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Posted by Bill (Philippines) on 10/08/2020
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As some might know, I'm over 70 yo and I currently take high dose niacinamide twice a day at 500 mgs directly after meals. Why? Because it's one of my prime preventions/protections against Covid-19.

According to recent research from Arkansas Uni., if you take higher dose niacin or niacinamide every day, this will increase the strength of your immune system defense against all pathogens -- including viruses -- by 1000 times. That means that my own immune system is now at least on a par with any youngsters' immune system now.

I also use a teaspoon of turmeric + pepper + a tablespoon of coconut oil mixed together. I take this once or twice a day dissolved in my coffee and it isn't really any hardship at all. This is all about using a common-sense approach for anti-viral prevention.

I might've mentioned this before but I'm going to tell it again anyway.

3 or 4 months ago and over the mountains from where I live in the Cebu provinces, the prisoners in the Cebu city prisons were dying like flies from Covid-19 -- hundreds of deaths. It was truly awful. Then they started to feed the prisoners virgin coconut oil (kills the virus) with turmeric (stops inflammation, stops cytokine storms etc causing death) several times a day, every day. Because of that protocol the COVID-19 virus was completely suppressed and eliminated fairly quickly and every prisoner got well with a minimum of deaths.

This news was fully tracked and reported in all the local Cebu papers and on local TV. Now tell me -- raise your hands please -- does anyone out there reading this piece really think that we need a double blind placebo trial, which will probably cost upwards and beyond $200 million and take about six months to a year to complete, to actually prove that the turmeric and coconut oil remedy is completely safe, effective and WORKS WELL against Covid-19?

Now let's turn our attention to the drug cartel's greatest wish -- achieving fabulous wealth through WORLDWIDE VACCINE SALES.

Here is an article from the CDC:

In that article, Dr Fauci even admits that the covid-19 vaccine will probably only be 50% effective. What does that mean? It means that for the 18/65 age group, out of 100 people that receive the COVID-19 vaccine, only 50 people will actually achieve immunity. And if you are 65 or over like me then that also means that only about 30% (30 out of 100 older people) will be able achieve immunity when they take the vaccine. Do those vaccine statistics -- from Dr Fauci -- make you or your family feel warm, cosy and well protected against Covid-19? Well does it??

I also did some digging into the ordinary flu vaccine statistics. What I found was that vaccine statistics vary a heck of alot. For instance when I checked the CDC ordinary flu yearly assessments for 2010 I found that the flu vaccine that year had an effective prevention rate of 60% for the 18/65 age group. But when I checked the 2018 CDC flu assessment the prevention rate was only 29% !! I mean, jeez, if they can't even get the common flu vaccine consistently right then what chance is there for ANY covid-19 vaccine succeeding??

And Dr Fauci also mentioned in that article that they would need a prevention rate of at least 75% to get rid of the covid-19 virus completely. That's another lie. The covid-19 vaccine would have to have at least a 98% prevention rate to stand any chance whatsoever of completely eliminating the covid-19 virus, any fool knows that.

And I haven't even mentioned all the dangerous adjuvants or additives that are so commonly used in vaccines these days -- like thimerosal(50% mercury), formaldehyde, aluminum, msg, antibiotics, polysorbate 80, egg protein, rogue nano-pathogens(like Guillain-Barre virus) etc, etc.

Replied by Art
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Hi Bill,

In a sense, the PI seems more progressive in terms of willingness to try natural for Covid-19. In Manila, they are currently testing coconut oil in a Covid-19 trial and they are testing melatonin similarly. In the case of melatonin, they are testing it in 300 Covid-19 patients who also have Covid-19 pneumonia.

Here in the US, there are no such trials for natural substances. There are a couple of trials forming for melatonin, but nothing that I am aware of for coconut oil even though the effects of coconut oil constituents are scientifically well established, but mention of VCO here is almost nil.


Replied by Bill

Hi Art,

Well said, you are right for sure. Yes, they have been carrying out research on melatonin and coconut oil in the Philippines. Some more information for you. You already know that my greatest fear is that the vaccines won't work to stop covid-19. Well, in March this year, there was some research in Iceland. They took swabs from 640 infected people and discovered 140 covid-19 mutations. More recently the WHO did some research where they tested 60,000 infected people and found that 20,000 covid-19 samples were mutations/new strains. More recently in the Philippines, Thai/Filipino researchers have been investigating new covid-19 viral strains and they have found 23 significant new strains or mutations of covid-19 in the Philippines alone.

Now please remember that all the current vaccines being developed -- which were started about 7 months ago -- have been developed using the OLD strain of covid-19. So those vaccines will be ineffective and useless against any significant new mutation of the covid-19 virus.

I've also read that two people in China have been re-infected with covid-19. One of these patients caught covid-19 in March this year and recovered. He then went to Europe and returned to China and when he was tested on his return he was re-infected with a new strain of covid-19.Will that new strain be in the vaccines? Also add to this -- please see my other post -- even Dr Fauci says that the best you can possibly hope for with the covid-19 vaccine is only a 50% protection rate(where only 50 people out of 100 people taking the vaccine actually achieve immunity) and you have a truly hopeless situation where you cannot ever get rid of the virus completely.

My greatest nightmare and worst fear is what will happen if all the covid-19 vaccines fail and the citizens in the US and the West suddenly come to realize that modern medicine's vaccine strategy has completely failed them against the covid-19 virus offering them no further hope of a cure??

And please don't forget that throughout all the 150 years of modern medicine's existence, allopathic medicine has never ever found a successful and consistent therapeutic treatment -- with a 98% cure rate -- for ANY viral disease.

We've already had riots all over the US for this that and the other. So what do you think is going to happen in the West if those vaccines fail and all the citizens suddenly realize that they have no real hope against covid-19?? How will those citizens react? Will they be angry? Who will they blame? And what do you think they will they do?

Replied by Bill

Hi Art,

I forgot to mention that I have also stocked up on melatonin as one of my backups. I will only use the melatonin(and aspirin/BHT) if and when either me or my wife become infected with covid-19.

Another useful treatment for covid-19 is a well known Chinese herbal remedy called Lianhua Qingwen(capsules) which is quite cheap to buy. I can buy it for pennies in the Philippines. This herbal mix is quite a strong remedy used for actually getting rid of fever and killing off the covid-19 virus. It contains strong antipyretics and antivirals such as Isatis root, Ephedra and Liqorice root. There are 13 herbal ingredients in Linhua Qingwen. All the hospitals in China have been successfully using this remedy for just the initial mild stages of the covid-19 infection -- it relieves fever, cough and fatigue. This remedy also seems to greatly accelerate the recovery time.

The Chinese TCM doctors also have several other herbal formulas for different stages or different problems that can arise during covid-19 infection -- one of which is called Huashi Baidu formula which was actually designed by the academic TCM team that originally went to Wuhan to battle covid-19. Believe it or not, I think that this formula is actually based on the 2000-year-old White Tiger remedy which is quite famous in China. This formula is also a strong remedy that can be used for any stage of covid-19 infection.

Just making the point that, right now, China does certainly have sophisticated and successful herbal formulas that can certainly stop/cure the covid-19 virus whereas the US and the West are still fumbling around with their vaccines that, IMHO, are all destined to fail.

Replied by Art
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Hi Bill,

Once again you have cut right through the noise and honed in on many of the problems associated with the folly of a vaccine for Covid-19!

I said it before and will say it again, EC has more rational remedies for Covid-19 than all of the scientists have been able to put together! They limit themselves to mainly existing drugs with little if any thought to things like coconut oil or melatonin. Sometimes simple just works! Counting on a vaccine for a coronavirus seems highly unlikely since a vaccine for any coronavirus has never been able to be developed to date and rushing it to market is just begging for problems! How is the impossible suddenly possible? I am not going to be rushing out to try any Covid-19 vaccine myself.

Regarding what will happen if vaccines fail, the smart people will come to EC and find some good remedies while the uninformed will complain and go crazy and do who knows what. Ignoring the chances for vaccine failure or serious side effects seems mighty foolish to me, especially when they are trying to do it in 1/4th the time required for other vaccines.


Replied by Art

Hi Bill,

I just went on Amazon to search for Lianhua Qingwen.

