Cure Clogged Pores with Natural Remedies

| Modified on Oct 22, 2023

While acne and blemishes are a frequent issue, one of the even more common skin problems involves clogged pores. And, what makes these even more difficult to remedy is that they are somewhere in between clear skin and acne. Have no fear, though, we’ve done our research and found some great “tried and true” clogged pore home remedies for you.

What Causes Clogged Pores?

While you’ve likely never thought about it, pores are actually one of the mechanisms by which your body stays clean and healthy. But, let’s be honest, the stuff that comes out of (or gets stuck in) your pores seems anything but clean. The pores are actually located above sebaceous glands that secret oil. The oil functions like glue to collect and hold together dead skin. However, when these glands expel dead skin cells, build-up often occurs and causes clogged pores. Additional factors such as makeup, pollution, and hormones can contribute to the clogging of the pores.

Can I Get Rid of Clogged Pores Naturally?

As clogged pores are an issue largely connected to the improper cleansing or regulation of the skin, a number of natural treatments can be used to eradicate the issue. Cleansing and exfoliating are two of the main considerations, and natural treatments can help promote this level of cleanliness and skin maintenance.

1. Baking Soda

A mildly abrasive product, baking soda is a great exfoliator. Mix with enough water to make a paste and gently scrub your face with the mixture.

2. Clay

Clay is an incredible skin cleanser and detoxifier. Apply a clay mask to your face once a week and watch your clogged pores disappear.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar

ACV is also extremely effective for treating clogged pores and any other forms of acne. It balances the body’s pH and naturally cleanses. Organic, unfiltered apple cider vinegar is highly recommended. It is widely available online and in the organic section of grocery stores.

4. Water

While washing with water isn’t always enough, drinking large amounts of water helps flush the skin and entire body. Getting enough water can help eliminate acne issues as well.

Clogged pores can be frustrating to deal with, but these remedies have been tried by several of our contributors and actually work. Give them a try for yourself and let us know what you think!  See below for reviews from our readers who have tried numerous home remedies for clogged pores with varying degrees of success.

Aloe Vera

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Posted by Kat (S. Colorado) on 10/21/2023

When I rub a cut aloe leaf on my face a bit, it seems to dry/close up my pores. Blackheads or blemishes disappear

Castor Oil

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Posted by Anon (Us) on 12/25/2017

Yay for castor oil for clogged pores. I put a small amount on my face, rub the excess off with a damp washcloth and go to bed. In the morning the debris has begun to clear from the pores. Wash face.

General Feedback

Posted by Sarah (North York, Ontario, Canada) on 07/23/2009

Hi, i have no remedies to suggest but i do have a question. My facial pores are quite large and prominent. Because of this, my pores get clogged very quickly - especially after i go for a morning walk. Although i have tried many cleansers, my skin is still slightly clogged and is not able to breath so my face is still not refreshed after cleansing. In addition to this the clogged skin results in pimples all over and oily skin. After much experience with cleansing cosmetics i am now looking for a natural solution to these problems. Any ideas, guys? One more question, is it true that cucumber is cooling and cleansing to the skin.

Btw, one thing i know is that its gr8 for getting rid of facial from acne and vice versa... Well, i'll be awaiting an answer! Love you guys at EC .... :)

Replied by Dianna
(Austin, Tx)

You could try a mask with fuller's earth. Mix it with water and/or apple cider vinegar. Scrubbing with baking soda also helps clogged pores. I would scrub first then do the mask. Steaming your face over a sink or bowl of very hot water is also good - afterwards apply the clay mask and then rub it very gently to exfoliate while washing the clay off.

Replied by Jen74
(Waukesha, Wi/usaoffttyle Workshop)

Answer to your ? about pores... Take 2 large asprin (non coated) and crush them. Add a teaspoon of honey (organic does work best) melt, add these 2 things together and use as a mask. Just remember to cool somewhat before putting onto face. Leave on for about 20minutes and scrub off... Works wonders. A couple of times a week, I like to wipe my face down w/Acv or peroxide... If is burns... Water down a little bit! Good Luck =)

Niaouli, Tea Tree, Cajeput, Neem and Shea Butter

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Posted by Sam (Phoenix, AZ) on 07/23/2006

Niaouli Organic Essential Oi,l Tea Tree Essential Oil, Cajeput Essential Oil, Neem Oil Unrefined (Cold Pressed) Natural shea butter. I've used all of these oils. My favorite is Tea Tree, Cajeput, and Neem. They cure Folliculitus, acne cysts, after shaving or waxing genitalia areas, clogged pores that contain blackheads/whiteheads. The above oils are dry like gasoline. They apply oily-like but dry on contact. If the oil is irritant, use less. Actually, less is more because these oils can be refined or not. Whatever the degree of your skin tolerance use less of these oils. They are very powerful when ordered as organic/refined/unrefinced state. For the vaginal cysts, I mix with 100% shea butter. shea butter also have an acid that causes the skin to filter. So you may be able to use only shea butter. Last but least, use only a drop of these oils when applying to any cysts. If you are like me, when body waxing or shaving mix with shea butter to reduce inflammation. If oils are applied at night, make sure to wash them off in the morning, not doing so might cause skin irritation.

