Blackstrap Molasses Natural Cures: Q&A

Last Modified on Feb 15, 2013

How Much Copper Content in Blackstrap Molasses?

02/15/2013: Dr. Z from Anonymous: I've been reading a lot about Blackstrap Molasses on the earth clinic website. And I hear about how it is rich in Copper, Manganese and Iron in addition to Vitamin B. However so far all the brands of blackstrap molasses (BSM) that I've researched do not list copper in their nutrition label. And so far I've looked at Wholesome organic BSM, Plantation, House of Herbs, Brer Rabbit and the list goes on.

Can you please provide some information as to which brand contains at least the copper? And I believe copper is the ingredient that is helpful for hair. Thanks.

02/19/2013: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Most sellers of BSM (blackstrap molasses) don't do sufficient analysis of copper in their BSM, so we don't know. But we can take amino copper chelate or chlorophyll - which is basically sodium copper chlorophyllin - together with our blackstrap molasses to ensure the copper.


12/24/2013: Kate from Maidenhead, Berkshire replies: Hi Ted -I've moved to early retirement. As you live in Thailand, where can I buy blackstrap molasses and apple cider vinegar in Bangkok? Please provide advisement, I'm desperate for help.
01/04/2014: Carolyn from Carrollton, Tx replies: It's been several years since I was in Bangkok, but they used to have a grocery store downtown that catered to farongs. Try them.

Blackstrap Molasses Vs. Honey

07/23/2012: Jesse from Fort Worth, USA: Is BSM better to use than pure honey. I was given a recipe for cancer. Pure honey, Aloe vera leaf and Whisky or Brandy.

07/23/2012: Ed2010 from Oakville, Canada replies: I have seen that recipe as well. It is better to use Honey as said in that, honey is totally ingenious product by nature.

Cancer Cure Recipe

Is Black Honey Blackstrap Molasses?

06/07/2012: Anonymous from Phila, Pa: I would like to ask if anyone knows. Is blackstrap molasses the same as black honey?

Which Brand of Molasses Contains Copper?

03/23/2012: Ben from Sunnyvale, Ca: Which brand of blackstrap molasses (preferably organic and unsulphured) actually contains copper? I have yet to find one that specifically states their product contains copper on the Nutritional Facts label: Plantation brand label shows 0% Copper, other brand labels don't list Copper.

03/24/2012: Courtney from Granite Bay, Ca replies: Why not just purchase a good multivitamin for your copper? The multi I take has 100% of the RDA of copper.
03/24/2012: Cat from Papamoa, New Zealand replies: Courtney from Granite Bay, Ca - The problem with multi-vitamins is they are made up of a lot of fillers and really don't give the results quite like the "foods" do. If your multi-vitamin does not break down completely with 20-30 minutes in a glass of water, then you might as well flush them down the toilet because that's the same result it will give you in your system. Molasses is a food and for me, it has worked instantly compared to multi-vitamins which they state usually need 3 months of continual taking before you start to notice benefits. Not to mention, so many vitamins can cost $$$$
03/24/2012: Ben from Sunnyvale, Ca replies: Courtney, thanks but, the reason I asked was because BSM is generally touted as being "rich" in copper, not because I wanted the RDA of copper in my diet.
06/23/2012: Arihant from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India replies: I am looking for Blackstrap mollases with enough copper content in it. I havn't found one yet. A brand named ' Plantation Organic Blackstrap Unsulphured Molasses' contains 0% copper. Which one to buy?

Need Information on Blackstrap Molasses Use

03/12/2012: Stacy from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia: I have been taking blackstrap molasses for about two months, because of its amazing health benefits. I recently came across a book by David Gillespie called 'Sweet Poison' about the dangers of sugars, how bad it is etc. (because of the 50% fructose). There are some sites that suggest that even though blackstrap molasses has fructose (the bad stuff that causes heart disease, weight gain, high cholesterol etc. ) is ok and others say the opposite. Which is true?

How Much Blackstrap Molasses for Swollen Ankles and Poor Circulation?

02/16/2012: Wes from Niagara, Ontario Canada: How much do you take for swollen ankles and poor venous flow???

Will Molasses Help My Fractured Rib Pain and Swelling?

02/02/2012: Dr. Vaishali from New Delhi, India: I'm Dr. Vaishali using USDA organic blackstrap molasses. I want to know whether this is the good brand with best nutritional values? I'm suffering from fractured rib pain & swelling.


Will Molasses Use Cause Teeth to Darken?

02/01/2012: Chris T. from Bakersfield, Ca: Will molasses darken your teeth? Also, will Apple cider vinegar eventually ruin your teeth? I did the apple cider vinegar diet and my teeth turned brown. I had to have them all capped.

02/13/2012: Moksha101 from Montego Bay, Jamaica replies: Due to the acidity level of ACV, the best practice is to brush thoroughly after each use. What it does, is break down the enamel on your teeth. I can't speak on the blackstrap molasses, just as a precautionary measure, don't hesitate to brush.

Hope that helps.. I'm not an expert, just experience and research.

Molasses Vs Muscovado

08/08/2011: Anonymous from Anonymous: Hi, Ted! I am really happy to find the very informations about molasses that I have searched on your website. Now I have some questiones to ask about the differences between Molasses and Muscovado sugar. There are various kinds of raw sugars such as Muscovado, demerara and even 'molasses sugar' of Billinton's. I know these kinds of raw sugars have many minerals and vitamins like molasses but perhaps not as much as the effects of the curations of molasses.
I want to know about the truth and your opinion.
Thank you!

