Genital Herpes Remedies: Q&A

Last Modified on Aug 03, 2011

Flu Shots and Genital Herpes Outbreaks

08/03/2011: Tammy from London, Uk: This is a question for Ted and anyone who can help regarding genital herpes. Does having seasonal flu jabs suppress the frequency of the outbreaks? During my initial outbreak in 2009 I went to my GP and I was told it was a cold sore not to worry about it and just to use cold sore creams. I had 1 to 2 outbreaks only and I could eat peanut butter, nuts and chocolate without any problem. Then last year I decided against having the flu jab, in february this year I had a really big outbreak used the creams as usual without success. I went to the sexual health clinic and I was diagnosed with genital herpes since then I am having frequent outbreaks sometimes twice a month, triggered by foodstuffs mentioned above. So my main concern now is should I get the flu jab this year to avoid getting these frequent OB? What is the long term side effects of the flu or swine jabs?

08/04/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Most long term side effects for yearly flu shots I have seen is further suppressed immune system. Not that immune system get stronger with each seasonal flu shots. If you get flu shots for flu no. 1, yes you are immune to that flu, but the overall immune system is weakened, and you do another flu shot for second year, yes you are immune to that flu, but the overall immune system is further weakened, making you more vulnerable to other virus attack not of that flu. Now, when you get further down the road, the flu shots won't save you because your overtaxed immune system, you will get sick of that very flu that the flu shots try to save. I give you one example, a person who is 90 years old, gets a flu shots, most of them will die from the very flu they get it. That's my experience. That's because the immune system is so weak and he takes flu shots year after year, he died from the very flu shots he's trying to protect. The same condition exists for babies whose system is so weak. The reason is flu shots have a weak virus, being weakened by the preservatives that weakened him. But if you put that very flu shot in a person say, ideally without any immune system in himself the weakened virus goes into his body, and the preservatives in syringe is concentrated, when injected becomes diluted, but a virus however weak they are, with the same powers of reproductions going into such as system, is like greener pasture with which to grow. So while most are immune to genital herpes if the numbers are few, in the environment for most people, it is deadly for a person who gets too much of flu shot to be immune to anything but the flu itself. To predict a flu one year in advance, they are also rarely right, because they mutate, by the next seasons. The other thing you have to consider is the preservatives used in these flu shot, take an extreme example of thimerosal commonly used, has a deadly habit of disabling your immune system by mercury poisoning, the worse is methyl mercury (thimerosal) but we make issues of fishes with mercury which is actually a lot less toxic then the methyl mercury. we put in our blood system. There are other preservatives and additives in those that kills your immune system or caused other neurological damage (sometimes permanent), sodium lauryl sufate, and monosodium glutamate.


08/11/2011: Tammy from London, Uk replies: Thank you so much Ted greatly appreciate your advice and teaching. So in other words I need to strengthen my immune system and not have any more flu jabs. I hope I have not done any long-term damage. To replace the jabs what can I take to boost my immunity as I am prone to flu and I am asthamatic as well but not taking inhalers at the moment. Also I only get the GH on my buttock only, in terms of topical treatment what should I get?. Is there any long term effect of taking a wide range of vitamins supplements in relation to kidney failure, blood thinning etc? Thank you in advance
08/22/2011: Anonymous from Houston, Tx/usa replies: Tammy, try Sea kelp, for the GH if you have not found anything yet. For asthma try cactus tea w/ aloe vera tea. Also, cut your diet down to glutten free, for your skin and asthma. My family is versed in natural remedies for everything, due to premi infants and my sisters fight with BC, and we have found that gargling with peroxide 3x's a day, using perxoide swabs in the nose and constantly washing your eyes with some sort of eye wash can prevent germs jumping onto you. This works so well, that I have not had any bouts with major sickness in @5 yrs. A tramatic "forced sexual incident" years ago may have exposed me to GH, however due to keeing my immune system builders overstocked, I have yet to experience any sort of outbreak, nor tested positive. I also never ever get the flu shot! Why would I ever go stand in line to get a shot that will make me sick on purpose to fight being sick... That never made a bit of sense. Our bodies are intended to work for our healing, so finding what nature provides for healing seems to work the best, for those of us who know that there is only a stream of health in nature, this is most encouraging. Maybe I am fortunate to be immune to GH, a/w/a other illnesses, but I have been taking Sea Kelp & other immune system builders for @ 10 yrs to stave off side effects from borderline diabetes.

Be well Tammy

08/31/2011: Tammy from London, Uk replies: I well and truly appreciate your advice Anonymous, I will be getting sea kelp and the tea. I will aslo use peroxide as adviced. Thank you, being on this site and getting the advice, I no longer feels so alone since I cant tell any of my family and friends. I thank God my partner has not gotten the GH. I was not aware initially that its a sexual health because of the OB site. There is not much education over here around GH. As from now onwards I will refrain from getting any further jabs and stick to nature healing. The immune builders can you recommend the ones you have been taking please I know I am asking too much, for me its like seeing the light at the end of the tunnel I have been miserable since february this year.

Remain Blessed

03/28/2012: Tammy from London, Uk replies: Ted and others who can help I need advice on the supplements that I am taking/have taken? I have not had an outbreak for the past 6 months and this is what I have been taking daily:- 1 tablet each Vit C 1000mg with Rose Hips, odorless garlic 100mg, multivitamins, vit D3, selenium 200ug, oil of oregano 1500mg, echinacea 400mg, sea kelp 30mg. Lecithin powdered 100% pure I have a heaped teaspoon in my decaf once a day. Neem moisturising lotion applied to the outbreak area.

These are the ones I do not take frequently cranberry, milk thistle 175mg, zinc 25mg, magnesium 250mg. I last took lysine 1000mg with the very last outbreak. I have also taken in the past Red Marine algae Plus still have some left.

My main concern is am doing any long-term damage with taking all these supplements? Is there some that I can do without as I honestly do not know which ones are working for me.

I really do appreciate all the teachings and guidance.

Chaparral for Genital Herpes Relief?

07/03/2011: Anonymous from Anonymous: Hi Ted, I've been reading your forum for about a year since I first contracted genital herpes. I am about to turn 45 and I contracted a little less than a year ago. I've read a lot on MMS, Blood root tincture, chaparral and licorice as well as others.

What I am trying to do is completely wipe the virus out of my body. I've been unemployed due to this economy for going on 3 years and it has wiped me out financially and trying to get rid of this is killing me financially as well. However, I am in the process of possibly getting a job where I will be traveling 80 percent of the time and I need to get this virus out of me. I will be working a lot and I cannot afford for this to effect me anymore.

I've managed to lessen the outbreaks to just when my cycle arrives and some residual afterwards. I did this by taking about 30 to 36 450 mg of Chapparral a day for about 6 to 8 weeks. Then I got scared because I read/heard it causes liver damage. If I understand correctly, liver damage can be reversed.

What are the exact instructions, easiest way to totally eradicate the virus from my system as I need to consider traveling, packing and what the airports will allow me to pack, etc. How long will it take? I read your blood root tincture but I am afraid of it since it is so toxic. This one seems the simplest, but I am afraid it will make me sick and I have to travel and work, etc. The capsules would be the easier solution, but I want something that will rid me of it and I can travel with it.

Please help as I am desperate to get this out of me. I am taking a high quality powder colostrum and liquid colustrum with PRP's, as well as great whole food vitamins.

07/31/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: First thing is chaparral is not known for eliminating the virus, because it will still come back again. The second is you go back to history about 50 years ago (I had a good memory when I was a kid, not anymore!) aspirin was used to cure virtually everything, and with the vitamin C it worked good, and the best formula was with caffeine added. Now the local authorities knew this fact so they later (to get Tylenol into the market) and I'm just talking about Thailand that was the 60s, an effort was made to get aspirin out of the market, by the fact that it caused ulcers. That was because ulcers were cased by the tablet form, not the powdered form as it dissolve in the stomach, and they remove the caffeine from the formula, strangely the authorities at the time, didn't want to get caffeine out of energy drinks as it contains sugar so that couldn't cure anything because of it. The other issues is "Reyes syndrome", during the time it was simple to just give very low doses to everyone to see if they fall in that category, it was a 1 in a 1000 people who had it. So they decided to say aspirin was unsafe to everyone because Reye's could happen to anyone! The only problem is it's a genetic problem and you test for it. I personally was cured of measles, as did other people of chicken pox, etc.

