Natural Cures for Jaw Pain

| Modified on Feb 18, 2021
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Natural Treatments for Oral/Facial Pain and Inflammation

The bones, joints, and muscles of the lower face can experience chronic pain for a number of reasons. Complementary and alternative medicine treatments can help reduce inflammation, reduce muscle tension, and otherwise improve the symptoms of jaw pain and its underlying causes.

Beyond sharp and/or chronic jaw pain, sufferers may also experience symptoms such as jaw clicks (particularly when eating), muscle fatigue in the face, a "locked" jaw, ear pain, and headaches. Causes of jaw pain can include a facial injury, habitual clenching of the jaw, and grinding of the teeth.

Alternative Healing Therapies

Oro-facial massage, stretching of the jaw muscles, and anti-inflammatory supplements such as omega-3 oils or green tea extracts may help reduce tension and inflammation in the jaw thereby reducing jaw pain. Resting the jaw by not eating foods that are difficult to chew should reduce pain and allow the jaw to heal in some cases, as can use of heating pads or ice packs as appropriate.


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Posted by Denise (Granville, TN) on 02/18/2021
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Not a cure, but a relief. I sometimes suffer from severe jaw pain that wakes me in the middle of the night. I take 1 capsule of cayenne, mix it with water in a shot glass and drink it down. The jaw pain immediately goes away. If I don't do this, the pain can last as long as 20 minutes. It also eases the anxiety I feel once the pain starts.

Dietary Changes

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Posted by Thomas M (Toronto, Ont) on 12/18/2017
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I had severe jaw pain and was prescribed naproxen (an anti-inflammatory) by my doctor. After trying other remedies, I heard that I might be allergic to eggs. I stopped eating them and in 2 weeks, my pain was gone. It was also recommended that I cut down on bananas and potatoes for a little while, as they irritated my gums. It definitely helped.

Energy Healers

Posted by Steve (Las Vegas, Nevada) on 02/17/2012

My suggestion is an unconventional one. Google energy healers. There are a lot of good healers who can help you with this pain right over the phone as crazy as it sounds. Physical therapy, chiropractic, and certainly surgery will most likely not improve this condition.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Posted by Michael (Melbourne, Australia) on 10/06/2014

I have chronic and worsening osteomyelitis in my maxilla (Jaw) bone and have begged for months for surgery, yet I have been turned down a dozen times or more. I am desperate. I am going to try drinking H202 35% at ratio: 8oz pure water to 3 drops H202,3 times per day. I am apprehensive to say the least. I am presently consuming 17 Antibiotics per day.

Is it safe to continue the AB along side the H202 therapy?

I also have dentures and I figure I should remove these from contact with H202?

I also feel like political prisoner within my own country of birth and I am desperate to return to my tribe, to my real family.

Replied by Prioris
(Fl, US)

I came across this at a conventional medicine site

"Infections of bones and joints are difficult problems that until recently were considered incurable. The old adage was that bone infection could never be completely cured. We no longer believe that to be true. The basic principle of treatment of bone infection is to remove all nonliving materials and space because these are regions where bacteria can hide from the body's immune defense system. To eradicate infection the body needs to deliver antibiotics, antibodies, and infection-fighting cells to the bacteria-infested areas. This is possible only if there is blood circulation in these areas. In general, when there is dead bone and hardware present, it is not possible to eradicate infection. Therefore, the first step is usually to remove all of the infected nonliving material"

Maybe Serrapeptase can help remove the dead tissue in order for the antibiotics etc to be more effective.

Replied by Timh
2081 posts

I read that the standard osteoporosis meds like Flomax inhibit new bone formation.

After twenty yrs living w/ non-organic Manganese in my bones plus the hyper parasite & pathogen infections, I have been fighting for my life for the last 4 yrs. Only until very recently have I begun to make a stop to the progressive infection as well as successfully removing substantial amounts of heavy metals.

As for the infection alone, I have had temporary relief from MMS as well as a host of other natural remedies like zapping Colloidal Silver, Lipo-C, herbs, etc.

Serrapeptase & Nattokinase have proved very effective in bursting the biofilms that house the infections in the bone. Turpentine seems to be equally effective in this regard. There are medical professionals testifying their finding in journals and even YouTube of the problem of ignoring the presence of Biofilms in particularly bone infection and/or metal devices implanted in the body. Over time these devices attract the biofilms which protect the pathogens from standard drug treatment, and so may folks have to undergo reparative surgery.