08/08/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Both of them has sugar, so I consider harmful. Generally the darker the sugar, the more the mineral. So I would have to say molasses and muscovada is a close one depending on the brand you are using. If you wanted to look at the quality you look at two things, total mineral content per 100 gram, which is more, that's the winner. The second one is total carbohydrate (mostly sucrose) the less the better. The one that is worthy of any health effects is not molasses or muscovada, it's the blackstrap molasses, which has both the highest mineral content and yet as the lowest in sugar content.



05/06/2011: Cathy : Hi Ted, I have a question for you concerning Black Strap Molasses. I heard you should never take iron with calcium.  The iron will get absorbed by the calcium and your body will not get the iron.
However I saw a receipe on a site called Earth Clinic's Iced Molasses Recipe.
My question is...if I make this (Molasses, hot water, milk and ice) won't I not get the benefits of the iron from the Molasses since I'm adding milk to it?
I'm getting so confused about all of this.   
Thanks for your help in advance.

05/15/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Normally molasses is best absorbed if taken alone that's why you should not take them with milk. The calcium can block its absorption.


Organic Vs. Unsulphered?

01/26/2009: Basil from Hunter Mountain, NY: I appreciate all of the detail but am curious about the form of Vitamin C. Since I'm having a tough time finding vitamin C sodium ascorbate will Vitamin C ascorbyl palmitate be fine?

01/28/2009: Rose from Steedman, MO replies: To Basil from Hunter Mountain, NY. You're right, sodium ascorbate vitamin C is hard to find as a ready-made product sold to the public. BUT Ted tells us we can make our own by simply adding baking soda to ascorbic acid powder. The ratio of ascorbic acid to baking soda is 1:2 when mixed in water. So if you're using 100% pure ascorbic acid powder: 1/4 tsp ascorbic acid mixed with 1/2 tsp of baking powder makes up about 1025 mgs (or 1.25g) of the sodium ascorbate vitamin C. Then I just add enough water so I can drink it (about a cup of water or thereabouts).

I have found that a good way to locate postings on EarthClinic is to do a search in EC's search window at the top of all their pages. For example, in this case I would type "sodium ascorbate vitamin C". Then, when the search results come up, I go to the individual pages and then use the 'find' feature of Internet Explorer which is located on the menu toolbar (the toolbar with 'File, Edit, View', etc). You click on Edit, then 'Find on this page'. Then in the box that pops up, just type in the exact word or phrase you're looking for... in this case "sodium ascorbate vitamin C" or "alkaline form of vitamin C" or simply "vitamin C".

01/29/2009: Paul from London, UK replies: I think the ratio of ascorbic acid to bicarb given is backwards. I use 1 tsp ascorbic acid and 1/2 tsp sodium bicarbonate. Also it is very helpful to take vitamin C at regular intervals as it has a short half-life in the body - at least 3 times a day. I have been taking 5 grams 3 times a day for many years. I never get colds any more, all allergies have vanished and I do not get sunburned like I used to.
03/01/2009: Rosemarie from Steedman, MO replies: Paul, I assure you that Ted's sodium ascorbate ratio of ascorbic acid to baking soda is 1:2. I always, always double-check the remedies before I make an attempt to help another post-er, because I would hate to lead them astray.

Ted said, "If I wanted to make sodium ascorbate vitamin C, from ascorbic acid, the ratio of ascorbic acid to baking soda I used is 1: 2 when mixed in water."

Also, "1/4 teaspoon Vitamin C powder (ascorbic acid) plus 1/2 teaspoon Baking soda in a glass of water so the body can raise its antioxidation status too."

01/26/2010: Jim from New Rochelle, Ny replies: Why not try eating oranges, or squeezing Lemons into your water to get Vitamin C and ascorbic acid into your diet? Why go through the troubles of mixing powder concoctions to get something that nature gives you in many forms naturally?
04/29/2012: Albert/octagenarian born London G.b. from Airdrie, Alberta, Canada replies: cindy from marysville, in answer:- "too much of a good thing", also, "Different strokes for different folks" your little body was not made to run on the quantities of product that you may be ministering to it, of course "BlackStrap"Molasses (from the shelves of most major grocery stores), is good for you, (One table spoon full, ) maybee three times a week, Always treat your body with respect. May I suggest that you try drinking a little more "TEA" part of the recipe for "tea" is BOIL ALL WATER FIRST. It can be enjoyed by adding a little sugar, and fresh full strength cows milk, last thing, give your little body time to get back to 'your' normal, enjoy.

Can Blackstrap Molasses Cause Hair Loss?

09/30/2008: Cindy from Marysville, WA: my hair has started falling out about six and now it's getting worse. my scalp is tender and i have small red bumps that itch. i have had all my blood work done and all is fine. here is my Q: can black strap cause your hair to fall out? it is the only thing new in my diet in the last six months, i take 3 tbl. spoons a day in my coffee. any feed back would be helpful thanks.

