Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: Q&A

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11/10/2009: Alice : hi ted, i know you're a very busy man and im sorry if im disturbing you only i need your help and advice from your forums i've read on earth clinic. i think you're the greatest man on earth, very wise and considerate to people. i've read your cure for c o p d emphysema and i've tried hydrogen peroxide therapy. only got to 6 drops and had to stop because i have 2 silver fillings and i couldn't breathe. also had a silent heart attack 8 months ago on my right side. on tablets for high blood pressure and high cholesterol and aspirin to thin blood, 2 inhalers for c o p d emphysema symbicort 400 and spiriva respimat 2,5 micrograms.

i am losing weight constantly i also take a protein drink every day. i am getting dizzy spells for the last 5 days and pain in right side of my head just near my temple. i started takeing msm about 3 weeks ago 2 grams twice a day and cayenne pepper with my meals just sprinkled over my food. i am 56 years old female 4 foot 10 inches in height 28 kilos in weight and dont feel good at all no energy cant walk more than 15 steps and have to sit down for half hour. i feel like a prisoner in my house so please ted if you can spare some time for me and give me some advice i would be grateful. god bless you alice

11/10/2009: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Alice:

A vitamin B complex, or a B50, for people with extreme weakness may require taking this two to three times a day, with meals. Too many protein drinks congest the blood flow, hence the pain resulting from the drinks. The b50 will increase the appetite with a matter of a week or so. The low energy may further be helped by taking a good digestive enzyme (capsule form only) along with meals. It's often about 2 capsules of digestive enzymes. If at all possible, I would likely prepare a 0.1% concentration methylene blue, take that 2 drops twice a day. And if a person wants to have more energy than that, then 2 to 3 drops of Hydrochloric acid in a glass of drinking water during every meals. Aloe vera gel taken three to four times a day should normalize some COPD issues, at least allow some regeneration from burnt lungs caused by emphysema. Ideally, a 1 teaspoon a day of aloe vera oil works better if that can be found.

Once a day vitamin E 200 i.u. will reduce the oxygen requirement too. In a drinking water, to help increase oxygen to the cells, one cap of food grade 3% H2O2, in a liter of drinking water. The drinking water is drunk as in any normal water and should help with low oxygen issues. This is just the basic COPD remedies to have some energy and heal some of the damaged lungs.



02/28/2009: Bill from St. Louis: Dear Ted: First let me offer the highest level of gratitude possible for your tremendous contribution to natural health. You are truly a God-send!  Thank you, thank you.  I am writing to see if you have time to answer a few questions regarding COPD treatment using DMSO and MSM.  From what I have been able to piece together about treating COPD (from smoking), I plan on the following:

1.)  Purchase 99.9% Pure DMSO (Liquid)
2.)  Purchase 99.9% Pure MSM (Liquid)

Question:  You mention dissolving 250 mg of MSM in one glass of water, this sounds like a powder form of MSM?  Can I use the Liquid, and if so, would it be about one Tablespoon in one glass of water? 

3.)  Mix DMSO at beginning ratio of 30% DMSO, 70% water (if tolerated, increasing to 50%), and inhale through a nebulizer.

4.)  Ingest the MSM, one Tablespoon per glass of water.

Question:  You also mention inhaling the MSM in the same manner as the DMSO.  Would this also be at a starting ration of 30% MSM?  

Question:  Which do you recommend, MSM in water, or MSM in nebulizer (In addition to DMSO in nebulizer), or all three? 

Ted:  I am sorry to learn you are not getting the feedback you need-- I assure you that I will forward the results of this COPD treatment experiment. 

Thank you, sir.  Bill in St. Louis 

03/07/2009: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Sorry about late responses. The volume of email are large for me. I am struggling to answer them as many as possible (when time warrants me!)

A DMSO liquid generally works better then an MSM liquid. MSM is often side effect free, it won't cause irritations and garlic breath. In practice Dr. Jacob, for example use both. But DMSO is limited by how much a person can handle. The dose I use are far smaller then what present conventional mredicne uses to remain free of side effects in terms of DMSO use. The MSM, can be use at a larger dose.

As to the dose it's generally best to start with low dose FIRST such as 250 mg for example. This allows the body to get use to and find a proper initial dose for the individual to be able to tolerate, especially the DMSO. Some people report being thirsty for example after taking them. So once the body is used to it, furhter larger dose might be considered.

