Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) Remedies

| Modified on Jun 11, 2022

Treatment for peripheral artery disease varies from traditional dietary and lifestyle changes to effective natural supplements. Limiting the intake of saturated fats and getting regular exercise prevent clogging of the arteries and maintain effective cardiovascular function. Natural supplements including lecithin, fish oil and serrapeptase treat the condition as well.

What is Peripheral Artery Disease?

Characterized by narrowed arteries and reduced flow to the limbs, peripheral artery disease causes a variety of associated symptoms that can progress to more permanent damage. Common symptoms include painful cramping in the lower extremities, leg numbness and weakness, coldness in the legs and feet, sores on the toes and feet, hair loss in the legs and many others.

The condition is typically caused by atherosclerosis or fatty deposits on the artery walls. Additional causes include blood vessel inflammation, injury, unusual anatomy and radiation exposure.

Natural Remedies for Treating Narrowed Arteries

Effective treatment for narrowed or narrowing arteries is crucial for preventing other cardiovascular related conditions. Primary treatments include dietary changes and exercise to prevent narrowing caused by bad habits. Natural supplements also serve as an effective treatment option and include such compounds as lecithin, fish oil and serrapeptase.


Lecithin is a phospholipid compound used in treating a variety of conditions. In regards to peripheral artery disease, lecithin is an effective cholesterol metabolizer, so it aids in the digestion and dissolution of cholesterol in the body. The compound naturally reduces cholesterol levels and prevents atherosclerosis.

Fish Oil

Fish oil is a natural compound high in omega-3 fatty acids. These fats help to flush the system as well as relieve inflammation. Both of these factors are key contributors to effectively managing peripheral arterial disease.


Serrapeptase is a natural compound that functions in three ways. It reduces inflammation by thinning blood and the other fluids in the body. Additionally, it relieves pain via a compound called bradykinin. The compound also dissolves plaque in the arteries and treats other symptoms of artery narrowing.

Peripheral arterial disease is a common issue of the circulatory system characterized by narrowed arteries. When treated naturally, the condition can be reversed before permanent damage occurs.

Apple Cider Vinegar

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Posted by Ed (Hawaii) on 08/30/2016

I've had afib for 3 years now and tried all the doctors pill pushing. I'm fed up with the cocktails that don't work, metroprolol succinate, amlodapine, losartan, and eliquis a blood thinner. I googled most of the material for natural healing properties other than the doctors pills. I had Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD), CAUSED by high cholesterol, went under the knife for a cryo ablation, it worked for a while but the cholesterol kept coming back.

A few days ago I tried Apple cider vinegar, and honey, and it cured my PAD. Prior to this I couldn't walk 5 yards without pain, now I can walk for miles. I was taking atorvistatin for 10 years now I abruptly quit taking it. Thank god for apples.

Now my atrial fibrillation problem needs to be solved. I started the garlic and honey, to control my high blood pressure, it's properties are amazing. Blood thinners naturally are avocado, cayenne pills organic with no GMO. I did not wean myself off any of the meds the doctor prescribed, I went straight to the natural way of healing because your body can absorb natural organic food better than doctor prescribed drugs. I now am gonna try hawthorn, and magnesium to control my afib. Maca root is also a Peruvian fruit that's a super food that heal and helps all kinds of human ailments, even Ed. Metroprolol is the leading cause of Ed and diminished libido. It works!!

Replied by Libby
(Bend, Oregon)

Hi these questions are for Ed from Hawaii. My 84 year old mother has Perperphial Artery Disease.

She has had a couple of surgeries one that gave her a cadaver artery into her one leg, another just clearing out so she may have better blood flow to her lower legs & feet. she went to the Doctor because of severe pain in her big toe and foot. He is going in again on Monday to do surgery to clean out the vein. They may have to amputate her big toe & also part of her foot. I am so concerned and want to help her the best way I can. Would you please share with me your severity and also the portions in what exactly you took for your healing? If you don't mind your age as well.

Replied by Judy
(Az - Arizona)

Curious, how much vinegar and honey did you take for PAD?