11/09/2008: Mary M. from Albuquerque, New Mexico replies: I'm interested in the brand you used. I have been faithfully taking Organic Blackstrap molasses since August 2005 by the swig-ful. Blackstrap is also to prevent thinning hair; there is something else going on.
01/26/2009: Ann from St. Charles, IL replies: Lately I've been researching Copper and Zinc, especially the effects of Copper Toxicity (too much Copper). I'm still trying to understand much of what I have discovered but it looks like Molasses is high in Copper. One symptom of Copper Toxicity can be hair loss, among many other things. I would encourage you look it up, it may be that you need to take Zinc and Vitamin C to help balance the extra Copper you are ingesting. I hope you find your answer. I am losing my hair as well and that is what prompted me to find out more about this subject.
11/30/2010: Holly from Gloucestershire, Uk replies: Re the question of Molasses and whether or not it causes hair loss, I have not found this to be the case, but I have found that I lose hair if I drink wine, cider, lager or ale, most of which now contain added sulphites (added, it is said, as a preservative). I cannot understand why producers have had to adopt this practice when for centuries, prior to this period, wines and like substances have been kept for many years without any sign of deterioration. US organic cider does not contain Sulphurs but UK organic cider does (I haven't yet managed to find any UK organic cider that doesn't have added sulphurs). Returning to Molasses, I would be grateful if someone could explain to me the difference between Crude and Pure Blackstrap Molasses(what processes do they undergo)?
12/09/2010: Brooke from Montgomery, Tx, Usa replies: I would supplement your diet with the following: Lactated Pepsin, Black Snake Root Extract, Essence of Wild Ginseng, Atomic Iodine, Extract of Liver, and Grain Alcohol. Copy that and paste it into your favorite search engine and get that formula. It has helped me tremendously with my hair! Also, I use Pennsylvania Crude Oil mixed with pure Vaseline - I put it on my scalp and then use a small hand vibrator with a cup attachment for 20 -30 minutes on my scalp after I put the crude oil. Look those up also so that you have a better understanding on how to use them. I have had hair problems since the birth of my 2nd child, 11 years ago. Now I don't have hair problems!

Is Blackstrap Molasses Dangerous for Diabetics?

08/30/2008: Chet from Dallas, TX: I need to know if black strap molasses with it's high sugar content is dangerous for diabetics.Or is the cane sugar ok and won't raise glucose levels. Thanks. (I want to treat acid reflux & constipation).

08/30/2008: Joyce from Joelton, Tn replies: To Chet from Dallas,To answer your question, excessive intake of sugar in any form is not healthy for anyone, much less a diabetic. My first choice for correcting constipation would be increasing the fiber content of foods you eat. Begin this with eating only whole grain cereals and breads, also increasing those leafy greens like kale, collard, turnip greens, celery and other high fiber foods. You also need to drink 8 - l0 glasses or more of water per day as a lack of water contributes to constipation.

My second choice for the constipation problem would be "magnesium citrate" since most of us are magnesium deficient these days.

Lack of activity also contributes to constipation. You don't need to take up weight lifting, but if you are a couch potato, you need to turn off the TV & take a leisurely walk more often.

11/17/2010: Milly from Jackson, Mississippi replies: My mother and aunti and grandmother took blackstrap molasses for years and my mother was a diabetes she and my family live a very long life my family live to 89, 90 87, so I just start with one teaspoon a day and I am a diabetes so I will let you know there hair was down there back but was gray and very pretty. My family took blackstrap because there iron was low I will let you know if it work for me.

Where to Buy Molasses in Bangkok?

07/29/2008: Barbra from Bangkok, Thailand: Dear Ted, Can you please tell me where I can buy organic blackstrap molasses in Bangkok? Barbra

09/07/2008: AJ from Bangkok, Thailand replies: villa supermatket

Is Blackstrap Molasses Unavailable?

07/10/2008: Della from Inland Empire, Ca: I have been using Blackstrap Molasses for years now. It is now not available anywhere.On the internet it says backordered or unavailable.

07/13/2008: Celeste from Glendale, Oregon replies: Della, Have you tried Smart and Final in Riverside? Cash and Carry also has Grandmas Molasses in a gallon container. Good luck
03/05/2012: Rain from Dhaka, Bangladesh replies: Could anyone please let me know where can I get unsulphurated blackstrap molasses in U.A.E and Bangladesh?

Blackstrap Molasses Capsules

06/23/2008: Nasar from Rochdale, England: I've been reading a lot about the benifits of Blackstrap Molasses, especially about grey hairs going to black, but was wondering if Blackstrap Molasses capsules would give me the same results as just the liquid form of Blackstrap Molasses. Im taking 1 capsule a day.Any feedback would be very appreciated. thanks.

