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Last Modified on Jun 10, 2013

Seeking Remedies for Cousin with Ependymoma

06/10/2013: Prasad Raju from Bangalore, India: Hello Ted, One of my cousin aged 38 Years [Male] - [Bangalore/India] has been diagnosed with Ependymoma [Size 2.2 x 2.4x2.9cms] in 4th ventricle heterogeneously enhancing mass lesion with calcific foci and showing minimal diffusion restriction.

Other tests are normal, blood group is b+ve, not prone to blood pressure/diabetic. Height and weight are normal. He is not willing for surgery. Presently he is using lamcital & levitam - morning & night dosage.

Please let me know for any further details required. Request your kind recommendations / suggestions.

06/17/2013: Prasad Raju from Bangalore, Karnataka replies: Dear Ted, Expecting reply. are there any natural or alternate treatments for Ependymoma/4th ventricle. Regards, Prasad Raju
06/24/2013: Prasad from Bangalore, Karnataka, India replies: Please let me know for any further details required. Request your kind recommendations or suggestions with an alternate medicine. I posted this article on 10. June, 2013 expecting reply at the earliest.
06/25/2013: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Currently the best supplements that work across many tumors including brain tumors are hyperthermia, lemon juice, garlic, onions, broccoli, and perhaps cranberry extract without the sugar. The ones in research literature that are well supported for these kinds of cancer are natural vitamin E, curcurmin, cat's claw, retinoic acid, quercetin and my favorite melatonin. However the dose has to be high near 150 mg to 200 mg a day. It seems most brain tumors create difficulty in sleeping or sleep cycles. N acetyl cysteine will help clear the circulatory system; and basic beta glucan from baker's yeast or brewer's yeast mixed in vitamin C generally works too, but melatonin seems to work consistently well. The dosage for most I will keep (except melatonin) will be 500 to 1000 mg. Keep away from roti as they contain wheat and wheat products, and of course trans fat from vegetable oils, fructose from fruits, and keep the blood sugar two hours after meals below 100 mg/dL. The cancer doesn't grow if below 100 mg/dL, and will begin shrinking at below 88 mg/dL.


Intramedullary Spinal Cord Astrocytoma Treatment

06/01/2013: K from Bangalore, Karnataka, India: Hello, I'm 28 year old male from Bangalore India, Blood type o ve.

I'm suffering from Intramedullary spinal cord astrocytoma WHO grade I (benign), however the tumor is very inflammatory in nature, I keep getting swelling attacks every few days. These attacks cause swelling in the spinal cord and demyelinization and subsequent loss of strength and sensation. The damage keeps progressing till I take steroids (prednisolone), as soon I take them the attack stops and over time my symptoms improve a bit, however I continue taking steroid for next few days , taper and stop.

Few things to note:
1. The time duration between the attacks has been continuously reducing and the rate has accelerated since I started alternative treatments (enzymes, alpha-lipolic acid, vitamins, diet etc)
2. I have a h pylori infection in the stomach too

Is the decrease in attack duration attributable inflammation created by my immune system attacking the tumor more aggressively or is my disease getting worse?

If any you have ever seen any such cases please let me know and anything which can help my condition. I have lost lot of strength and sensation in my legs and life has become miserable.

Dichloroacetic Acid (dca) As a Cancer Treatment

03/30/2013: JW from Husband's Side: I got your email address from the earth clinic site. I was just wondering if you had any suggestions to help my husband. He is currently on the DCA medication (dichloroacetic acid). We're not seeing any changes yet and they are telling us he's at the end of his life but he wants to keep fighting. He's willing to try ANYTHING that could help him.

03/31/2013: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dichloroacetic acid (DCA) outcome is very poor, it actually makes cancer much worse. The best remedy is to use a reducing agent such as hydrazine sulfate or hydrazine hydrochloride buffered with sodium bicarbonate mixed with two drops of saturated zinc chloride solution, the solution is about 1% to 5% added to DMSO. Applied topically to the head, this will convert cancer cells to normal cells. This cancer remedy should be taken together with brewer's yeast as much as possible, mixed with vitamin C and bromelain at least 3 times a day. The lysine and zinc is absolutely required, 1000 mg x 8 of lysine, and zinc chloride or zinc acetate, if saturated solution is equivalent to 8 drops. The cancer cells will move away from the brain tumor when applied, so it is necessary to move where the tumor is. This is essential and the outcome is generally good.


Seeking an Immune-support Diet for Bile Duct Cancer

03/04/2013: LM from Toronto, Ontario, Canada: Hi Ted, My name is Laura and I am writing today for some guidance. I am currently fighting bile duct cancer (cholangiocarcinoma) which has spread to create lesions in another part of my liver. I have been in chemo for about six months, and that will continue to be my course of treatment as for now my condition is considered inoperable. I am also on blood thinners (Lovenox) by injection twice daily to offset any blood clots this cancer is prone to causing. I now suffer from post thrombotic syndrome caused by blood clots in my legs that went undetected for too long at the onset of my condition. I have also been taking an oral magnesium supplement and applying magnesium oil externally (magnesium chloride) to compensate for the magnesium my body has lost through chemo.

I am shortly going to be transferred to a new chemo drug as the previous drugs have become ineffective. To strengthen myself, I would like to undertake a change in diet and also treat my condition in parallel with any natural remedies that may be available. I understand you support a vegetable based diet that excludes sugar, red meat and whole grains (processed carbs). My first question is, are there any preferred vegetables for this condition. For example, some vegetables contain higher amounts of starch (i.e. potatoes) than others--are these to be avoided like sugar? Is there a more comprehensive version of the diet you recommend anywhere online? You mention white rice is prohibited--does the same hold true for brown rice or buckwheat? Are soy products, poultry, beans or fish allowed as protein sources?

I have been using lemon with bicarbonate soda to control nausea during chemo--it seemed to helped me greatly. Are there any other natural remedies and/or supplements for my particular condition that would also be helpful?

Thanks for taking the time to read my message. I greatly appreciate any information you may be able to offer.

03/05/2013: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Actually the lime and baking soda remedy alone has cured many cancers, as it has all the elements necessary to treat the cancer conditions anyway. The cancer cells are destroyed by lowering the cell's oxidation potential to a negative 100 millivolts, and keeping a steady low millivolts level is the real reason why cancer cells cannot ferment. A trace hydrogen gas in your oxygen tank say less then 1% hydrogen to breathe in will also lower the millivolts very quickly. Chemotherapy is basically an oxidative treatment, though it actually is killing cancer and healthy cells at the same time.

Oxidation potential therapy for cancer actually works better than any known treatment and yet is so simple. Several of my patients were cured, one of brain tumor, leukemia, breast cancer, etc. But I actually went further than this in dissolving most tumors using this simple concept. Our body needs to do three things to conquer cancer: get the blood sugar down, alkalize, and employ reducing agents such as baking soda with lemon at 7.5 pH to 8.0 pH, or baking soda and apple cider vinegar at 7.5 to 8.0 pH. A cancerous tumor can be dissolved by half within two weeks by maintaining ORP in the blood or urine at -100 mV to -150 mV, as cancer cells thrive in -10 mV to -30 mV, while larger non-cancerous cells thrive at much more negative potentials and hence more energy.

The immune-support, anti-cancer diet is quite simple. Get your blood sugar below 90 mg/dL, ORP more than -100 mV throughout the day during a simple urine test with the ORP meter. Address the ORP reading using the lime and baking soda treatment, which is the simplest of all. Another reason why it is so effective is the chelation in the citrate, which basically removes arsenic and lead, which is a common cause of mutation for all cancer patients in my database. I have gone farther in achieving negative ORP to dissolve tumors in a matter of days just by this simple concept alone. The successes of chemo are poor compared to no treatment or natural based remedies alone. It may actually hinder the successes of chemotherapy using lime and baking soda compared to traditional chemotherapies in my opinion.


Mom W/ Nasopharyngeal Cancer Seeks Pain, Chemo Alternatives

01/22/2013: W from USA: Hi Ted, My mom was diagnosed with stage 4 nasopharyngeal cancer in March 2012 at the age of 44. She went through chemotherapy and radiation. The CT scans in September showed that the cancer spread into her liver. She continued with other forms of chemotherapy, with no good response to it. The doctors are saying that the cancer is very aggressive, and want to try another form of chemotheraphy. My family are desperate for any help to relieve her pain and to cure her cancer. Lately, she has been very tired and has been getting weaker and sleeping alot, and waking up in the middle of the night. She also feels back pain, which the doctor says is due to the cancer. Her legs and stomach are also swollen. Now it is difficult for her to walk. A diuretic doesn't help. Also, she has a loss of appetite. Recently, we just started to try the SSG, and are looking for other remedies and cures to help my mom. We are a Chinese family, living in the US. We have heard lots about you and would very much appreciate if you can help us. Thank you in advance!

02/01/2013: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: The problem is most people have consumed fructose, mostly coming from honey and fructose from fruits in the belief that it prevents or cures cancer. The truth is directly the opposite. I have found that in all my patients especially honey was consumed before they had cancer, and they continued to do so. As cancer cells produce HCG, the cancer cells try to feed themselves causing insulin resistance. This prevents healthy cells from getting fed, causing the person to be weak. The person got weak not because of cancer. There are honey recipes out there to treat cancer. This is disinformation and should be avoided at all cost, including manuka honey, organic honey, etc.

Lysine, zinc, green tea, N acetyl cysteine and vitamin C are at the top of the list of cancer remedies, as I found most cancer patients to be deficient in them. To stop cancer from growing cobalt ascorbate can be taken by mixing 1 to 5 mg together with vitamin B12 with sodium ascorbate. Sodium ascorbate is done by mixing vitamin C ascorbic acid with baking soda until the fizz is less, then you mix in vitamin B12. Both lysine and cobalt will stop the progression and metastatic cancer.

While I do not know the status or details of your mother, B complex deficiency usually needs to be addressed and vitamin C should be taken throughout the day, especially the sodium ascorbate form. Lysine and N acetyl cysteine are ideally taken every hour for 4 hours in a row twice a day. The immune system will pick up and some effects may be seen the first two days as white blood cells try to eat up the cancer. The person usually improves after 3 days. Meanwhile, blood sugar must be kept under control. Keep it below 100 mg/dL. Cancer is mostly caused from a fructose diet (honey, fruits, and high fructose corn syrup).

Death from cancer comes mostly from three things, cancer cachexia (loss of appetite), morphine (by lowering immune system) and chemo (side effects). You generally don't die from cancer, per se. If we compared, in nearly all cancers most of the decline in health is from the chemo. Some doctors are careful to watch for white blood cells not to go down, when giving chemo, but the problem is chemo causes white blood cells to go down.

Appetite may be increased generally by taking hydrochloric acid concentrate, with between 4 to 6 drops added to 250 cc of water to convert pepsinogen to pepsin so you can digest the food. Digestive enzymes help, especially pancreatic enzymes, specifically the chymotrypsin, to digest the cancer, and bromelain (pineapple enzymes). B50 (b complex) three times a day and vitamin C ascorbic acid will further the digestion too, by supporting the liver, as well as N acetyl cysteine, and selenium to detox the liver, as precursors to glutathione.

This is as simple as I can make it to get initial improvement.


Very Advanced Kidney Cancer

12/06/2012: V from Artemisia: Dear Ted, My mother has a metastasized kidney cancer - the metastases are in the spine, one is particularly large about 7cm. We have done Vit B17 IVs, but had the liver infection and had to stop. Now we are on Artemisia. My mother is in terrible pains and cannot tolerate morphine (which is bad anyway and we need to look for something else - what would you recommend?). I suppose she may get these pains also due to toxicity and liver/kidney insufficiency (she only has one kidney, the one with cancer was removed 7 years ago) and has high blood pressure problems. I wonder if baking soda and magnesium will raise dramatically the blood pressure. She once had a ascorbic acid IV - blood pressure went up badly and we had problems for several days. What would you recommend to do in our case. I am reading everything and try to get the supplies as indicated. Would you recommend IVs (physiologic solution) every several days just to clean out the blood? Is it good to give a cancer patient IVs containing glucose?

12/09/2012: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: A lot of remedies delivered via IV are actually not that good, the only ones that help with pain are potassium bicarbonate or potassium carbonate, which is a stronger alkalizing agent to help neutralize the cause of pain which is mostly lactic acid from fermentative cancer. The other ones that seem to help pain are sound therapy that uses specific frequencies played individually or better played at the same time using an NCH tone generator at the following frequencies: 944, 344, 447, 564, 633, and 834 Hz where the sound speaker is directed on the pain area for at least 1 minute. For normal people 10 seconds is all it needs to eliminate the pain, now the pain will move but become less, so you have to play the cat and mouse.

It's likely to be caused by some form of a bacteria, so you try to get blood sugar below 100 mg/dL and cancer will not spread, but if below 90 mg/dL then cancer will get less. But a remission in cancer is possible if blood sugar is 80 mg/dL, and is measured 1 or 2 hours after meals. Green and Blue LED is preferred in cancer and may reduce the pain, red LED may cause cancer to spread by increasing metabolism, but won't cause cancer if ordinary LED is used, but is really bad if laser red LED is used, even if the light is scattered.

The lysine taken hourly will prevent cancer from spreading and slowly reduce the pain as cancer decreases the spread to just one hard lump, and you may be able to dissolve that with Sodium thiosulfate crystals taken at 10 to 60 crystals at a time.

I have learned that such cancers are pleomorphic, which means they can change with culture media, which translates to the fact that changing supplements from iodine to chlorine 4 times a day, may kill cancer, such as MMS and Lugols in one day.


12/09/2012: V replies: Dear Ted, I have read attentively, but there are things I do not understand. Could you be so kind to clarify them? 1) My mother has only one kidney and blood pressure problems - how to manage those while on potassium bi/carbonate (maybe it does not raise blood pressure like sodium bicarbonate)? I also remember reading that kidney cancer cells poorly respond to alkalization because the eliminate excess alkalinity... How much to take, how many times a day? What about Potassium Ascorbate in this case? 2) I am not familiar with sound therapy at all. Do we need to get some sort of equipment for this?. Which machine is able to do that? 3) I read in your posts about the diabetis medicine Metformin which helps keeping sugar down. I've the warning leaflet of this medicine - the side effects are due if a person suffers from the lactic acidosis, which is the case. Will the simultaneous alkalinization help this, provided my mom can support potassium bicarbonates due to the solitary kidney with average function. 4) I am not familiar with LED. Could you please clarify what it is, please?

My mother has been put on morphine plasters which she tolerates very poorly - she vomits and cannot pass the stool anymore and refuses to eat anything. Please help, we just do not know what to do: some of your posts said that for nausea one needs to take ascorbic acid hourly, but on the other hand it is acidifying (so is harmful) - I cannot figure out this on myself and I am afraid to make harm."

12/10/2012: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "You monitor the potassium levels and make sure they are in normal range, so if she is borderline low, 1/8 teaspoon can be taken with water. Any form would do but I prefer bicarbonate from. SODIUM DOES NOT INCREASE BLOOD PRESSURE, IT IS THE CHLORIDE FORM, SUCH AS SODIUM CHLORIDE (SALT), POTASSIUM CHLORIDES, MAGNESIUM CHLORIDE, BUT NOT SODIUM BICARBONATE. Alkalinity is when pH exceeds 7, you won't need acid form.

LED is easy, it is found in most lighting items that are LED based, best is LED lights used to light up porch, but they are well known in christmas lights, back of the car lights, flashlights/torches etc. Any ordinary home repair shop LED would do, or even the tailgate LED lights found in car accessories. The more complicated and expensive ones seems to lack the basic understanding of LED therapy, which are blinking LED, continuous LED, and the use of Blue and Green LED. Excessive use of red LED seems to increase cancer growth if not followed by blue LED, or lysine.

Metformin in cancer patients can help but it really doesn't reduce the blood sugar, the only one I know is DHEA, gymnema slyvestre, melationin--these effects last between 6 to 12 hours.

DMSO always helps cancer convert to normal cells regardless if it is topical or internal.

Morphine is a major killer for patients who have cancer, it lowers the immune system. The ones that doesn't is tramadol, sound therapy, and blue LED lights, (maybe green LED)."

12/11/2012: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "Dear Ted, Is there any way to monitior potassium level at home? She barely walks, travel to policlinic for blood test is impossible.

Well, yes and no. You can monitor non-invasively by checking the height of the heart beat after the heart beat, which is the height of the T wave, the lower the T wave, the higher is the potassium level. So you can do this with an ECG (electrocardiograph), but you can't do it at home that way if you have no ECG. Perhaps a better way is just to get rid of excess potassium by taurine supplements or lithium 5 mg to help the excretion and take assam tea regularly. Assam tea seems to normalize kidney function.

What to do with this led light - shall we shine on the painful area?

Yes, apply the LED light to the painful area and apply the sound speakers, usually for most people a few minutes to 30 minutes, Mine takes 10 seconds and it seems to work fine.

Could you please point us at the equipment for sound therapy that that we can look up on the internet? Maybe this is a singing Tibetan bowl we can use? Or is it Photon Sound Beam technology?

Singing tibetan bowl won't work unless you have the PROPER frequencies of sound necessary to treat the pain, that was mentioned.

A doctor told me yesterday that my mum's pain is due to the fact that her vertebrae are eaten by cancer and her spine will collapse and she has no chance. Do you think it is true?

Yes, but the cancer will accelerate eating the bones in a week after chemotherapy. You put cancer on steroids that way! So is quite true, but especially true after a radiation treatment, or chemo within one week, but you can accelerate cancer growth with the following too, which must be avoided: iron supplements, calcium supplements, copper supplements, margarine, vegetable oils, and especially fructose found in bananas, pineapple, and other sweet fruits. The worst carbohydrate I found is sticky rice and corn.

12/11/2012: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: I understood: to shine the LED and have the sound speakers (with special frequencies) at the same time. Could you please confirm? Indeed, you named the technology NCH tone generator - is there any program you prefer the best? What has to be the speaker? Regular computer one or special?

Yes confirmed. For the NCH tone generator there is only one sold, but you can use other freeware that works the same. It's the frequency for square wave you need. Regular computer is fine.

Also, my mother takes artemisia and Vitamin B17 and other natural medications, which even if natural - is a form of chemotherapy, so probably it would be better to stop if I understand correctly what you say?

Chemotherapy means chemicals (from chemo) used by doctors. B17 and artemisia are fine.

Is there a way to strengthen/regenerate vertebrae eaten by cancer?

Lysine 1/2 teaspoon x 8 and vitamin D3 10,000 x 2, and vitamin K1 100 mcg.


Is There a Way to Preserve Thyroid and Salivary Glands During Radiation?

05/05/2012: Clarity from Los Angeles, Ca: Question to: Bill from Luzon. My husband is now into his 2nd week of radiation treatment to his neck, Stage 1 A cancer. Is there a way to preserve the function of the thyroid and the salivary glands? Any other protocol for detox? Would Lugol's be recommended? I would be so grateful to hear your suggestions. Clarity

Advanced Cancer Treatment Options

04/18/2012: SX from Anonymous: Hi Ted; Firstly, i want to say thank you for the kind post of yours that i read in earth clinic.... i must say you are so helpful indeed... i believed in all your post from my heart... thank you for sharing all great information where maybe some choose not to believed in it and is their loss i would say....

The reason i emailed you is because there are some clarification i need you to advise so that my interest in this practice will hopefully bring benefits to those are needed like friends and to my family members as well... What i need to know is...

* What is the percentage of magnesium contents when you advise we need to take 6 drops of magnesium?
* What is the percentage of sodium thiosulphate contents when you advise we need to take 6 drops a day in a glass of water?

When you mention: "The single most unique element is boron I used is to fight against metastatic cancer rather successfully when taken along with two other critical components,......"

Can i know what the other two critical components and how to use it? because cancer is a very suffering diseases and i hope i could help some people from it.

"The other is the use of Hydrochloric acid concentrated, at 8 drops per 250 cc of water and to that I will add between 4 to 8 drops of methylene blue and take this for an entire day until the cancer cachexia goes away."

Can i know what percentage of HCI needed?

Thank you for your time and i really appreciate your works...

04/21/2012: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: What is the percentage of magnesium contents when you advice we need to take 6 drops of magnesium?

Its approximately 33 mg of elemental magnesium.

What is the percentage of sodium thiosulphate contents when you advice we need to take 6 drops a day in a glass of water?

Its about 60%.

Can i know what the other two critical components and how to use it? because cancer is a very suffering diseases and i hope i could help some people from it.

Depends on what type of cancer! But boron helped normalization of hormones, that are somewhat anti estrogen, which is seen as helpful.

Can i know what percentage of HCI needed?