Replied by Stephanie

Wow that's great that you healed yourself with all natural remedies I have a bulging vein on the side of my head and was thinking about just trying ACV. How did you do this?

Replied by Joseph

Perhaps you may want to research Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. It is currently being used for PVD.

Replied by Diane
(Sebring, Florida)

I am very interested about anything concerning peripheral arterial disease. Thank you.

Replied by Frank

Count me in on that question of how much vinegar and honey do you take daily?

Replied by Karen

How long and how much did you drink the Apple Cider Vinegar to feel the results? Please answer? Thank you kindly in advance for your time.

Sincerely, Karen

Replied by Murthy

Is it true? I have been diagnosed for PAD an year back and taking blood thinner and anticoagulant I still.keep getting intermittent pain

Replied by Bonnie

How much apple cider vinegar & honey did you take daily to cure your PAD. Please Let me know and thank you in advance.


Replied by Pamela

How much cider vinegar do I use daily?

Replied by Patsy
(San Angelo Texas)

How much red vinegar and honey?

Lecithin, Fish Oil

Posted by Mic (Milton, FL) on 04/21/2009

I have pain in my legs caused by PAD. I understand that Lecithin and Fish Oil are effective in help flush out the plaque. I am having difficulty finding a product without gmo soy and what about the soy? I have seen warnings which say use only soy products made from non gmo seeds. I also thought that only soy products that have been fermented are safe to consume. Can you help?

Replied by T
(Maryland, USA)

You don't need to get your lecithin from soy - see a post I made here:

Nattokinase and Serrapeptase

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Posted by Haro (Texas) on 09/02/2015

I am a 37 year old female with three children. I started up aerobic type exercising again after a few years of nothing and had some worrisome pain in my left leg after the third class. I've had clotting issues with having my children and assumed it might me a clot of some kind. Any pressure on my left leg made my leg feel immediately exhausted, while the rest of my body including my right leg was fine. I read Prioris' post about the serrapeptase and nattokinase enzymes and started taking both.

I also like essential oils, and didn't want to take any chances, so drank herbal teas morning and night with a drop of helichrysm/ledum blend, drop of lemon, drop of lavender, all therapeutic grade essential oils (not the cheap ones, don't ingest store bought essential oils). I kept exercising, only drank water and hot tea and ate homemade meals, and within a week the left leg is now completely normal and keeps up with the right leg. I have also lost five pounds, yea! Thank You for taking time to share your experience; it has not only blessed my life, but my children's and husband's as well!

Replied by Ali

Where do you get/find the therapeutic grade essential oils? And did you take these along with the serrapeptase and nattokinase enzymes? Do they come in a pill/gel form? What doseage did you use?

Also, how severe was your left leg pain and where was the pain? Mine is in the left calf and pretty severe - also diagnosed as a blockage.

Nattokinase and Serrapeptase
Posted by Prioris (Fort Pierce, Fl, Usa) on 05/25/2013

Ailment: Peripheral Artery Disease, Heart Disease

Remedy: Nattonkinase and Serrapeptase

Over 8 years ago in my late 40s, I suffered from severe Peripheral Artery Disease. I had great difficulty in walking. My blood coagulates due to an unknow microbe. My cholesterol always remained way above 300.

I did research on heart disease and clogging of the arteries. After I researched, I came up with a plan. First, eat as much cholesterol as I want. Second, take high dosages of the fibrolytic enzymes i.e., 60-100K unit of Nattokinase and 140-200K units of Serrapeptase 3 times a day on empty stomach. Within 3 weeks, my symptoms began to dissipate. After 2 months I was symptom free. You will know whether it works or not within one month. I went down to a maintenance dose after a few more months. It cost me $11 a month. Your body will only use as much fibrolytic enzyme as it needs. The enzyme creates flood flow hence clears buildup and dissolves clots. I use Serrapeptase since it has something added that dissolves clots also. After your symptoms dissipate, you can experiment on what works best for you and dosage, I found taking both works better for me.

