Colon Cancer Home Remedies: Q&A

Last Modified on Mar 28, 2012

Colon Cancer W/ Stent in Biliary Duct

03/28/2012: LT from Anonymous: Hi Ted, My dad recently had a stent put in the billiary duct due to tumor blockage. His eyes were yellow and his skin. That was done on 3/6/2012. He is doing better. Yellow is gone. WBC count going down. CEA level at 130. His alkaline phophate is up to 703 that was on 3/14/2012. We will be rechecking blood work this week.

I see that his tumors have increases on his spleen and liver. But he was taking in sugar. I have completely stopped his sugar intake. He is on B17, Essiac Tea, Vitamin C for nausea and applying DMSo with cesium on external skin.

On B50. Is thier anything else i can do. He is walking and has little appetite. Can i give him iron daily solution since he was low in iron at hospital. I have not given Lugols Iodine. Should i give him that daily. Please advice when you have time. His liver enzymes were last bloodwork done 3/14/2012: bilirubin indirect 2.6, bilirubin direct 4.1, bilirubin total 6.7 first was at 11.7 then 7.5 now 6.7

04/03/2012: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Supplementing with B50 complex and Betaine HCl with every meal should help him.


Alternative Meds for Colon Cancer

10/08/2011: Anonymous from Anonymous: Hi Ted, Just found the site of Earth Clinic folk remedies. My dad was diagnosed with colon cancer with mets to liver on June of 2010. Could not start chemo due to insurance problems. During July and Dec of 2010. I read up on alternative meds. I started him on Essiac Tea and also B17. His CEA in JUNE of 2010 was 495. Before Chemo in Dec 2010 it was 184. He started Avastin chemo thru the port and i was still giving him Essiac Tea and apricot seeds with carrot juice daily. In March of 2011 his CEA was down to 40.00. In May 1, 2011 he had a bowel perforation and had to have a colostomy. Doctor said his tumor did the perforation that it shrunk and made a hole. Well in June of 2011 his CEA level went down to 36.6. Oncologist started him on Xeloda this August of 2011. I stopped the essiac tea and put him on Protocel 50 in August of 2011. His CEA level went up to 146 this Aug of 2011. He recently had a intestinal blockage and it cleared on its own at the hospital. he was throwing up green bile and also his stool was green. He was discharged the 27 of Aug 2011. He was still feeling nauseated and would throw up but not green stuff. His bowels are back to normal and color. He has not been throwing up but still feels nauseated on and off. i am still giving him Protocel, and will start xeloda treatment again the end of Oct or Nov. My question is: Can i still give protocel 50 with Xeloda pills and also should i start the apricot seeds and also what about taking Essiac Tea.

He will have another CEA done this Monday 10 of Sept 2011. What alternative meds should i continue with Xeloda and what would you recommend. Please when you have time. Let me know your thoughts on this.

10/10/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: The Protocel actually don't work when you compare it to Essiac tea and apricot seeds or even Lugols. The protocel makes people nauseate and it doesn't help their appetite in stage 3 and stage 4 people. It works fine in stage 1 or maximum of stage 2. He needs more like milk thistle, B50, and digestive enzyme, and especially vitamin C every hour (ascorbic acid only) for 10 hours at 500 mg each, should be ok within the day, and a vitamin B3 500 mg given at night with melatonin 20 mg. I don't recommend my clients to use protocel in general because the electrical charge are low negative numbers and this can be a problem, as it supports certain cancer cell growth and may cause certain cases CEA to go up. I see too many death to support Protocel.


