Natural Remedies for Poor Circulation in the Legs

| Modified on Mar 22, 2023

Poor leg circulation, or peripheral artery disease (PAD), occurs as arteries narrow and reduce blood flow to the limbs of your body. As a result, your blood cannot keep up with the demands of your body and can cause pain (usually in the legs).

Bad circulation results from fatty deposits accumulating in the arteries (atherosclerosis), which can also reduce blood flow to the brain and other vital organs. Smoking, poor diet, and lack of exercise are common causes of poor circulation.

Poor circulation symptoms include leg pain while walking, cramping in arms or legs after activity, cold feet, calf pain, leg numbness or weakness, hair loss or slow hair growth on legs, sores on feet or legs that won't heal, slow toenail growth, and erectile dysfunction in men.

Natural Remedies for Peripheral Artery Disease

On this page below, you will find a number of user-submitted home and natural remedies for poor circulation. Our suggested treatments include apple cider vinegar, blackstrap molasses, cayenne pepper, and coconut oil.

Let us know what you try from Earth Clinic to treat poor circulation. Know of a remedy not listed here yet? Please don't hesitate to share your story with us!

Apple Cider Vinegar

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Posted by Slavica (Penticton, Bc) on 12/11/2017

Apple cider vinegar for leg circulation, and NLS!

Hi everybody! I just bought organic ACV, didn't really expect fast results but the reason I wanted to try it is my heartburn.

I put 2 tsps. in a 600ml drinking bottle and drank it from the afternoon until bedtime. I have always had cold clammy feet, and have a hard time falling asleep before my feet warm up. Well, my feet were warm and dry and cozy as soon as I went under covers and my NLS was very minor. I was really amazed, I loved the dry warm feet cozy under covers, haven't felt that since I was very young. Having bad tonsils till 27 has probably damaged my health in many ways. I have always been looking after myself, sleeping 8 hours a night, eating from all 5 food groups, dressing adequately, being very active, but this is the first time I have had such dry warm feet.

My husband had 5 coronary by passes done 5 years ago, I am always worried that he will die on me, he doesn't look after himself well. But today when I come home I will have him drink this same solution all day whenever he has a chance.

Replied by Gord235
(Vancouver, British Columbia)

What is NLS?

EC: Neu Laxova Syndrome?

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Rachael (Bemidji, Mn.) on 03/25/2009

I found this site looking for help for my husbands high blood pressure. I am so glad that I did! His blood pressure has dropped 40 pts. in 5 days by using Apple Cider Vinegar remedy on this site. He drinks 2 tbsp. in 8 oz. of water 2 times a day before meals.

I was drinking it with him as well as he didn't enjoy the taste and I wanted to share in his

I have suffered from cold hands and feet and a cold backside for many years. I was diagnosed with Hypothyroid over 10 years ago. Since drinking the ACV my feet and backside are burning hot! I can't remember the last time I had warm feet or a warm bum...My face even has a warm rosy glow!! This is amazing! Not only has this helped my circulation come back but I am finding that my fibromyalgia aches are going away. I am so excited! It is a double miracle. I am so glad I decided to "suffer" with him in drinking this nature's cure!! Thank you for your website. I wonder how many lives are being saved by this wonderful information. God bless you.

Replied by Abby
(Mentor, Ohio)

Love it!! To the point, articulate, and interesting. Thanks

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Jodi (La Quinta, CA) on 09/20/2008

Edema, Poor Circulation:

I recently was told by my Naturopath to begin 1Tbsp of ACV before every meal. One of my health complaints has been very swollen ankles ( even legs sometimes) and cold pale feet. It has been a week and among other things, my ankles are very skinny, my feet now have color again and my overall circulation has improved. I also have dropped 5 pounds- but I'm also following the Elmination Diet to identify allergies so I can't completely credit that to the ACV. My whole body seems to have been de-bloated. I notice that after drinking the ACV my appetite wanes, so I do eat less and can definitely feel my food digesting.

One way to know if you are digesting food properly or not is to check your stools. Do you recognize your meals? If you can identify what's there- you are not digesting your food.

I'm thrilled with the results so far and am anxious to see what else happens from my new dosing.

Baking Soda

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Posted by Anon (US) on 09/04/2014

When I drink coffee I get pain in my legs when I lay down at night. I put 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in a large glass of water and drink it between meals, one or two glasses a day if I had coffee. It works. Also senna helps.

