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Last Modified on Sep 16, 2011

No Periods for Almost 4 Years, Pls Help

09/16/2011: Anonymous from Anonymous: Hi Ted, Greetings to you. I got ur name from earthclinic and i would like to share this problem because i dont know who else to go to. But first, thank you for helping so many others. You see, I live in Nigeria, Africa and am not overweight, just slight and petite. In my twenties i had regular but very heavy periods. Sometimes, it comes twice a month. But surprisingly, in 2007. i skipped a period and from then on its been downhill for my periods. Later in 2007, it stopped completely. In 2008, i went to the hospital and underwent many tests among which is Hormone test, the result said that i had hormonal imbalance. The doctors gave me pills/drugs, which i later found out that they where contraceptives somehow. I faithfully took the pills and after some weeks, the period came, but it was so heavy with BLACK CLOTS, I had never experienced such. This went on for 2 weeks and then some days. I stopped the drugs after that. Since then, i have been looking for an alternative to drugs.

Safe to say that for 3 and a half years now, I HAVE HAD NO PERIODS AND I AM WORRIED BECAUSE I AM NOT YET MARRIED. I keep having hot flashes and getting tired. Last week, i stumbled upon Earth clinic and decided to try some of the remedies. I bought Blackstrap Molasses and started immediately this monday. I have taken it for 5 days now and i havent gotten any result. On the contrary, the hot flashes increased and am very uncomfortable and disappointed. I am using 1 tablespoon Blackstrap Molasses twice daily in warm water. Pls can you help me with some other remedy?

09/29/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: The usual problems are lack of vitamin E, natural vitamin E, vitamin b complex, B50, magnesium citrate, and lower progesterone hormones for lack of menstruation. The black clots may be a factor of not menstruating, so the simplest remedy is to take citrates, found in apples, lemon, lime for example. More specific citrate sources are sodium citrate and potassium citrate, 1/4 teaspoon each once a day 30 minutes after a meal. The citrate will unclot the menstruation periods. Ted
02/05/2013: Beanie from Vincennes, In replies: The blackstrap molasses is to STOP periods, not start them.

Idiopathic Aplastic Anemia

03/12/2008: SG : Hi Ted, I was waiting to to write to you ! I am a 34 yr old female from India. 10 yrs back i had IDIPOATHIC APALASTIC ANEMIA, and after a battery of tests the Doctor was never able to find out what was it that was causing it. My platelets would go dangerously low as 27000 and my HBG will be 5 or SO i would start bleeding heavily during my periods i would have clots of fist size . it would be like i would come out of the hospital the doc would put me on danazol (steriods) 3 times a day for 6 months and slowly my hbg would increase and then i would want to go out and would catch some bug ,get a fever or a cough because of low platelets it will not work and i had to be rushed to the hospital the doc would transfuse blood and platelets and i would be in the er for couple of days back to home to isolation and life of gloom would be on danazol again.which made me blow up and have lot of hair on my legs and thick voice . but my parents were not worried about it because for them it kept me alive.My dad did some research ad started a course of SPIRULINA I STARTED TAKING 1000 MG every day and within 2 months my hbg was 8 whereas it took danazol 6mths 3 times a day to bring me back to 8 , i was feeling very happy healthy and glowing i lost all the unnecessary weight .After an yr i came to the usa , my periods were normal i had a healthy relationship with my husband it was like nothing ever happened i never got a cold or any viral infection maybe because i was in a comparatively clean and pollution free environment .6 yrs back i got pregnant by accident and wanted to keep the baby. i was very lax and did not take any extra supplement or nutrition. my hbg fell to 7 and the fetous died inside i lost the baby i was miserable after that. Then again after 3YRS in 2006 i became pregnant by plan had gone to a hemotologist was under his care for couple of months and then after he said everything is alright with me i went ahead and got pregnant. I am vegetarian by religion, birth, choice. he had put me on b12 shots and everyday b12 tablet so once i hear the news i was elated went for regular check ups ,every week and all was smooth .i eneterd my 5 month or it was 22 week i had my amniocentesis done the doc said all my levels were good and the feotus was just small. after couple of days i got a neck pain like a catch. it was terrible and i took couple of tylenol for relief the pain stayed for 3 days . the 3 day i could not take it anymore and i rushed to the er There the doc saw my bp was way high and rushed me to the gync and they did a ultrasound and found out amino sac was drained of all fluid it was in my body and the fetous was almost dead. if not removed i will be in a vegetative stat my whole world crashed i was just devasted i could not believe it was happening all over to me. so they did a dnc and i stayed in the er for 3 days and a week in the hospital they say it was PREECLAMPSIA the doc put me on blood pressure tblts for 2 months. the2 months passed and i am normal my periods are normal no bp. IT was like again nothing has happened. I took one whole year off, my gync did a battry of test. HYPERCOAG MTFHR MUTATION FACTOR V MUTATION Anti -cardiolin ab circulating Anticoag PROTHROMBIN MUTATION DET CBC W DIFFERENTIAL. I got the report back and i am writing to you immediately. The doc says nothing is wrong with me all the test are normal and everything is negative. He says just get pregnant and we will monitor you closely . I am scared TED i don't want to be the reason for killing an innocent life inside me. I just want to have a normal healthy child just one i wont ask for more. i have been reading your suggestion on earthclinic and have a hope and belief that god has shown u to help me .pls suggest me what to do to have a healthy pregnancy