Colon and Liver Cancer Help

07/06/2011: Anonymous from Anonymous: Hi Ted, I've been reading your cancer cure statements on Earth clinic's websites and wanted to ask for your advice. I've been hearing positives and negatives about DSMO, especially of the use by people with liver cancer (which can swell into the stomach or other sensitive regions) and diabetics. My grandmother is 73 years old, approx 110 lbs. She is suffering from three years of colon cancer metastasized to the liver. The colon cancer has been taken away through surgery, but the cancer in the liver has formed into numerous tumors throughout her liver.  She has exhausted all chemo options and about two months ago, she went through a radiation process which put radioactive capsules with chemo in them through a major artery going to the left side of her liver to help stifle tumor growth...we are still waiting to see if this worked and doctors have.  After that procedure, she's had a hard time recovering and since then has been in a weak state mentally and physically and hasn't been able to eat in a while, so she has had massive weight loss and is experiencing the symptoms of malnutrition (weakness, fatigue, disorientation, forgetfulness, staring/unresponsive) and so we admitted her to the hospital to get a TPN and stomach tube to give her food.  the doctors that did the radioactive treatment said that she's too weak to get the right side done and have basically given up and started her with Hospice to make her comfortable for the next step of life...  But thanks to the feeding tube, we can at least treat the malnutrition aspect of the illness which is giving her strength to fight the cancer and we're happy that she's been more alert and having some conversation.  Me and my sister started adding liquid vit C (1000mg) to her feeding tube about 3 times a day (want to work up to 8 times eventually and add other nutrients).  Is this enough? She also has thrush on her tongue and the doctors are trying to treat it with nystatin, but we've also been putting a 200 billion count pro biotic in the vit c mix, to try to help that...but we had to stop that last night since they gave her another round of antibiotics to treat an infection she got from either the feeding tube outlet or the port that they were using for the TPN (this is the port that she's had for a long time that they administered her chemo through - so the doctors think it's that). 

As far as following the cancer diet, we begged the doctors to give her a formula with NO sugar, but they refuse....the TPN and feeding tube formulas both contain dextrose I believe..i'm not sure how much at the moment...they say that this is counteracted with insulin (since she's also diabetic), which doesn't make sense to me since the formula is made to order they say...why add the sugar!? 

So once she gets home, we will have more control of what to feed her...what kind of diet do you suggest for her?  I have also been reading information on various websites especially this one about the protocal 2000 method which seems to use calcium and sulfur elements.  Here's the link:  Now I'm confused on what she she use. 

08/17/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: DMSO for some caused liver to swell, true, but aloe very added to DMSO will prevent such swelling. The appetite is prevented by Hydrochloric acid concentrated at 4 drops per glass and digestive enzymes. The more frequent is given, the better the appetite pattern. All foods must be ketogenic diet, with is no sugar, that includes dextrin, maltodextrins, etc. There is exception for xylitol, but NO aspartame, companies keep adding this and that caused diabetes. The liver support is mostly B complex B50, and is given only a week. The long term Bs, are B6, B2, B12, but it is B3 she needs the most, niacinamide, not niacin.
You can add vitamin C ascorbic acid only, every hour until her conditions improve. The liver needs vitamin C to support liver function. Vitamin B3 is the 250, ten times a day, is another one. Selenium yeast 200 mg twice to three times a day, usually 200 mcg twice a day, these three supplements are required in high amount, and the digestive enzymes and Hydrochloric acid, or betaine Hydrochloric acid are the key to get out of cachexia. Which is the focus.



Anonymous replies to Ted "Thank you Ted for the information. My grandmother actually passed away July 22nd, but we just found out that her brother may have bone cancer so we're still waiting on the test results and may have to use your regime on him.

I thought about having him drink the juice from fruit and vegetables, but I think that the only way to make it taste better is the fruit and since you say not to eat sugar, I suppose this remedy wouldn't work? I usually add limes and lemons to the juice to make it palatable."


Ted responds to Anonymous: "Carrot juice and green apple juice (freshly squeeze) have some properties of anticancer although the hypoglycemic effect will last about 2 weeks, this will be just fine. Bone cancer you need strontium chloride or strontium carbonate, from my experience these two worked just fine, but needs Lugol's iodine as much as possible. The lysine, threonine and green tea extract or tannic acid prevents the cancer from metastasis. Preventing the cancer from metastasis is easiest to do, all you have to take is these and it will stopped in three days, if you follow the protocol, which is lysine 1/3 teaspoon (you need a little bit more in bone cancer), threonine (1/4 teaspoon), hourly for four hours, in the morning and in evening hourly for four hours. This is done for at least 3 days. It's really easy to stop metastatic cancer, but there is rules, no sugar and no vegetable oils, especially sugar from fructose and ribose. The one thing is some people will have swells and some chilling effect on the first or second days as the body tries to fend off the invading virus that causing the cancer. Most cancer I seen is viral but there are fungus (aspergillis), the fungus aspergillis is easily killed with hydrogen peroxide, but not viral type cancer in preventing cancer metastasis. You don't need tests for this but if you do, I always get this pattern anyway. Besides lysine and threonine alone will work against cancer viral and cancer fungus. Most bone cancer may need vitamin K2, vitamin D3, magnesium, borax, and perhaps sodium silicate too.