Oddly, they show multiple listings for it, but when I click on any of those listings, the pages the links take me to have nothing like it on the page, very strange. I will have to look elsewhere, possibly on ebay. I am not aware of a TCM practitioner in my area as that might have been an option. Thank you for the new information, Bill!


Replied by Bill

Hi Art,

You're right about searching for Lianhua Qingwen(LQ) capsules on Amazon. I couldn't find it on Amazon. This really doesn't surprise me since Jeff Bezos is known to support all the China-hate going around these days. I guess he thinks that Lianhua Qingwen capsules are a huge security risk for the US. Well go figure...

I've just searched for Lianhua Qingwen capsules on ebay and found it without any problems.

By the way, I forgot to mention that if you do buy Lianhua Qingwen capsules then please make sure it is "YILING" brand(full name of manufacturer: Shijiazhuang Yiling) which is the brand being used for covid-19 patients in all the Chinese hospitals.


Posted by Cindy (Illinois, Usa) on 09/29/2020 180 posts
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Nicotine is being investigated for the purpose of using it against Covid-19. The reason is because smokers weren't getting it like non-smokers. In fact, they were shown to be 50% less likely to contract it.

The reason, they suspect, is because of nicotine, which is a micronutrient found in many vegetables and for which the body has an entire system for handling and distributing. The *same* pathways viruses use - but can't, if the receptors contain enough nicotine. Hence, I suspect, the smokers who weren't getting it didn't get it from breathing contaminated air. Which is just one way to get it. I suspect those who DID get it got it from food or skin contact or whatever because the receptors in the airways contained the nicotine but the pathways that would be used via ingestion and/or skin contact did not. In other words, smokers are still susceptible, just not via the singular pathway of the respiratory system.

I'd been looking at tobaccum because it was a very useful herb, prior to its demonization. It's primary use was for skin issues, including warts, moles, psoriasis etc.. Basically, anything having to do with the skin. And it was used by "natives" all over the world, for thousands of years.

SOO, anyway, I've been treating plantar warts on the bottom of my feet for several years now, trying various things, letting them come back and trying something different and so on. As a smoker, I make my own cigarettes so I have tobacco plus I switched to "Vaping" for a short period but it just plain did something horrible regarding dehydration. Dried me out something fierce. So I went back to smoking and I've smoked since I was 10 when I just "started smoking like an old man", my mom said, so that's 50 years but, anyway, given the use of tobaccum as an herb and the plantar warts I was growing back on my feet, I decided to try some old vaping "juice" I had leftover from when I was vaping on the warts.

Let me preface this next part by explaining that vape "juice" was initially available in several "strengths" AND kids were trying to use it to commit suicide but would end up just throwing up and being fine 2 hours after so, it's not deadly. Not by any means, as the amounts of nicotine they were ingesting were phenomenal. Could have probably cleared termites out of several houses as they were drinking it by the bottles which, by comparison, when you vape, you might vape the equivalent of a cigarette to the tune of 3 or 4 DROPS of the stuff. Nowhere NEAR the amount kids were drinking in an effort to kill themselves, so...anyway...

I only used it on my foot once, as it was before I'd learned it wasn't deadly after alll and feared poisoning myself. What happened is very interesting. The amount was probably somewhere around only 3 drops, altogether, but it did the exact same thing vaping did. The glycerin dried me PLUM out. Dry mouth, plain old crackly, dry discomfort and the whole bit but it ALSO - and this is the interesting part - it made me turn my nose up at cigarettes. For a couple of hours. Which I was TOTALLY not expecting. 3 drops? On the bottom of one foot? It was insane.

I probably got some on my hands and whatnot but I was shocked when I realized I was rolling a cigarette but had no desire to smoke it. Which had never happened before except when I was vaping.

They're testing nicotine now, for Covid. They're testing nicotine patches, gum, drops and all of the nicotine replacement products used to stop smoking.

I'd always known that the lung damage caused by smoking was smoke damage but I should have realized that the desire to control tobacco must have meant it had some true usefulness that would bite into the profits of some Fortune 500 vampire - and I was right. Just 2 or 3 weeks ago, there was no information whatsoever available on the internet, other than what was available as books scanned for the archive but today, a lot of old information is floating up to the surface where people can get their hands on it and it's definitely worth checking out.

Nicotine is a nutrient. And man has known this, at least, for as long as he's been naming body parts and it would seem that the only ones getting it - yet not enough - are smokers. It's entirely possible that it's not an addiction but merely a craving for a particular nutrient that is missing from the diet. Much like boron. The body simply needs it.

I'm not saying people should smoke as, apparently, it doesn't get distributed very well when inhaled but it could be added to lotion, soaps, used as a tincture or poultice - it's just a nutrient that happens to come in, among many other veggies, tobacco. Something people want and are more willing to pay for than grow for themselves. It's a profit center..and, apparently, everything the common man has been told about it is a lie. Yes it's poisonous - to BUGS - so is orange peel and a dozen or so other items that might be found in just about anybody's kitchen.

It's worth checking out. Even if only as a killer of viruses which are basically insects, as bacteria are basically plants. Many of the foods we eat are useful as insecticides and/or herbicides.

Replied by Orh
Ten Mile , Tn

CINDY, ORH here, and impressed with this post and your knowledge of the tobacco herb. I still have the the worthless stock, Rock Creek Pharmaceuticals, after my ole Wi boss used their Ky tobacco supplement to treat his arthritis. It worked. It was so good that Big Pharma got after them with both feet. That included sending the Gov of Va and his wife to prison. BIG PHARMA makes the Mofia look like SUNDAY SCHOOL TEACHERS. If you research the net, some will say to hold the worthless stock because the product worked. I know you are a knowledgeable person and hope you will keep posting on tobacco. Finally got back to using hemp, thanks to Trump. Maybe we will get back to tobacco. I loved smoking, but over did it, as all usually do. Camels unfiltered was the creme de la creme.


Replied by Cindy
Illinois, Usa
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Addendum to my post:

I neglected to add that nicotine in a smoker doesn't appear to travel beyond the upper respiratory system - the airborne virus's entry point. Which would explain why smokers are ONLY 50% less likely to contract Covid-19, which I had, back in July, and had always known I'd ingested as I'd been busy and as "socially distant" as a body can get for almost 3 weeks prior.

I suspect I got it from the lettuce on a sandwich I'd gotten at the "Drive-thru" because I hadn't been to get groceries for almost a month and had finished off the last of the peanut butter the day before - it being the last "food" in the house as I had because I'd been putting off getting groceries because I was busy.

Nitric Oxide Boosters

Posted by Trina Peterson (United States) on 04/21/2020
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I have bought my son VIT C, D and olive leaf extract added nitric oxide boosters, beet root powder and L arginine, the latter only if he became ill. He works at Whole Foods as a grocery clerk. I found this very interesting as they are using Nitric Oxide to treat Covid cases. It blocks replication and it helps with oxygen absorption. A quote from MedPage Today.... "However, perhaps the most convincing role of nitric oxide in this disease is its antiviral properties. SARS-CoV-2 infects cells by attaching to a receptor on the lining of the airways called angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2). This is the same mechanism by which SAR-1 infects cells. NO specifically alters a surface protein on SARS-1, known as the spike protein, such that it cannot attach to the ACE2 receptor. This results in blocking viral entry into the cell as well as the subsequent replication of the virus. Since SARS-CoV-2 shares the same mechanism of cell entry, we can relatively confidently assume that NO would have a similar effect regarding this novel virus."

Replied by Rob S.
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What are and where do you get these Nitric Oxide boosters ?

Replied by Volker
Berlin (Germany)

Regarding Arginine vs. Lysine see these 2 videos the user "Bo K." published on YT claiming how LYSINE helped him.
From what I understand, when you SUFFER FROM COVID-19 SYMPTOMs, you want to consume LYSINE in excess of Arginine. AND NOT DRINK COFFEE, as it prevents nitric oxide from being exhaled, prevents Arginine from normal consumption, both feeding the virus and cytokine storm.

DO'S & DON'TS of a SARS CoV2 survivor part1

DO'S AND DON'TS of a symptomatic corona virus survivor, part 2

best regards

Bo. K
Dom Rep

There is one study I have heard of, stating NO is beneficial. I don't know how they are administering it. Possible that flooding the body with nitric oxide is beneficial.