China has done thousands of studies on fibrolytic enzymes. They have found it protects people from heart attacks and strokes. Nattokinase can be derived from bacteria or fungus. Both work but I prefer the bacteria derived kind. Some have vitamin K removed. This is so it won't interfere with some medications. I want the vitamin K in mine. Please try to replace you meds with natural remedies. I eat as much cholesterol as I want. No diet restrictions. This doesn't mean you can't experiment with diet changes to see what happens.

The medical establishment wants you to believe that cholesterol is the cause of clogged arteries. Cholesterol is what protects your arteries and you from death. It has been shown that people who have clean arteries don't have heart disease. Fibrolytic enzymes clean the arteries. You clean your arteries and you prevent heart disease. Even most bypass operations are unnecessary. Many doctors will try to scare their patients away from fibrolytic enzymes.

Do not take blood pressure medications. They are harmful to your health. Look at the research. Also your blood pressure will vary greatly during the day. I don't worry about blood pressure. Take control of your health.

Replied by Charles
(Richmond, Va.)

What is 60-100k units? It converts to very high Mg


No, it's an 'iu' measure - International units. It converts to a very low mg.

Replied by Bubba
(Richmond, VA)

Prioris, did your blood vessels clear up in your legs, and did your doctor say the blockage was gone?

Replied by Prioris

I never was diagnosed by doctor. I am my own doctor. I have diagnosed a zillion things. All my symptoms matched up. I have had no tests to determine anything. If you go to amazon reviews, you will see glowing reviews of the natto-serra combination. Doctors Best recently came out with the combination in one capsule. You have to understand that I was becoming crippled by it. I can walk normally again. No pain in arms either.

I can't know for sure if everything went back to normal but I am doing well still after 11 years. My thigh muscles get exhausted more easily if I do something very strenuous. I haven't been able to diagnose that. Maybe very tiny capillaries. Who knows. I do get a tiny bit of foot and toe cramping now and then but that may be due to other reasons other than artery related.

My risk of dying by heart attack or stroke is very minimal.

As far as units, look on back of bottle. If anybody has any artery related circulation problems, this is the first remedy to try. It is a clot buster.

Also embracing a low inflammation diet with combination of diet and antioxidants such as BCM-95, grape seed extract, ubiquinol and astaxanthin taken with krill oil for better absorption.


I started taking the Doctor's Best combination of natto-serra and I do not know how to convert the Serra into milligrams (40,000 SPU) What does SPU mean?

Natto (2000 FU) What does FU mean?

I do not know how many daily I should be taking for PAD? Some of the sites that I read says to take 1 three times daily on an empty stomach. This morning at 6am I took 2 on empty stomach and didn't have side effects. My leg tingling is really bad since about a week ago so I thought I would benefit by taking 2 twice daily. (2 in early morning and 2 before bed. I do not know how long it will take to notice no tingling? Please email me if you get this. Thank you.


Replied by Rebecca

Prioris, you are extremely smart and right! It took hours and hours of research for me to figure this out and now I'm able to pass on this information on, like you!! Serrapeptase has saved both my parents lives!

My stepmom was in and out of hospital frequently for COPD, even hooked to life support at one time, shes been on so many medications and still was dying, she also had a stent in her heart many years ago and since she started serrapeptase, which was almost 2-years ago, she hasn't been back in the hospital. My dad also is on serrapeptase and he continues to smoke (they both smoke all day) this is the only thing he's done differently. His cholesterol is down, his triglycerides reduced 110 points in 4 months of starting serrapeptase, I have his bloodwork to prove it. It's remarkable! .When he started serrapeptase, he was on his death bed, had to sleep sitting up, you could hear him wheezing in the next room, lots of cracklings in chest and was out of breath walking across room, so he was taken by ambulance to the cardiac hospital and we finally saw a doctor two days later but he was having extreme anxiety and was so tired of being there, so we made a risky decision that wasn't easy, we left the hospital against doctors orders, had to sign papers to leave, my entire family was mad at us. The reason we left is because the hospital was trying to do a chemical stress test and I was worried it would cause him to have a heart attack so we refused it and he was dying for a cigarette and getting so anxious with sweat pouring off his face that I was worried about him staying there any longer, and they kept coming in giving him strong doses of dangerous medication, so I went and rented wheel chair and pushed him out of the hospital and we went to his house and I stayed there to take care of him. I had been studying serrapeptase for two days while in the hospital, and I ordered overnight delivery and he started taking serrapeptase 120,000 2 capsules 3- times a day away from food, and within a week (Gods honest truth) he wasn't wheezing, could sleep on his back and you would have never known he was sick, it was a true miracle and I'm so thankful for this life saving enzyme!!