The DMSO later on, I used if taken internally is on the low side, but it's one tablespoon dissolved in a one glass of water and MSM can be taken for more, such as 2-4 tablespoon of MSM liquid or MSM powder. Those are probably the maximum dose. The measurement are not exact.

Generally speaking, it's my hope to get some sort of DMSO such as between 10% -80% to some sort of mist or aerosol spray directly to the lungs a couple of times a day to slowly dissolve them into the bloodstream and once it goes in the body removes them with DMSO taken internally along with MSM. At least that's the plan.

It is my expectation that granulated lecithin may also further help. If breathing is still a problem, it's quite possible, if it is serious, a 500 mg Niacin non-timed release are technically safer, and this helps the capillaries to both expand and help with the breathing.

Question:  You mention dissolving 250 mg of MSM in one glass of water, this sounds like a powder form of MSM? 

A powdered or liquid form is fine. However, it's should ideally be diluted with water to buffer out and thus reducing any side effects assciated with sudden thirst of water as well as sudden clearing of fluids so the body can flush them out with more liquids.

Can I use the Liquid, and if so, would it be about one Tablespoon in one glass of water? 

One tablespoon liquid ore powder is always dissolve in water helps the body to buffer them.

3.)  Mix DMSO at beginning ratio of 30% DMSO, 70% water (if tolerated, increasing to 50%), and inhale through a nebulizer.

That's the average and a conservative concentration that has the least problems.

4.)  Ingest the MSM, one Tablespoon per glass of water.

This is a median dose with a reasonable water dilution.

 Question:  You also mention inhaling the MSM in the same manner as the DMSO.  Would this also be at a starting ration of 30% MSM? 

MSM always mixed with water too, but you use less water with MSM such as instead of full glass it can be just 1/2 glass. DMSO taken internally has more side effects from garlic smell and skin irritation the MSM. MSM is a lot easier to use, but it doesn't dissolve the tar as readily.

Question:  Which do you recommend, MSM in water, or MSM in nebulizer (In addition to DMSO in nebulizer), or all three? 

As a nebulizer I prefer a DMSO only.


Mother with COPD and TB

03/25/2008: Shirley : Hi Ted, I'm Shirley from the Philippines. Got across this site a month ago in one of the forums I frequently visit and since then It has become my habit to visit earth clinic to read all your inputs and suggestions to the betterment of my family's well being. I become a fan :)

Firstly, Im using ur ACV recipe and Im happy to note that it has helped me a lot with my acid reflux and sinus congestion. Also doing Oil Pulling. My lungs seemed to clear as well. Im also supplementing with NAC and Vit C to combat my usual bout with bronchitis and dry cough. Its hard to live in a place where there so much air pollution. Coupled with that weak lungs seems to run in the family

I'd like to ask about my mother who's 68 yrs old, she's got COPD and doctors said she's got to live with it (and it wont be that long) and nothing could cure it. She's coughing a lot of phlegm and' most of the time she cant sleep well at night bec of this. Sometimes she also cant eat well bec according to her the phlegm seemed to block the food she's taking. She's been on medication for a long time but now she's taking vitamins to strengthen her immune system and some pills for hypertension. I've read your inputs on COPD and would like to try these on her. I just have to convince her it will work and also im having a hard time looking for DMSO and Im afraid of the side effects of MSM. I would appreciate your inputs on these. Also will ur ACV remedy help her as well as oil pulling? I would also want to try the H202 on her but still looking where I could buy the food grade.

I'd also want to hear your input on my sister, she's been infected with TB and already on medication with the quad tab for a month. She's interested to try ur ACV remedy but quite worried it might interact with her quad tab medication? What do you think?

I'll be very happy to hear your suggestions. More power and GOD Bless YOU.

Your fan,

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Shirley: Most of the side effects is likely to come from the DMSO, not the MSM. The secret in the use without side effects is always the dilution. An example, is putting a teaspoon of salt in a swimming pool. You won't notice the salty taste, but it is so diluted, its not likely you will. The side effects can be lessened to any degree with the miracle of dilution. This is why apple cider vinegar and baking soda is always diluted in a glass of water or 1/2 glass of water, so it will be more compatible, and less differences with water, or less differences with the body's chemistry too.

