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Covid-19 Testing

Posted by KT (Usa) on 11/18/2020
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I feel it is important to mention that Russell Blaylock, MD, author of "Excitotoxins, the Taste that Kills" declares MSG can raise the body core temperature. reports hidden sources are rampant. To avoid a false positive diagnosis it is my opinion not to eat or drink anything only several hours prior to any testing. It should be noted that 12-24 hr. fasting can cause natural glutamate levels to rise. It is also my opinion that our entire food supply, including supplements and medications, has become toxic to us. I feel we are all on our own to discover what we can tolerate and what is safer for each of us to ingest. KT

Dietary Changes

Posted by John K. (EC Facebook) on 02/28/2020
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I cured myself of viral meningitis. I am ex design engineer, not a doctor. I had to troubleshoot myself... consequently I had to learn everything till I found. With luck my restored health.... this in a nutshell was my takeaway: COMPLEX CARBS cabbage and cauliflower zucchini broccoli 80 percent of your meal and more important then diets an fads then complete amino acids like moringa ..lean meat but you absolutely need healthy fat I use coconut oil flax seed chia seed meals .. Cut out all forms of simple sugar: The body is a filter to 3 bad actors: virus, yeasts and bad bacteria you starve them of sugar virus feeds on heavy metals you detox with cilantro spirilina and fruits like bananas... FOOD IS MEDICINE SAFEWAY IS POISON Find foods in these categories: Amino acids antioxidants antiimflamitories omega3 oliec acids trace mineral vitamins...

Most importantly right NOW,carry a bottle of oregano essential oil. It kills viruses if you use it in time... Google foods in all those categories and stop eating for taste...and build your immune now! Probiotics, capryl acid, and colostrum should be top of your list.

Replied by Nancy B.
United States

How do you use the Oregano Essential oil?

John K.
EC Facebook

China says the virus attaches like Hiv-1. Olive leaf extract is most efficient in fighting off HIV retrovirus when it is composed of at least 20 percent oleuropein and taken regularly at a 750-milligram dosage along with a well-balanced diet to help nourish and detoxify the body. While the results of olive leaf extract can vary based on the stages of HIV infection, it has been a proven inhibitor when used correctly. AFTER your done everything else I want to recommend decalcify your pineal gland. This will gain tremendous clear thinking deep sleeping and general welfare. Gotu kola ....

Disinfecting Nebulizer Tips

Posted by Robert V. (California) on 04/26/2020
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I found this info helpful during short supply of many items for cleaning/disinfecting. It comes from the Cleveland Medical Clinic & posted as cleaning methods for nebulizer which is made of plastic material. The disposable is a weaker plastic & can only use the cold process. The cleaning method is a guide only, in case you are short of normal supplies. I think white vinegar is still available. Disposable nebulizers should use one of these cold disinfecting methods: Soak in 70% isopropyl alcohol for 5 minutes. Soak in 3% hydrogen peroxide for 30 minutes. Soak in a one-part white vinegar to 3-part water solution for 30 minutes. After any of these cold disinfecting techniques, rinse well and air dry. Non-disposable nebulizers may be disinfected as described above. They may also be disinfected by any of the following heat disinfecting methods: Boil for 5 minutes. Microwave in a bowl of water for 5 minutes. Put in the dishwasher at 158 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes. Use an electric steam sterilizer (baby bottle sterilizer).

Replied by Rob S.
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I was told by a nurse giving me instructions on using and cleaning mine to use vinegar, it`s all that`s needed.

J. Park

Robert, I have been using nebulizers and ultrasonic humidifiers for many years with Hydrogen Peroxide for common flu/cold and never have to disinfect them. The hydrogen peroxide itself does disinfect the humidifier or nubulizer as well as my lungs. So why do I need this additional step?


3% hydrogen peroxide or the 35% HP with food grade?

Replied by Tom
United Kingdom

J. Park,

Can I ask exactly HOW you use the Hydrogen Peroxide with the Nebulizer? I have some 3% food grade HP that I have bought and I also have a Nebulizer, I'm just a little unsure how much to actually put in the Nebulizer and how long and how often to use it for? Like, how many breaths do I need to take, do I breathe it in then hold it and release or do I breathe quickly etc?


