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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Alternative Treatment and Prevention


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Posted by Fool4x (Concord, Ca) on 08/06/2020
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I think there is a readily available substance that could possibly help people prevent/treat covid-19. The problem is that no one is doing further research on this substance. The substance is stevia, the sugar substitute derived from the leaves of the stevia plant.

Right now it is only beginning to be researched and used to help treat Lyme disease (because of its ability to break up the Lyme disease biofilm).

This is a 2009 Russian study (in vitro) that shows that stevia has virustatic and virucidal (prevents growth of viruses; kills viruses) against a human coronavirus ((Hco V-229E). Download to read the whole paper:

This study shows that stevia can have an important anti-inflammatory effect that could make it beneficial in fighting Covid-19:

And this analysis of published papers shows why the above study could be beneficial in fighting the inflammation caused by Covid-19:

In the absence of any useful measures to prevent/treat Covid-19, particularly if one is told to fight the disease at home, I am choosing to use stevia regularly.

Replied by Terri

The links do not work...are we being censored?


Second link opened fine for me. The other two said the sites were taken down.

Suggested Videos

Posted by Anon Canada (Canada) on 06/12/2020

Dr. Matthias Rath has a YouTube video on “Ending the current pandemic and preventing future pandemics” that is extremely important to watch. Like he says, we are at the crossroads and, if we don�TMt do something now, our future will be based in fear with ever-increasing erosion of our fundamental liberties because we willingly handed over our fate to the pharmaceutical investment business (very big business that will profit only the privileged few). His message is simple: take vitamins and micronutrients to build up your immune system. Eat real food – grow it if you can (think sprouts – even I can grow sprouts!). Please watch it – be informed – not only for yourself, but for your loved ones and the future generations. Otherwise, it isn�TMt much of a legacy we�TMre leaving for them, is it?

Sweet Wormwood Tea

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Posted by June (Cincinnati ) on 05/30/2020
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Please see the treatment from Madagascar, also used in Tanzania. Very easy to google this. They are using Sweet Wormwood Tea with great success. Just buy the supplement, empty a few capsules into boiling water with honey and sip.


Posted by Vicki (United Kingdom) on 04/23/2020

Any thoughts about the use of dihydroquercetin (Taxifolin) anyone?

Thieves Oil

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Posted by Bobbie (TX) on 12/29/2020
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A member of our household came down with Covid19 and my husband caught it because he picked her up from work, I caught it because my husband and I share the same bed. We used thieves oil by putting five or six drops in a diffuser in our room, drinking any hot tea with a drop of thieves oil in it, I put a drop of thieves oil in a bottle of water and drank it throughout the day.

I put 5 or 6 drops in an 10 - 12 ounce spray bottle and we sprayed our throat as needed and it took away the soreness and helped with coughing, we put a drop under the bottom of our foot and rubbed it in because it is said to help build up the immune system. My husband only had symptoms for two days and the other member of the household had them for about five days. When she retested for Covid19 she tested negative.

The history of using thieves oil can be found on the internet and the recipe to make it also. It is made by using essential oils.

  • Clove oil: 40 drops
  • Cinnamon bark oil: 20 drops
  • Eucalyptus oil: 15 drops
  • Lemon oil: 35 drops
  • Rosemary oil: 10 drops

You can also find other recipes online and the oil already made in health food stores and online. If you make up your own, put it in a dark bottle but please look up the history because it was a little long for this posting

Replied by Monica

Hi where did you purchase thieves oil and what brand did you buy?

Tonic Water With Quinine

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Posted by Elsa (New Zealand) on 08/14/2021
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Buy Indian Soda Tonic, it has Quinine in it. A friend's family of 12 got COVID in the Philippines, they drank the soda tonic. I was told they were cured.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

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Posted by JMartha (FL) on 03/09/2020

Just read about the Chinese provinces where traditional herbal medicine was used initially, and mortality rates were only .1 percent instead of pushing 3 percent in “western medicine only” regions: TLDR: “Hubei did not routinely treat patients with herbal remedies. Guangdong, and coastal Zhejiang, meanwhile, had some of the highest numbers of patients after Hubei. Patients there were given herbal drinks to relieve symptoms even before they were testing positive… Guangdong had reported a mortality of just 0.1 per cent of infected people – compared with Wuhan's rate of 2.6 per cent – and none of the 1,155 confirmed patients in Zhejiang had died… the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Shanghai generated a list of about a dozen herbs that could suppress the virus by simulating on computer how they would interact with the viral strain.” Maybe someone knows a way to find out about these treatments?