The hydrochloric drops are concentrated hydrochloric acid, prepared in drops in a full glass of water, you don't need to calculate that because it won't work if different forms are supplemented!

Don't lose sight of the most important issues, blood glucose has to be below 110 mg/dL after 1 hour of meal and below 100 mg/dL after 2 hours and below 90 mg/dL after 3 hours. This is the minimum. Overall averages should come to below 90 mg/dL for a remission. The cancer cells will GROW if the blood sugar is above 100 mg/dL. The cancer will not grow but stopped at 90mg/dL to 99 mg/dL (especially low 90s). The cancer will grow into remission if below 90 mg/dL.

You must get glucose meter! A lot of things actually raise your blood sugar. The best times to eat that does not raise the blood glucose is usually 12.30 pm to 5.30 pm. The morning you can eat only limited amounts, sugar is uncontrollable the most after 5.30 pm and next is morning before 12.00 pm.

I have gone to test most of the medicines used to prescribe for blood sugar, they do not work. If you measure the blood glucose, but may get rid of certain symptoms. The one that is consistent enough is the gymnema slyvestre (400 mg twice a day, or preferred 200 mg x 4 which is before and after meals) followed by chromium chloride!

Sodium bicarbonates and lime can be taken for all types of cancer and this does reduce blood glucose. Funny enough sodium in bicarbonates do not raise sodium level in cancer which causes tumors, I think it is more like sodium chloride that has most of the negative effects.

Keep your eye on the ball and look at blood glucose, the worst are fructose found in fruits. Strawberries don't raise blood glucose!


Need Advice for Recurring Clear Cell Sarcoma

03/29/2012: Mary Ann from Rochester, Ny: My 28 year old son was diagnosed with clear cell sarcoma in May 2010. Neoadjuvant radiation followed by surgical resection in August 2010. Recurred Sept 2011. Operated in Boston and radiated with proton therapy. Chemo doesn't work. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Can You Advise on Glomus Tumor?

03/25/2012: Cathy from Springfield, Mo: Hi Ted, I had a glomus tumor in my right ear 10 years ago. I had it removed surgically. I have symptoms that it has returned. I have had problems with yeast for a long time. Can you please advise Thank you.

What Would Be Best to Dissolve Parotid Benign Tumor?

03/20/2012: Mrslanie from Oakhurst, Ca, Usa: Hello, I have been searching on your site for some time now, looking for information directly related to my Parotid tumor, it is on my parotid gland just under my right ear (about the size of a golf ball now and quite protruding) but is benign. I would like to know what would be the best remedy to dissolve my tumor naturally. If you can help in any way I would be most grateful. Thank you

04/11/2013: Kirk from Milwaukee, Wis replies: Did you ever receive a response to the question about the gland? Can it be naturally reduced or does it have to be surgically removed? My father is currently 72 healthy as can be and this growth started on his neck under his ear and with in 6 months it's as large as a fist! Any help would be great any info at all thank you.
07/14/2013: Madge from Sydney, Australia replies: Hi. I have multiple recurring parotid tumors. My doctor has offered surgery as the only option, but that of course has a high risk of damaging my facial nerve. Do you know of any natural way of reducing the size of my tumors (or making them disappear altogether)? I want to give that a try before going for the surgery option.


03/13/2012: Denise from Safety Harbor, Florida: I have seen many posts concerning various types of cancer but I have yet to see anything specific for Waldenstrom's. Has anyone found a daily regimen that helps keep this chronic and recurring cancer of the blood at bay?

What Can Be Done for Carcinoma?

03/03/2012: Zareen from Lahore, Punjab/pakistan: Hello, Do you have any idea what should a patient with HCC take? And if the cancer is spreading then is there any cure?

What Can Be Done for Stage 4 Nose Cancer?

02/24/2012: Jennie from Coppell, Texas, Usa: Hi Ted, My husband has the stage 4 nose cancer and metastasis to the liver right after the frist treatment of radiation and chemo. They started the the second chemo with 5FU soon 2 weeks after the first. After the second dose of 5FU they did a scan and it showed the tumor increased from 1.5 to 2.5 in 6 weeks, instead of decreasing. We just decided to quit chemo, but we're afraid that it's too late to do the alternative treatment.

I've been doing some search on the internet and luckily I found you with some hope in me. We are leaving in USA with has not much source of herbal treatments like in Asia, but I tried to order some SSG from the guy in Maylasia and hope it can pass the customs here soon. In the meantime, I don't know what to do, would you please give me some advice! Thank you! Jennie

02/24/2012: Jennie from Coppell, Texas replies: Hi Ted, I just want to give you a little more detail about my husband medical history to hope you know more detail about us. We are Vietnamese who living in USA for about 20 years and he is 44 right now. Before we got here in 2003, we stayed in the refugee camp in Indonesia from 1990 to early 1993 and my husband got the TB during this time due to stress and mal-nutrition in the camp. Since he came here, he has been working as computer programmer, no job related to dust.

Last May they found out he had a tumor in the right nose and the lump in the right neck. Before that he went to the first ENT that ENT told him that he had allergy and gave him a taking home injection that he can inject himself everyday. Last May his nose got bleeding real bad, so he went to another ENT at that time the tumor so big that block the right nose completely. The first scan in last June showed the cancer went to 2 lympnodes in the neck, no sign of the tumor in lung or liver. After the surgery they treated him with 6 weeks of radiation and 3 months of chemo, they did the scan again by the end of last year that showed the cancer went to the liver. At that time, there were at least 8 small lessions which were very small to mesure, only one tumor they could mesure with the size of 1.5 cm. They started the second chemo on the second week of Jan this year. After 2 dose of 5FU, CISPLASTIN and another one that I don't remember, they scan again and saw the tumor growing biger. The one 1.5 cm get to 2.5 and the ones could not mesure last time now they can mesure. Yesterday the Dr wanted to try another chemo for him, but his body can not take it anymore. He's been losing more than 20bl in 7 weeks, got thrush, GI infection from mouth to the tomach, it it very painfull event just drinking the water.

I did order the SSG from Malaysia hope it coming here soon, and this morning I bought green tea extract with 50% EGCG, L_Lysine 500 mg and cinnamon extract, but I have not tried on him yet bc I have not seen any case in here from nose cancer to get the semilar prescrition. I am really appreciate your contribution in this board and looking forward to here you back. We totally gave up on the chemo and only hope that we can get rid it natually by taking you advise. The chemo and radiation that 35 lbs of his weight during the last 8 months, now he is 114 lbs. Thank you Ted! Jennie.

02/25/2012: Kate from North Vancouver, Bc, Canada replies: Here is something I found quite interesting on treating a nose that had cancer in it. The link to this information is here:

Is There a Dr. Doing Baking Soda Injections for Cancer Near Vancouver, Canada?

02/23/2012: Kat from Comox, Bc : Is there a Dr. close to the Vancouver Canada border or even in BC that does B/S injections for cancer. I have a large tumor in the armpit and have heard this is a good type of therapy. I keep being told to find something believe in it and go- harder to do when one is battling cancer. I keep trying all alternative methods that I can research and get info on- thanks to all out there for your support and added health ideas in combating cancer, Thanks, Kat

03/05/2012: Dale from Bowsman, Manitoba replies: I am very interested if there is a doctor doing baking soda injections in Canada also. My dad has Liver cancer and I am looking for alternative treatments. I am desperate for help. Thank you, Dale
12/27/2012: Fred from Burnaby, BC replies: Dr. Rod Santos, ND, is a Naturopathic Doctor in Burnaby, BC (suburb of Vancouver) who will give intravenous baking soda on request as well as Ozone, IV Vitamin C and IV DCA (dicholoroacetate).

He has many cancer patients, including me. His phone number is: 604-439-1230



What Treatment Is Best for Someone Pregnant with Nasopharyngeal Cancer?

02/10/2012: Mynah from Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia: Hi, I'm looking for some natural treatment for my niece who is 8 months pregnant and has nasopharyngeal cancer. Do you know of remedy or treatment that she can try for her cancer?

Thank you.


10/03/2012: Izack from Orchard, Singapore replies: Hi Mynah, i suggest transfer factor immune system... Have u heard about that? Transfer factors r messenger molecules that educate ur immune cells, supporting ur immune system's ability to recognize, respond to, and remember potential threats.

unlike vitamins, minerals, or herbs that nourish the body, transfer factor provide immune memory, knowledge, and wisdom frm one to another.

Magnets, Exercise, Etc W/ Cancer

10/31/2011: Anonymous from Anonymous: Dear Ted, God bless you for helping cancer victims. Thank you for the article that you wrote, "Ted's Cancer Remedies". I need your advice on the below simple points:

  • magnets on pain (are they recommended to reduce tumors?)
  • swim in ocean (cancer loves salt but the ocean is surrounded with oxygen?)
  • sodium bicarbonate (drink with water to keep body alkaline)
  • exercising (jogging and pushups)
  • vitamin d3 (if yes quantity)

Thanking you again for your prompt response.

10/31/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Magnets help oxygenate the cancer, which it doesn't like. When that happens, cancer pain is reduced. Swim in the ocean, basically it is the sugar that is required by cancer, but the high pressure created by water actually helps oxygenate or the tissues are helped by stimulating circulation. Most people with cancer report improvement in pain by putting themselves in bath tubs, which are unsalted. Sodium bicarbonate does work, but it isn't nearly as good as potassium bicarbonate or potassium citrate. Exercise is light exercise to helped oxygenate cells, but beyond this it increases lactic acid and is very toxic to the liver in excess amounts and is not recommended at all in Stage IV cancer. D3, well it has to be taken with magnesium citrate or magnesium chloride, otherwise it causes pain, and decrease in oxygen level. You need to be aware that most important thing you can do in cancer treatment is get blood sugar down to below 90 mg/dL, then you are on the way to healing no matter what the natural approach you are doing, but most important is lysine and green tea extract, and Lugol's iodine, in general of course!


Natural Treatment for Recurring Throat Cancer

10/24/2011: Throat Cancer from Anonymous: Hi Ted, I need your help and advice. I have had a rare tumor since 1999, located at first at the base of the tongue. The first diagnosis was epitheliod hemangioendothelioma. It was treated by surgery and radiation. Since then I thought that I was cancer free without having symptoms at all, however in 2008 we understood that the first tumor exists that all these years was growing slowly and it is located, according to the MRIs in the left nasopharynx, oropharynx, parapharyngeal space, masticator space, and prevertebral space with stable expansion of the left foramen ovale and stable dural based tissue at the floor of the left middle cranial fossa. The doctors can't remove it so i did chemo without success. The tumor is located behind the tongue and the tonsils and it is internal. There is only one part visible at the area of the left tonsil. The physiology of the tumor classifies it in the wider family of sarcomas as it is a squamous cell vascular tumor.

This period I am off treatments so I follow, since last week, your recommended diet and the lysine protocol: lysine (1000mg 4 the morning 4 times per evening) sodium ascorbate (1000 e times per day), threonine (500 mg 4 the morning and 4 the evening), cysteine (500mg 2per day), beta glucan (500mg 2 per day), lugol's solution (2,2% 10 drops 6 per day internally), green tea extract 2 per day, B complex (3 per day), enzymes (3 per day), probiotics, acv and soda (3 per day) and coffee enemas. I am drinking many green juices and wheat grass juice. Is that program right for me? Do you recommend something else for my situation? What about clove oil, hydrogen peroxide 35%, and bloodroot tincture? What are your recommendations about that? I also have noticed that when I started that program after some days my urine alkalinity was decreased even though I am on this diet. I hope that you will find little time to give me your valuable advice. As the visible part of the tumor that I have in the mouth is getting bigger I feel real desperate.

Thank you in advance and God bless you.

12/12/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Yes that cancer treatment protocol is fine for preventing the spread of the tumor, but N Acetyl Cysteine, is the proper cysteine, not cysteine. The decrease in alkalinity was that the body probably needs more sodium bicarbonate and potassium citrate. After meals, you will take sodium bicarbonate say 1/4 teaspoon and potassium citrate 1/4 teaspoon, try 2 times initially to see if that will get the pH to increase.

The hydrogen peroxide is about 1 drop per glass of water is all it needs. Bloodroot tincture can be tried but I think that has little effect on the tumor. Clove is somewhat too strong, but it can be applied to the feet somewhat to stimulate circulation at night. Since it is a papilloma virus, spirulina may be applied to the tumor directly, which usually helps. Carrots, red wine extract, jiaogulan, curcumin, grape seed extract, and onions are all proven to help also. My favorite for most cancers is green tea extract taken 1/4 teaspoon twice a day, which should also be added.

Avoid alcohol at all cost, one client of mine took the procedure called alcohol ablation with mouth cancer and made it much worse. The ones I did give for his mouth cancer was zinc acetate 50 mg and magnesium citrate or magnesium chloride (given at 7 drops twice a day) to help prevent the papilloma virus from spreading. Most tumors in the mouth are of a hard kind, that makes water soluble vitamins hard to reach and kill it. I also give some orange oil for him to consume at 5 cc x 3 for him to consume mixed with the sodium bicarbonate solution and potassium citrate (1/4 teaspoon each) after meals, twice a day to help kill the tumor. Other oil soluble ones are ascorbyl palmitate, vitamin E, and vitamin B2 and may also help. There was a patient who did take B2 for the mouth inflammation and cancer and was cured with that alone, but it was of a less severe cancer, and it also appeared around the mouth too. So it is worth the try. She took B2 50 mg x 4, a day, which will cause the urine to be yellow, which is the color of riboflavin, and you need not worry. Also, DMSO was mixed with some aloe oil, and 1% potassium thiocyanate to get through the mouth also, that was tried, I haven't gotten the feedback yet from this client of mine yet, but he is doing ok.

Generally I am also doing some trials with iodine solution or SSKI, it seems to help also, but I think the results are not so consistent enough as the lysine, threonine, and N acetyl cysteine. The bright side is the mouth cancer spreads slowly, and the only issue that everyone ignored is getting your blood sugar normal, at below 90 mg/dL, through chromium chloride, at 10% solution 10 drops once or twice a day, and vanadyl sulfate at 10 mg with ginger root or ginger to help prevent the lipid peroxidation in vanadium, and granulated lecithin also N acetyl cysteine 500 x 3, a day to help get blood sugar to normal. Once the blood sugar is normal, then it is usually easy to control the cancer.

Another one that may be tried is BHT 10% mixture in DMSO for one of my clients in Bangkok, as you know, BHT kills papilloma virus and DMSO, if applied topically to the area may just work. Will give you an update on that one.


Sugar, Fats, and Cancer

10/11/2011: Anonymous from Anonymous: Ted, I have been reading your information about cancer treatment with great interest. I have two questions if I may. You list what you can't eat, but I can't find a list anywhere of what you CAN eat, or what you recommend.

From my readings elsewhere, I would agree that sugar feeds cancer, and a low blood sugar is critical. I'm interested in your opinion on fruit however. In Doug Grahams book 80-10-10, he makes the claim that fruit sugar isn't the problem, its fat. He hypothesis is that fat in the body is similar to an oil spill on the ocean, creating a thin slick coating over normal cells. Since this coating inhibits the normal cells from uptaking the sugars and nutrients, the blood sugar quickly rises. Remove the fat (by only eating fruits and vegetables) and he claims the cells are now free to quickly intake the sugars, and the blood sugar never rises. I would really enjoy your thoughts on this.

10/11/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Can't find a list anywhere of what you CAN eat, or what you recommend.

If your blood sugar stays pretty normal from eating anything you want it's fine, but most cancer people are diabetic, and by diabetic I mean Fasting Blood Sugar at not over 90 mg/dL, If non fasting it cannot go above 100 mg/dL, and you have a 97% probability of survival with the sugar control. The most popular diets for cancer are actually the ketogenic diets, that don't produce sugar in the blood.

What can you eat? Well almost anything except the sugar, artificial sugar, and fats. Two favorite foods for cancer are fat and sugar, and one more chemicals such as artificial sugar, preserved meats (in sodium nitrate, which under cooking temperature converts into nitrosamines).

Most studies on fruits are based on people with normal sugar (non diabetic) or that the fruits they use are fruit extracts, its always ok on that one. I know many people got their legs cut off and I don't want to see more legs cut off with disinformation on fruits. If you have normal sugar, and your blood sugar doesn't go above 90 mg/dL because you eat a lot of fruits then eat all you want. But reality is, our sugar consumption in general is more then 100 times more than the 19th century, whether it is fruits or sugar in general. You are betting against a casino, the house on the average always wins, but some time, you may win.

For most people it is that we take more sugar than we can burn. Well you need to take more if you are going on hiking and other strenuous physical activity, but if you typically burn 1200 calories per day, and your intake on sugar is typically 2400, then it goes to fat, but if you burn 1200 calories a day, and your intake it 1200 calories a day, that fine. It's always about balance, but typical person eats more sugar then they can burn if he sits at a desk all day, so that it is converted to fat.

What can you eat? Almost anything, but the most important diet is oat bran, because the intestines will break down the short chain fatty acid into energy by fermentation. You can also eat fruit extracts, without the sugar, such as grape seed extract, lemon peel, red wine extract, etc. There's also no problem about fishes, but best prepared in steamed or boiled, and chicken, and meats in general is ok, if you keep your phosphates in check, since excess phosphates are also cancer causing. Typically partially cooked foods are easier to digest (if not spoiled) then well done foods, since there is low digestive enzymes in most cancer patients, and because it is easier to digest, you resolve constipation, which is common in cancer patients. There's no limit on vegetables but too much broccoli and cruciferous vegetables is a common problem causing thyroid issues, but this can be offset if iodine painting or seaweed is in the diet. As far as healthy people in general with great blood sugar, there is no restrictions on sugar, if you defined normal blood sugar to be 80 to 90 mg/dL, and the numbers comes from death of cancer is minimum of there blood sugar is there, but it also applies to other animal such as dogs as well, their blood sugar averages is between 80 to 90 mg/dL too.

So if you are referring to cancer patients where the majority are diabetics this applies, but if you are a healthy gymnasts in his 20s then it doesn't apply in fact, he needs more sugar for the level of work he's doing.

As far as fats removal, I used fat emulsifies, such as granulated lecithin that makes fat water soluble, apple cider vinegar to dissolve fats and is rid of in stool, or amino acid that attaches to fat cells, such as glycine and is rid of that way, or something that burns the fat such as L carnitine, or something reduces the blood sugar such as Alpha Lipoic acid, N acetyl cysteine, chromium, vanadium, for example. Or boron supplements if the hormones are low, or Human Growth Hormone, or testosterone as the cause, for example. Some people can't digest foods, and they eat less and get fat, well that's lack of digestive enzymes, or people get acid and gets constipated, so they take alkaline after meals. As you can see it boils down to what is your cause of weight gain, and once you know then there are supplements to handle that. There is no right and wrongs.

Depending on your diet and excesses the answer to reducing your weight, but most people gain weight two ways, sugar, or fats or both. But that's the very general view. There are more deeper problems such as the body has low hormones, low vitamin D, low metabolism, etc.


Stage 4 Cancer - Diet Help From Ted

08/22/2011: Anonymous from Anonymous: My 31 year old sister has stage 4 mastetic cancer, I have printed off the things I could find in your articles but we just don't know where to start. Can you help her if she is doing IV chemo? What kinds of things does she eat if she can't have any of the sugars, wheat, frutose ext.?

Thank You

08/22/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: First blood sugar must be 90 mg/dL, must avoid sugar, especially fructose, glucose, sugar, etc. Oat bran must be eaten everyday. The lysine 1000 mg, N acetyl cysteine 250 mg, threonine 250, green tea extract 100 mg roughly must be taken every hour for four hours, one in morning and another round in evening. This is repeated at least 3 days. there after the schedule depends on the condition, and major remedy shall be Lugol's iodine, find suitable dose, ideally it is around 5 drops x 6, but you need to find your own dose where it doesn't produce side effects. These are summary of cancer remedy, you may look at postings. There is warnings about chemotherapy, their success rate is low, 3% survives after 5 years, 97% death rate. Check my previous posting.

Begin with Lysine, n acetyl cysteine, threonine, green tea extract or tannic acid first. Avoid all forms of sugar and if necessary complex carbohydrate and achieve, 90 mg/dL. She can eat all the vegetables you want, juices. Essential vitamins and nutrients are selenium yeast 200 mcg x 2, B3 niacinamide 500 x 6, vitamin C ascorbic acid 500 x 6, beta glucan 500 mg x 6 are the key. There are key natural supplements you can look at, andrographis paniculata, 1000-3000 mg twice a day and sabah snake grass, 1000-3000 mg twice a day are some things to look for.

Yes, no wheat, but also no vegetable oils initially in cooking.