The side effects of MSM can be controlled to a point where it I won't notice it. The issue is to take some MSM, dissolve them in a glass of water, and mixed them in small amounts. I would try a small amounts first such as 250 mg of MSM dissolved in a glass of water, first once a day, then to three times a day, and finally mixed in a drinking water. MSM has less side effects than DMSO, but I used DMSO, because it is available here. The other reason is I found rather by accident that DMSO dissolved the black lung causing it, by accident until knowing it would cure it. However, I have not done any experiments with MSM whether it would dissolve it, but I am sure it will since chemical properties a somewhat similar.

Granulated lecithin is a fat emulsifier and can be mixed with almost any food since it is a food made from soy. While the effect is mild in dissolving black tar carbon deposits, I believe this will do it too. However, the dose requires much larger, as any food and I will take it one to two tablespoons three times a day preferably without meals so it would reach the blood stream and the lecithin will do its job, slowly in dissolving some black carbon deposits along the lung area. However I believe a 50/50 mixture of DMSO, OR MSM in a humidifier, or nebulizer does a more direct effect in dissolving the black lungs, but at the same time, plenty of lecithin is also taken along with some MSM.

To reduce phlegm, the only known remedy for me that does dissolve or liquefy the mucus is the N-Acetyl Cysteine. There's a catch on this supplements. Most N Acetyl Cysteine sold in Asia the added secretly aspartame, which destroys the nerves an make it sicker, by causing the body to be severely metabolic acidosis. And this can easily be proven with a pH meter an hour after taking any Coke Zero, Pepsi Max, Xylitol Gums (xylitol is ok, but they add the aspartame!), and others. The problem about aspartame is frequently it is added in many medications and supplements and they DON'T label it. Therefore, I will try to buy N Acetyl Cystiene in capsule form instead of those of effervescence form. The reason is the sweeteners they use in effervescent form is sometimes aspartame, and this includes some antacid also. There is a lot of Chinese herbal remedies that can also clear the lungs, although personally I have not tried them, but one popular one that my fellow earthclinic reader showed me was Lo-Han-Kua Infusion, which is actually rather mild one, which is a fruit, using Lohan Kua (frucus momordicae) to clear up the breathing which might help the phlegm also. But I do know that N Acetyl Cysteine is a powerful remedy in dissolving the phlegm. Phlegm forms because an irritation along the breathing passages exists which refuses to die off. Mine is in the upper throat area, and usually it can either be a bacteria or a virus, but likely to be a virus, because it seems to respond better with anti viral remedy such as peppermint oil. I do use the peppermint oil, if i have a problem 2-4 drops before sleep, but keep in the mouth, and another in the morning. The interesting part of the peppermint oil is that it seems to cause less swelling around the throat area, promoting breathing and reduces the problem of phlegm by reduction of irritation from the peppermint oil. As a clue, I found that peppermint oil also kills the virus reduces irritation, and hence, reduces the phlegm, and irritation of the throat, helping with my breathing.

ACV is generally a good nutrition but also a power detoxifier. But my own experiments were mostly with white distilled vinegar which has saved my dog on so many occasions against insecticidal (mostly pyrethrin and permethrin found in dog's shampoo, but also carbamate) poisoning and other unknown chemical toxins such as formaldehyde, methanol, from chemical thinners too. One easy way I found was that if a paint thinner got on my skin, such as a methanol, it causes very bad burning sensation, and I always apply vinegar to stop that and work  every time. Since the skin is the body's biggest organ, other organs inside the body gets inflamed and this is why vinegar or even apple cider vinegar works so well. However in the long run, an apple cider vinegar, or even the one's I used (white vinegar) is always mixed with baking soda, so that the body doesn't deplete its bicarbonates. A vinegar mixed with baking soda, will get sodium acetate, which is an equivalent of a dry vinegar or powder vinegar form, which is the chemically more correct one that's not often used.

A TB can be killed somewhat with ozone, so if I used ozone occasionally in my room, or using a 3% H2O2 as a nebulizer those can kill off the T.B., along with perhaps a 1/2 teaspoon of 3% H2O2 in a full glass of water every 2 or 3 hours, is a possibility. I do know MMS (usually 25% sodium chlorite) in this instance has works, which is more like 3 drops of MMS plus 18 drops 20% citric acid solution,in a glass of water for example. However, in the long run, most of the help comes in alkalizing such as 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water taken three times a day to alkalize sufficiently to prevent its spread first, before using H2O2 added in drinking water, such as 30 drops in 1 liter of water PLUS 1/4 teaspoon of REAL sea salt. Salt is a natural antibiotic, and if it is nebulized using a 5% saline solution or a humidifier, the salt can also kill the TB to some extent too, but I may add some H2O2 there also.