Homeopathy has silica compounds in all homeopathic solutions and that's why they work, it stabilizes them, but then not all homeopathy solutions work when they are added to lactose sugar, because silica, boron found in them are rather limited.

Since bone cancers results varies on location, such as leg bone cancer is furthest from the body, you really need a topical solutions to reduce it. The best solution I can come up with (that work the best) is DMSO 60%, castor oil 20%, clove oil 5%, aloe vera oil 5%, lugols 10%, should do just fine.


Mother with Massive Colon Tumor (part 2)

05/08/2009: Y. : Dear Ted, I hope this finds you and your family in the best of health. I'm extremely grateful to you for all your selfless assistance. And I'm amazed by the straight logic of your approach. It cuts straight through the web of lies.

I was able to get three 1oz bottles of 40% bloodroot from the USA, purchased from Ojibwa to be exact. I had it sent overnight express, and began to ease my mother into the full dosage and schedule that you prescribed within 48 hours. I watched for any signs of serious upset after beginning with five drops, and raised the dose to ten drops, five times a day.

From her very first time I noticed that she experienced sharp pains right at the point of the tumor, in the cecum, by the ileum. I took this as an indication of medicinal action, and not toxicity. Her intense pains continued, but no other alarming signs. Incidentally, after her first day of the full dosage, she experienced far less pain through the night. And for the first time in over three months her stool was closer to solid. The tumor was measured at 8 x 8 cm, effectively blocking the colon; swollen glands were also found in the area. We did not go back to the hospital for any further tests, particularly since they were pressuring her to go in for immediate surgery, and although she refused to sign papers permitting them to operate immediately if they found malignancy, we decided to forge ahead with the bloodroot, and forgo all the tests. All the other substances you prescribed are still in transit. But I've had her on very strong cinnamon tea, which she has enjoyed. There isn't much she's been able to digest. But her appetite seems to be better after a few days on the bloodroot and cinnamon, with bicarbonate of soda and apple cider vinegar, cornmeal, and no gluten.

I have a few serious questions to ask you:

1) How long should I continue to give my mother the bloodroot?
2) Will there be any signs to watch for that indicate success and healing?
3) How many drops of the fungicide should I administer, and how many times per day, precisely how, and for how long a duration of time?

Thank you very much, Ted. Again, I am extremely grateful to you.

05/13/2009: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Y:

Thanks, most other websites has an lot of lies, and the remedy I posted are tried and tested, and the approach is straightforward, without resorting to the kitchen sink approach, which generally can work against you.

1) How long should I continue to give my mother the bloodroot?

It's taken as long as the tumor is no longer there. Usually it can be seen, felt when massaging whether tumor is there or not. Tumor leads to constipation. The average time taken for bloodroot to have an effect in removing most tumors is only about 2 weeks. Thereafter we take it as an only as needed basis whenever there is a tumor coming back again.

2) Will there be any signs to watch for that indicate success and healing?

The key is normal bowel movement and no pain. Magnesium helps too. Lack of appetite is low hydrochloric acid. I used 35% Hydrochloric acid in a dropper bottle, 5 drops per glass of water, taken during or after meals. If loss of appetite, it's taken before meal. Most people I know seems to liked it so much, they took between 10-15 drops per glass. The hydrochloric acid works in digesting the tumor also, but not as significant as a bloodroot, but hydrochloric acid drops is the only known remedy (along with vitamin B complex, in particular B6 hydrochloride) that is reverses the cachexia, which is the loss of appetite experienced in many cancer victims. The theory is very simple. If the hydrochloric acid is depleted it is used to fight off or digest the tumor, so the body is lacking, then it causes the body to loose appetite. It works like hydrazine sulfate as in cachexia, but without the fancy chemical names, where just restoring the body's normal electrolytes and hydrochloric acid will do the trick. This is an important remedy.

3) How many drops of the fungicide should I administer, and how many times per day, precisely how, and for how long a duration of time?

The fungicide, as in the ones I have tested only is the Amistar which contains azoxystrobin, works fairly fast, the drops it usually between 2-4 drops 4 times a day in 1/2 glass or 1 glass of water. It works well for liver cancer, and kidney cancer, but it is lower acting on the tumor of the intestines, but it does work too, although not as well as sanguinaria.

