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Gallbladder Attack Remedies

Last Modified on May 22, 2015

Natural Relief for Gallbladder Pain

Few things are scarier than a gallbladder attack, but once the shock goes away and you realize what is going on, a few natural remedies from home can quickly relieve the pain of a gallbladder attack. After that, a gallbladder cleanse or other home remedy can help you eliminate the causes of your digestive issues.

The gallbladder is a small digestive organ located on your right side beneath the liver and feeding into the small intestine. The organ's role is to store bile produced by the liver and release it into the duodenum as needed for intestinal digestion of fats and protein. When the organ goes bad, gallbladder symptoms include abdominal pain, pain in the right shoulder, nausea, and loss of appetite. All are the result of inflammation of the gallbladder, usually after a gallstone forms and blocks the bile duct (cholecystitis). After a few hours of gallbladder symptoms, the attack will often subside on its own. However, in some cases gallbladder surgery becomes necessary.

Natural Alternatives to Gallbladder Surgery

A well-balanced diet and keeping a healthy weight can help you to prevent gallbladder issues. Some food allergies can also lead to gallstones, so an elimination diet may help you determine the cause of your gallbladder issues. In the event of an attack, Earth Clinic users have reported that they can stop gallbladder pain with a simple apple cider vinegar in apple juice treatment. Over the long-term, milk thistle supplements reputedly offer help, as well as several home remedies to be found below.

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Most Popular Gallbladder Attack Remedies:

Apple Cider Vinegar in Apple Juice100
Apple Cider Vinegar in Juice7
Flax Seeds4
Apple Cider Vinegar, Lemon Juice3
Ted's Lemon Bicarbonate Formula3
Pickle or Lemon Juice3

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Gallbladder Attack
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2 Types of Gallbladder Attacks   1  0   

Posted by Jewels51 (Ohio) on 02/25/2014

[WARNING!]  I have gall bladder attacks. People must differentiate between 2 types. One type is due to gallstones and the other due to a sphincter problem called sphincter of oddi. If there are gallstones a flush might help, I don't know, since I have no gallstones based on scans. I do have spasms in my sphinter of oddi, which is a spasm in the spincter or tubes that do not allow the bile to release. WARNING if you have this particularsphincter problem fats will make it worse. Do NOT a flush involving oil or fats of anytime, it will put you in the ER. I was taking fish oil and flax oil and my gall bladder was killing me. This is because fats cause the bile to build up because they are needed for fat digestion. When you build up fats and can't release the bile because of a spasm in the sphincter that will not let the bile flow out into the digestive system, the gall bladder overfills and backs into the pancreas at times. If you do an oil flush or increase fats pain will increase!!!! Removal of gall bladder does not help this because the sphinter is not removed with the gall bladder and in fact, gall bladder removal will often make this condition worse. I don't know the cure, however, my gall bladder and pancreatic pain calmed almost completely when I stopped the flax and fish oil and cut down on fats in general. Now if anyone knows how to get the gallbladder sphincter to relax from spasm and release the bile, WITHOUT using fats or oils, I would love to know the answer so Please POST it.

Replied by Mama To Many
Tennessee, Usa

Dear Jewel51,

I read your post and think, "Lobelia! " It is an anti-spasmodic herb and we have used it with success in our house for a number of things, though not for gall bladder issues. We have used it for asthma and for suspected appendicitis.

You can buy the loose herb and make a tincture of an oil infusion. I would use this externally over the area where you have pain. It absorbs readily into the skin. You may be able to buy a tincture or oil. I can give more detail on making the infusion or tincture if you want to try that. You may also be able to take it internally and have it work, but be careful as a small amount of lobelia is a relaxant and too much is a stimulant. If your body is toxic, a small amount internally can cause vomiting.

I also would not be surprised to see a charcoal poultice or castor oil pack help you in this situation. I have used both for pain in the gall bladder area as well as for other things. There is information about both on this website.

Do you know if any foods are irritating your gall bladder? I know certain ones do mine, especially coffee, sadly!