Dietary Questions for Ted Re: Aunt with Brain Tumor

08/21/2011: Sarah from Davie, Fl: Ted, my aunt in Bulgaria was diagnosed 4 years ago with Esopgaryngeal cancer. She went through chemo and radiation therapy and 3 years later she was diagnosed with methastasis- brain tumor. I have read all your suggestions and therapies. Would you please, answer those question for me?!

1. Is it necessary to become vegetarian- no meat or fish at all, just vegetarian diet? I understand- no sugar, no fructose, fruits... , but how about honey, is it allowed honey?

Thank you so very much. I will highly appreciate your input.

Best, Sarah

08/21/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: The only thing I am very strict in is the sugar, these are fructose, found in fruits, high fructose corn syrup, ribose, glucose, maltodextrin, dextrin, sugar (sucrose), etc. The targeted blood sugar is 90 mg/dL. Even if you reach that, you cannot take fruit sugars (fructose), but you might take complex carbohydrates. There's a 97% probability of survival with that alone.

The reason why meats, fats, etc. was mostly also avoided was the digestion is impaired in a stage IV cancer, and that goes for liver toxicity as well. People have digesting meats, especially cooked meats of all kinds. It required a lot of energy, and as a result, uncooked meats (sushi, for example) and partially cooked meats is consumed.

Few people can survive any conventional treatment alone in 5 years, its around 3%. The fact is whatever treatment you choose must include avoiding sugar (ketogenic diets) to improve your chances.

While on the other hand blood sugar above 90 mg/dL has more than 95% survival.

Most of diets must have normal bowel movements, by normal I mean 2 times a day. If less, there is less chance of normal digestion and its attributed to fried foods, overcooked meats for example.

So basically it is no sugar. The other depends on individual biochemical outcome. For example some improved after taking raw meats, but mostly improve on vegetable diets, so there are exceptions.

But what is universal about any cancer treatment is this:

1. Lysine prevent cancer from spreading but you must also consider 2.
2. Sugar must be avoided, especially fructose.
3. Hyperthermia. Cancer doesn't survive at 42 C, so the temperature is at least 43 C.
4. Oxidative therapies work, such as H2O2 or ozone.
5. Digestive Enzymes therapies, by breaking down cancer proteins.
6. Tannic acid, green tea extract work, by tanning the cancer. Think of leather tanning. It works by
deactivating the proteins in cancer cells.
7. Normal bowel movement is necessary to rid toxins.

This is universal amongst all cancer types that I am aware of, I have as yet to compile a more complete picture. There might be debates of method to treatment for lemon and baking soda, and other things and various cancer are unique such as prostate cancer, that you have to unique needs for each individual cancer.

The list is incomplete about these universal rules, and I am sure you can think of other things such as easy to digest food, heavy metals, acidity, oxidation reduction potential, etc., and I encourage you to find them. One thing is consistent is oat bran does reduce sugar for the long term and is now included in universal rules, but needs more proof to get into that category, but needs more types of cancer cases, iodine is another one, but as yet is many types of iodine didn't make it to universal lists.


Just Diagnosed W/ Stage Iv Cancer- Need Advice?

08/05/2011: Esther from Brooklyn, Ny Usa: Dear Ted,

I have just been diagnosed with stage IV in the gallbladder and lower bowel, and I do not know if anyplace else at this point.

I know I have to raise my ph level, and I suffer from Candida for several years, so what should I take? I started by juicing beets, celery and carrots. I eat very little just some chicken soup and chicken and carrots. I also took 1 tsp of coconut oil.

What else should I do at this point?


08/07/2011: Leenott from St. Albert, Canada replies: Check this site

and this

and this

I so hope this helps.


08/19/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Esther:

It is best to do a Lysine 1/4 teaspoon, vitamin C 500 mg., NAC 100 mg take it every hour for four hours, in morning and do the same in evening. Do this for three days and on third day add a little glutamine. It also helps if CoQ10 ubiquinol is added. This stop cancer from metastasis. You can stop metastasis by avoiding all sugar especially fruits, and starch. Please read my other detailed postings. Parsley and coriander is especially important.


Ted and Bill: Anti-cancer Ac Enzyme

07/19/2011: Bill from San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines: Hi Ted, A friend gave me a special mineral/enzyme mix that was discovered or developed at Don Boscoe College, Manila, by a researcher called Fr Carmona (Chemistry Professor). One of the College's researchers -- Serafin Riosa -- developed this natural enzyme. The trials outcome for this enzyme against various diseases as well as against cancer have also been more or less confirmed by peer research by Dr A K Brewer who conducted the first ever research study on using cesium against cancer.

This AC Enzyme has some research history behind it. A representative biochemist from the college lectured on this natural enzyme and afterwards gave the product away free. I found some information on it, apparently it can stop cancer by isolating it and then the enzyme somehow neutralizes the cancer.

In one of the recorded research experiments they apparently just used this special enzyme on 40 terminal cancer patients with various cancers with a very positive outcome. In one research experiment on a terminal case, the cancer cell count was reduced to 40 from an original baseline count of 8000.

I will try and find out more.

Anyway, here is the link I found, thought it would interest you:

Much of the above independent research seems very much in line with your own thinking and methods. The article discusses cancer in terms of achieving alkaline pH as well as negative ORP or so it appears. It talks about how this enzyme -- a very small amount -- is able to raise the pH and change electrical properties of the internal body environment. Only 3 drops is recommended per dose. My guess is that it somehow does this electrically and might be a Humic derivative or isolate. The discoverer and maker of the product also wants this enzyme sold OTC as a cheap supplement.

I will continue to investigate this. Have you ever heard of this enzyme?


07/20/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: It's interesting, I know about Don Boscoe College in Manila, my parents once attended, but I am not familiar about the enzyme mixed, would like more details.


07/21/2011: Bill from San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines replies: "The AC Enzyme is intriguing, I searched for information on it and turned up very little. I have also emailed a person who promotes the enzyme but no answer yet. There is no description anywhere, chemical or otherwise, on AC Enzyme.

I even found the Don Bosco College website, I searched their news and found nothing at all about the AC Enzyme. However I did find a picture of some of the lecturers and Fr Carmona was amongst them.

Fr Carmona wants to produce the enzyme cheaply as an OTC product. His enzyme is not advertised at all, only at his seminars. Perhaps he is a little wary of organisations like the FDA and WHO come snooping and that's why he plays his cards so close to his chest. If I go to Manila, I will try to attend one of their seminars.

Also been looking at cancer again. I finally discovered why Dr Gerson gave his patients carrot juice mixed with raw liver. Virginia Wheeler knew the secret -- when you mix raw liver and real carrot juice together and leave it for 20 mins, this creates abscisic acid -- a close cousin of Vitamin A. This acid is an HCG antagonist which neutralizes HCG. Cancer uses HCG to grow. I thought that was it but I also found out from research yesterday that abscisic acid also removes Na+ and K+ ions from the cancer host cell. These ions then populate and hyper-polarize the outer cancer host cell wall and act to change the charge from negative to positive. The white blood cells have negative charge and are able to finally come close enough to the cancer cell to attack. So abscisic acid also helps to de-cloak the cancer cell as well. Abscisic acid is also produced in plants as a drought compensating mechanism to stop the plant growing. Virginia Wheeler also used abscisic acid in her ant-cancer protocols -- she had it made into pill form -- to treat her cancer patients. Don't know the dose but abscisic acid powder is easy to buy from China and India. It is sold widely as a plant growth regulator and is fairly cheap.

Best regards, Bill :)"

07/21/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "The simplest way to destroy a hyperpolarization in a cancer is actually DMSO. It reduces that state and allows the intracellular fluids inside the cells to be transported out, including the sodium. Aloe is then applied to allow the regeneration of cells. Like I told you about a guy who had tumor on his nose, which was converted to normal cells in 24 hours, just by DMSO and aloe.

Here's the patent: patents/app/20100172977 It is expensive from Thailand, gibberelic acid also.


07/21/2011: Bill from San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines replies: Much thanks for telling me about and clarifying the use of Iodine and DMSO, I suspected it was somehow electrical but didn't really know the how or the why. There's really not much open research out there concerning these two chemicals. Even the Iodine Project is very careful about what it says concerning iodine curing cancer, although I'm sure they must know already. I spent a half an afternoon trying to find research on pubmed by Livingston-Wheeler, Alexander-Jackson and Seibert etc. Sure they had the research on pubmed which consisted of just the research heading !! No abstract or summary was forthcoming at all in pubmed. Very strange. But next time I'll go to a patent site like you did !!

My own take on your remedies or method is quite simple. I usually use alkalizing to correct the many body terrain parameters, the intracellular and extracellular terrains, very important to make it healthy again. Then I use your more focused remedies to eliminate the pathogens or problem, usually in a multi-protocol approach. One thing that I've learned is that pathogen illnesses usually involve several germs or other reasons and it is nearly always associated with a lowered immune system too. My experience with candida showed me that."

07/22/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "The reason i have great acceptance of iodine in cancer is easy. People who have cancer pain or uncontrollable coughing are relieved only by iodine! Why can't they try morphine? They are too poor to afford it, so they were forced to used the things I recommend! I have great success as a result of this, but I had bad results from treating people with money. Sometimes they are too poor so I donate a lot of this to get the cancer cure. So more choices does not translate to greater success, the opposite is true for cancer. Including the dogs! Why dogs have greater success then people is also easy - they don't consume sugar or fruits!

By the way, the pubmed library doesn't record any journals on homeopathy, orthomolecular medicine, and others where they are not supporting pharma drugs. So you may have to look harder.


07/22/2011: Bill from San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines replies: "I'm very grateful for your answers and clear insights. I confess that I am a history junkie. I love history, we can learn so much from it. And iodine has quite an interesting history. I researched the histories of iodine, hydrogen peroxide, sodium bicarbonate and aspirin a short while ago, thought it would be worthwhile. It's both interesting and sad how the drugs industry always seems to dump good, tested and unpatented medicines in the end, by always convincing us they are bad or useless after they've passed through a hundred or so years of very effective use. At the same time they also try and restrict their supply and nobody notices or cares.

I'm going to make a start on researching your use of lysine, threonine, glutamine etc. My understanding is poor on how to explain the use of amino acids in your cures. Luckily I have studied Lysine from the work by Pauling and Rath (and from your posts). I understand how lysine is used to strengthen the immune system via increased serotonin production, in a way that is similar to LDN. It also has a similar action to aspirin on cancer. But I shall have to get up to speed on the others as well. Your own knowledge on amino acids in regard to curing disease is extensive and somewhat unique.

07/23/2011: Bill from San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines replies: Hi Ted, My patient sends his grateful thanks to you for all your help with his lymphoma problem. From his email: "The priest, who teaches in DON BOSCO COLLEGE, in Mandaluyong city, a private catholic school for Boys only. as he mentioned last time, claimed that his experiment inside the school laboratory and called it enzymes, consist of varieties of Minerals, enzyme is proven and healed many health problems, the school is just giving away not charging anything, but you have to attend his seminar where he explain all kind of health problem, right after seminar, you can have it for free."

What do you think? Bill"

07/23/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "Yes, enzymes are necessary too, but it is used to break down the protein of the cancer, so the iodine will enter easier. There is Dr. Kelley, the dentist, who cured cancer using what he calls Metabolic typing. There are enzyme people who used enzymes to cure it. But there is one problem in some naturally produced enzymes, at least in Thailand, (Mae Cheng, and Dr. Rosakun) it is made from sugar and ferment with fruits, some take years to ferment properly. The problem about Dr. Kelley is everybody looks at his Metabolic typing and not the way he cured! His mother actually cured him of cancer, and it was Dr. Kelley that made the improvements, by adding the digestive enzymes. What was his mother's recipe for cancer? She eliminated chocolate out of Dr. Kelley and all those snack foods. The enzyme won't be effective if you have sugar, but on the other hand there is no sugar enzymes, the problem about that is the price. Enzymes are really expensive and pharma drugs frequently remove the enzymes that actually kill the cancer (in pancreatic enzymes) and make it worthless. Papain isn't effective in cancer therapy in general, and the only enzymes that are not tampered with are the pineapple enzymes.

So yes I do use the digestive enzymes, but mostly to help digestion. Its the pineapple enzymes I use to break down the strange proteins in cancer cells but it needs DMSO also. There are also problems with Dr. Kelley's metabolic typing he failed to described in detail, for most vegetarian juices work, but for his wife, she eats raw meats to cure cancer! And hence the discovery of Dr. Kelley's metabolic typing. However, there is a much simpler theory then Dr. Kelley's sympathetic and parasympathetic theory, his wife was low in energy but didn't have digestive juices. Raw meats, especially the heart and liver, are especially rich in CoQ10 and taurine, considered all-important in cancer nowadays, and immunity of animals may be "borrowed" by eating some meats and blood of animals, this fact is unknown, and the same is true of eating snakes (1 teaspoon of blood is enough), or crocodile. If you get snake bitten by an unknown poisonous snake, you actually need the blood of a person who is immune to snake bites and you are cured, you just need his blood, orally of course. That's how vampire story came into existence, I already described.

Anyway for HARD tumors, I do use bromelain pineapple enzymes, such as breast cancer. But for digestion I used digestive enzymes as pharma often remove the effective pancreatic enzymes to kill cancer and the effective one is sold to sewage companies. This is described in detail by Dr. Kelley.


07/23/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Lugol's will kill tumors, how he reacts negatively is the ceiling of lugol's he needs. Example, esophagus cancer case I had also had lung cancer, and stomach cancer. Apparently much of cancer pain he's experiencing is reduced with DMSO and lugol's, apparently it came out to the average of 5 drops 6 times a day, to control cancer pain and coughs. That's how I determine the dose. In another case, a large man in his 70s had cancer pain in the leg, but also colon cancer, and lung cancer. The dose of 5 drops x 6 was not enough so I decided lugol's on the leg, with castor oil, olive oil and DMSO did the trick on localized area. Lugols' 30 drops a day was only enough to control torso area only. After awhile, the user will find the patient needs less and less of the lugols' as the days go by.

That's how I determine the effective dose.

As to how I found out about this, well its just intuition, with some experimenting. You won't find in internet most the materials as the internet basically copy each other's information to death. So you are likely to get the same in so many different forms over the internet. My remedy (in the future) is also likely to be copied many times over itself, but you hear it first on earthclinic! What I do know is a lot of alternative healers are using my remedy but keeping it mum.

As to how I found out about lysine and cancer, well one breast cancer patient, 4th stage (there was cancer all over, but it started with chemo and surgery that caused the spread) was hallucinating, suffering freezing cold and based on her symptoms, it was a virus for sure. So I tried hourly for the lysine (along with threonine) and sure enough, within the evening she was ok. To prove it was a virus, she had cancerous growth out of her head that sticks out 2 inches. The cancer growth on the head disappeared the next day. To prove that most cancer can be stopped I tried several more cases and the results were the same, cancer regressed and in aggressive cancer it stayed the same. Another remedy, tannic acid and green tea extract had a history of its own, perhaps I might describe this later.

Now if you get pure research, nearly everything will cure cancer and nearly everything will cause cancer, and everyone quotes Warburg and look into alkalizing. Yes alkalizing is fine, you overlook the obvious: sugar. There's also different sugars having different levels of aggression, such as d-ribose, fructose, and glucose they are most aggressive, and then there's sucrose. And in diabetes where blood sugar doesn't fall with carbs, well it's no carbs for them!


EC: "Earth Clinic advises extreme discretion in the use of iodine at these levels. In this area, Ted's work is experimental and only intended for cancer patients. For most people a daily dosage of iodine is half a drop. Above that, adverse reactions are definitely possible. Read up on cautions, side effects, and the healing potential of iodine here.

Daughter with Slow Growing Mucoepidermoid Carcinoma at Salivary Gland

07/09/2011: Anonymous : Hello, Ted. I am a mother of 3 children. My first one is diagnosed of cancer when she removed a lump behind her ear. What it looked like a cyst on MRI turned to be a malignant tumor, so they performed another surgery to remove more tissue around the cyst. It is a slow growing, low grade cancer called mucoepidermoid carcinoma at salivary gland. She went through radiation therapy for 6 and a half weeks. It has been 2 weeks since it was done.

I wished I saw the earthclinic site much earlier. Many things I did not know. I started to read a lot about many things about foods. My same daughter had lots of ear infections and my son who is 6 now started Asthma same time around the daughter's surgery. So, when I stumbled upon a book about cow's milk is not good for us, I stopped all dairy for everyone.

I make vege & fruits juice every breakfast and dinner time and manly, it is carrots, some greens like cabbages, broccoli, chinese cabbage, kale, etc with one apple and lemon. Sometimes I put pineapple or cantalope. In the morning, I put banana and blueberries. All organic. No matter how much I feel I should just make vegetable juice for my daughter, she would not drink it if it is just vegetables. So, I need to mix in some fruits. But, I read your post many times that you repeat no fruits, so I am now worried. Her cancer is now microscopic size that they cannot see anything in MRI. The biopsy reports tells that there was 2 lymph nodes metastasized nearby. Also, a neural invasion. That is the one that they say they are worried that it would go up the nerve to the brain if left, so they aggressively recommended radiation therapy. She was very healthy for doing the therapy mainly because I cut most of her sugar, in the simple form of sweets, and refined flour bread. I changed white rice to brown rice. Breads to be whole wheat 100 %. Many sources tell me thought that the carbs will all turn to sugar anyway, that better not to eat those. However, it is very very hard for my kids when I take away a lot of grains and fruits.

Other things I added is green drinks. Also, trying to balance PH. In search of PH balance, I came to the earthclinic and found lots of your remedies. I don't know which to try. I cannot try everything. But, if there are anything that kid friendly remedies, I would like to try. Now, also, to balance ph, I saw someone said to add calcium ascorbate for vitamin c and calcium. Is this bad? Sounded like calcium should not be fed to cancer patient. Any thought? I am very lost. Lots of information for me now that I need someone to tell me what to do. I don't have any regular doctors who think the cancer can be caused by bad diets.

I will wait for you reply as long as it takes. I will try to cut more sugar from our diets in the meantime in forms of bread and rice, etc. My daughter also loves virgin coconut oil now that she eats 3, 4 table spoons a day. She lost her weight, so I thought it is okay... Thank you for your assistance in advance!

07/16/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Calcium feeds cancer cells, they grow very quickly. Beta glucan and oat bran are anticancer, because they produce short chain fatty acid in the gut, preventing cancer (butyric acid). Lysine and threonine given regularly, at least 4 times a day, 1/4 teaspoon each will prevent cancer. Chinese parsley (coriander) contains linalool which controls blood sugar and it must be given mixed in every foods. You can feed oat bran, but not oatmeal. Fruits allowed, and I tested them, are green apples, carrots, coriander juice and also bitter gourd has an effect on lowering blood sugar, and prevent cancer from growing.

Most forms of brain tumors are very aggressive, and they respond best to oat bran, but if the person is low in energy, then Coenzyme Q10 (ubiquinone not ubiquinol) and alpha lipoic acid helps. These two also have effect on lowering blood sugar too, but also increase in energy. Vitamin C ascorbic acid is the only form that works best against cancer cells, others do not.

No vegetable oils of all kind and no salt in the diet, these feed on cancer cells. If you want fruits, you can take fruit extract, but it cannot contain any sugar, such as grape seed extract, red wine extract, and others, because people misunderstand that fruits are healthy but the research does not support this in cancer patients, as most fruit extract research is not done on cancer patients and if they did, it is based on fruit extract without the sugar. The worse kinds of sugar are fructose, ribose, and sucrose, and to some extent white rice. If blood sugar is normalized, you might consider brown rice, but only if your blood sugar is below 100. Best blood sugar for cancer patient is 86-90. It is best to measure your blood sugar 1 hour after meals because cancer grows after you eat when your blood sugar spikes, you don't need to know the Blood Fasting Sugar. In all cancer patient I have seen all of them exceeds blood sugar over 90.

MMS doesn't work generally speaking because it kills the liver as it is a chlorine (get chlorine paper test), and most cancer patient have liver problems. Iodine lugol's solution work more consistently but is given if the person can handle iodine. Maple syrup and baking soda doesn't work as most cancer people are actually diabetic.

ABSOLUTELY NO bananas, no pineapples, no coconut juice these I tested and caused metastatic cancer within hours of consuming them. They all have high sugar content. I have no problems with coconut oil. Check your nutritional database for sugar content for all fruits.

These are simple dietary tips I have developed that are tested and measured in cancer people, so these work.

07/17/2011: Anonymous replies: Hello, Ted, Thank you for a fast response! I imagined you are very busy, so I did not expect you would answer so quickly. And, thank you for all the advices.