08/21/2008: Christina from Brevard, N.Carolina replies: Hi, can you give me the brand name of the Black Strap Molasses Capsules that you are taking? My health food store can order them for me, with this info.I'm hoping to shrink Fybroid Tumors.I tried drinking it w/chocolate silk,hard to drink every day...also, do the ACV capsules work as well as the liquid? Thanks for all your help! Christina


05/18/2008: Melanie from Westlake, Louisiana: I tried to find this information but have not found the answer yet. If it is there and I haven't found it I am sorry. My aunt gave me some brand, Grandma's Molasses, which states it is unsulphered molasses. Does this mean it is the right one to take everyday for the ailments listed? Thank you. Melanie Bankens

EC replies: Two emails from our readers that may be helpful:

2/23/2008: Dawn ( from Westlland, MI writes: "There seems to be some confusion about blackstrap molasses. It can be sulphured or unsulphured. The blackstrap designation does not have anything to do with whether it is sulphured or not. Blackstrap just means that it is from the third boiling which means it has more iron. They sulphur molasses if it is being made from young green sugar cane (sulphur is used as a preservataive). No sulphuring is needed if they use mature sugar cane, so it is labeled unsulphured. An example of unsulphured blackstrap molasses is Brer Rabbit molasses with the purple label. For complete molasses/suphur explanation:"

3/11/2008: Karen (Karen[at]OrganicSugars[dot]biz) from Sugar Land, Texas writes: "Dear friends, I wanted to add a quick note assuring you that Wholesome Sweeteners Fair Trade Certified Organic Molasses (blackstrap style) is indeed unsulfured. Thanks so much for the great work. All best, Karen

House of Herbs Blackstrap Molasses

05/09/2008: Loraine from Orlando, FL: Hi there: I am actually looking for a product on this site and am hoping someone can help me. I am looking for unsulphered blackstrap mollases from House of Herbs with 70% iron. Does anyone know what site to purchase this because I tried House of and nothing come up. Thanks.

05/10/2008: Samantha from Ann Arbor, MI replies: Here is a link to a website that sells House of Herbs Blackstrap Molasses:
07/12/2008: Lisa from Moorestown, NJ replies: The House of Herbs BSM bottle does not specify whether it is sulphered or not. I called the company and they told me it is not but since it does not say that on the label I am left feeling unsure. The rep. said under ingredients it only says molasses so it does not have sulphur. But the Plantation BSM that I have since bought says unsulphered and BSM under ingredients. Perhaps HoH has more than one product in this line and the rep. was referring to another product. Does anyone have any information? I would prefer to take the HoH because the iron content is so much higher than others that I have found.
01/27/2010: Stella from Buffalo, Ny replies: I'm responding to the post about "House of Herbs" brand blackstrap molasses. It can be found in Wegman's Supermarkets in the northeast US.

I was also wondering about the iron content of this particular brand, because it's so much higher than any other brand (70% RDA). How accurate is their nutritional labeling? I have a hard time getting enough iron in my diet -- if one Tablespoon of this really has 70% of my daily iron, it would make life much easier!

06/26/2010: Rosharn from Bryan, Tx replies: Yes The unsulfered black strap molasses does give you 70% per tbsp of Iron. Be advised that it taste is horrible. Sort of a bitter metallic taste. I doctor it up with Peanutbutter, Honey and Agave. If blended well together it will taste rather like maybe a hazel nut. It is great with some blackberry preserves on tasty 12 grain bread.

No Nutritional Info Posted on Bottle

05/05/2008: Lana from Craigieburn, Australia: Hi I have just received my blackstrap molasses (i had ordered it on the internet. 100% Certified Organic Black Strap Molasses) and it has hardly any nutrional value compared to the ones posted on this website. The nutrition information on the bottle i have bought is: Energy 118kj Protein 0g Fat Total 0g - Saturated 0g Carbohydrates 7g - Dietry Fibre 0g Sodium 6.6mg Ingredients: 100% Organic Black Strap Molasses (unsulphered) It does not say anything about Potassium or Calcium or Iron or Magnesium or vitamin B6. Does this mean that the bottle i have does not contain any of these or that it may but just does not mention it. I thought all blackstrap molasses would have the same nutritional value. Have i bought the wrong one?

EC replies: It appears that some countries don't require the same labeling as in the USA. Your brand of molasses most likely contains close to the same nutritional content as the other brands posted here.

Where to Buy Molasses in the Uk?

04/23/2008: Meena from Basildon, UK: I read through all the posts in this website only today. I am a Indian origin staying in UK for work. I am just 25 and have got lot many grey hair. I would like to try this BSM. Where do i get it? Do i also need to eat Wheat germ and brewers yeast along with it? Is it essential? For Vit C is it not enough if we take lots of fruits daily?

04/25/2008: Karen from Glasgow, UK replies: Hi Meena you can buy blackstrap molasses in most health food shops and deff in Holland and Barratt. I've been taking it for a few months and though I don't have gray hair so can't comment on that, my skin in lovely and smooth and I think my hair and nails are a little stronger. I mix a tablespoon of BSM with a tablespoon apple cidar vinegar and juice of half a lemon and I have had no colds all winter and my usual spring hayfever hasn't made an appearance yet.
04/25/2008: AC from West Midlands, England replies: This is a reply to Meena from the UK who wrote on 4/23/3008 asking where to buy Molasses in the UK. I purchase my Black Strap Molasses from my local Holland and Barrett. It costs about 79P for a container that may be about 12oz (I can't remember). If you can't find it at your local one, ask them if they can order it or look on their website. Good luck!!!
06/20/2012: Laura from Wales, Uk replies: Treacle and Molasses are the same thing.
06/21/2012: Michael from London, Uk replies: Laura: no, treacle and molasses are NOT the same thing. Treacle has a higher sugar content and less minerals and vitamins - it is (usually) more refined. Some treacle is basically molasses with sugar added, but it is almost always refined, where molasses is pretty much unrefined (which is one reason why molasses has greater health benefits).

Best Way to Consume Molasses?

