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What is Fibromyalgia?

Last Modified on Dec 31, 2014

Fibromyalgia, Cause and Cure

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If you suffer from brain fog, muscle pain and stiffness, chronic fatigue, joint pain, irritable bowel, thyroid dysfunction or any of the other debilitating symptoms of Fibromyalgia and are tired of doctors who don't understand even the most basic information about this emerging condition, then you have come to the right place!

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February 9, 2007

The article below, written by Jason Uttley, is perhaps the most convincing piece of research on THE CAUSE OF FIBROMYALGIA. We hope you will read it carefully and follow up with additional research on your own. We are immensely grateful for Jason's contributions and think you will be too.

June 1, 2007

Article published in the Journal of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, written by Julia A. Laylander, highlights the emerging scientific evidence linking Chronic Fluoride Toxicity to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. Those who want to understand the science behind this emerging theory shouldn't miss this important work! We are very grateful to the Fluoride Action Network for bringing this detailed scientific hypothesis to our attention.

August 13, 2007

If you want to know why those suffering from Fibromyalgia are repeated tested for Hypothyroidism, or why thyroid dysfunction is so frequently diagnosed prior to the development of the more debilitating symptoms of Fibromyalgia, please read CHRONIC FLUORIDE POISONING Q&A, which was published in Earth Clinic's August Newsletter. To all those with Fibromyalgia who told us to focus on the link to Hypothyroidism we thank you for being so passionate about this connection in your questionnaires!

We strongly support the work of those physicians and researchers who focus their attention on the thyroid connection to Fibromyalgia, including:

Dr. John C. Lowe M.D., Director of Research,
Fibromyalgia Foundation of America

Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, M.D., Medical Director,
Fibromyalgia & Fatigue Centers, Inc.

January 1, 2008

The Managing Editor of the International Society for Fluoride Research's Fluoride Journal, Bruce Spittle, published "Fluoride Fatigue" in January 2008. The short work, once again, highlights the debilitating symptoms associated with chronic fluoride poisoning.

Spittle expressed concern of a link between fluoride and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as far back as 1993. Even before the relationship of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome to Fibromyalgia was widely understood, Spittle highlighted the severe COGNITIVE IMPAIRMENT associated with Chronic Fluoride Poisoning. In his review, "Psychopharmacology of Fluoride", published in the International Clinical Psychopharmacology Journal, the concerns of the ISFR were openly revealed in final paragraph´┐Ż"These symptoms are reminiscent of those seen in the chronic fatigue syndrome."

August 1, 2008

Earth Clinic's SUMMARY OF QUESTIONNAIRES is now updated to include more than 820 responses! We thank everyone who took time to share their experiences and thoughts with others suffering from this crippling condition.

All points of view are welcome and encouraged!


*** Print Jason's article (download .pdf) ***

by Jason A. Uttley

"Fluoridation could turn out to be one of the top 10 mistakes of the 21st century."
Dr. Hardy Limeback
National Research Council, 2006 Review of Fluoride Toxicity

For more than fifty years the words "chronic fatigue" have been synonymous with the first stage of a condition known as systemic fluorosis, or chronic fluoride poisoning. In fact, so well known is that particular association that motion picture director Stanley Kubrick would use it in his dark satire, Dr. Strangelove, to describe the moment his character, Gen. Jack Ripper, came to develop his fruity theories on the dangers of fluoridation.

By contrast, only a handful of the world's leading experts on fluoride toxicity have long been aware that the symptoms of the emerging condition known as "fibromyalgia" exactly match those of the most severe form of fluoride poisoning. This little known fact was quietly highlighted by the intense focus on potential Sarin gas exposure for the nearly 200,000 veterans of the first Gulf War who have quietly become the largest single group to ever develop fibromyalgia. Despite the lack of evidence of mass exposure, it remained telling that the top authorities on a nerve gas known to derive all of its toxicity from fluoride proved they could not tell the difference between the lingering effects of Sarin exposure and the symptoms of fibromyalgia.   While the majority of veterans blamed the preventative medications they'd been forced to take as the source of their illness, fearful military leaders shifted the focus away from those drugs so quickly that few seemed to notice that Sarin gas was not the only potential source of toxic fluoride exposure.  Only as more and more veterans developed fibromyalgia and its related conditions in the years since the end of the 1991 Gulf War, including many who did not even leave the U.S. mainland, have those soldiers and committed researchers been able to slowly pressure the military to focus attention back on those drugs. 

The VA now stands at the center of the fibromyalgia controversy, attempting to explain to the medical community...

  1. How the seemingly harmless sounding chronic fatigue syndrome relates to fibromyalgia, a condition that eventually cripples most of those who develop it with a laundry list of debilitating symptoms including: brain fog, severe muscle & joint pain, thyroid dysfunction, muscle spasms, numbness, chronic fatigue, irritable bowel, hair loss, vision problems, spinal & cranial calcification & kidney dysfunction?

  2.  What hundreds of thousands of largely male veterans might have in common with the estimated 8-10 million Americans, mostly women, who have now developed a crippling condition that seemed to emerge out of nowhere in the early 1980's?

When I developed my case of fibromyalgia from 2 months of Cipro, a widely popular fluorinated antibiotic that is normally prescribed for 7-10 days at a time, no one really knew why I'd become sick.  But that changed in late 2001, when many of the key questions regarding fibromyalgia were unexpectedly answered.  For as a few anthrax-laced letters made their way into the U.S. mail system, thirty thousand people were suddenly put on 2 months of that very same medication.  While most had not been exposed to anthrax, the CDC encouraged that Cipro be used for an extended course as a purely precautionary measure.  However, as the medical community closely monitored those individuals, they began to notice the appearance of disturbing side effects.  So severe and so widespread were those side effects in fact, that many were openly encouraged to stop taking the drug and switch to a "safer" medication. 

For a drug that had been prescribed over 200 million times, largely to women with urinary tract infections, the medical community was at a loss to explain why the extended treatment seemed to lead to such a widespread reaction.  Things only worsened over time though.  Among those who had stopped taking the medication, many began to realize that their so-called side effects were actually permanent.  And even more remarkably, many months after the treatment, it was observed that everyone of those sampled that had completed the full two month treatment appeared to develop those same, permanent, crippling symptoms; symptoms that exactly match those of the emerging condition known as fibromyalgia. 