Traditional Chinese Medicine
Posted by Lisa B. (Chester, MD) on 03/05/2020
5 out of 5 stars

Learn about Chinese herbs that are protecting healthcare workers and which herbs to take at every stage of the virus - even to prevent and stop cytokine storm.

Replied by Bill Thompson

I would be the first to admit to having no faith at all in any coronavirus vaccine that has been fast-tracked as a cure by any drugs company. In fact, I would never ever have a vaccine because I already know from personal experience that vaccines don't work and are dangerous. Especially vaccines against virulent viruses. There is already considerable evidence from research which has revealed the serious problems and dangers that are always associated with anti-viral vaccines. Here is some of the that critical research:


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Posted by Keoni Walaka (Gainesboro, TN) on 03/31/2020
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I would suggest taking Turmeric, virgin organic coconut oil, and zinc (ie Zicam) as all of these are anti-viral. Turmeric is even recommended as a treatment for Ebola and other very serious, hard-to-treat virsuses.

Replied by Norma
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I have turmeric how do I use it ? I have the raw powder

Posted by Keoni (United States) on 03/21/2020
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Due to this being a virus and success of Turmeric as an anti-viral, particularly the flu, I looked on-line. Looks like this has some validity. I take a teaspoonful of turmeric with some pepper for anti-inflammation periodically anyway. Just thought this might be of interest to others in light of its success against other viruses.

Replied by Nadine
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I read somewhere curcumin should not be used with coronavirus.

Ultraviolet Light Therapy

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Posted by riverbow (Alberta, Canada) on 05/03/2020

What they do not want you to know.

Ultraviolet Light Therapy
Posted by ORH (TEN MILE, TN) on 04/24/2020
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ORH here,,,,,,,,, interesting that ultraviolet light is now being discussed for COVID 19 because me and my Tractor Driver have been been getting UBI's for the last 10 or 11 years. We start in Oct. and do the procedure monthly until March instead of a flu shot. This year we had one this week. This procedure was done up until the 50's when Anti-biotics came out. 50 cc's of blood are removed and passed twice before an ultraviolet light and re-injected in your arm. The procedure has been modified to add hydrogen peroxide after the first pass and the blood turns from vein purple to brilliant red. This procedure causes your stem cells to produce more white bloods cells to fight off toxins. The effect lasts about 3 months. Toxins cannot build an immunity to this trick as they can with anti-biotics. So the smart alecks that put Trump down for mentioning Ultraviolet Light are the ignorant ones. I would venture to say that few MD's are aware of this once standard medical procedure. Too cheap and too effective. We have once again outsmarted ourselves. ====ORH====

Replied by Kaycee
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What is UBI?

(Oregon, US)

Scroll down a bit on this website to a 2-minute video. It's a verification that UV light is taken seriously by many, including this particular company:

Vinegar and Honey

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Posted by Gabriel (California) on 03/12/2020
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How to Prevent the Corona Virus Naturally This post will say how to prevent the corona virus naturally using simple foods that anyone can buy in a supermarket. The book is partially based upon the Canon of Medicine's advice during pestilence by Ibn Sina. First id like to mention I have no medical degree. So what is written below is simply what I think and is not meant to be a substitute for medical advice. Most of the things below, even if they don't help, hopefully, can't harm.

Most of these advices I double checked with someone who was traditionally trained in Unani(Ancient Greek/Arabic) Medicine in Pakistan. He stated that they are good advice but only God knows how effective they will be.

You will need the following, God willing: Raw Honey Vinegar Squash(the vegetable). Incense And willpower to follow through with a few steps: Honey mixed with vinegar is a classic remedy used in greek medicine (known as oxymel.) Honey is known to be good for coughs. Eat a teaspoon of honey everyday for prevention. Squash/pumpkin/gourd was the vegetable eaten by Jonah when he was sick after being ejected from the whale. It is said that it is good for fevers and coughs. Ibn Sina states to use incense in one's home during times of pestilence to purify the air and to put vinegar in one's foods. [Canon of Medicine] It is known that vinegar protects from lots of things. Quit smoking cigarettes if you smoke. Quit chewing tobacco, or smoking opiates, or anything like that. The provinces where it broke the most in Iran are said to have the highest opiate intake in the world. Quit drinking alcohol if you drink, especially wine. Relax, stay at home.

Replied by NJ

Why especially wine? Thanks.

