Sugar Addiction Remedies

Last Modified on Jun 22, 2014

Many individuals feel powerless to sugar cravings, unable to resist the temptation of a sweet, sugary treat or even just a carbohydrate laden item. If this is the case, sugar addiction is likely to blame. While the habit can be hard to kick, a variety of methods and practices can help cut one’s need for sweets and combat the symptoms associated with the addiction.

What is Sugar Addiction?

Research suggests that sugar triggers the dopamine receptors in the brain, which leads to an individual’s overreliance on the substance. Symptoms of sugar addiction include losing control and eating more sugar than planned, feeling bad when skipping a regular sugar fix, being nervous and shaky without sugar and even breaking into a cold sweat.

Home Remedies for Curbing the Sugar Habit

Many individuals try to cut the sugar habit cold turkey and end up falling right back into bad habits. Using a variety of strategies including nutritional supplements can help retrain the taste buds and manage the dietary change more effectively. A plan that focuses on making one or two small changes at a time is generally the most effective.


Adding bitters, such as kale, to the diet can help offset the body’s taste for sugar. The bitterness of the kale functions to retrain the taste buds, resulting in a lowered desire for sweet treats. These options also pack a powerful punch of important nutrients that realign the body’s natural levels, helping solve the sugar problem as well.

Dietary Enzymes

Dietary enzymes are another way to successfully combat sugar addiction. Common enzymes include amylase, protease, invertase, mucolase and glucoamylase. Taking daily enzymes satisfies the body’s needs for nutrients making it less likely to crave sugar and other less healthy substitutes.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar not only reduces one’s craving for sugar, but it also helps regulate and control blood glucose levels. The vinegar contains an important component known as acetic acid that inhibits the carbohydrate-digesting enzymes, meaning that when vinegar is present, some starches and sugars pass through the intestines without being digested. Apple cider vinegar also filters and cleanses the blood, treating a number of other conditions as well.

While a sweet treat now and then isn’t going to hurt anyone, repeatedly overindulging in sweets and even carbohydrates can lead to an addictive cycle. Making small changes and supporting one’s nutritional intake with supplements can help navigate such an addiction and prevent an overreliance on sugar.

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User Reviews

Dietary Changes   1  0   

Posted by Lisa (Glendale, Ca) on 02/21/2014

[YEA]  Hi everyone! I wanted to share what has been working for my sugar addiction tendencies. It's quite simple! I stopped buying cookies and sweets at the grocery store as this was my biggest temptation. I don't have the will power to eat just 1 or 2 cookies... usually at least half a pack. Instead of processed sweets, I bought tangerines, apples and dried fruits (without sulphur). I am on my 10th day of this and have lost 3 pounds and my skin is starting to glow and look healthy and soft. More importantly, my sugar cravings have greatly diminished!

Remedies Needed   2  0   

Posted by Sunny (Chennai, India) on 11/18/2009

Sugar cravings

I crave for sugar and sweets made of it. I am 35 years old and all my life I included it in every meal from childhood. Other than that I generally eat healthy food . But my immunity has come down a lot after having two kids now. So can anyone please help me how to detoxify white sugar from my body and what to do to eliminate sugar cravings?

