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Last Modified on Nov 09, 2009

Swine Flu Remedies for Toddlers?

11/09/2009: William : Ted, please address the remedy you would use for children 3 and under with the 'Swine' (lying) Flu. Are the asprin tablets diluted in water safe for them? I have a 5 month old grandchild and I want to be prepared. How sad is it that You don't even live in the United States and I trust your judgement 1000 times more than our government. Thank you for what you do.

11/09/2009: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear William:

A child of 3 years old requires a lysine dose for the swine flu to be around 150 mg. Interestingly a baby aspirin of 80 mg would work against swine flu at that dose. The dose appears closer to 160 mg. The dose again is taken ideally for 50 minute to 55 minute doses, or maximum hourly dose, but not exceed one hour with each dose to equal 4 doses. The dose may be started any time, and each dose has to be started maximum of one hour apart. When administering either an aspirin or a lysine, it's always important to dssolve in 1/3 or 1/4 cup of water for a child that age.

To test whether a child has problems (Reye's Syndrome) about aspirin is simple. A baby aspirin 80 mg is dissolved in a 1/4 cup of water and take it. Monitor for one hour or so. If there's no problem then the aspirin dose can be used for swine flu in event lysine can't be found. Usually a typical 4 dose aspirin or a 4 dose lysine will work, but if they don't it's usually the dose isn't large enough or it was spaced beyond the maximum time limit of an hourly dose. These get used up by the body pretty easy. They can also be used in event forced or mandatory vaccination, which often leads to a child of fever or a high fever after vaccination in most cases. We can also use the aspirin/lysine to kill the live virus when they injected in a person. Hence, the injury from using the live viruses will be minimized but little can be helped if authorities add in thimerosal. An aspirin will usually neuralized many endotoxins (and other deadly weak viruses), but not mercury thimerosal found in the vaccines.


11/10/2009: Tina from Ann Arbor, Mi replies: my 16 yr old daughter appears to have swine flu and I am worried about what to do. I want to try the aspirin but reading about reyes has me worried. you say to wait an hour and see for problems....what problems would there be? could it still be dangerous to do even one dose? I have been trying the lysine 500mg every two hours-is this enough? what about vitamin d- you say 80,0000 iu but mine are only 1000iu each. please help!

Swine Flu Prevention Remedies

11/05/2009: Deeiron75 from Canoe Narrows, Sask, Canada: Prevention of Swine Flu

Hi Ted..I have a few supplements here for prevention of swine flu. I would like to go with vitamin d and lysine..do you feel this will be good enough for myself and my children? I choose not to take the vaccine. I also have the food grade 35% hydrogen peroxide. I'd like to make the mixture for clearing out my house.. how much drops do I mix with vinegar? I also have grape seed extract..wondering if this can be taken also along with the vit d and lysine.

My children are ages 15, 12 and 9.

Please let me know.


11/05/2009: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: The few important supplements for prevention of swine flu appears to be as follows based on their efficacy (ranking is somewhat off): 1. Aspirin 2. Lysine 3. hydrogen peroxide 4. Digestive enzyme 5. Iodine. 6. sea salt 7. zinc. 8. Humic acid (Ranking is far from perfect!- you may likely have a better ranking than I do.) As to vitamin D, I have as yet to prove that, but the results has been mixed. The reason is the commercial dose of vitamin D is between 100 i.u. to 2000 i.u. The effective dose of vitamin D however, appears to be closer to 10,000 i.u. to 50,000 i.u. Hence, it's not only difficult to get that amount, I haven't quite yet figured out the dose and frequency of vitamin D against a swine flu just yet. But nearly all the cases were simply cured with those list I have mentioned. It is by no means complete list the reason is I simply got too many cures just from the aspirin and lysine alone, so this prevented me to pursuing other cures with high success rates. I will try to update the information to be more exacting.

In general the best PREVENTIVE, not efficacy is the lysine, sea salt and iodine.

The best CURES, not preventive is the lysine, aspirin and sea salt.

Again not a perfect list! I may change my opinion from day to day. LOL.