The key to aspirin dose is the secret of the dose, frequency, and duration! Will I found them from learning that a virus expands to saturation point in two hours, that was the key. So a remarkably simple protocol for your conditions is aspirin 500 mg powdered, with vitamin C powdered given every hour for four hours, in morning and in evening for 2 days. For someone without any antivirals this will do it.

If you have access to antivirals the simplest plan and safer is the second one: lysine 1000 mg, powdered and vitamin C powdered, every hour, four doses one in morning and every hour four doses in the evening. It is done for two days minimum. I prefer 3 days, but 2 days would get your virus down in first day, prevent a reinfection on second day, the third is just to kill the remaining virus.

This wouldn't require a lot and is convenient. I developed others, but since you travel, by air it is actually very convenient for a virus to spread in an airplane. Now in case you are interested in a less frequent dose, you must add 1 antiviral which is andrographis paniculata, added to lysine, I think we can get down to 3 doses of lysine, and andrographis is given in the 3rd dose. And one more before you sleep and take this one more day.

There are other formulas I developed, but much of the problem is access to these supplements is hard to come by. There is one that works very well against genital herpes, and is "sabah snake grass" and this is mixed into the third dose, or you can try the chaparral if you want. The idea is simple, lysine and any antiviral herbs will work better and in a shorter time with a lot less chaparral.


04/17/2012: Chris from Glasgow, Uk replies: Hi, for ted's herpes cure, is it 4 or 8 1000mg of lysine & vit c per day? If 8, is that safe? Thanks
05/15/2012: Hurtinlv from Las Vegas, Nv replies: My question may be dumb, but you say "powdered". How do you take the powder? Is it mixed with water??? How long before I will know the virus is gone from my body?


06/03/2011: Anonymous : Hello Ted, first of all I hope you are 100% healed from the concussions you suffered in April. I have read many of your replies about genital herpes. I am currently taking one teaspoon of colloidal silver 30ppm a day, and would like to know your opinion about it.

I tried 3 tablespoons a day of coconut oil but didn't see any changes. I also took 3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar a day for a month but couldn't stand the taste anymore, and I since I still had outbreaks, I figured it wasn't a cure or a way to keep me without outbreaks.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

06/23/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Genital herpes is generally treated with Iodine lugol's solution applied to the area 6 times a day at least. The other is to flush out the Genital herpes so they doesn't hide in the nervous system and that means getting more genital herpes. Why do we need to flush out and then kill them is simple when they exist along the nervous system, if anytime your immune system is low the genital herpes enters the nervous system and infects it. A lot of today's unexplained disease is actually this. Those that been accepted is poliomyelitis, syphilis, but also Alzheimer (herpes simplex) and Parkinson's (it's often linked to a cold or flu then you have it example is Michael J. Fox), but I also have successes with this, with Lou Gehrig's and others (Motor Neuron Disease) too.

So how do you flush out a virus? One way is what Thai's used is the Chicken Pox remedies is referred to as Yakeow, and then there's others such as andrographis paniculata, and sabah snake grass, which does so by protecting new cells from infection, which means it prevents virus from reproducing and with time gets less and less. That's how I treated a man in Pattaya completely cured of genital herpes and he has not an outbreak for so far and counting four or five years.

You need to find immediate relief from genital herpes first so apply lugol's iodine 6 times a day, but it needs to be taken internally, try one drop once a day is never a problem, and build on the number of drops to 5 drops and 6 times is the number I always pursue. The second remedy I require is lysine, at the very least to control viral population to a minimum, that requires at least 4 times a day, lysine 1/2 teaspoon. To get virus from infecting new cells (viral replication is zero) I think you need herbal remedies, such as elderberry, andrographis paniculata, and sabah snake grass. Flush it out (if you so desire) you need at least the Yakeow, which is Thai herbal medication found in nearly all Thai drug stores, if you cannot find yakeow, somewhat substitute, not a good one, is camphor low dose say 1 mg to 10 mg per day.

Now the ones I did on the man in Pattaya was also lithium chloride in low dose 10% lithium chloride and give him a couple of drops also, some Lysine, zinc acetate, and iodine is the main cure. The topical was lithium, iodine, zinc and magnesium. I have since upgraded topical remedy or simplified to include just the tannic acid 25% solution with the lysine 20%, roughly speaking just to keep things simple because of the accessibility to supplements is limited. There are more, but that's about the main things I have covered.


06/30/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: There is a faster way to kill genital herpes but doesn't completely eliminate the virus of couse, it just dries up quickly. The remedy is 1/4 teaspoon of tannic acid and water, then you add say 10% lithium carbonate or lithium chloride (which stings a little) and iodine lugol's 10% to the solution. Of course tannic acid and lugol's can also be used and work just as fast, and I can use PVP-I (betadine) in place of Lugol's also works.


07/06/2011: Anonymous replies: Hi Ted, thanks for replying! How do I say yakeow in Thai?? I call the thai markets but they all said they don't have it, I think they don't understand what I want. Can you write yakeow in your language so I can write in a piece of paper and show them? That way they will know what I want.
07/09/2011: Chin from Lauderhill, Florida replies: Do you have to keep up with this remedy once its gone and what test should I take to tell its no longer in me?
07/12/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: ____ That's how it is spelled in Thai. It is used commonly to cure chicken pox (_____) but is antiviral and can be used to treat a variety of ailments that a lot of Thais don't even know about.


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Unfortunately, our database does not support the Thai language, but anyone can look find the translation to Thai on Google Translate with the words "Green Medicine"|th|Green Medicine

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07/15/2011: Friend from Jacksonville, United States replies: Do you have to keep up with the remedy, also the store as no idea what yakeow is do you have a picture...
07/23/2011: Maryland from Los Angeles, Ca, Usa replies: I researched online (on Thai's google) and yaekow is, in English, the plant called Thunbergia Laurifolia, also known as Blue Trumpet Vine.

It's sold on a website called herbal organics. I guess that's one of the best choices around. Sabah Snake Grass is really hard to find; I haven't had much luck. Elderberry is easy to find.

07/23/2011: Maryland from Los Angeles, Ca, Usa replies: I purchased the yaekow online on bonanza. Com; 100 capsules 9 dollars with shipping, but it's being shipped from Germany. There is one Thai website that ships worldwide; research and you'll find it.

Couldn't find anyone selling here in the US.

07/24/2011: Friend from Jacksonville, Florida replies: Thank you for your reply it help, also did it work for you
07/25/2011: Maryland from Los Angeles, Ca, Usa replies: I purchased on JUly 22nd, at night and it was shipped today, but it will take a while to get here (they said 14 days). I really want to try it because if the yaekow flushes out (find the virus and get it out of where is hiding) and the colloidal silver can destroy it once found, I will be free of it, finally!

I was having outbreaks every 2 weeks for months, can't take this anymore.

Now that I am taking the colloidal silver it has been better , but once stressed, the lesions or itching comes back :(

07/26/2011: Friend from Jacksonville, Florida replies: Ted, the man you cured in Pattaya how long did he do the process for and did he only take andrographis paniculata and Sahab snake grass or did take Yaheow also please tell exactly how to do this please I really need your help...
08/03/2011: Maryland from Los Angeles, Ca, Usa replies: I received today my yaekow!!! Fast shipping huh?! It says on the label that I should take 2 capsules three times before meals! I think it's a bit too much and will start slow; maybe two a day, to watch for any side effects.
08/26/2011: Trebor from Manchester, Uk replies: Hi Ted, this is a very good and informative website you have here. I was hoping maybe you could help me with a couple of questions I have; I will be flying out to Thailand next week and was wondering if there is any foods I should try to avoid to minimise the chance of a herpes outbreak? Also, are there any foods that are considered herpes friendly?