04/06/2008: Tamara from Detroit, MI: What is the best way to consume blackstrap molasses? I have been taking a teaspoon everyday but I would liket to mix it with hot tea. Does heating it in the hot water diminish it healing properties? It has helped tremendously in healing my dermititis on my face and I would like to continue it daily but sometimes its hard just to swallow molasses by itself.

11/18/2009: Mtowerofstrength from Maryville, Tn replies: I take the blackstrap molasses with chocolate soy milk and it taste real good. I take about two tablespoon with a cup of blackstrap molasses.

Organic Blackstrap Vs. Crude Molasses

03/27/2008: Karen from UK: Can you tell me the difference between organic blackstrap molasses and crude black molasses. Which one contains the highest nutritional capacity and which one revert grey hair to its natural colour. Your help with this is much appreciated. God Bless Karen

Earth Clinic replies: Correct us if we're wrong, but it looks like blackstrap and crude molasses are the same thing. Organic blackstrap of course uses organic cane sugar in the manufacturing process and may have slightly better nutritional value than regular blackstrap. Check the brand listings we have on the molasses page.

Is Iron Necessary for Older Women?

11/30/2007: Louise from Madera, California: I am 84 amd I would like to know if Iron is a necessity at my age. Also I would like to know if any stores in my area carry black strap molasses? Thank you Louise

12/01/2007: AMD from V. Ville, CA replies: To Louise, Madera CA: Louise, if you are eating red meat (not processed) 3 or more times a week and fresh fruit & veggies, you probably do not need extra iron. However if you feel you are anemic then the Black Strap M. would be a good idea. Check with your doc. and remember a lot of processed foods have iron added. There is a debate about iron suppliments for the elderly both for and against. Eat fresh rather than cans/processed, that goes for all of us. You can get BSM at most supermarkets, I get mine @ Raley's.
06/26/2010: Rosharn from Bryan, Tx replies: Rule of thumb from my doctor is if you are female and at puberty until the time menopause ends you need to keep track of Iron levels. After menopause we no longer expel as much iron every month. I would ask your doctor what he or she recommends. Most doctors will accept questions be e-mail as well. Its one of the easiest ways to reach them now days.

Sorghum a Good Alternative?

10/14/2007: Charles from Blacksburg, VU.S.: can anyone tell me if sorghum is as good as blackstrap mollasses for fighting Cancer, reflux, and fungus of the nails. There seems to be a lot of confusion about where to get Black Strap in pure form. Can anyone help?

Earth Clinic replies: Wikipedia definition of Sorghum:

Regular Molasses As Good?

09/04/2007: Ana from El Paso, TX: im not sure if for gray hair does it have to say blackstrap molasses or can it just be regular molasses.

Earth Clinic replies: It's supposed to be blackstrap. However, if you compare the vitamin and mineral content of molasses vs. blackstrap molasses bottles at the grocery store, you will find that they are almost the same. What turns regular ol molasses into "blackstrap" molasses is the 3rd boiling of cane sugar syrup.

Wikipedia Definition of Molasses

Organic Vs. Unsulphered?

04/28/2007: Ravinder from Canberra, Australia: Hi I have been giving BSM to my teenage kids as they have premature greying. I have to mix it in the mixed juice to hide the taste. I found that Organic BSM tastes lot better than Unsulfered BSM. Can anyone tell me what is the difference?

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Ravinder: Molasses depends on sugar cane aging, and extraction method. It comes from cane sugar, and the molasses are unsulphured, sulphured and boiling for blackstrap.

Sulfured molasses comes from green unriped sugar cane, and has sulfur fumes. Unsulphured molasses comes from ripe cane juice and is concentrated, and often best quality, in terms of minerals. Usually the first boiling has some sugar removed, but a second boil will have a darker color, perhaps the caramel is created. The third boil is the blackstrap molasses you are looking for and are the darkest ones which have more caramel. Therefore the best ones comes from the unsulfured ones as it is made from a matured sugar cane and is generally more rich in minerals than the green sulfured ones. In terms of tastes, the opposite may be true.

It must be emphasized that the main reason why blackstrap molasses is so helpful to the graying of the hair is that molasses has the highest amount of copper, then the second highest is the manganese. It also have some vitamin B pyridoxine. Therefore, foods high in copper and manganese is what you will be looking for. In Thailand, the tap water has high level of copper anyway, so taking just plenty of vitamin C will increase copper bioavailability as with taking vitamin C sodium ascorbate and blackstrap molasses. The same is true if you take cocoa, which is also high in copper. Manganese can also be found in soy milk. So in case you want a dark hair, blackstrap molasses, soy milk, vitamin C sodium ascorbate, magnesium, and some vitamin B complex are the things you will be looking for. I have seen a picture of one guy taking copper colloidal solution for a whole year and the color of his hair came back too. The same is also true if you take fulvic acid, which has a large spectrum of minerals also. Dogs don't get graying hairs, generally anyway, because their livers can produce vitamin C which helps with BOTH iron and copper bioavailability.

Therefore, unsulfured blackstrap molasses is the one that is technically the best in terms of mineral content for graying of hair. Ripe sugar cane tend to have more minerals as it matures and accumulate minerals.

How Much Is Too Much?

