Cure Dark Eye Circles: Q&A

Last Modified on Jun 17, 2007

Juniper an Option?

06/17/2007: Anonymous : Hi Ted... came across a website about dark circles but im not sure if its safe to try or if it is effective can u please give me your opinion about it? thank you! ;

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: The juniper remedy for used as a dark circles under the eyes only works if the eyes are assumed to be puffy. Since juniper berries and extracts works by the action of diuretic. Since I don't have any idea what your dark circles look liked, whether they are puffy or whether they are hollow and dark, juniper isn't going to work for hollow and dark circles under the eyes. Now for the puffiness of the eyes, those are congestions, more than too much water retention. The fact that juniper rids of water retention doesn't really resolve the cause of the dark circles.

As mentioned before there are many causes. One instance is the dark circles were formed assuming dark and hollow is the accumulation of toxins. Those kind of dark circles works with adding 6-12 drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide to the drinking water all throughout the day.

On the other hand if a woman has a menstruation where the blood is regularly brown and dark. Then that is the sign of body cannot get rid of it due to excess clotting and stickiness of blood platelets as being the cause. In that case vitamin E, and drinking green tea WITH NO sugar NO FRUCTOSE, and NO MILK. The green tea or certain strong chinese tea will remove the excess iron out, and the vitamin E, and sometimes aspirin will prevent blood clotting removing the circulatory problems

In another instances, a dark circles with tiny dark veins, which is a sign that works similarly to varicose veins, but only occurs in the eyes. A remedy for that requires sodium ascorbate vitamin C 1000 mg (or rose hips) and baking soda 1/4 teaspoon twice a day.

While it is difficult to cover the entire universe of dark circles under they eyes, such as hormonal cause, adrenal exhaustion, that would be licorice extract taken for a couple of weeks! Or to remove congestion from stress then it would be once a week DHEA.

The general remedy will always be alkalization which also clears the eliminations as being the simplest of the remedy. One possible remedy that can clear some congestions of dark circle that you might try is to apply apple cider vinegar under the eyes, lightly. Those are not only cheaper and easily available but also if it stings or you don't like it, you can rinse them off. If for some instance apple cider vinegar is not available sometimes I used distilled white vinegar. While it won't completely remove them, it helps a lot. Those are applied thinly and wiped off excesses and done only overnight. You should see some improvement the next day.

It must be noted that if dark circles under the eyes are due constantly staining sweat. Certain microbes exist in the glandular system. For that kind of remedy I just recently found that just drinking plenty of green tea for a couple of weeks (not too much, may cause constipation, but can be stopped by adding a pinch of baking soda and a tiny amount of sea salt) will have the same effect as juniper berries, but much better because it removes the microbes that causes stains, which over the long term leads to dark circles.

If it is a dark circles caused by somewhat of an age spots, then I would apply colorless iodine and use that as a cleaning solution to apply thinly to the area. However before doing that, I would try to apply to other inconspicuous areas so that I might not have a skin reaction. If I don't then I used that as a skin cleaning solution and drink some green tea to cleanse the microbes that creates staining which causes some dark circles or other area as it removes both microbes and free metal iron efficiently.

Finally I have received reports of people doing oil pulling that resulted in removal of dark circles. But of course, it also cause colon cleansing in some cases and as a result when the toxins were remove, the dark circles goes away.

I am not short remedies for dark circles, usually I am short for time!

07/16/2009: Amee from Mangalore, India replies: Hi

Came to this site by chance and I am a great believer of natural foods and remedies. I read up on your sections and looked around to see if there was anything for my not so big but irritating problem. I have dark circles with eye bags to boot which is making me look older. Been carrying them for years now. The place I live at does not have this extract. I managed to find an ACV though i am not too sure it is organic (American Garden) Should I just take this one and Green tea ?? Your help would be appreciated

Child with Expanding Circles

06/06/2007: B from Hyderabad, India: Just found EARTH CLINIC. very interesting. When my daughter was 2-3yrs old I noticed she was developing dark circles under her eyes. I consulted a paediatrician who just laughed it away saying it was hereditary (I also have dark circles). But as she is growing up, now she is 8, her circles are becoming darker and spreading down almost to half her cheeks. I consulted other dr. who did blood, urine and stool tests and gave iron tonics but no use. Otherwise she a a very healthy and normal child any explanation for this condition and remedies will be highly appreciated. Thanks.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dark circles under eyes, in my own experience is the issue of dehydration, not drinking enough water, excess congestion from irregular bowel movements (2 bowel movements a day for me is a good sign of health), and certain deficiencies of vitamin C, vitamin E, iodine, omega 3 and evening primrose oil, being the ones I encountered the most. In some cases it was due to lactose intolerance and milk sensitivites which leads to dark circles under the eyes.