Let us know what you find out. I hope you get relief soon.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Prioris

Good information about the two types of gallbladder attacks. It is easy to just assume stone related. Won't milk thistle get the bile flowing?
Replied by Timh
Ky, Usa

Jewels51: To strengthen the Liver/Gallbladder and increase the flow of bile take Triple Strengthen Lecithin and Dr. Christopher's Liver/Gallbladder Formula. There are many herbal suppliers w/ different names to this formula. The one I used to take was called Liveron. An internet search should produce some good results, but if not report back and I can give you the list of the home made formula I use.

I also occasionally use lemon Water to help open things up down there.

Replied by Mary Lou
Cincinnati, Ohio

To Jules51, For your spasms of sphincter of Oddi. Try 1-2 tsp of Bitters (Angostura) in water. It is in the grocery stores aisles with the drink mixes, cheapest at Walmart. It is an antispasmodic and antiflatulent. I swear by it for an upset stomach and gallbladder pain. I know it saved me from an ER visit twice in the past 20 years when I was doubled over in pain and nausea so badly I could barely speak or chew a Tums. Each time was due to meals with hidden fat, which I normally avoid. It tastes like an unsweetened coca cola, has a bit of alcohol, 44.7% by volume. Worth a try, I know I would have been in ER both times. When I can't talk, I am sick! hahaha
Replied by Erika
Atlanta, Ga

I came across this site when looking for feedback on something I discovered by accident. I too have to watch fats in my diet because of gallbladder pain.

Recently I began having plain yogurt in the mornings mixed with a little honey (for flavor). I have been amazed at the positive impact it has had on my digestion and my gallbladder. Hope this helps.

Replied by Rebecca
Co, US

I found that my attacks were brought on my a combo of stress (huge!!!! ), not drinking enough water, and eating a large meal late in the evening with lots of salad and dairy fats, my favorite combo. Too hard to digest. Under advice of a naturopath I take lecithin, vitamin C, fish oil, and GB 6 which is a chinese herb blend. I ditched dairy and coffee and drink green tea, which is a calmative, and I have been symptom and pain free for a year. And, I'm healthier than I've been in ages. My GB was the canary in the coal mine for me. I find that stress really triggers spasms. If I feel spasms coming on, I sip a little cider vinegar in juice, and I take a percocet which my primary doc prescribed in case of attack. In addition to helping with the sudden onset of debilitating pain, it has muscle relaxing properties that can help calm the spasming before it gets full-blown.
Replied by Rebecca
Fountain Inn, Sc

Rebecca, Can you tell us the ingredients in the GB6, Chinese Herbal blend.
Replied by Rebecca

Rebecca, it contains china berry fruit and other herbs; it's supposed to slacken the sphincter of oddi and contract the gall bladder. I notice my gall bladder feeling "busy" or twingey when I take it; the goal is to keep things moving and/or dissolve and expel stones.
Replied by Cindy
Utah, US

I have been on HRT since age 39 (early menopause) to reduce risk of osteoporosis. Can anyone tell me the effect of taking 3 Tbs ACV daily on my bone density? Does the ACV have to be downed all at once or can I mix it w/ a liter of water and sip all day? What does it do to tooth enamel?
Replied by Mikemo

ACV/apple juice remedy: Be advised this does not work in all situations. If your gallbladder is inflamed or has a wall thickening issue, this remedy MAKES ATTACK MUCH, MUCH worse. I tried it and ended up in ER 2 hours later.....
Replied by Phil
San Jose, California

Consider adding magnesium to your diet. Magnesium is needed for muscle relaxation, while calcium is needed for muscle contraction. Muscle spasms may indicate magnesium deficiency. Dark leafy greens contain magnesium, since it is part of the chlorophyll molecule. You could also use a supplement such as magnesium malate tablets, which readily decomposes in the digestive tract into a bio-available form of magnesium and malic acid, the latter being found in apples.
Replied by Joy

Try magnesium. I'm in facebook group called Magnesium Advocacy Group and learned there that magnesium acts as a muscle relaxant. I get mine from a simple teaspoon of milk of magnesia 3 to 4 x a day.
Replied by Timh

@Joy: Have you ever tried Epsom Salt aka Magnesium Sulfate?? I use M.S. daily in a warm foot-bath w/ good results. The Sulfur in combination w/ Magnesium make for a very good detox & healing remedy.
Replied by Rt
Alabama, US

My grandmother had to have a splint placed in her duct. Also, I read epsom salts dilates the duct.
Replied by Azm

Can some of you give examples of fatty foods you eat that trigger the gallbladder attacks? I realize it will differ from person to person, but, at this point I am afraid of what to consume so I don't get an unexpected attack.