He's now on a maintenance dose of 1 in the morning and 1 at night, he still smokes daily 😢, but at least he switched to organic cigarettes and at 79 years old I don't give him a hard time about it. He's had no problems since starting Serrapeptase, his tryglicerides numbers dropping over 100 points in 4-months is significant! He doesn't get congested, serrapeptase dissolves thick mucus in the lungs!! My favorite find!!!

Replied by Kim
(Knoxville, Tn)

Is is okay to take both of these before surgery. I'm having my knee scoped in 3 weeks and no one at the doctor office knew anything about them.

Replied by Vivian

Because they are blood thinners they are not recommended to take before surgery. I think generally you are supposed to stop 2 weeks before surgery.

Replied by Kim


What type symptoms did you have exactly. I have red/Purple feet and a lot of pain.

Replied by Lynn

Every time I take anything that thins the blood (Vitamin E, Fish Oil, Chia Seeds for example), I get nose bleeds. Will Vit K help avoid that?

I want to try the Nattokinase/Serrpeptase pills but worry about getting daily nose bleeds from them as well.

Replied by Kim

Please explain units of measure. The post refers to "K" but my product shows "FU" as the amount contained per dose. I can't find a conversion table any where, so, I don't know how much to take. Thx!

Replied by Prioris

Lumbrokinase is the most powerful clot remover. 30X more powerful than nattokinase. I use Doctor's Best brand Lumbrokinase. I had two incidents where removed a kidney and leg clot. Before that I used nattokinase for PAD.

Replied by Raja
(Bristol, United Kingdom)

Hi Rebecca, I hope your father still doing well. Sorry to ask this question after a long time.
Which brand of Serrapeptase he was taking or could you send me a link, please.

Yours sincerely, Raja


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Posted by Margaret H. (Overland Park, Ks.) on 03/22/2018

Peripheral Artery Disease:

I read that Taurine is great for keeping heart rhythms stable. Has worked well for me for years. Told a friend about it when she had AFib. She tried it and it works for her also.

Temporal Arteritis Remedies

Posted by Kay (Jax, Fl, Usa) on 10/14/2013

Help need for inflammation of the arteries.

Recently a friend was diagnosed with Temple Arteritis which was an inflammation of an artery in her left temple. Said she would have a throbbing headache, sore to the touch and dizziness would follow. Doc gave her prednisone to bring down inflammation. She hasn't started the pills yet, but is scared that she will have an aneurysm. Has anyone had this ailment or knows what is good to maintain healthy arteries excluding eating right and exercise?

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

Hello Kay from Jax

About the "Temporal Arteritis"... if you google "Temporal Arteritis Virus" a Pubmed scientific study comes up entitled, "High Prevalance of Herpes Simplex Virus DNA In Temporal Arteritis Biopsy Specimens" and the article abstract demonstrates a potential for serious outcomes.

This is likely a virus of lethal possibilities. If this were me (note I'm not recommending on this one) but if this were me.. I'd run to my cabinet and pull out the colloidal silver bottle; mix fifty-fifty with DMSO the solvent and penetrant and apply to affected area with a white paper towel. Repeat an hour later. If improved repeat an hour later.