Replied by Sasha
(Sav, Jamaica)

Where can i get the Tea Tree oil, Cajeput etc to buy? Can i get it at a local Pharmacy?

Replied by Kristi
(Moore, Oklahoma)

You should be able to purchase any needed oils at your local health food stores. National chain health food stores should have them as well if there are no small vendors in your neighborhood.

Replied by Hermiticwonderer
(Los Angeles, Ca)


Note - when you are purchasing essential oils / oils make sure that:

1. they are 100% PURE with NO synthetics, chemicals, alcohol or preservatives added (I don't even like to buy the ones with Vitamin E as a preservative)

2. that they are WILDCRAFTED or even better ORGANIC - wildcrafted means cultivated in the wild and pesticide free but not necessarily from an environment that has their organic certification. Which is great for no pesticides but can be shaky regarding GMOs. Organic is GMO free.

3. that the company does NOT use GMO ingredients or test on animals

4. check out the company if you buy online - multi-level marketing companies will ALWAYS be more expensive! There is a great oil company in Canada and one out of California you should look up.

5. "Certified Therapeutic grade" is not a real thing in the world of oils - don't just buy something because it says "Certified Therapeutic grade" make sure it has the above things checked off first.

6. always check what type of bottle it is coming in - essential oils should be in dark glass, typically amber in color. Carrier oils can be in dark plastic but make sure it is BPA free!

& then you should be good to go!

Oil Cleansing

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Posted by Sue (Hamilton, New Zealand) on 07/04/2014

I've had acne and black heads since I was a young teenager. My T-zone has been oily. I've tried lots of cleansers through the years. The best I've found is the "Oil Cleansing Method". Oil dissolves oil! My skin is now more balanced and I have a healthy glow that people often comment on. My pores are finer and I only get acne when I'm sick with a cold.

I put a little oil in the palm of my hand and apply it to my face and neck. Sometimes I wipe it off (amazing what dirt comes off with it! ) and sometimes I apply the oil just before I get into the shower and then rinse it off. When I need exfoliating I put a pinch of fine raw sugar in the palm of my hand and then add a little oil to it. I rinse the sugar off with warm water.

The secret is experimenting and finding the oil with the consistency that works for you. Coconut oil was too heavy and clogged my pores. I still had acne with olive oil. Sunflower oil worked well because it was light enough. Now I use apricot kernel oil which is also great against wrinkles.

Replied by Velma31
(Honolulu, Hawaii)

Can you suggest what oil to use if you have sensitive skin? I'm afraid to experiment with different oils because my skin may have a reaction to them.

Replied by Om
(Hope Bc Canada)

Velma, dissolve borax and along with the undissolved particles, use a wash cloth and Dr. Bronner's pure liquid kastile soap, with natural lavender, and scrub the skin. Afterwards you use hemp oil to moisturize.

Namaste, Om

Replied by Velma31
(Honolulu, Hawaii)

Hi Om!

Will I do this in the morning and before bedtime? I apply make-up in the morning, wouldn't it be messy with the hemp oil?

Replied by Om
(Hope Bc Canada)

Velma31 (Honolulu Hawaii)----

Sorry, Velma, I do not use make up and using oils does not have to be messy. It all depends on the skin type. I use it morning or night. Depends how I feel. Wish you will find the right way that suits you.

Namaste, Om

Replied by Sindee

Om, is Hemp Oil supposed to have a funny (fishy) smell a bit? I bought a 16 oz bottle from Trader Joe's here in my state but it's produced elsewhere.

Ted's Remedies

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Posted by Lisa (Upper Marlboro, Maryland) on 10/03/2007

Thank You so much. My 4 year old daughter (AA) developed folliculitus and all of the doctors treatments were worthless. She started loosing hair on the top of her head and pustules were all over. She also complained of her scalp hurting. I did a google search and found this site. Even after the first ACV & H202 tx I noticed improvement. I followed up with Tea Tree and Lav. oils nightly and once a week for two weeks I repeated the ACV & H202. She has no more pustules, they have all dried out. Plus she has no more pain. Her scalp looks 95% better. I am just waiting for a small patch of crust to fall off and a small patch of hair to grow back. I will continue the TT and Lav for a couple more weeks to make sure the infection completely gone. Thank god I found this site and that she has thick hair to hide the small patch.

Replied by Msmagnolia
(Minneapolis, Mn)

This is a great site! I have tried EVERYTHING to get rid of cystic acne (i have several on my back that I just hate). I recently bought 100% tea tree oil for my itchy scalp and decided to try it on a persistent, painful bump on my face (it couldn't hurt). When I woke up the next morning I could tell that the bump (cyst) was shrinking and drying out! I used the oil on the problem areas on my face (large pores/ breakout zone) and my pores look smaller and the stubborn bump on my chin is 90% gone after a week! The smell is strong, so use caution around eyes and sensitive areas, and be careful not to dry out your skin. I started using on my back, chest and the cysts are shrinking! Thank you Lord!!! I feel like there is hope to my skin problems. Also, for sores on the scalp Sea Breeze is a wonder!! My grandmother started me using this and I thought she was crazy bcz I thought it would burn. But, the Sea Breeze really calms an irritated scalp and helps heal and remove scabs (I used it after getting burns from a relaxer).