04/22/2007: Bob : Molasses cure: How much is too much? I love the taste. I'm taking it for irregular heart beat and to improve my terrible short term memory.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Bob: The limiting factor for taking blackstrap molasses is the amount sugar you can consume. Normally people will take anywhere from one teaspoon to two tablespoons, being the dosage range. However, I look more on the sugar concentration of whatever we drink should be in a concentration that has ideally no affect on changes in the blood sugar levels.

Basically a normal urinary sugar, is about 1.5%-2% sugar concentration. Therefore, if you take 1.5% - 2% black molasses and 98% you add water, you can take almost any amount of black molasses you want as long as the concentration of sugar remains low and unlikely to effect the blood sugar.

In fact, a simple way to reduce blood sugar in diabetes is to drink enough water until the urinary sugar goes to between 1.5 - 2% and in which case the body would not be overburdened with the sugar. In the case of diluting them, your only limiting factor is how much water you can drink in one day and this depends usually on not getting the urine color to be too yellow, but just a faint pale yellow should be sufficient to be not to be too water logged and at the same time, not dehydrated.

The reason why soft drinks are not safe is that their sugar concentration is between 10 -20% concentration, which is at least 5 times (10% minimum sugar soft drink concentration /2% maximum allowed urinary sugar) more in concentration than what the body needs. Also most soft drinks contain no minerals and vitamins.

Safe for a Diabetic?

03/05/2007: Mayra from Rydal, GA: I wanted to know if it's ok for me to take Black Strap Molasses, I'm borderline diabetic 2, and I have hemorrhoids, i always have to take a stool softener, and i was told that this would help. Is this true? I started to take it today, 1 teaspoon a day.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Hemorrhoids will be helped with the stool softener, but this won't solve the real cause. While hemorrhoids cause constipation, constipation is caused by excess acidity from eating too much white bread, white flour, coke, coffee, tea, cakes, sugar, pastries.

I'm borderline diabetic 2

Blackstrap molasses would not help that much. Taking granulated powdered lecithin 1 tablespoon along with food or on empty stomach as well as completely avoid all fried foods, and stir fried and oil foods would help the diabetic problems mostly by restoring the body's hormone to function normally without excess oils blocking the functions. It is well known fact that excess fatty acid blocks normal hormone function which can in turn effect the body's homeostasis, which also includes diabetes. The lecithin a granulated fat emulsifier will remove excess fats in the liver restoring the liver's normal function. Vitamin B complex taken now and then will also help in glucose metabolism. There are many ways to treat diabetes, the best way is to avoid sugar and use sugar substitutes of xylitol and stevia. Aspartame and other artificial sugar not stevia or xylitol are generally not safe.

'>i always have to take a stool softener,

Not really. The cause of constipation is excess acidity in the body from eating too much acid forming food with the lack of bicarbonates in the diet. Just add 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda to 1/2 glass of water taken twice a day on an empty stomach. Ideally most people need to take more, but since most people do not have a pocket pH meter to find the proper dose, the dose given is the absolute minimum dose. Ideally three times a day is best, but many find it inconvenient to take it during the early afternoon also. So therefore it is taken only in the morning and before bedtime hours.

How Much for an Infant?

03/04/2007: Rhonda from Kalispell, MT: Our grandson was premature and having constipation and digestive problems. It was recommended to give a small amount of blackstrap molasses in his bottle. It has made a noticeable difference along with a clear complexion. He is gaining very nice now since he likes the taste and drinks more with it in. I'm still a little concerned because of being a natural sweetener, and high in iron. Would like feedback or how much would you recommend for a 14 lb little boy?

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Rhonda: If the conditions were worsening, usually the best rule of thumb is to halve the dose. Usually continous taking of any remedy is not helpful. It is best taken for about 4-5 day out of a week. Therefore the issue of iron and sweetener should be less of a problem since it is not taken continuously.

Chemical Reaction in Water Mixture?

02/17/2007: Wilson from Tema, Ghana: I used boiling water to mix black strap molasses and then cooled the mixture. I filled PET bottles to enable my wife take the necessary equivalent dosage in combating fibroids. After a few days serious pressure developed in the bottles with one exploding. What caused the gas and will the mixture be effective. No alcohol fermentation took place though.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: A bacteria doesn't necessarily ferment alcohol, but they do create gases, such as carbon dioxide. It is best taken by mixing with water directly with the molasses when you need it to be consumed immediately. You can take the same thing by making a molasses syrup taken directly much like cough syrup. If you insists on diluting the mixture, then dilute it with only apple cider vineger. The acidity of apple cider vinegar will prevent bacterial growth.

The high concentrated syrup of molasses prevents bacterial growth, but when you dilute it enough, it becomes food for the bacteria. Therefore such procedures of mixing with water and storage is not recommended and it may cause food poisoning such as botulism when such measure is employed.

Why Is Blackstrap Better?

10/26/2006: Duane : I was wondering if you can tell me why blakstrap molasses is better than plain unsulphured molasses. I read somewhere that the unsulphered was the best and most nutritional because it is the second phase of the process from the cane sugar.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Duane: Ye,s unsulfured molasses may have slight nutritional advantage, but the risk of food poisoning poses a problem too as sulfur is also added to prevent spoilage and stability. So if you can find one and sure that they don't spoil somehow before you eat it, then fine.