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What type of Vinegar Gabriel, or anyone? Thank you much, Earthclinic is my go-to for alternatives, Denise

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Braggs Apple Cider vinegar is what I have been using for many years. It has become quite affordable. Local grocery stores have been caring it for at $5 to $6 a 32z bottle. If you go to the Braggs website they have so much on this amazing product. Hope this helped. Much love and laughter to all who read this :)

Vitamin C, Colloidal Zinc

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Posted by Stephen (B'bugia, Malta. ) on 09/08/2020
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I am 67 years old, male Caucasian having O+ blood type. 5' 9" tall and slim.

Last March, 2020 I met someone who just came overland from Sicily. After he parted I could feel something running around in my head and felt something unusual in my throat.

Things kept getting worse. Coughing yellow phlegm, loss of smell and taste.

I took Vitamin C, Ascorbic Acid at 3 to 5 grams every 3 hours.

After about 5 days I could hardly breath, coughing day and night.

During this time I was making Distilled Water to make colloidal zinc.

I was taking about 9 grams of Ascorbic Acid every 3 hours and also inhaled Colloidal Zinc often and soon as I began Inhaling C. Z. I knew something got better.

After another week it was all over thanks to vitamin C and the spraying colloidal zinc into my lungs.

I never tested if it was COVID-19 but I believe it was.

Wet Sock Treatment

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Posted by Judy (EC Facebook) on 02/27/2020
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Do wet sock treatment to boost immune system....

(EC Facebook)

What's that?

Zelenko Protocol

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Posted by Stacey (HI) on 02/06/2021
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Zelenko protocol: use combo zinc, quercitin, nac, vitamin d

I see they're listed separately here, but the dr suggests using them all together!! 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

Quercitin for HQC if not available... u can get it online from frontline docs website!!

Replied by ORH

HI U OLE PATOOTS, ORH here, and want to whisper sweet nothings into your ear. Now you have to be as old as dirt to remember when that ditty made the rounds. Most of my contributions to EC are my garden stuff because the processed garbage we now eat is a major health problem, but won't irritate you with my garden stuff today. Today, I am going to tell you how to survive this Covid thing. Not me, but Dr Zelenco will. He has successfully treated some 6000 patients, Trump and most of the world's leaders. If you wish to live then I suggest you visit his site and follow his prevention and/or treatment. For this kindness then I want all of you to tell me how to survive being around folks that have had the jab. This shedding is coming, but I have found no solution and our entire church has gotten the jab. Considering going into isolation as we did last year. Appreciate help on this topic because it will come about in a few months, and guess what, it will detrimentally affect you also. Thanks for your counsel ====ORH====


ORH...I have been adversely affected myself, From a Vaxxed hairdresser after she colored and cut my hair. I'm like you, I now do my best to avoid those recently vaxxed. It's harder to avoid them, I agree. But my husband and I are doing our best!

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Recently I learned the powerhouse that is sodium bicarbonate, of course we all know it alkalises and kills cancer cells, but it neutralises the toxins, pesticides, I was fascinated to learn it even acts against ddt and dioxin, agent orange. Charcoal, to adsorb and take out some heavy duty metals, Enzymes specific for proteins, so serrapeptase and nattokinase, though they advise natto the food. Going to need some bbb builders because guaranteed that is the main target, so quercetin and resveratrol, etc. Saw astaxanthin to remove the graphene, I'd add known and proven heavy metal removers like cilantro and chlorella, lugols. Nac has or is being banned, you can bet that helped detox it. Sodium butyrate has been touted as helpful but at 4g a dose it's a lot. Additional thiamine and b5. B complex. Keep the basics, zinc, mag, C, D3.


Hey ORH –

I would keep doing whatever you've been doing to stay healthy all these years.

As for shedding, I've heard that it's the two weeks directly after the vaccination that people can expose others who are physically close (skin contact, kissing, etc.).

Real science says that it takes a significant viral load before we become truly ill. I imagine just about everyone everywhere has been exposed to Covid by now.

How to reduce the viral load:

Well, besides healthy diet, exercise, sunshine, positive attitude, love, laughter, supplements (Vitamin D, Vitamin C, zinc, NAC, etc.), fresh air (open windows or use air purifiers if you are stuck inside), use a humidifier if you are in a very dry indoor setting (especially in the winter with the furnace on), etc.

Take care of the most common entry points for the virus!

Regularly swab your nose (and ears) with 3% hydrogen peroxide, gargle (very important - see below), use a neti pot or saline rinse, wash your hands with soap and water, steam your face with a few drops of tea tree oil in a pot of boiling water.

Use a sauna if you have one or infrared heating pad.

Here is an interesting link on the importance of gargling to disrupt the viral load. They recommend a number of mouthwashes – the most common and most accessible is Listerine Cool Mint.

