Plantar Fasciitis Pain: Holistic Treatment

| Modified on Dec 30, 2023

What is Plantar Fasciitis?

When chronic foot pain affects the heel and possibly the arch of the foot, the cause is most likely plantar fasciitis (sometimes plantar's fasciitis). This chronic pain condition is the result of inflammation in the plantar fascia, a band of connective tissue running from the heel to the toes. Often it is the result of irritation from a heel spur growing off from the bone. Plantar fasciitis pain is common in runners and hikers, but can definitely afflict walkers as well or anyone on their feet all day. Obesity and shoes without proper cushioning can also be a factor.

Symptoms of plantar fasciitis are often worst first thing in the morning (often a stabbing pain) and include heel pain, inflammation, pain in the foot arch, gradual worsening, and pain that may occur in only one foot.

Find a Natural Treatment for Plantar Fasciitis!

Earth Clinic community members recommend several home remedies for this condition, in particular apple cider vinegar for plantar fasciitis treatment. Acupuncture for plantar fasciitis pain also shows some promise, as is the case with many chronic pain conditions. Of course, always start with an ice compress, elevation, rest, stretching. and possibly arch supports or better shoes to reduce irritation of the plantar fascia. One stretching trick is to use a tennis ball, and while seated roll the entire bottom of your foot all around on the tennis ball, using a reasonable amount of pressure. This treatment can substantially reduce plantar fasciitis pain in 2-3 days.

Apple Cider Vinegar

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Posted by wondering (NY) on 03/20/2021

I was really hoping ACV would help with my PF but after taking it every day for 2 weeks it did absolutely nothing.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Sara (Lansing, Michigan) on 09/02/2018

Apple Cider Vinegar works. Back in 2005 I developed Plantar Fasciitis. For over a year I hobbled along in pain. Finally a doctor took pity on me and showed me my x-ray. He showed me my "heel spurr" and explained it was calcium. He explained that when you do damage to your bones the body sends calcium to help heal it. A light bulb went off on my head... clearly if I could get the calcium to disperse, I could get rid of the spurr. Reading here I decided to try ACV. A small amount in water (taken via straw to protect my teeth). Within 2 weeks.. TWO WEEKS.. something that had plagued me for a year went away. Later that same year, I developed pain in my hip bone. Once again, ACV worked within a week. 10 years later I developed pain in my heel again -- this time in the other foot. I tried ACV and again, it went away within a week. I am not sure the exact mechanism but it seems that your body does the right thing by sending calcium to heal damage but then the calcium somehow gets stuck. ACV breaks it up and allows the calcium to clear.

Replied by Laticia
(Lawton, Oklahoma)

Can you tell me how much Apple cider vinegar do you use for heel pain and how many times a day?

I'm really going through it with this heel pain now both of my feed her but the left one really kills me. Sometimes I get up just to go to the restroom and it's just so painful to walk across the floor.


I take 2 TBLSP in 8 ounces of water in the morning and have been doing this for over a couple months...I don't know if it's helping because I'm doing many other things like stretching the fascia (arch) many times through the gentle...nothing too rough...I think I was too aggressive and possibly injured my arch and it's going to take 6-9 months to repair. I am going to start taking ACV also in the evenings to get this GONE. Good luck. Diane


Get you a massage gun from Amazon - many to choose from. It will cut the pain almost immediately and begin the healing process. My daughter-in-law and I both had it at the same time and it worked for us both. She delayed getting one about 6 six weeks and was sorry she waited. Go slowly and on low speed and keep it moving over the bottom of the foot and over the calf muscles - beats anything else that I tried by far!!!!

Replied by nigel

Now this is interesting. You don't take borax, do you perchance? I found this site after reading another article about the importance of boron as a vital nutrient. they were saying that it facilitates the proper communication between mineral elements in the body, most particularly calcium and magnesium, and that without boron calcium deposits are much more likely to build up throughout the body.

I currently have plantar fasciitis that keeps just nearly getting better but I always end up straining it. so my problem is largely mechanical but I can't just stop standing for weeks on end so hopefully ACV and continuing with borax will help.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Jennifer (St Paul, Mn ) on 07/07/2016

I had been waking every morning for a few months with terrible pain in my heels and the bottom of my feet. My left foot was more painful. Sometimes after prolonged sitting at work my feet would hurt when I would stand.

I have been drinking organic "with the mother" ACV - approximately 1-2 tablespoons in 12ish ounces of water and a dash of cayenne pepper for about one week. No more pain in my feet.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Og (Florida) on 05/14/2016

I definitely feel a big improvement with my Plantar Fasciitis. Started drinking 2 cap full of Organic Apple Cider mixed with a bit of juice every day for the past two weeks. I also drink Ginger tea, taking Turmeric tablets.