However, for most people sulfur is relatively non-toxic anyway. Most geysers and hot springs are rich in sulfur where people come to the place to treat arthritis or skin problem. Again this is a matter of choice. I prefer to choose the ones that people have good feedback. The lack of feedback, I would be suspicious. This is where earthclinic comes in and tries to get people to tell them about their experience.

Source in Hungary?

10/26/2006: Maria from Szentendre, Hungary: I want to buy Black strap molasses, but none of the web sites, e/shops offer ordering possibility from Hungary. Any idea pls. Since I had a surgery a year ago, took my tonsils out, I continuously feel something strange in my throat (when you have flue), and I hardly taste sweet, only salty food. My throat is dry, lost my appetite. Someone recommended blackstrap molasses, but I hardly can find where to buy. Would appreciate a good tip. thanks

Earth Clinic replies: Maria, have you checked the baking section of your local grocery store? Blackstrap molasses is sold in all food markets next to the honey and sugar, at least here in the USA. If you still aren't having any luck, try a gourmet cooking or health food store in your area, if you have one.

Ted has replied to your question about tonsils here.

11/23/2010: Terezia from Dallas, Tx replies: I am a Hungarian living in the USA, and to my utter amazement I have just found out that Molasses is NOT being sold anywhere in Hungary, not even in health/bio food stores, from where they have even removed brown sugar containing molasses. This thread discusses the issue in hungarian. They inform each other that sugar factories sell molasses to alcohol and grain factories in huge quantities, never to individuals. Many other simple traditional foods and health foods are banned and ridiculed in Hungary, while people are dying by the thousands being flooded with poisons and post effects of nuclear wars.... So sad.

Safe with Candida and Fungus?

10/19/2006: Peggy from Muskogee, OK: What if you are loaded with candida and fungus? Will molassas be ok to take or is it too much sugar? Thanks, Peggy

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Peggy: For a diabetic, that would be too much. Taken in small amounts might be reasonable, but I would much prefer you consider taking zinc acetate, manganese sulfate and sodium molybdate supplements. These three should help reduce the candida and fungus problem internally.

I suspect the deficiency is very much due to heavy metals and pathogen blocking immune functions causing the conditions. Heavy metals create free radicals and seems to suppress many glandular funtion, by killing of the cells or by symbiosis with mycoplasma. For some reason or another these nanobacteria seemed to be hide along with heavy metals too.

Since heavy metals is implicated, I suggest you do oil chelation or oil pulling. Take one tablespoon of sunflower oil, swish around the mouth a couple of times, most of the metals will be taken up by the sunflower oil, and then spit it out. Do this a couple of times in the morning should help reduce the pathogen load and the heavy loads quite easily. The other thing is to eat some chinese parsley (cilantro) when you eat food. This will also take heavy metals out of your system.

10/31/2010: Larry from Arlington, Texas replies: Dear Ted, I tried to find the Supplements you suggest in this thread, Manganese Sulfate, Sodium Molybdate, Zinc Acetate, every Store Rep I talk to tells me to ask you where these might be available, They have no Idea at what I am asking for human consumption, Could they be known by a different chemical name, I know Magnesium Sulfate is Epsom Salt. I have been Overloaded with Candidia since Feb of this year due to a Amoxicillin reaction, I was diagnosed with fungus of the skin, itching and redness. Doctor said I also had Strep
Throat, He prescribed Amoxicillin 2,500MG twice a Day for the Strep virus and a 7 day Fluconazole for the Fungus,

By the 3rd day I was burning on my back so bad I stopped the Amoxicillin and continued the Fluconazole until the seventh day. I have had nothing but misery ever since, I have checked my Saliva, Spit test every morning, last few mornings- it floats for over half hour. Â In the past it sinks very quickly with tornadoes so severe I know I was highly infected
with yeast.  I found I cannot use Xylitol sweetner at all! Any help would be Appreciated and thanks for a wonderfull Site!!! Larry

10/07/2011: Marc from Olympia, Wa replies: To Larry from Texas, do you have amalgam (mercury) fillings..... I believe the mercury will predispose you to fungual colonizations, amoxicillin, like all antibiotics will take mucosa out of your intestine, out with the mucosa also goes most of your matalotionine, a protein that loves to bind with toxic metals and give 'em a ride right outta your system... You got to get the good bugs back in your gut, the lactobacillus et al , from fermented vegies/cabbage sauerkraut , no sulfited canned crap, make your own. , ...... Yogurt (NO!! Sugared-up Safeway garbage yogurt, get the real stuff from health food store or co-op, take zinc, it induces metalothionine to do its thing, clean yo liver ala Hulda Clarks mag sulfate/olive oil /grapefruit juice and/or plenty of powdered vit c, Abco seems to work well or drink Burroughs' old elixir of honey and/or molasses, lemon lime juice (fresh!!! ) and cayenne. The idea is you wanna get your liver clean preferably before you get your amalgams out( from a good holistic dentist that willl dam yo mouth and vaccum as they do it , not be whipping the air and your throat and gums with a plastering of particulate mercury, this is IMPORTANTE!!

now I see your post is from nearly a year ago, I'd like to know how you are doing with this.... Dang!! Stay out of the hospitals and away!! From the whitecoats.... marc marcgiovine(at)

06/16/2012: Aparajita from Crystal Creek, Nsw Australia replies: Candida can be cured with alkalyzing the body, Grow some paw paw (papaya) in pots and harvest at about 3-4 feet, pulp and simmer for 2 hours, drink small amounts daily and swish in your mouth, eat lots of parsley, greens and water. Take acidophilis. Try food grade Hydrogen peroxide drops. Good luck!

