Here you will find an index of hundreds of ailments for which a great array of home remedies have proven useful. Each health condition has its own informational article followed by our vast treasury of reader feedback, organized by remedy. Our readers have been sending us their health stories, victories, trials and side effects of natural cures for a decade and a half. Please also check out our Remedies page where we list individual herbs, supplements and other home cures along with the health conditions that may benefit from their use.


Paget's DiseasePainPain, Art SolbrigPain, ChronicPain Killers, Acid RefluxPancreatic CancerPancreatitisPanic AttackParasitesParasites, BlastocystisParesthesiaParkinson's DiseaseParkinson's Disease - Art SolbParoxysm. Noct. HemoglobinuriaPCOSPeeling LipsPelvic Inflammatory DiseasePelvic Organ ProlapsePeptic UlcerPerianal AbscessPericarditisPerimenopausePerineum HealingPeriodic Limb MovementPeriodontal DiseasePeriod PainPerioral DermatitisPeripheral Artery DiseasePeripheral NeuropathyPeritoneal Cavity Fluid PertussisPesticide PoisoningPeyronie's DiseasePhlebitisPhotophobiaPilesPilonidal CystsPinched NervePink EyePinwormsPituitary MacroadenomaPityriasis RoseaPlantar FasciitisPlantar FibromaPlantar FibromatosisPlantar WartsPlugged Milk DuctsPMSPneumoniaPoikiloderma of CivattePoisoning, FluoridePoisoning, FoodPoisoning, OutdoorPoisoning, PesticidePoison IvyPoison OakPolycystic Ovary SyndromePolycythemia VeraPolymorphous Light EruptionPolymyalgia RheumaticaPoor CirculationPoor Circulation, Hands and FeetPoor Circulation, LegsPOPPopliteal Cyst Pores, CloggedPores, LargePorokeratosisPOSPost-Covid RecoveryPost-Nasal DripPost-Op - HysterectomyPostpartum DepressionPostpartum HealingPostpartum IssuesPost-Traumatic Stress DisorderPOTSPregnancy Issues & ImagesPregnancy, MiscarriagePregnancy, Morning SicknessPregnancy RemediesPremature EjaculationPressure SoresPrickly HeatProgressive Supranuclear PalsyProlapsed BladderProstate CancerProstate - EnlargedPrurigo NodularisPseudomonas OryzihabitansPsoriasis, Art SolbrigPsoriasis, ErythrodermicPsoriasis, Pustular Psoriasis TreatmentPterygiumPTSDPuffy Eyes, Swollen EyesPulmonary EmbolismPulmonary FibrosisPulmonary HypertensionPustular Psoriasis Pyroluria