Not an allergic drug reaction as it turned out, but rather a universal toxic reaction to a fluoride based compound known as fluorophenyl.  The same compound found in the now infamous cholesterol-lowering drug Baycol and weight-reducing drug, Fen-Phen.  While the impact of Fen-Phen on the heart muscle consumed most of the focus back in 1997, some fibromyalgia groups have since tried to bring attention to the fact that the drug also appeared to be linked to fibromyalgia and its related conditions.  Such a connection was highlighted for me when I met one of the longstanding support group leaders of the Minnesota Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & Fibromyalgia Assoc., who had developed her disabling case of fibromyalgia (which eventually put her in a wheelchair) after an extended treatment of Fen-Phen. 

Of course, when the fluorinated drug Fen-Phen was taken off the market in Sept of 1997, very little attention was paid to the fact that the non-fluorinated version of the same drug remained on the market.  Nor was much attention paid to the fact that just months before, in April of 1997, the FDA had forced toothpaste manufacturers to dramatically upgrade their warning labels after suddenly "discovering" that fluoride was severely neurotoxic.  EPA scientists in Washington D.C. quickly followed the unpublicized FDA action by calling for an immediate end to the practice of adding fluoride to the water supply, writing in their official letter of opposition that, "Like most Americans, including many physicians and dentists, most of our members had thought that fluoride's only effects were beneficial - reductions in tooth decay, etc.  ... We are [now] compelled to consider the likelihood that humans are experiencing damage to their brains and kidneys at the 'optimal' level of 1ppm."

Already deeply concerned over studies demonstrating fluoride's considerable power to mutate genes, EPA scientists began to move aggressively against the controversial additive they had long supported after learning that one of the most prestigious dental research centers in the U.S., the Harvard-affiliated Forsyth Institute, had recently proven that fluoride was also severely neurotoxic.  As similar studies appeared to confirm those disturbing findings, investigative journalist Joel Griffiths would inform Forsyth's noted neurotoxicologist-turned whistleblower, Phyllis J. Mullenix, that her so-called discovery was not in fact a discovery at all.  For not only had the 20th century's top experts on fluoride toxicity, Kaj Roholm & George Waldbott, long warned of fluoride's severe central nervous system effects, but recently declassified documents revealed that the original champion of fluoridation, Harold C. Hodge, one of America's most influential toxicologists, who in his final days guided every step of Mullenix's research, had long ago buried evidence demonstrating the extreme neurotoxicity of fluoride himself.

The startling documents, uncovered by journalists in the wake of a 1995 presidential investigation, revealed that while supervising the injection of toxic doses of radioactive plutonium into unsuspecting hospital patients to gauge its effect on the human body (as Director of Toxicology for the Manhattan Project), Hodge had simultaneously championed the idea of dumping toxic fluoride waste into the water supply under the guise of protecting children's teeth.  Only, with millions of tons of fluoride waste generated from the enriching of uranium, Hodge's only concern had been to find a way to dispose of the massive amounts of fluoride required to make nuclear weapons.  With the threat of an arms race already looming, Hodge invited the research labs of major industrial fluoride polluters to help cover up evidence of fluoride's extreme toxicity, including its central nervous system effects, all in the interest of "national security."  On January 25, 1945, five days after the uranium diffusion plant in Oak Ridge, Tennessee became fully operational, Hodge achieved his secret objective, as Grand Rapids, Michigan officially became the first city on earth to be artificially fluoridated. 

In August of 2005, just months after journalist Chris Bryson's landmark book "The Fluoride Deception" revealed new evidence of buried research by the men who had supposedly proven fluoride's safety on behalf of the dental community, 11 EPA unions, representing more than 7000 public health toxicologists, chemists and other scientists, joined forces to call for a nationwide moratorium on fluoridation and a congressional investigation into its adverse effects.  With alarm over the brain and kidney damaging effects of fluoride growing, concerned scientists have begun to observe how closely the symptoms of fibromyalgia and its related conditions appear to match the symptoms of chronic fluoride poisoning.  While few paid much attention to the list of symptoms described by Dr. George Waldbott, M.D., the founder of the International Society of Fluoride Research and corresponding scientific journal "Fluoride", when his 1978 book "Fluoridation: The Great Dilemma" was first published, those familiar with the fibromyalgia related conditions have been struck by the apparent connection.

The following unedited symptoms of chronic fluoride poisoning, authored by the leading authority on fluoride toxicity only a few years before the first mass cases of chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia were reported, appear on page 393 of the book "Fluoridation: The Great Dilemma"...

Chronic fatigue not relieved by extra sleep or rest  
Dryness of the throat and excessive water consumption
Urinary tract irritation
Aches and stiffness in muscles/bones (arthritic-like pain)
      In lower back                In neck area
      In jaws                          In arms, shoulders, legs
Muscular weakness
Muscle spasms (involuntary twitching)
Tingling sensations in fingers (especially) and feet
Gastrointestinal disturbances  
      Abdominal pains                  Blood in stools
      Diarrhea                              Bloated feeling (gas)
      Constipation                        Tenderness in stomach area
Feeling of nausea (flu-like symptoms)
Pinkish-red or bluish-red spots (like bruises, but round or oval) on
     the skin that fade and clear up in 7-10 days.
Skin rash or itching, especially after showers or bathing.
Mouth sores (also from fluoridated toothpaste)
Loss of mental acuity and ability to concentrate
Excessive Nervousness
Tendency to lose balance
Visual disturbances
     Temporary blind spots in field of vision
     Diminished ability to focus (possible retinal damage)

(See Reference Image: Image is of Page 393 of George Waldbott's 1978 book "Fluoridation: The Great Dilemma", which was written in collaboration with Albert W. Burgstahler, PhD and H. Lewis McKinney, PhD. Waldbott was the founder of the International Society of Fluoride Research and the "Fluoride" science journal. Waldbott was regarded as one of the 20th century's top experts in fluoride toxicity.)