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear S.G., Idiopathic aplastic anemia is simply a bone marrow damage. When a bone marrow is damaged, the body cannot produce the red blood cells and white blood cells.

The common damage of bone marrow can come from many sources, that I am aware of (internet these days i can't get anything except from my own personal experience) is the arsenic (high in Bangladesh and parts of India), paracetamol (Tylenol), x ray radiation, free radical heavy metals, vegetable oil use, metabolic acidosis (from aspartame hidden in many candies and pharma drugs, not labeled), steroids, virus, and my favorite the fungus or mycoplasma from vaccinations, eating moldy plants, and pharma toxic water, especially in U.S. All of them have interesting information as to the extent of the bone marrow damage and I haven't quite covered everything here, such as vitamin D3 levels (Indian woman are low in this and lowered immunity from dark skin, thick clothing and lack of sun if living in the states), chlorinated water, fluoridated water, and pharma drug laden in most of the water supplies made worse by a quantum jump with the chlorine AND the fluoride. A neurodegenerative disorder can also initiate stem cell damage by just causing the body to go into lactic acidosis from common contaminants especially aspartame which breaks down to formaldehyde, the exposure to hydrocarbons (benzene, toluene, shellac, which damages the neural cell damage) A neural cell damage if it is damage can prevent the body to repair itself especially the bone marrow. Radiation poisoning is obvious, and CAT scans, X rays, immunization, chemotherapy and the list goes on and on.

The common approach I do use with good success is always the alkalizing, borax remedy (its anti fungal and anti mycoplasma which is a common cause of autoimmunity that damages bone marrow), ridding of free heavy metals (from spirulina and chlorella which creates free radicals and damages the bone marrow), vitamin B complex, zinc, vitamin E, vitamin C, olive leaf extract and avoiding pain killers such as paracetamol, which damages the liver and creates free radical and causes the body to accumulate toxins. Aspirin for me is a lot safer, but the method I used is very different, in that I did it the old fashion way: I dissolve completely in a glass of water when taking them. People would assume it cause ulcers, but the fact that it's so diluted prevents that and the acetylsalicylates (aspirin!) kills the fungus which causes autoimmunity. It used to be the old days where autoimmunity was rare, until people simply stopped using aspirin and tried the paracetamol, which damages the liver and you need N Acetyl Cysteine to stop that. A lot of effervescent these days DO NOT LABEL the addition of aspartame which damages the body further and I have to waste a lot of time calling up factories to check whether they in fact added the aspartame. The chemical used to be a insecticide when they discovered that it tasted sweet and there is a lot of massive bogus research before it was pardoned by President Ronald Reagan on crimes commited by Searle, spearheaded by the then Donald Rumsfeld. So it has a sordid past, but I used them as a insectide killer anyway for my gardening, mixed with pyrethrins.

The major components of this remedy to reducing autoimmunity is to first avoid the sweets and fruits, and fried foods using vegetable oils. Bread and flour causes problem from the toxic alloxan, bromine processing and propionic acid, live yeast (a fungus!) and other modern manufacturing insults which damages our health. The replacement of the grains should be rice instead of white flour and bread and certain Indians makes heavy use of white flour and bread in some of the diets.

The most important remedy I think is always to kill the fungus or the mycoplasma first, the viruses is always secondary causes for me and usually are not much of the problem. The remedy therefore requires the following anti-autoimmunity remedies that I WILL USE (yes I do it frequently!):

1. 1/8 or 1/4 teaspoon of borax in one liter of drinking water. A xylitol or d-mannose of 1/8 or 1/4 teaspoon can be added to further the antifungal properties. A hydrogen peroxide food grade of 30 drops of 3% in the one liter of water also helped as I have found out later.