Blackstrap Molasses

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Posted by Norman L. (Abbotsford, BC) on 03/16/2008

I had serious swelling of ankles ,feet & legs. And all doctors could suggest is poor ciculation and one way valves in leg not working properly and would have to wear pressure socks for the rest of my life but I was not willing for this and kept earching and tryinng all sorts of natural things but when finally I went back to black strap molasses which I used to take for nose bleeding & cured that and after some time of use I ran out of it & forgot to replace it and got swlling problems but never connected it to molasses but after 2 yrs for some reason tried molasses again and after some time I noticed something , less swelling to happen and gradually dissapearednd not even swelled during the day anymore and so must be the molasses that played a part in circulation for me in my legs and so will continue taking it for this is a much better cure than wearing pressure socks whch did not go to fix the problem anyways. Thank You, Norm from Abbotsford BC

Replied by Maureen
(Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada)

Thank you Norman L. from Abbotsford, BC for taking the time to write about the benefits blackstrap molasses has had for you. I have NEVER heard of anything that helps swollen ankles and your e-mail has given me hope. I have just started using it for other reasons and now hope I get the same results you got. I must say I try so many things that I would not know what worked if something did work! I will pass on something that I discovered last week. I used the remainder of blackstrap molasses I have had for years and bought new organic unsulfured blackstrap molassas last week. There was some that I could not get out of the bottle so rather than waste it I decided to add shampoo and water to the bottle and wash my hair with it to see if it would help my gray hair. Well it did not, no surprise there, but it did clean my scalp (from itch) about 90% for most of the day. It worked just as good as apple cider vinegar does for me without the smell.

Thank you Earth Clinic for a fantastic site and also to Ted and Bill for your valuable input.

Replied by Robert
(Rokeby, Sk, Canada)

Hi Norman: I know it's been some time since your post, but I'm hoping you're still out there and can tell me what your current results are in using the BSM for leg-swelling. I, too, have been informed by my Dr. that the valves in my leg veins no longer work. I've been advised to keep my leg elevated as much as I can.

Replied by Wes
(Niagara, Ontario Canada)

How much do you take per day? Very interested. I suffer from leg pain and poor venous flow constantly!!

Replied by Phoebeanne

I believe that the proper dosage for the blackstrap molasses is one tablespoon in the morning and in the evening. I had constant swelling of the left ankle and it has completely disappeared since using the blackstrap molasses on a daily basis.

Replied by Hazel Garrett
(Berea Kentucky)

How much Blackstrap Molasses should I take a day for swelling in the legs?

Replied by Crystal
(Trinidad, West Indies)

How do u mix this molasses to drink? Will warm water do the trick an how many times per day? Thank you.

Replied by Shirley

Would like to know how to use blackstrap molasses for swelling...

Replied by Jeff

How much of the molasses did you use? How often did you take it? Did you mix with something? Thank you in advance.

Replied by Lee
(British Columbia)

Apple cider vinegar & black strap molasses for arteriosclerosis in legs...

I have not tried black strap molasses yet as am worried what it will do to my blood sugar numbers which are good. I too have poor circulation in my legs & am considering apple cider vinegar. As I am diabetic on oral meds I must be careful about any sugar intake. Is anyone in the same situation? I am asking if black strap molasses will affect my blood sugar numbers. Thank you, Lee


I know from a short BBC story on Apple Cider Vinegar.. it showed proof that ACV lowers the blood sugar spike if taken before a meal. Could explain some of its weight loss effects.


Keep a diary. Interesting how one's own posts can provide clues. I see that I posted here about circulation the same time of year previously. In May, June, which is most likely due to my increase use of the asthma drug Ventolin due to allergies. This in turn probably creates the leg cramping or decreased circulation. (I know it interrupts potassium) I really need to get off this drug but it has been a life saver at times.

Cayenne in Socks - Diabetics Beware

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Posted by Neva (Glendale, Az) on 02/01/2013

A really old remedy from our family is to actually soak whatever body part is giving you grief in cayenne and hot water for 15 minutes. So feet which in turn move up to legs with circulation the effects aren't instantaneous but you can definately feel the difference after one soak. Just use as much as you like either less or more it's always to your preference.

Cayenne in Socks - Diabetics Beware
Posted by John (Panama City, FL) on 01/20/2008

Someone offered this advice to hunters (and anyone else looking to keep their feet warm): sprinkle cayenne in your socks. It DOES work. However, DIABETICS BE WARNED: you should be careful using any topical treatment which provides heat, be it medicinal or homeopathic (this includes cayenne, IcyHot or similar items, electric heating pads, etc.). Because diabetics often suffer from poor circulation and skin issues, using such items can produce burning, and since diabetics often do not heal as quickly, this can become a serious medical issue.

