Periodic Limb Movement
Natural Remedies

  • Periodic Limb Movement Disorder Remedies

    | Modified on Jun 21, 2014

    Treatments for periodic limb movement disorder range from lifestyle changes to medicine regulation and dietary supplements. The condition is often exacerbated by caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, heavy evening meals and certain medications, so avoiding these triggers is crucial. Additionally, certain supplements can offer treatment and support for the condition.

    What is Periodic Limb Movement Disorder?

    A sleep disorder, periodic limb movement disorder is generally defined by the appearance of rhythmic movements of the limbs during one’s sleep. The movements most often involve the legs; however, the upper extremities may be affected also. The cause of the condition is unknown; however, individuals affected typically possess a variety of additional medical problems.

    Natural Remedies for Sleep Disorders

    Treating PLMD and other sleep disorders requires the identification of triggers as well as effective treatment options. Many lifestyle changes can be made to help regulate the condition including avoiding caffeine, alcohol and other triggers. Dietary supplements including vitamin C, MSM and glucosamine have also been identified as effective for treating the condition.

    Vitamin C

    Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant that also aids in normal growth and development. When taken daily, vitamin C eliminates free radicals in the body that may be contributing to PLMD. The nutrient also works to repair damage to the body and regulate normal development, which can also relieve symptoms of PLMD.


    MSM is a naturally occurring chemical that is often used in treating a wide range of conditions. In relation to periodic limb movement disorder, the substance relieves inflammation as well as allergies that may be contributing to the disorder. MSM is also effective for improving circulation that may be related to the progression of the condition.


    Glucosamine is a natural substance that contributes to the creation of cartilage. Taking a glucosamine supplement can relieve stress on the joints that may be contributing to the condition. The supplement also appears to work as a limited anti-inflammatory agent.

    Characterized by rhythmic movements of the limbs during sleep, periodic limb movement disorder is a sleep condition. Effective treatments relieve the condition and allow affected individuals a more peaceful, restful night’s sleep.