Posted by Vicki (United States) on 02/27/2020
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I successfully have used DMSO to stop “fever blisters/cold sores” many times since my 1st use of it in the early 80s to save teeth (fractured the enamel) in an automobile accident. It must be applied several times BEFORE blisters form, when the area is swelling, tingling and/or itching. This past year, I remembered my mother poking Vicks VapoRub up my nose as a child to open nasal passages. Since DMSO is a byproduct of paper milling (not petroleum industry), & has/is still used for nerve injury in expensive race horses, this past year I decided to try putting it IN my nose (like my mom did the Vicks) when I 1st started sneezing after being exposed to cold/flu virus. After putting the DMSO creme (remains at the bottom of a very old jar) the swelling in my nose & lips went down, the dripping running stopped & I quit sneezing). I have not had the flu or a “cold” since I started doing this at 1st symptoms & I have NOT had a flu vaccination since I retired from public education 8 yrs. ago. Please be assured I am NOT RECOMMENDING this. Just relating my personal experience. I advise EVERYONE to do their own research & make their own decisions as to health care & I do advise seeing a licensed medical person for any symptoms of illness.

Elderberry Extract

Posted by David John (UK) on 11/18/2020
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I took elderberry tincture (along with other supplements) when I had suspected covid-19. I had read that elderberry stops respiratory viruses replicating in the lungs. I found it really helpful. I will always keep some in my cupboard. I took it for about two weeks with no side effects.

Posted by Kenneth Burnett (United Kingdom) on 06/16/2020
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Elderberry Extract ( Capsules) , the active ingredient in Elderberry stops Viruses in their tracks, it stops it proliferating in your body. I knocked out the "Virus" in 5 days using this and high doses of Vit C, 2 to 4 grams a day, spread out during the day, not all at once. Coconut Oil (3 teaspoons a day or as often as you want if you have a sore throat), and a high dose multi B vitamin complex. I never even had to take any Paracetamol.

Replied by Bo. K
Dom Rep

Thats great to hear. Elderberry is something I wish I experimented with. One thing I want to point out, if you are using elderberry more than 4 days and you are getting worse, I would stop it immediately and switch to lysine. Elderberry is very high in arginine. One Dr who was using it as a prophylaxis started breaking out in cold sores. Theoretically it can be the same for this virus.


Posted by Greg B. (United States) on 03/18/2020
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I know unconventional thinking is easily discounted; however, I will provide my anecdotal case. In 2001 I was suffering from several days of 103 fever and incredible headaches and body aches. Tylenol and aspirin did nothing. It continued to get worse over a 10 day period. I believe I had the West Nile virus. I knew a person that had a device that sent extremely low amperage electricity through a person being treated and it used silver electrodes. After one treatment, my headaches were over and for the first time in weeks I was able to sleep, free of pain. I took several more treatments over the next week. The treatments lasted 1 hour an 15 minutes at an intensity that I set for myself. I would turn the dial until my fingers kind of quit working. I recovered from whatever I had. There are websites that talk about the use of electricity to treat a virus and there are websites that talk about the use of silver to treat a virus. As there has never been any clinical evaluation of the treatment I took, I do not know whether it was a placebo or it actually did something to help me. I have the specs for the machine and the electrical current.

Replied by David
Victoria, Canada
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I think you could also use an electric Hulda Clark zapper. They're available on eBay. I used the miracle mineral solution -MMS- but stopped using it after using it for a couple months about 6x/day. It's not toxic at the right dilution, although it did give me diarrhea several times before I quit. It's supposed to not work with strong antioxidants though, as it works by oxidizing, so you can't even take extra vitamin C, or many other foods and drinks - even coffee!

Far Infared Sauna, Melatonin, Vit C

Posted by Tree (Hiawassee, Ga) on 11/20/2020 2 posts
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Because it has been shown that the virus cannot live in temperature above about 135 degrees F, I think my daily sauna use was a key in helping me overcome the virus. My symptoms presented as a headache one day and then what felt like a head cold for several days and a sinus infection for several days.

In addition to daily use in my portable far infrared sauna, I followed the vitamin c protocol of two thousand milligrams every 1-2 hours, and melatonin hourly.

I am also taking vitamin D, lysine, and zinc daily. As well as gargling with hydrogen peroxide and sniffing it up my nose diluted with water. I also gargled with salt water for the first few days. I have lost my sense of smell but can still taste some.

I am feeling almost completely better, but curious to see how my energy level comes back.