11/10/2009: Aurelia from Pittsburgh, Usa replies: I am so in awe with Ted's knowledge. For many years I have followed the recomendations of a holistic M.D. Dr. Norm Shealy, he is world renowned and a huge proponent of mind body medicine. I have used his protocol for vitamin D therapy with great success. I have resolved long standing food intolerances that left me with headaches that lingered for days. I have used a high dose of vit D for one month with no problems. However he recommends vit K along with this and recommends no extra calcium supplemention.This is part of what he says on his website:
Every adult should be on 50,000 units of vitamin D 3 once a week, with 100 mcg of K 2. All children should be on 50,000 units of D 3 and 100 mcg of K 2 once a month. At the onset of flu symptoms, adults should take 150,000 units of D 3 daily for 3 days. In children under 12, I would give 5000 units of D 3 daily for 3 days and at 12 and above at least 50,000 units of D 3 daily for 3 days. NO calcium for at least 5 days when on this high dose of D 3. If you decide to take the flu vaccine, I would also take the added D 3 for 3 days!!

Obviously there are all the other health enhancing recommendations---rest, hand washing, lots of fruits and veggies, vitamin C at least 2 grams daily and up to 10 grams at onset of a viral infection (can cause diarrhea--back off if needed). IV vitamin C up to 100 grams in a vitamin/mineral balanced fluid will cure almost all acute viral infections. Of course you have to find someone to give it! Personally I do not recommend TamiFlu (R). But if you do decide to take it, I would also take the extra vitamin D 3 as above. Incidentally, homeopathic oscillococcinum works well for many people if taken at onset of flu. Worth keeping on hand.

Should Lysine and Hydrogen Peroxide Be Used Preventively for Swine Flu?

05/03/2009: Suzanne : My son's school is shut down for the next two weeks due to a case of the swine flu. I know to use the Lysine and hydrogen peroxide. But, should we use it preventatively or only after we would be diagnosed? Would it be 10 drops (3% USP) in an 8 oz. glass of water for him, 8 year old, 80 lbs. or 5 drops?

Love www.earthclinic.com. Thank you so much for helping all of us. I value you.


05/05/2009: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Suzanne:

If using lysine, bht and vitamin D3, I used as a preventive, diagnosed, or even suspect that it's a flu the remedy is responsive. But with hydrogen peroxide this is only used when the virus is there or is suspected of having it, or in the initial stages, or advanced stages. I have since update my remedy as follows, it seems to be most effective, here it is for 150 pound male and dose calculated on per weight basis for those heavier or lighter:

* 1000- 1500 mg of lysine every 2 hours. Usually by the third or dose it's gone for the day followed by a maintenance dose of 3 times a day.
* 1000-1500 mg of BHT once a day.
* Vitamin D3 80,000 i.u., taken for once a day, for about 3-5 days should be sufficient.

A hydrogen peroxide can be used synergistically with lysine to keep the fever down. But it's given at every two hours, as the lysine and hydrogen peroxide is consumed quickly. I have found vitamin D3 to be helpful. However, D2 will do also, and that was what I tested here since D3 is too expensive.

Sea salt is helpful with mucus and long term cough symptoms, but is taken at a much later stage of the condition. BHT is preventive against viruses entering the brain, since H1N1 and certain variants kill victims by brain inflammation.

I hope this information helps, if not email me.


05/22/2009: Brian from NY, NY replies: By lysine, do you mean L-lysine? Are they one and the same?

Children in Ny Who Might Have Swine Flu

05/01/2009: D. : Hi Ted,

Just a brief not becuase I have no time. My daughter has been having a cough since Tuesday, later in the week she developed a fever, now it is 101.3, she also has headache and sore throat. It sounds like the swine flu. I think that it is very widespread here in New York. Several children in her school have the same symptoms. If it is the swine it is not so bad, even if she might get worse soon. My 17 months old is starting to get a cough as well, and I don't feel well either (bad cold) Anyway I am giving them Lysine but not BHT because I don't know if it is ok for children. And I am rubbing clove oil. Every time I give her Lysine the fever goes down in the matter of 10 minutes, (I checked it right now and it is 100.4) it is almost incredible. But then it goes up again. Any suggestion for the children?

