ACV strip my teeth and cause cavities??? Well I think yes to both of these but it's done now so I'm trying black walnut although can only get them in gel capsules (not as good perhaps?), liquid silica, cod liver oil, fish oil etc - he's also put me on anti-biotics for the first time in I don't know how many years but will take to kill off any pain and give me respite till next appt.

Anyway, if I'd known to drink water and not brush my teeth straight after drinking ACV (or have it through a straw), I would have possibly avoided all this drama. I'm feeling really down about it as I don't want to lose any more teeth. I'm 47 and in otherwise good health. So just a warning to those consuming the good old apple cider vinegar - drink through a straw, have a glass of water straight after and DON'T brush your teeth straight away as this brushes the enamel off as the ACV has already attacked it!!

Posted by Laz (Bloomfield, New Jersey, Usa) on 02/27/2012

I am wondering if anyone out there can give me some feedback. Here is my story (I'll try to keep it brief): In June, 2011 I started losing my voice and have experienced various stages of hoarseness ever since. It is Feb. 27, 2012 as I write this. I went to an ENT physician, who examined my throat/vocal cords (not a pleasant experience) and he told me my vocal cords were "red and puffy, " and he believed the cause was that I was experiencing "Silent Acid Reflux" (i. e. , I don't have heartburn, but he said that stomach acid was traveling up my esophagus and burning my vocal cords). I also have noticed an off-and-on tangy taste in my mouth, plus often smell what I can only describe as "cigarette smoke" right after I eat -- but of course no one is smoking around me. Very weird. I thought that possibly I was smelling my own stomach acid churning around in my stomach.

So, I did my own research on the Internet and discovered all sorts of rave reviews about apple cider vinegar being a wonderful cure for acid reflux (even though, according to the ENT doc, mine was "silent. ") Since mid-January of 2012 I have religiously been drinking _____'s ACV (one tablespoon in a glass of filtered water) every day. So far I have not noticed any changes, but then again, I don't expect my hoarseness to go away immediately. The ENT doc said it takes several months for the "burned" vocal cords to get back to normal. (By the way, the ENT doc told me to start taking Prilosec -- but I was most reluctant to do this, as I experienced a side-effect of an irregular heartbeat about six years ago when I DID have heartburn -- so I stopped taking it and my heartbeat returned to normal). So, I did not do as he said, and did not start on the Prilosec. BUT... I found ACV, and was most hopeful this would work.

Today I went to a gastroenterologist to confirm (or not) what the ENT doc said he thought was my problem. I was "knocked out" and had an endoscopy of my stomach. The preliminary report (until the biopsy samples come back from the lab) is I have a hiatal hernia -- and this means that indeed stomach acid COULD get through my LES sphincter to travel up my esophagus and singe my vocal cords. However, the gastro doc said my esophagus had NO burns, and he was not sure yet that stomach acid was the culprit. BUT... He showed me photos of my stomach, and parts of my stomach were red/inflamed (many patches of red color). He asked me if I was taking lots of aspirin, and I told him "no" -- only one or two per week (neck pain), and he said the aspirin was probably not the cause for all the red patches in my stomach. So I started wondering: could apple cider vinegar POSSIBLY have a side-effect of causing inflammation in the stomach? I CANNOT for the life of me think of any other reason. I eat a healthy diet -- zero spicy foods, no red meat, no alcohol or coffee.

And so, if ANYone out there has any feedback/ideas/experience if ACV ever caused inflammation in their stomach lining, please get back to me here. At this point I am going to stop drinking the ACV until I can figure this thing out. Many thanks.