A clove tea works fine too, like cinnamon tea. As a tip, in case of emergencies, I where immediate attention is required, a clove shots, which is like 2-5 drops of clove oil mixed with beer also works also if the person is weak or cancer becomes somewhat metastatic. To prevent metastatic, it's unavoidable to use BHT to stop the metastasis. Usually the first dose of 1500 mg does it, but I prefer to use 2 dose, as in 1500 mg x 2.


p.s. Thanks for the feedback and sorry about late response. Domestic problems here is preventing my access to the computer."

05/13/2009: Y. writes, "Dear Ted, I forgot to mention that my mother's original pain (that drove her to the hospital) is now GONE.. She has a bit of pain that is localized at the site of the tumor.. some headaches now after taking the drops... But she looks like a NEW person, much better, and FAR BETTER mood... She has been (she was) incredibly irritable.. She still feels weak, a bit, but I think that will improve with increased attention to her recuperation.. I'd say we have just under one more week of the bloodroot to do... More later, and as always, THANK YOU, from the depth of our heart (my mother's too! Especially my mother--she asks for you all the time!)"

05/13/2009: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies, "I am very happy to hear of improvement in massive tumor and usually the tumor goes away mostly within the second week, there will small localized tumor I am sure at that stage and tumor generally shrinks very quickly with just drops of bloodroot tincture by 50% within 3-4 days and small pockets on the second or third week. I have also explored the use of fungicide as well using the azostrobins that seems to have a broader impact should cancer goes to the kidney, pancreas and other surround areas and is effectively suppressed within 1 day. The irritation or improved psychological well being after the bloodroot is due to reduced toxicity of the tumor which generates that, and when those are reduced the irritation felt by the person is also reduced. In fact in most psychologically distressed people its very much due to the toxins that caused the problem rather than the person itself. With that in mind, a gamut of remedy I have developed just to deal with that problems alone.

In any case some alkalization especially of potassium citrate, baking soda, at 1/2 teaspoon in 1/2 glass of water on empty stomach each may further helped in reduction of tumor size, taken twice or three times a day. Potassium citrate are generally antifungal and hence anti cancer in general also and does reduce some pain.

It has to be emphasized that weakness comes after a meal in cancer people and if at least 4 or 5 drops of hydrochloric acid (it's usually sold in a chemical or scientific supplly store, either internet or from even a school supply store - science department as a concentrated HCl) will very quickly increase the energy level in matter of minutes, at the very least. The 4 or 5 drops is usually added in a full glass of water, and drank through a straw quickly enough, and drank of any convenience of any amount a person fells comfortable with. The Hydrochloric aid works like the body's batteries, much like a car battery, and you can definitely feel the sudden vitalization after taking this, more more than vinegar, apple cider vinegar, or other electrolytes.

The other remedy to help with the weaknesses is the methylene blue, whose concentration is 0.1%. The methylene blue sold in aquarium are frequently 1% so it has to be dilute by 9 volumes of water, whereby only 3 drops twice a day also helps increase the body's energy level.

If the body's energy level is increase, either hydrochloric acid  or methylene blue or both, the body's immune response is also increased. Practically speaking if Hydrochloric aicd can't be obtain, then a vitamin B6, pyridxoine hydrochloride, between 100-500 mg, plus thiamine hydrochloride B1 250-500, and some B50 to help balance ouf the rest of the vitamin Bs should be a good substitute. Also vitamin C is helpful in healing of the intestinal condition is important. Tumor cancer of the intestines most common problems that needs to be monitored is appetite, constipation, and energy level after eating. Exposure to chlorinated showers during bath must be avoided, as cancer is induced this way from chlorine exposure. To prevent this sort of problem I may have to prepare a sodium thiosulfate 10% solution, or just buy a bag of sodium thiosulfate crystals, then dilute them to a dropper bottle with distilled water. And take a couple of drops initially, so the body could initially get used to it and detox himself. In any case once the body is detoxed, and has gotten used to it after a day, a larger dose can be taken BEFORE taking a bath, such as one rice grain crystals of sodium thiosulfate dissolved in a 1/2 glass of water.

It should be noted that tumors regress significantly and at the time I hadn't been able to obtain the bloodroot, a very frequent dose of sea salt, 1/2 teaspoon in 1/2 glass of water taken 4 times a day helps a lot also. At least there was less agressiveness of tumor. Whichever is done, bloodroot tincture is the one that is most responsible fro the tumor reduction in size very quickly.