Now, it seems like it is best to avoid anything that turns into sugar in the body, correct? In that case, is it okay to eat some fish, or meat, eggs, etc, some protein food, instead of fueling with grain, sugar type carbohydrates. And lots of vegetables to go with the protein. Right now, I am cutting dairy, which we depended on a lot before. Now, if I take away fruits, and carbs, what's really left is protein and fat. Is it okay to eat those since it is tricky to eat carbs influencing blood sugar? I am trying to avoid red meat; beef and pork. But, I serve salmon, and chicken breast sometimes, just a little.

Also, my daughter is not overweight at all, she was skinny side to start with. However, she always craved for sugars, wheat stuff, potato chips. (junk food), hot dogs. I do understand that she has to watch for her sugar in her blood, but should she be monitoring for blood sugar like a diabetes patient?

Sorry that I am asking more questions for diet suggestions. I am still lost with what she can eat now that I find out what not to eat. Thank you very much for lots of suggestions for supplements. I will try to find what you recommended.

07/18/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Carbohydrates are conditionally acceptable, complex carbohydratse you can take such as brown rice, but is ok if her blood sugar is below 110 after meals, if before meals your blood sugar doesn't exceed 90 mg/dL. Beta glucan is required. Fats are unacceptable except coconut oil. Proteins are ok but fish are preferred, meats are generally ok but are limited. If you want to take some protein, you must consume lysine and threonine, at least 2 teaspoon a day divided into 1/2 teaspoon a dose, 4 times a day for lysine. Threonine, 1/4 teaspoon a dose, 4 doses a day, mixed together with lysine. The meats or fishes must not be heated in frying pans, but must be steamed or boiled only. If they are not, the form a cancer causing compound called heterocyclic amines. The idea is you have to do vegetable juices and go vegetarian. Most vegetarians have no problems, with this, it is a lifestyle change. There are vegetarian diet books you can refer to. But no sugar and no vegetable oils.

The exception is once her tumor is gone, then vegetable oils can be added, but NOT COOKED.

I do understand that she has to watch for her sugar in her blood, but should she be monitoring for blood sugar like a diabetes patient?

Cancer grows in presence of sugar and sugar must be below 110 one hour after eating, is fine. That is why. In most cancer patients their blood sugar is above 90. A good number must be 90 or below. Most cancer patients are actually diabetics, and to make the matters worse, most hospitals won't look for diabetes in cancer patients. Lysine, at least must be taken. Lugol's Iodine a couple of times a day helps kill cancer. B3 and vitamin C is needed. These are the bare minimum in initial stages. Blood sugar is controlled by B3, coriander, parsley, bitter gourd, green apples freshly squeezed. Some broccoli helps most cancers, steamed, uncooked, or boiled.

Most U.S. cancer are from processed meats, such as bologna, salami, hot dogs, and other dried or processed meats. So absolutely avoid this. Dairy contains hormones that accelerated milk production but also accelerate cancer growth by those consuming them. The only exception is colostrum. There are hundreds of ways you can control cancer, but sugar is not one of them, it is also the most serious. People take it too lightly and that's why they don't succeed in controlling cancer. Even the normal figures of 100-110 mg/dL is not a normal figures they are based on averages, 50 years ago, blood sugar is 88 mg/dL, and I used that figure because 97% survival rate if your blood sugar is BELOW 90 mg/dL, while on the other hand chemotherapy general survival rate is 3% for most cancer.


Stage 3 Cancer Help Badly Needed

07/09/2011: Anonymous from Anonymous: Dear Ted, Good day to you sir. My father is suffering Stage 3 Cancer, metastatic currently. he was about to undergo operation due to the size of his lymph node, which is getting bigger, which made the air passage smaller. Doctor's plan is to install a tube inside his throat and stomach, in order for him to take food and breathe well, but due to his pneumonia detected during test, operation was cancelled.

he is now taking med for his pneumonia waiting to get cured and Doc might continue the operation by next week. Please help my father to get rid of his swelling lymph node located underneath of left ear. we don't think he can handle any procedure he's getting weak and weaker daily. swelling and severe headache is the biggest problem he has. every attack he cries so loud. pity him at age of 73 still suffering with this kind of health problem.

Chemo therapy and radiation are not the best options for him right now. Ted i always read most of your posts because i my self am a candida sufferer, due to rampant use of antibiotics last year. Ted help our family please, my father is going to report back to hospital next week, we hope you could help us, we don't want him to suffer further, he is too old for these therapies.

little history about him.. he was diagnosed with TRIGEMINAL NEURALGIA, then after a month with the hand of dentist, he gave up and started to send us to other doctors as he suspected my father had stage 2 cancer, he went for BIOPSY, read result below..

right lateral neck mass, fnba cytorhologic findings consistent with metastatic poorly differentiated squamous cell carcinoma.

the smears show several atypical polythedral epithelial cells in cluster and scattered singly. these have large pleomorphic nuclei, somtimes with prominent nucleof and scanty to fair amount of eosinopichillic cycoplasma, the tumor cells are admixed with many lypmpocycles, neutrophils and red blood cells.

my Advanced thanks to you, Ted

07/27/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: An iodine tincture will contain the spread and so will lysine. If it could not or have difficulty controlling it, tell me as I have other remedies. Check his blood sugar, it's the most important indicator in cancer. If it does not exceed 100 mg/dL he is well on his way to recover. Coriander, bitter gourd, and some local herbs to contain sugar will be the focus there.


07/30/2011: Anonymous replies: "Ted, Many thanks, my father underwent surgery 4 days ago, ENT doc installed a small pipe on his throat and stomach, this is to prevent air passage closure in case of further inflammation, feed him thru pipe now. Before that doc conducted another biopsy inside his mouth, to make sure if its really a cancer. They're planning to do a radiation therapy once confirmed. none of our family agreed. my family had no idea what to do next. but if my father is scheduled to see our creator, GOD cant do anything. told my bro and sis' accept the reality. meantime just do our best."

07/31/2011: Ted replies: "I have a person in Thailand who had a similar condition as you, installed tube, esophagus cancer spreading to the lungs, persistent cough, and no money so I donated some supplements to him.

The things that helped was the iodine tincture, 5 drops x 6 times a day (for pain and coughs), beta glucan, lysine, crocodile blood (capsules 1 in morning), DMSO, and bromelain. These I believe are the core remedy. Of importance is Beta glucan, for example is 1/2 teaspoon x 8 at same time as lysine 1/2 teaspoon x 4, lugols 5 drops x 6, and vitamin C 500 mg x 8 and DMSO, if possible 5 drops x 8. I believe that beta glucan must be stirred in water.

The element that save his life is blood sugar control, make sure it is below 90 mg/dL. There are several herbal remedies that do that, you will find in most antiviral supplements, such as andrographis paniculata, and other locally. They are needed to control blood sugar so you measure his blood sugar and test every herbs out there. This is the "wild card" because, only certain herbs can achieve this blood sugar that is essential to cancer control. Such a thing as bitter melon, but you have to test the herbs locally, there is one I know reduces this such as coriander juice, parsley juice, and local antiviral remedy. If the person is not cured, we are basically vulnerable to the same condition as him in some future time, that's why we need to find them. I do achieve it, but it was mostly from NO CARBS, but the results are inconsistent without a constituent blood sugar control, from local antiviral supplements such as andrograhis paniculata, stonebreaker (Chanca Piedra) in your country. This is needed to achieve a cure.


EC: "Earth Clinic advises extreme discretion in the use of iodine at these levels. In this area, Ted's work is experimental and only intended for cancer patients. Normal dosage is half a drop per day--begin with that and slowly increase your daily dose. Please see our Iodine Remedies section for possible side effects, cautions, and the potential benefits of iodine supplementation.

07/30/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: If there is any consolation for blood sugar thing, I think N Acetyl Cysteine helps some 1/4 teaspoon four times a day, once his cancer condition has stabilized you reduce to 1/8 teaspoon twice a day. CoQ10 in the market is unacceptable (but better than nothing), but it is 400 mg three times a day. The local herbs are cheaper, but you must have blood sugar meters to find your blood sugar level. But I can help you with some possible suspects, they are camphor (1/10 teaspoon), coriander (lots of it), and andrographis, are some options. This is the major weakness of my remedy, you have to find local herbs, and my patients unfortunately are CURED before I have a chance to find it!


07/31/2011: Anonymous replies: "Ted, Good Day! Is it okay to start with the mentioned remedy ASAP? currently he was given the following Medicine 'CELECOXIB' and SULTAMICILIN, antibiotic and pain reliever. Discharged yesterday and we're maintaining this meds only, we feed him thru pipe doc gave Glucerna SR milk, with huge mineral content, 6 times a day 178ml per serving, plus 39ml of water every meal

it looks messy after the operation, phlegm coming out from his tube, need to suck at all times, bought suction machine, and the big big headache and nerve attack still active and its very painful, no changes. there's no other thing given to stop or contain the cancer while clock is ticking, and they said the cancer spread too fast

many thanks to your guidance, ill start to gather those herbs and minerals."

07/31/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "Yes it ok to start.

Most important addition in esophagus cancer is beta glucan. The more the better. 1/4 teaspoon beta glucan x 3 a day. If you can find it. If not alpha lipoic acid with milk thistle (or thunbergia laurifolia).


08/09/2011: Anonymous replies: "Hello Ted, My mother bring my father to hospital yesterday for a weekly check up, while in hospital he was sent to pain management section. from there my father was given a dose of unknown liquid to calm the pain down, 3 shots according to my mother, I suspect its morphine, then doc prescribed a morphine along with some other antibiotics as well,

Mad with my relatives really. My father sleeps whole day and the following day suffering headache, dizziness, very weak for the time being he is not taking anything yet since i found out yesterday, none of those were taken, i would like to continue the protocol but don't know how to start again, do i have to cleanse him first, please advise. morphine is very dangerous right?

08/09/2011: Anonymous replies: Ted, another question, we feed him thru pipe connected to his stomach, he got 2 pipes inserted another one on his throat. we just gave him milk with huge mineral content, can we served fresh extract herbs like coriander or parsley juice through that pipe?

Can any other super food like spirullina be taken? looking for other options aside from milk as the only source. i know milk is bad but we had no choice, currently i only had the following minerals on hand, H202 / LOGULS SOLUTION/ VIT C ASCORBATE/ L-LYSIENE / GREEN TEA EXTRACT/ SELLENIUM/ B COMPLEX / N- ACETYL / MILK THISTLE/ A-LIPOIC / CQ10 / PANCREATIC ENZYME /

Been interrupted with Doc's action yesterday. please advise how I'm going to use the above minerals, i was derailed yesterday sorry. since we all agree to continue the alternative med rather than Doc prescription which is harmful and my father's condition is mestatis known to be a fast one, thanking you in advance."


is fine.

In this case, as he is tube fed and not given orally, and his metastatic cancer, the common pattern is that you have to stop the metastatic, and that can only be with lysine, n acetyl cysteine and green tea extract, given hourly for 4 hours in morning, and hourly in evening. Milk thistle, alpha lipoic acid, and pancreatic enzymes, can be given 6 to 8 times a day, and CoQ10 is 300 mg x 4 times. This is the common approach. The dosages of lysine, N acetyl cysteine and green tea extract usually follows this pattern: 1/2 teaspoon of lysine, 1/8 teaspoon of N acetyl cysteine, and 1/8 teaspoon of green tea extract, and 1/8 ascorbic acid.

Selenium is often given in a severe case, taken 200 mcg x 2, but must be in form of selenium yeast, if not that is 200 mcg x 2, if selenium yeast, its dosages can be twice as high, such as 200 mcg x 4. That's my experience as it doesn't cause the side effects as does the sodium selenite.

Of course given the list of limited supplements to try that would be the dosage pattern for most metastatic cancer. There are other supplements I like to try but since that is what is given, then the outcome is decided by the supplements.

As to your inquiry of milk. It cannot have sugar and milk is generally not good speaking from experience. As to spirulina, yes it is generally helpful, say the dosages can be 1/4 teaspoon and two or three times a day, as super foods.


08/09/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Most of the clients died from morphine given by their doctors, the rest died from respiratory infections, blood poisoning due to hospital infections, and the rest died from chemotherapy or radiation therapy or surgery. None of the patients died from cancer or alternative cancer treatments. The two leading causes of death that I can compile are morphine overdose (that's how most hospitals deal with patients). How it is done is very intelligent. Suppose you require x dose per day x times per day. They will give them all at once, which will cause death. The report will say he was given normal dose PER day. So yes it is dangerous. The hard part is trying to find a cure for morphine, and in some cases it leads to addiction. In Europe they euthanize (nice word of killing) with a morphine overdose and in a single dose, also.

As far as getting a person from morphine who can't eat anything. I will try B50 three times a day for only 3 days, and that is enough, because excess B1 is forbidden. Thereafter, I will concentrate on B2, B3, B6, and B12. B3 is needed in large amounts, in fact in human tissues, or mammalian tissues, B3 is the leading vitamin overshadowing the rest. Lysine is the limiting amino acid in humans and in animals, because it is not easily bioavailable when you heat them, and because of high sugar in human diets, lysine is subjected to getting glycated or cross linked. The third amino acid I will try to concentrate on is N acetyl cysteine.

In order to get the appetite back there are a couple of things that stand out (that helped in Morphine-induced cachexia and cancer). They are digestive enzymes, betaine HCL, or just very sour lemon juice, and 1000 mg of ascorbic acid (and NO CALCIUM).

Here is a simple protocol for the people who don't have access to a lot of supplements:
Ascorbic acid only (preferably powder form) of 1/4 teaspoon or 1000 mg in tablet form (beaten to powder) taken hourly for a whole day, until the person recovers. The B3 is 300 mg taken ten times a day, as sleep inducing in place of morphine.

Should the person wants to eat but can't that's because stomach acid aren't producing, in which case I used 4 drops of hydrochloric acid is the gold standard, or if unavailable, it is then betaine HCl is used before a meal so the person won't throw up.

If a person has access to digestive enzymes that can be taken throughout the day, to help digestion. by converting pepsinogen to pepsin, this pepsin is needed to digest the food, but is given throughout the day, to help his energy and his hunger for food.

The food is ketogenic diet which is basically a low carb diet the same as diabetic to all cancer patients because a majority is diabetic. Now my standards are different, 90 mg/dL is maximum normal sugar that also is the standards for most of the mammals as well. But hospital system is to maximum of 100 mg/dL and there is some "progressive" hospitals to raise the envelope to 110 mg/dL. In the future if all people are diabetic, I will bet they will raise that to 120 mg/dL. 40 years ago, environment protection figures were say you cannot get more than x effluent waste, then 20 years ago it was 2x then 10 years ago 4x. So the figures are raised not for your safety, it was to protect the industry and employment. The only real numbers are found in the animal kingdom, not us.


08/12/2011: Anonymous replies: Ted, thank you, i think my father slowly recovered from morphine effect, he was able to walk and seat now. question: can i give him the iodine back? i found it effective really."

08/13/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "Yes, give the iodine. It's required.


Question for Ted About Fructose and Cancer

06/11/2011: David from Missouri, USA: Hello Ted,

I know you get lots of messages and are a busy man, but I hope you will read the information below regarding fructose and cancer.

On the Earth Clinic web site, you write that fructose causes cancer to proliferate, but according to the cancer researcher below, fructose can actually fight cancer. These researchers make it sound like glucose rather than fructose is the problem.

I am not an expert here so I'm not sure who to believe. I thought you would want to read this since you are very interested in this topic.
(the following this is near the bottom of their web page)

Why we use Fructose and Vinegar to treat cancer:

Nobel Prize winner Dr. Otto Warburg discovered more than 50 years ago that all cancer cells produce inordinate amount of lactic acid but he couldnÂ’t explain why.

In 2001 our Institute published the first study to show that cancer cells produce excess amounts of lactic acid because they could not access the oxygen in compartments in the cells called the mitochondria. This provided evidence that cancer cells depend almost exclusively upon glycolosis or the metabolism of glucose as their major source of energy.

Dr. Spitz and Dr. Lee with other cancer researchers published studies showing that when cancer cells are deprived glucose, their energy supply is cut off which causes these cancer cells to commit suicide.

Therefore shutting down glycolosis would be one means of destroying cancer cells because energy can only be derived from glucose through the metabolic process called glycolosis.

Recently our Cancer Institute discovered that both acetic acid and citric acid could inhibit the activity of a key enzyme in glycolosis called phosphofructokinase, which in turn shuts down the process of glycolosis. Our cancer Institute is the first to introduce both fructose and vinegar as treatments for cancer because they either contain or produce acetic acid.

In conclusion, fructose and vinegar are added as supplements to the CAAT protocol because of their acetic acid properties that help shut down glycolosis, shutting off cancer cells energy supply and causing them to die off.

06/11/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: I have plenty of patients dying eating bananas, oranges, for example- within 2 hours cancer metastasize. There is too many deaths from what I recall. I know very well about CAAT protocol but the fructose makes your cancer worse. You can do a Google, "fructose cancer", you get the similar results. It's the same with maple syrup and baking soda protocol. It doesn't work. Especially with Stage III, and Stage IV cancer. Fructose is needed by cancer to grow, but glucose allows them to live. CAAT protocol has a lot of faults. I have a few people who tried the protocol, they all died. There is also a Jalepeno pepper cure for cancer, that actually makes it worse, especially liver cancer. If you think fructose helps tell me about it, but from the patients here they all die, because you forgot one basic simple rule: both fructose and glucose causes the blood sugar to go up and in most cancer patients, if you bother to measure the fasting blood glucose it is often 120 mg/dL. So tell me one patient where fructose works and I will investigate. I don't know about fructose and vinegar protocol, but if you can find one, tell me about it. In Korea, the statistics reveal most people die with blood glucose over 120 mg/dL and those can be from fructose and glucose consumption. Part of metabolic process of cancer tumor is to cause insulin resistance, which makes the condition worse.


Tumor in Tongue

05/15/2011: D. : Ted,

Might I be so bold as to ask for your advice. I have a tumor in my tongue at the base on the left side. About two centimeters in size. At this point in time I think it best not to have the doctors remove it. Is it possible for me to take the DMSO internally.. if much do you advise? And, is it advisable to use the DMSO as a mouthwash.

Thank you in advance for your advice.

05/22/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: I would try at least three things that worked for me: DMSO, aloe vera oil (if you can find it), and broccoli juice. The lysine, threonine and glutamine is used to prevent metasasis. DMSO is mixed with Aloe vera oil, I can't be specific but it is about 50% aloe vera oil and 50% DMSO. The aloe vera oil is there to prevent inflammation of the area, but also is there to encourage healing of the area. If you can't find it than you prepare as 50% DMSO with water and do that as a mouthwash, but leave in the mouth for at least 1-2 minutes. You may do it as many times so long as the inflammation is not too much. Brocolli juice may be prepared as a drink to help suppress tumor at the same time, but most important of all is NO SUGAR and watch your blood sugar not the exceed after eating one hour 100 dL/mg. and normal blood glucose fasting sugar 90 dL/mg.

Yes, you can take DMSO internally. The dose that seems to work is at least 10 drops 5 times a day.


Ted writes again: "There is evidence also of nanobacteria is found in tumors. So it helps it you take 400-500 mg of EDTA and 500 mg of tetracycline HCL, it will take time for this one, about 1 month, but worth the try. Be sure tetracycline is taken at night away from food 2 hours. EDTA is taken twice or three times."

D. replies, "Thanks again. Be assured that your instructions are being followed to the letter . Although, it may take at least a week to secure the Tetracycline HCL , as it had to be ordered online. Am also in the process of using the Essiac protocol , as I had seen it work for so many others."

Ted replies, "And don't forget Lugol's half strength 4 drops per dose two to three times a day. It shrinks tumors."

D. replies, "I have Lugols 7% . Is two drops four times a day ok?"

Ted responds, "It's ok with 7%, 2 drops, you can try 2 times a day, and go to 4 times a day if you can take lugol's without lightheadedness or nausea.

Mother with Throat Tumor

05/01/2011: E. : Dear Ted, I need your precious advice! My mom is very very sick. It started not to long ago she couldn't breathe and went for many months back and forth to doctors and they gave her inhalers which never worked instead she got worse. Recently she lost breath totally and they did emergency tracheostomy, and found she has tumor in the throat probably by the larynx. It grew big and closed airways. They took biopsy and now we are waiting for results. We are in Bosnia, it takes many weeks for results, they will be ready 25th or so, but it does not look good. Tumor bleeds now and blood goes straight to the lungs and clumps and closes airway again, so does excessive mucus. She is at edge. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help! I have bought DMSO and vitamin C and matcha tea and I'm ready to give her hydrogen peroxide daily (I live in America and will go to Bosnia in about 10 days). Please please I beg you!