Remember some viruses have lipid coatings and take more persistance to kill. Similar problem; Bell's Palsey. Same combo of DMSO and CS. Apply to affected side of face. I caught mine early when the virus hit me, (right side of face frozen... Scarry! ) before nerves had been damaged. Back to normal in one hour after application. Apparently that virus was not lipid coated because only one app was necessary. (Of course, you have to have a potent CS. So many are such tiny PPM I doubt their effectiveness.)

Praying for your friend.



Absolutely fascinating , that swollen artery is found to be a caused by virus, since ozone kills all viruses, you can get ozone IV but , for the swollen temple you can get ozone mixed in olive oil and apply with just a little dmso . Also taking turmeric and bromelain are natural anti-inflammatory. I know steroids are the get well quick route, but understanding the cause is crucial so you can address it.

Replied by Debbie T.

Temporal Arteritis is "inflammation of the artery"... take anti inflammatories and you will heal it.

Aloe vera is an anti inflammatory as is Apple Cider Vinegar. Even aspirin or the herb willow which aspirin comes from is an anti inflammatory. Regular use of the above will help short term.

Replied by Timh
(Ky, Usa)
2063 posts

@Kay: Inflammation causes the "hardening" of the arteries as well as damaged epithelium. First reduce the inflammation w/ the prescription med starting at half the pill and slowly work up. OTC Tylenol or Advil could also be used in small doses.

Also, for immediate relief, place a refrigerator magnet over that area for at least an hr or two once a day. The side that sticks to metal is the side you place over the area (don't worry, very safe, have faith).

A list of supplements for artery health are: Hawthorn, Ginkgo Biloba, Horsetail, Zinc & Copper, Glucosamine, Vit-A (Cod Liver Oil), Grapeseed Extract. Your local or online health food store may have a formula especially developed w/ most of these ingredience for artery health.

Replied by Debbie T.

Kay here is an article from a heart surgeon of 25 years. He says that the inflammation of the arteries is a direct link to eating wheat, sugars, omega 6 in excess. I think inflammation anywhere in the body is directly linked to wheat, grains and gluten.

Of note arthritis is also an inflammatory disease and going off wheat, grains and gluten has cured it for a lot of people as well.

I have been getting headaches in the temperal region as well and they have been getting worse. They were relieved when I took hawthorn berry tea. Funny hawthorn berry in an anti inflammatory so it probably worked in the temperal region to take away the inflammation. But the root of the cause is the wheat if you read the wheatbelly book. I did get a headache the first 2 days going off all wheat and grains (and amazing didn't need to take anything for it which is unusual for me) but it stopped on the 3rd morning.

Vitamins C and E

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Posted by Joyce (Joelton, Tn) on 11/23/2008 495 posts

Responding to:

Posted by Janis from Renton, Washington on 11/18/2008

My step father has plaque build up in his legs.When he sits they don't hurt but when he gets up and walks around his legs hurt so he sits most of the time.

Do you know what a person can do about Peripheral Artery disease of the legs ? Janis

Hello Janis, I don't think there is any rapid cure but a couple of things should help keep his circulation going in his legs (your step-dad's).

First off is vitamin E 400 IU's 2 or 3 times a day. Another is vitamin C 4 to l0 grams per day divided out into several times a day (even less is excreted in the urine if taken every hour while awake).

I remember reading (medical journal) about a nursing home starting their elderly patients on 500mg. vitamin C four x a day because (believe it was Linus Pauling who said) it would lower cholesterol. They ended the study much earlier than planned because instead of the cholesterol being lowered, all of their cholelsterol levels soared and scared the dickens out of the ones doing the study. The question that came to my mind when reading this was: Did their cholesterol levels soar because it was being flushed out of their blood vessels?

You might also look up some of those detox & oral chelation recommendations in those section of EC. One recalled was 1 cup of Extra Virgin Olive oil, 2 large bunches of Cilantro, and 8 cloves of garlic pureed in blender. Not sure but think the recommendation was l tsp. 3 x a day. Look for it in the above sections.

He also needs to stop all transfats (Crisco, margarine, etc.) and everything that list hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated vegetable oils
in their ingredients lists.