Other than flooding the body (throwing it out of balance maybe, I don't know for sure), either arginase/arginine conversion to nitric oxide may be the process that makes the cytokines inflammed. I will try to adress it in part 3.

If arginine, nitric oxide is healthy while with covid infection, none of my long haulers would get better when they quit coffee and excercise. While yes both are inflammatory, they both create excess arginine nitric oxide in the system.

FOR THE RECORD..... DON'T DRINK COFFEE OR EXERCISE for at least 3 weeks after returning back to normal with no symptoms or pills. You severely increase your chances of being a long hauler.

Olive Leaf Extract + Alkalize

Posted by Craig W. (EC Facebook) on 02/28/2020

Olive leaf extract helps the body shed viruses and I drink fresh lemon juice, ACV and fresh ground ginger root in water. 😉🤗

Potato Soup

Posted by Cindy (Illinois, USA) on 04/05/2020 180 posts
5 out of 5 stars

Another note on the virus' aftermath - namely, the ongoing and unproductive coughing. I did not have the virus go down into my chest but it has been sitting, solid as a rock, in the back of my sinuses just above my throat. Nothing I tried would break it up. Not cayenne, not ACV, not vitamin C, not tea, lemon honey or steam - UNTIL - It occurred to me that the most comforting thing I can remember from when I was sick, as a child, was potato soup. Homemade potato soup. NON-CREAMED potato soup. There were two aspects of the "Irish" potato/onion soup my mom made. First, was the onion. Lost of onion. However much potatoes you used, you used half that amount of onion. Lots of onion. Which is, I suppose, a superfood but that's not the best part. The best part was the black pepper. Lots of salt and black pepper, together with the onion, would break up whatever congestion one had "stuck". I still haven't been out of the house so I have neither potatoes nor onions but I made a cup of sea salt and black pepper tea - NOT TO DRINK but, rather, to inhale. And it worked a treat!!works! The common, lingering cough leftover after a regular cold/flu respiratory virus during "the season" and it's breaking up. Almost instantly. I'm still going to make the soup which is as follows: 1 lb potatoes, chopped for boiling red onion (red for respiratory) - enough to make up half again as much potato Boil the potatoes and 1/4 of the onion in 4 cups of water until completely done and falling apart While the potatoes and onion are cooking, put 3 TBS of butter in a skillet and sautee the remaining onion until it is soft and mashable. Mash and whisk the fully cooked potatoes, onion and the water in which you've cooked them into liquid. Add the sauteed onion and butter to the mix and stir while reheating it all together. Whether you drink it from a mug or eat it with saltines, salt and pepper it to "tasty" before you eat it, mixing well after adding the salt and pepper. You want a spike of black pepper - ground or freshly ground, it doesn't seem to matter - that will make your nose run which is exactly what you want. Once it is breaking up, you can hit it with your vitamin C or whatever you're using to kill the virus because the "armor" of that viral congestion is broken down by the black pepper. You don't have to actually make soup - apparently, you can simply inhale a hheavy black pepper tea - but I can tell you that there is NOTHING more awesome than hot, buttery potato onion soup with lots of salt and pepper when you're sick. NOTHING! And I am SOOOOO glad to have that sinus "brick" broken up and the idea of not having that lingering, annoying/insane-driving, non-productive cough!

Replied by Margeaux
Los Angeles, Ca
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Cindy, This is what an elderly woman who had pretty much been written off since she'd been hospitalized and given the most dramatic treatments for the virus ate... potato soup! It literally revived her. She's home now recuperating. Well potatoes are vitamin c, the onions have quercetin, &the pepper definitely breaks up the congestion. Happy healing! Margeaux

Illinois, USA
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One note - keep the soup this simple. It's not "food", in this instance. It's "medicine" so don't even try to "improve" it. If it needs more butter for the onion, increase the butter or add a little olive oil. If it needs a little more water while the potatoes and onion are cooking down, add some - but not too much because that's the "soup" part. DO NOT DRAIN OFF THE WATER - that's your "soup base". Just mix it all together.

Replied by Miss M
New York

I am glad to hear that someone else had these symptoms. I have had a dry cough at the top of my lungs and throat for four months after Covid!! I just started this drink and it helped reduce cough symptoms 90 per cent!

I cannot do the soup as potatoes are not my friends.

  • ACV two tablespoons
  • Fresh ginger large knob peeled
  • lemon juice two tablespoons
  • cayenne pepper as much as you can muster
  • honey to taste
  • water 16 ounces

Blend and drink multiple times a day.

Replied by Cindy
Illinois, Usa
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Ah! Cayenne! Love me some cayenne. It always provides a boost and I've been playing with lower doses. I was using a teaspoon in a shot of water but 1/4 teaspoon seems to have the same effect but without the drama. If it's a remedy for something, I would say thhat 1/4 teaspoon should probably stop the problem from progressing so one could more "gently" resolve the issue as opposed to hitting it on the head with the sledgehammer of a whole teaspoon of 300k heating units, all at once. LOL! That's gotta be a shock to the system. Even if it does turn out to be a "good" shock, I don't think shocking the system is prudent. Unless there's something equally dramatic going on like hemorrhaging or a heart attack.

Of course, sometimes the drama is fun.

Povidone Iodine Nasal Spray

Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 08/29/2020
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Povidone Iodine Nasal Spray are now being issued to front-line health care workers and hospital patients for covid19 related illness.

Note from Rob: I am writing and presenting this article to Earthclinic in the hope it will help someone or a family member reading your forum with a compromised immune system. Covid19 seems to be hitting them the hardest. It has become “blasphemy” in America to speak publicly about cures for covid19. I am a herbalist and back in early November 2019, people were coming to me with some screwed up symptoms which I called an SSV (some sorta virus?). I did not know what it was, so I was giving them my Cold and Flu Remedy. If they were able to treat their symptoms fast enough within 48 hours, they were over the flu(?) in about 12 hours.

For every 24hrs over the 48hr mark untreated, you can add another 12hrs to recover. Then in late December, rumors started coming out of China about a virus with the same symptoms I was treating. Huh, imagine that… And as of today 8/2020 it's still knocking it out. What I am trying to say is don't believe everything the media and your politicians are telling you. Here are cures out there, their just too cheap, all natural and big pharma can't make a profit on it.

This treatment is not a cure for Covid19. It is meant to reduce the viral load inside the nasal cavities where the covid19 and other micro-organisms collect and become dangerous. Summit Biosciences, Inc. announced this week it had been awarded a contract from a Seattle-based pharmaceutical company, Atossa Therapeutics, Inc., to fast track the development of a nasal spray to be used on patients who've been diagnosed with the novel coronavirus but who “have not yet exhibited symptoms severe enough to require hospitalization, ”according to the press release.

Lexington KY pharmaceutical company developing nasal spray to treat COVID-19 (Press Release)

COVID-19 is a viral respiratory disease that often initially settles in the nose — one of the most widely used tests to determine whether a person actively has the new coronavirus is a nasal swab — which is why the company is working to produce a nasal spray. Typically, as the infection becomes more severe, it will move to the lungs, where it can become deadly. The point with this drug is to catch it early enough, before that happens.

In order for the virus' spike proteins to take hold in a person's nasal cavity, certain cells in the mucus must first activate that viral spike protein. This nasal spray would inhibit that activation process, acting as a “barrier inside the nose to prevent virus entry”.

Researchers at the University of Kentucky in three clinical trials to treat symptoms of those who've already tested positive for the virus and help them avoid needing to be hospitalized, and to develop a drug that prevents transmission of the virus. “We are looking for a therapy that prevents people from having to go to the hospital, or if they happen to be in the hospital and are not critically ill, [from] becoming critically ill”.

One of the clinical trials involves testing the efficacy of an iodine nasal spray to protect people who are at especially high risk from contracting the virus, including frontline health care workers.

Summit Bioscience's nasal spray would be targeted toward healthier people who've tested positive but don't have severe symptoms. To be used at home, the nasal spray would work to keep them from developing those symptoms as well as to slow the infection rate, overall, putting their immune system in a better position to fight the virus. The goal is to eventually commercialize therapies for patients “on both ends of the spectrum, ”— those healthier patients well enough to be treated at home, and sicker patients who may require a ventilator.