Apple cider vinegar is considered as food, if it is drank first, along with any food or meal, then a medication can be taken based  on whether it is taken before, during or after meals. The only draw back I see is the long term use of apple cider vinegar, which I think adding with baking soda in the long run works better.

Can Condition Be Reversed?

04/16/2007: Kim : Hi Ted, I was reading your section on COPD cures. I was just wondering if you've heard back from any of the folks (for example the older woman who had COPD since 1989 and has been on oxygen 24/7) regarding their current condition since changing their regimen? Are they still practicing - has their condition continued to improve? My mother has sever COPD - she is on oxygen 24/7, however, is still very mobile. Though there is no cure- her outlook is amazing and she's willing to try anything. The doctor's say that it's an irreversible disease - just wondering if you feel a bit more optimistic or have actually dealt with folks who have had their lung capacity increase or condition reverse a bit? Thanks!

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Kim: The woman you mentioned, I received no feedback.

Most people do not provide me with feedback on the website, except from my own personal sources. I get more questions than feedback, quite often the ratio is about 100: 1 on question:feedback ratios. Even personal sources, where most people do improved, quite often won't tell me unless I contacted them directly. For some reason when they do get better, at least where I live, I get no feedback.

In those areas that do work, I found N Acetyl Cysteine 500 mg/day, colloidal silver, baking soda+apple cider vinegar, baking soda + lime (lemon), helped.

The dose for colloidal silver appears to be 1 tablespoon 3 - 4 times a day.

But COPD is really an umbrella term, where the cause is "unknown". The ones I encountered were caused by cigarettes smoking. Usually keeping the body alkaline enough does improve breathing, and the usual dose appears to be taken alternatively 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda with apple cider vinegar twice a day in 1/2 glass of water, or 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda with 8 teaspoon of lime juice in 1/2 glass of water taken twice a day also. Vitamin A may be helpful in restoring some normal breathing pattern.

COPD cures can also be reduce by avoiding certain risk factors, such as cured meats, eating meats, overcooked foods, ready made foods, for example. In fact there is a study please see below.

Since nitrites is liked to this problem, I suspect the issue is peroxynitrites. While I do not have advanced equipment, I suspect peroxynitrites and nitrosamines are formed during cooking of cured meats at high temperatures. The body does produce sodium nitrite through the glial cells in the brain as a molecular messenger. Therefore reduce risk is possible with taking taking baking soda as the sodium nitrites don't degrade easily in alkaline blood environment to form nitric oxide or create peroxynitrites. Sodium nitrite are stable in alkaline and sodium ascorbate vitamin C will stabilize them also.

Therefore taking 500 mg of sodium ascorbate a day, baking soda 1/2 teaspoon twice a day, or the use of those with the apple cider and lime remedy is helpful too.

Sodium nitrite are somewhat synergistic also with another molecular messenger, trace hydrogen sulfide. Increase in hydrogen sulfide can easily be supplemented with taking soy milk, preferably unsugared. If it is sugared, often the concentration of sugar is about 10%, in which case it is necessary to drink at least 10 times (which reduces sugar to only 1%) more water to dilute the excess sugar so that it doesn't disturb the blood sugar. Ted"

American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine Vol 175. pp. 798-804, (2007) © 2007 American Thoracic Society doi: 10.1164/rccm.200607-969OC Original Article

Cured Meat Consumption, Lung Function, and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease among United States Adults Rui Jiang1, David C. Paik2, John L. Hankinson3 and R. Graham Barr1,4

1 Division of General Medicine, Department of Medicine, and 2 Department of Ophthalmology, College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia University, New York, New York; 3 Hankinson Consulting, Valdosta, Georgia; and 4 Department of Epidemiology, Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University, New York, New York

Correspondence and requests for reprints should be addressed to R. Graham Barr, M.D., Dr.P.H., Columbia University Medical Center, 622 West 168th Street, PH 9 East-Room 105, New York, NY 10032. E-mail:

Rationale: Cured meats are high in nitrites. Nitrites generate reactive nitrogen species that may cause nitrative and nitrosative damage to the lung resulting in emphysema.

Objective: To test the hypothesis that frequent consumption of cured meats is associated with lower lung function and increased odds of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Methods: Cross-sectional study of 7,352 participants in the Third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 45 years of age or more, who had adequate measures of cured meat, fish, fruit, and vegetable intake, and spirometry.

