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Last Modified on Jan 31, 2012

What Would Be the Best Course of Action for Heartworms and Yeast Infection in Dog?

01/31/2012: Nancy from Rome, Ga: My 13 yr old mixed who has been active until recently, healthy, except for what vet said was flea allergy (I think it was yeast) she has scratched and chewed for a year she was given shots and benadryl tabs and 6 months ago told she had heartworms. Given 2 doxy a day now the vet says she also has yeast infection so he gave me ketaconazole.. I just want to help her so should I start on bw, and wormwood and take her off all the other? I have changed her diet to all natural after researching.. It seems that to give her doxy and is causing the yeast.

11 Year Old Dog with Heartworms

10/07/2008: Christa from Decatur, Alabama: I have a 11 year old Peke that is positive for heartworms. I would like to naturally help him. I am new to Natural remedies and would like to know what to use and how much and how often. He is 15 pounds. I would appreciate any help. Christa

10/11/2008: Joyce from Joelton, Tn replies: To Christa from Decatur with the ll pound dog with heart worms. Hi Linda, There are several natural remedies that you might try for those heart worms. If you know what sweet Annie weed or artemesia is, that is one herbal remedy for parasites. Tincture of black walnut hulls is another. If you know what wormweed (also called Jerusalum Oak) or vermifuge is, the seeds is the part of the plant used for parasites and it definitely should have seeds on them now. Cloves (yes, your kitchen spice) is another natural substance that kills parasites. One other thing that is said to kill parasites is MMS which should certainly hit heartworms because it travels in the bloodstream. If you go this route, the dosage would only be l drop daily for ll pounds. Hope you find this useful and your little doggie gets rid of those heart worms. Also be very careful yourself, and if you have young children, caution them about letting the doggie kiss them until the heartworms are history. The reason for this warning is I read about a man catching heartworms from his dog l0 or 15 years ago. I don't remember the name of the journal I read it in but it was one of the medical journals.

10 Year Old Dog with Heartworms

06/24/2008: Debby from Carrollton, Texas: I am writing about the Black Walnut & Wormwood:

My has a 1/2 Golden Retriever & 1/2 Collie she is about 10 years old and has been diagnosed with heartworms and she is on a fixed income the treatments are so expensive too and painful. She also has a tumor under her belly that hangs down. My Mom and brother took her to the VET for the tumor and they told her she had heartworms well everyone is upset cause she can't afford the treatments and I can't either. Is there anything I can tell my Mom to give her to get rid of the heartworms then we can rake up enough for having the tumor removed. The dog's bowel movements are not normal she tries and tries and finally has one but my Mom has noticed a small amount of blood with it also she is having trouble urinating also. Is this caused by the heartworms or the tumor ? Right now we are trying to get rid of the heartworms. I heard garlic juice will get rid of it too but I read this on the Internet don't know if it works or not. Any help would be appreciated very much. I would need to know what would be good to give her how much to give her and how often also. The dog weighs 50lbs around that. Thank you God Bless

07/15/2008: Meri from Columbia, SC replies: I'm not a vet but have a little experience here. The life cycle of a heartworm is 3 years. If you put your dog on a monthly heartworm preventative this will stop any new heartworms from hatching while the existing heartworms die off. My dog is now heartworm free after 3 years. My vet suggested this so you may want to consult your vet. I have heard this is not good for dalmation breeds. Does your dog cough? Coughing may suggest a severe infestation. Vet can check using a blood sample to determine how severe of heartworms.

As for the straining at elimination time it sounds as if your dog may be constipated. You can add healthy oils to your dogs food and may want to add some water. Older dogs forget to drink enough water just like people!

Good Luck!



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