It seems to help reduce the pain by 70% so far. I can sleep at night and do not need to take Ibuprofen.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Joan (Traverse City, Michigan) on 02/11/2016

THANK YOU SO MUCH--I almost can't believe my results!! I found the ACV suggestion two nights ago and am already feeling relief from the plantar fascitis I've had for 4 months. I use raw organic apple cider vinegar, adding 2 ounces to my pineapple/banana/strawberry yogurt smoothie every morning. I would say my symptoms are at least 50% reduced already and I have hope it'll keep going!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Jackie (Alabama) on 09/07/2015

I accidentally somehow stumbled across this site tonight, so glad I did. I have plantar fasciitis & left heel spur. I've been dealing with this almost a year now, I've been going to an orthopedic, I've had 5 injections, taken anti-inflammatories, iced, exercises, stretches, The pain is sooooo excruciating! I have not had special orthotics made, he just told me last week a brand of shoe to try. I'm going to try the ACV wrap, but thinking seriously about a second opinion from a big sports clinic in a close by city, nothing has helped!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Ecurb P (Albuquerque, Nm) on 06/20/2015

To everyone suffering with foot pain, joint pain, tendon pain etc--along with ACV, which can give really good results look at your coffee intake and try cutting back to none or just one cup a day. The same for black tea. Many will scoff--coffee can't hurt--oh, yes it can, especially in excess.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Kimm (San Luis Obispo, California) on 05/12/2012

Re: Cure a Heel Spur. As recommended by the late Dr. Jarvis, I've used apple cider vinegar to good effect. For instance, I started drinking 2 capfuls a day of ORGANIC apple cider vinegar in an 8 oz glass daily and felt relief from plantar fasciitis in both heels within a few days. It's possible that the potassium in apple cider vinegar is the active/effective ingredient (as Jarvis suggests)? But I've tried taking potassium tablets alone and did not get the same results, so there must be something intrinsic to organic apple cider vinegar that causes the healing effect? Also, it seems to be important that the apple cider vinegar be organic, because "regular" apple cider might actually be white vinegar in disguise and/or they've filtered out all the beneficial qualities from the "regular" vinegar?

Replied by Janette

You have been my life saver! I tried your remedy and getting relief after two days... Had this condition over a year.... Thank you from the bottom of my heart x

Replied by Amy

Ok I am having extreme pain in my heel and work standing up on cement for 6-9 hours per day. Anyway, from what I read you drink 2 caps fulls of ACV (organic) in an 8oz glass of cold water? what about the baking soda and molasses, is this just for the taste? How much of each? Please advise, I am desperate and don't want to give up my job or have surgery. Thanks so much, Amy

Replied by Aleksei Ar
(Ny, Us)

Thanks for the tip I will definitely try the ACV.

I have been suffering from Plantar Fasciitis in my left heel for a few months now. It started when I bought a pair of dress shoes and after a few days I noticed pain in my heel that never went away. I run almost everyday as well so the pain is worst right after.

A friend of mine works standing on her feet for most of the day as well and would complain of pain in her heels after work and even on her off days. Now I know what she feels!


Replied by Ally
(Bulverde, Tx)

I have plantar fasciitis due to bilateral bone spurs. It's excruciating pain when I walk. Do u recommend Apple cider vinegar? If so how should I take. Thank u

Replied by Maree
(New Zealand)

Thanks for your tip regarding using Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. I found your comment 2 weeks ago and passed this along to a fellow athlete that has had Plantar Fasciitis for months and months and it wasn't getting any better. He has been taking it now for 2 weeks and emailed me to say his foot has made a rapid improvement and has been able to go walking again. Your advice is much appreciated. Thank you.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Joan (South Riding, Virginia Usa) on 02/03/2012

Around April 2011, while doing heavy exercises, I got what I thought was another bout of plantar fasciitis. I tried stretching my foot and my calf. I tried homeopathic remedies. I tried 12 weeks of acupuncture. I tried Chinese herbs. While many of these reduced the pain for a while, none took it away. In December 2011 my chiropracter suggested that plantar fasciitis does not last that long and perhaps it was a heel spur. I had my foot x-rayed and, lo and behold, there was a heel spur identified.

I immediately began researching "Natural Heel Spur" remedies and can upon the Earth Clinic site. I read this post about ACV, molasses and baking soda, as well as MSM, and began them all the first week of January. I also added calcium/magnesium supplements. After about a week the pain was subsiding. After two weeks, I stopped taking the Chinese herbs. It was about that time that I stopped adding molasses to my ACV/baking soda beverage. Then I stopped the MSM, as I was feeling lightheaded whenever I took it.