For instance, salmon is fatty, as are potato chips (I really don't eat them, but this is for contrast of example), olive oil and or salad dressing? Chicken skin? Stuff like that...

Can we get a list going of what people have problems with?

Thank you!

Replied by Anne
Houston, TX

Organic extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil and grape-seed oil are best. Olive oil is an inexpensive and effective body lotion. Coconut oil has a very high flash point which makes it best for cooking. Some brands have very little nutty taste while others are pretty strong.

A more serious threat from fish is toxins such as cadmium, mercury and DDT. Avoid farm raised seafood. Safest fish are Alaskan wild caught salmon, northern mackerel (not King) and halibut. These are also rich in essential omega fats 3,6,7,8 and 9.

Global Healing Center's website has a plethora of exceptionally well written articles.

Replied by Jill
Texas, US

Fried foods seem to be my big trigger. But, I have found that when I feel an attack coming on, usually within thirty minutes of eating, I can drink two bottles of water, quickly, and it will greatly reduce the pain and it will eventually go away all together. Short of that, I don't eat much in large portions.
Replied by Douglas

I experienced a gallbladder attack back in March of 2011, 48hrs after quitting smoking. Had the typical ultrasound & hida scan works, all was well, so I figured it could be a withdrawal reaction. In my past 46 years, I've been in the hospital overnight only once in 2004. Now in the past month, I've been admitted twice...

1) 103.7 fever & sepsis, at which time I had mild lower left abdomen pain/ diverticulitis, but reason for fever & sepsis...Unsure?

2) Nov 9th had a one time episode diarrhea & nausea which caused a fainting episode, although the fainting is expected to be related to straining/vagus nerve, but still no diagnosis.

Now, three nights ago had my gallbladder attack...My question is: Is it possible to have a gallbladder issue w/ no painful symptoms? I mean could my 2 previous hospital visits be related to gallbladder?

Replied by Suseeq
Sydney, Australia

I have gallbladder attacks , no pain, just an uncomfortable feeling in my side - more like a stitch it took doctors six months to find, so yes you can have attacks without pain.
Replied by Ozzy
Orlando, Florida

What seems to bring on my gall bladder attacks are: hot melted cheese, heavy creme, spicy mexican food, hot chocolate.

Best remedies: organic apple cider with apple cider vinegar, warmed up but not hot.

1 apple grated and mixed with 1-2 inch grated ginger root. (Both grated with a micro-plane grater)

20 drops of peppermint oil in warm peppermint tea.

Use one of these combinations but if you don't feel much better you can try any of the other remedies.

I recommend the grated apple-ginger in addition to any of these remedies.

Replied by Mark
Isle Of Wight, Uk

[YEA]   Wow. Thank you for advice. I had a Gallbladder attack last Monday with gallbladder infection and several large gallstones. Took doctors 10 months to wrongly diagnose my condition. It was A+E who diagnosed that I had gallbladder problems. Lots of anti-biotics and Tramodol!! I have a very good diet and exercise regularly. I read article as looking for more of a dietary solution. Found some apple cider vinegar in cupboard and mixed with "robinson" apple and blackcurrant (Boys like it! ). I could not believe it! It worked almost immediately! 2-4 minutes! Still researching, but glad I came across this article. (still require surgery) but infection will take 4-6 weeks to clear. Regards Mark.
Replied by Meagem
Ridgway, Pa

[WARNING!]   I too had the attacks without the stones. found out my sisters also had the same thing ...sadly my oldest sister died from GALLBLADDER CANCER. Very rare. My youngest sister and I had adhesions so bad it squeezed our gallbladder in a very small size. mine was larger then a golf ball! ..went to local, backwoods, ER a few times when I was having attacks and they did the same stupid testing to see if I had stone ...hello you don't need stones to have attacks! Makes me mad all the testing I went through and money spent just to be wrongly diagnosed. My oldest sister went through the same ordeal. Please if they tell you you don't have stones so nothing is wrong ...go to a different hospital or dr and get a second opinion. I got lucky and found a great surgeon that knew what he was doing. gl ....oh before the surgery I was taking Dandelion root, milk thistle , apple cider name it ...
Replied by Alla
Los Angeles

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]   There are a couple of herbs with anti-spasmodic properties: dill, fennel, caraway seed, cumin, peppermint in lesser degree. They are all relatives, except peppermint. When I feel pain coming in I take 1/3 of tea spoon of caraway seeds and chew them, then swallow. It helps to take the spasms off and does not interfere with digestion. The ACV works also, but the mechanics are different, it reduces need for bile, so it does not try to get out of the gallbladder, so no pain, but you need bile to digest fats and proteins.