05/08/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: A tumor must be applied with DMSO and aloe vera oil. If a DMSO is used only the tumor will shrink but I will leave the inflammation. There is two possible formulas. The DMSO is applied the Aloe vera oil is the applied. Or DMSO is 5% to 10 % and the rest is aloe vera oil. I am trying to now to find a cheap mineral to deal with cancer. In the meantime. I would use beta glucan 1/4 teaspoon twice or three times a day and 200 to 600 mcg of selenium yeast and vitamin C ascorbic acid as many times you can handle. As well as lysine and green tea and/or green tea extract. Lysine is 1/2 teaspoon every hour for four a hours and another one in the evening also every hour for four hours. As to green tea extract it is 1/2 teaspoon twice a day. As for tannic acid it is roughly 1/4 teaspoon twice a day.

Tumor itself needs to be dissolved. If it is hard, then I would use bromelain and digestive enzymes, as many as possible.


E. responds, "Dear Ted, God Bless You and Thank You for your answer I respect your advice highly!!!!

I have bought all these things below but don't know how much to use, how, in combination, all together?
1 bottle of 99% DMSO
250 caps of Vit C 250mg
Chlorophyl Drops
Hydrogen peroxide
Apple cider vinegar
Green tea and green tea capsules

I couldn't find aloe vera oil, they were selling juice and gel only, and I could not find bromelain and beta glucan. Is selenium and selenium yeast same because I did see selenium but not selenium yeast in store.

Thank You!!"

Ted replies, "Since you were unable to get some of the supplement. I suggest you get N Acetyl Cysteine, not the kind that fizzes but a tablet form as they contain aspartame, which causes cancer. The second supplement is TMG or trimethylglycine. They help in cancer too.

As hydrogen peroxide you will prepare a 1% solution to drink. At least 1/2 glass every 30 minutes for at least 8 times.

The vitamin C if 250 mg. may me taken 500 mg (if possible) every 30 minutes to 1 hour for at least 12 times.

Chlorophyll drops maybe 10 drops 4 times a day

Lysine is taken at least 1 hour every hour four times in morning and four times in evening.

Acidophilus at least once a day

DMSO is mixed with aloe vera (I prefer oil but you will have to get aloe gel or something appropriate substitute. )
This is applied in area that has cancer every hour to three hours. Be careful of inflammation.
N acetyl Cysteine is needed for the mucus. You take it every hour for four hours at least 1/2 teaspoon to 1 teaspoon. Apple cider vinegar any amount but you will add potassium carbonate or potassium bicarbonate to get the fizzing out if possible. If you can't then just apple cider vinegar alone. Three times a day. Trimethylglycine 1/4 teaspoon four times a day.

Beta glucan exist in other forms that you can get such as brewer's yeast.


Brain Tumor Remedies Urgently Needed for Baby

11/26/2009: Jane from Dubai, Uae: URGENT PLZ. is there any treatment for brain tumor in babies?

Hi Ted, is there any effective treatment from head tumor in kids less then 3 years old?

12/08/2009: Bea from La, Ca replies: I am not a doctor and I can only say about my on personal knowledge and belief, but Hipocrates said that the body is capable to recover 100% if the conditions are giving.

I would say first of all, only and only feed your baby with RAW FOOD, no cooked food whatsoever, no syrups, no honey, no bread, no yeast, no meet, never dairy, very, very little fruits at this time, you may increase the fruits later, but not now.

I know people that have reversed the tumor in very short time, use lots of green live coconut water and pulp too, I do give to my son Chorella ever since he was four, so I assume it is safe and also it is great in helping to stop the possible fungus growing (many knowlegeable doctors believe that tumors are fungus) and so do I.

Also I know that in Europe (weleda) maker of organic products makes a product with the mistletoel (yes, the same thing is used for Christmas, and it is used for tumors.

good Luck.


Where to Buy Azoxystrobin and BHT for Cancer?

11/12/2009: Lori from Orlando, Fl: Somebody please advise me where to buy this Azoxystrobin liquid and BHT. My father's cancer is spreading to his spine and ribs. Please help.

11/13/2009: Aurelia from Pittsburgh, Usa replies: This is the only site that I have found that sells BHT in a large quantity at a reasonable price, search for Beyond A Century, they sell many supplements. As for the azoxystrobin try Fisher Scientific. Hope this helps.

Questions About Glucose/sodium Bicarbonate Bond for Cancer Treatment

11/06/2009: Bill from San Fernando, Philippines: Hi Ted...I've read all your comment and research here and it is fascinating and I certainly agree with most of it. The concept of using salinity, alkalinity and oxygen is a such a simple and successful way of defeating cancer as well as staying healthy.

Some questions for you. I know from your writings that you are an accomplished industrial chemist with a heavy interest in biochemistry.

I also know for your comment that you do not advocate that anyone should take glucose during cancer, but what do you think about using the apparent glucose/Sodium Bicarbonate bond(using Maple Syrup, Molasses or Honey for the natural glucose source) in creating a sort of trojan horse for the NaHCO3 to be dragged into the cancer cell? There is also a similar application for a cancer cure using Aloe Vera honey distilled alcohol.

Have you done any research or used any of these cancer cures in your work and what is your opinion of its efficacy and safety?

And what is the nature of this "chemical bond" that is created between the natural glucose and sodium bicarbonate? Is it an isomer? It would be nice to be able to fully understand the whys of how this trojan horse bond works.

Much thanks for all your hard work, research and advice. I regularly use your lemon, lime or ACV Baking powder alkalinity cures, haven't had the flu or been ill in a couple of years now because of this. Keep up the wonderful work!!

11/06/2009: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: On real live cancer people, in many cases, the baking soda and glucose simply didn't work. It might work in a few cases where tumor is inactive or very small, but in serious cases it becomes deadly and metastatic. I am aware of a lot of therapies, that most people know about, germansium sesquioxide, rubidium chloride, cesium chloride, and many others. It turns out there are more fundamental issues that we have to resolve first instead of doing something that looks interesting. Baking soda if taken too much even with the glucose, even in the mentioned dose backfires to cause a cancer cachexia and the cancer becomes immediately metastatic. The rubidium and cesium against cancer is both expensive and isn't consistent at all. The germanium had problems and wasn't consistent enough either. The remedies I have mentioned were the most consistent of all, but the most deadly of the problems when doing any cancer remedies is to keep a very close watch when the cancer suddenly becomes cachexia. This is when the person feels likely to vomit and cannot eat or take supplements. It's a dangerous blackhole to be in. The three things that may turn things around, albeit slowly, is the hydrochloric acid drops in water, followed by betaine HCl, vitamin B complex. I haven't quite ranked the effectiveness of vitamin C against cancer cachexia, but the vitamin C is often buffered solution in sodium bicarbonate AND potassium bicarbonate. As to the iodine, it's only helpful when it's mixed with ascobic acid plus drops of lugol's solution. It causes both the ascorbic acid and the iodine to become biologically active, a fact that's not mentioned in other internet sites that I am aware of. The iodine converts vitamin C into dehydroascorbate, which is the only form that goes through the blood brain barrier, but it also blocks glucose metabolism of the cancer cells at the same time. It goes delivered via a glucose transporter. Hence, the vitamin C and iodine, takes advantage of this blocking the glucose, and hence starving off the cancer cells. For people not familiar with iodine mixed in vitamin C, the lugol's will turn colorless. So it turns into another form of iodine, that's more palatable to the body, hydrogen iodide. Therefore if I have a choice between a baking soda and glucose, and iodine and vitamin C, plus some alkalization. I think the latter remedy makes more sense. I know there are certain people promoting sodium bicarbonate, if the cancer are fungal causes, but I am faced here with three causes, one is a slow cancer, usually it's a fungus, the faster one, that's metastatic, that's viral, and then there's a chemical type of cancer, such as aflatoxins, whose source comes from black molds. Now the last ones you need chlorophyll and BHT to sop up those cancer causing compounds. While dioxin, chlorine, fluorine and bromine caused cancer are dealt with another halogen, which is the simple lugol's iodine solution which will drive out all three halogens, namely chlorine, fluorine, and bromine. On the other hand, the chlorophyll is like a cage that traps cancer causing compound, while the BHT antioxidant acts an antioxidant to protect against the toxicity of aflatoxins. As to any other cancer remedies out there, there's a lot more disappointment so far in their success especially the cancer polyps and the massive tumor, which in those cases bloodroot tincture works fine. Unfortunately the method of application is to do topical, but is misused, since the dose are to high even on topical. The dose I used is tincture, and only in drops. If it is misapplied, the cancer becomes metastatic and spread very quickly. The reason was they took powdered bloodroot instead of a tincture one, which is more diluted and the dose are lower. Therefore, if given at too high the dose, which is what people are now doing presently, it is NOT going to work and will work against you. The low dose is the least problematic and consistent enough to get results such as 2-3 drops at 3 to 5 times per day or even once per day, depending on how sensitive a person is. I haven't got a precise dose yet, down to yet, but that's my preliminary findings. As for me, the issue has never been so much as the tumor, those are easily handled. What's so scary is the cancer cachexia raises its' ugly head. I believe b complex, vitamin C, Hydrochloric acid, betaine HCl are some major arsenals against this cancer cachexia. As to the "internet source" for cachexia cure, they use hydrazine sulfate, which is not only a bit hard to obtain, it's also difficult for most people to comprehend. It makes more sense to use something more natural and works just as well and perhaps better then the hydrazine sulfate. If a person do have cachexia, perhaps lemon juice might be a candidate, if they cannot get the other things I have mentioned here, or just a break from the remedy, if the cancer doesn't raise it's ugly head, usually the HCl drops in a glass of water during fasting may also do the trick in reversing it.

Thanks for your comment.

11/07/2009: Jp from Stuart, Florida replies: Ted

When using Lugols iodine should this always be mixed with Vit C Ascorbic Acid ? How many drops and how often? Can it be mixed with the sodium ascorbate which you seem to prefer more. I would like to rid the Halogens: dioxin, chlorine, fluorine and bromine for general detox of chemicals. I'm assuming these substances stay in the body over our lifetime. I'm doing the borax in 1 Ltr now for fluoride which I guess will take care of the fluorine aspect of the Halogen. I have done 2 weeks of the borax with a couple days off but did notice this morning both side of my face are swallen near the ears. Is this a detox reaction suggesting it's working or not related. The area has some soreness.

11/08/2009: Bill from San Fernando, Philippines replies: Hi Ted...Just one or two more questions about alkalinity in general. There are some internet sites which advocate, much as you do, that body terrain alkalinity is active in preventing or fighting cancer.

I've also read that with a body pH of 7 to 7.5 the cancer tumor is not able to take hold or will stop growing.

Further, I've also read that if you have cancer and with a body/blood pH of between 8 -- 8.5 then all cancer will be completely wiped out.

From all your direct experience and research, would you agree with the above pH estimates concerning the effects of alkalinity on cancer?

In general, and in your experience, up to what alkalinity pH(assume for NaHCO3 or Lugol's) can the normal, healthy body take without serious problems?

Just trying to find or work out usage frequency and pH safety levels with all the baking soda and iodine cures that I use regulalry from your site.

Much thanks again for your time and experience and please keep up the wonderful work.


11/05/2009: Aresem from Alkhobar, Saudi Arabia: In Ted's post about cancer mentioning milk as anti nutrient: if it is so how would then could you explain the protocol of Dr. Johanna Budwig using cottage cheese and Flaxseed oil which have cured thousands of cancer patient during her time and thousands of people in our present time? Could it be that the pasteurization process being done to prolong the shelf life of milk is making it unfit for human consumption?

My wife is presently battling endometrial cancer stage 3 before she was operated to remove the tumor and her ovaries. We submitted to her surgery because of continuous bleeding which is draining her life force. After more than a year after the operation and inspite of her continued taking of vitamin B17 and abstinence from sugar and meat her tumor came back with more vengeance. We are not battling it with several protocols including the well known Flaxseed Oil/ Cottage Cheese of Johanna Budwig. Together with B17 oral and injection, pure vegetarian Diet 80% raw, Blackstrap Molasses mix with Baking Soda, with mega dose of Vitamin C plus multi-mineral supplement and immune system booster Transfer Factor Plus and Pancreatic Enzyme. We are at the early stage of the battle and we have not seen any positive result yet as of this writing. She is at present having off and on Asthenia and lost of appetite after more than a week on this protocol. However we are only on our third day with 1 tsp Blackstrap Molasses mixed with 1 tsp of Baking soda in a cup of water. Do you have any idea if Potassium Citrate and B-complex will be a beneficial addition to her protocol? Her alternative medical Doctor did not prescribed any of this two. We are currently monitoring her saliva and urine ph. On the third day her urine ph read 8.0 while the saliva is 7.0 to 7.5. Lastly how much zinc is needed to make the B17 work efficiently?

Your opinion on this subject is highly appreciated and a million thanks in advance. ---- aresem

11/08/2009: Aresem from Alkhobar, Saudi Arabia replies: Dear Ted,

What I read from your recent post in response to Maple Syrup-Sodium Bicarbonate for CANCER made real nervous and worried for the life of my wife who at present is battling Endometrial Cancer rated stage stage-3 prior to her operation. Approximately two years after the operation it came back with two tumors in her lower abdomen. She was presently on Flaxseed oil Cottage Cheese per Johanna Budwig and additional to that she is also taking B17 both oral and injection, 1/2 tsp Blackstrap Molasses mixed with 1/2 tsp Sodium Bicarbonate in a cup of water taken 4x a day. She is on a Vegetarian Diet, which is 80% raw. We are closely monitoring her saliva and urine ph to be sure it stays close to 8.0. How can I know if the Sodium/Molasses mix is backfiring or not? She has lost her appetite but however she still takes food and drinks a lot of fruit and vegetable juice. Lastly she is also taking Transfer Factor. However with all of this protocol combined I have not observed any positive response as her pain continues to bother her not being able to sleep causing her to get weaker. She completed 5 days already on the Sodium-Molasses do I have to stop her now as she continues to complain of pain?

I have read about the Hydrochloric Acid protocol but I do not know where to buy the right kind that can be use safely. Secondly cannot find a medical Doctor in the Philippines that can do that protocol for my wife. I wish you could tell us how to do it at home without risk. You also mentioned about the Iodine and Vitamin C, can you please tell me how to prepare it, the right proportion and the kind Iodine and Vitamin C that I need to buy?

I wish you could tell us something that will help her condition at least to relieve the pain so she could sleep. I will be very thankful Ted if you could respond ASAP to give us time to rectify our present protocol.------aresem

11/09/2009: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Endometrial Cancer: First of all, most malignant cancer gets worse with the sodium/mollasses mix by making the cancer condition worse. For example, pain increased, cance became malignant. Normal the traditional approach is the maple syrup and baking soda, which is very high risk. Interestingly black strap mollasses in general have very little sugar, if we have the right kind of sugar. Ordinary molasses has a lot of sugar and will backfire. But the use of blackstrap molasses isn't the type that follows the traditional maple syrup carrying the baking soda to kill the tumor either. As to test whether the remedy backfires or not is simple. this can be noticed within half an hour of taking it.

I have another way which allows alkaline substances to go inside the cells, namely the potassium, works better then a sodium alone. The remedy is 1/2 teaspoon of sodium carbonate and potassium carbonate in 1/2 cup of water. The cancer simply does not like hydrogen peroxide and hence some people actually apply the hydrogen peroxide say 1-3% to the area of cancer, whether they be skin cancer, uterus cancer, or throat cancer. The cancer tumor is basically anaerobic, and needs sugar for it to grow. Baking soda often gets neutralize before it actually reaches the tumor sites because of acidosis, and hence, sodium bicarbonate no longer exist but the sugar is still there! The other way is to up take the wrong kinds of sugar that the tumor cannot metabolise, such as mannitol or xylitol with an equal substance of alkaline substance such as sodium and potassium carbonate. They are generally go deeper to the cells then are the sodium and potassium bicarbonate. In general I won't use the maple/baking soda.

As a recent update, I found people need a steady amount of B complex throughout the day, either once or three times a day to avoid the cachexia cancer. With that in mind, a cancer cachexia cancer with proper remedy will just last only one day, using the b complex, hydrochloric acid, for example. However the drops of hydrochloric acid is added 2-3 drops per glass of water as a starting dose. It gives energy. In a cancer, some of the reasons why they suddenly become cachexia is low antioxidant level, low b complex, low enzymes. Hence a digestive enzyme is needed during meals. The pain for most cancer pain and ordinary pain is caused by an acid condition where the cancer tumor ferments and produces lactic acid. Hence a strong alkaline substance with equal mix of potassium carbonate and sodium carbonate is most effective, followed by sodium bicarbonate and potassium bicarbonate. A potassium citrate is helpful too. Potassium is one of the most deadly for tumor, compared to sodium forms. Iodine reduces thes the halogens such as bromine, fluorine, which lowers the person's immune system. Hence MMS would be a big mistake, in event of an active malignant cancer. The reason is simple: it's a chlorine and it drives out iodine. Iodine increases the immune system and hence kills off the cancer. A large hourly dose of vitamin C, sodium ascorbate, with an alkaline mixed low dose, 1/8 glass hourly should also reduce the pain also. It should not be forgotten that iodine, bloodroot tincture are the major remedy i also used for cancer tumor too. To prepare an iodine vitamin C mix is simple. 500 mg of vitamin C preferably sodium ascorbate, or just regular vitamin C and add 2 drops of iodine in a cup of warm water. It can be taken maybe two or three times a day. A bloodroot tincture is the same 2 or 3 times a day, 2-3 drop dose. The iodine to use is a lugol's solution, which has both potassium iodide and iodine. Vitamin C is sodium ascorbate, if not ascorbic acid will do and I might neutralize some acidity with baking soda, and then we mixed with the lugol's solution. The pain is helped with taking plenty of alkaline with frequent dose. A clove tea or clove oil mixed with beer, in 50 cc cups will reduce the pain quickly and tumors don't like clove oil. The reason is simple: on ORAC scale, clove oil is the world's most antioxidant substance. It helps also that the drinking water when mixed with alkaline substance that in a liter preparation 2 caps of 3% H2O2 food grade is added. The hydrogen peroxide is toxic to the tumor cells.

11/11/2009: Aresem from Alkhobar, Saudi Arabia replies: I wished that you could further explain how to implement this recommendation as quoted below. I need to know exactly how to do this right Ted cause I do not want to risk the life of my wife by making mistakes. So please bear with my too many questions.

"The pain for most cancer pain and ordinary pain is caused by an acid condition where the cancer tumor ferments and produces lactic acid. Hence a strong alkaline substance with equal mix of potassium carbonate and sodium carbonate is most effective, followed by sodium bicarbonate and potassium bicarbonate. "

How much of each substance is to be mixed in water? Is this to be taken right after the other? I mean the carbonate mix followed at once by bicarbonate mix? Will this not increase the ph of the body to a dangerous level? Do I have to monitor the ph closely while taking this mix? How many times per day does this need to be taken?

How to do this Ted? What is the alkaline mixed you are referring here and how much of each substance do I need to mix?

"A large hourly dose of vitamin C, sodium ascorbate, with an alkaline mixed low dose, 1/8 glass hourly should also reduce the pain"

The Lugol solution you are using here can tell us the percentage or strength of the solution to use?

"To prepare an iodine vitamin C mix is simple. 500 mg of vitamin C preferably sodium ascorbate, or just regular vitamin C and add 2 drops of iodine in a cup of warm water. It can be taken maybe two or three times a day. A bloodroot tincture is the same 2 or 3 times a day, 2-3 drop dose. The iodine to use is a lugol's solution, which has both potassium iodide and iodine. Vitamin C is sodium ascorbate, if not ascorbic acid will do and I might neutralize some acidity with baking soda, and then we mixed with the lugol's solution"

What is the grade and concentration of hydrochloric acid solution you are using? Where can I possibly buy this?

"However the drops of hydrochloric acid is added 2-3 drops per glass of water as a starting dose. It gives energy".

Regarding the clove that you mentioned in your post are the same as the clove in cooking and can we make tea out of it? How much concentration of clove in the tea would make the mixed effective?

Are these protocols complementary to each other and can be taken safely on the same hour of the day without risk?