DIY Povidone-iodine Nasal Spray:

Regularly use 2 – 5 times a daily with a Nasal Spray Irrigator and home-made saline. University of Kentucky Hospital, USA did the study. Study subjects will use betadine saline sinus rinse for period of 7 days.

Povidone iodine is a powerful antiseptic and disinfectant. In contact with skin and mucous membranes povidone iodine works quickly and has a microbicidal effect (causing the death of a broad spectrum of bacteria, fungi, viruses and protozoa).

Recipe #1:

Material needed:

*30 ml empty nasal spray bottle

*Distilled water

*Sea salt

*Baking soda

*Povidone-iodine 10%

*Empty clean water bottle

*Peppermint oil (optional)

1. Add 1 teaspoon sea salt and 1 teaspoon baking soda to empty “clean” 17 oz water bottle.

2. Add distilled water to bottle, cap and shake til salt and baking soda have completely dissolved. This is your saline solution.

3. Add 3ml of Povidone-iodine (you want it strong since Povidone Iodine solution 5% has only 0.5% available iodine) to the empty nasal spray bottle. 2 drops peppermint oil (optional but it is a good anti-inflammatory). Top bottle off with your saline solution.

4. Use this spray twice in each nostrile 2-5 times daily for afew weeks to resolve sinus infections, congestion and polyps.

Recipe #2:

Material needed:

*Saline Nasal Squeeze Bottle (New with saline water inside purchase from store)

*Child medicine syringe or similar device that measures in milliters

*Povidone-iodine 10%

1. Remove nasal tip from Saline Nasal Squeeze Bottle.

2. Estimate how much PVP-I to add to nasal bottle based on how much saline is inside. General formula is 1ml PVP-I to every 10ml saline water.

3. Using the child syringe, remove the same amount saline water as you are going to add in.

4. Re-cap nasal cap to bottle. Shake well and spray up each nostile.

The science behind this:

Povidone-iodine (PVP-I) is a broad-spectrum antiseptic with activity against bacteria, fungi, and viruses. It has been previously used in both intranasal preparations against Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) as well as oral preparations in in-vitro studies of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (SARS-CoV), Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV), influenza H1N1, and rotavirus with good efficacy. This study will evaluate the efficacy of PVP-I as prophylaxis in Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID19)-negative for front-line health care workers and hospital patients.

The highest concentration of viral covid-19 particles resides within the nasopharynx. The virus is thought to spread via respiratory droplets with the potential for transmission via inhalation of droplets, contact to the nose and mouth with infected materials, and airborne transmission. Given that frontline workers are involved in high-risk procedures including intubation, bronchoscopy, proning patients (which can lead to droplet production) and in some cases are reusing PPE, finding ways to reduce viral load or viral exposure are paramount.

In this study, front line healthcare workers will be asked to complete a pre-participation survey and screened for COVID positivity. They will then be given premade PVP-I gargles and nasal sprays, as well as a calendar card to mark compliance. PVP-I nasal spray and gargle (10% diluted 1:30) will be used prior to the start of a shift, during "lunch break", and at the end of shift. First, the nasal spray will be sprayed in the nose (2 sprays each nostril). For adequate coverage, the participant should be able to taste the iodine or see it in the back of the throat. This should be left in place for 30 seconds. Then, the participant will gargle the solution for 30 seconds and not have anything to eat or drink by mouth for 30 minutes. Treatment will continue for 3 weeks, or until the healthcare worker presents with COVID symptoms. Participants will then be tested for COVID positivity and asked to fill out a second questionnaire assessing study tolerability. At completion of the study, they will be asked to turn in their calendar card to assess how many applications they were able to complete.

Given the high rate of asymptomatic carriers, a second arm will also be planned for patients who have a 7+ day hospitalization or who are set to undergo a significant surgical procedure. These patients will be offered participation in the study as well and will be given the same questionnaire and undergo preoperative testing if they consent. For patients in the study group, PVIP gargle and nasal sprays will be applied preoperatively or shortly after admission and enrollment in the study for the non-operative group. The patients will then be retested in 2 weeks or as directed by the presentation of symptoms concerning for infection with SARS-CoV-2.

Due to the known breadth of its antiviral activity and similarities in molecular structure, it can be extrapolated that PVP-I should have robust activity against SARS-CoV-2. Eggers et al found that at a concentration of 1% there was a reduction of viral activity of 99.99% in in-vitro assays. At 2 minutes, a concentration of 0.23% was enough to reduce viral loads appreciably (meaning measurable).


There have been significant concerns noted regarding infection of health care workers and subsequent nosocomial spread within hospitals. Data from the epidemic in Wuhan by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention noted that 63% of infected patients in Wuhan were health care workers.1 A study of hospitalized patients at a tertiary care center in Wuhan noted that 12% of patients and 29% of health care professionals had acquired COVID-19 from nosocomial spread. Particular concern has been expressed regarding the safety of otolaryngologists, patients, and staff during routine and endoscopic examination. Reports have demonstrated high viral loads of SARS-CoV-2 in the nasal cavities, nasopharynx, oral cavities, and oropharynx, with the highest viral loads within the nasopharynx. In vitro studies have demonstrated that the tissue of the nose and mouth have high expression of ACE2, the main receptor of COVID-19. Nasal goblet and ciliated cells had the highest expression of ACE2. Due to high viral load, these areas are sensitive for diagnosis of the virus. The transit of virus via coughing, sneezing, and aerosolizing procedures makes transmission high. Aerosols of SARS-CoV-2 have been detected in the air for up to 3 hours. There are concerns that many otolaryngology procedures generate aerosols, which was proven for intranasal high-speed drilling in a cadaveric study.

Transmission reduction by the minimization of aerosolized virus is of key importance. Given that the nasopharynx and oropharynx are principal reservoirs of active SARS-CoV-2 virus, there has been immense desire for an approach to nasal and oral decontamination in the era of COVID-19. Povidone-iodine (PVP-I) has been suggested as a topical solution. PVP-I works by releasing free iodine, which disrupts microbial metabolic pathways, destabilizes structural components of cell membranes, and leads to irreversible damage to pathogens. It is a potent virucidal via inhibition of N1, N2, and N3 neuraminidase as well as inhibition of hemagglutinin. This inhibition blocks viral attachment to cellular receptors and inhibits viral release and spread from infected cells.

Protocols have been recommended regarding nasal and oral use of PVP-I in regard to the COVID-19 pandemic, and there has been much discussion regarding the implementation of these practices. A protocol was developed in the United Kingdom recommending 0.3 mL of 0.5% PVP-I solution via each nostril and 9 mL via the oral cavity in conscious COVID-19 patients and persons under investigation (PUIs) prior to undergoing procedures in and around the mouth, as well as in health care workers performing these procedures. In unconscious patients, they recommended applying 2 mL to the mucosal surfaces of the oral cavity. Use was recommended every 2 to 3 hours in health care workers exposed to these patients up to 4 times per day. Another protocol from Pittsburgh recommended 240 mL of 0.4% PVP-I in the nasal cavity via sinus rinse delivery bottle and 10 mL of 0.5% PVP-I oral wash every 2 to 3 hours up to 4 times per day in patients with COVID-19, PUIs, prior to high-risk procedures, and in COVID-19 hotspots. They recommended this procedure in health care workers prior to and after care of COVID patients, PUIs, high-risk procedures in COVID hotspots, and in the setting of inadequate PPE. Parhar et al concurred with the use of PVP-I based preparations to reduce viral loads of coronavirus as there was demonstrated efficacy. An anesthesia guideline for operative room care in the COVID-19 era recommended 2 doses of nasal PVP-I within 1 hour of incision for all OR cases. The American Dental Association guidelines for minimizing risk of COVID-19 transmission recommended preoperative use of 0.2% PVP-I mouthwash for all procedures.

To minimize toxicity when using PVP-I as a repeated application, most protocols recommend concentrations of PVP-I between 0.2% and 0.5%. Because nasal and oral viral loads are similar in asymptomatic and symptomatic patients3 and can persist in convalescent seroconverted cases, some of these protocols recommend the use of PVP-I in asymptomatic patients. Unaddressed in any report to date is a discussion of the interdependence of PVP-I aqueous concentration, chemical stability, reported toxicity, and known biocidal efficacy.