Replied by Chris Herron

Actually Cayenne should not be dangerous for diabetics. The reason it feels like it is burning is not actually physical heat, but rather the effect it has on neural receptors for pain. IN FACT, there was a study that used capsaicin cream (the hot part of cayenne) on diabetics with neuropothy of the extremities. It actually started to heal the neuropathy!

Pro tip, capsaicin is expensive. I diffuse organic cayenne (has to be organic, otherwise it is irradiated and wont work) into olive oil. Works great, just do a google search on how to do it. Cheap and easy.

Coconut Oil

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Posted by Deloris (Covington, GA) on 07/06/2007

My husband suffers from cold hands and feet, but since he's using the Extra Virgin Coconut Oil(Organic) he has not had any problems since. I use it on my hair and it makes it look healthier and stronger than it has in years.

Replied by Bilja
(Toronto, On, Canada)

Hi, does he use it internally, or putting as cream on feet and hands? Thanks

Replied by Ghii
(Lang Ka, Negros, Philippines)

It sounds like you benefited from the thyroid boosting benefits... You may want to suplement your iodine to keep the benefits permanent.... But I would never give up the coconut oil, its just great stuff..... (you can replace most any oil you use internally or externally with coconut oil and you will get benefits.)

Replied by Eileen
(New Zealand)

Do you massage this oil on the legs or are you taking it internally?

Replied by Heather
(Kingaroy, Queensland)

How is your husband using the coconut oil? By mouth? Rubbing it on his skin?

Edna H.
(Trabuco Canyon Usa)

Take 1 tablespoon of coconut (liquid or solid form) by mouth a day. You can add the liquid form into smoothies or food. The solid form, great in coffee and in cooking. Available at Sprouts and cheapest price. In the body care aisle in liquid form. In the cooking aisle in liquid and solid form. Same ingredients for both products. Slightly different taste from one another. The solid form is more coconut flavored.

Replied by Laura
(West Bend, Wi)

I'm a victim of sudden pain in my legs, I woke up in the midst of the night crying out with pain, I never had a problem previously, the pain was so sharp shooting from my knee caps all the way through my toes, so I went to the doc and he put me on gabapentin, and that was it, I didn't feel comfortable with his decision as the pain continued on to my other leg and traveling fast, so I am trying two of the remedies, the AV, I just rubbed my legs with the AV as I don't know how to make a compress that would last 20 min? I am going to try the airbrush scrub and then the coconut oil, I just want to thank all of you for your ideas, I shall be back with the outcome within 24 hrs! Thanks again as I tried life script and they were NO HELP, so thanks again.


AV? It sounds nice but what is AV?

EC: Likely Apple Cider Vinegar.


my Doctor just tried putting me on gabapentin for spinal stenosis and arthritis pain of the neck. I said no thank you. I had a friend who was on it and also my husband..........they were in the twilight zone and lethargic.........gained weight.

Replied by Michael
(New Zealand)

Sudden pain in the leg/s sounds like cramp (?) in which case you would get a quick result by taking Magnesium Chloride LIQUID as per directions on label I.e. you mix it with WATER, which by the way, you could be missing out on, in adequate quantities of, as it is crucial for muscle action!!

Cheers, Michael

Replied by Hisjewel
(America, New York)

Hi Laura,

Here's something else that will chase those sharp leg pains, leave out the white flour and the like: grits, bread, sugar etc about 21 days. I got an inside tip on this and it worked. I had a hump all around my ankle which only went down during a 3 day fast and returned afterwards.

Yes I also use to get sudden sharp pains in my legs. When I took a break from the above foods the hump disappeared and I no longer get those pains.

I also learned that caffeine simply added to the problem I was already having with my legs. I now use unbleached flour and much less of the rest.


Replied by William K.
(Lawrence, Kansas)

hylands legcramps works fast also include more potassium foods works wonders.

(Knoxville, Tn)

I have found that Hyland's products for leg and foot cramps works better than anything else I have tried. I use the ointment and take one of the homeopathic pills for cramping as soon as I feel a cramp coming on. The only problem is that no pharmacies carry it anymore - not even ones that carry homeopathic remedies. I had to resort to ordering them from Amazon. Hylands has great products and I wonder why no one carries them anymore. ☹️


You can find homeopathics at Vitacost online. Also you can find a lot of homeopathics at Sprouts grocery stores.

Replied by Fraul

it is all because of insulin resistance. removed all processed foods, high carbohydrates including all meats because that too raises your insulin.

Replied by Roz

IHerb also carries some Hylands products, not sure which ones.

