Natural Emphysema Treatment: Q&A

Last Modified on Jan 25, 2012

Best Alternatives for Elderly Father W/ Emphysema, Now on Oxygen?

01/25/2012: Ashraf from Johannesburg, Southafrica: My father developed lung fibrosis while in hospital during Mar 2011. (He had emphysema from his early days when he used to smoke. ) Since then he has been put on assisted oxygen. He has been in hospital 3 times after that, as he just couldn't breathe. He has just deteriorated and now is on permanent oxygen. He cannot even walk 10 steps and his oxygen level drops. His doctor has told him that there is nothing medically he could do more to help him.

Can anyone help???? I have been reading about aloe vera, vinegar, bua bok.. Where do we start and how do we take it? Has anyone had any positive experience with these alternatives? We are so desperate to see this old man who once was such an out going person, so helpless and confined to his arm chair. Please can someone out there help?

03/21/2012: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Well, its going to require a lot here, but will mention some well known ones. N acetyl cysteine 250 mg x 4 (to reduce phlegm and for detoxification), lycopene or tomato paste one small can a day, in form of tomato soup (to help reduce emphysema), colloidal silver may help somewhat (as an antibiotic), taken at 1 teaspoon a day for an entire month, L carnitine 1000 mg x 3 times a day (for energy), selenium 200 mcg x 3 (to assist in glutathione production as antioxidant), vitamin E 200 iu., (antioxidants for the lungs), vitamin A (to help moisture of lungs), MSM to help fungus in the lung 1000 mg x 4, lysine 1000 mg x 4 to help regenerate the lungs. CoQ10 300 mg or 400 mg, to help his energy. I can go on more, but those are the major ones.


10/04/2012: John from Mid Rand Village, Gauteng South Africa replies: Ted, My wife has emphasema. I am using a vaporiser, with about 1/2 liter H202 x 35% in about 3, perhaps 4 liters Brita filtered water. The vaporiser is left on overnight in the bedroom. How do I get the msm into her lungs? and what quantity, the msm is in powder form? I am advised that msm will not desolve in water, nor with HP.

She shows liver spots, how do we rejuvenate her liver?

And finally, how many lives have you saved, we are greatful to you for the time you so generousl give, thank you, Cathy and John

Can DMSO Be Mixed with Peroxide and Inhaled?

02/27/2009: Richard from Flint, Michigan USA: dmso and emphysema: a question for Ted, could dmso be mixed with hydrogen peroxide and inhaled to dissolve tar in the lungs?

03/07/2009: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: No! A DMSO can never be mixed with hydrogen peroxide if inhaled. DMSO will neutralize the hydrogen peroxide. DMSO is used for COPD. A hydrogen peroxide is used for clearing bacteria and excess fluids out of the lungs. They are used separately and for a different purposes.
07/03/2009: Jim from Fairfield, IA replies: My mother has COPD and was prescribed by a doctor a solution of hydrogen peroxide and DMSO which is added to glutathione for inhalation using a nebulizer. The doctor prepares the H2O2/DMSO solution and sends it to my mother which she adds to the glutathione prepared by a compounding pharmacy. This treatment has been used by this doctor for several years with excellent results and my mother has seen improvement even after only 1 week of using it 3 times/day.
09/25/2010: James from Silver Creek, Georgia, Usa replies: Hi Jim. I was intrigued with what you stated about your mother who has COPD and gets a solution of H2O2 DMSO from her physician to be compounded with glutathione by her pharmacist for use in a nebulizer. And, that this has helped your mother after just one week, and the physician has been having good results with this combination for several years. I also have COPD and would like to know the name of her physician in order to contact him for possible similar therapy. Thanks, James
07/16/2011: Mindy4704 from Nesqahoning, Pa, Usa replies: i would like to also know the name of the dr because I am also struggling with emphazima
08/24/2011: Gerry from Davie, Florida replies: Hi, Jim from Fairfield I also have Copd and was also hoping to get the name of the Doctor and his number# that is helping your Mom. Hope all is getting better with Mom.

Herbal Brew Remedy?