Posted by Pr
Houston, Texas
72 Posts
Try adding bitters to your diet. I was amazed when I started putting Kale in my green drink in the morning as I no longer craved anything sweet. Curious to find out why I did some research and discovered it was because kale is considered bitter. Seems like of all the bitters kale works the best for me.
Posted by Susan
Ohio, Il
[YEA]   I have found that my sugar cravings to be eliminated by dietary enzymes. The product i use contains amylase 36000 du, protease 80,000 hut, invertase 500 invu, mucolase 15 mg, glucoamylase 50 agu. It is a vegan kosher plant based product whose name rhymes with penzabedika. In fact, although i have year round allergies, i can tell when my Winter ones shift to those i have in Spring. This is by an intense overwhelming and unsationable need to consume copious amounts of sugar. I do not really want any sweets, nor do i typically like this stuff. If i crave chocolate or dairy icecreams or the like, i take a magnesium and calcium citrate supplement and my desires are immediately squelched. If i dont take any supplement and i consume this stuff i immediately look for more. I believe i crave what my body needs, however, i do not always understand what the cravings are directing me eat to assuage my allergies. I think at this point, my homer simpson brain kicks in and says. "chocolate...donuts...mmmmm". I do not know what sugar or something related to it has to do with allergies. The enzymes Do stop the craving. I find it most useful to take several capsules before i go to bed. Btw i was told this product also helps with reducing inflamation associated with arthritis. I dont notice much change in my fibromylagia bc i use apple cider vinegar. This eliminated decade long, debilitating symptoms literally over night. Yeah apple cider!!!!!
Posted by Katherine
Kodiak, Ak
I used to have a major sweet tooth - my 4 year old son, too. He would wake up in the morning begging for candy, cake, chocolate, etc. My weakness was chocolate, but if that wasn't around I would snack on whatever was available. All around the same time, I found Earth Clinic and came across other natural health related articles and websites, and saw the movie Food Inc. which is basically an expose' on the garbage in our food supply. Immediately I removed the processed foods from our home and started eating whole organic grains and foods. I did not bring sugar into the house again - instead I started baking cookies and muffins with dried fruits, coconut oil, raw honey and molasses instead of sugar. I also began drinking ACV/water every day and tried oil pulling (which was difficult for me to stick with after very long because with trying to round up 4 kids for school every morning, I couldn't find the time to do it before eating breakfast - it is supposed to be done on an empty stomach). Nonetheless, I did it several times during my "detox" week.

This all started about two months ago, and that first week, my son and I quit craving the sweets without even trying. I think part of it was psychological - I could walk past the candy aisle and not even want any of it because I knew that the ingredients in it were so bad for me. But my 4 year old quit asking for sugar that first week as well. I don't know if it was a matter of "out of sight, out of mind" but I think that by replacing the refined, processed sugar with the raw honey and sweet fruits we were able to ease out of the addiction. I do believe the ACV helped me too - in fact, my cravings for coffee subsided as well. I started drinking a hot cup of ACV/water in the morning instead and found I no longer desired the comfort of the hot cup of overly-sweetened coffee! This even curbed my food cravings. Eating breakfast with a cup/glass of the ACV/water in the morning would tide me over until lunch. No more snacking throughout the morning. I think the fiber in the whole grains also helped curb my appetite.

Anyway, I know my information is written kind of randomly and unorganized, but I hope it helps. Changing your attitude toward the sweets and seeing sugar as your enemy will definitely help you to not want it anymore, and once you go a couple of days without it, you should find that you can live without it. Literally! The benefits are so worth giving it up! Good luck, I know you can do it! ;D

Posted by Hairguru
Closter, Nj Usa
7 Posts
Gymnema cures sugar cravings. Its also a sugar destroyer. Its an auyervedic herb/
Posted by Ana Mua
Tamuning, Gu
5 Posts
[YEA]   Raw honey has always worked for me. I have not suffered from serious cravings or serious imbalances. If I get on the sugar bandwagon and want to get off, I take a half-teaspoon full or so of raw honey when a craving comes on. In a few days the cravings are gone.
Posted by Diane C.
Ashburn, Va
Try ACV it helps to alleviate cravings for sweets. I take 1-2 tablespoons of ACV the one with the "Mother" in a glass of distilled water 8 ounces with a tablespoon of Pure Honey. This has helped with my cravings for sweets.
Posted by Maryland
Los Angeles, Ca, Usa
18 Posts
Apple cider vinegar worked for me as well against my sugar cravings! I would take one tablespoon of it, and lost the desire for sweets.

In your case, maybe you would have to take one tablespoon every time you crave sugar; then you diminish the dosage as you lose your interest in sugary treats.

Posted by Izabela
Bayside, Ny, Usa
For Sugar cravings, I suggest a little diet, start 5 days of pure protein ( no fats, no carbs at all) drink a lot of water, more than 2 l, eat fish, meat, fat free dairy and eggs. It's hard at the beginning but after 3rd day, you won't want sugar at all, because of body's ketosis state, but during this ketosis state you need to drink a lot of water. After 5th day eat as u normally do (avoiding sugar of course, but whole grains, whole wheat, fruits, veggies) and continue this little modification in your diet: 2 days pure proteins, 3 days normal eating and again 2 days proteins, 3 days normal. You should stop craving sugar and also lose weight;

= eat every 2-3 h

= exercise helps control appetite

=stop eating white bread, pasta, eat only whole wheat which keeps up your blood sugar and doesn't let you crash

= no salad dressing, use olive oil with lemon

=grill as much as you can, cook without fat

=tons of water


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