I found your post on the man you treated from Pattaya very interesting, being a frequent sufferer myself. I am curious to try your methods as prescription medication has little effect on myself. Could you please take a look at my shopping list and correct any necessary items; * Iodine lugol's solution - applied to the area 6 times a day at least. * Yakeow - to flush out the virus. * andrographis paniculata. * sabah snake grass. * lysine. * lithium chloride. * zinc acetate. * tannic acid. Are all these items correct? And, are they all in liquid form?

If so, are all these items easily available and where might I buy them from? I will probably be spending most of my time in Pattaya, but can make a trip to Bangkok if necessary. Also, if its not too much trouble, would you kindly tell me the dosage I should take of each item? Thank you.

Kind Regards. Trebor"

08/26/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "Yes, that guy is name Tony, and he hasn't have an outbreak ever, so yes it is possible to cure it. Since I supplied most of the supplements for him he need not be bothered in obtaining it. That was the cure, but at the time, lecithin granulated was not given, because I gave him so many, unfortunately for me, but fortunately for him he was cured before I give him lecithin, but looking back, lecithin granulated is necessary, at 20 grams per day in divided dose of 2 grams every 2 hours during the waking day, would have been part of the regimen and would have been cured much faster. Two things I believed would work better in addition to that, is the lysine, threonine and serine. Given hourly dose for 8 doses total in over the course of a day. Anyway the topical application is lugols, lithium hydroxide, zinc acetate, and magnesium chloride. I did not use lithium chloride at the time, as it was unavailable then. Yakeow was used to flush out the virus, the brand was not known at the time, but one package of yakeow in divided dose over a day. I think the yakeow has an extremely hypoglycemic effect and that was one factor that killed most of the virus, with one hitch, it's only temporary, lasting only a day and after the third day is useless. Because of that, chromium is used after that period.

Back to your questions:
[Are there] any foods I should try to avoid to minimise the chance of a herpes outbreak?

Yes, sugar, fructose, ribose, glucose, and ESPECIALLY artificial sugars, of aspartame, and sucralose, since they are excitoxins, and therefore, MSG (monosodium glutamate) is ruled out. The other that indirectly influences blood sugar is trans fats, usually found in most vegetable oils, so avoid fried foods. These are herpes friendly so avoid them.

* Iodine lugol's solution - applied to the area 6 times a day at least. * Yakeow - to flush out the virus. * andrographis paniculata. * sabah snake grass. * lysine. * lithium chloride. * zinc acetate. * tannic acid. Are all these items correct? And, are they all in liquid form?

Tannic acid, zinc acetate, sabah snake grass, andrographis paniculata are NOT in liquid form. Lithium hydroxide was used at the time, not lithium chloride. It is now necessary that lecithin granulated is added. Tannic acid topically suppresses the virus, but may not prevent herpes, maybe internally, by lowering their numbers.

If so, are all these items easily available and where might I buy them from? I will probably be spending most of my time in Pattaya, but can make a trip to Bangkok if necessary. Also, if its not too much trouble, would you kindly tell me the dosage I should take of each item?

Well, you won't get in Pattaya! And a lot of these are found maybe in Bangkok. The dosages 6 times a day applied to lesions Lugols along with zinc acetate, lithium hydroxide for sure. DMSO helps penetrating effects so apply during the same time. And lysine is 8 hourly doses a day. The others not mentioned are all taken twice a day. Tannic acid 1/4 teaspoon per liter of water, lecithin 20 grams per day, sabah and andrographis, twice a day, 1/4 teaspoon. But I don't think andrographis is any good for genital herpes, though it is good for upper respiratory infections.


08/28/2011: Prapa from London, Chelsea replies: Hello people, I just have a quick question for Ted, or anyone who my have the answer;

If I take "Ya keow", what is the best solution to kill the herpes 2 virus after flushing it out? Is it Lugol's solution? OR is there something better/stronger! ?

I have read so many different options, I dont know what one to choose for the best... Lol :S

Also, I am guessing that if the Ya Keow was to work, using it on a continuing bases, eventualy the Ya Keow would produce no blisters etc. Is that correct?

I also understand that the Ya Keow will cause severe out breaks, how severe is severe? I. E. would it prevent / distract me from my studies? I am in my final year of a Computer Science degree and neeeed to remain focused to achieve a "1st"..!


09/08/2011: South from Deep, Mississippi, Usa replies: Maryland from Los Angeles, Ca...... Could you please post a link to the website that you bought the yakeow from? I can't seem to find it, thanks a bunch!
09/10/2011: Stormy from Baltimore, Md, Usa replies: Question to Maryland... Has it worked? I believe you started taking it in July. Would love an update...thanks.
09/10/2011: Stormy from Baltimore, Md, Usa replies: I just ordered it on herbalorganics. org under the name of Thumbergia Laurifolia.

Question for Ted... How much do you take and how often. Do you take it on continuous basis?

10/13/2011: Maryland from Los Angeles, Ca, Usa replies: Hi, South from Deep, sorry to take so long to reply, I wasn't looking at this thread!

Look up for rang jued on bonanza and you'll find it. It took 7 days to get in California!

Stormy, here is my update: I had my first outbreak in August 2010. Starting in February, after taking aciclovir, that poison, I kept having outbreaks twice a month. I took colloidal silver, which made the outbreaks weaker, but they kept coming, religiously, twice, sometimes 3 times a month.

I started on yakeow in August. I had one outbreak a few days later, then nothing for the whole month. On September 9th I was very stressed and had two outbreaks in the following week. I am currently fighting one outbreak right now. I noticed that once I am stressed, anxious or angry, outbreaks show up.

I am thinking of getting Elderberry, because Ted suggests it on his first post.

I think the Yakeow flushed out the virus and made it reproduce less, but it is still in my system because I need something else to eliminate it.

10/14/2011: Maryland from Los Angeles, Ca, Usa replies: @South from Deep... you can also buy it on ebay

They call it rang jued, but if you look up Thunbergia Laurifolia, you'll see is the same plant. I spent a lot of time researching Thai websites until I got the correct name of yakeow.

I found this study of Thai plants, and many of them have high anti-HSV-2 activity; take a look and you'll see that yakeow is part of the study. Ted, let me know if you have used the other plants for herpes treatment:

10/20/2011: Maryland from Los Angeles, Ca, Usa replies: Ted, I just read your reply to someone else and you said that yakeow is useless after the third day. Why is that?

I cannot find any of those ingredients you suggested here in the US except for lecithin.

How long should I take 2g of lecithin a day? Will that permanently kill the virus or will stop outbreaks?

10/20/2011: Maryland from Los Angeles, Ca, Usa replies: Ted, how long should one take the lecithin? Also, is it ok to take pills or gelatin pills of lecithin instead?
10/21/2011: Trebor from Manchester, Uk replies: Hi Ted, Thanks for getting back to me. I have now returned from Thailand, and I have my Ya Kaew, Betadine, andrographis paniculata and Lugols iodine solution... Unfortunately, I was able to find the other items in the list, are they very important for the process?

I also have 3 months of Valacyclovir that I thought I might include during this process..?

Also, is the Ya Kaew safe to take 1 package in divided dose over a day? As I read that 'hypoglycemic effect' can be quite dangerous!

Thanks again Ted. Chok dee krup!

10/21/2011: Maryland from Los Angeles, Ca, Usa replies: @Trebor.... You don't want to take valtrex. That thing is pure poison.

I took acyclovir and had 2 outbreaks. Then I took valtrex for a month. One week after I stopped (no outbreaks or itching while taking), I had a big outbreak and then another one 2 weeks later. They were strong and lasted forever.. Only after taking colloidal silver they lasted less but came twice a month.

I also take yakeow (I bought online from bonanza, and the package says rang jued but shows the pic of the plant) and didn't have an outbreak for a whole month! Then I started having outbreaks again once I am stressed or anxious.

10/21/2011: Trebor from Manchester, Uk replies: Hi Maryland, thanks for the info.