11/29/2007: Melissa : ...thanks for the information- it is very useful. Lastly, have you ever heard of an adverse reaction of someone using the H202? Under the emphysema section there is a man who writes of very sucessful that in some cases has reversed the emphysema, an herbal brew made of great Mullein, hyssop, lobelia with cayenne acv. Any opinion on that? Thanks SO much for your help.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Melissa: It's an old recipe for bronchitis and coughs and might help, although, I have not yet experimented with that. However, my remedy for coughs is the use of peppermint oil. Some people might use eucalyptus oil but those are more warming and is most used. The remedy for bronchitis is mullein, hyssop, eucalyptus, garlic, ginger, cinnamon and tea being what I think are acceptable. Liquorice extract has been shown to increase immunity and also an adaptogen hormonal for people with long term sickness and protects that person against adrenal exhaustion, which I think is fitting for people with emphysema. Whether it works well or not on emphysema, at least for licorice extract anyway, I think is important against adrenal exhaustion from long term sickness.

The hyssop used may also be of value because of its purgative and expectorant properties, which clears the mucus from its respiratory tract, in addition to cayenne pepper, it makes hyssop more stronger by dilating the capillaries. Because hyssop is a mucolytic agent it makes for a great expectorants in clearing out the mucus. Although my recipe for a mucolytic agent is a more powerful, N Acetyl Cysteine 500 mg, or if needed, perhaps 500 mg taken three times a day. The mucus would liquify quite quickly and is the most powerful one I have seen. Which is why I prefer N Acetyl Cysteine over the hyssop, its pharmacology as more exacting. The beauty about N Acetyl Cysteine is its detoxification of the liver and the removal of mercury heavy metals from the body. To increase circulation, I might take cayenne pepper plus turmeric, instead of just cayenne pepper. Turmeric supports liver in detoxification and also have some antibacterial properties. Of course there are many approach to this but I prefer to attack not on gray areas, but on the most pressing issues.

As to Apple cider vinegar they mentioned, I disagree as alkalization is most important. Therefore apple cider vinegar should always be added with baking soda such as 2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar plus (in case of emphysema) 1/2 teaspoon (as opposed to the usual 1/4 teaspoon), plus 1/8 teaspoon of potassium citrate, with drinking water added 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt per one liter of water, necessary to maintain normalized electrolyte imbalance and alkalization necessary for the body to remove the carbon dioxide much more efficiently. IT MUST BE NOTED THAT the use of N Acetyl Cysteine works most efficiently whenever the pH ranges between 7-9. This is why baking soda, potassium citrate and sodium bicarbonate, plus some sea salt (pH averages 8) is used in drinking water. My remedies are interconnected.

As to the mentioned lobelia, its traditional uses lies with its expectorant and helping clear the respiratory tract, but the one thing I don't like about it might be its nicotine content such as those found in tobacco. I therefore prefer the use of akalizing in reducing carbon dioxide and increasing oxygen and the capillary dilating properties (such as for the lungs) from alkalization as a somewhat more moderate approach, perhaps not the best, since I don't like nicotine and its emetic properties of the lobelia.

Therefore, what I do know for sure with my own direct experience that has worked in cases of emphysema is the priority needs in addressing problem of the water filling the lung sacs which can choke a person alive, and the blockage of additional breathing the accumulation of fungus and bacteria and of the mucus.

Hence the most important thing is to drain the water that fills up the lung, remove the fungus and bacteria, and clearing out of the mucus as part of an important aspect of emphysema as a priority.

The clearing of liquid and water in sacs is best accomplished by inhalation of H2O2. The fungus and bacteria are thus cleared the same way with H2O2, but an inhalation of H2O2 PLUS borax and perhaps salt could best clear the fungus and the bacteria in synergy. The clearing out of mucus is achieved by taking the N Acetyl Cysteine 500 mg (up to three times a day), to liquefy the mucus. The alkalizing increase the oxygen in the blood as akalizing removes the carbon dioxide from the blood a lot easier. This can easily be demonstrated by adding baking soda to a soda water or an ordinary cola. Carbon dioxide mixed in water, you get carbonic acid, adding the baking soda would cause the water to liberate the carbon dioxide as the CO2 foams out. Vitamin A seems to support normal mucus and helps breathing somewhat, although an occasional once or twice a week vitamin A, 25,000 i.u. is needed.