By the end of Week 3, my heel spur was nearly gone. I could push on the area and feel it was slightly tender. By Week 4 (last week), my heel spur was gone. Vanished. Melted away. My foot no longer has the feeling of walking around with a nail stuck in it. While I have to be careful while my foot gets stronger, I can walk short distances without pain. ACV is a lifesaver. ACV works, if you give it time. I believe the way to distinguish between Plantar Fasciitis and a heel spur is the difference between foot pain and feeling like a nail is in your heel. The nail/heel pain signals a heel spur. Try it, and good luck!

Replied by Nicole
(Miami, Fl)

I thought it was a plantar fasciitis but I think know is more of a splut heel. Anyway, I want to know specific which Molasses to buy? & how much ACV, molasses & baking soda do I put in the glass of water? Pleeeease help. I've had this pain for 5 months or more.

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Nicole,

Look for Unsulphured Blackstrap Molasses. There are many good brands.

1 Tablespoon a day is enough for many people for their ailments. You could even start with less and increase to up to 2 Tablespoons a day if it suits you.

I put about 1 Tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar in a tall glass of water with 1/4 teaspoon baking soda once or twice a day.

There is no one perfect amount since everyone is different. Usually best to start with less and increase to more.

~Mama to Many~

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Maria (Newmarket, Toronto/canada) on 08/18/2011

I had a heel pain and swelling in the planter fascia since four months and looked like it was increasing with tingling sensation in the heel and it was difficult for me to walk, I tried physiotherapy for 6 times where I got eswt plus applied ice packs for 10 min morning and evening for one month but no improvement, took neproxin for inflammation, but the symptoms were same, so I came to know about this site and read about apple cider vinegar and cold water remedy, just after 3 days after using apple cider vinegar twice a day my pain was all gone, but after a week it came back 30 percent. I am still applying apple cider wrap at night, and drinking it with baking soda, and I am feeling much better and I think ice cold water remedy really works. I will post after I get fully cured . |Thanks to earth clinic, I simply love this site.

Replied by Richard
(Sedalia, Missouri)

I have had Plantar Fasciitis 2 times and I can empathize with the pain. However I have the cure. It takes about a week - may vary some depending on your sitation.

Take an ace bandage and wrap your foot at night so that you cannot point your toes. When you sleep, a lot of times your foot will flex. This inflames Plantar Fasciitis.

If you wrap your foot so that it will not flex, it WILL go away.

Replied by Kim

How did you do the apple cider vinegar wrap?

Replied by Jeanne

How do you wrap your foot with the ace bandage? I have tried 4 braces and they all hurt me, I am not sure how to wrap with the ace but I want to try. Jeanne

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Mark, (Forest Lake, Minnesota) on 08/06/2011

I have suffered from severe pain from plantar fascitis and bone heel spurs on both of my feet for over a year now. I have done excersises(given from a P/T), soaking(epsom saltwater), arch supports(professionally made), prayer, ultrasound, corizone shots(the most painful shot in my entire life--ouch), prescription meds, lots and lots of ibuprofren and other ideas.

My orthopedic doctor says he has tryed just about everything he knows and now is trying to ready me for surgury!!! No way in 'H' 'E' double toothpicks will both my feet be cut open!! No way!

I am now trying the ACV wrap on my heels at night with the hopes that this will give me even a hint of relief from this severe pain, (like knives pushing in at the bottom of my feet). Actually, I am anticipating this life altering condition to get much, much better (Lord willing).

My wife (Wendy) helped to come up with this idea about this uncomfortable wrap. She took a female Pad (Always maxi pad), fold it in the center and cut it in half with a sharp scissors, fold the tabs over in the back. Use about 2 tsp for each half and spread around on one end. Use this end to place against your heel and use cheap paper or sport tape to hold in place. I then use a long, larger tube sock to slide over entire piece(being careful not to pull it out of place), and whulla, a cleaner more practical disposable ACV wrap.

I do seem to been having LESS severe pain since I started the wrap (3 days ago) and now am taking the Apple cider/baking soda mixture drink twice and day. (2 tbs apple cider, 1 tsp. Baking soda, 1 tbs honey, 6 oz. Water) the honey makes it bearable to drink. Ha ha (Twice a day).

Replied by Carla
(London, Uk)

HI, I got better when I switched to a shoe that bent over just under the toes and had padding under the heel.. There's a lot of info on this on It was the only thing that worked for me and I felt it healing for me over a week after months.. The best shoes I found were ECCO shoes. And not all of their shoes either so do try a selection on first. It allows the fascia to stretch properly and is very padded. A life saver really in terms of having mobility back. Good luck!

Replied by Amy

I have been having success also with the Vionic shoes.