I am sure this brief description of massive intestinal tumor is not detailed enough as I would like, but some understanding of these is essential as cancer cachexia is one of those things that there is no cure that's announced by the officials, but these regularly are cured with just hydrochloric acid drops dissolved in a glass of water, or any vitamin Bs with hydrochloric acid attached, as in thiaminine hydrochloride, or pryidoxine hydrochloride, or both, or even with the vitamin B complex. Interestingly if the person cannot even open their mouth to take these sort of tablets a  straw with a drops of HCl dissolved in a glass of water, the person will find it to their satisfaction. Even in a worse case scenaria where a person absolutely refuse to intake any liquids, the same solution with similar concentration can be taken from an enema is also possible too, or even a very weak solution is also applied to the skin every 5 minutes about 3 or 4 times.

Mind you I have to repeat that a person must avoid milk, yogurt, mushroom, potatoes, undergound plants (as in peanuts) most fermented products must be avoided, otherwise the cancer comes back in full force and needs to be reminded constantly. In theory, corn meal may have some antifungal properties, but that I have to do further tests and observation. A corn meal powder, gluten free is taken directly 1 teaspoon once a day or twice a day may reduce fungal toxins that initiate the tumor by suppressing harmful fungus that tends to grow in the intestinal area and in a few cases, reduced gases and flatulence is seen on taking corn meal powder, but this observation needs to be still explored.


08/15/2009: Jacinto from S. C., San Cristobal, Dominican Republic replies: Dear Y:

I'm almost starting a cancer treament with one of my relatives. I'm going to use, if it is the will of God, azoxystrobin and bloodroot. I saw you are using these two remedies for your mother. Is your mother having some progress? Which of these remedies is giving the best results? Are you using both of them at the same time? How do you use the azoxystrobin (Do you have it in powder or in liquid form) Do you have something about this experience you would like to share? Thanks for your appreciated comments.


Mother with Massive Colon Tumor (part 1)

04/27/2009: Y. : Dear Ted, Thank you for your selfless service to humanity. Your posts at earthclinic are tremendous eye openers, to say the least. My mother was just diagnosed with a massive tumor in her colon. That's all the information I have at this time. I'll send you more details, if you need them. For now I need to know what to do for her. The doctors want to perform surgery next week. Do you recommend surgery in addition to other remedies? Or should I advise her to pursue a number of remedies simultaneously, without surgery? (I'm concerned that surgery and chemo, etc., will only make things worse. But I';m open to whatever you recommend.) Resources I have at the moment include a Green Power juicer, a bottle of black walnut tincture that I made a few years ago, apple cider vinegar, and possibly a type of bacterial solution developed in Russia, basically Okarin, if you've heard of it. Years ago it seems to have helped my mother recover from her intestinal problems. I have unsulpherated black strap molassas too, which I saw mentioned as a possible cancer remedy. If you suggest juicing, please tell me which vegetables to go for, cabbage, wheat grass, etc. I noticed you mentioned the following: azoxystrobin, and I'll begin to read up on it. You mentioned it in the context of bone cancer. I'm wondering whether it can help my mother as well.

Please direct me.

With very great gratitude,

04/27/2009: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Y:

The only known remedy I have tested was the bloodroot tincture that seems to have digested the tumor quickly enough. The dose for such size maybe close to 5-10 drops of bloodroot tincture dissolved in 1/2 glass of water taken 5 times a day. Furthermore, the tumor seems to respond well to fungicide remedies I have mentioned such as using drops of azoxystrobin fungicide, at three or four times a day. It also responds well to potassium citrate, and baking soda. The dose is 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda plus 1/2 teaspoon of potassium citrate in 1/2 glass of water three times a day. Clove oil is a quick remedy but it won't reduce their tumor. In any event, people with intestinal tumor seems to require frequent dose of sea salt remedy. Such as 1/2 teaspoon of sea salt in 1/2 glass of water taken three of four times a day. However this dose varies greatly from person to person. Potassium citrate seems to have a fungicial property that seemed to help and that's why the remedy was mentioned. Loss of appetite was reversed with vitamin B complex or Hydrochloric acid drops 5 - 10 drops per one glass of drinking water.

The body can't handle acid food such as milk, yogurt, and sometimes bread. However, it seems to respond to gluten free cornmeal one teaspoon taken directly and wash down with water. Although this takes a longer time and some people simply don't like the taste of cornmeal. For me it is tasteless and take it to reduce gas, flatulence and other intestinal problems. Interestingly corn meal has anti fungal properties.