Results: After adjustment for age, smoking, and multiple other potential confounders, frequency of cured meat consumption was inversely associated with FEV1 and FEV1/FVC but not FVC. The adjusted differences in FEV1 between individuals who did not consume cured meats and those who consumed cured meats 1 to 2, 3 to 4, 5 to 13, and 14 or more times per month were -37.6, -11.5, -42.0, and -110 ml, respectively (p for trend < 0.001). Corresponding differences for FEV1/FVC were -0.91, -0.54, -1.13, and -2.13% (p for trend = 0.001). These associations were not modified by smoking status. The multivariate odds ratio for COPD (FEV1/FVC 0.7 and FEV1 < 80% predicted) was 1.78 (95% confidence interval, 1.29-2.47) comparing the highest with the lowest category of cured meat consumption. The corresponding odds ratios for mild, moderate, and severe COPD were 1.11, 1.46, and 2.41, respectively.

Conclusions: Frequent cured meat consumption was associated independently with an obstructive pattern of lung function and increased odds of COPD. Additional studies are required to determine if cured meat consumption is a causal risk factor for COPD.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Kim: The remedies I posted, they usually helped. I don't see much contradiction since the information I get is from personal sources. Sometimes second hand information is conflicting because certain groups connected with industries, or competing alternative health (to support their own products) put out disinformation.
04/16/2007: Kim replies: Thank you for your quick response.My mother's COPD is caused by smoking. At this point- she's looking to stop progression. As I mentioned, she is on oxygen, however, is still active enough to go out shopping and walk (slowly) on the treadmill.......she can do most things, just needs the oxygen support. Her goal is to reduce her time spent on oxygen - hopefully, these remedies will help with that. It's hard to decide what to try - there is just so much contradiction out there- one group says something works and the other says it doesn't.Please let me know if you have any other advice.Thanks.

Coq10 Dosage?

11/10/2006: Frank from Roselle, IL: I haven't tried CO Q 10, pending feedback from you. Your comments mentioned a friend who cured about 90% of of his condition by taking the entire bottle of CO Q 10 over 2-3 days. What size bottle? What strength CO Q 10? It sure does sound interesting to me.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Frank: My friend took initially one CoQ10 and noticed nothing. So he took more and it helped a little. Then he took even more and it helped more. So I do not know how many times in all, he finally came to a conclusion that if he took the entire bottle, it stopped his condition 90%. The bottle size I think it was about 100 capsules.
05/03/2010: Bharat from Faridabad, Haryana, India replies: Dear Ted, Can you please suggest what mg COQ 10 shall my father try an what are the if at all possible side effects of 500 mg. of N Acetyl Cysteine and COQ 10. Thanks in Advance!
09/14/2010: Annette from Denver, Co. Usa replies: Dear Ted,

Gosh.... Where to start?? Technically speaking, this isn't a question or remark about COQ10 dosage, but I decided to post here because of the COPD issue being discussed. COPD...... What a nasty disease to develop and especcially so when you are destined to develop it..... My parents had it and now I do too. I'm a 59 year young female whose lung function is at 23%, I'm on 2L of oxygen 24/7, no energy and it sure does take a great deal of energy to do just about anything!! My medications are Albuterol inhaler and Nebulizer solution, Advair 500/50, Spiriva, 900mg Theophylline daily. I'm also supplementing my diet with B-12, odorless Garlic tabs (4000mg per day) 600mg Calcium w/Vit D> 1 twice a day and 400mg Magnesium w/Chelated Zinc> 1 per day. I'm also just starting to take NAC, Cool Cayenne and Turmeric (as a Curcuminoid). So, if I'm reading correctly, all I have left to add to this regimen is Vitamin E? Maybe DMSO?

And I know that somewhere along the line, I have to incorporate ACV with baking soda. And I do have H2O2 standing ready in case of flu or bronchitis.... But should probably be drinking this 3% food grade dilution as a part of my water intake each day. So, in your opinion:

1) Is this too much or not enough to try to recover some of my lung function?

2) What I'd like to ask about here, is the meaning of "healing crisis". Just a wild guess here, but I'm thinking that the episode I experienced between yesterday and today, was one of those. I had uncontrollable coughing and expulsion of quite a bit of white foamy phelm and my nose ran to the point where it was hard to keep up with!! In short, I felt pretty lousy, but starting to feel somewhat better tonight. 3) What are your recommendations for dosage and for how long the NAC, Cool Cayenne and Turmeric should be taken?