Most commercial PVP-I preparations suitable for sinonasal or oral application are aqueous concentrations of 10% PVP-I or 5% PVP-I intended for presurgical antisepsis. Although additional scrubs, solutions, swab sticks, and other PVP-I containing products are available in the 5% to 10% range, many contain additional salts, sudsing agents, and cosolvents that should be avoided in the nose and mouth. Most are specifically labeled for external use and carry warnings against exposure to eyes, ears, and mucosal surfaces. The chemical stability of PVP-I in aqueous solutions at room temperature declines with dilution, alkalinization, and contact with common low-density polymer packaging materials.22, 23 Naturally acidic aqueous PVP-I solutions reach a critical stability inflection point at about 0.75%.24 Paradoxically, studies have shown that the antibacterial activity of full-strength 10% PVP-I increases with dilution.25 Between 10% and 1%, there is an exponential increase in efficacy which plateaus between 1.0% and 0.1% before decreasing again from 0.1% to 0.001%.

Our objective is to present established uses of PVP-I in the sinonasal and oral cavities and outline the safety profile through the discussion of clinical and in vitro toxicity. In addition, we aim to discuss PVP-I efficacy against coronaviruses and its potential use specifically against SARS-CoV-2 to inform the otolaryngology community regarding its use.


Povidone-iodine has been safely administered for up to 5 months in the nasal cavity and 6 months in the oral cavity. Concentrations less than 2.5% in vitro do not reduce ciliary beat frequency or cause pathological changes in ciliated nasal epithelium, upper respiratory, or mucosal cells. Adverse events with oral use have not been reported in conscious adults or children. Allergy and contact sensitivity is rare. Chronic mucosal use up to 5% has not been shown to result in clinical thyroid disease. PVP-I is rapidly virucidal and inactivates Coronaviruses, including SARS-CoV and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS).

Replied by Ana

Is it okay to use Lugol's iodine instead?


All 3 clinical studies used Povidone iodine (PVP-I) because it's gentle effect of the mucus membranes. You can try Lugol's but, I think it would burn in your nose "alot". I'm assuming that's why the clinical trails did not chose to use tincture of Iodine for that very reason.


Great info, thank you Rob, very much appreciated.

Replied by Freda

Can you recommend a good providine iodine?


3 types of Povidone Iodine that I know of:

“Betadine” Povidone-iodine (OK to Use) Found at Walgreens, CVS

“Generic” Povidone-iodine (OK to Use) This is what I use! Can by found at Family Dollar, Dollar General, Wal-mart, Walgreens, CVS

Povidone-iodine is available as a surgical scrub or skin cleanser with a detergent base (Do NOT Use)


Posted by Judith A. (West Chester. PA) on 06/07/2020
5 out of 5 stars

I have seen online concerns about covid19 transmission in bathroom from spray of flushed toilet water. I am a grandma, used this very simple solution to help prevent for colds, flues at all times: shut the lid, flush the toilet. Leave it down at least a few minutes then raise if you wish. Saves your surfaces, toothbrushes and maybe you.

Posted by Scott (USA) on 03/18/2020

South Korea's response is different than US response, hence the different outcomes. South Korea has tested more than 270,000 people, which amounts to more than 5200 tests per million inhabitants—more than any other country except tiny Bahrain, according to the Worldometer website. The United States has so far carried out 74 tests per 1 million inhabitants. Voluntary social distancing is stressed, as is masked wearing. wash their hands, avoid crowds and meetings, work remotely. To prevent community spread. US has no masks to spare, so US citizens were conditioned that wearing masks are bad, even tho, it can help stop the spread of asymptomatic carriers. The other thing is the virus is 10x more contagious and there is no herd immunity. Quarantines are needed to stop the asymptomatic community spread. Especially since very few citizens and residents are wearing masks. To make matters worse, our hospital system is in short supply of bed, respirators, doctors and nurses who can help to take of the ill. These front line people do not have enough protection and will get sick and possibly die and then the US will be in even more trouble. Heart attacks, and other ailments won't be able to be taken care of as there won't be nobody to take care of them.

Replied by Rob S.
5 out of 5 stars

You forgot that South Korea is also using Oxygen therapy with zinc, Vitamin C along with whatever else. Ozone therapy is also effective especially if combined with zinc - Vitamin C **High Dose IVC** F.Y.I. China is doing the same thing, earlier this year they shipped 50 metric tones of Vitamin C, to covid 19 hardest hit areas but they did not mention much about it, like everybody else.

Posted by Daniel (Portugal) on 03/03/2020

There are prevention and treatments for this vírus. Please refer to the website of Dr Sircus, for very relevant advice on protocol.

Posted by Deedra T. (EC Facebook) on 02/28/2020
5 out of 5 stars

Preventative measures, don't wait until you feel bad. Take care of yourself, don't get rundown. Eat healthy, hydrate, get plenty of sleep.

Posted by Wendy (EC Facebook) on 02/28/2020
5 out of 5 stars

Washing your hands properly and often and avoiding direct contact with spew from coughing and sneezing.


Posted by Johnny Vegas (Philippines) on 06/03/2020
5 out of 5 stars

This is a blurb from a post online that I found from a doctor who also specializes in natural medicine. I closed the link and unable to find again, but I did copy and past part of the information for a friend. Here is the information below, its about replacing Hydroxy-Chloroquine with Quercetin. Like Chloroquine, Quercetin acts as an ionophore agent that penetrates the Covid19 virus outer lining, to allow the Zinc inside, where the Zinc then stops the replication of the virus. No side affects from Quercetin as with Chloroquine. In addition Ive read a lot about High Dose Vitamin D3 with Vitamin K2 (m4 or m7), which really helps your immune system. "Quercetin + Zinc + Niacin + Selenium May Be a Winning Combo - If you wanted to try a holistic version of Zelenko�TMs COVID-19 protocol, you could use a natural antibiotic such as oil of oregano, quercetin (as a zinc ionophore in lieu of chloroquine) along with oral zinc (Chris Masterjohn recommends11 taking 7 mg to 15 mg of zinc four times a day, ideally on an empty stomach). Should zinc turn out to be in short supply, consider eating more zinc-rich foods.12 Examples include hemp, sesame and pumpkin seeds, cacao powder, cheddar cheese, and seafood such as oysters, Alaskan crab, shrimp and mussels. To this you could also add niacin (vitamin B3) and selenium, as both play a role in the absorption and bioavailability of zinc in the body. For example, a study13 published in 1991 demonstrated that when young women were on a vitamin B3-deficient diet, their serum zinc declined, suggesting B3 deficiency affected zinc metabolism such that “absorbed zinc was not available for utilization.” A more in-depth exploration and explanation of both niacin and selenium�TMs relationship to zinc is provided in the 2008 paper, “Zinc, Metallothioneins and Longevity: Interrelationships With Niacin and Selenium”:14

Replied by Johnn Vegas
5 out of 5 stars

This is not the same article, but the same site I found the information on. This page is EXTREMELY thorough in its explanation of how Quercetin works.


Posted by Secret Healer (DC) on 04/16/2020
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What about Quinine? I know someone who was sick and recovered was given the malaria drug and antibiotics by the hospital. He was sent home healed. Apparently, public hospitals don't give.

Replied by Rob S.
5 out of 5 stars

Without Zinc it won`t work. This is what the so called professionals keep leaving out of any discussion about it, in favor of the new and very expensive yet UN-proven new approved drug treatment. When combined cost for a week of treatment using quinine - zinc - azithromicen is only a few dollars not thousands so what do you think they are going to push. Ps. Add some Colloidal Silver to multiply the effects of the antibiotics by 1,000 times. Pss. Nowhere in medical history has any antibiotic or combination thereof been proven effective against any virus, any MD or Nurse should be able to answer the question not to mention anyone who has ever gone to a doctor and has asked the question should also know the answer. Points to the fact it is not a virus and chops up the official narrative.