God bless you for giving me the tip of the lysine. I am so grateful!

05/01/2009: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: First, whatever you are doing if the lysine wasn't given enough the fever would come back. Secondly, the lysine frequently before the fever goes up. Thirdly, most of the swine flu that's deadly is likely to be those who are already vaccinated with the flu vaccines or other vaccines. This means those who were not vaccinated, then the swine flu isn't that bad. The pandemic that occurred in Mexico was that a several of months ago, the Mexican government promoted free flu vaccination to young adults and those are where the targeted deadly viruses did occur.

I have since modified this form of flu, either 2009 virus or swine flu to include vitamin D. In grown 150 pound adults, the dose minimum is 80,000 i.u. So on a per weight calculation of vitamin D2, the dose is calculated accordingly. A small one drop of peppermint in a warm cup and drink regularly may work better than clove oil, is possible also, but it needs a little more time than the lysine.

In any event, the dose for lysine is given at two hours interval, in case it becomes a recurring feature. BHT is often added in many food products, as in bread, cakes, etc as it is relatively safe. The key issue is to get the proper dose based on weight. For example if my dose for BHT is 1000 mg at least and weigh 150 pounds, if I happen to weigh 1/2 of that my dose would be 500 mg, on the other hand if I weigh 300 pounds I am likely to take twice that dose. It protects against brain inflammation and also has antiviral properties. I have tested many other generic antivirals as in potassium iodide, zinc, vitamin C, they all don't work as well as the lysine, BHT, and vitamin D. In addition peppermint oil might work well in a few cases, and given only once or twice or three times as it seems to reduce inflammation in combination with the other remedy or in event BHT is not available. A hydrogen peroxide drops are also helpful too, such as 5-10 drops per glass of water. A person can drink any amount he feels confortable, but is not nearly as dramatic as a lysine, but can be used as a complementary remedy.

This swine flu is the same flu or similar one that I have expected a major outbreak to occur with my original posting of the 2009 virus. I can't called it the swine flu at the time because I believed that it happened from humans to humans (which proved to be true only a couple of days after WHO announced this), but also what's not mentioned was it occurs in vaccinated child. The degree of widespread come from the fact that this virus has a ping pong effect. That means it comes back again and again and lysine seems to be needed. However, a BHT is dose depending on the weight of the individual and is calculated accordingly. What it does is to protect against brain inflammation, a common feature where both Avian flu and swine flu kills it's victim when it enters the system.

I am sure I have no perfect remedy but this works the best or at least I was able to stop it. The current outbreak at least for me is similar since the start of last year. The reason it's likely to be widespread is it doesn't go away easily if you don't have the right kind of supplements to take.

It should be noted that peppermint oil added in a warm cup of water was meant to help with the cough directly and kill some of the lingering virus along the throat area. At least for me if fever is high my favorite in case I can't get BHT, and I do have a run of bad luck, is to use aspirin with hydrogen peroxide as a substitute. These two quickly reduce the inflammation and the aspirin (when buffered and added with baking soda) dissolves the viruses and reduce the inflammation, as well as reduce the fever to boot, but it takes a longer time, such as 30 or so minutes.

To identify an outbreak before an offical outbreak, you need to look at the tourist areas, hotels, bar, airline, airports, tends to occur first. Then it's followed by buses, restaurants, school, for example. It tends to happen almost simultaneously or right after a major flu vaccination drive which makes them deadly. It's the same feature I see with the 1918 Spanish flu virus where mostly young U.S. male military in the middle of America were the most deadly outbreak occured because those were the ones who had the vaccination, it also is a similar strain, H1N1. The name 1918 Spanish flu virus is a misnomer.


05/05/2009: D from NY replies: Dear Ted,

I have no time, so just a word to update you about my daughter. Last night I was up watching her for part of the night. I started being worried since her fever started going up again around 3 a.m.. Around 6 am it was 103! I gave her lysine again, but she was crying and she just licked a little bit of it, it was enough to send her fever down a little, so she slept unitl 7:30 but the fever at this point was again 102.8 and she started screaming and being incoherent and very frightened. She was coughing a lot, saying that her eyes hurt and so did her throat and head. I freaked out.I was seriously scared, especially because of her extreme agitation. I managed to give her more lysine, a good quantity this time. In 15-20 minutes she stopped crying and started being quiet. The fever had gone down. She has been much better since this morning, I gave her vit. D and more lysine and also Bht. Now (6 p.m.) she has a fever over 100 but she is playing and is happy.