I deeply appreciate the guidance you are giving us and from the bottom of my heart my sincerest thanks for your help. I wished you more power and health and may the blessings that you are sharing to the world comes back to your door a thousand folds.----aresem
11/17/2009: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Aresem

The one important remedy I believe that helped in reducing the tumor is the bloodroot tincture. Since I prepared them myself, the concentration was a good one. However, some commercial bloodroot tinctures are too diluted and don't work. A budwig diet and several cancer remedy protocol works, however, the seem to work only where cancer is in their initial stages, they don't work for all the cases. It's best to try one at a time and see the results. Do not use the kitchen sink when doing various protocols try one by one that works. Then you combine them later one. It takes a few hours to noticed their improvement or not. A vitamin B complex is another one that I believe is important. Colostrum helps in general, as well as digestive enzymes. Those seems to be the major players in late stage cancer.

Mixing Colloidal Silver with H2O2

03/17/2009: Lyle from Chinook, AB: How does the hydrogen peroxide change the colloidal silver?

In TED'S last remedy

Colloidal silver is anti-cancer due to its antiviral properties PROVIDED that it is mixed in a solution of hydrogen peroxide until the solution becomes clear.

03/19/2009: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Hydrogen peroxide is very reactive to any metals. The peroxide breaks down, but the metals are also broken down from the turbulence of the reaction too, especially if the size to begin with is microscopic.

When colloidal silver is reacted with hydrogen peroxide, the large particles of colloidal silver breaks smaller and smaller until it's small enough to have some antiviral effects. I remember reading that the particles of silver colloids is too large to have antiviral effect, unless the silver itself is smaller. Hence the addition of the peroxide. Normally an ordinary colloidal silver is yellow, but when reacted with peroxide, it either becomes clear or slightly blue in color, where the color is possibly indicative of their size. Yellow colors the particlers are large, but a very large one you get brown color, and even larger particles it becomes black. So if is smaller it goes on the other spectrum to a more slightly bluish tinge or perhaps colorless color. It's reasonable at least for me that a colorless colloidal silver is indicative of smaller particles. A reaction of hydrogen peroxide and silver both causes the silver to be smaller, but at the same time it combines with a free radical oxygen, to become tiny particles of silver oxide, and if more oxygen is covered, it is more oxidative. Even without the need to try to prove the anticancer properties of the silver itself, I have received many reports of application of hydrogen peroxide, both applied externally and even drinking drops of hydrogen peroxide diluted in water to remove the skin cancer and certain cancers found on the face and internally area just the same.


Question About Relative with Thyroid Cancer

03/15/2009: Geralyn from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA: I have a question. I have a relative that was diag. with Thyroid cancer. They took the Thyroid out but could not get all the cancer because it wrapped around a nerve. Now they want to take her voice box out and give her 1yr to live.What can I suggest to her to start taking now.If she listens to the doctors she has now Yes indeed she will die. I am open for anything that can help. Thank-you very much in advance.

03/15/2009: Joyce from Joelton, Tn replies: Hello Geralyn, If you think your Aunt with cancer of the thyroid would be open to it, have her try both Bill's inhalation method of hydrogen peroxide and maybe Essiac tea both, another possibility is Hoxsey's formula if she can find it. A 2 hour documentary on alternative treatment for cancer aired on cable TV about 15 years ago went into great detail about this treatment which included burdock, blood root and other natural herbals that most of us used to think of as those pesky weeds. At that time it was titled "Hoxsey, Quacks Who Cure Cancer" but is still available from Project Hope although under a different name. You may can still find it there and maybe a source for the formula.

You might want to visit thecancertutor for other alternative treatments (over 200 of them) which include some for stages 1 through 4, including changes in lifestyle and diet. This guy sells nothing, only freely offers the information on what he has researched.

Lots of luck to both of you.

03/16/2009: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: I have found bloodroot tincture, using ethanol, not methanol most useful. It usually reduces cancer size by about 1/2 for most tumors in a matter of days. The remedy is often 4 drops taken 4 to 5 times a day. It requires several bottles of these to have an effect, assuming each of the tincture bottles are about 4 ounce bottle. The other thing is alkalization to reduce the acidity that causes the pain and hence neutralizing the acid is important. That said the baking soda and potassium is 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda plus 1/4 teaspoon of tripotassium cittrate in 1/2 glass of water taken three times a day. There are other ways to tame the cancer, all of which I have tried, seems to all work well aso, but I believe the remedies mentioned here is the most effective by far both in speed of reducation and some pain. I can't elminate pain entirely, but initially the clove oil did work for a couple of months before they developed some kind of resistance. The clove oil is 1 drop per glass of water well stirred or a diluted clove oil in olive oil say 5% clove oil in olive oil is applied to the area where a cancer is present seemed to have reduced the pain. BHT I think is necessary to prevent the cancer from going to other areas. The dose is around 1000-1500 mg a day. There are a lot of remedies of cancer I have tried, but these are my favorite. The theory of cancer is it' might be a viral or a fungal, depending on their speed of spread. A metastasis for example are viral in their nature, and BHT and clove can handle them rather well. A slow cancer are often fungus and mycotoxins and are neutralize from the BHT, akalization, and a newer remedy I am looking into, which is the ammonium chloride. The ammonium chloride dose I used is only 1/16 teaspoon per 1/2 glass of water once or twice a day. Seems to help clear some of those fungus out, along with the usual alkalization remedy.

In some third world country, they don't have anything to treat them. Therefore I revert to the simplest of all cancer remedy I have known, and it works consistently well too. It's called hyperthermia. It's basically the application of a hot water bag kep around 45 degree celsius, and applied to the cancer area involved and it has so far worked remarkably well where nothing is accessible, not even an electric blanket. The other primitive remediy I used second to hyperthermia is the sea salt, which is useful as it seems dehydrate them to some extent (fungus has some weakness for salinity). The dose is 1/2 or 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt in 1/2 glass of water per day. It should be known that if nothing works, hyperthermia, or the use of heat using a hot water bag works well. In more modern countries, perhaps a hot cold gel, where we put the gel in hot water, sufficiently hot, but not enough to burn the skin for a couple of hours. In other location of the body it's possible to also sit in how water tubs.

The most exotic of all cancer remedies I have tried was the use of azoxystrobin, which is afungicide, and a 30% solution I may use only 1-3 drops twice or three times a day. Of course this idea was based on fhe fungus theory of cancer. However it did seem to work, but a tumor is quite dramatic with a bloodroot tincture.


12/09/2009: Gabriela from Costa Mesa, Ca replies: Hello, I have been diagnosed with thyroid cancer as well and have decided not to do surgery or radioactive iodine treatment. I highly recommend "Healing Cancer naturally" by Mike Anderson. It's a must watch DVD and book. Get it now! There are many centers she can visit where cancer has been cured and at the very least, life has been very prolonged. Also, I am not sure how much money your aunt has but there is a doctor named Dr. Tullio Simoncini, in Italy. Google him and e-mail him asking if his treatment would work for your aunt. I advised him of my cancer and he said his treatment would work. Tell her to stop eating all meat asap! To drink Green Smoothies (they are very good), and to become low-fat vegan. Also, start incorporating black molasses into her body. Cancer is a fungus, you stop eating meat and your body will begin to see the cancer and destroy it instead of wasting it's time on digestion. it can be done. I was 294 pounds, a heavy meat eater and I am able to do this, she can too. She just needs the will to fight and survive!


10/29/2008: Phil from Lake Grove, NY USA: Under your ninth potential treatment for cancer, you list mixing colloidal silver w/ hydrogen peroxide. I just wanted to know if you meant mixing the colloidal silver w/ 35% food grade H2O2 or mixing it with some other distilled water diluted concentrate like 3% Hydrogen Peroxide? Oh, and i also wanted to know if this is a one time drink or should it be taken in doses per day and at how many ounces per dose?

01/19/2009: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: During the brewing process of making colloidal silver 10-20 drops of 3% H2O2 is added. If it is a 35% H2O then it's probably 1-2 drops. A colloidal silver batch you prepare a 1 tablespoon x 2 a day is sufficient, but a hydrogen peroxide 3% drops is prepared separately such as 3-5 drops in a glass of water plus 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda, usually three times a day. It helps a lot if you read up on cancer page, I used a combination of remedies, depending on what kind of cancer, whether they be bone cancer, colon cancer, metastasis, polyps, other things must be considered too.

I have tested enough to know which ones works well or not, so these are some of my findings. Many times I can't answer all the emails because internet speed here in Bangkok is too slow during the day, so I ended up answering emails pass midnight to very early morning. Thailand is well known for internet censorship so that's probably why the internet speeds been so slow it just prevents me from answering all issues of cancer as I would have liked, besides computer viruses and guests coming to my home!


Father with Metastacized Cancer

09/26/2008: Earth Clinic : A reader writes to Ted that her father is dying in the hospital with metastases (from the prostate) in his liver. The family was giving him a lot of vit. C plus bicarbonate, plus some potassium bicarbonate. They also put clove oil on his liver, which caused pain.

09/30/2008: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Sorry that I can't have internet access to answer the email as soon as you would like as I was busy with another metastasis that was sucessfully reversed.

It is a case of metastasis from stomach area and is currently recovering from it and no longer has metastasis. The cancer first originated in the uterus areas before it settled down in this area. It simply went everywhere at the time, and went all over tot he chest area, brain area, spinal, legs, etc.

But the clove I mentioned is used as an emergency treatment to buy time, whenever I have time to post more detailed remedies concerning terminal cancers.

There are three vital remedies that I have recently found to reverse this process, which is sodium borohydride (breaks down into borax and hydrogen gas), sanguinaria canadesis and BHT. The BHT really stopped the metastasis, the sanguinaria canadesis is the commonly called bloodroot. The dose is really simple: bloodroot tincture 1-3 drops 3 or 4 times a day, in a glass of water. This will digest and reduce the tumor size in a matter of 4 days by about 1/2 the size and will continue to do so. Most of the mistakes in bloodroot is people have a tendency to overdose themselves but a low dose indeed is working very well.

A common condition of loss of appetite can be reversed with B 50 or vitamin B complex taken at 4 or 5 times a day. In case the body refused to digest them, it is taken by via enema. The case I have to deal with had a comical side in which the person having the metastasis continues to smoke 1- 3 cigarettes a day, and is in a terminal phase, which was reversed fairly easy enough. The loss of appetite is commonly called cachexia. Two critical remedies are B complex and amino acid supplements, where it is taken 5 times a day of each really hels reversed this condition on so many occasions and with good consistency. The one additional remedy I used is sodium borohydride, but you wouldn't believe how small the dose that was used, only one single speck using a plastic spoon where the dimensions of this speck is 0.5 mm x 0.5 mm. and is dissolved in a 1/2 glass of water taken 3 or 4 times a day. The sodium borohydride what it does is it restores the body's electrical flow which is negative negative millivolts necessary to fight off the cancer. So it increases the body's electrical component.

Whichever the case a more powerful alkaline solution is needed where it is 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of potassium citrate and 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of sodium citrate in 1/2 glass of water taken three or four times a day to reduce the pain.

It should be noted that the common organ to have problems during the metastasis is always the liver where the liver is congested from digesting the cancer tumors that a granulated lecithin it given one tablespoon, before and after every meals and will facilitate this cancer problem.

The other common issue is that even if cachexia was resolved, (I am currently using one breath of hydrogen gas to help this too - has same effect as sodium borohydride - but is limited by my own means of obtaining one), The other issue is the inability for the body to digest food and food poisoning becomes the common feature. This phenomenon is due to the bodys' digestive system is depleted to almost zero and is used up to digest the cancer tumor. Therefore, a lot of enzyme supplements is taken befor during and after every meals taken at least 5-10 times a day.

Most cancer polyps, tumors are handled thus far that has actually reversed their size is always the bloodroot taken only in small amounts, but frequent enough that it won't irritate the stomach lining and digestive tract since it is diluted enough with water. The dose mentioned here is the minimum dose and optimum dose may require gradually increasing dose from that basis.

Alkalization remains the basic features of this and in my personal opinion based on response to cancer issues, it has always been the fungus. This is why many cancer are reversed or responsive in event when a small pinch of ammonium chloride is mixed in a water, or 1000 mcg of selenium supplements is given, bf most critical feature to prevent cancer is NOT to use fruit juices or it causes metastasis. The only SAFE juice is a lemon juice mixed with baking soda as original postings I have mentioned. Yogurt has to be avoided as it initiates a blood clot.

A blood clot and varicose veins is the other cause of terminal condition and this can be avoided with either a tiny sprinkle of sodium EDTA, or etra sodium EDTA. The disodium EDTA is always mixed with baking soda to neutralize the acidity and reverse the blood clotting, which is a common feature of metatstasis cancer.

I am sure I forgot to mentioned many things on cancer remedies, but other things worthy of looking into is colostrum, germanium sesquioxide, amongst other. But it is the BHT that really stopped it and liver problems can be prevented with a granulated lecithin. Appetite will be restored with B complex 5 times a day and energy level will be restored with amino acid. There is many underlying rationale for what I do, but time has always been very limited so this should at least give you something to work on.


Mother with Throat Cancer

09/18/2008: Kim from Miami, Floruda: My mother was told by the doctors that the tumore that is on her throat is cancer.My mother ear, Hurt a lot. Her throat is very soar. Please help me. I don't want to lose my mother.

09/25/2008: Alain from Ottawa, Canada replies: Answer to MOTHER WITH THROAT CANCER

Hi Kim

I would like to share with you the little knowledge I have and I would like to suggest that You read my answer post to the relation of cancer with pH
and this one about alkalizing protocols

Here's a link to another forum related to pH balance that addresses the connection between sore throat and acidity (lower pH).
I would also suggest you to contact the above forum so that you can get a better and more specific answer to your question.

I know it is a lot to read and a lot of new info to grasp. Do not get discouraged.

Good luck

Remedies Needed for Anaplastic Astrocytoma Brain Tumor

08/06/2008: D. : Hi Ted, Your website was sent to me by a friend. My husband was diagnosed with a Grade III Anaplastic Astrocytoma May 7, 2007. The tumor can not be removed due to its location. Speech, Eyesight, Motor Skills. He has been through 30days of regular radiation and chemotherapy which did help to reduce it some but then started to grow rapidly. They used Cyber Knife radiation this past May and after one month had begun to kill the cancer in the center of the tumor. Another MRI just this past month July 2008 shows that it is growing again ever so slightly when doctors had hopes the cyber knife would continue to kill the cancer. He will have another MRI in September to see if it will start growing rapidly again. If it is, our only option is more chemo. Do you have any suggestions that could help save his life. Thank you.

08/06/2008: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: I had one interesting metastasis brain cancer case that had managed to move to other areas after I have applied a solution of clove oil diluted with maybe lavender oil plus some aloe vera cream, or aloe vera oil. It is applied on the forehead, behind the ears, neck and throat area every one hour. The metastasis cancer, and the movement of cancer out from that area will be reduced if application were hourly. Before formulating an ideal combination of concentration of clove oil, it helps to first test on my skin or other areas before applying them as it may cause some burning of the skin. It is still a matter of debate which supplements I used helped, but what I can say is clove oil was a clear winner on fighting cancer problems such as brain tumor that I have experienced in. I have tested other things,

An lugols iodine solution I can apply thinly in those area hourly also, Plus hourly colostrum supplements. While metastasis cancer are indeed difficult to kill them outright, I have managed to control them or at least go to other parts of the area that is less critical and then causing them to shrink and reduce them.

I have also found that BHT supplements usually 500 mg-1000 mg a day also reduce the degree of metastasis and tumor size. Certain other supplements that may help, even if the person can take it by mouth can be taken rectally such as curcumin (1/2 teaspoon) and quercetin 1000 mg (usually hourly during critical times).

It should be noted that my experience with metastasis cancer is an interesting one. It often occurs after a chemotherapy or the removal of cancer, that happens if successful ater 3 years, and certain environmental triggers, such as herbicide or insecticide causes them to spread very quickly

Varicose veins or thickening of blood should be noted in certain people with tumors since it causes blood thickening in some cases and I have noted that 2 major supplements that reverse this is quercetin, hourly and 250 mg disodium EDTA and 1/4 teaspoon baking soda in one liter of water help.

In general, the major area of improvement is taking a drop of clove oil in one glass or 1/2 glass of water (if not too hot) is taken hourly or if not possible...because for some people it's too hot. then an application of clove oil diluted in aloe vera cream or aloe vera oil, mixed with some lavender oil may help. Now for me, i used a 5-10% clove oil in ethanol alcohol applied to the skin or forehead, neck and behind the ear for example. But clove oil has burning sensation so for different people the formula needs to be adjusted where appropriate. The positive effects should be some improvement within a matter of a couple of hours. At least this is a good first aid remedy if I do have brain tumor or other tumor and clove oils is one of my major supply in my emergency first aid kit.

I am sure I can go on with a lot of detail, but this condition seems to bid time and I think at least initially clove is the major one. Lugol is the second. If BHT is available, this can be mixed or dissolved with the clove oil solution. It's important to dilute clove oil sufficiently that it does not burn the skin too much with appropriate aloe vera creams or oil when applying them. Initially I prefer to keep applying 30 minutes, but people seem to prefer hourly being more convenient.

I hope this helps, as emails are not the best of communication devices when discussing issues related to cancer tumor of the brain.

08/07/2008: Joyce from Joelton, Tn replies: To D. whose husband has anaplastic astrocytoma of brain: Hi D. , go to Dr. Mercola site and watch the Doug Kaufman interview with Italian oncologist, Tullio Simoncini who talks about treating cancers with local injections into cancers in Italy. It sounds very effective & safer than our slash, burn & torture treatment.

Relation Between Ph and Cancer

07/25/2008: Swati from Dubai, UAE: Hi, Ted. I have been reading a lot about Cancer and your comments on this subject a lot. Can you explain to me what is the relation between PH levels of our body and Cancer? and what is the best way to check the levels and maintain the balance?

07/31/2008: Alain from Ottawa, Canada replies: Hi Swati

I belieive now that pH balance and its control is VITAL for every body.

May be these links will shed some light on the subjects and to your questions.

About pH and Cancer:
From "How you rot and rust"

About measuring and monitoring own pH:

For additional links see my other posts here in EARTHCLINICS

Good luck to you in your search of knowledge and to you all who may happen to read this and may get interested in the subject.

And thanks to EARTHCLINIC to allowing us to share the little knowledge that we might happen to get."

7/31/2008: To Swati: Addition to my prior post:

Cancer and Oxygen and pH

Good luck.

08/11/2008: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Swati:

Since I deal with late stage cancer, metastasis, the impact of pH is really hard to deny. The body is extremely sensitive changes in acid. Death of cancer occurs, at least from me the most serious is the extensive blood clot. Where you die quite quickly within a matter of hours. Other are less serious that also leads to death such as tumor blocked the circulation, cachexia (loss of appetite and atrophy) and even metastasis are rather easy at least for me since it provides plenty of time to find a proper remedy to reverse it.

A blood clot from cancer can occur rather quickly if the person eats sour food and acid forming food. There was one case of a person of metastasis (can easily dealt with using clove, cinnamon, BHT and lugol's solution), who consumed two cups of yogurt for example, will lead to a very rapid formation of blood clots enough to block a circulation and kill them. Metastasis is rather easy, but a blood clot from eating sour food and acid forming food can lead to blood clots enough to kill the person within a short time of a couple of hours. Therefore, a remedy used is simply baking soda, sodium carbonate mixture such as carbicarb remedy that I mentioned was used to reverse this quickening of blood clot, which worked very effectively. Therefore in a cancer condition, the body is extremely acid, and this acidity leads to blood clot. A cancer's metabolism also produces acid, lowers oxygen and leads to worsening condition. But if the body is neutralized with baking soda, sodium carboante using the carbicarb remedy the alkalinity will reduce the blood clot and cancer tumor by neutralizing the acidity from the cancer or cancer metastasis.

Therefore, eating anything acid or and the need to alkalize the body is a critical lifesaving issue that alkalizing is the basic foundation for a cancer remedy. However in a cancer issue the amount of alkalinity required is critical to survival of cancer, especially in event of blood clotting which leads to death.

It should be noted that certain other remedies I observed to reduce blood clots is the reduction of heavy metals and at least for me an alkaline form of EDTA such as tetrasodium edta makes more sense then the disodium edta as it is a more alkaline form in dealing with this issue of cancer. The tetrasodium EDTA is a blood thinner, reduce calcium buildup that slows clotting, but the dose I used is far lower than most supplements sold in the market and even then, I will dilute 250 mg of this in a one liter of drinking water.