Quinine and Zinc

Posted by Josef N. (Illinois) on 05/23/2020
5 out of 5 stars

How to make quinine, very simple. Fight the corona virus, just in case you may have forgotten, and don't forget to take it with Zinc as this will mainline the quinine straight into your cells. Even if the media attempts to downplay the effectiveness of HCQ short for hydroxychloroquine it has been proven to be effective especially if taken along with zinc. Pharmaceutical companies don't want to touch it as its patents have run out and it is inexpensive to produce. Whereas they much rather try to come up with something which eventually can result in millions of Dollars in profit. A good example is HCQ with an approximate cost of $ 0.75 versus Remsidivire from Gilead for around $ 1000.00 and questionable results at best. It also may be interesting to note that to date, there has never been a successful coronavirus vaccine made, due to the nature of the virus. Past attempts to create a coronavirus vaccine have ONLY RESULTED IN LEAVING THE VACCINATED PERSON WITH A HIGHER CHANCE OF SERIOUS ILLNESS AND DEATH WHEN LATER EXPOSED TO ANOTHER STRAIN OF THE VIRUS. Not to mention that this virus mutates and any vaccine suitable for one strain may lose its effectiveness for another.

So, in the meantime if you happen to be ambitious enough you may be able to concoct your own Quinine in a few simple steps.

In the kitchen, all you need is a pot on the stove. And some grapefruit peels. Quinine — as in “tonic with quinine” — can be made from boiling the rinds of a couple ripe grapefruits under a few inches of water, letting it evaporate against a glass-topped pot; simmering that airtight for two hours, then recover all the liquid once it cools. Voila.

A process very similar to making a tincture, in this case using hot water to extract the medicinal component from the grapefruit rinds.

Sweeten with honey; take a tablespoon every few hours to bring up the phlegm. Or, pour a cup of it, sweeten liberally, mix with OJ or drink as tea. Swallow some zinc pills, it mainlines the quinine straight into your cells. (Or, for the gentlemen, mix it with seltzer water, and take it with your favorite gin.) Forget the store bought “tonic”, even if it weren't so fake, you'd need a dozen liters a day to get the effect.

But think back to when “gin and tonic” was in its heyday, 1800s India, where the combo dulled the senses, but also fought off malaria.

Replied by Debra
New Zealand

Great info, thanks. Any idea how this would go for someone on a blood thinner as they are told not to eat or drink grapefruit?

5 out of 5 stars

Now you're talking, also we can boil lemon to the same effect.

I like to boil half a grapefruit peeling and breath in the steam directly into my lungs. I drink the soup made from the peeling while eating the raw meat of the grapefruit and eating the boiled peeling. 6 to 8 ounces of red grapefruit meat twice a day for zinc. There's ntons of vitamin C in this setup, Quinine and stuff. It will get rid of the flu, been using it for years. Its amazing it can be used for this Frankenstein Sickness of Corona.

Recommended Videos

Posted by Anon (Canada) on 05/03/2020
5 out of 5 stars

In the “Truth About Vaccines” docu-series (replayed this weekend), they've added two roundtable interviews (Part 1 on Saturday, May 2 and Part 2 on Sunday, May 3). These roundtable interviews are incredibly important about how we are dealing with coronavirus. Watch them - it will give you hope. The expert panel consists of Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Dr. Andrew Wakefield, Dr. Judy Mikovits, Dr. Rashid Buttar, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny and Dal Bigtree. This is the link for the first of the roundtable discussions (the second won't be up until Sunday, May 3 later in the day): This is the link for the entire docu-series: Take care.

Replied by riverbow
5 out of 5 stars

Thank you for sharing Q.


Posted by Nat (Brooklyn, NY 11204) on 07/16/2020
5 out of 5 stars

Salt water for sore throat and other respiratory issues, maybe also worth trying for Coronavirus:

Drinking salt water (not only gargling with it) helps heal sore throat and other respiratory problems. The salt water should be pleasantly salty and not excessively salty. Salt water drinking might help some people even more than Vitamin C and Zinc, although Vitamin C, Zinc, (and Quercetin) are also very helpful.

Once I had a very painful sore throat and couldn't get to the doctor. Vitamin C and Zinc, which often helped, were not helping. The pain was so bad that I thought that maybe I should go to the emergency room. But after following a neighbor's recommendation to gargle with salt water (for fifteen minutes or more) there seemed to be a bit of improvement.

With great thankfulness to the Al-mighty's kindness, the thought of drinking a few glasses of salt water suddenly came to me. After taking several glasses of salty water, l felt significant improvement. Over the next few days I continued drinking several glasses of salt water each day. Within a few days, the sore throat was gone.

I gave this recommendation to a friend who had Coronavirus, who was feeling better, but was still having some respiratory issues. She said that drinking the salt water helped her a lot.

In conjunction with following the doctors instruction, maybe people with Coronavirus might try this simple thing as an ad-on to whatever else they are taking. It can't hurt, and it might help.

May there be quick healing for all of humanity and all of the world.

Posted by Eric (New York) on 04/02/2020

Salt with iodine in a nebulizer solution? Or edible solution?

Replied by Mary
5 out of 5 stars

Hi Eric, I recently got COVID-19 after taking a friend to the hospital. My initial symptoms were a dry cough and fever elevation of 1 degree from 98.6 to 99.6. I tried everything over the course of 5 days - lemon juice, oil of wild oregano, honey, vinegar, chicken bone broth, extra doses of vitamin C. I have a pretty good diet and take a good multivitamin. I would get better for a couple of hours and then I would get worse again. After 5 days I got the shortness of breath. I started the salt therapy internally on day 6. I used the iodized Morton table salt and CVS saline nasal spray that contains sodium chloride. I boiled 2 cups water and added a quarter teaspoon of table salt. I drank it every two hours. I would drink the two cups over the course of a day. I also used the CVS saline nasal spray every two hours. After 2 days my symptoms were completely gone. Please note that I would stop the salt therapy during mealtimes when I would add a little salt to my food. Note: The RDA for sodium for an average adult is 1,300 mg with a tolerable UL Intake per day of 2,300 mg. Sodium chloride or table salt is approximately 40% sodium. 1 teaspoon salt = 2,300 mg sodium. *** Do not exceed 1 teaspoon salt over the course of a day. Thank you to earth clinic for helping us through this difficult time!

Posted by Mary (NY NY) on 04/01/2020
5 out of 5 stars

Salt (NACL) and Water (H2O) The following link provides information about cleansing the sinuses and breathing passages with hypertonic saline to augment the natural killing mechanisms of the immune system. Theoretically, regular daily hypertonic saline nasal irrigation and gargle (HSNIG) could be a proactive step to kill the coronavirus. Note: Hypertonic Saline Solution made from table salt (sodium chloride) and water (H2O) has the same main ingredients (hydrogen, oxygen, chloride) as hydroxychloroquine being used with success in France to shorten the duration of COVID-19 and currently being tested in New York City. Here are excerpts from the article: We know about the cleaning power of bleach and are using it to sanitize surfaces amid the coronavirus. Have you ever wondered why this works? A certain chemical, hypochlorous acid (HOCL), in the bleach kills pathogens, including fungus, bacterium, and virus. Obviously, it is not safe to inhale or ingest bleach. However, we do have an easy and safe alternative. Cells lining the nose and throat can produce HOCL when they are bathed with chloride. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this exposure is using sodium chloride, better known as salt or saline. The more chloride presented to the cells, the more HOCL they generate. The process was clearly presented in 2018 by Dr. Sandeep Ramalingam and his colleagues, who said, “Antiviral innate immune response in non-myeloid cells is augmented by chloride ions via an increase in intracellular hypochlorous acid levels.” Your white blood cells also produce HOCL, which plays a critical role in the initial immune response to a variety of infections, including COVID-19. In light of the tremendous transmission rate of the virus, it is their recommendation that everyone practice HSNIG. While this hypothesis needs to be confirmed, they do not see a downside to implementing this very safe self-care approach now, in addition to the current measures of social distancing and personal hygiene. Homemade Hypertonic Saline Solution Ingredients: 4 cups of freshly boiled water (rolling boil for 3 minutes to purify) 2 tablespoons of sea salt or table salt (non-iodized salt preferred but not critical) How to use: Go to the website for complete instructions on how to perform nasal irrigation and gargling. Frequency of use: If you have symptoms or a confirmed case of COVID-19, repeat the usage up to every two hours during the first few days as symptoms are present. If you are asymptomatic and do not have known COVID-19, repeat the usage every four to six hours as a preventative measure. At the time of publishing this article, they recommend all people in the United States do this hypertonic saline nasal irrigation and gargle. They recommend continuation at least until the U.S. Centers for Disease Control no longer considers COVID-19 a serious threat in this country.