Fermented Yeast

Posted by Adrienne Vincent (United States) on 05/07/2020
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I may have mentioned this in another part of the now massive Earth Clinic :-). Yyeeaayy! I love this website, and I am very impressed with and grateful for the founder of it! I endured colds and flus my entire life as many as three or four a year. It took me as much as four weeks to recover sometimes and one time I developed bronchitis. This may be why I discovered earth clinic. I did start receiving alternative newsletters, and one of them had a piece on medicinal mushrooms for immunity. I tried them and they helped my immunity as long as I remembered to take them daily. Then, a few years later I discovered a nutrient called Epicor. It is now showing up in several immunity formulas offered by companies that are big names in the supplement business and for good reason. Epicor is simply fermented yeast, but, boy, does it work! And, remembering to take one daily helps a lot, too! I can happily report that I have not had a cold or flu in three, maybe four years. I have had two incidents in which I felt like maybe I was getting something so I started taking Epicor every few hours and never got sick. I felt normal in one day the first time and two days the second time. The company that makes Epicor explains that it is Saccharomyces cerevisiae which is the strain of yeast used for making bread, wine and for brewing. And, I'm sure many of you who are into alternative healing know that our immune systems are based in our intestines and that fermented foods boost immunity. So, I am adding other fermented foods to my diet and feel that if I am exposed to the dreaded Coronavirus I will either not get sick or I will have a much milder version of what I might have endured. My son and his girlfriend take medicinal mushrooms and stay well, too, but at this time they have added the fermented yeast. I did send this information to CNN along with a link to a government study of Epicor. I also sent it to Sanjay Gupta directly as well as Chris Cuomo who has the virus, but I have not heard a word on that channel about any form of alternative healing. Hmm, I wonder why?

Replied by Adrienne Vincent
United States
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I just thought of something! My mother loved sauerkraut and dill pickles and pickled beets, etc., and I remember her saying, "I never get colds".


Posted by Patty L. (EC Facebook) on 02/28/2020
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I think I'll wear garlic ✌️♥️

Replied by HisJewel
New York
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Hi Patty L.

Regarding "Garlic, " I think I'll eat it. For quick relief from a sore throat I usually rub a little Lugol's Iodine on my throat; however this time I forgot about the Lugol's. I felt a sore throat come on, I remembered that my daughter bought some fresh garlic. I threw together the cough recipe that includes water, lemon juice, cayenne pepper, turmeric and honey in it. I put it on the stove and heated and cut it off before the boil. I bottled the drink. I took some about 2 pieces of the left over warmed garlic from the pot and before I knew it my sore throat was gone and did not return. When I rub on the iodine, I some times have to put more on the next day.


Grapefruit Seed Extract

Posted by EH (USA) on 03/02/2020
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Grapefruit seed extract kills bacteria, fungi and viruses. I have used it for everything from common cold, stomach virus, UTI, to strep. Dries up poison ivy, disinfects household items, clothes, towels, etc. I have it on hand always. I put ten drops in an empty capsule. But you can put in water or juice and drink. It's very bitter though .. it's an amazing product.

Replied by Ann
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Grapefruit Seed Extract is great stuff. I used to use it on my gums with a gum stimulator to cure gingivitis too :)

Healing Frequencies

Posted by Adam Scibich (East Windsor, NJ) on 04/06/2020
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Healing Frequencies for Coronavirus 2019


Posted by Sasha (Freshwater NSW, Australia) on 04/29/2020
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What about using saunas to kill the virus. If the sauna is hot enough maybe it can kill the virus?

Replied by XKatalinx
United States

Hi Sasha, A Doctor treating Covid-19 patients in the USA talks about research into this in a few of the videos he makes at YouTube. (I think it's called thermotherapy) The channel is MedCram and the videos are also available at Medcram dot com. He takes a hot/cold shower after returning home from work where he has exposure to the virus, as a prophylactic. (He explains the timing of the hot and cold). He also is on a regimen of Hydroxychloroquine, zinc, and azithromycin as a prophylactic. The MedCram channel reviews medical literature and scientific studies, explains how therapies work at the cellular level and was originally intended for medical students.

5 out of 5 stars

I think far infrared sauna may help, if it doesn't it will be warm and relaxing which the immune system will enjoy.