4) Is the Cayenne and Turmeric a poor substitute for COQ10?

5) And lastly, because I know others must have seen and looked at 2 links associated with EC in regard to Hysmeton and Histnatax..... Is there anything in these 2 "drugs" that is of value? Taking 1 tablet per day for 30-60 days to undo 30 years of smoking and the damage it does, just seems way too easy. Do you know anything about these?

My daughter helped me to research all of this and we found Earth Clinic to be the most informative..... And I thank you so much for your time and valuable input on the subject!! I'll be checking in from time to time to let you know how I'm progressing and more importantly....... How I'm feeling!! Just sign me....... Looking forward to easier breathing days!!!

09/30/2010: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: As for CoQ10, they are generally expensive if we do take them at effective dose. Most supplement companies know that people have no idea on effective dose and try to sell them at a greatly reduced dose to keep the cost and prices down. However, the effective dose for CoQ10 is at least 1200 mg a day to have a therapeutic dose.

The second issue is calcium tends to cause problems in the lung through calcification. I will try to remove calcium from the supplements. The issue doesn't seem to be lack of calcium, it has to do with lack of calcium utilization from other deficiencies, such as low magnesium low boron, for example. Calcium tends to cause calcification of the eye lens leading to cataract, cysts in ovaries, stones in the kidneys, stones in the liver and cysts in the breasts. They get everywhere in the tissues except the bones. Bones perforate from pathogens eating the bones, nutrition deficiencies of collagen so without a collagen matric to hold the bone cells are some of the problems, and even if a child has rickets, it's never about the calcium deficiency, it's always vitamin D from lack of sun exposure. If you are familiar with Dr. Kervan, who studied biological transmutation, it seems magnesium and silica are more important. In sports medicine they sometimes use hydroxyapatite, which is actually a bone material, as a supplement to encourage healing of the bones. However, in COPD, I think calcium is one supplements that's not needed. They tend to calcify the lungs if taken long enough.

As for N Acetyl Cysteine, I prefer to take the pure N Acetyl Cysteine, and the effervescent kind they tend to add aspartame, which degrades to methanol and then to formaldehyde in the liver. They then become toxic as they are FREE aspartame and become excitotoxins and is obviously not as safe as eating tomatoes, as they are generally not free aspartame and pectin bound, preventing them from metabolising to harmful substances.

As far a some sort of regeneration from COPD, there are a few that may help. One is colloidal silver, one tablespoon two or three times a day, and aloe vera oil, about 1 teaspoon once a day. Some other supplements may help, such as beta sitosterol, at about 500 mg a day. In some people, we tend to accumulate chemical toxins, allergens and have a large effects on breathing passages from ever healing. Therefore I expect people to have two bowel movement a day and some coffee enemas to help them detox. Hydrogen peroxide 3% when used I used one capful of 3% hydrogen peroxide in one liter of drinking water, or technically not over 0.5% concentration. The hydrogen peroxide will detox most harmful chemicals by oxidation and it might be taken for 1 days on and 1 days off, hence taken on alternate days. This allows the body to detox dead stuff on off days, and neutralize the toxins whenever hydrogen peroxide is taken.

There is a way we might find something that we are allergic too or what is helping you heal by applying on the skin. If the skin heals faster, whatever the supplement it is, the lungs may heal.

One very important supplement for COPD, to reduce the "resistance" from breathing, is the hyaluronic acid. This is most important, as it acts as the body's motor oil. What it does it quickly goes to the lungs and reduce resistance associated with breathing greatly. The mixture I personally use, and for quite a few Lou Gehrigs and COPD is 500 mg of sodium hyaluronate with 9 grams of sea salt, in 500 cc of drinking water. It is drank at roughly 8 capfules three or four times a day. The improvement should be felt in breathing within 30 minutes or less. I had one lung cancer who reported improved breathing within minutes after drinking this solution. The sodium hyaluronate can usually be found in the internet. DO NOT MIX SODIUM HYALURONATE with vitamin C. they tend to degrade them quickly. Keep unused portions in refrigerator. If kept in refrigerator over a month, they should be disgarded or if they smell bad, then it should be thrown away, whatever comes first.  Some COPD lungs don't heal not because of toxins in the lungs, but inability for the body to generate hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a quick and simple solution to handle this problem, due human civilization's desire to heat food. When you heat foods, the two amino acid that is destroyed is usually lysine and tryptophan. The other maybe is histidine. The lysine is one of the amino acid involved in collagen production when it is converted to vitamin C, to become hydroxylysine, and the other two amino acid food source to help body increase hyaluronic acid besides that is proline and glycine. The amino acid glycine is a sweet tasting substances, but is it also protects the liver against liver damage. Hyaluronic acid offers a quick solution, and the other ones are longer term, and I haven't quite gotten around to testing vitamin C, lysine, proline and glycine as it relates to COPD, because COPD is nonexistent  in Thailand.