Because emphysema causes the lungs to push the heart, the heart has to pump a lot harder and causes weakness to the heart, as a result to increase muscular energy for the heart and reduce the weakness of the heart electrolyte balances (sodium bicarbonate, sea salt, and potassium citrate, in a rough but proper ratio), vitamin E, and vitamin B complex (B50) and plenty of CoQ10 (extremely expensive and taken if only when necessary) would give the energy back to that person within hours. Licorice extract would help a person recover from adrenal exhaustion.

While I certainly didn't address the issue of aveola sacs being damaged and the excess carbon and tar which lines the lung, it is the understanding of most conventionla medicine that nothing can be done about it. However, certain cases I have noted that people who do take plenty of colloidal silver, such as 1 tablespoon x 4 times a day (I prefer to add drops of H2O2 optional) or perhaps nebulizing with colloidal silver may cause the body to expel the black sooth from the lung clearing the emphysema. That's just my experience that there is some remote possibility that this can be done. The reason is that colloidal silver has a certain electrical charges that causes the cells to regenerate. This can easily be proven if you follow up on Dr. Robert Becker's work on "The Body Electric" on his regeneration of limb experiment he done on salamanders and mouse which he did succeed to some extent, given the lack of funding. As this is a possibility it makes for a potential that a lung can regenerate. However, to be on the safe side, I also used aloe vera which contains allantoin (snails have it too) and both colloidal silver and aloe vera allantoin may cause the body to regenerate the lung cells as needed. I tend to take aloe vera gel internally or some aloe vera oil, in other cases I might mixed only a tiny pinch of allantoin in to the food as well.

In summary the original remedy of hyssop, lobelia, ACV cayenne, at the very least a baking soda and some potassium should be added.

My remedy substitutes hyssop with N Acetyl Cysteine, leave out the lobelia because of the nicotine, add the baking soda to ACV to get it more alkalizing, at the very least. But this leaves out regeneration of aveolar sacs (from allantoin), avoided clearing the liquids (from the H2O2), killing off the fungus (from the borax both using ultrasound or 1/4 teaspoon borax in one liter of water) and an unrecognized expectorant and regeneration properties of the colloidal silver, both as a nebulizer and taken internally, and the necessity to support heart functions as the lungs causes the victim to be extremely weak through the use of electrolytes, vitamin E, magnesium and vitamin B complex. Besides all this is the importance of increasing oxygen level from alkalizing still so the person can be at least less dependent on the oxygen tank. A cayenne pepper, can always be taken to help with circulation, but this depends the individual, a turmeric, in my opinion might be synergistic if added with cayenne, although not a definite requirement.

05/02/2010: 99r6blue from B.c., Canada replies: Ted, I don't know why you're getting all panicy about nicotine, as many of the foods we eat contain nicotine. Some of the foods which contain nicotine are, eggplant, peppers, potatoes, tomatoes, wheat and various other grains. Do some research and you'll find many other foods which contain nicotine. Also, if a person suffers from vit.B3 deficiency they get a deadly disease called pellagra, although I'm sure that you already know that. You should know what Vit.B3 is, [ Vit,B3 = Niacin = Nicotinic Acid ] Nicotinic acid comes from nicotine.

It may not be politically correct to question the [Anti Smoking Industries] propaganda about smoking being the cause of every disease known to mankind, BUT, horses and dogs and cattle etc. all get emphysema as well as humans. What I've never been able to figure out is, who lights the cigarettes for all these animals that get emphysema?

Maria Treben, an Austrian herbalist, author of [Health through gods pharmacy] states, " it is my firm belief that emphysema is caused by an enlarged liver"

Andreas Moritz [ener-chi] says that he believes, MOST BREATHING PROBLEMS ARE A RESULT OF LIVER PROBLEMS.

Google, [water salt emphysema] for links to other sites showing another possible cause of, and possible cure, or cures for emphysema.

Fungal Emphysema Treatment

11/06/2006: Lynne : Dear Ted, I wanted to get in touch with you on emphysema remedies forum/. A guy name Jack wrote about a remedy that I would like to try. I have questions and don't know where to get it. Have you heard from Jack, as he hasn't been around for a while. I didn't know where to get the herbs he recommended. Also you mentioned acv and hydrogen peroxide for emphysema/ I have Questions :
What is ACV?
Where can I get 1% hydrogen peroxide.
Do I inhale it? Like in a steam pot? Is it safe ?