Not until I began combining H2O2 w/ Colloidal Silver did I get any kind of lasting relief, and that was still not enough. After reading Walter Last update of combining MSM w/ Vit-C have I made a stop and now showing slow progress.

As for long-term consequences I will certainly need addressing as I can already detect bumps or protrusions in several areas of my bones like the sternum, ribs, collar and shoulder.

Replied by Prioris
(Fl, US)

I found this in an orthodontal journal reference. You can use this as a lead to do further research to see if it is useful.

"THE use of surgical maggots in cases of chronic suppurative infections has, in the past decade, become a universally accepted treatment. The war time discovery of the beneficial action of maggots by Dr. William S. Baer revealed that these maggots had the power to clean up an infected wound by the effective manner in which they removed the necrotic tissue and reduced the infection in the wound. It was as a result of investigations by Dr.William Robinson, of Dr.Baer's discovery, that allantoin received its first recognition as the active principle of maggot therapy.

According to Robinson; allantoin is the principal product of purine metabolism in animals below man and the manlike ape, and it results from oxidation of uric acid through the action of uricase. It is regarded as an excretory material, resulting from metabolism of the cell nucleus.

Allantoin is a white crystalline powder, odorless, tasteless, and stable when dry;it is only slightly soluble in cold water but is readily soluble in hot. It is bland and harmless, and its solutions are nontoxic and nonstaining. It has no superior as a stimulator of cell proliferation and tissue growth, inducing rapid granulation of ulcerated areas as well as promoting phagocytosis.

Although it is not my belief that allantoin can in any way replace maggots in this form of treatment, I have used it with splendid success in cases of osteomyelitis of the mandible in which the maggots could not be used because of the position and nature of the infection or because of objections by the patient. It has also been used with good results in chronic ulcers and open wounds of the mouth as well as in burns and lesions in other parts of the body. Allantoin in a 2 per cent concentration may be used as a salve for topical application, but its more common usage is as a 0.4 per cent solution on suitable wet dressings or as an irrigating solution directly in the wound. "

It has no superior as a stimulator of cell proliferation and tissue growth, inducing rapid granulation of ulcerated areas as well as promoting phagocytosis. Although it is not my belief that allantoin can in any way replace maggots in this form

Replied by Sophie

First off, most regular dentist and oral surgeons will not do this type of procedure you need to find a expert holistic dentist that are educated in dental cavitation surgery is where they open up extractions sites in the mouth look inside and clean out all infections, laser, ozone or disinfect the sites. Many times it is discovered that there is a hidden bone infection that not show up on regular x-ray or CAT scan that is causing illness,

This is what I did after my dental cavitations surgery ( since many dental cavitation surgeries have to be done two or three times which I was trying to avoid ) I used DMSO with MMS mixed with sterilized water and poured it on the infected sites, I alternated with DMSO and Iodine in the evening. Sometimes I would use oregano oil and DMSO I also used a infrared lamp and shined it on my jaw everyday for months to kill the infection. and I did oil pulling for a little over an hour a day.

(Pleasant Hills)

Bone infections, are treated in western medicine with surgery and/or long term antibiotics Most doctor for bone infection send you to nuclear medicine for a bone scan with tracers. That determines if you get a PET OR SPECT.

Also drink daily cilantro juice this chelate out heavy metals. From my research heavy metals must be chelated out they interfere and block medicine, and hide viruses and bacteria so it drags down the immune system 'chelating give the immune system

After dental cavitation surgery, my ND put me on Allimed, this is a super duper potent garlic. I also found food grade hydrogen peroxide and mixed a drop of it with DMSO and a tablespoon of water. I brushed my gums with this and avoided my getting it on my teeth.

In the evening I would use a 1/4 teaspoon DMSO and 1/2 tablespoon sea salt with 1/4 cup sterilized water, I would rinse with this and let it soak in my mouth for 20 minutes avoid getting it on your teeth it make teeth sensitive.

I would do oil pull with coconut oil, mixed with drop of peppermint oil and oregano oil. My doctor clinic had a blue laser that kills and sterlizes it is strong. I used this one week (blue laser rental cost 150). I read people have dental cavitation more than once I did not want to be one of those individuals, so I did many things to help my body.