Thanks to medical specialization and the often-slow progression of symptoms, those who develop most of the major symptoms of chronic fluoride poisoning and are eventually diagnosed with "fibromyalgia", frequently share the experience of being treated like hypochondriacs, as one symptom after the next emerge, are diagnosed & treated separately by physicians.  As a result, by the time the condition advances to include nearly the entire list of symptoms (including debilitating "brain fog", or what Waldbott termed the "loss of mental acuity and ability to concentrate"), the fibromyalgia diagnosis has often been preceded by such labels as "chronic fatigue syndrome", "depression", "hypothyroidism", "irritable bladder", "irritable bowel syndrome", "multiple chemical sensitivity syndrome", and "myofascial pain syndrome", among others.  Labels aside, whether or not those who suffer from fibromyalgia have been officially diagnosed with each of these related conditions, the overwhelming majority have symptoms of each and therefore understand from experience that they are all elements of a single underlying condition. 

Although the relative newness of fibromyalgia and many of its related conditions are often debated, what is not is that medical specialists began observing their sudden widespread appearance beginning in the early 1980's.   In fact, so dramatically did the number of those suffering from the most debilitating symptoms ramp up, that by the end of the decade, Frederick Wolfe and the other leading rheumatologists who had only just gathered to define "fibromyalgia" a few years earlier, abruptly went their separate ways under mounting pressure to explain its sudden emergence.  While the focus of the fluoride controversy has long been centered on the water supply, the anthrax letters of 2001 demonstrated how highly toxic forms of fluoride now available in select prescription drugs may be playing a considerable role in the emerging epidemic.  For if a fluorinated antibiotic like Cipro (in a drug class developed in the early 1980's), can universally induce what is essentially the most severe form of fluoride poisoning in just 2 months, imagine how far down the road all those women are who have consumed mere weeks of the widely popular antibiotic.

All this brings to mind the key objection of the 14 Nobel Prize winners in Chemistry & Medicine, including the 2000 Nobel Laureate for Medicine, Arvid Carlsson, that have warned against the practice of dumping fluoride waste into the nation's water supply.  For even before fluoride was known to be severely neurotoxic by more than a handful of experts, some of world's top scientists expressed grave concerns about the potential long-term damage that might result from adding the powerful enzyme poison to any substance that might be ingested, given its ability to accumulate in the human body.  Ironically, not only have such warnings not been heeded, but it is precisely because of fluoride's cumulative nature that it has been increasingly added to prescription drugs.  In adding an element that does not tend to leave the body, fluorinated drugs become significantly more potent than their non-fluorinated counterparts. 

However, as the leading experts in fluoride toxicity have cautioned for decades, there is also a huge risk in adding even minute quantities of fluoride to each new drug.  For not only do they add to the already dangerous levels of the cumulative neurotoxin in our diet, but it is entirely possible that certain prescription drugs could potentially fragment within the human body and reform hyper-toxic fluoride compounds, such as fluoro acetate.  Given that there is a well-known delayed reaction between the point such forms of fluoride enter the body (or are formed in the body), and when symptoms begin, each new drug represents a potential time bomb; a truly nightmarish scenario made infinitely more likely with an FDA run by Wall Street analysts, appointed specifically to fast track drugs and allow drug companies not to have to monitor their long-term, chronic toxicity. That there was a delayed reaction in the onset of symptoms for most veterans of the first Gulf War, as well as the victims of the anthrax letters treated with Cipro, it seems increasingly likely that fibromyalgia represents just such a worst-case scenario.

Regardless of the specific form of fluoride involved though, perhaps the most compelling evidence linking fluoride to the cause of fibromyalgia may actually be reflected in the work of a few leading fibromyalgia researchers, who have unknowingly been uncovering key elements of chronic fluoride poisoning that have long been the focus of the top experts in fluoride toxicity....

  1. R. Paul St. Amand - with EPA scientists focused on the brain and kidney damaging effects of fluoride, this leading fibromyalgia researcher discovered guaifenisen as a treatment for fibromyalgia (and all its related conditions) after observing that every case appeared to be linked to a dysfunction of the kidney tubules.  In treating thousands of patients, St. Amand has effectively proven what the top expert in fluoride toxicity, Kaj Roholm, suggested long ago in his definitive reference guide "Fluorine Intoxication", which is that the kidneys lay at the root of nearly all the crippling symptoms, including the severe cognitive impairment termed "brain fog."

  2. Michael J. Rosner - the fibromyalgia researcher who pioneered the highly controversial surgery to remove spinal and cranial calcifications (where fluoride is well known to accumulate) that frequently develop in those with advanced cases of fibromyalgia.  Promoted by groups like the National Fibromyalgia Research Association, this element of fibromyalgia mirrors what is arguably the most unique element of extreme chronic fluoride poisoning, known to experts in fluoride toxicity as "skeletal fluorosis."                                  (See 2nd and 3rd phase changes to the osseous system on page 142 of Roholm's "Fluorine Intoxication" for a complete description)

  3. Garth and Nancy Nicolson - renowned immunologists who began studying fibromyalgia when their daughter returned home from Iraq at the end of the first Gulf War complaining of symptoms.  In developing the highly sophisticated mycoplasma test, the Nicolsons demonstrated that immune dysfunction was a key component of fibromyalgia.  Discovered that male veterans afflicted with the condition appeared to spread fibromyalgia sexually to their female partners through an unusually high incidence of recurring urinary tract infections.   Presumably unaware of the potential connection to fluorinated antibiotics, the Nicolsons went on an unsuccessful search for a potential contagious biological agent that might be able to explain the rapid rise in fibromyalgia.

Ultimately, I know from experience that those suffering from the "brain fog" associated with fibromyalgia may have great difficulty comprehending what I have written here.  To those people I say, you really only need to know one thing about the connection between fluoride & fibromyalgia, and that is this:  if fluoride is indeed the cause of your condition, you will see a dramatic improvement in your symptoms simply by minimizing your exposure to fluoride.  In this way, you can not only prove or disprove the cause of your condition, but even potentially make yourself better at the very same time.  In my case, it was only by avoiding...(a) fluorinated drugs [those with "fl" in the chemical name], (b) fluorinated vitamins & supplements [even residual exposure to fluoride from other ingredients, such as those in many multi vitamins], (c) fluoridated water [using only distilled, reverse osmosis water instead], (d) fluoride-rich foods [i.e. tea, foods with water added, etc.), and to a lesser extent, (e) fluoride-based pesticides (i.e. sulfuryl fluoride)...that I was able to reduce how fast fluoride built up in my bloodstream and induced my symptoms of "fibromyalgia." 