I have taken the valacyclovir before and I have to say that it work well for me, but as with everything, once stopped taking the outbreaks returned! I did abuse them a little, finishing the perscription in half the recommended time... Wooops! and was told off by the doctor because they can damage the liver, which is a little worrying when looking for a long term solution... I only got a perscription again because here in the UK we're lucky enough to get them free, God bless the NHS :)

With regards to the YaKaew, what dosage were you taking? Was it a whole pack (16 small brown tablets?) divided up throughout one day? Also, how did you take them, swallow like a normal tablet or dissolve in water? I forgot to ask in the pharmacy, and I can't read Thai..! hehe :)

Thanks. Trebor.

10/22/2011: Maryland from Los Angeles, Ca, Usa replies: @Trebor..... The one I bought are pills. It comes 100 and I am supposed to take 6 a day, 2 before every meal. I took 2 a day for 21 days (to see if I had any negative reaction to it) and then increased to 4. Now I am currently taking 6 a day.

Yours might be a bit "fresher" than mine and perhaps work faster. Ted wrote that you should eat it in one day because by the third day it's useless, which is a disappointment to me :(

I wish his answer had showed up earlier - he wrote in August and it only showed up in October.

You can wait until he replies about how to divide the yakeow, but it might take a while, especially because there's some issues going on in Thailand now.

10/23/2011: Trebor from Manchester, Uk replies: Hi Maryland, Thanks for getting back so soon.

Just to clarify... Ted did say;

"one package of yakeow in divided dose over a day"

I am guessing he means one packet not one tablet, yes? In my packet, (or package), I have 16 tablets. That would work out roughly two an hour, over an 8 hour period. That would work out about right dont you think?

Just wanted to check before taking 16 in one day, and getting YaKaew'd out my head... Hehe! Ive only got 6 packs, so that's 2 3day stints... so this is just like a trail run.

I am not known to be allergic to anything but would you consider the YaKaew dangerous in anyway?

Thanks again. Trebor

10/23/2011: Maryland from Los Angeles, Ca, Usa replies: I am not allergic to anything either and like I wrote before, started on 2 a day and was fine. After 3 weeks I increased my dosage to 4 a day.

Ted also said to take lecithin 20g a day and said to take every two hours of waking time.

So if the yakeow is same thing and you are up 14 hours a day, you'll divide the yaekow in 7 and take it every two hours.

I just purchased lecithin powdered and I already took 3 one half of a teaspoon, which makes 2g. It doesn't taste bad and it was only 4.99 in my area. Ted mentioned it on his last post saying that it would have cured the man in Pattay much faster, so I hope I will be too!!!

10/26/2011: Trebor from Manchester, Uk replies: Hello all, This question is probably more for Ted, unless there's anyone clued up on the subject...

I was just wondering, as I have only a limited supply of YaKaew could I use a herpes friendly food to flush out the virus? e.g. Peanuts? as I now from passed experience that peanuts gave me a severe out-break. When eating a particular food that aggravates herpes and causes an out-break, is this doing the same thing as the YaKaew?

This is my third day taking the YaKaew and I have to say I was expecting a much more severe out-break, I am not even sure if I can call my symptoms an out-break! Although, I have been taking an equal amount of andrographis paniculata, which based on a previous post on Earthclinic is ment to protect new cells from infection. Maybe this is the reason of the level of severity of my minimal out-break, and all the work is going on inside that I cant see... I hope! :)

I have also been taking a l-lysine supplement before bed, and have been taking 6 drops of iodine solution a day, as well as topicaly using Betadine on the area! I think some of my levels of medication may be a bit low based on some recommendations made here, but I am stightly concerned about damaging my liver in this process, and so am just testing these remedies out to see what is most effective for now.

If I could get some feedback on the food/peanuts question that would be great. Thank you!

Chok dee krup for everybody krup... :)

10/26/2011: Maryland from Los Angeles, Ca, Usa replies: @Trebor... Funny, when I started taking the yakeow I also had an outbreak right away... but I knew it was just the virus trying to fight his

Now, I e-mailed Ted about some of the remedies he mentioned, but instead of writing lecithin, for some reason I wrote lysine and asked if 20g a day was enough. This is his reply, from October 21st:

"No it's not 20 gram a day. Its likely to be 1000 to 1500 mg with each dose, so the maximum dose in one day is 1500 x 8, 4 in evening and morning, but it is usually 4 doses morning and 3 doses evening. Rang jued is great for liver detox along with milk thistle. St. John's wort, milk thistle, andrographis paniculata, and lysine are the antiviral remedy that works, but lysine needs more frequent doses, hourly 4 doses in morning and hourly 3 doses in evening. The herbal remedies you need only 2 doses for the entire day, at 1000 mg to 2000 each. As to your question of getting rid of virus completely well it has to be gotten of completely in 3 days by following the package instructions. And it must be done within 3 days or it simply doesn't work if you don't follow package instructions. It works by causing low blood sugar to kill the virus, which it needs a lot, or they die very quickly. The same is true for cancer.


I think he refers to yakeow when he talks about "following package instructions" because I told him I was taking it, but on the label it said "rang jued".

I am not taking lysine at the time. Only yakeow and lecithin.

10/27/2011: Hopeful from Titusville, Fl/usa replies: I am hoping that someone answer my question about taking colloidal silver, olive leaf, and stablizing liquid oxygen, in my fight against HERPES. They are all to be taken in water, but would I cause a problem for myself by mixing them together? I consume about 64-80 oz of water daily and I was actually thinking of dripping the drops of each into this water and just sipping throughout the day as I normaly do.

Last night, well early this morning, I started taking Red Marine Algae. This morning, after I showered, I applied Magnesium Chloride, topically. That stuff burned so I thought I was gonna cry, but I managed to hold it together.

I know that the other supplements have positive effects for the body in other ways, too, but I decided to purchase them to try and combat HERPES! In other words I really want to get rid of this dreaded disease.

To be honest, my outbreaks are not that bad, though. I may get one every other month and it usually is one lonely bump in my genital area. It is itchy and a little sore. My problem is that I just met a new "guy" and I dread the thought of telling him about this disease, but I must. I refuse to do to him, what someone else did to me.

But in my effort to cure it, I don't want to cause all kinds of other problem by mixing the supplements. Any help you can give would be appreciated.

11/01/2011: Spadez from Brisbane, Qld replies: Keep pushing along, we will beat this! People have in the past, its our time now. keep following Ted's instructions.
02/10/2012: Maryland from Los Angeles, Ca, USA replies: Trebor from Manchester, Uk, are you done with the treatment?

What are the results?? Do you still get itching or lesions? If not, how long has it been since you had an outbreak?


04/09/2011: Anonymous from Anonymous: Hi Ted, I have a few questions regarding your herpes remedy on

"The exact measurement for the herpes simplex cure is a 5% concentration of Zinc Chloride and a 5% concentration of Magnesium Chloride."

Is this solution applied topically or orally? Also, where do I get it? I have tried searching everywhere. Is this something I would have to make on my own? Thanks so much for your help! Greatly appreciated.

04/09/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: It is done only topically. If it is too strong try a more diluted version.


04/10/2010: Anonymous replies: "Thanks Ted, Do you know a website or place I can purchase zinc chloride?"


04/10/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "Usually any chemical suppliers. I know a local source but they don't send the products.



04/11/2010: Anonymous replies: "Thanks! One more thing... you said to apply the solution 4 times a day. Is it okay to wash it off 20 minutes or so after applying it? I noticed that if I leave it on my skin for long periods of time it will burn... especially after a couple days of use."


04/12/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "Yes rinsing is fine.

Can Olive Leaf or Apple Cider Vinegar Cure the Hsv2 Virus?

08/28/2010: Anonymous : Hello Ted,

I just signed up with Earth Clinic today, and I am getting a lot of useful information. I do have a question that I would like for you to answer for me. I was diagnosed with HSV2 about 9 months ago and since then I haven't been to the doctor and I haven't taken or had prescriptions of any medication for it. I haven't had any outbreaks yet. I was laid off from my job right before the time of diagnosis, and since then I haven't had any medical insurance to cover the expences of this virus.