(Pleasant Hills)

Infrared light helps kill infections, just shine it on the infected area and it does wonders! It is cheap, you can buy the light at the store for like $10. and buy the clip light or lamp.

I lay down cover my eyes with a towel and turn on the light and just let it shine on my jaw area it is so relaxing I do this twenty minutes or longer every day. I think soaking your mouth in dmso and hydrogen peroxide can do wonders. My doctor suggested making sure I take lots of enzymes, always on an empty stomach serrapeptase or nattokinase and he really like wobenzyme he gave me mile long list of why I should do this.

Anyhow, it dissolves biofilms it breaks down tissue, helps drain. For lymph nodes that are swollen the doctor had me alternate with ice packs, and then I would shine the infrared light on the sites to get the lymph nodes draining, and he put me on lymphatic drainage system and will be sending me to the hyperbaric chambers at the hospital. I think oxygen is important. Wishing all good health!


Where did you buy your infrared light?

Replied by Jawpain

Where can I get this stuff. I had unsuccessful treatment for mandible osteo and my jaw and face even my cheek bone is in horrible pain. I am allergic to the antibiotics amoxicillin and no one will treat me. do I use it? It's worth a shot. This pain is horrific.

Magnesium Supplements

Posted by Debbie (Melbourne, Australia) on 02/16/2012

Clenching and grinding teeth may be a magnesium deficiency. Try having a 30 minute bath/soak with Epsom salts before you go to bed and see if there is any difference.


Posted by Bev (Long Beach, Ca) on 02/19/2012

It sounds like the same thing I suffered with years ago. My chiropractor put his fingers in my mouth and pressed on my left side at the hinge area. My jaw was stuck on the right side. He kept applying pressure until the right side relaxed. I have used this technique when I feel one side or the other start to lock. Do it yourself... Between your upper and lower jaw at the hinge. Good luck.

Oil Pulling

Posted by Mt (Ottawa, On Canada) on 02/19/2012

I found on EC one article about tmj under the sesame oil pulling section -it looks that sesame oil pulling helps on the jaw pain.

There are also at least 2 acupuncture points dedicated to locked jaw condition -I guess that an acupuncture session may help.

Stress Relief

Posted by Andrea C (Cardiff, Wales) on 02/22/2012

I too have been under great stress due to ilness and 'every day life' xxx there is nothing finer than 'stress for beating the body up!! I am going to suggest a book, yes a book xxx Its by JOHN E. SARNO, M. D. He discovered what he named, 'Tension Myositis Syndrome' (T. M. S) I too had 'locked jaw's' and intensce pain, which I belive were origanally triggered off by a medication. Which in turn getting off of it AND withdrawaral symptoms, only made my 'stress levels' escalate even more!! I nearly bit my dentist fingers off at 1 appointment because I could not 'open wide' and the dentist shoved their hand in the corner of my mouth and tried to pry it open futher, bad mistake! My jaw and 'clamped completely closed, and I was panicking 'more stress!! ' and the dentist was break dancing and screaming, and I was in agony, trying 2 scream, and then had a bloody 'asthma attack' just 2 cap it off!! (even more stress! ) see?

Anyway 2 cut along story short the book is called 'THE MIND BODY PRESCPIPTION' by JOHN E. SARNO, MD. U can search the web for info, on him and T. M. S but BUY the book xxxxx Howard Stern also used this when he was in agony from back and shoulder pain. You can get it on 'Amazon' there is a lot of positive reviews on it, and a few neg 1's, but do not let this put you off. Also, a wise west indian nurse once told me, 'even if the pain or thoughts won't let you sleep lay down and rest the body 4 its as important as resting your mind. Believe me you have my sympathy as I have med probs that besides chronic pain stop me from being able 2 do the simplest of tasks. But I also belive in 'seek and you will find the answer' xxxx Anything is worth a try when you are suffering to the point of despair which only causes more anxiety, stress, and pain xxxx hope this helps you, you may have to read it a few times as some people stated, but stick with it and try 2 avoid people, or situations that stress you, even your own family!! They're usually the worst offenders!!! LOVE Andrea c xxxxxxxxxxxx