God bless you all, "Laz"

Replied by Cat
Austin, Tx
My mother-in-law suffered with your symptoms. For Christmas, her family gave her the book "Wheat Belly. " She began implementing the way of eating suggested and her acid reflux, hernia, hoarness in her voice have all gone away. She is amazed at what has happened. She's lost 20 lbs in a month, and, her wheat belly is going down. Now, I'll tell you, this is a women who has had several operations and probes on and into her stomach and guts. She even had her gallbladder and appendix removed because doctors thought these could be causing her stomach ailments. One, simple change - removing grains and milk from her diet - has brought a miracle into her life and her health. Best of luck to you.

Posted by Mary (Kildare, Ireland) on 02/05/2012

I have osteoporisis and low blood pressure. Would apple cider vinegar be a suitable remedie for me to treat repeated urinary tract infections. It seems to work for so many people and I would love to try it but am worried about lowering my BP. Also cant get my head around the acid or alkaline issues of ACV.

Replied by Teresa
Worksop, Nottinghamshire Uk
I have recently started taking 2-3 tablespoonsful of ACV daily as I bought it for my cat and as the recommended organic one is fairly expensive, thought I would give it a try. I do not have any health problems (apart from frequent heartburn which, surprisingly, the ACV has not made any worse) but I have noticed that I have had no hot flushes since starting this. Of course, this could be a coincidence but would be interested if anyone has had any experience of this.

Posted by La Coneja (Paterson, New Jersey) on 01/28/2012

[SIDE EFFECTS]  I don't mean to disgust anyone but I just recently started drinking ACV this month and my menses won't stop. I put 2 cap fulls in a 16oz bottle of water. Since drinking this I have been very heavy & only when I skip does it "slow down. " Is there something wrong with me?

Replied by Jen
Bozeman, Mt, Us
La Coneja, You should be taking a multi vitamin. ACV can deplete your body of such vitamins as potassium, zinc, calcium, and iron. All very important to balancing your blood and hormone levels. Make sure you are taking a multi vitamin while taking the ACV and try taking a little extra zinc for a few days during your period. You don't want to take too much though or it will knock other vitamins out of balance so just stick with about 15 mg added per day for a few days. I take about 25 mg twice a week and this keeps my period under control but I also take the opposing vitamins and minerals to make sure I am not causing an imbalance with the zinc. I also drink the ACV daily only I can't handle the diluted water all day so I take a shot twice a day with a little water added. Short and sweet, or rather sour but it gets it down:)

Posted by Amy (Tucson, Arizona) on 12/22/2011


Been over a month since I found this website and loving it so much (I'm on it everyday :) ). Started taking ACV with BS 5 days on 2 days off every week cured my fever, cough and cold, no back pain, no migraine and feel lots of energy. I'm very, very happy with the results and very thankful for you and everyone for having such good hearts. Unfortunately I've also lost 4 lbs in a month which isn't neccessary :(. My question for you is : " Since taking ACV and BS my health have been improved so much. Is there a way for me to take ACV without losing weight (keeping my weight the same)? How to gain weight while taking ACV?

I'm waiting for your answer. Thank you!

Replied by Cmb
Decatur, Ill
I am also considering starting ACV as I am tired of the side effects of amplodine (you know; makes gums swollen and the other meds made me quite constipated). My mother use to buy this juice called "Jogging in a Jar" feel free to look it up... I use to have some but its been years, but I believe it was apple juice, cranberry juice as well as ACV; was a little pricey but it was good/tangy. I believe this is a good result of the ACV. Best of Luck!!

Posted by Special01 (Indianapolis, In, Usa) on 12/18/2011

Has anyone else experienced choking while taking ACV and eating red meat? I was taking ACV daily for all the benefits it offers. I developed a cough which seems to have developed into choking when eating certain foods. I can no longer eat any rice at all. I love rice but it gets caught in my throat and the only way I can get it out is to vomit it up. If anyone has a remedy please help!!!

Replied by Maria
Gippsland, Australia
Hi Special01 from Indianapolis, Try putting magnesium under your tongue to be absorbed sub lingually when this happens or even if you suspect it is about to happen. Mag Oxide powder or Mag Citrate or Epsom Salts all work well and let it dissolve without swallowing. When you swallow the taste should be gone due to it being absorbed under the tongue. It may also pay to increase your daily magnesium. All the best.