Please see my postings in other places concerning the topic of bloodroot tinctures. This is just a quick and dirty remedy.

Surgery and chemotherapy question I could not answer from any email.


04/28/2009: Y writes, "Dear Ted,

Thank you VERY much for your rapid response. I'll get onto this immediately. And I'll keep in touch with you and let you know our progress. If you have anyone with almost any kind of anemia I'd like to recommend a Central American tropical fruit pod called "carao". My father has serious anemia due to bone marrow suppression (with low platelets and white blood cells). I put him on carao and apple cider vinegar for two months, and his hemoglobin went from 7.6 to 9.9. Platelets and white blood cells are still low, but we'll continue and see how it goes. He is very old. At least, now he will no longer require transfusions. And the stem cell and hormone injection program they wanted to put him on will not be necessary. He also has dry macular degeneration, diabetes, and fairly uncontrolled high blood pressure, in spite of medications over the years. I tend to suspect the anemia is the result of over medication throughout many years--just my theory. I'm keeping him on the apple cider vinegar religiously, because I see that many people with HBP, diabetes, and anemia have recovered very nicely on it.

On another subject, I was extremely impressed with your observation about hair loss and baldness due to exposure to fungi and molds. Many years ago I lost my hair after sanding the paint off of a garage door, and I ignored my mother's pleas to cover my nose and mouth. As the years progressed the itching and flaking spread all over my face and became so severe that It a thick husk for many years. Finally I succeeded in managing it. But I noticed over the years that when I experimented with putting apple cider vinegar directly onto my face and scalp, I experienced considerable relief. Now I see that there may even be a chance for regrowing the hair on my head, reading your reports of successes. I'll try to locate the bloodroot here, but I'll probably have to send to the US for it. Meanwhile, I'll pursue the other suggestions you made for treating my mother, beginning with anything I can procure right here, immediately. I'd like to try the fungicide remedy too, hoping I can get the azoxystrobin here.

It may also interest you to know that when I was suffering from the thick husk of severe seborrhea on my face, I was living back in California. A friend of mine, an old Indian from Mexico, told me to make poultices of corn fiber found between the husk and the kernals of the corn, and that, he said, would cure it. Perhaps he also meant to make the poultice from corn meal. At any rate, it would seem from his folk wisdom that corn does have the fungicidal properties that you discovered as well. Now I'll move onto reading all of your posts regarding bloodroot.

Warm regards"

04/28/2009: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand writes, "Thank you regarding feedback on cornmeal and vinegar in regards to a remedy for fungus and facial seborrhea. Fungus is frequent a feature of human sickness (and virus) in the 21st century problems. To prevent tumors from advancing to become metatstatic and remain localized, I have found BHT 1000 mg to be very valuable.

In African community because of fungicidal propertes, they used vinegar topically to kill certain cancers too. A hydrogen peroxide also tends to dry up the tumor from long term use. The Hydrogen peroxide is food grade 3%, using 10 drops per glass of water mixed with equal baking soda and potassium citrate (tripotassium citrate) at 1/2 and 1/2 teaspoon or a lower dose 1/4 plus 1/4 teaspoon on empty stomach only. That's taken at least twice a day to three times a day and seems helpful in reducing their pain from lactic acid production by the cancer. This is why it works. The opposite IS required when eating food as they tend to deplete the body of digestive enzyme and hydrochloric acid as most of those are done to digest the intestinal tumor. In any event, enzyme supplements and hydrochloric acid drops (35% used 5-10 drops) per glass of water only during meal will help digestion so that it won't deplete or divert the body's lack of enzymes already in used to kill the tumor. Clove tea and cinnamon tea are quick relief from cancer issues, but it won't stop the tumor advances and works the same way as chemotherapy in terms of effectiveness, but without the side effects. It should be noted that a "cancer" can become resistant to a known chemotherapy and cancer may move to another area if a chemotherapy is applied to intestinal cancer, and may show itself as liver cancer, kidney cancer or even brain cancer, or perhaps become metastatic. In any event those can be handled or controlled easily (from my own experience) with just BHT and azoxystrobin drops (brand name Amistar, Heritage, Quadris, etc.). But that's just only my experience and personal opinion regarding their product.

People with intestinal tumor will have digestion problem and low stomach acid and hence meats must be avoided and vegetable is eaten, but not carbohydrate rich foods especially gluten found in ketchup, bread, ice cream, starch, white flour and nearly all wheat products, which seems to initiate fungus.