The most common problem is actually dehydration, since you live in an area where weather is tropical. A good way to tell if the body is dehydrated leading up to dark circles under the eyes is that the urine conductivity (there is a pocket urine conductivity measured and usually the conductivity normal urine could be anywhere from 4200-4900 microsiemens. Now people who regularly have dark circles under their eyes have a urine conductivity over the roof, exceeding 9000 microsiemens. In which case drinking twice more would have resolve the problems.

The second most common problem is irregular bowel movements from excess acidity which prevents the body from ridding of excess toxins which result in congestion around the eyes. As a result taking 1/8 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/4 glass of water taken twice a day would help. (they will like take half of the adult dose) I do have reports of dark circles under the eyes disappearing from alkalization not just using baking soda but also from apple cider vinegar and baking soda.

The third most common problem is buildup of toxins that the body simply cannot get rid off. Now I once had a fairly dark circles under the eyes and I was actually helped by adding several drops of hydrogen peroxide to remove the toxins that the body have difficulty. What it does is basically neutralize them and get rid of them. One possible remedy and people do have different tolerance, but for me I prefer 6-12 drops of 3% H2O2 in 1/2 glass of water taken 3 or 4 times a day. For a child dose I think 3-6 drops for child dose would be relatively better. The remedy if mentioned here tends to be on the conservative side and it is usually best to start at least for me in the beginning at 3 drops (before upgrading to 6 drops) of 3% H2O2 food grade in 1/2 glass of water. If hydrogen peroxide is unavailable, ozonating the room, applying a 1% hydrogen peroxide for by using cotton buds on the face area, but avoiding the eyes may also help clear the skin.

I do also seen a woman's face of muddy complexion had a glow after applying and taking internally of evening primrose oil of just one capsule taken twice a day, which is high in gamma linoleic acid. Omega 3 may also help which is found in fish, such as fish oil. Certain parts of India, as I recall rarely eat fish and sea food, and it is why omega 3, kelp (iodine), and evening primrose is on the top of the list. Finally, lack of energy the apple cider vinegar and baking soda would have resolved the problems, but on the other hand, vitamin E, vitamin C, or getting the level of antioxidant up, and improving circulation can also help.

Last but not least blood may have certain microbes that causes congestion, and a simple remedy for that is take green tea NO SUGAR, NO FRUCTOSE, NO MILK, three times a day should help improve salivary flow, as well as glandular flows in about a couple of days, and remove some excess iron also. Now excess iron, free radical can also lead to congestion too, which tannins from green tea can resolve since it is an efficient chelator of FREE metal iron, too much leads to congestion.

There might be more, but those are the ones I encountered personally. While this may not answered everything the issue of congestion (bowel movement & dehydration) and acidosis is the most common issue. In some cases drinking some electrolytes with magnesium just a few times can correct that, but not necessarily be taken everyday. Once a week should be more than sufficient, especially if weaknesses is seen

08/29/2010: Erin from Clearwater, Fl replies: Often dark circles under the eyes means you have allergies. The top two most common allergies is sugar and/or wheat. I took all refined sugar out of my diet and avoided enriched white flours for about two months and I not only felt better physically and mentally but the dark circles under my eyes went away. I hope this helps!

Nothing Works After Years of Trying!

10/09/2006: Karin from Munich, Germany: Dear Ted, My sister has had for years extremely dark circles around her eyes and has done anything to make it disappear. Pls advise. Thank you, Karin from Germany

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Karin: This is a tough one, my achilles heal is cosmetic cures!

Dark circles under the eyes: is the issue of congestion, micro damaged capillaries, and oxidative build up that the body cannot rid itself.

When congestion occurs an imbalance sets in causing toxic buildup, which again can come from constipation, lack of sleep, doing desk jobs, and anything that would promote congestion. The cure is obvious, stop congestion by promoting circulation, reduce toxic buildup, and provide the body with nutrients needed for healing of damaged tissues!

1. Promoting Circulation. There are several ways to promote circulation that will reduce congestion. I get away from my desktop computer and point my head looking up 90 degrees and stay there for a couple of seconds.

When I do this the circulation congestion buildup flows back into the body. There are several critical points which bring up congestion, first is facial massage around the sinus and the neck area below the ear where circulations needs to be drained.

The other possibility is to do a neck exercise, slowly of course, nodding forward, backwards, left, and finally right, three to four times each. Then circle your neck counterclockwise a couple of times slowly again then clockwise a couple of times. This will really help. The secret is to do it SLOWLY, and do as often as you like. No limitations. It helps with the neck and top back pain a lot, because this is my common area of congestion.

When people do not get enough sleep, yes it is easy to blame lack of sleep, people tend to overlook something else. With lack of sleep or rest, people do not drink enough water! So just drink enough water, to get the circulation moving!