Calcium is rather dangerous in a cancer condition that accelerates clotting and also yogurt, which is both acid and containing cancer is counterproductive and can kill a person. But this is very true of sugar, glucose, fructose, fruit juice and other sweets. These are also acid forming and tends to support cancer growth. In that cases, if there is no choice is given but to give fruit juices due to blocked digestive system, then the fruit juices must be at least dilute with 2-5 times more water so that the blood sugar isn't going up as quickly because cancer is a fermentative in nature, and when this happens, it produces acid as a byproduct. In excess it causes the blood to be acid, causes bone pain, muscle pain, which is the primary cause of cancer pain. Therefore alkalinity reduces these pain and I can conclude that the cancer is both fermentative in nature, acid forming which is what causes cancer in the first place. The more the body is acid, the body's cells and immune response is reduced and the blood can only work within a very narrow pH. Cancer is destabilizing and when the body's systems is weak, this can lead the body to become acid again thus killing the person by acidity which leads to blood clot.

It should be noted that I used other things to reduce blood thickness, which tends to be a common problem in cancer and this restricts blood flow to the brain and other vital organs. As a result, quercetin 1000 mg every hour, curcumin 1000 mg every hours for example may be used too to prevent blood thickness from restricting blood flow. However certain dietary restrictions is also needed that tends to restrict blood flows, which means most of the diet has to be only vegetarian plus supplements. High protein diets is acid forming and very counterproductive that leads to thick blood restricting blood flow but also encouraging blood clots when the body is excessively acid from the fermentative acid by products in a tumor.

Therefore acidity is directly related to low pH in cancer and may be dangerous to eat anything that is acid forming or sour foods. Acid forming foods includes sugar, meats and proteins.

11/06/2012: Nicole from Tamuning, Guam replies: Hi Ted, I have been taking green tea extract (250-500 mg/3-5 times a day). This is the vegetable glycerin based extract. Also, I drink 4 or more cups of organic green tea during the day. I have read that green tea is acidic and should be avoided if trying to maintain alkalinity (Robert O. Young, pH Miracle Diet). I am doing this along with your basic protocol: lysine, NAC, ascorbic acid. At the moment cannot afford the other supplements yet but will receive DMSO and aloe vera oil as well as iodine from another company (not Lugols). I am on the strict cancer diet: all vegetables, no sugar at all, no carbs (I react adversely to rice no matter the color, and others), no fruits or fruit juices, no oils.

My first question: Is it okay to drink green tea as I have been doing to get the anti cancer effect? Is it safe to drink at any stage, especially late stage? Will it cause clotting or any other ailment?

Second question more related to your diet protocol: is use of cold-pressed olive oil allowed to use with raw or steamed veggies? If not, is it okay to use cold-pressed virgin coconut oil over raw/steamed foods?

I am currently dealing with cancer of the throat that has spread to the lungs. I notice my breathing has improved more with this protocol but is there anything else you recommend for metastasis patients of similar condition? Thank you.

11/06/2012: Ed2010 from Oakville, Canada replies: In addition, you can take wheat grass juice which is filled with tonnes of nutrition and can cure all diseases including cancer. It purifies the blood and produces new blood cells whi ch is necessary to cure the ailment.

Hair Follicle Remedy Needed After Chemotherapy

06/30/2008: Marley from Houston, Texas: Hello, after finishing chemotherapy which pretty much left me feeling and looking (due to the hair loss) like a million years old i've become a strong partisan of natural remedies, i really like your site and i appreciate your compassion and humanity; i was just wondering if you knew of any natural hair follicule strengthener? if its ok to call it that way for my eyebrows and eyelashes.. see i finished chemo 8 months ago but my eyebrows are still falling off, whenever i touch them they stick to my fingers by the numbers (im 18 yrs old) so i dont think its normal, could you please explain to me why this happens? i dont believe my doctors anymore they say its anxiety and stress yet i've always had to deal with stress and never before had i had this porblem any advice or info will be greatly appreciated.. thanks a bunch

07/25/2008: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Much of the toxicity of chemical of chemotherapy are the oxidative nature and the effects in inhibiting any cellular growth which causes hair to die off. There are a couple of therapies that help, one is a detoxification using sodium thiosulfate. Another one is to promote cellular growth. The third one is to restore the normal antioxidant nature of the body fluids. And the fourth one is to stop further hair loss.

The sodium thiosulfate dose, while it is much lower than what hospitals use reduces the excessive chemical toxins that lingers inside the cells. While this won't neutralize all the toxins, it was found that the sodium thiosulfate as a protective effect against the toxicity of chemotherapy, although they used in a much higher amounts. The dosage I do use is a sodium thiosulfate of about 200 -250 mg, one "rice grain" of sodium thiosulfate mixed in a glas water. Initial dose will cause a loose stool, but thereafter, the effect should lessen. It seems to cause a detox effect only on initial dose. The sodium thiosulfate have properties to chelate out heavy metals also.

However, the most common element that is needed after chemotherapy I think is to restore normal human immunity, in particular is the iodine supplements where the source comes from kelp. Taken too much causes acne, because of the detoxification effect, usually a large dose is often an occurance for some people who's already low in iodine to begin with. Therefore a kelp supplements is usually 250 mg to 500 mg once every two days should minimize the impact of acne issues and allow the body to detoxify slowly this way. For me it also restore metabolism and the body's normal defense against the cancer. There are others, but iodine from kelp is the easiest to use along with many other elements hidden in kelp that I have found to be of benefit.

Certain remedies promote cellular growth, by increasing the body's hormones through secretogogues (which increases human growth hormone), such as 2000 mg of glycine, 4000 mg of glutamine, and 250-500 mg of niacinamide, usually taken before sleep to increase the growth hormones. This may may restore normal cellular growth and may reduce further hair loss. Another possibility is the use of secretogogues taken during the day time such as amino acid citrulline or arginine, which raises the body's nitric oxide as well as human growth hormone. It should be noted that my own observation in taking supplements which are nitric oxide promoters, such as citrulline especially, but to some extent arginine, helps increase the hair growth. However silicon rich compounds also helps the hair become thicker. In chemical terminologies nutritional companies add either sodium metasilicate or sodium silicate. I prefer much larger dose such as 25 mg or 50 mg, but that's not available anyway, which is why I do it myself. However there are silicic acid, which is neutral form of sodium silicate that is available to support hair growth, but usually it is the thickness of the hair. N Acetyl Cystiene supplements such as 250 mg for example may also support hair growth since a major component of a hair is a protein, some additional amino acid supplements may help.

The reason why these growth factor might be considered is that a majority of the chemotherapy uses a chemical which prevents any cellular growth of both healthy cells and cancer cells from further growth. This causes hair loss, which in some instance never grew back. The use of chlorinated and fluoridated water merely worsens the condition much worse as these are often proinfllammatory, which kills the hair roots too. Therefore a 10% solution of sodium thiosulfate such as 5-10 drops added to all drinking water will reduce the chlorine in water, but not the fluoride. Certain fluoride removals includes tamarind supplements (in Thailand we used this as part of the cooking process) or a small pinch of borax added into one liter of drinking water (such as 1/16 or 1/32 teaspoon) of borax. They act in removing fluoride out of th system or at least reduce the toxic effect of fluoride.

A loss of appetite can be reversed with occasional vitamin B complex, usually in the form of B50, but it will also restore some weakness, which are usually helped especially from the B1 thiamine mononitrate (nitrates form may support hair growth), it is the other B's that increases the appetite, a common symptoms that occur in many cancer patients that the doctors called cachexia, which funny enough I can easily reverse this condition with just a 60,000 i.u. -100,000 of vitamin D3 and vitamin B complex to restore the appetite.

So while doctors allow people to die unnecessarily of this condition is in my opinion, they didn't do anything about it. Of course it's a near sin to say a cure, but I can say it works almost everytime, given sufficient time such as a couple of weeks to a month. There is really no need to take the toxic hydrazine sulfate when vitamin D3 and vitamin B complex will reverse this condition to what I think is "almost a cure" as far as I know.

The vitamin D3 usually restores muscle mass and muscle atrophy associated with cachexia., along with immune systems while the major part of this remedy is always the B complex which restores the appetite. If the appetite is good, then the hair follicles should have sufficient nutrients for it to grow. Assuming of course the effects of chemotherapy also resulted in reduced weight, which it usually does. Drinking milk is actually an anti nutrient and it is used in emergency first aid against food poisoning since the casein of the milk protein prevents absorption of any nutrients including the poisons, so I wouldn't drink milk for now if I just had a chemotherapy! It's almost a sin for me to give milk to my friends because it makes them sicker. In fact they sometimes develop certain nutritional deficiencies if milk was given along with their food. Obviously milk isn't going to help hair growth resulting from nutritional deficiencies.

Restoring the body's normal antioxidant levels, mostly requires vitamin C sodium ascorbate, 1000 mg a day that is usually taken 5 days out of a week. An 2 tablespoon apple cider vinegar with 1/4 of baking soda will restore some of the alkalinity back. Further helping the normal cells function normally.

The last remedy I used, which may be the most important to prevent hair loss is the manganese. Unluckily most people I know do not use chemotherapy or surgery and opted for natural therapies against cancer and are cured, so I really have no way of knowing whether the manganese does help directly of hair loss initiated by chemotherapy. However the remedy that generally stops this is manganese sulfate 25-50 mg taken for about 5 days out of a week for two to three weeks should be more than enough to stop the hair from falling any further.

In general a chemotherapy's survivability is estimated to be about 33% (and this figure is fudged to make it look larger than it really is) in about 5 years. After 5 years, they don't follow up. While an average survivability rate of cancer using natural therapy is about 80% within 5 years.While it is true everyone has their "own" natural therapy because these aren't publicized that much, as it is less profitable than the conventional therapy, all I can mention is my own experiments and observations of cancer therapies.

After chemotherapy, or surgery or even as a prevention, the simplest of the cancer remedy is simply to avoid eating wheat and wheat products and make a switchover to millet products as a source of grain. Millet is what U.S. used 50 years ago before wheat took over and the cancer rates started to rise. Now we have cancer in babies and children.

So the state of health problem might be reaching a crisis level as children today for the first time in history will not be living longer than their parents. Therefore a chance is given to switch to the old diets, using millet products are high in nitrilosides, vitamin B17, where a healthy cells has rhodonase to metabolize them into food, while a cancer cells has beta glucosidase, which metabolise the nitriloside into hydrogen cyanide and the benzaldehyde. This makes B17 cell specific and it is what I used on metastasis cancer in natural therapies (using apricot pits), that along with hourly clove oil, lysine and colostrum turns out to be the most effective so far.

In the B17, the scientist previously thought it was the hydrogen cyanide that was most toxic to cells, it turns out that it is the flavoring agent, benzaldehyde that was most toxic to cancer cells. Most bitter almonds and especially the apricot pits has both the vitamin B15 pangamic acid and B17 laetrile.Which will offer protection once the effects of chemotherapy wears off or that the immune system is down. So there is a lack of nitrilosides in a human diet, including cancerous dogs and cats. If given the chance for the dogs to eat Johnson grass and certain variety of grass, it offers the dog protection against cancer too. This is why dogs cure cancer themselves. They go out in the yard, find a suitable grass and they eat it like an herbal medicine. People keep asking me this, so I might as well make a mention of this.

Most of the U.S. diets are ripe in cancer causing dietary nature as the cows are now grain fed, which makes their meats low in nitrilosides and hence eating meats in U.S. can be peculiarly cancer causing since grains are usually lacking in B17. Humans eat wheat and that's not helpful either. So the entire dietary choice that offers protection against cancer is taken entirely out of the equation.

Now how a B17 helps with hair loss is rather simple, The B17 raises the body's immune system and a possible autoimmunity against hair follicles from further loss. If I have to mention three major remedies to stop hair loss in event of a chemotherapy then it would have to vitamin C sodium ascorbate, manganese sulfate and sodium thiosulfate to reduce body's chemotherapy toxins.

However, to prevent autoimmunity, millet bread and diets are taken while larger portions of vegetarian diets is eaten. Eating more vegetables reduces the body's taxing demands for both trypsin and chymotrypsin involved in digesting excessive dietary meats also. The trypsin and chymotrypsin are pancreatic enzymes that also digests cancer cells and are the first lines of defense. It this reason why young calves were sacrificed for their pancreas and either eaten or injected as a cure for cancer which also ahd a better safety record against cancer than did chemotherapy.

As to what to do if the hair follicles don't regrow back. The only way to create stem cells need fro some level of regeneration, which is a major limiting factor for me then it's might be the colloidal silver, applied to the hair, and taking aloe vera juice daily. The aloe vera juice is well known for regeneration against the effects of chemical burns, radiation burns or simple fire burns and therefore may help normalize damaged cells.

It was Dr. Robert Beck that found silver or colloidal silver to cause cells to revert to stem cells and hence, the cells in the body can respecialized in creating new hair follicles. The colloidal silver might be applied to the head, or perhaps taken internally somewhat such as 1-3 tablespoon a day for about 1-6 months should not have a noticeable effect on any agyria, however taken selenium and chelation supplements such as chlorella, etc. will displace silver out of the system too. However the presence of trace silver may increase even a small amount of dedifferentiated cells or stem cells may help the body regenerate itself including the hair follicles. Of course this a tiny improvement on furthering developing hair follicles, but every little bit helps. However it's more likely to have a more overall positive cellular regeneration in other areas.


Apple Cider Vinegar and Ph Levels

06/25/2008: Marie from Green Bay, WI: To Ted: I heard about acv from earth clinic and got very excited. I am a cancer survivor of lymphoma for almost 2 years. I know ph levels are important for good health. I was taking 1 tbls acv with 1/4 tsp baking soda 2 times / day and with test paper noticed my ph levels increase within 1 week.They were up to 7.4. Well for some reason I noticed the levels going down to 6.4 in am and 7.0 during the day.I am testing 2 hours after eating and right away when I wake up. I started taking 2 tbls 2 times a day and have not noticed any difference. Could it be that my body does not respond to acv for some reason? Does everyone find successful results by taking acv? Should I try something else?

06/30/2008: Teresa from Northern, Indiana replies: You may have tried this; but I suggest taking a few days off of ACV & baking soda each week. Like 4 days on, and 3 days off. Or, 5 days on and 2 days off. Or, maybe even one day off to start. Doesn't matter what I'm doing; if I don't give my body a break form it, it's not happy. Check some of Ted's older posts for more info. I try not to test my urine right after waking up in the morning. You are very acidic at night (2-3 am is most acidic time), if I remember correctly. So, this may throw your results off. On that note, perhaps you can try one of your doses right before bed. This helps me sleep well sometimes. Are you eating alkaline or acidic foods? Are you taking the combo one hour before or two hours after eating? I think the most common recipe is 2 TBSP ACV to 1/4 tsp baking soda. Noticed you were only doing 1 TBSP in the beginning. I also try to mix my alkaline formulas up a bit. Sometimes I use citric acid/baking soda, sometimes lemon or lime/baking soda. Just to give the body variety so it doesn't acclimate to what I'm giving it. You could probably stand to bump your ACV/baking soda combo up to 3 x day. I think 2-3 x day is acceptable. Lastly, if you are feeling worse after that first week of success, pay attention. Some people have reported problems with taking baking soda continuously. Hope that helps some. Good Luck.

Eggplant Extract for Cancer

06/23/2008: Marshall Leach from Concord, North Carolina: I heard that eggplant extract was really effective for cancer and that it helps with stem cell growth. There are extracts for just about EVERYTHING on the internet. But the curious thing is, I cannot find a single web page what either carries the extract or a recipe to make it. It is sooooo odd. Am I missing something? ANY information would be appreciated. I love your site by the way. I have told many people about it already. Thanks and keep up the good work!

10/15/2008: Veniusanded from Wilbur, WA replies: My wife makes eggplant salve.

Cleanse Remedies Needed After Chemo and Radiation

06/08/2008: Tom : I am inquiring as to a cleanse, I have been treated w/ chemo & radiation in the past 14 months . I am now cancer free. Looking for suggestions or feedback. Thanks.

06/09/2008: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Tom: The best antidote against toxic effect of chemotherapy is sodium thiosulfate, which is often called a dechlorinator. A swimming pool supplier may have it and sell it by the bag. Usually a 10% sodium thiosulfate are used in drops, such as 10-20 drops per glass of water. Initial dose will cause a watery stool, thereafter, the condition will no longer be loose stool. If no loose stool is experience a one crystal of sodium thiosulfate dissolved in a glass or 1/2 glass of water can be used. The one crystals are approxinately 250 - 500 mg in weight. so my crystals might be different then other people, however approximate size anywhere between that I find helpful.

Doctors used sodium thiosulfate to prevent deafness that occurs following chemotherapy, however, sodium thiosufates neutralizes chemical toxins at the same time. The other remedy that neutralizes this is the newer salt and carbicarb remedy (sometimes I referred to as an ORMUS drink), which is 1/4 teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate, sodium carbonate (washing soda) and sea salt. It helps that if the body is already low in potassium, from taking diuretics in case some does, that 1/8 teaspoon of potassium citrate or potassium bicarbonate was used. The alkalization increase oxygen and oxidized known chemotoxins and the monoatomic element found in sea salt in trace quantities help intercellular communications in detoxifications.

Granulated lecithin one tablespoon taken three times a day before meals is a fat emulsifier which will ease the congestion of liver due to chemotherapy too. It's important in general to avoid artificial sugar, especially aspartame as these tend to aggravate the condition.


Brain Cancer in Children

04/30/2008: Monica from Portland, Oregon: Hello, All the treatments are mostly for the adults How would you get a 5 yr old to eat half that stuff. Does anyone know anything about curing children's Brain Cancer? besides Prayer. That is the best. But we also need to add the medical traditional procedures. (Doctors, Chemo, radiation etc..) To help it all work together. I would love any feedback anyone has. I have a five year old who has been doing chemo since we found the tumor when she was 14 months old. She is left sided weak and can't use her left hand. If anyone has anything please do tell. God Bless All who have any incurable disease. and thank you for your time.

05/05/2008: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Monica:
Yes. A simple protocol is to avoid certain foods, as being the easiest.

What I have found at least in Thailand is that a majority of children and young people that had brain cancer ingest certain sugar free products, namely aspartame in their drinks such as diet Coke, diet Pepsi, Coke Zero, Pepsi Max, sugar free gums, mouth fresheners and mouthwash. All these product causes in my own observation a severe metabolic acidosis since it degrades into formaldehyde and causes neural damages that resulted in brain tumor whenever metabolic acidosis exists. I don't know for the U.S. the differences, but certain foods are quite acid forming, and some vaccines contain cancer viruses leading to that problem

As to the alkalizing dose, it is based on 1/2 of the dose of an adult, assuming a child is 1/2 the weight. If on the other hand a child is 1/3 the weight the dose is 1/3 too. However in the condition of a brain cancer, the metabolic rates of the brain is quite high and the degree of acidity is also high such that baking soda would not sufficiently neutralize the acidity of the brain.

Therefore a carbicarb remedy plus a small pinch of potassium is the only remedy I know that can effectively alkalize the brain. It can be observed that the calming effect on children is rapid, such as 30 minutes to 1 hour. This remedy is as follows (for adult) then we calculated on basis of weight later:

1/4 teaspoon of baking soda plus 1/4 teaspoon of sodium carbonate (washing soda) and 1/16 teaspoon potassium bicarbonate in 1/2 glass of water taken twice a day at least.It should be noted that sodium carbonate inside the body's carbon dioxide is converted to sodium bicarbonate since sodium carbonate absorbs carbon dioxide, and this is more effectively neutralizes the acidity of the brain cells. The reason is simple, sodium bicarbonate have limited ability to absorb the carbon dioxide and since the brain has high metabolism, where 30% of the calories is used up by the brains, and 80% of oxygen is used by the brains, it stands that most carbon dioxide is high in the brain area and we need something that best absorbs carbon dioxide, thus neutralizing the acidity.

In most practicing doctors such as Dr. Simoncini, they will use much higher doses, but the problem is their dose is higher and this leads to side effects, while the remedy here is quite mild, but will slowly cause the body to heal itself. It takes about 2 weeks for the body to stabilize it's acidity to a desired amount, but still it must still be continued for some period of time as well as some ocassional maintenance dose.

There are other remedies which did help too, such as lemon and baking soda, but the dose is still 1/2 of the adult dose if the child too is 1/2 of the weight. It's really a toss up which ones work the best in practice, but in theory the first remedy mentioned should work better.

If a child is 1/3, 1/4, 1/8 of weight of adult, then it is divided by 3, 4, or 8. However, in this methodology, I am considering a full grown small adult to weigh about 100 pounds. So if a child is 25 pounds, then the dose is 25/100 or 1/4 of the dose.

Pain and Inflammation--ii

02/08/2008: Concerned Daughter : Hello Ted, Thank you so much for responding (especially so promptly)!!! A few more questions regarding your responses... Baking Soda & Citric acid 1. Is there a preferred product?

1. Caribcarb (washing soda) - is this product an example of what you are referring to?

1% H2o2 - is this a product you can by or a treatment in which I need to make an appointment with someone?