Mother with Colon Cancer, Has Spread to Liver and Lungs

01/07/2009: P. : hi. i live in england and aim desperately seeking some advice. My mum's doctors don't haven't really given her any advice so i decided to search elsewhere. my mum has colon cancer, which has spread to her liver and lungs. She has lost lots of weight, it's horrible to see (cachexia).

I give her barley grass, oxygen elements max drops, alkaline water drops. i am trying to make her body more alkaline and with more oxygen (hence the 'drops').

She has also cut out most sugar and reduced her carbs. she eats mainly low GI foods and is eating healthy foods now, such as more veg. She is having less sat fats, less refined carbs, not too much dairy or meats.

the tablets we have are: omega 3 tablets, proteolytic enzymes, blue-green algae tablets, calcium & vit d tablets. I also give her Acidophilus Bifidus complex tablets. she also has Betaine HCl tablets. we have used Astragalus tablets to help her immune system. She now takes Ultra Ceps tablets and has used Cell Rejuvenate drops. She doesn't take all these tablets at the same time. We alternate after a few weeks. I have just purchased Holy Tea to try help get rid of some toxins etc.

She has diarrhhoea, regularly and goes to the loo, 4/5 times on some days. I have also ordered "Barley Power" tablets from America and will soon try the Budwig diet.

She has had 8 lots of chemo in 2 cycles. The 1st lot, shrunk the cancer in her liver and lungs. The 2nd lot shrunk her cancer in her liver a bit, but i know that's normal.


01/18/2009: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: A good remedy against cachexia is vitamin B50 or B complex at 50 mg each taken between 2 or 3 times a day. Most of the sanguinaria tinctures given in drops 2-3 taken 3 or 4 times a day will reduce or digest most of the tumors. The key to prevent spread is BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene) 1500 mg a day. Whenever a body cannot consume b complex it is given by tubes or using straws. In an extreme case, it's given rectally.


Familial Polyposis, Fap

01/23/2008: Nancy : Dear Ted, I have two adult children who are in need of having themselves checked for a rare genetic condition called Familial Polyposis, or FAP. They are both procrastinating in getting this done because they know what the outcome will be if it is found out they have the gene. This condition is a form of colon cancer where hundreds of pre-cancerous polyps develop in the colon and rectum, requiring surgery to remove the entire colon and rectum, or where it is necessary to strip the mucous lining from the rectum so polyps won't be able to continue to develop. I have the gene and had surgery 20 years ago.
I know polyps are formed because of inflammation in the mucous lining. I have read reports where a patient had FAP, did not have surgery because of other health issues and was given something called Sulindac, which is an aspirin like drug that controls the inflammation. I believe Sulindac is called a COX2 inhibitor. The report went on to say while this patient was on the Sulindac, all polyps had completely disappeared. This is very hard on the system, as it causes ulcers and other problems like aspirin does. Then, if the patient is taken off of the Sulindac, sooner or later, the polyps will return. I have read of another drug called Aptosyn, which was very beneficial to patients who have FAP and much easier on the system. People who were given this medication became polyp-free within a matter of months. This was about to be approved by the FDA, but I found another report where it stated the FDA was not going to approve this drug at this time. Of course, what else is new?

This is where I am needing help. I'm going to try and keep this brief, as I have gathered so much information. I am so overwhelmed, I don't know where to go with this. I have heard of a doctor at M.D. Anderson Cancer Clinic in Houston, by the name of Bharat Aggarwal, who has done a study on Curcumin and cancer, that this has the ability to stop cancer, and to also prevent it. I have also heard of something called Black Salve, which is something the Native Americans in the United States have used for hundreds of years. I have been in contact with someone from the forum who has told me about Oleander Soup. All three items are anti inflammatories. I've even heard about Hydrogen Peroxide, that this would be of help. In fact, I had Bill Munro from Earth Clinic call me today and he was telling me I need to get my children on Hydrogen Peroxide and follow his instructions with the nasal pump. Now, I am so confused, I don't know what direction to take. I know this can be prevented, I know if there are polyps, this can be reversed, but how? Can you help me with this? If it is found out that either of my children have this condition, if I can help them avoid surgery, this is all I ask. I'm feeling maybe I'm foolish for even thinking this is possible and I'm playing with their lives. But, with all what I have read where other people were able to get rid of polyps, then, am I wrong to think this can be prevented? I just know, if I had heard of Curcumin or any of these other things, I would have tried it before I had my surgery.