As far as medicines is concerned, I don't used them at all. I somehow managed to getaway with using any pharma drugs as they don't seem to be useful. For example, to increase oxygen, I used sodium bicarbonate and potassium carbonate, 2: 1, this will drive out carbon dioxide, increasing oxygen and this can be felt within minutes of taking them. The dose I used, might be after meals 1/2 teaspoon three to four times a day. The fourth time I take it before I sleep if I believe I have an oxygen deficit. If breathing passages are too much closed, try to identify the source food allergens that caused it. Eating oils, sugar and hard to digest protein from cooked meats tend to congest the system leading to breathing difficulty so no sweet fruits, vegetable oils and cooked meats, at least for now. And get bowel movements regularly and take magnesium and twice a week vitamin E, usually 200 i.u. would do fine without severely causing high blood pressure. The alkaline baking soda/potassium carbonate will also prevent red blood cells from stacking on each other. They tend to occur from eating oily and fatty foods, but this also occur with excessive proteins and sugars, and they stick differently, causing low oxygen.

There is one tip that might be useful is to take some urea as a supplement (most people won't go for urine therapy), and take 1/8 teaspoon of urea three times a day with the added lemon juice a bit, but not too much. The urea in the water may help healing of the lungs. This goes true if the urea is also added to the humidifier. The dose is to prepare a 5% urea solution and use this as an atomizer or mist spray and breathe in for a couple of minutes. Along with taking aloe vera, and colloidal silver, beta sitosterol, this might encourage the body to regenerate damage lungs. Provided of course hyaluronic acid is taken to reduce some irritation along the lung lining and take vitamin C and perhaps at least lysine and glycine to also encourage healing.

Where Do I Start?

10/15/2006: Barbara from Fort Smith, Arkansas: I have not tried any remedies yet, where can I buy them I do not know what to buy. I was diagnosed in 1989 with COPD I Smoked many years and also is genetic my Dad died of it and congestive heart failure, I have 25 % lung capacity. I am on oxygen 24 daily updraft treatments every 3 hrs prednisone 15mgdaily plus 9 other pills a day. I have a low energy level if you can give me some info I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you Barbara

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Barbara: If you want some improvements, then clearing the lungs of mucus, lowering the inflammation, the killing of fungus/pathogen, and the dissolution of fats, increasing capillary and circulation and perhaps rebuilding of the lungs that are damaged would be the way to go.

Clearing of the mucus can be helped with taking about 500 mg. of N Acetyl Cysteine. This will loosen the mucus and caused it to be liquified, thus reducing the obstruction.

The killing of fungus/pathogen can be helped using vinegar inhalation through a humidifier. If it is too strong, you can dilute by 50%. I used myself to clear my breathing passage to stop cold flu from happening. Also vinegar is unique in dissolving fats, kill certain fungus and pathogens.

Increasing the capillary circulation or increasing oxygen to the body can easily be accomplished by taking one or either remedies, they are all o.k.

: 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda + 1/4 teaspoon citric acid + 1/2 glass of water.


One freshly squeezed lemon juice and add baking soda until the fizzing stops, then add water to 1/2 glass.

This is taken twice a day once before bedtime and once in the morning. However, it has become increasingly apparent, to take at 11.00 a.m. about 1 hour before lunch. Second formula using the lemon is better because of vitamin C, phosphate, and it causes the body ORP to be near optimal values.

Furthermore taking colloidal silver, or inhalation temporarily of course will also kill whatever bugs that are causing the inflammation of the lungs which will reduce such obstruction. For me, in the future, I believe that a small amount of zinc acetate less than 0.25% concentration used only briefly will kill many of the viral pathogens exists too and possibly limit certain fungus as well. Colloidal silver will also create a limited number of dedifferentiated cells, which basically is a stem cells, that will allow the cells in the body to rebuild the lungs.