I would like to know if Olive Leaf and Apple Vinegar Cider, if taken on a daily basis for at least a year, if this will cure the virus, or will it just eliminate the outbreaks? You're response will be so greatly appreciated, along with any suggestions that you may have for me.

Thank you or caring!

08/28/2010: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Olive leaf extract, or fresh olive leaf eaten as a salad is fairly useful when taking them the most, this is followed by apple cider vinegar. In actuality, aspirin is acetyl salicylic acid, which is basically vinegar with salicylic acid is effectively antiviral also. Here in Thailand the poor rural people who has it  aspirin was used hourly for four hourly to get rid of roughly 80 to 90% of the virus in the body.  The aspirin is taken for only one day, hourly dose to rid most of them.

With the outbreak, a lugol's iodine applied to the skin will cause the virus to dry up within three days, then appears as scab, but is somewhat useful in preventing outbreak if it is applied before. Apple cider vinegar I have taken them such as 2 tablespoons plus 1/2 teaspoon (old formula was 1/4 teaspoon) and is taken four times a day to five a days to have a good effectiveness. If taken together with olive leaves, which ever you prefer, it helps. I have managed to cure completely the HSV (don't know if it was HSV1 or HSV2) in one case in Pattaya, but it was a genital herpes. It's been three years now and not a single outbreak. So yes it's quite possible to kill them completely, but I believe it requires more then just apple cider vinegar and olive leaf extract. There is a cure, just that I don't have many cases here with HSV1 or HSV2. 

An Iodine tincture can be taken internally I believe, at low dose such as 1-2 drops in the evening or used as a mouthwash or do iodine painting daily usually without any problems or taken topically to the area that is known for outbreaks as a preventative. I have actually gotten someone to get blood test to check whether these viruses actually reduced, when taking some of the antiviral supplements, such as Glutamine, lysine, threonine and serine, at 1000 mg each hourly for 16 hour for only 2 days then checked, the results were fairly consistent regardless of the proportion in ridding about 95% of the viruses. I believe the other 5% of the viruses were reduced by refraining from eating fruit juices, fruits as it contains fructose, where the viruses actually required for them to reproduce at a much quicker pace. The other thing is reduction of sugars in general. So apple cider vinegar, baking soda, and olive leafs, taken roughly 8 times a day plus refraining from fructose completely, while taking vitamin C should really stop the outbreaks. If and when outbreaks should occur or preventing them, perhaps an iodine tincture at the very least is applied to the area twice a day, and if the outbreaks should occur, then it's applied at least 5 times a day for it to work. It will dry up and have a scab, on the average on day three. Outbreaks tend to occur from fructose and sugar, besides the usual stress generally speaking.  In research studies, of HSV1 or HSV2 they actually found both betadine or lugol's solution to be most effective in stopping the outbreaks. Iodine is a very powerful antiviral compared against acyclovir and other antivirals in the market. One more tip: I sometimes used a solution of aspirin to also kill outbreaks by applying them topically, either alone, or with lugol's solution or less painful betadine solution (which is a thickener mixed with iodine), to the area works also. The aspirin solution is about 20-30% mixed with water. It dissolves viruses while iodine denatures certain amino acid on the virus coating, I believe it attaches itself to histidine and the tyrosine, deactivating some of their proteins. 

Apple cider vinegar with baking soda can be taken on a daily basis but with baking soda mentioned. However, the best supplements to contain any outbreak is lysine 1000 mg, with glutamine 2000 mg taken three times a day, avoiding sugar has a much better possibility in preventing any further outbreak. What I am sure is doing this would kill at least 95% of the viruses within a matter of few days, not even the year. To get a 100% kill, will that I haven't have too many cases who actually follow through the protocol to actually get the blood tests, to prove it once and for all. A lot of people here really have no interest in curing. They are just happy that I can contain them within days and they are afraid to see the doctors, or the medical bills!


Continuous Herpes Breakouts for Years

02/26/2009: Anonymous from Solana Beach, CA: QUESTIONS FOR TED: 1. Do you think using rubbing alcohol to fight herpes is a good idea or do you feel that it is a harmful chemical for the body?

2. I have continuous breakouts... FOR YEARS. I mean I pretty much NEVER go without some sign of a break out (Genital herpes... and it breaks out only on my lower back and buttocks region). This is driving me crazy. Do you feel that I cannot use honey or black strap molasses for remedies. Also, when a new breakout occurs, it screws up my digestive system and causes me to have constipation.

3. Also, recently, I have been having a burning feeling in my right breast and under my rib case. Do I need a liver gall bladder cleanse? I eat quite well--lots of salads, fruits, veggies, no processed foods (however, up until a couple of years ago, I ate lots of ice cream and some other sweets--even though it made me break out.) I can't eat nuts--that really aggravates a break out--especially if combined with chocolate. I haven't been eating any sweets now--except for a little honey (up to 1 TBSP) and a little Black Strap Molasses (1-2 TBSP). It seems like if I eat the black strap molasses, I break out--which makes me mad because I like the energy from BSM and honey. I am so sick of this! I was diagnosed with this in 1998, but had a lot of nerve pain on since 1980 (primarily on one side of my body). One thing I will say is that I have less pain and flu symptoms, especially since taking the ACV.

So again, my questions are: 1. Rubbing Alcohol--good or bad? 2. Honey and BSM? 3. The burning in my right breast plate/rib area.

Thank you in advance.

03/07/2009: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: 1. Rubbing Alcohol--good or bad?

Yes rubbing alcohol works for mild genital herpes. Very mild one. Acyclovir cream mixed with drops of 5% copper chloride is far more effective. A lugol solution works too and causes sting, but a longer term iodine such as betadine can in a few cases (research suggest a majority, but not from where i experience them), applied 6 times a day is said to stop them within a matter of days. Sodium chlorite 25% 10 drops (commercially is called MMS) plus 10% citric acid 20 drops in 1/4 glass of water or or 1/8 glass then applied to the area a couple of times a day.

2. Honey and BSM?

Not working. Lysine seems to help but requires large dose as in 1500 mg x 6.

3. The burning in my right breast plate/rib area.

Baking soda 1/2 teaspoon plus 1/4 teaspoon of potassium bicarbonate in 1/2 glass of water will neutralize the excess acidity causing the burning sensation. A nerve pain or nerve pinch might be helped with a magnesium 500 mg supplements plus some vitamin B complex, as in B50 or B100, taken only for a couple of days.


06/24/2010: David from Nyc, Ny replies: Ted.. Thank you for all your help. At this point what are the best ways to rid oneself of genital herpes both internally and externally??? I see many postings datinging back 1-2 or more years. In your experience which methods have worked best and are 100% safe for the body both internal and external??? Thanks!


07/07/2010: David from Nyc, Ny replies: Ted.. Thank you for all your help. At this point what are the best ways to rid oneself of genital herpes both internally and externally??? I see many postings datinging back 1-2 or more years. In your experience which methods have worked best and are 100% safe for the body both internal and external??? I had my first initial outbreak 4 years ago and have never been able to get rid of the sores/warts. PLEASE HELP! I've been eating healthy, taking vitamins/herbs. What do I do??? What do I take exactly and how can I dry up or eliminate these sores/warts??? Thanks!



02/08/2009: LeNorris from Jacksonville, Florida: Herpes cure: Question the oils that is recomended to rub on the base of the spine do you mix them to gether or use one let it dry and then use the other one the (clove oil and the lavender oil) and is this supposed to get rid of the herpes virus in the body also the zinc salt is this supposed to be mixed with foods and how much and how is this supposed to kill the virus in the body?

02/09/2009: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear LeNorris:

It's not supposed to kill in the body. It's used for herpes that has surfaced on the skin area. To kill virus internally requires a completely remedy altogether, such as minimum of 1000 mg of lysine taken 4 times a day, or an optimum dose of 4000 mg x 4 times a day of lysine as being the simplest of the remedy.

A stronger remedy requires a 5% copper chloride solution is dropped onto an acyclovir tablets and reacted to get Copper acyclovir.