Today, I know I owe my very life to whistle blowers like Dr. Phyllis Mullenix.  While the noted neurotoxicologist only highlighted one particular element of fluoride poisoning, it was a critical one that allowed EPA scientists and others to begin to open their eyes to the growing body of independent scientific research that has slowly begun to expose "fibromyalgia", "chronic fatigue syndrome", and a variety of related conditions, as merely labels for the various symptoms, or stages, of chronic fluoride poisoning.   Dr. Don Goldenberg, the noted rheumatologist who first introduced fibromyalgia to much of the medical community with his 1987 article in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), once wrote of fibromyalgia, "We should concentrate on treating the symptoms of chronic illness, not searching for a cause."  His statement mirrors the current mindset of much of the medical community, who offer to treat the myriad of debilitating symptoms related to fibromyalgia as if they are wholly unrelated to one another, as if the cause doesn't matter.   Well, I can tell you from experience, the cause certainly does matter. 

*** Print Jason's article (download .pdf) ***


Image #1: This image is an except of "The Fluoride Deception", which discusses the relative toxicity of inorganic airborne fluoride (as an example of fluoride's extreme toxicity). See the paragraph that begins, "The befuddlement of...."

Image #2: Image is of Page 393 of George Waldbott's 1978 book "Fluoridation: The Great Dilemma", which was written in collaboration with Albert W. Burgstahler, PhD and H. Lewis McKinney, PhD. Waldbott was the founder of the International Society of Fluoride Research and the "Fluoride" science journal. Waldbott was regarded as one of the 20th century's top experts in fluoride toxicity.

Image #3 (.pdf): The 2007 Managing Editor of the International Society of Fluoride Research's Fluoride Journal, Bruce Spittle, openly expressed concern of a potential link between fluoride and chronic fatigue syndrome as far back as 1993. In his review of the Psychopharmacology of fluoride, published in the International Clinical Psychopharmacology Journal in 1994, the concerns of the ISFR were openly revealed in final paragraph... "These symptoms are reminiscent of those seen in the chronic fatigue syndrome."

Image #4, Part 1 & Part 2 (.pdfs): CFS Journal article by Julia A. Laylander published in 1999 highlights the emerging scientific evidence linking Chronic Fluoride Toxicity to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia.

Learn how to test your sensitivity to fluoride and see answers to other important fluoride related questions. To submit a new question, please contact Jason at

Interview of investigative journalist Chris Bryson
(Part I) - "Fluoride science is corporate science. Fluoride science is DDT science. It's asbestos science. It's tobacco science. It's a racket." Learn how The Mellon Institute, on behalf of Alcoa Aluminum, helped "prove" the safety of fluoride, just as they had with asbestos, by manufacturing fraudulent science for more than half a century in an effort to stem massive litigation against industry polluters.

Robert J. Carton - "Fluoridation is the greatest case of scientific fraud of this century, if not of all time." Twice elected to lead the union of EPA scientists in Washington D.C., Carton wrote the first EPA regulations for controlling asbestos discharges and was among the first scientists at EPA Headquarters to question the extreme toxicity of fluoride and its related health effects.

Sarin Gas & Fibromyalgia - In 1992, Robert J. Carton, moved from EPA Headquarters to the U.S. Army. As the Chief of Environmental Compliance for the U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command, in Fort Detrick, Maryland, Carton was among the first to realize that the symptoms the veterans of the 1991 Gulf War were developing matched those of the most extreme form of fluoride poisoning (termed "organophosphate poisoning" by the military). In February of 1998, the EPA's fluoride expert drafted this memo, containing a list of references & recommendations that had been requested to quietly investigate the role of fluoride in the most widespread of the Gulf War illnesses, which the VA would later confirm was indeed fibromyalgia.

Interview of neurotoxicologist Phyllis J. Mullenix (taken from Chris Bryson interview) - "When I first presented the results of these studies, one of the individuals sitting and listening to the results, he says 'Do you have any idea what you're saying.... You're telling us that we're reducing the IQ of children. And basically, I said, 'Yes.'" As the woman who many believe led the first toxicology dept in the history of American dentistry, Mullenix would later learn that "the loss of mental acuity & ability to concentrate" was only one element of chronic fluoride poisoning.

American Dental Association (ADA) Warning - In November of 2006, the American Dental Association quietly issued the following warning to parents, "If using a product that needs to be reconstituted, parents and caregivers should consider using water that has no or low levels of fluoride." And why should infant formula suddenly be made without the so-called 'optimal' amount of fluoride that ADA has long advocated and which EPA scientists now link to "brain and kidney damage" you ask? In a carefully worded statement, the ADA implied that the reason had something to do with a cosmetic discoloration of the teeth (dental fluorosis) related to drinking too much fluoride, while at the same time casually referencing the National Research Council's 2006 report on fluoride toxicity.

National Research Council's 2006 Report on Fluoride in Drinking Water - To say that the health effect sited by the ADA in their warning was taken out of context of the National Research Council's report would be a gross understatement. What follows is the link to the actual 507-page NRC report, which includes multiple references to the brain and kidney damaging effects of fluoride, including the research of Phyllis Mullenix.

EPA Management handcuffs National Research Council - In 1985, EPA management pushed through a dramatic increase in the maximum allowable concentration of fluoride in the water supply against the objections of its own scientists. Following the discovery of the extreme neurotoxicity of fluoride, an element already widely known to be more acutely toxic than lead, EPA scientists joined together in an effort to warn Americans that there was serious cause for concern, particularly given fluoride's suspected link to several emerging conditions. In 2006, EPA management attempted to quiet EPA scientists, by forcing the National Research Council to identify only adverse health effects that had been "proven", and not just those that could be "reasonably anticipated." Nevertheless, the NRC report broke new ground in exposing at least some of the adverse effects of fluoride consumption.

Links to more information on fluoride's adverse health effects:

EPA Scientists, including Robert J. Carton and J. William Hirzy, the former and present leaders of the EPA union of scientists in Washington D.C., respectively, support the work of each these sites...