Posted by Mary (NY, NY) on 03/28/2020
5 out of 5 stars

Hypertonic Saline Nasal Irrigation and Gargle (HSNIG) The following link provides information about cleansing the sinuses and breathing passages with hypertonic saline to augment the natural killing mechanisms of the immune system. Theoretically, regular daily hypertonic saline nasal irrigation and gargle (HSNIG) could be a proactive step to kill the coronavirus. Our country is taking bold actions to curtail the spread of COVID-19. In light of the tremendous transmission rate of the virus, it is their recommendation that everyone practice HSNIG. While this hypothesis needs to be confirmed, they do not see a downside to implementing this very safe self-care approach now, in addition to the current measures of social distancing and personal hygiene. Homemade Hypertonic Saline Solution Ingredients: 4 cups of freshly boiled water (rolling boil for 3 minutes to purify) 2 tablespoons of sea salt or table salt (non-iodized salt preferred but not critical) How to make: Wash your hands thoroughly. Choose a clean container or flask. Add the salt. Pour the freshly boiled water into the container and mix thoroughly until salt completely dissolves. Close the container with an airtight lid and store in the refrigerator. Make a fresh batch every 24 hours. To make a smaller batch, use 1 cup of water with 1 tablespoon of salt. How to use: Go to the website for complete instructions on how to perform nasal irrigation and gargling. Frequency of use: If you have symptoms or a confirmed case of COVID-19, repeat the usage up to every two hours during the first few days as symptoms are present. If you are asymptomatic and do not have known COVID-19, repeat the usage every four to six hours as a preventative measure. At the time of publishing this article, they recommend all people in the United States do this hypertonic saline nasal irrigation and gargle. They recommend continuation at least until the U.S. Centers for Disease Control no longer considers COVID-19 a serious threat in this country.

Replied by JC
Kampala, Uganda

Thanks Mary. I was reading a post on CNN where a doctor discouraged any form of nasal passage rinsing, on the premise that it may channel the virus further down the airways. I thought it didn't make any sense, given that the basic reaction is to spit out the saline and mucous mixture. I use my Neilmed saline bottle frequently, it has helped me tremendously. I had a nagging congestion for the past 2 weeks, and realized there was a thick buildup of mucous that was affecting my airways through a feedback loop from the sinuses to the lungs. It is much better now. I just need to do it more frequently. I encourage everyone to use nasal irrigators under stringent hygiene conditions. We unfortunately don't have food grade hydrogen peroxide, would have wanted to spray it in my airways. Sharing from Uganda.

Posted by Mary (NY NY) on 03/28/2020
5 out of 5 stars

Below is a link to an article about a biomedical engineer that created a mask coated in salt that he says could neutralize viruses like the coronavirus in 5 minutes. He said because the molecular structure of salt is crystalline, its hard, sharp corners can pierce viruses, rendering them unviable. His team has been testing salt-coated masks in the lab for the past few years, and found that they can inactivate three strains of the influenza virus. Here are the ingredients of Gatorade from Wikipedia: water, sucrose (table sugar), dextrose, citric acid, natural flavor, sodium chloride (table salt), sodium citrate, monopotassium phosphate, and flavoring/coloring ingredients. Some Gatorade flavor variations used to contain brominated vegetable oil as a stabilizer. The main ingredients are the same as table salt - sodium and chloride. For a dozen days Carl Goldman was reduced to a 20- by 30-foot containment room on the Diamond Princess and his only visitors came bearing coronavirus testing kits and bottles of Gatorade while dressed head to toe in hazmat suits. Here's the link: Based on the information above, sodium chloride found in nasal sprays, table salt and Gatorade have the potential to kill coronavirus. Adding anti-fungal agents like garlic, coconut oil or nystatin could help with cases of COVID-19 patients that also have fungal infections. Adding anti-bacterial agents like garlic and coconut oil or antibiotics could help with cases of COVID-19 patients that also have bacterial infections. Coconut oil contains lauric acid which has been demonstrated to cross the blood-brain barrier.

Replied by Jerome A. Jacobsen
Hollywood Hills, CA
5 out of 5 stars

Saw this research too a few months ago in looking for alternatives for healthcare professionals who are running dangerously low on PPE. While we await N95 masks, it is worth it (nothing to lose) to get this inormation to the designers who are rapidly sewing these masks together - or to the wearers themselves who a reusing them as a last resort - so that they may have a fighting chance to kill the virus with the sharp crystal edges afforded by the sodium solutiions. Will draft and send recommendation to the manufacturers and sports teams to encourage the incorporoation or recommendation to incorporate upon arrival by hospitals and medicant al staff. Again, it's worth trying as these valiant angels fight for human lives, and there is some really good supportive science here. Staff can also track effectiveness by infection rates. Please write me if you want to comment or support this effort to inform. [email protected]

Tyler Vincent
Creston BC
5 out of 5 stars

I survived an acute case of covid19, that lasted for about 30 days. At 35 days I still see lingering effects. I had severe acute respiratory distress and my lungs were hit hard by cytokine storms, I am lucky to have survived. I came up with a treatment that saved my life, that is nebulizing coconut oil (MCT oil in particular) directly into the lung. This does not kill corona everywhere in the body but the only place it is known to kill you, in the lung. I also took high dose vitamin C and am now a week into dosing BHT, monolauren, Wobenzym (prevents inflammation which is what kills people, suppresses cytokine auto-immune storms, and speeds up tissue healing / recovery), green tea extract (EGCG), NAC, and Quercetin Bromelain with stinging nettle (stinging nettle is known to inhibit sars viral replication in lungs of mice), and lots of nitric oxide containing foods, NOS reduces viral replication by 82% according to studies done with previous sars strains. There is even a direct to lung NOS gas inhalation clinical trial being undertaken by Chinese hospital. Here is my Vlog, check the other videos on my channel, check comments and description for way more information:


Tyler, can you upload your videos somewher else. Yotube has taken them down and all. Thank you. By the way for cost effective savings can we instead spray the VCO into the nostril and sniff them all the way up thru the sinuses. What do you think of combining VCO and sea salt solution and betadine at 1% . Can you suggest the proportion of each please. Thank you and for posting. Keep safe

New York

I do not suggest nebulizing coconut oil! My Covid symptoms lasted 7 months. You can use this as a preventative and for symptoms. Ayr salt nasal solution, add two drops of lugols Iodine. No drugstore iodine. You can't combine coconut oil, salt water and iodine. When you combine oils with liquids you need a preservative. Stick to salt nasal solution and lugols only. I also took NAC, used a steam of glutathione and one drop of eucalyptus, Elecampagne, herb pharm antiviral, quercitin and bromeliad, high dose c and d with k. I developed an allergy to dairy and had to quit it due to Covid. I also coughed for seven months. I did use mucinex twice, I had a severe amount of liquid phlegm in my lungs. The mucinex helped but it was a miserable experience coughing up stuff for 45 minute at a go. I'm better now, but do feel wheezy on humid days.

Salt + Calcium Carbonate

Posted by Melanie (Philippines) on 05/01/2020
5 out of 5 stars

Hi! Would you know a safe dose for kids?

Replied by James Wallace

About a gram is not of salt is about the size of a salt packet you get from a fast food restaurant. Before the low sodium craze, as a child, I remember using half the packet on my fries and the other half on my burgers at McDonalds ( so as not to “waste” any of the salt. Wasting was a sin to my parents). So if I could take it back then any kid should be able to. Plus it's a one time thing when you first fill the chills. The problem with children is they may not recognize the chills or communicate that they have the chills soon enough. Before I added the calcium to the protocol I encountered a virus that was too strong for just salt alone and the chills came back. An hour and a half later I repeated the salt and added the calcium, but by that time the virus had taken hold and I got sick with the flu. That was my last flu.