There is an over the counter medication in Europe, called No-Shpa. It is widely used to alleviate gallstone attacks and spasms. I do not know if it exists here, the active ingredient is dropaverine.

I use ACV with meats, just pour over a piece. And take some caraway seeds in the end of the meal. Also, add caraway seeds in soups and other dishes.

Just my 5c, :)

Apple Cider Vinegar in Apple Juice   100  2   

Posted by Jack (Singapore) on 05/01/2015

[YEA]  Diagnosed with multiple gallstones (0.4cm in size) last month after ultrasound. Had one attack late yesterday evening. Pain level was about 7. Couldn't sleep the whole night. This morning almost crawled to a shop nearby to purchase apple juice (to my surprise, I already have ACV in my kitchen). Took 2 teaspoon of ACV with 8oz of apple juice. Like magic, pain is gone. This remedy works! Going back to sleep now...

Replied by Lee-anne

[YEA]   Just started to have my 3rd gallstone attack after eating a baked dinner, so thinking maybe the lamb? Anyway googled how to ease the pain and found your post, drank 2 tsp of ACV with warm water and felt the pain ease immediately, completely gone within minutes. Thanks heaps. I realise from other posts, that this may not always work, but it did for me today, so even though I am watching what I eat and trying different remedies, I will carry a small bottle of ACV with me at all times. Thanks again
Replied by Jane
Richland Wa.

Apple cider vinegar is just plain good for SO much. My daughter had kidney stones and I gave her 1/4 cup fresh lemon and 1/4 cup olive oil. It dissolved the stones and she tinkled sand. Great stuff. I wonder if gall stones would react similarly. Can't hurt to try. Good luck and God Bless.

Posted by Jv (Edinburg, Tejas) on 04/12/2015

[YEA]  I've had terrible lower-abdomen pain about once every 6 months for almost 15 years and I had given up since neither Dr's, ER rooms, GI's Etc. could find or diagnose what it was (although because of the symptoms I suspected GB stones or "muds", although my pain is exactly centered on my abdomen 4" above my navel, as opposed to the "typical" GB attack which they tell me is towards the right side.

Anyway, as I said, I had given up and figured I'd have to live with this recurring pain which strikes in the middle of the night, lasts from 3 to 4 Hrs (8 to 9 pain-strength in a scale of 10). I'd just curl in a ball on the floor and press my belly with pillows until it passed...

But last night, as I was starting to feel some pain coming, I quickly googled "gallbladder pain remedies" and came accross this site, so I decided to give a try to the Apple Cider Vinegar and mixed 2 teaspoons of it plus 1 tspn of lime juice in an 8 oz glass of warm water and gulped it down. To my amazement, within 15 minutes I was pain free and able to go back to sleep!


MIL GRACIAS AMIGOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Posted by Mk2... (Florida Central, US) on 02/18/2015

[YEA]  I was in distress with an attack last night for about 5 hrs. Normally I just go to the ER and get pumped full of fluids till it passes however I didn't want to last night. Instead of doing that, I tried apple cider vinegar in apple juice. 30 min later I felt much MUCH better. And this morning I woke up with 0 pain! Awesome..

Posted by Gina (New York ) on 01/13/2015

[YEA]  Been in gallbladder pain for about 9 hours, came on here, saw the remedy and took apple cider vinegar and pain is gone in about 15 minutes, going to keep trying it.

Posted by Danny A (Savannah, Ga) on 01/11/2015

[SIDE EFFECTS]  Had a gallbladder attack last week and it subsided in a few hours.

Had my second a couple of days ago and was miserable. That's what brought me here.