Of course, there other extreme of dark circles is too much water water retention. In this case it is due to eating too much salty snacks or taking medicine which can bring on edema. If the issue is too much water retention, then taking certain supplements which will cause ridding of excess of water will be helpful. Sometimes you can take diuretics, for me I just take 1 teaspoon of baking soda to reduce some constipation. Of course, if you want to rid of a lot of water, which I don't recommend except for emergency is 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda, 1/2 teaspoon of sea salt to 1/2 glass of water. This could cause loose stools. Once that happens you can drink more water, but stay away from fried foods, salty snacks, etc. Taking some electrolyte drinks, sometimes called Oral Rehydration therapy, could also restore some electroytic imblances too. You can also prepare at your home with the recipes here:

2. Reduce Toxic buildup. Reducing toxic buildup is something like a Yin and Yang approach. You need to reduce toxic buildup both ways to really work. First the Yin, which requires oxidative therapy, such as 1 glass of water, add 5-6 drops of 3% H2O2. Take it for a couple of times until you begin notice increased energy and circulation and notice that your skin starts clearing up. A longer term, at least for me required I drink it for a couple of days, or you can do shorter term, like only a day. So this is just the Yin of it. Hydrogen peroxide is well known for detoxification of various insecticides, pathogens, bugs, chemical toxins that buildup in your body for sometime. It destroys them by oxidation. There was an outstanding underground video from Taiwan which demonstrated that insecticide no longer exists upon ozonation of meats and vegetables in water for only a couple of minutes. So not only can you try peroxide, you can also ozonate your room.

Now the Yang of it. This requires a mild detoxification by reduction, as opposed to oxidation. The simplest one I can come up with is the following:

1/2 teaspoon of baking soda + 1 whole lemon + 1/2 glass of water taken twice, once in the bedtime and once in the morning. Or use ascorbic acid of 1/2 teaspoon in place of whole lemon is up to you. The reading of the Oxidation Reduction Potential, will get you a negative -200 to -300 millivolts. So this is a simple the reduction method of detoxification.

3. Nutrients to rebuild Damaged Tissues. Certain nutritition helps improved skin textures and sometimes brighter looking eyes sometimes. These include flavonoids, found in hesperidin, rose hips, vitamin F, bee pollen, royal jelly, vitamin B5 panthenol (or pantothenic acid), gingko, chitosan, inositol B8, oatmeal (high in silicon), and most importantly vitamin C in the form of sodium ascorbate, which is an alkaline form of vitamin C. These all will help repair damage tissues and reduce allergies. I have seen one person with reduced allergies and somewhat improved skin from just taking chitosan. Gingko helps with microcirculation and thus repair.

I have recently made my own heavy metal tester and found that one source of free radicals come from my own water filtering device. It was further traced to an old rusty faucet. Upon the removal of this, there was no longer copper toxicity. Copper free radicals is a common problem in Thailand since copper in drinking water is quite high. In certain parts of Bangladesh, arsenic is high. In the rice I eat, I haven't yet investigated it, I found it to be high in free radical zinc. So most of the heavy metals come from too much food processing, as opposed to minimal food processing. Just think, boiling that water in the old teapot, creates more free radical metals, which could be tin, iron, etc. An easy way to tell is to get a laser pointer and look at the lights passing through it. If you can see it, more clearly after you boil it, then that is the source of heavy metals which of course might be free radical metals and cause dark circles under they eyes, because that is a sensitive part of your body and the skin is already thin.

As to whether using cucumbers and other ailments will help such as apple cider vinegar, etc. These will help too since they also help detoxify the body but I prefer to mention the less obvious answers. If you are looking for obvious answers, such as dark circles is caused by hereditary, or some other things, those are some of the things we can do very little and is not worth mentioning here.

There is more than enough websites that tell you what YOU CANNOT DO, as opposed to what YOU CAN DO. The area round the eyes therefore is a reflection of your overall health, so monitor your them well and find what is causing the problems!

02/19/2007: Donna from Aspen, CO replies: Karin In Germany, Most commonly dark circles under your eyes is a thyroid problem. Have your tsh tested, it should be .80-2.0 If it is higher then you need thyroid supplements. Old doctors still go by the results that a tsh of over 4.55 is bad, but the new thinking is anything over 2.0 is bad. My OBGYN is my only doctor who follows the new advice, she gave me thyroid for a tsh of 4.25 and am I glad. You could also paint with iodine to try to help yourself, look up iodine cures for instructions. Iodine feeds the thyroid. However, in my experiments on myself, only thyroid helped, I take Armour thyroid because it is natural thyroid, the others are synthetic. My mom and dad have been on synthetic thyroid for 35 years, so I know of no reason to reject it, just my preference. Your thyroid underpreforming is a warning--there are many ailments that could follow that are very serious, take care of your thyroid~it takes care of you~your dark circles are a call for help.



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