Bo. K
Dom Rep

He is not using azithromycin as a prophylaxis. Everyone should be warned that azithromycin has qt prolongation and has a 2x to 3x higher mortality rate than other antibiotics. For covid patients, azithromycin should be USED STRICTLY IN A HOSPITAL SETTING where they have a crash cart available.


Posted by Bob W. (United States) on 03/18/2020
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Dr, Laub with Laub Biochem: 2002 Issued patent for use of humates against herpes viruses awarded. 2002 Issued patent for use of humates against hemorrhagic fever viruses awarded. 2002 Issued patent for use of humates against HIV/AIDS awarded. 2003 Issued patent for use of humates against infulenza viruses awarded. Humate is readily available and cheap to make: Humic and Fulvic Acid

Replied by Laura

How do you make this?


Posted by Melissa Spiegler (United States) on 05/15/2020
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It is very clear that different methods work for different people.

Bottom line: Fluids are a must as soon as possible (when you're not feeling "yourself"). Dehydration is the culprit of many ailments and can be detrimental to our overall health...especially when fever is involved & our body burns up fluids at a much faster rate. Don't Drink alcoholic beverages (dries up body more) Don't drink high salt fluids (ex: canned soup) or processed sugars which can also contribute to circulatory inflammation.

DO DRINK WATER (preferably warm to increase sweat) with electrolytes (potassium) DO use humidifiers (to get through skin and into system) moisture through skin however possible

DO DRINK anti-inflammatory herbal teas ( many herbs are anti inflammatory, in addition to pepper fruits which keep the circulatory and digestive system flowing )

DO Gargle (ex: saltwater natural expectorant ) **Avoid over the counter suppressants which hold back the mucous which needs to be excreted increasing the risk of infection and fluid buildup in lungs.

DO Rest body

DO keep fresh air flowing (open a window whenever possible)

***Make a habit out of :

Washing hands thoroughly for 20 seconds each time Cover mouth when coughing and sneezing Brush your teeth, gums, and tongue for 120 seconds each time Keep hands and fingers away from eyes and nose.

Replied by Kimberly Coppage
United States

I have veen reading everything I can get my hands on from reputable sources such as NCBI.

These are the supplements I found info on and I have stocked up on:

Artemisinin (sweet wormwood) is otc and is also an antimalarial remedy and is safe to use vs using prescription hydoxycloroquine.

Nattokinease breaks down the proteins/fibrin needed to fight Covid. Japan has done very well fighting Covid and Natto sales have skyrocketed since Covid started. Melatonin seems to be anti everything. It has numerous benefits for use against covid. There's a doctor that is using high dose (80 mg) and says all symptoms go away. I looked it up and it is not toxic, but I'd check with your naturopathic doctor. You can get 10 mg disolvable tabs. Bats have 4 x more melatonin, women have more than men and African Americans have less, which fits the patterns of Covid.

Bats aren't effected by covid and men seem to be more susceptible. Quercetin can quiet the immune system overreaction (cytokine storm), which is indicated with Covid present. I also believe zinc is helpful early on or as a preventative. I use the throat spray version. Vitamin D status is important; however, once covid starts you don't want anyhthing that stimulates your immune system. Immune modulators are better and some of the things listed above are immune modulators. Stay well!

Replied by Bo. K
Dom Rep

You forgot one item.

Avoid Coffee is a diuretic (dehydrates you) also stops arginine consumption (bad) it also stops your body from exhaling nitric oxide(VERY BAD).

I can promise you as a person who has helped many long haulers, coffee with intensify your symptoms, prolong your recovery and if you are a 2 to 3 cup a day person, may even KILL you. My worst night was day 7 or 8, wife made me a cup of coffee, from zero symptoms (thanks to lysine) to oh my god, get dressed and lets get ready for you to drive me to the hospital (for o2). Thankfully used every trick in the book, to get the cytokine storm under control.

Hydrogen Peroxide in Ears

Posted by David (Raleigh, NC) on 11/27/2020
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Is there any risk from using H2O2 in the ears too frequently? I have lingering symptoms from Covid-19 and when I use H2O2 in my ears it literally heats up it foams so much.

Replied by Cindy
Illinois, USA
200 posts

That's interesting. Are you putting it in your ears, letting it drain out, and repeating until it stops foaming in a single session? Or are you just putting it in once?