I think you mentioned that it was good for FUNGAL EMPHYSEMA which is what I think I have..... I am 19 only and have never smoked but have chronic Lyme Disease and have used long term antibiotics for 2.5 years which caused a candida overgrowth. I don't exactly have the real emphysema BUT have symptoms that 100% mimic it and I think it's from the fungal overgrowth in my lungs! I feel my immune response is causing a destruction to my lung tissue and alveoli and I can't EXHALE. It gets worse every few months and right now over 60% of my lung capacity has diminished. This began a year ago and I called my Lyme doc who thinks it's candida from the abx. A year ago my lungs would not exhale I'd say 10%. The 6 months ago it was 25% so I did an Xray which was normal. Now fours months later I am at 50% --- My lungs won't stretch and recoil. I just can't exhale, I can't push that breath of air out!!! My lungs are stiff and they are not elastic anymore. Everytime I catch a cold I think I will suffocate. It is awful suffering. I have a deep wheez and a hollow sound in my lungs when I exhale. I feel like I am suffocating. I need advice on natural remedies for this . Your post gave me hope. Help please Lynne

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Lynee

What is ACV? ACV is a nickname earthclinic uses for Apple Cider Vinegar

Where can I get 1% hydrogen peroxide. Do I inhale it? Like in a steam pot? Is it safe?

Drug stores will sell 3% hydrogen peroxide, and you just have to dilute them with water and use it in humidifier. A 1% concentration I have never had problems with. However if it is anywhere above 2% then it is not safe. Safety is determined by concentration of the peroxide. I inhale it using a humidifier. If it gets too drying, lower the concentration by 1/2. If you do not have confidence in such use than start with only 0.5% which is one half of one percent.

If you want a near 100% safety, then I would try eucalyptus oil, it has been done for ages, using steam, humdifier, aerosol etc. Apparently we forgot that great grandmother's recipe still works the best.

Research study also shows eucalyptus oil can kill certain fungus found in humans, in the lungs of a fungal streptococus. So if put in a humidifier (if it doesn't dissolve the plastics), used for inhalation can be used as a good substitute.

I would prefer to add 5% camphor powder, if you can find one to help remove the fungus faster. This is good for your Fungal Emphysema.

But then hydrogen peroxide and ozonation of your room is just as good. It doesn't matter if it is a mycoplasma, or a fungal streptococcus, they kill the same. Usually chemtrails can be a real problem, so stay out of the way.

used long term antibiotics for 2.5 years which caused a candida overgrowth.

If you know what you are doing it shouldn't take more than 3-4 months for a cure. But then on the other hand, most don't. Take some zinc acetate will help. Just take it 50 mg only weekly.

The body will cycle from high copper to high zinc cycle so that the candida will have a hard time adjusting itself. Some lemon oil or orange oil taken internally do really help reduce internal fungus, they also kill parasites (helicobacter pylori and fungus organism) although it is hot, just one drop per glass of water, would be benign. It is absolute minimum, although therapeutically it may be much higher needed.

Taking some oral disodium EDTA will chelate most minerals, chinese parsley and artimisia (only 3 day per week) will deprive the candida of the needed iron.

The candida is somewhat weak in presence of sea salt (for inhalation at 1% sea salt), but I suspect it is weak in certain mineral salts, at the moment I haven't found with complete certainty, however, I do know the best mineral salts so far is copper chloride and chromium chloride.

To be safe, 1% -2% copper chloride is applied externally for transdermal absorption, while 25 to 50 mg of chromium choride can be easily taken internally.

It is not done to resolve your deficiency it is used as an antibiotic salt.

Chromium, copper, and zinc and the newer mineral salt, sodium tungstate and sodium vanadate will deprive them of the needed sugar that candida needs to grow.

I haven't found all the biological terrain needed for a complete kill but I do know that lavender oil do work well, when applied transdermally on skin or used along with eucalyptus oil (50:50) in inhalation to kill the fungus in the lung. Even my dogs like it and it cured him of wheezing lungs. There are others, such as inhalation using salts of ammonium chloride at 1-5% concentration used in a humidifier too. Choose the concentration that you are best confortable with. There are many practical ways to do it.

Everytime I catch a cold I think I will suffocate.