International Society of Fluoride Research

"Fluoride, the official quarterly journal of the International Society for Fluoride Research (ISFR), is published for the advancement of research and dissemination of knowledge pertaining to agricultural, analytical, biochemical, biological, chemical, clinical, dental, ecological, environmental, industrial, medical, metabolic, pharmacological, synergistic, and toxicological aspects of inorganic and organic fluorides or fluorine compounds.

Fluoride Journal - Advisory Board -

(Available in printed form at the Biomedical Library of the University of Minnesota, as well as many other major medical libraries)

Second Look

"Provides scientifically oriented information representing all sides of the fluoridation and oral health policy related issues, from the best sources available.... Virtually all of our listings are peer-reviewed articles from mainstream medical, dental, and scientific journals worldwide, and most offer legitimate reason for concern regarding the health effects of fluoride toxicity."

Bibliography of Scientific Literature on Fluoride - Advisory Board and Staff -

The Fluoride Action Network

"The Fluoride Action Network is an international coalition seeking to broaden public awareness about the toxicity of fluoride compounds and the health impacts of current fluoride exposures. Along with providing comprehensive and up-to-date information on fluoride issues to citizens, scientists, and policymakers alike, FAN remains vigilant in monitoring government agency actions that may impact the public's exposure to fluoride."

Fluoride Health Effects Database -
Advisory Board and Staff -

Copyright February, 2007 Jason A Uttley.  Not to be reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


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User Reviews

Apple Cider Vinegar   0  0   

Posted by Peculiarmom (Peculiar, Mo ) on 12/17/2011

Hello. I have fibromyalgia and had surgery on Wednesday. I always have bad neck pain with the fibro but the pain I am having for the last 2 days is unreal. I can do nothing. Do you think the Apple Cider Vinegar will work for me? I've had it on for 2 hours and so far nothing. I am really hopeful.

Posted by Moses (Johannesburg, South Africa) on 05/24/2011

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  ACV - On The Verge Of Curing My Fibromyalgia!

Talking about alternative medicine, I was a total skeptic. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 1998. And I've been living with it for the past 13 years. I have been personally convinced that it will NEVER go away, except perhaps through toxic overuse of pain killers like ibuprofen, etc.

Due to the overwhelming amount of anecdotal evidence of ACV used as a remedy on Earth Clinic, I decided to go to my local supermarket and to buy a small bottle of ACV with a very perssimmistic mindset. When I got home, I opened the bottle and it smelled just as the name suggested, pure vinegar and apple juice. The bottle cost a measly $1 and I thought to myself.. "what the heck?".. Could this be what they're raving about ? Vinegar & Apple Cider ??

Anyway I immediately started to take it in ; I used the standard dose of 2 teaspoons in a teacup filled with water. It tasted just like vinegar. I don't find the taste of vinegar "strange" or difficult to swallow at all. To me, it's just an elevated tangy taste like I would expect in mayonnaise. I only took ONE dose a day (once a day 2 teaspoons in a teacup filled with water). In my case I didn't care whether my stomach was empty or not, whether it was early morning or not. In fact I took it when I came back from work, and after taking it I would immediately get back to my normal daily habits (tea, slice of bread, TV, Internet/Facebook, and my usual favorite indulgences). I would drink it as if it's my first cup of tea as I arrive home, then I would immediately follow with a normal cup of tea because I am so so addicted to TEA!!! :)

The past 4 days have been rather surprising! After 13 years of Fibromyalgia daily pain, when I stand up after taking ACV ; when I walk around in the house, I've noticed that there is a ** Feeling Of Something Being Lifted Off My Shoulders **, which is the VERY SPOT where the majority of pain was focused in my case with Fibro!

At first I did Not want to attribute this to ACV, cuz I was suspecting that I might be creating this feeling. I know Fibro to be a very resilient disease. But after this same thing happening 4 days in a row, I became suspicious that the ACV is involved in this :) I think I am on the VERGE of healing my Fibro with this stuff man!! I cannot believe how I feel "AFTER DRINKING IT"!! I cannot believe that it has a DIRECT effect on something in my body. This is so unbelievable for me! Let's see how long I'll keep feeling this way with it. I now believe that my Fibro is probably a case of too many toxins in my system from the time when I was young back in the 90's, taking lots of soda/Coke multiple times a day. I believe that these toxins were NOT about to be moved or to go away anytime soon. And if this ACV trick has any direct effect on these toxins or my underlying persistent excruciating pain of Fibro, then I'm going to increase my dose for the next 3-4 days to see where I am going with this. I hope I will Not awaken the devil within.. But I don't think 3 days of vinegar at 2 or 3 tablespoons-a-day will cause me anything noticeable, let alone "illness". Even the toxins themselve seem to TAKE YEARS to show their presence & symptoms in your body.

I'll keep you posted people.. But right now I am all too excited to see SOMETHING NATURAL that has a direct effect on my Fibro (without it being a prescription drug or pain steriod) after so many years of trying a pile of tricks, methods and advice.

I am hoping to see radically interesting things going forward with ACV!

Replied by Kimmi
Park City, Ks

Hurry back, I want an update!! Lol!
Replied by Eunita
New Zealand

Hi, thanks for sharing. I got so excited when I read this. I have heard about it before but not really gave it a go.

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia about 8 years ago, two years I moved to New Zealand. I have tried all sorts of medication etc.

So basically what I want to know is, did it actually help you in the end?

I wish you all of the best and once again thanks for sharing.

Replied by Timothy

Any update on this, very interested to find out more since your first post some months ago.
Replied by Sijai
Wichita Falls, Tx, United States Of America

Are there any updates on Jason's Fibromyalgia paper? The one person made a reply as to how well ACV helped. Is there another reply from this person?
Replied by Gypsywoman
Tempe, Az

I started taking ACV because I read it would help with weight loss. The next morning when I walked down the stairs, which the first time in the morning I usually hobbled down, there was NO pain. After a couple of weeks, I stopped (dumb but a good test) - well pain came back. Started again on the ACV - gone and it is almost immediate results. Great stuff, no poisons/toxins like most medications. LOVE the stuff!!

Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda   0  0   

Posted by Michaela (Droitwich, Worcestershire) on 08/27/2011

I have Fibromyalgia and have just been told about ACV and baking soda drink. Could you please tell me the full ingredients and there quantities please. Thank you in advance.