2. 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water taken twice or three times a day.

3. Spirulina and chlorella supplements at least 250 mg x 2 or 3 times a day taken only 4 or 5 days out of a week.

4. Magnesium citrate or magnesium gluconate 250-500 mg taken once a day is very helpful and zinc gluocnate 50 once or twice a week is very helpful too.

There might be other mineral status being low causing autoimmunity, especially Iodine, so I might used sodium iodide or lugol's solution adding 5 drops of iodine in a glass of water usually taken in the morning hours or perhaps just take kelp supplements but this is usually taken once every other day, or once every two days. The body simply needs alternate days to further detoxify from the blood and hence the "rest days".

The supplements that are important especially the vegetarian diets is always the B12, but I try to use them in the form of vitamin B complex, such as B50 or B100 form and take that twice a week. Certain forms of vitamin Bs are synergistic with the magnesium.

Sodium nitrite produced by the glial cells is what gives rise to the number of stem cells from nitric oxide, but interestingly metabolic acidosis, lack of bicarbonates and other acid forming foods, mostly from the white flour and table salt is acid forming, and they destroy the sodium nitrite into nitric oxide before it reaches the destined bone marrow.

Interestingly, I have noted that people with blood fungus, past mouldy conditions enviroment initates a long term low blood counts, and white blood cells especially if exposed to hydrocarbons, kerosine, benzene, aspartame, and methanol. Therefore reduction of fungus through borax is what I have found to be most helpful, ESPECIALLY if hydrogen peroxide drops is added and some d-mannose or xylitol is used. I tend to use a lot more d-mannose than xylitol and both polyol sugars prevent fungus, virus, and other pathogen from sticking to healthy cells and forming colonies. If they were even detached from healthy cells they usually die immediately and it is this reason why I find them so fascinating. The other thing is people with a vegetarian diets will have low amino acids. Amino acids in alkalinity, the ammonium molecules has strong antifungal components, and this is why Asians have higher incidence in autoimmunity from aplastic anemia or low red blood cells. Red blood cells may be further increase if vitamin C sodium ascorbate 1000 mg is taken and avoiding the tap water or treat all drinking water with hydrogen peroxide or ozonation, since those were found to neutralize a lot of pharma drugs found in many tap water systems today, and this unfavorable effect is greatly enchanced in the presence of chlorine and fluorine.

The borax/mannose/xylitol/selenium/baking soda's effect will take about two weeks to noticed improvement. If the the alkalizing needs to improve the biological terrrain of the bone marrow, another alkalizing remedy I will add in addition to the baking soda, which as the sodium carbonate (washing soda), which is a precursor of sodium bicarbonate. This is done to reduce carbon dioxide pressure in low CO2 regions necessary to have the antifungal properties. Therefore another remedy, with baking soda alkalizing remedy with sodium carbonate is as follows which is more effective is (scientist referred this as carbicarb - which stands for sodium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate together):

1/2 teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and 1/2 teaspoon of sodium carbonate in 1/2 glass of water taken twice day.

It's impossible for me to cover all the possible causes, but further look is possible by doing some hair mineral analysis to find out what toxic metals or deficiency is causing the problem. Sometimes arsenic can lead to bone marrow damage that is found in near Bangladesh region of India for example, can lead to some anemia as arsenic is toxic to the cells too, but the so is fungus if it gets deep into the bone marrows needs a long term borax too, and higher protein or amino acid diets, either from the whey protein or the soy protein if a person is vegetarian, since most vegetarian diets are low in amino acids, it is always the amino acids that burns the fats, lowers the blood sugar and hence ONLY a whey protein or a soy protein is taken in the morning as per label instructions of your favorite product, without the aspartame or sodium benzoate (a source of benzene) of course! Vaccinations, steroids and tylenol can further complicate the problems. A good steroids I would use is peppermint oil, vitamin D3 10,000 i.u. taken ocassionally, and vitamin K2 (usually from soy Natto).