For internal one another appropriate one that I have recently found is the bloodroot tincture of 3-6 drops  taken 4-6 times a day but is dissolved in 1/2 glass of water. Taken for a couple of months should clear most of the herpes. However, a vitamin b complex, magnesium, vitamin C and baking soda are required during that period, otherwise the body will be depleted as bloodroot kills the herpes. This is the latest one that I have found. A Chinese herbal remedy also worked, but unfortunately the prices are so high that I had to seek other ways that is more or equally effective but much cheaper remedy and it turns out to be bloodroot. However, the issue came to using proper dose, concentration and frequency and the other supplements that are needed so people don't get the reported side effects associated with their use - such as gastrointestinal pain or bloating stomach. It appears that people used salve in excess which is why they have trouble with such use.

As to the use of MMS (sodium chlorite 25% or sodium chlorite 27%) given in drops mixed with vinegar. they also worked, but they seem to cause other problems such as nausea and may cause the lowering of the body's iodine levels. As a result I have to resolve this iodine issues and have to test this problem whether the addition of iodine would reduce the problems associated with nausea or not. Still a sodium chlorite is a chlorine and in presence of sodium thiosulfate would neutralize it's chlorine. Hence I don't like chlorine that much as it is difficult on the body's system except if it is used as a last resort.


06/24/2010: David from Nyc, Ny replies: Ted

You said : "A Chinese herbal remedy also worked, but unfortunately the prices are so high that I had to seek other ways..." What is this Chinese herbal remedy that also worked???



10/10/2008: D. : Ted:

I have recently been diagnosed with Genital Herpes.  In addition to blisters and multiple outbreaks I have pain in my middle back and lower abdominal region.  I have been given Acyclovir to take 5 pills daily during a outbreak and 2 pills daily for suppression.  I am going to try your suggestions and am curious about the olive oil leaf.  If this a topical remedy or oral?  Also where can I get the products locally 5% concentration of Zinc Chloride and a 5% concentration of Magnesium Chloride  I live in California. I am assuming this is a topical remedy.  I am depressed over this situation and would appreciate any help you could provide.
Thank you

10/06/2008: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear D:

I have decided to update my remedy on this one because genital herpes is relatively a painful condition regardless of what is applied there! The least painful solution I have recently found, but still painful anyway is the use of betadine solution applied every two hours and the conditions in many cases should subside in a matter of a week.

The reason why a betadine solution is less painful then a lugol's solution is the polyvinylpyrolidone or PVP that acts as a buffer with the iodine from causing the stinging sensation. Acyclovir required a large dose and is relatively expensive to use. In a some cases it doesn't work at all. However, recent research indicates copper Acyclovir to work better. This method is not only easier to use but it is also easier to find. Kelp supplements can be taken which are also high in iodine might further discourage them.

A milder solution of magnesium chloride I think is less painful then the addition of zinc however. The issue why pain is put into this equation is it may cause swollen if is too painful. The second reason is iodine, such as betadine or Lugol's soltion is much easier to find.

Since magnesium chloride can't be found, then possibly a weak solution 5% of epsom salt is used instead, or needs to be modified. Epsom salt are much easier to find in most drug stores too. It should be noted that there is some good feedback I have received from the use of iodine so iodine appears a more suitable route. One experiment with acyclovir that might increases is potency, although I am not so sure is to add a drop or two to the acyclovir so that it's potency is increased is one other solution.


Best Kind of Olive Tree to Treat Herpes?

09/10/2008: Shari from New York, NY: i've seen on EC growing your own olive tree reccomended for fresh leaves to treat herpes. what is the best variety to grow for that purpose?

09/11/2008: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: I am not specific to the types of olive leaves based on my experience. But a good olive leaf if eaten fresh or directly, will have a distinct sour taste, and after effects makes the tongue feels like sandpaper a little. Those seem to have a good quality one.

A more direct test is a sore throat condition and it's reduction in these sore throat its sourness seems to be the important point. Sore throat is sometimes viral in nature. There are some reports of people having improved conditions of herpes from the use of olive leaf. A couple of years ago, I went across a Chinese herbs that I was not able to spell properly but is effective in treatment of herpes and seen people cured of it after taking continuously for 6 months. The name of the herbal preparation is Pien Tze Huang. I believe that part of the preparation has musk, which these musk (or any other similar musks) have properties in dissolving the herpes musk also.

The key I believe for an effective use of olive leaf is is to eat like it was a salad or mixed in a salad of some sort, and is eaten frequently such as three times a day. The key issue seems to be the amount and the frequency. Although other supplements are helpful such as colostrum, lysine (6 times a day 500 mg), and maybe curcumin.


Where Can I Go to Get Help for Genital Herpes?

07/01/2008: Tony from Thailand: hello ted, my name's tony i like yourself live in thailand ive been reading about you on earth clinic, my problem is ive had genital herpes now for two years i have looked for a cure for this problem week in and week out. it's taken over my life and i feel i have no where to turn, i read where you said you have seen herpes cured which as given me hope, i understand that you could not go into great detail for known reasons. ted if there's any way of helping me i/e where two go ? what to do? even to come and see you if possible please please help tony

07/01/2008: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Tony:

As I understand from previous conversation with you was that you sell ice cream so obviously 50% of all sweets comes from cola, fruit juices and dairy products. Since you had no effect on taking daily 25 mg zinc gluconate without improvement form supplementing, it is the fact that it is the sugar that acts as gatekeepers shutting off the immune system, where zinc is required by the white blood cells needed to kill off the virus. Therefore sugar control or dietary control is necessary element, to open the gates of zinc filled white blood cells to reduce the viral herpes.

For me an external herpes condition, taking just supplements simply only won't work. It has been my experience that external topical application is needed to effect the killing. Frequency of application seems to be critical such as applications between every 30 minutes to 2 hours are needed to keep zinc concentration at a constant to get a complete kill. In one case of the application every 30 minute the herpes simplex for about 12 hours, it went away completely. Perhaps I was just lucky but it did stop and there is likely to be other factors too, such as no sweet diet that came into play. It should be noted that I didn't expect the topical solution completely kill the virus, but it did. So thre is a chance of a cure for this problem.

The ones to use in a topical applications is BHT, zinc chloride and magnesium chloride. I may have to adjust the concentration of zinc to a lower percentage likely between 1- 5% to avoid the stinging of skin and magnesium chloride concentration at about 25%, and a BHT may be mixed with lavender and aloe vera oil as BHT is an oil soluble component. However, some stinging may be possible with lavender and a lower concentration of lavender below 5% might be preferable. Some people believe there is no cure for herpes simplex virus. I have found that there is, and I maybe was lucky too using the zinc and magnesium solution, however lavender and tea tree may also worked, but it was never tested, and hence I have no way of knowing that one and remains a possibility.

As to the supplements, lysine 500 mg x 3 times a day is what I would take, along with zinc gluconate 25 mg, and 500 mg of magnesium gluconate supplements. Alkalizing also reduces the virus herpes, and 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water will help. Other things that lowers the immune system may defeat its purposes such as sweets, cigarettes and alcohol.

Most flare ups of herpes is often the ice cream, sweets, sugar, but non sugar products such as sugar substitute can even be worse such as aspartame found in vitamins, diet colas, and even hidden in xylitol gums.

The body's immune system maybe raise by a couple of more supplements such as 1000 mg of fish oil with EPA and DHA, granulated lecithin, sodium iodide, are some other possibilities.