Replied by Beverly

In the 60's at a YMCA Camp for girls, we swam in a river and when we finished the counselors always put a solution of 1/2 alcohol & 1/2 H2O2 in our ears. We rolled our heads immediately and emptied them and it seemed to work at camp. I have done it for many years and used it for anything ear related. I usually lie down and hold the solution in for 5-10 minutes. It does bubble up, no problem though.

Replied by Marletta

If it hurts, you should stop doing it for a week and let your ears recover. You may have a lot of ear wax buildup after getting sick. That is what typically heats up the ears when you add peroxide. Keep adding small amounts of peroxide until the fizzing stops is the rule and shake your head to the side vigorously afterwards to clear the peroxide.

Replied by David
Raleigh, NC

I used to leave peroxide in my ears for 30 mins, which I think may be too long. Now I leave it in for 15-20 mins at a time, usually once a day or so. It works as I always feel better afterwards. Thanks

Hydrogen Peroxide on Feet

Posted by Theresa (North Carolina ) on 01/10/2021
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Had tightness in left lung after Covid. Instead of using foil or tray, I used a gallon ziplock bag, then put washcloth inside, soaked with 3% H2O2. I put my feet inside 10 min. Felt significant relief in a few hours.

Illinois, USA
200 posts

Awesome!! I got some of those disposable bed protector pads to put under my foot soak bucket, so I could soak my feet anywhere I want. Plus, I like sitting cross-legged on the bed when I do a pedicure and I can put it down for that, too. And they're awesome for all kinds of other things. I don't really have any sort of wetwork room so, they're awesome for me.

I'm going to make me some out of that diaper-making stuff - PUL or whatever - so they're not throw-aways but I still have a whole big box leftover from a surgery I had 10+ years ago so...I think I'll pass them around. They're so big, you could use them 5 times for 5 different treatments! One at each corner and one in the middle. Or more, even. Just spray down a spot and sit with your feet on it for a half hour or so and you're good to go!

For a clay foot "facial", I use an old pair of wellies. I could probably use them for this, too, or for vitamin C or cod liver oil with an old pair of socks but cleaning them out in the winter is such a messy business in the house. My bathtub is so tiny...


Posted by Frances (Cabarlah, Qld., Australia) on 08/18/2020
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Years ago Australians working in Papua New Guinea took daily chloroquine as malaria preventive. Hydroxychloroquine is more recent drug which on March 4th 2020, Australia declared this drug a 'poison'. Prof. Dr Didier Raoult and his team in Marseille France have used this HCQ for respiratory illnesses for decades. Apparently it needs to be used with zinc and probably quercetin to get zinc into the ACE receptors.

Posted by Sara (The Beaches) on 06/26/2020
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Sorry John G., my cousin takes Hydroxychloroquine for Lupus and got covid so...

Replied by John Groden
New Brunswick

Because you need to take hydroxy with zinc. Zinc is the critical piece as well. You can still get covid but the outcome should not be as critical.

Replied by Adam

Hydroxychloroquine will not prevent catching the virus. But it has demonstrated positive results in survival rates with early stage treatment.

Posted by John G. (New Brunswick) on 06/24/2020
5 out of 5 stars

Well the BS about Hydroxychloroquine is all a fraud. It does work. Get it started early with Zinc and your chances of ending up in hospital are very very slim. The WHO and Lancet and AJM had to retract their comments from 3 weeks ago as studies slammed them.

No money for Pharma so they push all the other crap where they can make Billions including Remdesevir made by Gilead ( Soros and Gates and Fauci ) ...seeing the picture now.

Dr Zalenko in NYC treated over 1500 patients successfully! His study is out this week . Hydroxy is safe and has been in use for 60 years so people, STOP buying into all the Media lies please.

Replied by Donald
San Diego

Well stated. I think listening to front line doctors that are getting results make so much much more sense that the main stream news smokescreen.

Replied by Sandra

Here's an open letter from 3 doctors to Dr. Anthony Fauci regarding all the negative statements he has made about hydroxychloroquine. This letter contains all the answers to all the questions anyone could possibly have about this product. I just hope Fauci reads it. If he does, he will never let the public know because the letter exposes him and all his lies and its not a pretty picture. Warning, it is a very long letter but well worth your time.


Replied by Tommo

Over 1800 Belgian doctors and healthcare professionals signed an open letter concerning the detrimental effects of the lockdown. The names of those who signed the open letter are also available online.