She is still coughing. If this was not swine flu it was its twin brother. I don't know what I would have done without your advice Ted! It was really scary to see her panicking. I don't know why she was complaining about her eyes. . . Hope this is it and that the worst is over. I still expect the ping pong effect that has been going on all these days though. . .

Infinite thanks again, God bless you!

05/05/2009: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: I am very happy to hear of your daughter's improvement. The symptoms appears to be a swine flu. Luckily you did not wait until it goes all the way to 105 and that was good, because that's a level that I consider very dangerous. Actually 104 is fever, and terrible, but 105 is dangerous. Luckily I heard about this virus, but could not put my proper name of the virus, but I do know privately its a variant of H1N1 virus, in which case it's quite powerful, it kills people by hyper fever, so it is practically cooking your brains from the heat and that's when it inflames the brain so I wouldn't like that at all. The BHT prevent's the viruses from entering the brain, but it is the lysine that reduces the fever.

One tip: a lysine can be grounded to a powered form and mixed in any appropriate liquids, as in 25% apple juice with 75% water then a tablet of lysine is grounded and drank from the straws. This the children will find acceptable.


10/28/2009: Laurie from Sudbury, Ontario replies: Once again you dont say how old can a child be to receive Lsyine and do you add it to juice and always add water or just add water if its apple juics. Sorry I have to make sure as my grandaugther is 5 and if she comes down with the flu or any other child we need them to be safe.

Please explain all this, thank you.

Is L-lysine a Good Preventative for the Swine Flu?

04/30/2009: Katt from Iowa: Hi Ted

Would it be wise to start taking Lysine as a preventive to the swine flue? If so how much? Also can my daughter who is pregnant take the lysine, & H202?

Please advise quickly.

Thanks- Katt from Iowa

04/30/2009: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Katt:

A lysine is taken 600 mg taken twice or three times a day as a preventive. 30 drops of 3% H2O2 is added in one liter water to be used as a drinking water. However, one additional supplements that may help Swine Flu influenza in any stage, based on news of a child eating ice cream is the vitamin D.

This is because, one of the most interesting aspect about the zero person who got Swine flu was greatly helped after eating ice cream, is very likely to be the vitamin D content in the ice cream. Statistically it can be ignored as a fluke, but under certain unique circumstances, a vitamin D is likely to be one of the best remedies and preventive to the present Swine Flu.

A Dr. John Cannelli mentions his experiences that there was one hospital ward where none of his patients caught influenza, while the ward to the left and the right had influenza. The dose he used was 5,000 i.u. of vitamin D. While the study produced "statistically insignificant" numbers, it implies that the dose should have been larger to make it more statistically significant, and perhaps much larger number of patients. It's therefore likely to be twice or triple that dose to produce a statistically significant results. That said, it's between 10,000 i.u. to 15,000 i.u.

My own method I used about 20,000 i.u. of vitamin D2. The reason why I mentioned the use of vitamin D is the mentioned in the media that the first person to get Swine flu was a child and was greatly helped with ice cream. However this is more like a statistcal fluke where certain unique things of the child made him better. Such as low blood sugar, high metabolic rate, high gluten tolerance, no lactose intolerance, and perhaps the mother allowed the child to run around in the sun. Therefore a vitamin D dose of 5000 i.u. may produced a statistically insignificant, but noticeable results and we can instead use cod liver oil in case vitamin D can't be found also, which also has vitamin D. As for me the standard vitamin D2 I take is about 20,000 i.u. per day during the standard influenza outbreak.

In event of a pregnancy for example, lysine is considered to be an amino acid or a food supplements. The best way to take them with little risk is simply to follow instructions as per advise by the bottle of lysine supplements. As to the H2O2, it maybe used as a mouthwash, to kill whatever viruses in the mouth or used as a disinfectant. The concentration of H2O2 depends on the user as everyone has different sensitivity. I like 1% and usually is problem free, but some other people may be less or more sensitive, and the 1% is the middle value.