Replied by Joseph
(Stockton, CA)
73 posts

People using Gabapentin prescribed by a Dr., should still Google the side effects because there are many and I wouldn't use that if I was suffering or given free, dangerous.

Compression Socks

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Posted by Learner (EarthSchool) on 03/22/2023

Compression Sock Tips

Put lotion on the person's feet and legs just before putting the compression socks on. They will slide on much easier. Use a lotion that doesn't dry right away.

You're welcome 😎


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Posted by Anonymous (Manitowoc, Wisconsin, USA) on 04/05/2010

Chamomile Catnip Basil and Yogurt help legs

Make a strong tea of 1 tablespoon each of Chamomile, Catnip, and Basil. Cover it and let it steep for 10 minutes or so. Try eating a cup of yogurt with it, or taking some calcium supplement. Try adding a heaping teaspoon of turmeric.

Horse Chestnut

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Posted by Maureen (Buffalo Grove, IL) on 01/29/2007

I've suffered with poor circulation of the legs for a few years now. Standing for short periods of time left my legs feeling tired and achy. My legs had a heavy feeling when walking, too. Worse, any pressure applied to my ankle area resulted in pain. My doctor put his hands around them to see if I was retaining fluid and I could have cried from the pain. After doing research online, I started taking 900 mgs of horse chestnut and 350 mgs of pycnogenol each day. It's been only four weeks, but the difference has been amazing. My legs feel lighter, no more pain near the ankles, no more fatigue when standing for long periods. There have been medical studies on this, which is why I decided to try it myself. I highly recommend taking these supplements at these doses each day for improved circulation of the legs.

Replied by Anonymous
(Manitowoc, Wisconsin, Usa)

Try taking a calcium supplement with it, or eat a cup of plain yogurt. When I add the yogurt my legs and feet feel nice and warm, which they NEVER otherwise do.

Replied by Rasmita

My Dad (Aged 61yrs old)has gone thru By pass surgery for his heart & since after that surgery he is feeling his right leg to be very heavy day by day & not able to move his leg & go out somewhere or else stand properly for a long time. Where as his left leg from which they have taken a vein for the drafting purpose during the surgery feels very relaxed. We have many options to cure it ie both Natural as well as tried other medicines as suggested by the Dr. Bt still he couldn't get any postive results from any of these. So I have came across thru this post werein I can find few postive responses however m not sure about thier exact problem. So could you please Suggest me & brief me more about this therapy. I'l be glad if I can get a positive revert from your end because we can't see our Dad getting depressed due to this reason as a result of which the entire family becomes Sad as he is most Important person in our lives & we LOVE HIM ALOT...SO PLLLZZZZZZ HELP.

Hydrogen Peroxide

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Posted by Todayishine (America, New York, New York) on 01/15/2016

The blacken leg, Lord have mercy, has anyone ever gotten the blacken leg? It is scary in itself. As I have said, I successfully took Alpha Lipoic Acid about 400mg to help with my circulation problems. My private doctors diagnosis is that my situation was caused by arthritis. What I want to say is, even after my circulation seemed better, my right foot and leg remained darkened and bigger than the left. About mid last year I started getting these pimples on the leg sometimes three pimples in a roll sometimes a small batch which dried up with a mixture of bentonite clay and apple cider vinegar.

Something was seriously wrong with my leg, but I refused to waste my time in the ER again. Twice last year as I was sitting I got this pain that felt as if my leg was stopped up, not just numb. Lord have mercy. It's a bad memory. I kept praying over my leg and searching EC.

About a month ago, I decided to try a few drops of Hydrogen Peroxide in my early morning water. I just let a circle like a donut in the cap and pour in the glass of water. I just keep doing about the same each morning, and some days, I might take the same amount, when I return in the house. Also around the same time, a quiet, still voice said, "Do not eat flour, not even a taste." Now, I like to make a sandwich now and then. So I asked the Lord, "Than what shall I do for bread?" As I awakened from sleep in a vision, I saw a slice of brown bread (I hope it wasn't rye). I felt some relief. I chose whole-wheat grain.

Though one leg is still bigger than the other, my leg as regained its natural skin color. Neither has my legs gotten any more sores or pimples. Thank you Jesus!

God Bless Earth Clinic and its Contributors.

EC: Hi Todayishine, can you please tell us what percentage of Hydrogen Peroxide you used (food grade 35%, 3%, etc). Thank you!

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile , Tn)

HI U SHINE, , , I sympathize with you because I've seen a number of folks going down this trail, as I have to a certain extent.

Here's what I suggest...... yep, ALA will help, but it must be the good stuff. Also , I would tell you to use H2O2 via a nebulizer so you get it into your blood system without going through your digestive system.