Replied by Anita

Lol,,, I love it what you said,, I do same thing,, I did pour apple cider vinegar cotton balls then put on my right heel and tape around my foot,, over night,, I hope it help pain goes away in the morning,, my first day,, what u said drink,, I haven't yet,, I'm try it tomorrow mornings before I go to work,, I hopefully feel better tomorrow,, thanks

Replied by Kira

Soak feet in foot bath with 1 gallon hottest water you can tolerate and add 1 cup apple cider organic vinegar. Soak about 15 min. You won t need wraps any longer.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Cde (Post Falls, Id) on 04/05/2010

My very active 10 year old daughter was suffering for two weeks trying to play soccer, etc but in so much pain she couldn't walk. We took her to the doctor where he Dx her with plantar fasciitis and gave her exercises/stretches which she tried with no immediate success, and stopped doing them. My dad recommended apple cider vinegar (acv) and baking soda and this site. She took 2 Tbsp ACV and 1 tsp baking soda (use a tall glass) in a little juice, twice a day. After ONE day of this she noticed the pain was minimal and she could easily participate in her soccer practices. The pain was completely GONE after a few weeks. She continued taking the mixture for awhile preventatively. It was explained to me that the ACV helps balance out the bodies pH levels which can help with many issues.

Replied by Jackie
(Kiev, Ukraine)

Thank you anak!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Man (FC, CO) on 10/22/2008

I have had horrible plantar fasciitis pain for year now and have tried everything. My latest attempt was taking ACV too, and it didn't seem to help at all. Other people seem to think it did the trick. I wish I knew a cure. I had to give up running and it's painful to walk.

Replied by Dolly
(Everett, WA)

I had Plantars Fascitis for a couple years. I used shoes with high arch support, a sandal made in the US, Chaco sandals. I never walked without them in my house even. After a few months it finally went away. It came back a year later, mildly. I made sure to walk only in the shoes indoors too. All gone now. No problem w/ fascitis for 5 yrs. The other problem I found was using a shovel in your garden. DON'T use your foot to press the shovel down.. that is the ultimate insult to the fascia! DO stretch your feet w/ straps, or standing on your toes, like you're reaching for a top shelf, or standing at the edge of a step and stretching your foot that way. Best wishes.

Replied by Francine
(Texas, US)

Please look into a homeopathic doctor for plantar fasciitis. People have been cured with homeopathy.

Replied by Constance

The type of AVC (Apple Cider Vinegar ) you ingest matters.....Organic with the mother....good brands out there but Braggs is one of the best ones can find it on Amazon, at health food stores and at some grocery stores and at Vitacost dot com

Replied by Wondering
(New York, New York)

I agree. ACV did nothing for me.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Baking Soda, Blackstrap Molasses

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Posted by Patricia (Cali, Colombia) on 11/30/2017

APPLE CIDER WORKS! I have been suffering from Plantar Fascitis and heel spurs since march of this year (2017), I have visited many doctors, purchased all kinds of orthotic devices, braces, anti-inflamatory medication, to no avail... UNTIL I tried the Apple cider vinegar. I have been drinking for the last three days a tbsp of apple cider, a tspn of baking soda, a tbspn of molasses in a small cup of water, three times a day.

I have also wrapped my foot with a small towel soaked in apple cider and I covered it with a plastic bag before going to bed. Last night was the third night that I applied the apple cider to my foot and I am ecstatic! THE PAIN IS GONE!!!! I CANNOT BELIEVE IT! I am soooo grateful for the remedy I found in your website. APPLE CIDER DOES WORK! Thank you very much! Hurray!!!

Arch Bands

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Posted by Kelly (San Francisco, Ca) on 08/15/2009

I've been suffering from acute plantar fasciitis for about 5 years now. I've tried stretches, exercises, ice, and APC with very little luck, so I finally started on cortezone injections, which only had minimal short term effect. I've recently tried an arch band that has helped exponentially. I can't name the brand, but I found it on a dancer supply website.

It's a fabric band that you wrap around your arch. It has a velcro tab that sticks to the fabric, so it's highly adjustable. Attached inside the fabric is a triangular hard foam pad that acts as an insole... even in sandals or bare feet! You buys a pair of them, but I have extremely high arches, so I double up on the foot the I have the most problems with. They're washable, but the fabric tends to break down a bit over time.

I wear them 24/7, except when I'm in the shower, and I've gone from not being able to walk on my heel at all, to being able to get up in the middle of the night with only minimal pain. I've been using them for about 1 month now and, though they haven't taken all the pain away, I can walk somewhat normally now.

Replied by Cheryl
(Abilene, Tx)

I can attest to the ace bandage wrapper on your feet - I had the inflamed fascias(?) in both my feet for 3 years before I read on ec to use the ace to wrap - it works!!! 0ver a year and still no problem

Replied by M. Scott
(Pomona, Ca)

How are you supposed to wrap the ace bandage on your arches? Have plantar on both feet for about 2 years.