Biofilms and Nano Bacteria Connection   0  0   

Posted by Pr (Houston, Texas) on 10/12/2012

I am female who has been suffering with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue for 15 years and have tried every remedy in the book, plus some. I would have success with some remedies short term but never long lasting. I have recently been doing an intense research on biofilms and nano bacteria which has helped me understand why I had not had a full recovery. Not to mention the relapses or excruciating. Any body with any chronic disease should research this information as I think this is what is needed at this time. I have read some postings on EC in regards to biofilm and nano bacteria however it has been hard to put it all together.

I am posting 3 links I have found most helpful. Two of them are protocols for biofilms and nano bacteria and the other is how vitamin D will actually make the disease worse (a must read). Vitamin D seems to relieve symptoms at first because it acts a secosteroid so a person has short term relieve. In the long run it actually makes the disease worse. The article explains in detail how it does and provides research, references and studies.

This has not been an easy journey for those of us who have suffered with years of chronic pain and conditions but I am hopeful with this information. One thing for sure I have learned the hard way, watch what you eat. There is no short cut or way around avoiding proper diet. Remember to stay optimutist has all things are possible with God or what name you call your creator.

Borax   0  0   

Posted by Magdaleen (Secunda, South Africa) on 07/17/2012

[SIDE EFFECTS]  Can somebody please assist me, I have started using the borax 1/8 on a liter water per day, my body is aching more and I feel feverish, I suffer with fibromyalgia and neck and back problerms. Is this a die off symptom or do I have to worry about it. I only used it for 2 days now. Regards

Replied by Ed
Oakville, Canada

Have you given a thought about Flouride poisioning could be the cause of Fibromyalgia. You can try the tamarind juice to safely remove flouride.

Here is a link for the recipe and other papers about tamarind

Replied by Deon
Southbroom, Kzn South Africa

Magdaleen, it is probably just die-off, so do not stop the borax. You may also want to take some MSM to help for the fibromyalgia. I have been taking borax for extended periods without any side effects. Sometimes the fibromyalgia may also be acid related, therefore (if not doing it already) take Ted's alkalizer as directed, as well as ACV. It has done wonders for my fibromyalgia and acid related pains. In good health, Deon

Diet   0  0   

Posted by Dr. Scripter (West Valley City, Utah) on 10/11/2011

I think that you should include questions relation to consumption of the nightshade plants (potatoes, tomatoes, peppers of all kinds, eggplant, tomatillos paprika and 'spices' which usually contain paprika. For forty years I have had periodic severe low back pain and stiffness relieved in the last 5 weeks by avoiding these foods. The neurotoxins contained in these affect people differently and I believe that they are a big cause of fibro, chronic fatigue and RA.

These foods have crept into every meal and daily menus with a subsequent increase in dosage.

Replied by Karina
Grand Junction, Co

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]   I have avoided the night shade plants also, and have less fibro flair-ups. I've also noticed that I react badly to foods containing citric acid. I beleive soy may also be a problem. I also seem to react poorly to medicines containing Magneseum Stearate and Stearic acid. Plus avoiding tap water seems to help. Does any of this sound familiar?
Replied by Vicky
Richland, Wa

I discovered through reading the Eating for 4 Your Blood Type that type A blood types don't do well eating the night shades or oranges. The potatoes, tomatoes, make my body hurt and oranges and peppers burn my skin. I can't use cleansers with orange oil in them either as they burn me. The plug in perfumey things people use in their homes must be orange based too as they also burn my eyes and are a horrible attack to me. I wish they would ban them. I would be careful of using vinegar as it can cause stomach cancer in A blood types.
Replied by Carla
Ft. Collins, Co

Can you direct me to more information regarding vinager causing stomach cancer for A blood types please?
Replied by Ray
Calgary, Alberta

Apple Cider Vinegar is not the same as "vinegar" if you mean white vinegar sold in stores, which nobody in their right mind should ever put in their body. White "vinegar" is pure acetic acid without any of the buffers of natural ACV, without any of the minerals, and other compounds of nature. It is chemical lab junk.

Also, if you take ACV with baking soda then you no longer have any acid but a salt. So no worries.

But beware. These days big business has put their foot into the health food arena and come up with "mimic" health food. You have to pay attention and read labels even in health food stores. For example somme sell as ACV stuff that is filtered, purified and so on to take any goodness out of it (anything that might reduce shelf life and affect profits).... that is , there is a lot of ACV that is just brown acetic acid, rather than real ACV.

Eliminate Tap Water   0  0   

Posted by Karina (Grand Junction, Co) on 02/25/2012

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  I've been trying to find causes and links to my fibro for years. One thing I did discover was that when I drank tap water, my symptoms (pain) got much worse (I stopped drinking it - symptoms have gradually improved). Also taking certain drugs heightened symptoms. I will look into this further. Thanks!

GAPS Diet   1  0   

Posted by Jasmine (Perth, Wa, Australia) on 05/08/2013

[YEA]  I want to tell you my story of how I developed FMS, and what has and has not helped me with my fibromyalgia.

I slowly developed some of the symptoms of fibromyalgia (IBS, dermatitis, allodynia, aneamia, low immunity, PMS and irregular, painful menses, etc. ) throughout my childhood until I became very ill at the age of 16, also developing chronic muscular and joint pain, extreme fatigue, brain fog, weakness and a host of other symptoms. I now believe the onset was gradual due to a slowly worsening condition of my gut, partially thanks to the frequent use of antibiotics (as I was often very sick as a child) without probiotics (my parents gave me Yakult to drink for probiotics, unaware of the fact that I was lactose-intolerant and never drank the stuff because it made me feel sick).

Over the next 2 years, I slowly began figuring out which treatments help me to manage the condition: occupational therapy, physiotherapy, not eating foods I was intolerant to, using the right skincare products, gentle exercise and mindfulness meditation. I highly recommend all these treatments. I experimented with fluoride toothpaste and fluoride-free toothpaste for a few months and decided that fluoride definitely brought on intense flare-ups. I now use organic toothpaste, which is expensive but worth it. A cheaper alternative is one of the Sensodyne toothpastes - the one which uses strontium chloride instead of fluoride. I noticed no negative effects from using that. I grew up drinking rain water but whenever I drink tap water I have to filter it or it makes me sick. As far as skincare products go, I recommend MooGoo or ecopure.