Vitamin A, vitamin E, evening primrose oil, and some flax seed oil taken orally on alternate weeks should help reduce that. Don't forget to take 1000 mg of sodium ascorbate. Vitamin B complex should help strengthen your energy level, so just take the 100 mg. kind, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B8,, at 100 mg. each, except for B12 at 100mg.

These should help your condition, at the very least 50% within the week.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Lynn: You dilute them by adding more water. If the H2O2 3% 1 liter bottle, and you add 1 liter of water and mixed together you will have 1.5% H2O2. If you want easy calculations, then:

C1 = Beginning concentration of H2O2. In decimal points
Amt1 = Beginning amount of liquid in milliters
C2 = Ending concentration you desired. In decimal points.
Y = The amount of water you should add in milliters

The general formula is: [(C1*Amt1)/C2]-Amt1=Y

Assuming 35% is your H2O2 so it is .35 If ending is 3% is your H2O2 it is .03

(.35*1000)/.03) - 1000 = 10667 cc Or 10.67 liters of water is added.

For inhalation purposes, you may desire a 1% ending solution, but your beginning concentration is 3% and you plan to use only 500 cc of H2O2 3% then the formula is as follows:

If you plan to use only 500 cc of H2O2 3%, the the calculations would be thus:

((.03*500)/.01) - 500 = 1500 cc

This means you add 1500 cc of water to get a 1% H2O2 concentration.

If you plan to use 1000 cc of H2O2: ((.03*1000)/.01 ) - 1000 = 3000 cc of water This means you add 3000 cc of water to get a 1% H2O2 concentration.

This is one of those FAQs I get all the time. Ideal concentration for inhalation, or aerosol use is probably 1% is o.k.

However if you plan to use if for drinking, the maximum concentration is 0.5%, but the preferred concentration should be about 0.1%. Using the formulas shown just plug into the equation. In this case if you plan to use 500 cc of 3% H2O2, you will need to add some 15000 cc of water or 15 liters. The formula would look like thus:

((.03*500)/.001) - 500 = 15,000 cc

The above is a formula for 0.1% concentration of H2O2.

For external purposes to apply on skin problems a concentration between 1% to 1.5% concentration is acceptable. In my opinion a 3% is too powerful for most external skin application. However, in the event of infection or cuts, a 3% concentration has always been traditionally acceptable.

People will have different sensitivities, and in event you do have a problem, just reduce the concentration by one half, being the general rule of thumb.

For your conditions, consider using some colloidal silver taken internally as per package instructions.

11/14/2006: Lynn from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Ted how do you dilute the peroxide, I mean how do you know you've diluted enough? Thanks sincerely, Lynn.

Simple Emphysema Treatment

10/01/2006: Dave : I heard that a cure or help for simple emphysema could use acv and hydrogen peroxide but in what amounts I don't know?Is there anything to this? thanks; dave

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Dave: Usually inhalation of 1% solution H2O2 mixed in ACV should be the proper way to give it the killing power of fungus causing emphysema. If it was due to damaged aveoli caused by tobacco, then some cleaning ability of ACV and H2O2 should provide some relief. The H2O2 and ACV will detoxify the pollutants, while the acv solvent-like action might dissolve some other things in the tissue which might possibly help aveoli recovery and repairs needed. A simple way to test ACV's restoration is applying them on your arm leave it for a couple of minutes and rinse. The next day you should notice some suppleness in the skin. This is due to ACVs action in removing some hard fats and microscopic calcium which can be analogous to the situation similarly to the lungs.
09/21/2012: John from Johannesburg, Gauteng South Africa replies: I am told that chlorine in our water attacks and neutralises H202, so I use filtered water and toss the water from one jug to the other to allow the chlorine to escape. I then use a vaporiser, that usually heats water and steam passes next to the concentrated H202. But I found that, adding 1/2 L H202 x 35 to the water in the vaporiser is far more effective. Iset this up at night and we sleep with the vapour filling the room.

Now Ted, please tell me where I can get your mix of DMSO and MSM (tars) off my wifes lungs? She now needs to get elasticity back into her lungs.

When I had a heart attack it was quelled by Dr Matthias Rath who also supplied the nutrient necessary to rebuild the heart over 4 years, which has been done. What nutrients are required to rebuild the lungs and are the lungs recostituted naturally with nutrient help?