I hope this helps, since the background information on specific dietary and past sickness and contaminants is still lacking, even if your emails were a long one, and I am happy that you did do it.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: One minor point is that many immunity issues are quite often related to neurodegenerative disorders (initiated by benzene, aspartame, toluene, etc.) and therefore once detoxifcation removing heavy metals, and other things mentioned, the addition of lecithin and smart drugs to restore the neurodegenerative issues causing autoimmunity such as aplastic anemia, will help. The ones I used are sold locally is the 800 mg. Nootropil (usually L-pyroglutamate in natural forms) and 2 mg of hydergine taken together, but this is taken only 4 or 5 days out of a week with a 2 or 3 day rest period to allow the body to remove toxins slowly. l-Glutathione also helps too, especially in cases of autoimmunity and protective against this condition too. The improvements of autoimmunity of using this can be quite quick and in leaps and bound, but as always a detoxification and proper alkalization must be needed first to keep improvement steady without going back to square one.

Want to Know Home Remedies to Improve Periods

08/06/2007: G from mumbai, india: I am 23 unmarried from India, Height 5.5 , Weight 65 kg My periods are After 35 to 40 days, from 6 to 8 Months, also the flow is very low equal to not, some time only one pad is used and it is only for one day , I had increased my weight from 60 to 65 Kg in this period (menstrual cycle) also. Once I consulted the Doctor last here and she has given me some Iron Tablets for 3 months at that time it was good but now situatuion as become very bad. Please Provide me Home Remedies (Home Food items which should I eat more and which I should not eat or eat less ) To Improve my Periods (menstrual cycle), I.e to increase its flow and to make it more regular if my Increasing weight is the reason for irregular period then Please also provide me Home Exercise to reduce my weight by 10 kg, I don't have any Exercise Equipment at Home I daily walk for 30 min also I drink Milk daily with a Spoon of honey is it good for periods and Health (I want to reduce weight and not to gain weight) or should I stop eating it

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Menstrual problem are not due to iron deficiency. I have seen this problem many times and taking iron supplements do not help.

In practice it is taking vitamin B complex or at least a softgel multiple vitamins with the b complex and also magnesium supplements which helps. The magnesium I like is actually the magnesium chloride, however, other magnesium are also suitable, such as magnesium chelate, magnesium citrate or magnesium gluconate I would likely see people take about 250 mg per day 5 days out of a week and the b complex (usually 100 mg each for B1, B2, B3, B6, except for B12 at 100 mcg for example) are taken perhaps at about every other day for a a month or so. Vitamin E also helps and ideally the menstrual flow often improves. The vitamin E is about 200-400 mg usually is about twice a week.

Taking some lime and baking soda, such as 1 whole lime and 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of once in the morning and once before sleeping often helps reduce the calcium buildup which is the problem which menstrual cycles.

Most problems of overweight is due to certain dietary habits which causes it. I would likely eat more fishes, everyday and at least avoid eating anything after 5 p.m. for food. However technically it is more like 4.30 p.m. at least that's how the body's liver cycle works since whatever that was eaten after a certain time the food gets stored as fat. While it is true that once the fats is there, it is difficult to burn. In general I would likely to concentrate on three major food groups to reduce weight, such as protein (fishes), complex carbohydrates (rice), and vegetables. Protein rich foods cause the body to burn more fat. The other important cause is sometimes lack of iodine, for one thing, certain diets in certain parts of India are rich casava diet, which displaces iodine causing hypothyroid condition, and certain parts of India, even sea food are not even eaten at all, as well as the excess use of vegetable oils, and oily foods, white flour, cheese, milk and processed food can also lead to obesity.

The reason is that certain high glycemic diets which are simple carbohydrates, such as fructose, glucose, and sucrose, usually from fruit juices can also lead to that problem also.

Alkalizing also reduces constipation and reducing the amount of time the food spends in the stomach can also reduce weight much like stomach stapling. The reason why that is so is whenever the body stores too much waste in the intestines, it also has to store excess liquids to neutralize the acidity buildup along the intestines as food ferment along the intestines, but at the same time, the body also have difficult ridding of the toxicity and leads to congested liver and sometimes fats becomes a problem that it cannot get rid of.

The key to exercise is actually the timing. Sumo wrestlers gain weight because as a rule to increase weight they had to eat, then sleep. No exercises were allowed after eating. In the U.S. decades ago when children were not obese, the schools give the children about an hour of exercise after eating. The key is that whenever food is eaten too much, the first thing a liver would do in face of eating too quickly is to store the sugar to fats as well as some other food is converted the same. To prevent that simple walking for an hour after eating should help.

In my experience most weight loss were due to just avoiding dinner and simply exercise after eating, as well as alkalizing the body to reduce excess waste in the stomach so detoxing sometimes help. Adding the portion of protein, high fiber or high volume foods with low calories (such as celery), and complex carbs without white flour and bread can help too.

Please see obesity postings at earthclinic where more details on that is discussed.



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