Also, I recommend that you research skin brushing that make your lymph system flow. This is the sewer system of your cells and your swollen legs tell you that is is not flowing.

Wish you well.........====ORH=======

Replied by Todayishine
(America, New York)

I took my chances with the drug store 3% Hydrogen peroxide. It was what I could afford. I just made sure it barely covered the bottom of the cap and poured it in water. Than I drank another glass or bottle of water. It worked great for me, and just in time. Thanks again.

Replied by Todayishine
(America, New York)

Thank You Very Much Sir Robert Henry. I just saw this advice. Will get to researching the subject of skin brushing now. With Summer so near, I will need all the help I can get.

Thanks again.


Replied by Kelly


Your darkened leg -- that sounds like poor circulation due to venous insufficiency, which is related to pre-diabetes (and also diabetes), and high triglycerides/high blood pressure. Some people call it 'leaky veins'. I'm not sure why your doctor said it was related to arthritis.

Anyway, the H202 may be increasing the oxygen content in your bloodstream, but I agree w/the gentleman above, that lipoic acid and skin brushing should help. Also consider some rutin or other bioflavanoids for the venous insufficiency.

Raise Your Feet

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Posted by Anonymous (Manitowoc, Wisconsin, Usa) on 04/05/2010

If your legs/feet get really bad and you can't do anything immediately to heal them, lay on the floor on your stomach and put your feet against the wall or a chair so your lower legs are vertical. Or lay on your back and lay your calves across the seat of a chair so your thighs are vertical. Raising your legs above your body is the idea. The extra blood will drain easier.


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Posted by Cb (Irvine, Ca) on 04/04/2011

I am juicing a bunch of spinach each morning and drinking it - my circulation problems in my feet have disappeared. Please try this.

Replied by Loraine

How much is a bunch?

Replied by Edna

A bunch of spinach is the whole leaf with stems that have been trimmed/cut that's tied together when you purchase it at the market.

Ted's Remedies

Posted by Martin (Brunswick, OH) on 05/25/2006

I want a cure for a feeling of.... numbness, tiredness, heaviness, like a loss of full circulation or something of the sort that i feel in my legs at times. Maybe it's always there but i've gotten used to it that i don't even really notice it, unless i notice it. what i mean to say is that it's not hindering at the least for i ride my bike for hours at top speeds. but the sort of feeling of lack is there and i'm not sure what it is. can you give some feedback on my inquiry?"

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "Circulation problems of the leg and tiredness could be an electrolyte and buffer problems, along with the lost of certain vitamins as a result of excessive. Common electrolytes loss are sodium chloride (sea salt is best), potassium and magnesium. Take plenty of vitamin B complex and vitamin E, to reduce the cells need for oxygen. The body needs much more antioxidant than you need during an exercise.

The lactic acid buildup will be a problem and while some sports medicine says it is good, that the body can convert lactic to glycogen to further the energy requirements, my background in biochemist do not see it as helpful, since the liver is an imperfect factory that does not necessarily convert all of it and this create problems.

So in sports medicine, lactate buildup is really a no-no during training as lactate tends to destroy cells and mitochrondria reducing your energy output anyway. In fact doing this during training will almost guarantee that your athlete will loose the competition anyway. Since lactic acid buildup will kill an awful lot of cells and mitochrondia before the competition. Lactic acid will simply drain any energy. I don't know why these P.E. Teachers do that to students, unless of course they don't know what they are doing. Therefore the best solution is to use soda loading. Most athletes know soda loading by using sodium bicarbonate. That is actually an inferior form.

The use of citric acid + sodium bicarbonate (sodium citrate) is a preferred form. You can add potassium bicarbonate at 1/10 of the sodium bicabonate to get an ideal soda loading and some magnesium chloride (at 1/20 of sodium bicarbonate) should eliminate most of the problems.

Now taking vitamin B complex will help with the circulation, removal so of some fatty buildup that might block circulation can be helped with granulated lecithin taken everyday. If the problems persist than EDTA will be the way to go, but it takes a while longer. I prefer sodium EDTA orally (only small amounts) at less than 500 mg is the safe amount. This should help somewhat but it takes about 3 months to notice the full effect on your athletic performance after daily taking it."

Replied by Wes
(Niagara, Ontario Canada)

What is EDTA? Where how much bicarbonate soda to you get or use? Not sure about what your ratios mean...

Replied by Anonymous
(Miami, Florida)

EDTA is Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid.

Replied by Mr Guy

Sodium bicarbonate and citric acid would just give you a salt.