Paget's Disease
Natural Remedies

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  • Paget's Disease Remedies and Holistic Treatment

    | Modified on Jun 21, 2014

    Paget's Disease of bone is a medical condition that results in bone malformations that can create obvious bone growths and/or result in fractures, pain, arthritis, and other joint and mobility issues due to the poorly formed bones. Unlike other bone and joint conditions, Paget's Disease generally only affects one or a handful of bones in the body, rather than being a systemic condition.

    Mild cases of Paget's may have no symptoms and thus go undiagnosed; however, those with more significant Paget's symptoms will exhibit arthritic-like pain, eventually bone malformations, and possibly hard-to-explain fractures. An x-ray of affected bone reveals a characteristic pattern of growth in the bone.

    Home Remedies for Paget's Disease

    Natural remedies for Paget's Disease focus first on vitamin D and calcium in order to support proper bone growth. Daily sun exposure is an important part of vitamin D supplementation.