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Plantar Fibroma Remedies

Last Modified on Nov 10, 2015

Treatment of plantar fibromas varies from mild stretching and physical therapy to supplemental treatment. Stretching prevents buildup of fibers in the foot and lengthens the ones already present to eliminate fibromas. Natural treatments, such as apple cider vinegar, dissolve fibromas to treat the condition as well.

What is a Plantar Fibroma?

A plantar fibroma is a nodule or fibrous growth that typically appears in the arch of the foot. The knot is often embedded in the plantar fascia, or the band of tissue that extends from the heel to the toes along the bottom of the foot. Plantar fibromas are typically benign but may cause pain or discomfort. The exact cause of the condition is unknown.

Natural Treatment of Tumors on the Foot

Eliminating tumors requires natural dissolution of the growths via supplements and other therapies. Stretching is an effective treatment as is physical therapy. Additionally, supplements, including apple cider vinegar, target the fibers of a plantar fibroma and naturally eliminate the growth.


As a fibroma is the result of the buildup of tissue, stretching can effectively lengthen tissues to limit the effects of the condition. Stretching also increases the circulation in the foot to facilitate effective cell growth and regulation.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a targeted treatment option that works on breaking down buildup of fibers and eliminating nodules. This therapy pairs effective stretching with strength exercises to treat the condition and eliminate buildup.


Supplements and other natural products work to effectively dissolve nodules. Apple cider vinegar applied to the growth naturally breaks down growths and reverses progression of the disorder. Cayenne and other anti-inflammatory substances can also offer relief and treatment.

Plantar fibromatosis is a condition that is characterized by benign tumors on the foot, which can cause pain and discomfort. Effective natural treatments work to eliminate the buildup of fibers and relieve pain associated with the condition.

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User Reviews

Apple Cider Vinegar
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Posted by Wadams (Australia) on 04/06/2013

I've been using ACV for a week now just on the lump area; nothing happened for first three days, then skin around and in top of fibroma peeled off. When top of fibroma skin came off, left perfectly round hole. Next application of ACV made fibroma black underneath the skin.. Looks revolting, but something's definitely happening! Sting/burn too painful to reapply ACV so have applied solugel to give it a rest bc area was very inflamed & painful to walk on. Am waiting to see now. MRI shows nodule very deep, so I dont know if its just burned the top or is affecting the whole fibroma.

EC: Originally, this message was longer and pointed out a suspicious post on the same page that seemed to be promoting a commercial product. We had blanked out the product's name, but it turns out the entire post was copied from elsewhere on the web and has now been deleted. Evidently, just an attempt to sell products. Good eye, Wadams, you have our sincere thanks!

Posted by Sue (Northfield, Il) on 07/02/2011

The person who wrote about a remedy for the above mentioned the letters ACV. What do those letters mean?

EC: ACV=Apple Cider Vinegar

Replied by Carol
Plainfield, New Jersey

[SIDE EFFECTS]   I read about using ACV on a plantar fibroma with great expectations. All I got was a red, sore burn mark near the fibroma. I soaked a cotton ball with ACV taped it over the spot with plastic and sock covering it. Leary to try it again - just made my foot peel since the area was wet. Any suggestions? Thank you!!


When I did the ACV treatment on my feet, I treated the entire sole of my foot (see the original post) all night long for several days, and I had NO peeling or burning at all. Don't know why it would be different for others. I used brown organic apple cider vinegar, the kind with a "mother" in it, and the brand that is from an old-time health-food advocate. My sister has been putting it on a couple of warts on her fingers, taping a piece of ACV-soaked cotton on 24/7, and this method does appear to "burn" the wart off.

Posted by Tassia (Berkeley, Ca, Us) on 10/09/2009

[YEA]  I got this thing called a Plantar Fibroma on the sole of my foot, suddenly, about 7 weeks ago. After I got the diagnosis a couple of weeks ago, I was trying out some ACV on my skin and it occurred to me that it would feel good on my feet -- and it did, it felt REALLY soothing and cooling, which seemed very good. By the next morning, the fibroma was almost gone. Here is what I did: I put a folded paper towel in a plastic bag (like a produce bag) and poured some ACV (that expensive, organic brand) onto that, then put my foot on the paper towel and tied the plastic bag onto my foot (I actually did both feet because it felt so good) and left them like that overnight. I kept doing this for about a week, and there is no sign now of a fibroma. Kind of amazing, as people have surgeries for this -- and then the fibromas come back anyway. I wonder if this would also help plantar fasciitis, as it seemed to soften and relax the entire fascia.

Replied by Margaret
Albany, Ny

I am so excited to read about this treatment because I have been suffering with several fibromas on each foot. I am actually currently using ACV to spot-treat plantar warts on my feet. The ACV is causing the hardened skin around the wart, and the wart, to peel away, a very good thing. But I'm nervous about now applying ACV to the entire foot, including non-hardened skin... did you experience burning or extensive peeling at all? I was surprised that you said it felt good. Thanks for posting!
Replied by Joyce
Raleigh, North Carolina

My grandmother and mother always used baking soda and ACV on bee stings. It just boils them out-I too have a planters wart and am cosidering trying this to "oil" it out. Will let you know if it works.
Replied by Liz
Tenerife, Canary Islands