Flu Vaccine in Europe Make News in Southeast Asia?

04/29/2009: Joyce from Joelton, TN: Hello Ted,

Did anything about the flu vaccine in Europe make the news in Bangkok? I am sure that this never-before-seen virus is a result of genetic engineering. According to Natural Solutions Foundation when the pharmaceutical company shipped the flu vaccine out, some one (Hungary I think) had the smarts to inject some 4-legged critters with the vaccine first and found that all the injected ones died quickly. When called on the carpet, the pharmaceutical company said they had accidently contaminated the vaccine with the flu virus. When pressed as to how they could have made such a mistake accidently, their story changed to they had shipped the flu virus instead of the vaccine by accident. I wouldn't find that so hard to believe if anything about the error had appeared in the news media, but keeping the public from knowing about this, makes it smell to high heaven!! Fortunately word about the flu vaccine fiasco leaked out before they started pushing everyone to get a flu shot. Personally I am telling everybody to stock up on L-lysine, Vitamin C, also to stock up on MMS and SSKI, both of which are known to kill lots of pathogens.

Good luck over there and " non carborunum illegitimi"!!!!!!!

04/30/2009: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Joyce:

The spread of the Swine flu is likely to spread only to the countries and those people who were already vaccinated. For instance, the reason why the flu pandemic occurred in Mexico is that a few months before the Swine flu pandemic occurred, Mexican government had a major free vaccination against the flu. Since vaccinations were easily distributed through schools and working age group for example, while the flu was virtually absent in people who were NOT vaccinated, they were quite alright, which included babies and very old elderly. It can happen in either scenario, either the vaccines had the active flu virus, which had swine proteins so they can thrive, causing the flu or it simply weakened the person's response to the onset flu. Since Asian countries were relatively immuned from the Swine flu, that was because most of the Asians weren't taking any flu vaccines. Vaccination is virtually absent here in Thailand, but things are changing here and more free vaccinations is being planned.

In any event, this is nothing new. The first major flu outbreak that killed millions of people worldwide is the same fiasco. The 1918 flu outbreak only occurred with people who are vaccinated and those who were vaccinated died. As a result, it is the reason why the Spanish flu outbreak occurred only amongst the Army in the United States who were just vaccinated and it didn't spread to those who were not vaccinated. That's why the Amish hardly have problems, who live in Pennsylvania. At the time flus were named so throw the suspicions off that it was the Spanish that started the epidemic when in fact it started in the U.S. Army, before the same vaccinations used in Europe caused a widespread pandemic. I expect the pandemic of the Swine flu to occur only amongst those with the flu vaccinations however. That's why Japan, China, and other Asian Countries, were relatively immuned to the Swine Flu.

Doping the vaccination with deadly disease is nothing new. It's been done before with polio vaccines that caused an outbreak. Then there was the hepatitis C vaccination in the U.S. in the late 1970s that caused the AIDS virus outbreak. The smallpox vaccines, which was taken orally was distributed free to African countries and caused a major outbreak of the AIDS. So the speed at which the Swine flu outbreak may have a lot to do with the same scenario as the 1918 Spanish flu virus outbreak. Viruses can only become pandemic with the vaccines is what I see to happen. In any event, most people would just be happy to see them go away regardless of why or how the viruses came from. The policies of population control using doping of vaccines was first written by Henry Kissinger years ago regarding population control in his 280 page book. So it's nothing new, the financiers from the 20th to the 21st century on population control has always been the Rockefeller as they have a controlling interests in most pharmaceuticals. Most people seem to be aware of this fact, but sometimes they can't connect the dots. The best prevention is not to have a vaccination. Since the U.S. has been having so many vaccinations in many students for so many years I expect, U.S., Mexico, and Canada, but to some extent Australia and UK to be the major outbreak to occur. It should show the same pattern as the 1918 Spanish flu outbreak where the flu has the most deadly effect only to those who were vaccinated.

Thank you for comment regarding the vaccination issue.




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