BUT in the last couple months, I have discovered the most helpful remedy yet: the Leaky Gut Cure Program by Karen Brimeyer. She proposes that leaky gut can cause fibromyalgia, and that by following her program leaky gut can be healed. (This is a similar theory and treatment to GAPS, but it is a lot cheaper to buy Karen's program than to follow the GAPS program. )The program involves eating certain foods, avoiding certain foods, reducing toxins in your household products and clothing, and following healthy lifestyle practices, such as observing appropriate sleep hygiene and many other things. It also involves supporting your adrenal glands, ridding your body of pathogens and healing the lining of the gut through supplementation. I had read and tried many other similar programs in naturopath books, which only seemed to make me sicker. But this program makes me feel better, not worse, and I can assure you that it is perfectly nutritionally balanced. My pain has decreased (I no longer take pain medications), I can think more clearly, I am sleeping much more soundly and feel refreshed when I awake (rather than stiff, sore and exhausted), I have been feeling a lot more energetic and people are saying that I look really well. And I tell them that it is because I feel really well! I have never felt so alive in all my life!

I cannot give exact details of the program here due to copyright issues, but I will tell you that Karen Brimeyer's program is surprisingly cheap and can be found at Anyone with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue or IBS should google GAPS to see if they think that they suffer from it - and if they think it likely that they do, they should try the leaky gut cure for at least a week. Even if it can not cure everyone with FMS, I am sure that it can help many people with it - so it is definitely worth a try!

I now feel confident that I am healthy enough to continue with my university degree and work a part-time job too!

I hope that at least one person reads my post, tries the leaky gut cure and becomes healthy and energetic!

Replied by Faithwalk

[WARNING!]   I checked out this Karen Brimeyers program, and it is a scam from what I can tell. The person writing it doesn't even use proper grammar!

General Feedback   0  0   

Posted by Asolara (Sarasota, Fl) on 01/30/2013

After reading through all these posts and hearing about the increase of FMS [Fibromyalgia Syndrome] in women and flouride being in many meds, I'm wondering if more women are suffering from FMS because they take/took birth control for many years. I took it for about 15 years. I thought I'd just throw that out there.

My massage therapist suggested I drink alkaline water so what I've read here seems to jive with that and now it all makes more sense. I'm concerned about trying the ACV because I have barrett's esophagus and am supposed to avoid acids... Then I read to add baking soda to change it from an acid to a salt... you all should be chemists.

This site is very interesting. I'm glad I ran across it while doing research for my stepmom who was just diagnosed with lung cancer.

Thanks for all the great info!

Guiafenesin   0  0   

Posted by Scorpioempress (Ridgecrest, Ca) on 05/03/2011

I have been doing many of the things that are suggested for fibro here on, but I am wondering if guiafenesin has been tried by anyone here. According to the guiafenesin theory, FM is a genetic disease, not a flouride poisoning. I was also wondering if taking guiafenesin and boron at the same time would be counter productive or even bad. The guiafenesin theory does not address the high need for Mg by fibromyalgics, or other minerals. The fluoride theory actually makes more sense... Less holes. But, the guiafenesin folks say it works. Any thoughts? Oh, and do you have any idea how long you are supposed to take it??

Replied by Robyn
Melbourne, Australia

I dont believe in the guia theory but I did take it. I am in severe pain, I hate taking morphine but I have to. I used to take the guia - for me it did cut the pain back a couple of notches. But cant have any salicylates or it wont work. My liver is so bad I want to take milk thistle which has of course, salicylates so the guia wont work. So many other good salicylates that can help with our conditions eg. I have very bad adrenals so want to take licorice root, more salicylates. So whilst the guia helped with the pain I wont get help with the other. They say you have to take it forever.
Replied by Nita
Atlanta, Usa

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]   Because I also have bronchitis/asthma, I was taking Guiafenesin and noticed a reduction in pain. I didn't know about any theories but was greatful to not have to deal with the Fibromyalgia while sick. Once the lungs cleared up and I quit taking Guiafenesin, the pain was back quadrupled. There must be something to it. I was taking Mucinex which has a higher dose of Guiafenesin in it. The terrible side effects of HEAVY perspiration and high blood pressure prohibits my taking Savella which offered pain relief but is not worth risking a stroke.
Replied by Cj In Mid Missouri
Sedalia, Missouri

Am new to this site, just beginning to process the many good pieces of advice. Do want to comment that if you have astham/chronic bronchitis with fibro, please have your Vit D3 level checked. D3 defiecency is a common problem in modern society and it is improtant in immune system support. When fibro became debilitating for me, the only abnormal lab value the dr found was D3. Since starting the supplements, I have only had 1 episode of respiratory infection versus very frequent respiratory infections and 3 daily asthma meds, which I am completely off of now! Check into it- it is helpful for many!

Infrared Sauna   0  0   

Posted by 27julieh (Oc, California) on 10/01/2013

I am wondering about the benefits or dangers of Far Infrared Saunas, especially pertaining to fibromyalgia. Does it help muscle pain?

Replied by Mike
Denver, Colorado

Julieh: Please, I beg of you, do not spend your money on man made gizmos, gadgets, and thingamajigs. Trust in God's Goodies. Far infrared cures everybody of everything. Water from volcanoes and mountain springs emit far. Raw organic produce emits far. Ferments emit the most far. Cooked conventionally grown food does not emit far. This is why everybody is sick and suffering. Far infrared machines do not cure anybody of anything because they do not have any nutrients. Raw organic produce and ferments have both nutrients and emit far.
Replied by Goldencat

Not dangerous unless you are very heat sensitive. It is a dry sauna. You must drink a lot of water before, during, after.

It's well thought of as a detox method. However, expensive to do at a doctor's office! ($70/session) If your holistic dr or naturopath is supervising, you're safe enough.

Do you know the causes behind the fibro? Did it start from a certain incident, creep up slowly, manifest after major family troubles?

Maybe other detox methods would be cheaper? Epsom and dead sea salt soaks... Skin brushing... See how you react to these, before something more dramatic. Do you know how your body reacts to a detox session - sick after it, or energized?

My dr suggested this as alternative to colonics, given my own issues.

Replied by Prioris
Fl, Usa

Fibromyalgia is a microbe infection. Treatment should be done from that perspective. It is disinformation when they say it is due to "over active nerves".
Replied by Lloyd
Charlotte, Nc

To Prioris ...