[YEA]   My 82 year old father used the apple cider vinegar method as described above for this and it has worked. He had it on both feet and on one it has almost gone to nothing, the other is slowly going down but was bigger to start with. He did over do it, and ended up with a burn from the acid, but once that healed has only done it at night and has been ok. He used organic and ordinary cider vinegar, and they both have worked. He now can walk without pain.
Replied by Vikas
Cumming, Ga, 30041

Hi, I have plantar fibromatosis on my right foot and pretty big in size. On the website I read about applying apple cider vinegar which can be used to dissolve the tumor. Could you let me any practitioner in my area to whom I can go and check how can I use ACV?
Replied by Mario

I was just diagnosed with Plantar Fribromatosis. Could you please Tassia (or anyone using ACV) of (Berkeley, Ca) on 10/09/2009 inform me if the treatment really work and how are any of you doing? Thanks, Magudelo41 (at) gmail (dot] com
Replied by Luis
Beaverton, Or

I have fibromas on both feet. I am treating the most painful one as an experiment.

Application Method:

1- Went to the store to buy a breathable band-aid that encloses the area.

2 - took a piece of cotton ball and got it wet with ACV. Placed the cotton ball over the fibroma and enclosed the cotton ball with the band-aid

Applied the treatment after showering and before going to bed. Removed band-aid in the morning.

Results after 1st night:

1- Significant less pain when touching the Fibroma

2- very small area of skin on top of the fibroma was soft and able to peal off the dead skin.

- After the first night, it feels like it is healing. Will continue treatment for two more nights and report back when have a chance.

Replied by Tassia
Berkeley, Ca

This is Tassia, who started this subject back in 2009. I wrote to Mario, who asked for more information:

I haven't checked back here very much but I see someone asked me for an update (Mario in Miami 09/16/2014). I did post a reply on 05/15/2012 to Carol in NJ, but I see my name did not get attached to it for some reason. I put some more details in that. Anyway, I never have had any more fibromas nor did the original one come back. See my original 10/09/2009 post for my instructions. There was no pain, burning, or peeling, the thing just shrank away. Having just read all the posts on this page, I am sorry to see that ACV did not solve everybody's fibroma problem. Different people, different chemistries, and maybe newer fibromas might respond more easily to ACV?

==== I got a reply from Mario, who said:

Thanks for your kind reply. To my surprise, It went away. I have been doing the exercises and it appears to work well. I just came back from a trip to Paris and Madrid, I walked miles and miles and felt the pain only on two occasions; but I stopped, did the stretches and it went away...did I beat it? I hope so.



Replied by Natalie
Salt Lake City, Ut

Luis! I'm curious to know how it's going for you with the ACV. Any updates?


Replied by Linda
Baltimore, Md

Dear Tasha,

I went to a Podiatrist and was told that I have a large fibroma on one foot. I am very confused because I have several growths on both feet that are extremely painful. As mentioned in other people's comments they have used the ACV treatment in different ways. All of my growths are on the fascia and the big growth is in the arch of my foot. I am concerned about possibly making my situation worse. Could you suggest the best method for me?

It is also very strange that my sister also has growths on her feet as well. We both got them around the same time. This makes me really think about a possible fungi that was mentioned in a response from Dave to Andrea.

Looking forward to your response.

Multiple Remedies
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Posted by Andrea (Fl, United States) on 06/12/2014

[NAY]  I'm looking for assistance with Plantar Fibromas which I've have for years. I have on both feet. The orthopedic surgeon suggests surgery- that would keep me off feet for 2 months. I've tried- oral enzyme therapy, ultrasound, cream with DMSO, acupuncture, apple cider vinegar (ingested and put it on soaked overnight. and & verapamil cream. The prescription verapamil cream was most helpful, ultrasound gadget I got from online was kind of helpful, ACV maybe little helpful. Really afraid of surgery since there is such regrowth. I am female, 47, and work actively on my feet at a hotel. I've lately noticed a ganglion type cyst in my hand and previously had frozen should. Wonder if all these are related, what this stuff is and how to get it out of my system. Thanks for your help. I know many of us have this problem- few have lasting answer.

Replied by Dave Donate

Fountain Inn, Sc

Hello Andrea,

Re the multiple problems;

Here are a couple of things you might try...first see a google site pdf "the wonder drug cabbage" and also read about "cabbage" under remedies here in Earth Clinic.

You might follow the directions of how to prepare a leaf or leaves of cabbage to wrap one foot leaving the other without the benefit of the cabbage poultice. This would be an overnight experiment. Of course, you wrap the cabbage compress in a plastic so as to protect the bedding.

That pdf site (a book) is amazing...full of examples of how the writer over decades used cabbage as a healer.

Well, which takes us to what might be causing the COMPLEX of issues you are facing and you ask ... could they be related?

You just might be right. Maybe the basis of the Fibroma is perhaps a fungi. In which case you'd have to follow an anti fungi remedy. Bill Thompson (Bill from the Philippines on EC Posts) has a book on Candida and Fungi...Killing So Sweetly which would help you.

And if the Cabbage Cure helps for one foot and then helps with the other, you know that some juicing using mainly cabbage would be a benefit.

But if me, I'd surely try the Cabbage Cure for a night or two.

Replied by Holly

I have had success using arnica. I use arnica cream rubbed deeply into the area and oral homeopathic arnica tabs dissolved under the tongue. Also freezing water in a small round cup and rolling the area intensively over it helps, then heat, rub arnica in intensely and keep up the oral administration of anica. Best of luck! ACV has also helped to alleviate symptoms of it as well and of my sciatica