I actually use a saltwater rinse, sometimes with a drop of Lugol's 5% iodine. If I feel particularly exposed, I add a drop or two of cayenne tincture (that'll kill the invaders for sure!).

Here's one of many medical studies on oral rinses. They mention Listerine Cool Mint as a choice.

Virucidal Efficacy of Different Oral Rinses Against Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2

Here's a very interesting practical article by Dr. David Williams:

Can a Simple Mouth Gargle Protect Against Viruses?
(August 16,2021)

Newer research into the effects of gargling has been inspired by the COVID pandemic. Testing has involved gargling with ingredients like diluted povidone-iodine (PVP-I), alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, chlorhexidine, and various essential oils. Yet, research shows that the most effective gargling ingredient is PVP-I.

In one study, 20 asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic COVID-19 patients were tested using four different mouth gargle ingredients.

  • Group one gargled with 10 milliliters of 1% PVP-I for 30 seconds three times a day.
  • Group two followed the same routine and gargled with 20 milliliters of a popular mouthwash.
  • Group three followed the same routine using 100 milliliters of tap water.
  • Group four were untreated controls.

On day four, 100% of those who used the PVP-I had completely cleared the virus. Clearing also occurred in 80% of the mouthwash group, 40% of the tap water group, and 20% of the control group.

You probably won't be hearing much about the benefits of gargling with PVP-I for the same reasons many health remedies don't get publicized these days. It's not a prescription item, it's readily available, it's inexpensive, it's safe, and it works.

Researchers at the University of Connecticut Health tested three different diluted concentrations of PVP-I (1.5%, 1%, and 0.5%) at three different contact times (15 seconds, 30 seconds, and 45 seconds). They found that the 0.5% concentration at the lowest contact period of 15 seconds was enough to completely inactivate SARS CoV-2 in the laboratory.

How to Make a PVP-I Solution & Gargle at Home

Some companies sell a povidone-iodine mouthwash. However, it's far less expensive to simply dilute your own using the 10% concentration PVP-I that is used as a wound antiseptic. A 16-ounce bottle is less than $10 and is readily available over the counter at most stores.

This iodine is not for internal consumption. It's for rinsing and gargling only and when used this way, is effective and safe.

Gargle for a minimum of 30 seconds. Do not swallow; spit it out. Doing this three times a day is what's recommended (right after brushing in the morning, after lunch, and before bedtime).

The recommended 0.5% solution for gargling can easily be made at home. Simply mix 9.5ml of water with 0.5ml of the 10% concentration product. (If you don't have a way to measure milliliters, this works out to just under two teaspoons of water and 10 drops of the 10% concentration PVP-I.)

If you're unable to use an iodine mouth gargle for some reason, you can simply rinse your mouth with the same solution, then follow it up by treating your nasal cavity through irrigation, nasal swabbing, or a nasal spray.

* * * * *

I live in British Columbia, Canada. As of today (September 13,2021), everyone 12 years and older will need a vaccine passport to access certain places.

There are no medical or religious exemptions.

You need to be partially vaccinated (one vaccination) by today and fully vaccinated (both vaccinations) by October 24 to go to restaurants (both indoor and outdoor dining), pubs, bars, movies, any indoor event with more than 50 people (sports, concerts, weddings, wakes, etc.).

British Columbia is using the SMART Health Card QR code format, a requirement of the federal government (similar to the one they use in Australia).

People are now products. How sad.


Bet with a Pebble


Love your contributions, so here you go.

White pine needle tea. See link below with Dr. Judy Mikovits on video.

“Suramin provides an antidote for those affected by the spike protein “contagion”.


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Posted by Brad (Auburn, CA) on 03/31/2020
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Looks like Zinc in vital against Coronavirus. This is from a study about Chloroquine which actually drives Zinc into the cells, killing the virus. The thought is that the people having a hard time with Corona are potentially zinc deficient. Chloroquine enhanced zinc uptake by A2780 cells in a concentration-dependent manner, as assayed using a fluorescent zinc probe. This enhancement was attenuated by TPEN, a high affinity metal-binding compound, indicating the specificity of the zinc uptake. Although that study was focused on cancer cells, we also know that zinc blocks coronavirus RNA polymerase activity, which is what the coronavirus uses to replicate. This paper, published in another PLoS journal, specifically talks about “zinc ionophores” blocking the replication of coronavirus in cell cultures: “Zn(2+) inhibits coronavirus and arterivirus RNA polymerase activity in vitro and zinc ionophores block the replication of these viruses in cell culture.”