Constant Outbreaks Since 2007

05/31/2008: B. : Hello Ted: I came across your answers you had posted on Earthclinic and was hoping you could provide me with some advice. I am HSV1 and since September of 2007. Since then I have been trying alternative treatments. I actually started in Dec of 2007 and even though I contracted the disease in Sep after the initial outbreak I had no symptoms. Once I got on my first set of treatment which was through a site a homeopathic treatment made by PHP labs I started having outbreaks when asked I was told I am just going through healing crisis. I have been consistently having outbreaks since I started treating herpes. About 2 months ago i came across a site and read of a few posting from individuals that have tested negative after going through their full body detox and antiviral program. I am currently in my fourth week of that treatment with 2 more to go. I am still having outbreaks and on their site it is noted that it is body expelling the virus out and I do not need to worry. My diet since I started with dherbs have been only vegetarian, fruits and nuts. I have also started taking Sea Salt 2 boxes and 35% hydrogen peroxide diluted 2 cups to 10 gallon baths (30 - 45 min) daily. What in your opinion do you think i can do differently to help myself be cured of this virus. From reading your posting I am not sure if you had this virus or if you were cured or someone who never had it. I am deeply sorry about this long e-mail but I would greatly appreciate your response and advice. Thank You.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: The reason why I know which remedies helped, at least the HSV I found here is that the energy levels and congested liver were easily seen and more noticeable, still my luck, I don't see any outbreak of HSV, with exception of raising the immune system with iodine. Some take tyrosine to be more synergistic with the thyroid problem to raise it, which did resulted in acne problem.

Whichever remedy that is used, and there are many, avoiding fruits and acid forming foods (from wheat, vegetable oils - free radicals free fatty acids, fruits, and common table salt), but also fluoridated and chlorinated water were primary starting point with any antiviral problems. Hence alkalization is important.

There are some people experimenting with MMS (25-28% sodium chlorite solution with vinegar) mixed with vinegar or citric acid, usually 6 drops plus a tablepoon of vinegar with reaction time of 3-5 minutes in a half glass of water to help with herpes. The improvement were relatively quick but nausea and vomiting may occur from excessive used but did improve very quickly and was taken frequently enough While the sodium chlorite is a helpful remedy, especially epidemics and bioweapons and one of those things I will put into my first aid kit, I prefer the more milder remedy, unless I am in a hurry to use the sodium chlorite drops..

As to taking a bath in sea salt and hydrogen peroxide, most condtiion isn't going to be helpful unless the body is already properly alkalized, and the method tor reduce HSV using sea salt and hydrogen peroxide is usually taken internally anyway, with exception of skin outbreaks of HSV, but in event that happens I prefer a solution of zinc chloride and magnesium instead. Even if I don't have that available, I would get lavender oil applied every hour until it goes away. My experience is zinc chloride and magnesium chloride solution works better than lavender oil, but then on the other hand, it also depends on the strength of the virus. Most people do say lavender does help, on topical application. It should be noted that even without any skin showing herpes, still transdermal absorption of the lavender oil will be in the blood stream usually within 30 minutes and is found in the kidneys by then. Hence a cycle time of lavender oil is applied every thirty minutes in hopes of killing the HSV can be accomplished too.

The reason for divergence in remedy is simple: budget, availability and belief.

BHT and Lysine Together

12/26/2007: L : Dear Ted: I read on a recent herpes blog that you should not take Lysine while on BHT treatment as the Lysine inhibits the BHT from working. Do you know if this is correct?Thanks

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: L: For Herpes, the BHT and Lysine is often taken together, but I might also take occasional zinc gluconate 50 mg, to further discourage the viral growth too. In fact lysine and BHT is commonly taken together, as mentioned here: "Herpes Simplex Type I Butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT) is a potent deactivator of lipid-enveloped viruses. Many people throughout the USA are using BHT to successfully keep the lesions dormant, with no sores as long as they consume BHT regularly. Some people develop sores once every 3-4 months opposed to higher frequency when not using BHT. The majority of those who use lysine regularly along with 750-1,000mg of BHT daily keep the sores from ever occurring. The only human antiviral test that has been conducted with BHT was for herpes, the outcome of which was successful." But it should be noted that sometimes adding some peppermint oil in drinking water also helps too, but most importantly is to get the body alkalized sufficiently and keep the blood sugar low to allow recovery, which I might take 100 mg of sodium vanadate, weekly or twice weekly, although B1 Thiamine with B50 vitamin B complex are helpful too in controlling blood sugar, which helps the raise the body's immune system.
07/07/2010: David from Nyc, Ny replies: Wait.. This is not for genital herpes here, what we're talking about. Is it? So BHT is for type 1 not type 2? I have genital herpes warts that I have not been able to get rid of... The first outbreak I had and cannot get rid of them. What do I need to do? What do I take what don't I take? What do I do topically to get rid of this?

Zinc and Manganese Chlorides

06/24/2007: CB : Hello Ted, Is there an exact remedy on the way to take the products mentioned below? I would like to take it right, and does Zinc Acetate not absorb very well inside of you? I'm inquiring about the products below so that I can start using them to get rid of the virus. Please help and give me suggestions. Thanks, This is the remedy told to use on earth clinic The exact measurement for the herpes simplex cure is a 5% concentration of Zinc Chloride and a 5% concentration of Magnesium Chloride. This is the simplest formula that is most easy to remember. Viruses take a long time to kill because they hide inside your body. To quicken the kill so they can no longer hide dormant, I should take 25-50 mg. of zinc acetate for a week alternatively. This means take this one week on and take it one week off. Do this for about two months.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Actually the 5% solution is applied to the area where there is a sore. In one case if they are applied every 30 minutes for at least half a day, ideally a full day, the herpes simplex should die off.

Taken internally further helps the kill and usually 50 mg of zinc and 250 mg of magnesium supplements (such as magnesium citrate) are taken usually once a week for zinc and maybe three times a week for magnesium, plus 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water taken twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening should help the recovery and prevent future herpes simplex.

Zinc acetate is well absorbed why I know is that it is completely soluble in water. And the reason why I know it works is whenever I have a cold and take them in pure zinc acetate form, the viruses stop fairly quickly either taken internally for the colds, or local application of the herpes simplex.

Concise Cure That Works

06/07/2007: T from Brooklyn, New York: Can you have Ted publish a complete concise treatment of herpes that WORKS!!!! I got the zinc glutonate and the magnesium How much magnesium?

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: In my opinion if you want it concise and works, I would try baking soda, zinc and BHT 1000 mg. Magnesium dose is 250 mg. This is as concise as I can make it
01/19/2012: Mina from Oman, Muscat replies: Just drink 3 tbspoons virgin coconut oil everyday, coconut oil is the safest and most effective cure. Believe me!

Best Cure for Herpes

03/10/2007: Lyle from Atlanta, GA: Do you still believe zinc cloride and magnesium chloride are the best cure for herpes. I searched for these products but could not find any for purchase plus what form to use on your body? Also I can only find zinc gluconate for oral that as good as zinc acetate...please help me find these products. Do you know anything about autohemotherapy Thanks

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Lyle: You can use the zinc gluconate to take it internally also. If you want that route, you need to get other suitable magnesium citrate or gluconate supplements too. Some iodine supplements might help, usually sodium iodide and potassium iodide at about 10 mg/day (about 5 mg each) but only a couple of days out of week should be sufficient.

The magnesium chloride and zinc chloride are most commonly used for herpes simplex, which applied with enough frequency throughout the day actually cured the condition.

Autohemotherapy is basically ozonating your blood, rather a bit invasive. This is not easily done at your home, however a much more convenient way I do is to take a bath in 1% hydrogen peroxide and soaking it in and through trasdermal absorption will the peroxide enters the body slowly, or ozonating the room. Another alternative that seems to work similarly in many respects to autohemotherapy is to take vitamin D3 or D4 20,000 i.u. per day.

Another way is to add 3-6 drop of hydrogen peroxide 3% taken every hour in 1/2 glass of water for a whole day is another possibility. You can get similar results that way too. However I would much prefer another one that seems to be synergistic 1/8 teaspoon of baking soda is added to the glass of water with 3-6 drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide taken for about 1 hour interval for 12 hours. It seems to get similar results.

Sea salt is another possibility that you can use in place of the baking soda, but you use similar measurements of 1/8 teaspoon. A fairly saline water plus peroxide can be even more effective than autohemotherapy if done right. Certain areas of the body not reachable by autohemotherapy is your skin, so wet cloth in 1% hydrogen peroxide solution will reach areas not reachable.

05/31/2009: Hali from Los Angeles, Ca replies: Hello Ted, what type of hydrogen peroxide should I use? Is it the regular kind you by at the local drugstore or the food grade kind?

Countries with Herpes Cure Program?