It's an interesting read.

Replied by Linda

In a lot of places, you can't get Hydroxy.

Posted by John Groden (New Brunswick) on 06/24/2020
5 out of 5 stars

Please read this .....Hydroxy does work. Gets ignored because there is Zero $$ in it

Replied by Art
768 posts


Are you sure this is the study you meant to link to?

This study that you linked to is for SARS CoV, not SARS CoV-2. This study was published in 2005 and SARS CoV-2 was not known about then. Notice that they used Chloroquine in this study and not Hydroxychloroquine which is said to have less side effects than Chloroquine. Still, Hydroxychloroquine has potential for some very significant side effects as outlined here:


Replied by John
New Brunswick

Again you can get side effects with aspirin. Dr Zalenko in Nyc had no issues with it in very ill patients. He said that he sends more people to the hospital using Motrin and having bleeding ulcers from it than Hydroxychloroquine. Its been used for 60 yrs to treat Malaria and Lupus and too many people are listening to CNN and NBC . All of these side effects came to light when Big Pharma knew it was working to treat Covid and saw no money. The WHO and Big pharma are ultimately to blame as well. How about taking Vit C and Zinc and Vit D and you cut your chances dramatically from getting ill with this. The media has poisoned peoples brains over the past 12 weeks. I know they used Chloroquine in 2005 but it still has the same effect on the Covid strains. This will come to light when these studies get released OR it gets covered up again.

Replied by Lel

Hydroxychloroquine is an ionosphere. It pushes zinc into cells. The zinc stops the virus from replicating.

Artemisinin is not an ionosphere.

I believe the studies you referred to used much higher doses than what is prescribed for COVID-19 and did not combine the hydrozychloroquine with zinc.

Replied by Tracy
Okc, Ok

The studies you refer to were addressed by the Frontline Doctors in a Press Conference in Washington. DC. The 11 studies you refer to used very high doses of hydroxcloroquin and that's why they were ineffective. When used in proper dosage, this drug is safer then aspirin. The Frontline Doctors are not the only ones using it with success. It was used at the Henry Ford Health Center in Mich with 2,500 people. Dr. Immanuel in Houston used it with 350 patients along with Zinc and irthymyicin. Not sure of the spelling??? Her oldest patient was 92. All 350 patients survived!!!

Replied by M Marie
5 out of 5 stars

The OP is correct, HC works well with zinc, other countries have been using it and have had great success.

Replied by Raymond
Grand Island, New York U.S.A.

Quercetin is reported to act just like Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) when used with zinc. The Quercetin opens the zinc channels in the cells and allows the antiviral zinc to enter and stop viral replication.

At least 2,000 iu of vitamin D is absolutely necessary to keep the immune system up.

Monolaurin along with Chaga Mushroom (wild harvested) along with Quercetin, zinc and N.A.C. are being anecdotally reported to be a good combination for fighting the actual Covid 19 infection.

Replied by Suzanne
5 out of 5 stars

Hydroxy does work but the company that makes Remdesivir was able to get the studies manipulated in a way that would fail. Fauci is invested in remdesivir and is against the use of hydroxy and is promoting remdesivir. He is the head of NIH and they just came out about 2 days ago and said these treatments should not be used on people who are not in the hospital. Hydroxy should be used in the early stages before you need to be in the hospital. Remdesivir studies were over seen by the maker Gilead. It is actually dangerous but the studies said the opposite.

Incline Bed Therapy to Prevent Pneumonia

Posted by Medicineman9 (Europe) on 08/26/2020
5 out of 5 stars

Tilted Hospital Beds Helped To Cut Pneumonia by 60% #coronavirus

Raising the head end of a patients bed will protect them from pneumonia and respiratory and circulatory collapse! Laying a patient horizontally will without doubt, accelerate their demise! 5 degree angle is necessary, additional pillows will help, but not so much as having the bed tilted.

More information

"Ask when you can start moving around. Lying flat on your back for a long time can increase your risk of developing pneumonia. So find out when it's safe for you to start sitting up and walking around.?" When you realise that sleeping flat might not be a smart move?

Surely this is self evident and flat bedrest should be avoided like the virus itself?


An innovative method for preventing pneumonia in patients has been recognised at a national awards ceremony

Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust won Patient Safety prize at the Health Service Journal Awards, held at Grosvenor House Hotel in London on November 15, in recognition of its campaign to ensure all patients have their beds tilted by 30 degrees.