Children and Molasses


Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Comfort: One teaspoon of black molasses per day for children is a reasonable dose. It is the same dose as that of a cough syrup, so I would assume it to be safe. Kids drinking soda pop for a whole week is equivalent to a pound of sugar. Therefore it would be safe to assume that avoiding soda pop and sweets and taking a relatively moderate dose of molasses of one teaspoon is not a large amount.

After opening ACV, it is safer to put them in the refrigerator.

Diabetes and Molasses

09/05/2006: Angela from Northern, NJ: Just a quick question... My Mom is diabetic and also borderline anemic. Can she take black molasses? Will it have an affect on her sugar levels? I would really like to be able offer her a herbal remedy in lieu of iron pills. Thanks! ~Angela

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Angela: Your mother is diabetic and molasses is high in sugar. No, she can't take black molasses! This also includes honey, fruit juices, soda pop, and anything sweet.

The pancreas' beta cells are destroyed and prevents the production of insulin. Beta cells are sensitive to free radicals. Major free radicals that kills your beta cells are free fatty acid, free metal iron radicals, and the body's acidity that also encourages oxidation.

To reduce free fatty acid, take fat emulsifiers along with your food, such as granulated lecithin. Lecithin will help reduce the oil by emulsification. Fat soluble antioxidants such as vitamin E should neutralized those fats subject to oxidation. This is why vitamin E helps prevents spoilage of vegetable oils as same as spoilage of oils inside your body.

To reduce free metal iron radicals, oral EDTA chelation is one way.

To reduce the body's level of oxidation due to acid, is to take 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda once in the morning and once in the evening before bedtime.

The body will use up about 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda per day for most people. The body will consume much more if you exercises. If you want to know how much your body consumes "bicarbonates", just measure your urinary pH and estimate how much bicarbonates are needed per day to maintain a normal urinary pH between 6.5 - 7.35.

I would really like to be able offer her a herbal remedy in lure of iron pills

Iron or metals taken into the body if a person is already a diabetic might worsen the condition. The most dangerous of the free radicals are the hydroxyl ions which obviously are created by iron, and this damages the pancreas' beta cells which produces the insulin.

Oral Chelation EDTA would be a more suitable choice, unless you are certain her iron levels are low. Assuming this is true. Then of course she should take iron supplements, but at the same time she should alternatively chelate metals. For example for three days you give her iron supplements, and on day four to day five you give her chelation. Then you keep alternating, The metal chelation will often remove the dangerous unbound free radical metals, it will not remove as easily those that the body is already using.

There are two kinds of metals in your body, bound metals to the body's protein, which don't often create free radicals, and unbound one, which can create hydroxyl free radicals which damages the cells, especially beta cells responsible for the body's insulin production.

Too Much Iron for Men?

Andrew from Brooklyn, NY: I would like to know if the iron in the mollasses is to much for a man to take,as excess iron is no good. I think ive read that natural iron like in Mossasses is not harmful as You excrete what You do not use. Please comment.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Andrew: Men tend to die earlier than woman on the average because they tend to have too much iron in general since men do not menstruate. And if a woman no longer menstruate, the life expectancy of both man and woman is just about equal.

Because there is a generalization that men have too much iron, taking it might increase iron temporarily and yet rid of it if it is in the excess. The problem about this temporary issue is how long does it stay in your body. The longer it stays, the worse it becomes. While it stays in your blood it will be in the excess anyway. So obviously if you do not drink enough water or frequency of constipation, the body's ability to rid itself of iron is severely limited.

The question therefore depends on whether you drink enough water, have constipation, or take other nutrients that will help rid your body of iron easier.

If you are still not comfortable with this iron problem then taking some oral EDTA will at least help remove free radical heavy metals in your body. Taking plenty of antioxidants and if you do find out that you are indeed high in iron, then considering donating your blood. This is one way for men to menstruate like a woman to rid himself of excess iron.

If your blood is high of free radicals, get a glass slide and put a drop of blood on it and cover the glass slides. Allow it to dry for 1 day. If the blood is dried evenly and smooth then there is no problem. But if it is irregular with cracks of blood, then your body's free radical is too high and riding of excess metal might be the way to go.

In general, taking black strap mollasses, in moderation, not too much would be the best solution, under the conditions that :
'1. You don't have constipation
 2. You will drink plenty of water
 3. Your blood drop in the microscope slides appears normal.

If you don't want to do a blood drop, then monitor the slimy film in your mouth. That is one way to monitor your antioxidant. If it is sticky slime, and smells bad all the time, you should refrain taking sweets, iron rich foods, take plenty of zinc, and alkalize taking citric acid and baking soda at 1/4 teaspoon each plus 1/2 glass of water, twice a day. Once in the morning and once in the evening.

Consider oil pulling to remove excess heavy metals. Since certain people have issues with oil pulling in the beginning as bacteria dies and releases toxins, just add a little peppermint oil to the sunflower oil bottle you are using. Add enough peppermint oil to it until you feel it tastes confortably like a toothpaste.

So when toxins are released, the peppermint will neutralize these toxins. Methol content in peppermint are quite reactive against these toxins anyway so it will not cause negative body reactions.



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