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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Alternative Treatment and Prevention

Costus Root Powder
Posted by Faeqa (Jordan) on 08/11/2020 66 posts
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Costus with honey for covid 19:

This message is translated from Arabic Facebook group:

"I had covid 19 since a week.I had symptoms of the disease from a high fever, a violent cough, and pain in the joints. I have nearly died several times. I continued on the antibiotic nutrients without a result. Until I received a message via WhatsApp recommending me to use the Indian Costus with honey. I used it the first time and the symptoms started to subside, I used it the second time and the symptoms ended completely. Thankfully, the sense of smell and taste has returned and the cough has ended permanently. The fever disappeared."

EC: Costus is the root of the plant Saussurea lappa, a tall perennial plant that grows on high valleys in the Kashmir region. It is commonly used to lower blood sugar.

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