Antioxidants reduce the amount of oxygen the body needs, such as 2000 - 4000 I.U. of vitamin E/day. While people who smoke in the past have high heavy metals, in particular strontium which can easily be removed to some extent with oil pulling, but I prefer to call it oil chelation since oil is well known for removing heavy metals in your body via, the refined use of sunflower oil as a mouthwash and not to swallow. Done several times a day at one tablespoon or two everytime and spit it out should remove the level of heavy metals since the mouth is the only organ that recirculates bodily fluids making it an ideal organ where we can use various elements such as oil, charcoal, bentonite, for example to remove toxins from the body that are usually of oil soluble compounds that the body have trouble getting rid of.

We could also use pure lecithin, taken internally, to allow fats to be soluble, also ridding the many heavy metals and oil soluble pathogens such as mycoplasma in the process.

It is difficult to cover every aspect toward the cure of COPD due to multiple cause, but most important in my opinion is the N Acetyl Cystiene, zinc acetate 50/mg per day, alkalizing using lemon and perhaps some inhalation using simple vinegar or eucalyptus oil should also help. Eucalyptus tends to breakdown into hydrogen peroxide, which of course will destroy whatever pathogens causing the inflammation of the lungs. However this tends to have a drying effect but does clear the breathing, so temporary use is acceptable, but not too much. Gingko supplements might help, but it seems I don't get much feedback for this but it is said to increase circulation.

A friend had a similar problems like you. He cured about 90% of his condition just by taking the entire bottle of COQ 10 over the course of only 2-3 days, as well as 250 mg. of N Acetyl Cysteine for a period of a month.

Once you are on the road to recovery, then the last step is to take 6-10 drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide food grade per glass of water to detox the remaining chemicals in your body. On the other hand, just try ozone therapy, by installing an air ozonizer for your room and breathe regularly. This will detox most of the last remaining toxins in your body. You need not do this often, just do as required, such as doing for only about a week alternatively until you get better.

These are just the bare basics to get your body upon recovery. There are more details then this, but getting even some improvements is one way to go.

06/01/2012: Nikhil from Delhi, New Delhi, India replies: Hi Ted. It seems you have become an expert on COPD. Would need your help.

My father has been suffering from COPD for last 6 years and around 4 months back he was also diagnosed with MOTT(Mycobacterium other than tuberculosis complex) and undergoing treatment for both. His condition seems to be deteriorating. He has lost almost 20 kgs in last six months and feels severe breathlessness for even day to day chores. He is using O2 at home most of the time and is using inhalers, calcium supplements(since last one month) and omega 2 fatty acids (since last one month).

We are fed up of using inhalers, O2, nebulizers and going to doctors who really are not doing anything. I really want my dad to get back to his old health and need your help in starting his treatment.

Please suggest if

We should start with H2O2 taken directly increasing drop by drop or.

Mix DMSO with water(30/70 and increase it to 50:50) and inhale in nebulizer and take MSM along with it. Please could you help how many time DMSO nebulization should be taken in a day and similar for MSM tablets. How long should one take above two. For one month

Are there any other treatments you suggest?

Also, most of the things that we discuss on earthclinic are difficult to find in India. Would you be kind enought to suggest any place I can buy DMSO, MSM or FG35% H2O2 for consumption in India. I will be thankfull for your reply. Rgds, Nikhil

10/26/2012: >Did you happen to get the right amount of drops and stuff to use? I am still waning to know how much DMSO & Colloidal silver to use in my nebulizer on a daily basis and for how long. ANYONE??? thanks megg you can email me also mrichards(at) thanks
12/16/2012: Albert from Gays Mills, Wisconsin, US replies: I have been lurking and reading your site for some time, I have COPD, it was super bad, along with frequent bouts of pnomonia.. I like many other am on the inhalers, spiriva, advare, allbuteral nebulizer.. About half a year ago I started to use msm, ACV, potassium iodine.. Now just this week I upped the msm from one 1000 mg cap to two and three some days, and my lord you ought to see all the black crud comming up in the mucus, it is a joy to cough now just to see all that comming up and outta me!! I also went up slightly on the iodine, and take vit. C a bit later. Tonight based on your "hints" I added baking soda and lemon juice.. I hate this copd, but it sure feels good when ya have a nice night like tonight, heck laying down is a major project sometimes... I also nebulize hydrogen peroxide when I fee infection, I would use more but I have been slow to get the food grade product, but in a pinch the regular store kind worked, .. thanks for being here, and I pray you all are breathing good



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