Posted by James Wallace (Seattle, WA) on 04/07/2020
5 out of 5 stars

Downgrading Coronavirus I have not had a cold, flu or fever since 2004. I did this by tasting about a gram of table salt and chewing a 500 mg tablet of calcium carbonate at the first sign of the chills. If you think back to any cold or flu you've ever had the chills were the first symptom. One of the first symptoms of the covid-19 virus is the chills. It is my belief that the chills are caused by the rapid firing of the sodium/potassium pumps of the cells. The virus does this to feed off of the residue energy from the break down of ATP (called Na/K ATPase). When I taste salt and calcium my body interrupts that there is an increase of sodium and calcium. When sodium and calcium are increased the sodium/potassium pumps are inhibited from spinning out of control. This cuts off the virus's fuel and the virus starves. By tasting the salt and chewing the calcium you cut off the virus's fuel. Without this fuel I have found that none of the other symptoms from colds or flus have happened to me. If the salt and calcium works (as it has worked for me for 16 years) a person who uses it would not be sick. but, they would still have the virus. They would still spread the virus, but since they are not sick they would not have to go to any hospital and thus not overload the system. I must caution this salt and calcium thing is a one time thing. You feel the chills, taste the salt, chew the calcium and if the chills are killed, it worked. If the chills are still there (after about 15-20 minutes) it didn't work. But at least it cost you near nothing and you have caused yourself no harm.

Replied by Peter

James, Thank you for the great tip!

5 out of 5 stars

Great post, thank you!

Kauai Sis

James, So you ingest the salt or spit it out (since you said “taste the salt”)? And what about calcium powder from a capsule?

Los Angeles

Hi James, What kind of chewable calcium does one use, and where can we buy it? I take calcium-magnesium capsules, but that must be different. Margeaux


James, Do you mean put a gram salt (at one time ) and let salt melt in your mouth and chew carbonate at the same time?

Suzanne Leake
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This type of remedy is right up my alley. Simple and easy. I ordered the chewable calcium carbonate and I happen to have salt on hand. Thank You


Hi James, You are correct. Of particular importance in salt is Chloride (CL). A certain chemical, hypochlorous acid (HOCL) found in bleach, kills coronaviruses. Cells lining the nose and throat can produce HOCL when they are bathed with chloride. The process was clearly presented in 2018 by Dr. Sandeep Ramalingam and his colleagues, who said, “Antiviral innate immune response in non-myeloid cells is augmented by chloride ions via an increase in intracellular hypochlorous acid levels.” White blood cells also produce HOCL, which plays a critical role in the initial immune response to a variety of infections, including COVID-19. One of the easiest ways to accomplish the exposure to HOCL is to use sodium chloride, better known as salt or saline. The more chloride presented to the cells, the more HOCL they generate. Table salt or sea salt contains chloride which kills coronaviruses. Sea salt would be beneficial for people with high blood pressure. Note: The RDA for sodium for an average adult is 1,300 mg with a tolerable UL Intake per day of 2,300 mg. Sodium chloride or table salt is approximately 40% sodium. 1 teaspoon salt = 2,300 mg sodium. Do not exceed 1 teaspoon salt over the course of a day.

Sanitize Your Clothes

Posted by Cindy (Illinois, USA) on 11/14/2020 180 posts
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Smelly New Style Washing Machines Could Be Responsible For Reinfection And The Continued Spread of Coronavirus

I just want to post something that may be relevant to a lot of people.

I suspect that some reinfection and spreading of the virus is being caused by HE (High Efficiency) washing machines. I've known they were garbage for several years but the danger of their profound shortcomings never occurred to me until now.

First of all, the HE front loaders of today don't even come close to matching the efficiency of the old front loaders - I.e. the ones with the "submarine" doors that you had to push and lock so they wouldn't leak. Those old washers cleaned extremely effectively in even less water than the new HE washers use and the reason is that they used enough water to get the job done and didn't require multiple rinse cycles, as the new ones do.

First, if you have an HE machine that you have to CLEAN, due to ODOR, you MUST understand that the odor is filth and it's not just in your washing machine. It's also on your clothes. The new machines don't even use enough water to clean themSELVES - meaning there is NO way they are cleaning your clothes.

I washed a pair of yoga pants by hand. They didn't stink but other stuff was beginning to and, since they're workout pants, I assumed they were also dirty from not getting washed properly and didn't stink due to Nike's antimicrobial fabric.

To make a long story short, with soaking and washing with a plunger/"breather" style agitator, MANY times, it took nearly 4 hours to get to a point the rinse water was clear and I SUSPECT the only reason it only took 4 full on, sweating agitating washes was because I got so frustrated that I finally used non-toxic enzyme powder - as one would use to clear one's drains - and let them soak for an hour. It took 5 rinses with another castile soap wash in the middle to get it all out but I finally had clear water and a fresh laundry aroma, after. They were synthetic fabric so I wasn't concerned about the enzymes eating the fibers but the filth that was embedded in the fabric was horrific after something like 10 washes in the washer and two "washer cleaner" applications.

I don't know what to say about what one can do about the problem. I don't have tons of clothes but, even so, it would take me a a couple of 40 hour weeks to get them all clean. Even if you were to disinfect your clothes, as with ozone, UV light or even ClO2, you'd just be disinfecting the filth that's still in your clothes. The exact same filth that makes your washer stink.

Replied by Deirdre

Hi Cindy,

I absolutely agree with you about HE washing machines. I've had two and felt that I could never get clothes truly clean. I think old style top loading machines are the best at getting things clean, which is what I have now.

How about adding some distilled vinegar to each wash?

Replied by Cindy
Illinois, USA
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I doubt there are many here who don't use vinegar instead of softener. but vinegar is NOT an effective disinfectant. The odor you get from an HE washing machine is BIOLOGICAL. It's not toxins or chemicals. It's living, multiplying microorganisms that aren't even being flushed through the tubing of your washer, let alone from your clothes. Clothing that goes everywhere you go. Clothing that traps and hangs onto microorganisms. Clothing that absorbs and carries around the microorganism's best friend - moisture - sheds microscopic bits of whatever it's carrying every time you move and makes washing your hands look like trying to kill a rhino with a bb gun. You wear those fibers on your skin, wash your dishes with them, wrap your children in them, sleep in, on and surrounded by them. Viruses are tough. If they can't run around free and multiplying - as in when you are shooting bb's at them - they simply lock themselves up in their very own little bunkers until it's safe to come out. Whether they're in you, in your clothes or in the sewer system and water supply. If you don't crack the shell, they live on to come at you another day. Covid is easy to kill. Nearly all of the methods that are listed on this site will work on it if you add a little something to crack its shell but that won't keep your government from using it to scare your neighbors into voting to let it do something profoundly stupid - something that will endanger you and your family while paving a road so that the politician's friends and family can make lots of money - so take care of yourself..

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Cindy, you are so right. I noticed right away that my whites were dingy, even after bleach and oxyclean. I got a top loader but the 'normal' setting also uses too little water. To sanitize, I add vinegar to the final rinse. A hot dryer would also kill germs, but I hang my clothes out in the sunshine as often as possible.

Replied by Sue

I have a top-loading HE washer and add half a cup of borax powder to each load. No odor, clean clothes, just fine. I use a commercial liquid detergent that is free of perfumes/dyes, and I use about half what it says on the bottle (a tip from the man who delivered/installed the washer.)

Replied by Sue

PS This may be most important of all: I leave the lid open between washings so it dries out inside. No mold.

Replied by sara
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Put a half to 3/4 cup of no name Listerine in every wash and you will never have mold.

Star Anise

Posted by Randy Hitt (United States) on 05/02/2020 1 posts
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Viral medicine is made from star anise.

Star Anise + Elderberry

Posted by Michele (EC Facebook) on 02/28/2020
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I've got plenty of my Flu Brew, which is a blend of Star-Anise and elderberry. The active ingredient in Tamiflu is shikemic acid, the best source for it is Star-Anise, pair it with the natural source of quercetin and you've got a powerful antiviral.

Replied by CMontgomery
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NAY BE CAREFUL with the Elderberry here! It is pro-inflammatory. Whereas Elderberry is good for upper respiratory infections, it is NOT the way to go here for lower respiratory issues because it increases cytokine production. Cytokines are part of the body's inflammatory response and apparently the main "killers" with this virus from what I have read. Cytokines can burst cells and promote fluid buildup in the lungs in lower respiratory infections, which this virus can apparently be in many people. This was also the case in the Swine Flu and the Bird flu. You don't want to induce a cytokine storm in your lungs. Better, safer options would be anti-inflammatory supplements like Turmeric or Quercetin.

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I don't take elderberry unless it's in the flu brew, too much of anything is bad, I dont care what it is. Thanks though, hopefully others heed your heads up. Stay well