I hope to hear from you soon. Looking forward to seeing a reply. Thank you again, and I pray you are able to give me some advice.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Sorry for late response, so many emails! The polyps that forms along the intestinal tract that is pre-cancerous, has the same or similar kinds that occur in some people with skin tags. They are both viral in nature and in the long run if given their own course, might develop into a cancerous conditions. The issue of course is to kill off the viruses that is causing the polyps. Much of the remedies, whether it is the hydrogen peroxide, aspirin, or aptosyn, sandilac, are all antiviral in nature. One exception might be the black salve which is basically works like surgery. The black salve basically digests the colon polyps without the need for a more invasive surgery.

However, in event of a complete confusion, I prefer to do something simpler and try to alkalize myself first. Alkalizing in general is quite antiviral because it raises the body's immune system as the alkalizing nature also kills off the virus causing polyps. For example there is two remedies and one I know it to work very well:

1. 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda plus 2 tablespoon of lemon juice in 1/2 glass of water taken twice a day or three times a day. This has worked with precancerous conditions well in the past.

2. 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water taken twice a day.

3. A more effective 1/4 teaspoon of sodium carbonate (common name washing osda) plus 1/4 teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate in 1/2 glass of water.

Those are just the basic alkalizing. The other I will consider is to take 50 mg of zinc gluconate about three or four times out of a week. Zinc is antiviral in nature.

I will combine the remedies with curcumin taken at 1/2 tablespoon' about three times a day, either taken alone or preferably mixed with the food. Curcumin for some reason or another is somewhat antiviral and seems to do a good job in reducing skin growth.

In the morning and evening, I might after brushing my teeth in 1/2 glass of water, add 5-10 drops of Lugol's iodine solution as part of doing my mouthwash. The iodine raises the immune system.

Certain antioxidants that I have found useful and sometimes antiviral in nature is the 500-1000 mg of BHT. This is sometimes useful especially for me on virus problems.

As to the hydrogen peroxide, you can use Bill Munro's recipe, or mine, it doesn't matter. But my recipe is about 1/2 tablespoon of 3% H2O2 in 1 glass of water. This is taken about 3 or 4 times a day. A much higher dose mentioned here was needed to have an antiviral effect. A more aggressive one, might require taking it every 2 hours but not exceeding more than 4 or 5 doses in half a day, and possibly another one at night. The problem about too much use is the headaches, which I tend to take vitamin C before or after 2 hours of taking the peroxide to reduce that problem.

In event of a natural remedies, I prefer to combine them. Although a black salve is helpful in some cases, it also causes gastrointestinal troubles (bulging stomach and irritation) if too much or too frequently, but they do obviously remove the polyps and most of the polyps if taken internally. Black salves works much like surgery by burning off the polyps. Curcumin works differently by killing the viral component directly although frequent doses is needed. But these will all be a quick cure, much like surgeries if long term antiviral supplements such as BHT, zinc, alkalization is not considered. That is because it is the antiviral BHT, zinc and alkalization which prevents the formation of newer polyps in the long run. Iodine is the other one that raises the immune system too. Hydrogen peroxide helps in reducing the number of virus by killing them directly, although this won't prevent formation of new ones as it does not kill them over the long haul.

As to the direct use of aspirin, they are actually antiviral in nature and this is why it is frowned by present medical practices. If you go back in time, aspirin causes ulcers because it it is taken in tablet forms today. Back in the olden days, there were NO ULCERS from taking aspirin because the method of taking aspirin was to dissolve them in a full glass of water. The aspirin is so diluted in water, it doesn't effect the stomach, but it is deadly for the polyps by burning THEM off, or at least by killing the virus directly.

Immune system is a complicated element, where many necessary supplements has to be considered such as vitamin D3, 20000 i.u. vitamin K2 250 mcg, sodium iodide 10 mg, alkalization baking soda, zinc and vitamin C sodium ascorbate. Finally the immune system also requires magnesium, where the forms I prefer is the 250 mg of magnesium citrate.

It should be noted that in alternative medicine or natural therapies, these are synergistic in nature. I can't say the same thing for most of the conventional medicine but I can say that black salve, at the very least works like a surgery without the need for surgery by eating up of burning off, or digesting off the polyps without the need for invasive method.



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