03/05/2007: Thomas from Brooklyn, NY: This question is for ted. Is there really a way to cure herpes? I have been reading and a few of the arguments about using alternatives methods is that herpes binds to your dna. So any of these anti-virual methods won't cure it. Also does anyone know of any countries where they have a herpes cure program? I read that you can be treated in Cuba and Germany. Thanks

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Based on my own personal experience, I have seen herpes being cured but the health authorities throughout most the world made sure the treatment kept underground and away from mainstream medicine. Most who are cured keep their mouth shut and this has been the problem.

One way to prevent it from being known by the public is you can't even mention the word cure, otherwise they will pounce on you. Therefore I carefully word this posting in such a way they cannot take action. I even try to avoid any direct references or even recommending commercially products to avoid authorities checking as well.

Even if herpes do bind to the DNA, you must remember that DNA are self-correcting and there is a DNA template that appears to be non DNA so usually zinc and even magnesium will prevent the virus from replication. When this replication prevention is done long enough the virus DNA attached to cells die of by normal life cycle cellular death.

As a result, the key issue to treating herpes is to find a supplements that are used long enough to prevent any replication where a virus cannot latch onto new cells or prevent them from replication.

One well-known supplements is licorice extract, usually one tablespoon and zinc acetate 50 mg. is another one that can prevent virus from even going to work in replication also. A simple granulated powdered lecithin can also dissolve some viral enveloped protein as well. Simple electrotherapy can also kill a virus due to its small size without effecting the larger cells. Vitamin D might be helpful but often the dose is too small to get to therpeutic levels the dose used by doctors is often 20,000 i.u., but is often out of reach for most consumers.

A simple remedy to reduce the herpes is usually a couple of drops of clove oil, and alkalizing. Viruses can't exist very well in a terribly alkaline environment. Taking 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda with some apple cider vinegar taken twice a day on an empty stomach if taken long enough should help. If the stomach is queasy about it just add enough water to dilute the mixture, such as up to 1 glass of water.

Hydrogen peroxide with about 12 drops of 3% mixed in water taken almost every 2 hours (or more frequency) throughout the day and if taken long enough should at least weaken the herpes virus considerably. Ozonation in the room can help reduce herpes in the blood also since ozone are relatively toxic to most virus.

However granulated powdered lecithin taken before every meal with one tablespoon could considerably improve liver functioning making it easier to rid of those herpes hidden in the liver.

Local herpes simplex is often the easiest to treat and can take only just one day of continuous 15 minute application of 1-5% zinc chloride and magnesium chloride solution for at least 6 hours.

Protocol Affects Dormant Virus in Cells

02/10/2007: Lexy from Las Vegas: Ted does not specify whether one needs to be having an outbreak in order to start this protocol and how, if applied topically, it affects the dormant virus hiding in the cells.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: If the condition is Herpes simplex, on the skin, the application is applied throughout a much larger area to prevent herpes from breaking out in other areas too. You need not wait for an outbreak in other areas, it will occur if the application is not wide enough. The microbes spread fairly quickly if there is no prevention or preventive ways to stop by applying them.

How Long Should I Do the Remedies For?

CB : I was wondering how long should I do this for? Today I went and bought the stabilized oxygen and I read on earthclinic that if you take it for 5 months this should rid the virus as well but I would like to take the zinc as well. Should I do one remedy at a time or do you think it would be safe to do it altogether? P.S. It read to take 20 drops of stabilized oxygen three x's a day on an empty stomach.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: The stabilized oxygen is really a 10% sodium chlorite solution, which gets absorbed releases oxygen once inside a body. It works like hydrogen peroxide only more stable. Both zinc and magnesium are important also to get rid of it.

Should I do one remedy at a time or do you think it would be safe to do it altogether?

It might not take 5 months. Those remedies actually were meant to do them all together. This includes the 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water taken twice a day, at the least. I prefer the 1/4 teaspoon citric acid and 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water as the resultant sodium citrate is more effective in alkalizing the body necessary to kill them.

It read to take 20 drops of stabilized oxygen three x's a day on an empty stomach.

I don't know their concentration sodium chlorite, but usually following the bottle's recommendation generally is o.k., but they often make their recommendation a bit too strong in practice.

Viruses usually exists or get out of control whenever the body tend to be to acid, or that the body's zinc or magnesium is lowered. When that happens, it usually makes sense to get a good level of zinc and magnesium necessary to make environment unfavorable for them to grow. Killing them in viruses world means nothing to them if the environment if the environment favorable for growth. They can grow and reach saturation levels within hours, and overwhelming the immune systems. That's why killing them will reduce the numbers and making enviroment unfavorable for them will prevent them from coming back is important.

04/17/2011: Maryland from Los Angeles, Ca replies: Can I use this combination of baking soda citric acid on the lesions on my genital? I am currently suffering a herpes outbreak and I used that formula on it and it stopped the itching. I also drank the baking soda citric acid water, but would like to know your opinion about the topic use.

20 Drops Made Me Sick

CB : Well today that 20 drops made me kind of sick because I didn't take any yogurt or milk with it. Can I only put the drops in water or milk and juice as well. Or should I cut the drops in half and see how they make me feel because it is all an experiment

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: The drops that I actually use (don't know your brands!) is only 3 drops with maximum of 6 in one full glass of water, taken slowly. I make my own, which makes it difficult to really say! But as most sellers, they tend to over recommend the dose sometimes.

So in my opinion, I would try in those range, which is about less than half of whatever you are taking.

The key to healing is always getting your urine pH to 7, by taking sufficient amount of baking soda, usually best taken in lime baking soda formula, as the citrate forms is most effective in raising the alkalinity to near optimum values, and that's just only my observations! Zinc, magnesium and alkalinity remains the cornerstone of ridding of the viruses.

How Do I Make Lime Baking Soda Citrate by Adding Soda

CB : Thank you so much Ted! The brand of stabilized' drops that I'm using are Aerobic Stabilized Oxygen Drops. Tomorrow I will introduce the baking soda and when I get some more money I will but the zinc and magnesium. How do I make the lime baking soda citrate by adding lime to the baking soda? I guess what I'm saying is should I make my own remedy and can I ask you how long it took, because I read it took you two days to cure your aunt. So when you say cure she doesn't have it any more? And this is with the remedy your advising me to do right

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: When you mix lime and baking soda (or lemon and baking soda) the citric acid of the lemon reacts with the baking soda to form sodium citrate, as the solution gives up carbon dioxide. When the citrate goes in the body, it will acquire some carbon dioxide and becomes a bicarbonate again. So the citrate, based on my own experience is a much more effective in reducing acidity of the body, more so than baking soda alone, and the effects lasts longer.

So when you say cure she doesn't have it any more?

My aunt continued to take the baking soda (in the form of sodamint 300 mg, but taken I think every other day about 5-10 tables) because she liked it so much as it relieved her of constipation. Actually the urinary pH should be close to 7, and if it is off, then it has problems anyway. What I am trying to say is I have been taking baking soda on an off for the past 30 years, and would have taken much more frequently if I had a pH meter back then! Maintaining alkalinity is important and I have many feedback that it rids of fungus, bacteria, and other problems. The reason is that most microbes have a weakness against alkalinity since their ideal surviving pH is around 5- 6 pH. So if the body have sufficient citrate, bicarbonates, alkalinity, it can prevent at least a lot of problems.

04/25/2010: Sun Light from Amsterdam, Noord Holand, Netherland replies: halo ted , iam realy need your help

i wish that you help me i have hsv2 and want to have a cure please tel me one protocol to get rid of this uglu think i read so mny thnks but there is some remedies that can not find it and i dont know how to use it and houw can i use it and houw long to use it,, thank u so much ...

12/09/2012: Jonn Herpes Killer from Newyork replies: everyone to cure herpes stay away from sugar, chocolate milk icecream etc. Oxygen kills all viruse, also do some deep breathing daily, and take baking soda with water you need to alkalyne your body. And the virus will die. You guys should get a microscope and study your own cells and watch your virus to see if its dying, I bought one and doing my own research and test



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