ACV made me throw up. It dulled the pain a little. Had to drive myself to the ER as I was pacing like a cat. Couldn't sleep, sit or lay down. The drive was horrific. ER was empty at 3am and they got me right in and rushed me to surgery. It was the gallbladder and it was infected. I don't suggest anyone self medicate as my experience could have been fatal. The Dr's determined my condition with an ultrasound and blood work. Even they were not overly concerned until those results came back. I could have saved myself a lot of pain had I went sooner.

Posted by Jonnygouda (Madison, Wi) on 11/22/2014

[YEA]  Thank you folks. My wife came home with a serious gall bladder attack (she blamed it on eating too many fatty foods lately) and she was in so much pain she was throwing up and crying. I felt helpless because it just wouldn't stop. In a fit of desperation I typed "gall bladder attack remedy" into Google and up I came with this site. I keep apple cider vinegar on hand for my heart burn but didn't have apple juice so we used cranberry instead. It didn't take 45 minutes before she began to feel relief. Not perfect but it backed off enough to allow her to go to bed (she didn't drink all of the juice, so maybe if she had the pain would have disappeared even more). This really appears to work an tomorrow I'll have her drink some more juice and avoid fatty foods. Awesome site, folks!

Posted by Dar (Bedford, Pa) on 10/20/2014

[YEA]  The apple cider vinegar and apple juice combo really helped my gallbladder pain. Yesterday I was ready to go to the ER but it calmed it so much. I did it again this morning and will do it again this evening to make sure I got all the toxins out. I would recommend this to anyone!!

Replied by Lucia
Oregon, US

[YEA]   Thanks for the info I was thinking tonite to head to the ER but I didn't til my Good friend Melanie (egomama) told me about this. Thank God for her! <3 she rocks but I guess I don't have to head to the ER tonite woot!
Replied by Kat
Tampa, Fl

[YEA]   First, thank you to everyone for some of the best advice ever given! For approx. six months, I have had attacks after eating various types of foods. There was no rhyme or reason to the frequency of the occurrences and I previously had no GI issues. By process of elimination (after an attack) I dropped certain foods from my diet. Still the attacks continued. Pain traveled from the gall bladder area to the back and shoulders. Scary. Also scarier, the fact that I have no insurance. Somehow, I found your site. After reading several posts suggesting ACV and apple juice, I decided to give it a go. Since I had neither of the ingredients at the time, I mixed cranberry juice and rice wine vinegar and within 30 minutes, the pain subsided. The next day, I went immediately and purchased the apple juice and ACV. I plan to keep these items as staples forevermore.

Thank you again.

Replied by Grace
California, US

Does anyone know if this remedy helps AFTER gallbladder surgery? Had surgery last week after avoiding it for 15 years and getting progressively worse. Having pain right in gallbladder location, and wondering if ACV is appropriate this soon after surgery?
Replied by Lj
Spokane, Wa

Over 10 years ago, I had a gall bladder attack on a quiet new years eve that I stayed home with my family. The attach hurt so much every time I laid down that I got up and kissed my baby boys good-bye because I thought I was having a heart attack. I got out all my medical reference books and read up and realized it wasn't a heart attack, but I could not lay down and sleep.

My husband took the boys to church the next day by himself because I didn't have any sleep and hurt too bad. His mom suggested it might be my gall bladder and didn't my mom have gall bladder problems in the past. I called mom and sure enough, she described my symptoms to a tea. After the ultrasound showed a gall stone the size of an quail egg, I had surgery. For several months after, I still would have pain, like I had a gall bladder, even though I didn't.

So keep up with the Apple cider vinegar and apple juice .... or flax seed tea to help ease the pain (antispasmodic) even if you don't have a gall bladder, because your liver is still trying to send the message to the brain....I need some help to digest this fatty food in the small intestine.

Replied by Jim G
Dearborn, Mi

I had the same exact thing happen to me but was misdiagnosed many times. After I had my gall bladder removed the pain came back a few months later to the point I couldn't move. It turned out I had acute pancreatitis which led to a 3-4 day stay in the hospital. You may need to have this checked out!! It is very dangerous!