Posted by Kalki (Mumbai, India) on 11/24/2011

ACV has worked for me on separate occasions for a completely blocked nose and for sticky bowel movement. Both times, the welcome difference was felt by the 3rd day. I took 2 tbsps of ACV in 1 litre of water and drank it throughout the day.

Last month, I took 2 tbsps of ACV in 8 oz of water, 3 times a day as recommended as I felt a severe cold building up. The cold was stopped in its tracks but mild, more or less dormant facial dermatitis (on neck too) flared up like anything. The rashes started first. After 3 days, my face started swelling and kept it up.

And the itching.... Horrible is too mild a word for it! Only aloe vera juice directly from the leaf helped with the itching. Stopped it within 5 minutes [after a few days of experimenting with a lot of remedies including ACV (with water 1:1) topically]. Till then it was difficult to even sleep.

After a few days of putting up with the rashes and swelling (I had reduced all my allergies previously by diet control), I went on a sprouts and fruits only diet (only one item at a time and only 4 items a day. Yes! ) to help my body recover. I stopped ACV at that time. I do not apply anything but natural stuff on my skin due to previous allergies.

It's 2 weeks later now on my diet, and my skin is limping back to normal. I still look like I have a medium case of sunburn, with dry flaky, bumpy skin. Thankfully not itching from the inside. Some discomfort remains due to the dryness. The skin on my face and neck in the affected parts is noticeably very much darker. It looks like a line drawn all around the base of my neck and one side's dark brown and the other light brown.

Can ACV do this?Was it a healing crisis? Was it the concentrated dose? Even if so, does it take 2 weeks , and continuing, for it to leave the body? Will this change or remain like this? My family and I have had many good experiences with ACV. I want to continue but am scared of a worsening of all this. Confused... Any help will be appreciated.

Replied by Baldev
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Hi Kalki, Apple Cider Vinegar cannot be the reason for your skin problem. However you can use coconut oil , it should help you in this situation. Drink more water.


Posted by Tammi (Sutherland, Ne) on 11/17/2011

[BETTER BUT WITH SIDE EFFECTS]  I been taking Apple Cider Vinegar (2ts to 12ozs of water) and drinking slowly thoughout the day but my huband complains of it causing really, really bad breath on me. I like the way my body feels but I don't want to cause other people discomfort around me. He claims it's coming from my stomach. I become so aware of the problem and when I stop taking it my breath is fine. Any suggestions? Please offer.

Posted by Tammi (Sutherland, Ne Usa) on 10/27/2011

I was using ACV to detox @ 2tsp per 24oz of water per day also was oil pulling each morning with different kinds of oil. Coconut, sesame, castor oil.... I use the ACV about 2 wks before noticing I was getting a raging vaginal yeast infection. Used acidophilus both internally and externally and got relief. Started ACV again and notice the yeast infection symptoms again. Could this be from die off or what is your opinion? Has anyone else experienced this reaction? Should I use ACV again after I get it under control?

Posted by Ahmed (Sialkot, Pakistan) on 10/16/2011

[BETTER BUT WITH SIDE EFFECTS]  I am 29 year old and married. Suffering from sinusites since last one year and have use all sort of antibiotics but still victim of sinusitis. I have found on this site apple cider vinegar for treatment of sinus infection. I have use it and after taking two dose as prescribed on this site, my sinus problem is a little bit controlled.

But I have severe side effects of this remedy I.E. Low libido and erectile dysfunction. Before using it I was totally fit and I was no issue of ed but after taking two dose of apple cider vinegar I face this ed problem. Any help, suggestion or advice please to overcome this issue. Is using apple cider vinegar the reason of low libido and ed? I have purchase american garden apple cider vinegar because other brands are not available in my area.