Mucus and Phlegm Management

04/23/2006: Dalene from Johannesburg, South Africa: Great website, thank you!! Can anyone give advice for my husband who suffers from emphysema? He coughs up lots of phlegm, too. I am too nervous of having him inhale the h2o2. Would really appreciate some feedback. Thanks.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: I am assuming your husband is having emphysema, usually as a result of pollution or the fact that the there is some slight physical damage to the lungs causing breathing difficulty. The difficulty of breathing is sometimes seen as drying of the lung due to irritation by the lungs. Since the body needs to regenerate the lungs and the mucus may be the cause of the breathing problem, it may be necessary to reduce the irritation, liquify the mucus, and restore the breathing to reduce friction by allowing a thin mucus to return. Therefore, while breathing of H2O2 may kill bacteria and fungus, it still have limitations about long term effectiveness. Taking colloidal silver internally should help regeneration of the cells (according to Dr. Robert Becker), and kill off the pathogens causing the irritation. Most colloidal silver sold on the market are about 5 ppm, digest this colloidal silver you just bought by adding a couple of drops of H2O2, a couple of days before consuming. Take about 2 tablespoons three times per day might be a reasonable dose.

The other thing that helps normalize the mucous is taking about 500 mg - 1000 mg of N Acetyl Cysteine daily and about 100-300 mg./day of vitamin A. Some antioxidants such as Alpha Lipoic Acid, vitamin E, and vitamin C are helpful. A good dose of alpha lipoic acid is about 200 mg, 1000-2000 I.U. of vitamin E, and about 1000 mg of vitamin C should do it. I once used vitamin A to help with my own breathing problems when I was a student. I have heard one of my friend being helped by taking CoQ for his emphysema, but he mentions taking at least several tablets to show its effecst. However, I don't have any information about exact dose, but my guess is 500 mg on the assumption it is 50 mg each and he took about 10 tablets per day basis.

Restoration of pH in my opinion is important for the body to normalize and raise its immunity. So taking about 1/4 teaspoon of citric acid plus 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda should help the body maintain a pH buffer necessary for the body to recover. Taking zinc acetate (10-25 mg/day) helps increase white blood cells and increase the body immune system. In my opinion taking magnesium and selenium also helps. However I much prefer magnesium chloride and selenium yeast to be more effective. I have no side effects from taking zinc acetate, therefore this is the safest form. If you are nervous about using H2O2, then try using vinegar as a humidifier. It may not smell nice, but it is also an antibiotic as vinegar also kills of viruses, fungus and bacteria as well. You can also add this with H2O2, but in 1/2 less than what you use to do it if you add the vinegar to it also. There was a factory in China that produces vinegar and they found that people's breathing problems were reduced in both severity and the length. During the SARS epidemic Chinese fumigate (aerosols) the house with vinegar and the prices of vinegar per bottle went as high as $100 dollars. The Chinese did contain the SARS spread from this, but the Western Media kept this information away from the public.

04/23/2009: Robert from Jackson, WY replies: Re: MUCUS AND PHLEGM MANAGEMENT
In reference to this post (04/23/2006: Dalene from Johannesburg, South Africa)In your respone to here, in the last paragraph you suggested using 1/4 tsp of citric acid and 1/4 tsp of baking soda. Am I correct in assuming the citric acid you were speaking of was ACV?

Also, you said in the last paragraph, " If you are nervous about using H2O2, then try using vinegar as a humidifier. It may not smell nice, but it is also an antibiotic as vinegar also kills of viruses, fungus and bacteria as well. You can also add this with H2O2, but in 1/2 less than what you use to do it if you add the vinegar to it also." I'm not quite clear on what you are saying here. Exactly what would be the proportions of ACV and H2O2 for the humidifier? And also, could this be use in a nebulizer as well? Your response would be greatly appreicated.

I can't thank you and Earth Clinic enough for your posts, and the information you provide to those of us suffering from COPD or emphysema. We've been told for so long that there is nothing other than breathing exercises we can do that when someone finally offers some light at the end of that tunnel it's like a "breath" of fresh air, no pun intended. I'm not just willing to sit back and die quite yet. Hope and optimism are great healers in and of themselves, but a catalyst like your posts sure helps! Thanks again! again.



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