Posted by Rox (Texas, US) on 09/27/2014

[YEA]  I've experienced gallbladder pains twice a year for the past 5 yrs. The pain is unbearable from the right side of my stomach and all of my back. No sitting position seems to work. I have been experiencing pain for the past 2 days hoping it would go on its own. I came across this site after I just couldn't handle the pain anymore and found this god sent remedy. By some miracle I had all ingredients on hand. It's been 30 min since I've drank this holy concoction and my pain has subsided. I'll make sure to have these on stock and drink everyday! Thank you to all who have posted.

Posted by Richard (Miami, Florida, US) on 08/27/2014

[YEA]  I have used apple cider vinegar for so many different purposes. Besides helping alkalize the body, I have found that it works great for people who are going through a full blown gallbladder attack.

The recipe that I have used is adding one or two tablespoons in an 8 ounce glass of organic apple juice at least 3 times a day. This really works miracles. But it does not take care of the actual cause which are gallstones or congestion. Only works if you are going through some gallbladder symptoms or as a preventive measure.

Posted by Mitch (Usa) on 07/31/2014

[YEA]  Apple Cider Vinegar in Apple Juice for Gallbladder Attack

Another believer after unbearable pain. This natural remedy is truly amazing. Last time we took olive oil and lemon which seems counterintuitive now. Is it too soon to drink the beet apple cure smoothy cleanse? Also wondered why Dr Oz suggested a spoonful of ACV every day. Might not be a bad idea after this episode. Thanks to all that posted so I could get relief and sleep!

Posted by K (Delray Beach, Fl) on 07/25/2014

[YEA]  Gallbladder Attack Treatment - it really works!!!

I've been sick for 4 days, and can't go to the hospital. This is nothing short of miraculous. I drank the ACV in fresh apple cider, and within 30 minutes, pain started to subside. With next glass, I fell asleep and woke up with NO PAIN!!!! Does this mean it is not a valve problem? I hope so, because I plan to proceed with the cleanse tonight unless someone out there has had a bad experience or a reason to not do the cleanse just yet.

Posted by Govols (New York) on 07/21/2014

[YEA]  I have suffered with occasional (4 to 8 times per year) gallbladder pain since I was a child. As a teen I was hospitalized due to the pain and was told that the issue was just gas pressure. Later testing in my thirties proved that my gallbladder functions at about only 10% of what it should. After this I was referred to a surgeon who told me that doing the surgery was no problem, he did this surgery every day. He said 85% of his patients are "cured." However, about 15% experience side effects. One of the side effects is lifelong chronic diarrhea. So, I could either take the chance with the surgery or watch the fat content in what I consumed. I chose the latter and the surgeon gave me a reaffirming nod;-)

This past weekend I sensed another flare up as the pressure and pain slowly increased under the right side of my rib cage. I drugged up last night with anything I could find (over-the-counter) to knock me out and help me sleep. I woke up feeling better. However, after lunch the pain came roaring back with a vengeance. I had to leave work early. On the way home I drove by our local health food store to see if they had any insights (they always do a GREAT job) but they were closed, bummer! Got home and began taking anything I could find to help ease the pain (again, over-the-counter only.) Then I thought I would search the internet for "natural cures." That's when I found this article on this site.

I found organic Apple Cider Vinegar and mixed 3 teaspoons with 8 oz of apple juice and sipped the concoction until it was gone. Over the course of about an hour and fifteen minutes I went from wanting to curl up in fetal position due to the pain to feeling just some mild pressure. Not sure how this will turn out BUT this solution has been RADICALLY more effective than anything else I have tried for the last 30 years. Now I'm sipping an a second batch just to see what happens.

It is absolutely unbelievable. I cannot say if it will work for anyone else, but it has truly been a God-send for me. I wish you all good health, body soul, and mind.

Posted by Bobe (Atlanta, Ga) on 06/19/2014

[YEA]  I had my first gallbladder attack back in January of this year. I went to an urgent care center where the MD diagnosed the problem within seconds. He offered me a shot, which I accepted, and it stopped the attack in less that 15 minutes. This morning, I woke up with excruciating pain on my right side. At first I wasn't sure if it was my gallbladder or perhaps appendicitis. After moving around for about 30 minutes, the pain definitely centered higher in my abdomen. I was sweating a bit so I decided to also take my temp. When I saw that my temp was normal, I became convinced that it was my gallbladder again. I remembered reading about ACV on this site back in January. Faced with deciding to go to the ER, or trying this remedy, I decided to try it. Sure enough, within 15 minutes after drinking the ACV with apple juice, the symptoms (PAIN) went away! Someone asked in their post if ACV pills would work. I've not heard of ACV pills and I didn't notice any reply. Does anyone know? I'm about to leave for an extended trip in 2 weeks and I would love to figure out if I can have an emergency remedy in my back pocket. Thank You!