Last question - with any of these pain remedies, how long should they be taken? Thanks again... Concerned daughter

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Concerned Daughter: The links you showed are the correct products. The theory of pain behind cancer in my opinion is due to the acid that is produced by the cells that is causing the pain. A cancer cell's pH is much lower than the surrounding cells causing the pain. It in some ways similar to doing too much exercises which causes the muscle pain. In the event of an exercise the cells create too much lactic acid which caused the pain. In a cancer cells the same thing happens and we sense the pain from the acidity of the cells. Therefore, a carbicarb that I have used in the past has worked fairly well by neutralizing the acid that is created by the cells. In other words the greater the acid, the greater neutralization of acid is needed, which is why I used the newer carbicarb. Technically speaking, the carbicarb uses equimolar concentration, but in most home use measuring these equimolar things are difficult so I will preferably use equal 50/50 baking soda and sodium carbonate mixed. (the exact measurements is 20% of the sodium carbonate than that of baking soda). Hence a simple 1/4 baking soda and 1/4 sodium carbonate in 1 glass of full water or in 2 glass of water (so it won't taste so bad and lower concentration is more dispersive in neutralizing too) and is taken twice a day.

It takes about two to three weeks, preferably on the third week or 21 days to have some effect on neutralizing the acid causing the pain most effectively. However, the pain will begin to reduce on the third day. But to achieve proper alkalization it should be taken for about three weeks to get out most of the acid that is causing the pain.

1% H2o2 - is this a product you can buy or a treatment in which I need to make an appointment with someone?

I used them topically on the skin, but preferably a 0.5% is more user friendly. The H2O2 gets absorb to the skin and will be very helpful on toxins in the body and should help the body's immune system, with less toxic load.

Last question - with any of these pain remedies, how long should they be taken?

The minimum time period to effectively reduce the acid creating the pain is about three weeks, but I prefer 1 month. The one advantage is taking it on the third day some pain reduction should be noted, but the body has a lot of acid and hence I would take it for a longer period. It helps, a lot of pain, at least from my own experience.

Vitamin C and K3 (msb)

12/23/2007: Carol : Hello Ted, I've been researching powerful cancer fighting properties of the combination Vitamin C:K3 (MSB). I'd like to use the combination on myself if it were not for one problem. Vitamin K3 is only sold in China. I can not locate it anywhere in the United States. I wonder why the United States Court of International Trade denied the petition on June 25, 2003. Do you have any insight? Thank you Carol

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Carol: Since K3 is presently being considered as a part of chemotherapy by the pharmaceutical industries, although I doubt they actually used it, it is therefore not classified as a natural supplements and hence not sold in the market.

A much simpler explanation is that drug companies would rather sell it to you than if you buy them directly from the suppliers, which is a more profitable route or perhaps block the sale on technical issue, which if you are a good lawyer can actually win a case on that issue alone. Courts are not scientist, and they change with the wind, depending, on prior judgement, whether the court is conservative or liberal, and in fact there is a mathematical model that can predict the outcome of a court case more accurately than legal experts.

Therefore, when it becomes a problem getting K3, K2 is used instead, or a more natural fermented natto, which is also high in vitamin K2, but not K3, is the practical course, albeit a less a less effective route than the use of K3 for treatment of cancer. Yes, a K3 and vitamin C can be a powerful method for treatment of cancer, but I doubt that it will be available in the anytime soon.

In tissue culture grown of cancer cells, such as the HeLa cancer cell tissue, which grows quite fast, I suspect, it hardly have any human chromosomes in there, and to prevent their growth, a more practical approach is that a cancer tissue culture soup can't grow if the solution pH is relatively high, and hence alkaline is one primarily method of suppressing one, for one thing, alkalinity drives out carbon dioxide (just add baking soda to a cola), and increases oxygen as the CO2 is lowered. Our ocean's water pH is about 8, and if the pH were much lower it would have been lower than that I am sure sharks would get cancer too, but I think they will die from the acidity of the water more than the cancer. Even by a very conservative thought, acid burns and cause the skin to be swollen, while a slightly alkaline may reduce this swollen cancer cell effects as alkalinity will reduce the cancer tumor size, at the very least. It should be noted that a simple basic cancer growth is they simply don't grow in highly oxygenated environment. Even a baking soda and H2O2 drops remedy is some other simpler things I might consider if the K3 were not made available, or even the Baking soda and lemon remedy, might also help the condition somewhat. In microbiology we take it that most cancerous tissue culture to be virus. That means a virus orders healthy human cells to produce itself many times over, and hence the cancer cells do not divide on its own, but under the commands of the virus, and this is why telomerase (which tells how long a cell can live not to divide, say over 20 times) are not used up. Therefore, if the virus is eliminated or suppressed, at the same time, the immunity is high enough so that the white blood cells can gobble up the cancer cells faster than they can divide, than I think there's a chance to get rid of them. Most of our canned foods and packaged foods has bisphenol-A and this is an estrogen hormone which promotes obesity, precocious puberty, amongst other things, but in excesses also promotes cancer too, as the hormones causes the cells to divide faster, so in other words, it is like a cancer cells on steroids, where a weakened white blood cells (weakened by chemotherapy!) have no chance of winning an Olympiad cancer cells on steroids from all the junk foods we eat.

Apricot Seeds, Hcn and Sodium Thiosulfate


Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: The maximum dose that parents used on a child to control behavioral problems were not more than 12 to 15 drops per glass of water, but too much tends to have a laxative effect. In event of a medical emergency do to cyanide poisoning the dose used is many hundred times more than this but doctors give them by I.V. injections.

Sodium thiosulfate is commonly used as an antidote for cyanide poisoning, and hence there is no bad effects from eating too many apricot seeds which contains a cyanide form of vitamin B17. It does more than detoxify cyanide; other chemical toxins are also neutralized.

It is antineoplastic indirectly since sodium thiosulfate removes heavy metals which causes certain conditions of cancer. However, for cancer I prefer to alkalize first, sodium thiosulfate I think is helpful, but people are usually not familiar with it, as well as the products are not properly labeled by mentioning the ingredients. Therefore a much better way to treat such conditons of cancer, for example is to raise urine pH and saliva pH to 7. If the pH of the mouth is below, it means low potassium levels (such as from potassium ctirate and magnesium citrate), while a low pH urine means a low levels of sodium in general. In practice, most of the fluids actually require more sodium than magnesium or potassium. If the bicarbonates form or preferably citrate form of sodium and potassium, those should be more ideal and can be used together with sodium thiosulfate, provided that the dose is not too high to cause diarrhea.

Lung Cancer: Chemotherapy Side Effect Counteraction

03/31/2007: Ditas : ... We've been using your alkalizing formulas, i shared it to my sisters and broher in laws, and one of my brother in laws doesn't want to miss taking ACV and baking soda for his acid reflux. The following are what my husband (with LUNG CA) is taking along side with his chemo Tx: 2tbsp of ACV and 1/4 baking soda as soon as he gets up and before he goes to bed and sometimes 1/4 baking soda with a glass of water during lunch time (if ever he's experiencing acid reflux). Mr Ted, which is better, the ACV with baking soda or lemon/lime with baking soda in my husbands case? 10-12 0z fresh carrot juice (organic) 3x a day 2tbsp of blackstrap molasses a day Vitamin C 1000mg and Vitamin E 400 twice a day Xango juice 2tbsp and acai berry 2tbsp a day Multivitamin (the one we bought from costco) a day Are these too much or too little? What else can we add to eliminate the cancer cells in his body? Restaging was done last three weeks ago, and somehow the our doctor said that my husband is responding to the Chemo Tx, there still some traces of cancer in his bones but so far theres a lot of improvements....

Thanks to you Mr Ted for all your advices, without earthclinic and for all your alkalizing formulas, my husband should be so sick right now from all the chemo drugs that he's taking. Mr Ted, two weeks ago my husband was hospitalized because of atrial fibrillation (A-FIB), his pulse rate was so irregular and went up to 150's then go down to 100's, so they started him on Toprol XL 50mg, and also his potassium (3.2) level dropped too as well his albumin level, they tap him too because of the fluid in the lungs. He has fluid in the lungs and heart since he was hospitalized last January, they want to tap it then but there's not enough fluid to tap. Mr Ted, what can we do for his potassium and albumin level? What can he eat aside from banana and egg white? Are these the right food to eat? What can we do to clear the fluid in his heart and lungs... Mr Ted is it normal reaction for my husband to have a fever a few days after the chemo? I am so worried, because my husband is scheduled for his 5th chemo Tx on April 11, he might end up in the hospital again..... what can we do to counter act the efect of chemo drugs........ Mr Ted again..... THANK YOU SO MUCH....... Always......Ditas

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Ditas:

One of my friends had a case of fast and irregular heart beat, at least for me, the condition had to do with electrolyte imbalances, which I managed to solve that (more like a cure for her since it never came back) just by taking 1/8 teaspoon of magnesium chloride, 1/16 teaspoon of sea salt, 1/16 teaspoon of potassium citrate, and 1/8 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water.

One dose did it, but it takes about an hour to normalize the condition. It was a result of hot weather bangkok, no doubt, global warming as the body loses precious electrolytes. Older people usually die of heart attack usually from dehydration and electrolyte imbalances. Fluidity of the body or the heart, may be reduced slowly with just the apple cider vinegar and baking soda, which are often reduced gradually.

Many doctor's med tend to displace potassium, and that dose may need to be taken with a bit more regularity such as once a day, or may need to take with more frequent dose. The dose I provide is always the bare minimum.

The apple cider vinegar 1/4 teaspoon and 1/4 teaspoon baking soda again taken 2 times a day is a minimum dose. Consider taking them 3 to 4 times a day as a closer optimum values, if there is no problem with initial use.

My own background in seeing people getting better from cancer, even without chemotherapy seemed to go to "remissions" (which in my book is more like a cure)were actually from the lemon and baking soda, or lime and baking soda formula. Those were taken at 8 teaspoon of lime juice freshly squeezed plus 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda, mixed in 1/2 glass of water.

As for chemotherapy, whenever there is a fever it is probably that the chemotherapy suppressed his immune system so much that he developed a fever as the body becomes more sensitive to bacteria or virus. So I think, at the very least zinc acetate (or zinc gluconate) may help the body's immune system, being both antiviral and antibacteria. I think 50 mg. of zinc acetate, for example taken 3 times a week should be helpful. Vitamin D3, 2000 i.u. to 10,000 i.u. taken once a day may help further the immune system.

Since natural therapy may have a way of resolving itself from cancer, it is at least ethical for the doctors to check for presence of cancer before undergoing chemotherapy. At least from what the nurses told me, people without natural therapy undergoing chemotherapy for the 5th time have a low probability of survival.

Lymph Node Treatment?

02/25/2007: Gil from Jo'burg, South Africa: My husband found a lump under his arm in December, probably resulting from a fall in September. January 3rd it was said to be an haematoma, which was then cut and scraped as it had formed 'fibres'. This wound did not heal, weeped until he returned to the specialist on the 17th Feb, she then cut it open again, told us that she had removed some lymph glands that looked bad. Last Friday he was told that they were cancer. The surgeon said that these were not there in January. We both started 'oil pulling' at the beginning of January and I am wondering if it was toxins from that, that they have seen? Also when he felt discomfort he took the lemon and baking soda with water. This he said seemed to soften the lump, and it drained better. Now after the second op, they removed the drain on Friday, and he says the lump is still there and getting bigger. Please help me? He has stopped the oil pulling and the lemon with baking soda. I have now started him on a drop of hydrogen peroxide in a glass of water. Is it too late and can this help even though it has been cut? I have bought him the apricot kernels, he will be taking them when he gets back from work at lunchtime, also he has started CoQ10, yesterday. I would appreciate an answer as I am very worried. Thanking you.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Gil: Hydrogen peroxide 3% dosage is often 6-12 drops to 1 glass of water taken at least about 4 times a day. The baking soda and lime, for example, needs a larger dose, so that would be about 1/2 teaspoon taken three times a day at least. It takes a least about 2 weeks for the body to have a sufficient amount of bicarbonates. Some zinc gluconate or zinc supplements can be helpful to increase the body's immune system, usually 50 mg taken once or twice a week so that the body will not be deficient.

A hydrogen peroxide 1% can be applied in the area of the arm or lymph glands externally or topically. Frequency of dose is what I think will be most helpful for improvement in conditions.

Avoid sugars, bread, fried foods and sweets is the best ways toward getting the body fit to fight off any weakness or healing to occur, at least during the period. Eating light meals after supper, in particular salads, will prevent the body from toxic overload.

Cyanide Poisoning a Worry?

02/15/2007: P from C: Ted, I found it interesting, about the B-17, from one of Earth Clinic's readers, but when I went to different sites that sold it, it said not to eat too many or you could get Cyanide poisioning. Is this true, or is there more to the story?

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear P: The Hunzas eat about 3-4 apricot pits a day. It is not a cyanide, it is more like a thiocyanate, and it is also found in Casavas. Some fruits have that, and so do apple seeds and peaches in lesser amounts. Millet was a diet that most American ate before Wheat was replaced. At the time of the millet diets, cancer were almost nonexistent.

The issue therefore is not how many apricots you eat. You can even eat one a day would be enough, BUT you should also take flaxseed oil, cottage cheese, a drop or two of clove oil, zinc acetate, sodium ascorbate vitamin C and even drink 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda with 2 tablespoons of ACV two times a day in 1/2 glass of water.

In my opinion, they should all be taken together but not too much of anything INDIVIDUALLY, even if it is NOT dangerous for you to take more than one apricot seeds. Moderation and variety seems to work generally well for alternative treatments.

'They all have antiviral (and hence anti-cancer properties) by different actions. Taking them in synergy with different supplements usually works a lot better than taking too much of any one supplements.

For example, if you take too much thiocyanate, it can lead you to iodine deficiency. So it therefore necessitates that if you take too many apricot pits, then you should do some iodine foot painting.

Taking the 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda plus 2 tablespoon of Apple cider vinegar, or one whole lime plus 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda taken twice a day takes at least 2 weeks to see any effects or improvement for simpler conditions, while it takes an average of 3 weeks for a more difficult condition. For most people, you can use the lime and baking soda to strengthen your immune system (by alkalization) even if you don't BELIEVE in alternative medicine but wished to do a scheduled chemotherapy, well, at least 3-4 weeks before the scheduled treatment anyway.

In some ways alternative can be used alone, or even in conjunction with other conventional medicine for those who don't believe that alternative medicines work. Lime and baking soda is simply food for the body, at least the vitamin C, but it is less sour tasting!

07/14/2008: Bret from Phoenix, Arizona replies: Response to Laetril: I really looked hard at Laetril in 2001-02. I found that it was selectively toxic to cancer cells and our cells could process certain levels of the cytoxic "hydrogen cyanide," therefor it somehow became named as a vitamin. What I found out for sure about laetril is this: It is selectively toxic to most cancer cells. It increases the permiability of cancer cell membranes. At higher doses it does become toxic to our cells. That, like other chemo therapy drugs, prefers high metabolic cells. In low doses is a decent preventative. With stage IV cancers has no better track record on its own than chemo. Should not be only therapy used against cancer. Should be used as part of diverse and comprehensive protocols.

Fungal Infection Followed Cancer

12/08/2006: J from Noblesville, IN: Where do I start. My father has been battling 2 cancers Lymphoma & Leukemia. Two totally separate cancers. He put the Lymphoma into remission! The Leukemia he was in the hospital for five weeks receiving Chemo consolidation treatments. During this time that his body was the weakest, a fungal infection developed that invaded his body. They put him on a very strong anti-fungi medicine-V fin. But this has not stop the fungus. It has now spread into his aorta. They are now giving him months maybe days to live because of the aorta has doubled in size due the the fungi. Is there anything else he can do? It is so sad that he has battled these horrible cancers and it is a fungus that is now killing him. He has gone home not knowing what to do. The docters have no information to offer here except surgery. But that will not stop the fungus. Thank you for your time, J

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear J: A chemotherapy will often lower the immune system and quite often the fungus is not identified, but you can tell by the condition.

A quick way to rid of fungus in emergencies is a pinch of borax and a drop of clove oil well stirred in a full glass of water. I start gentle first then if conditions improve, then on every meal of the food, adding generous amount of spices made of cloves, thyme and oregano will really help. All these spices have anti-fungal properties. You can get these spices from a local supermarket.

If you can find a tea tree oil, lavender oil and eucalyptus, it would really help at least lighten the condtion. A 1:1:1 eucalyptus oil, lavender oil and tea tree is mixed equally and apply only to the arms and legs every 15 minutes until the condition is noticeably improved, usually you will need to do for about an hour or two to know. All of these have antifungal properties, where eucalyptus is a good penetrant, lavender oil is a good anti inflammatory, and tea tree oil has good anti-fungal properties.

The above are used for emergencies but longer term, a baking soda + potassium citrate at 1/4 teaspoon each is added at 50:50 ratio with 1/2 glass of water taken about 3 times a day on an empty stomach should restore the body's unstable pH and should further reduce newer fungus in the long run.

And if the condition should further improve in from alkalizing, some zinc supplements, such as zinc acetate or zinc citrate or zinc gluconate usually 25 mg/day for only 5 days out of a week should help raise the body's immune system. Chromium supplements often have anti-fungal properties too. Of course you don't want to use zinc that would be fine too, instead giving some pumpkin seeds one or two handfuls a day. Pumpkin seeds, preferably unsalted is high in zinc, but best of all it is alkaline forming food.

It is necessary to avoid all fruit juices, milk, cheese, all bread, biscuits, sweets of all kinds and fried foods as they will conflict with natural treatment whenever fungus is at issue.

And if you want to further alkalize, make sure the drinking water you add a good quality sea salt at 1/2 teaspoon per liter of water. If the taste is too salty just reduce to 1/4 teaspoon. Ordinary sea salt have an alkalizing effect to the body and they do in fact have anti-fungal properties at high concentration. Me being conservative will just give use the bare amount just to prevent fungus from further expansion.

There are more details for further treatment, but I am just dealing with getting some improvements would be a major goal at the moment.

Cancer Anaerobic?

08/02/2006: Patrick from Chesterfield, UK: Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize in 1932 for his work showing that cancer was basically an anaerobic condition and therefore, relatively easy to treat. Not something the multi-billion dollar/pound "cancer research" fraudsters like to hear. Pat Rattigan N.D. author, The Cancer Business.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Patrick: Since you are already an author you are quite familiar with these things. Yes, the cancer cells would revert to normal cells. In hospitals in the olden days they treat cancer patients in hyperbaric chamber and it goes away very quickly, in about a week's time. Luckily there is now a portable home hyperbaric chamber that is much cheaper. Rife and many other doctors found it was a BT virus. In fact, Nixon in his war for cancer campaign named the AIDS development, called the Cancer Virus Project, with flow charts and everything. So the government does admit privately that cancer is a virus issue and is anaerobic. Even Nobel prize winners have found that cancer is also a vitamin B17 deficiency and just eating apricot pits rich in laertrile works to. See attached, I think you already know it. I have seen cancer was reduced to normal cells just baking soda and citric acid, or colloidal SILVER OXIDE (nope, it is not the silver colloids, it is the silver oxide that kills the viral cancer), or even clove oil. All of these are antiviral in a different way.
07/14/2008: Bret from Phoenix, Arizona replies: Testing this theory. A study was done on cancer patients. They gave a medicine normally used to treat Lactic Acidosis. This substance then, in theory, would also neutralize lactic acid formation in cancer cells and thusly cause spontanious cell death. By predictability this treatment should have been effective in the small group of people being tested. Well, it was very effective. There were some side afffects and tolerance issues. Still, for those people who say that cancer is fermenting lactic acid, this well-documented clinical trial supports those conclusions. When lactic acid production was stopped, so was the cancer.
02/06/2010: Bill from San Fernando, Philippines replies: Hi Brett...Your comment sounds like the current research on DCA(dichloroacetic acid) ongoing in Belgium and Holland right now.

In the article I read about DCA's success against cancer, the article more or less concluded outright that DCA would never ever be manufactured and sold as a cancer cure by the big pharmaceuticals -- even if proven a successful cure, since it is a non-patentable chemical. No doubt, the FDA will also find sufficient reason to eventually ban DCA in America too(even though it has been used to treat genetic lactic acidosis for years), in order to protect the pharmaceutical industry's many diverse interests there -- including their incredibly well-paying but oorly performing cut, slash and burn cancer industry.

So, anybody who really believes that these huge pharmaceutical companies invent drugs for the Good of Humanity or according to the Hippocratic Oath must otherwise reconsider. Money, market share and shareholder value would seem to be the only business drivers here.



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