About that Fibromyalgia and microbe connection; I have read the same thing a couple of times. Maybe a specialty virus like polio or ALS? Or is the mirobe a geeneral system wide infection that weakens the immune system either overloading antibodies or reducing their effectiveness? Would love to have more info on that Fibro-Microbe connect if you find anything.

L-Lysine   0  0   

Posted by Wydo (Ventura, Ca, United States) on 04/04/2011

Two of the symptoms of fibromyalgia, IBS and anxiety, forced me to look at the gut to brain axis. I think this is the key to this disease. A look at L-Lysine shows in a study that lysine has an effect on serotonin and it may have an effect on anxiety-induced intestinal pathology. We cannot just look at lysine as a way to fight a virus but we must look at it for its help on intestinal health and the brain. I have read that others believe that if we ignore the intestinal problems it could lead to intestinal permeability and the problem starts to spiral. Research is showing that the brain has an increasingly significant role in intestinal health.

A week ago I started on the L-Lysine for a virus and I notice that I felt a lot better 5 minutes later. Now that's too quick of a reaction even for lysine on virus. There had to be something else going on and that's when I started doing some research. So I just kept on taking the lysine 3 or 4 times a day. So far my hip pains have gone away and the rest has diminished some. The hip pain was what would wake me up at night and because I had trouble getting back to sleep, I really didn't need that. So now I sleep through. There are other symptoms relieved but I am going to hold off on reporting them until I see more improvement.

Replied by Merryanne
Orange City, Florida, Usa

Hello, I am very interested in whatever you find out about Lysine. It is one of my favorite meds to recommend to people and family. I have used it several times myself for colds and flu and have had excellent succes. I belive I stayed out of the Hospital because of Lysine. Please continue keeping us updated. Merryanne in Central FL
Replied by Wydo
Ventura, Ca, United States

Merryanne the L-Lysine maybe more of a training of the gut to brain axis but then again it might be a cure. I wish that EC would have put this post with remedies. If you have the IBS symptoms you will surely have to treat for candida because it will be there. I also think you cannot ignore EDTA for heavy metals and then of course look above at the post on fluorosis. So if you have done your reading and are taking mag citrate for awhile then consider the L-Lysine if you would like an immediate relief for some of your symptoms then go ahead and start on the L-Lysine now. I am still getting slow improvement on the muscle pain but mentally I feel better and the sex life is better. L-lysine has an anxiolytic action on the serotonin receptors so it helps with the anxiety. I add the L-Glutamine with it to help with the gut and make your first dose first thing in the morning. Both should be powders and you can find them on ebay. I would love to hear from you with your response. I think that one important aspect of Earth Clinic is the responses.

Liquid Chlorophyll   0  0   

Posted by Micah (Seaside, Ca) on 09/14/2011

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  I have found that if I take 1 tablespoon of liquid chlorophyll in my water 2 times a day that my inflammation decreases significantly. You can buy it online or at most whole food/organic markets.

I've missed a few days of my chlorophyll and consequently had 2 extremely painful nights of sleep. I've suspected for some time that artificial sweetners were poisonous as they made me extremely achy and lethargic, to the point where I could not safely drive my car. My sister has granulated carcinoma and it also become extremely painful when she eats or drinks anything with artificial sugars.

With FMS it's become apparent that the most important thing for me to feel healthy and pain free is really limit my sugar intake. Artificial or not. My daily servings of fruits is about all my body can handle.

Lysine, Threonine, Hydrogen Peroxide   0  0   

Posted by Maggie (Calgary, Alberta, Canada) on 08/11/2011

Hi. I received this response from Ted in assisting with multiple issues. I just want to confirm how to purchase supplements recommended by Ted since it's not always easy to find these items. Also, I would like to confirm where Ted mentions ingesting 3% hydrogen peroxide - if anyone has done so and confirm that it is in fact safe. As I have previously read in many posts over time, there is a debate going on whether or not the otc hydrogen peroxide (for external use only)3% is safe to be taken internally. I also found a product called "Maxx Essentials BCAA Maxx Amino Acid Supplement" which contains both the lysine and the threonine recommended by Ted. Is it okay to take this product even though it has 9 essential amino acids in the product?

Here is the response I received from Ted:

Fibromylagia approximately 20 years ago, is a viral issue. It is easily dealt with is lysine and threonine. The lysine is taken 1/4 teaspoon and 1/3 teaspoon of threonine. The schedule fixed is to do hourly dose for four hours, and just once before bedtime. Probably got some sort of Epstein Barr from accident by surgery. The receding gum I seen all the time a lot to do with lysine deficiency. The candida is one of the effects of fluoridation of water supply and chlorination both of these are absorbed by shower and enter transdermally, and it gets rid of the boron. The boron is a required minerals in getting rid of fungus, in broad term. If I want a fix schedule then it is 1/8 teaspoon in drinking water for a week and two days off. A hydrogen peroxide 3% one capful in one liter of water is used as a drinking water for 4 days out of 7 days, that means a two day off. The sugar craving is easily handled by incorporating glutamine to be taken everyday, and is 1/3 teaspoon 4 times a day, and one at night mixed with the lysine and threonine supplement.

If done for a month, this should be definite improvement, but I haven't yet covered other issues as fibromyalgia is the most pressing issue.


Mickel Therapy   2  0   

Posted by Margaret (San Diego, Ca) on 01/15/2012

[YEA]  I used to have fibromyalgia and I don't anymore. It went away during a course of Mickel therapy via skype. I am in no way financially tied to them, just a happy customer. I tried almost every other remedy on earth clinic before I found out about Mickel therapy (and many other things). I detoxed metals, took heavy biofilm busters and antivirals, painted my body in clove oil and DMSO, took more supplements than I can list here, did extensive fluoride detoxes, had several enemas with various recipes, did colon hydrotherapy, reiki, etc. Etc. Etc. It's not fluoride, which doesn't explain why women are disproportionately affected or why people that drink tap water aren't disproportionately affected (or why I avoided and detoxed for fluoride for years with no decrease in fibro symptoms). -Which is not to say that fluoride and tap water don't cause other problems. Fibromyalgia may have different complex roots in different people but MT worked for me.

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