Replied by Marie
Bc, Canada

Hi the ACV pills I found are: GNC. Total Lean. Apple Cider Vinegar Complete... They seem to work for me most of the time but my issues are a very large stone and I still hafta get surgery but I find the pills have helped to ease my pain...
Replied by Anne
Houston, TX

[YEA]   Although pill form of ACV may be better than nothing, I believe the liquid is superior. It doesn't have to dissolve before reaching your stomach. It has live Mother enzymes and is full of active anti-oxidants. Having a small bottle in your luggage wouldn't be a problem at the airports.

Posted by Truckwife (Ranger, Tx.) on 06/08/2014

[YEA]  Hi, I'm 57 yrs old and have high blood pressure controlled by medication and 220 Cholesterol. I have been reading this thread for a few days now, and am going to start the process today after waking up yet again with a painful attack. The first attack I had was about 7 years ago, of course, not knowing what it was, but since then they have become more frequent. The attack I had this morning was the same as usual, 6 hours after fat intake. But this time I drank 8oz of apple juice with 1 tbs of ACV and 45 min. later I was able to go back to sleep. Usually, I would be up for the next 6 hours doubled over in pain wondering whether I should go to the ER. I don't have insurance so I just deal with it! Since the AJ and ACV that I got from another website, worked I'm going to assume these attacks are gallbladder related. What God gave me, I'm not giving up without a fight!! My only concern is the affect on my blood pressure. Any thoughts??

Replied by Timh

This confers my suspicion that liver/gall problems can cause hypertension thru reduction of blood flow. You will also need to support your liver (Milk Thistle, Turmeric, and Artichoke herbs) while cleansing the gallbladder. During this time your BP will probably drop so you must take a BP reading daily and adjust (lower) the medication accordingly.
Replied by Truckwife
Ranger, Texas

Thank you for your reply.. but I have had BP problems for 20 years, so not likely it is related to my gallbladder problems. What do I need to do with Milk Thistle, Turmeric and Artichoke ??
Replied by Timh

Truckwife: I have found a direct correlation between liver and/or kidney problems and hypertension. This seems to be an issue of blood, urine, and bile flow.

Be careful w/ your logic. If you were to, say, begun having gallbladder issues at the beginning of 2014 and conclude that for many yrs prior there was no (noticeable) problem. One can have gallstones for many yrs and worsening all the time until finally there is a crisis.

The herbs I suggested increase bile flow; increased bile flow reduces gallstones.

Replied by Truckwife
Ranger, Texas

Timh...So If I understand you correctly, my high BP could be from my system not working properly and I should take Milk Thistle as a daily routine? Does Milk Thistle work alone or only with the other herbs you mentioned? Will it reduce the gallstones I may already have or prevent new ones from forming? Thanks
Replied by Timh

Yes, these recommendations should help to some degree almost immediately as well as long-term. My first symptoms of gallstones were irregular heart beat and heart pain which were totally relieved by the flush.

The liver herbs I mentioned are predominately used for protective regenerative effects specifically for hepatic function. Dr Christopher developed an herbal formula specifically to improve liver/gall function and increasing bile flow. Taking a supplement of either Glycine or Taurine will increase bile production. All this will help digestion and elimination. Also recommended to reduce or prevent cholesterol gallstone is Lecithin and Choline/Inositol. The Christopher formula was once marketed as Liveron but is now called something else like Liver Tone or something (not sure). Also big on the herb list for liver/gall as well as kidney is Dandelion Root, Burdock Root, and Yellowdock Root. Cranberry and Parsley are the top 2 herbals for kidney problems.

Replied by Truckwife
Ranger, Texas

Well, I am going to be doing the last part of the gallbladder cleanse tomorrow. One question tho, is it ok that I have been drinking my usual quart of water along with the quart of apple juice every day for the last 6 days? I was starting to think that maybe the water is diluting the apple juice and therefore preventing it from softening any possible gallstones. And advice is welcome....Thanks!

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