In October 2010, the patient safety team implemented the scheme across eight wards to see if it would reduce the number of patients who developed the illness during a hospital stay.

Staff found a reduction of up to 60 per cent in cases of pneumonia in those wards over a six-month period and beds are now tilted by 30 degrees across the whole of the hospital. Raising the patient's head slightly means any fluid in their lungs collects at the bottom rather than covering the whole lung.

Head of patient safety Hester Wain said: “We started doing work around it in October 2010 and, first of all, we were looking at how many people were having pneumonia in hospital.
Confirmation in published magazine: magazine/Winter 2011.pdf

More resources: of bed elevation.pdf

Intermittent Fasting

Posted by Deb (United States) on 04/19/2020
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Many of the victims of COVID19 are people with compromised breathing. Something that may help is intermittent fasting. A study of asthma sufferers who tried an intermittent fasting protocol showed dramatic improvement across the board. This is mentioned in James B. Johnson's book about intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting has many varieties, all involving either a few days of semi-fasting per week, or an interval each day of fasting, equivalent roughly to skipping a meal. The positive effects include lowering inflammation, overcoming diabetes, vastly improving hypertension, etc. etc. There are numerous books available about it, such as "Delay, Don't Deny" by Gin Stephens, and "The Fast Diet" by Mosley and Spencer. In this time of scrutinizing what it is that causes vulnerability to disease, I believe intermittent fasting will be revealed to be a key to health, and not just a means of losing weight, although of course that alone is a key to health.


Posted by Mae Mae (Manila) on 04/11/2020
4 out of 5 stars

As a precaution not to get the covid, I went ahead added 1/4 tsp of sea salt to my 1 liter drinking water once a week and started to gargle salt after meals like 3x a day for 2 days. Also for the first time, I tried the foot painting that evening when all of a sudden I develop a swollen node under my chin and a sore throat that started as mild that got worse. Became paranoid and started to wear face mask right away to protect my child and hubby if in case I caught it. I'm now on my 2nd day of the sore throat and I'm kinda feeling some mucus now forming on my chest, so what I do is I gargle with saltwater and cayenne alternate it with providone iodine mouthwash, which didn't seem to work much, so I made and sipped the "stronger solution" from Ted of Bangkok for tonsilitis: 1 tbsp of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) plus 20 drop of 3% hydrogen peroxide (mine was the cheap regular drugstore brand) then 4 drops of povidone iodine solution in a half glass of water. I am still sipping 1 tspn every time I'm feeling the pain on the throat when I swallow. It has tremendously helped my throat tho I still feels it's there. Hoping to get better by tomorrow. It's the second time now that this swollen lymph node happened to me this month. First was when I puffed out on seaweed (fresh kind) that night I developed a swollen node right away but without the sore throat. I also had added sea salt to my drinking water that week. I wonder if it's the salt that got me into trouble twice or was it the iodine?

Replied by Ann

Mae Mae, The Hydrogen Peroxide needs to be free of preservatives if you are going to use it. The recommendations I've seen for COVID at your stage.... keep rinsing sinuses, mouth and throat with salt water and 2% lugols iodine in saline (for sinuses). I've read many physicians recommending Liposomal Vitamin C (1-2 gms) every 4 hours throughout the day. They say take 50 mg Zinc and you must take Quercetin with it (it is a Zinc Ionophore that gets the zinc into the cell). If you can't find Quercertin or Resveratrol, Ivermectin (horse dewormer) can work. We've used it on the farm on ourselves without complications. That said, the preference is that you'd use Quercertin as the die-off from parasites can be uncomfortable and mimic flu symptoms.

Posted by Akamai (Hawaii) on 03/31/2020
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I suggest that nebulizing a solution of potassium iodide and distilled water would wipe out the virus very quickly. Iodine kills viruses on contact and most covid-19 modalities have been shown to be potassium deficient. Nebulizer should be mechanical (bubbler) and not ultrasonic or heat; also non metallic and no metal should touch the KI or solution. Dialysis patients and others with high blood potassium should use nascent iodine instead of KI.

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Hi Akamai, What is the issue/problem with using an ultrasonic nebulizer ? Could you explain please. Thx.

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Salt with iodine in a nebulizer solution? Or edible solution?