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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Alternative Treatment and Prevention

| Modified on Feb 02, 2024
Artemisia Annua
Posted by Alex (Thessaloniki - Greece) on 12/22/2023


After reading some comments that artemisia annual can stop the COVID if taken the first day of symptoms, I tried it and nothing happened. The virus did its circle for 6 days and I was getting worse and with fever while taking artemisia tincture every day. I don't want to give people fake hope.

Burnt Sugar
Posted by Alex (Thessaloniki) on 12/16/2023

I didn't want to make burnt sugar by myself so I bought a sugar lollipop. The moment I had finished it I start coughing and flegm came out. Before the lollipop I didn't expell fleck.

Lugol's Nasal Rinse
Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 12/14/2023

@ Naomi,

Replace the word Lugol's with Nascent Iodine and the recipe will make more sense too you.

Bill Thompson's recipe posted on Earth Clinic:

Lugol's Iodine Nasal Solution

To get enhanced protection from the coronavirus, do the following:

1. Fill a small shot glass (for whiskey) half full of purified water.

2. Add four drops of 5% Lugol's iodine (or nine drops if you have 2% Lugol's iodine) to the water in the shot glass. Stir well with a clean spoon.

3. In each nostril, add one dropper-full of the iodine/water mixture and then gently sniff it into the nasopharynx region at the back of the nose.

When you add the iodine + water into your nostrils, this mixture will turn into vapour, which will further act to destroy any incoming virus that you breathe into your nose for several hours.

Similarly, when you breathe in through your nose, the iodine/water vapour will also move to help disinfect and give enhanced protection for the nasopharynx, throat, and lung regions as well.

This extra protection against COVID-19 infection would be particularly useful if you go into a crowded outside area or an infected environment.

This additional iodine protection might also be quite valuable for any nurses or doctors out there who are continually tending infected patients daily in hospitals.

Note: There are three iodine products I use and recommend. Nascent Iodine is better for iodine sensitive individuals and for children where lower dosages are needed and recommended. Lugol's is less expensive and better for transdermal applications as well as higher oral dosages. Povidone Iodine which is also used in nasal wash applications.

When iodine was suspended in a solution, viral inactivation occurred at dilutions of 1/1,000,000. (Gershenfeld, L.: Iodine. In Disinfection, Sterilization, and Preservation. Edited by S. S. Block. Philadelphia, Les & Febiger, 1977, pp.196-218.)

Lugol's Nasal Rinse
Posted by Naomi (Los Angeles, CA) on 12/14/2023

Hi, there. I have Global Healing Detoxadine, but they don't list the percentage of iodine and stated it's proprietary. So, I don't know how to make the Nasal Lugol's Iodine Rinse for Protection Against COVID-19 ( Would anyone be able to advise?

3 drops=1,950mcg

Fermented Yeast
Posted by Friederike Lehrbass (TX) on 09/15/2023

Isn't epicor the same as Beta Glucan? I used to take and then took a break, but started again hoping it helps with my extreme eczema.

Posted by Friederike Lehrbass (TX) on 09/15/2023

Do you have the info on another platform So sad youtube keeps sensoring that info. Thanks

Burnt Sugar
Posted by Madelyn (Idaho) on 09/14/2023

Sandra, you bring up excellent points! I was going to buy some encapsulated bee propolis, and hesitated when I noticed it contained maltodextrin. Checked another brand's propolis capsules and same thing- maltodextrin! It was hiding in some stevia I had and used to make fresh squeezed lemonade. My husband and I both got terrible migraines, and we figured out that maltodextrin was the main ingredient in the stevia powder I used to sweeten the lemonade. Threw the bag straight in the trash! Was a shame because the lemons were wonderful.

Selenium, Vitamin C, Garlic +

Burnt Sugar
Posted by Sandra (Planet Earth) on 09/10/2023

It is very important that people know that the majority of 'white sugar' we have available to us now is NOT cane sugar. Our white sugar comes from sugar beets. Avoid all mass manufactured sugar in grocery stores unless labeled 100% PURE CANE SUGAR. Other options are coconut sugar, palm sugar, date sugar, raw honey (not supermarket honey! ), pure maple syrup (read your labels! ).

Our food supply is no longer what it used to be, with everything adulterated & bastardized to the hilt. The last time I checked a box of rubbish iodized table salt in a supermarket - not proper salt at all - the ingredients read 'sugar, salt'. So not only are our sugar & salt toxic varieties compared to the pure cane sugar & sea salt we used to have available to us, these toxic types of sugar & salt are now being mixed together, making them exponentially more toxic.

Another very important thing to be aware of: many supplements and foods have maltodextrin in them. Maltodextrin is known to fuel type 2 diabetes & to depress the immune system. It is worse than sugar, yet far less sweet. It's a common additive in supplements, many foods, drinks & so on! CHECK your supplement, food & drink ingredients!

Lastly, many previously independently owned supplement companies have been bought up by large corporations, come of which are pharmaceutical companies.

When buying supplements:

1) avoid ALL supplements in drug stores / pharmacies

2) do a search to find out who owns a supplement brand - simply type in BRAND NAME (your supplement's brand name) and the word SHAREHOLDERS

3) buy your supplements only from companies which are independently owned & made in your own country

4) be wary of companies such as Pure Bulk, who sell bulk powdered & encapsulated supplements, and who lace a lot of their supplements with maltodextrin - a major trigger of type 2 diabetes

5) avoid supplements which are flavoured as they often contain toxins in their fillers & colorants - buy the purest supplements you can find

Remember, you are ingesting this with the goal of helping your body perform optimally. Just as with your car, you would choose a good quality oil & other necessary fluids to keep your car running smoothly. Take just as much care when purchasing supplements.

ALWAYS read your ingredients labels!!

Posted by Sue (Queensland) on 07/01/2023

I bought the horse wormer paste from a produce store and squirted it (very slowly) into empty capsules. I ended up with 14 capsules (from 1.87grams) with way too much in each but have found no problem with any overdose.

Colloidal Copper
Posted by MiMi (Maine) on 06/17/2023

where can I purchase colloidal copper?

Artemisia Annua
Posted by Nathan (Vietnam) on 05/11/2023

It's what they make the toxic absinthe drink from. You can tolerate it at moderate levels.

It was resourceful of you to try something related, I guess that isn't a bad idea when you have nothing else.

Posted by Friederike (TX) on 03/26/2023

Seems like the dose is too low. I hear ivermectin for horses is more effective...

Posted by Dave (Bowie, Texas) on 03/06/2023

Hey if there is a problem getting Ivermectin, go to your veterinarian supply store. No prescription needed. Get a big bottle for about 80 bucks. Syringes come with it….

Posted by Yolanda (Vacaville, California ) on 02/06/2023

I'm trying to find out if I can purchase ivermectin online like in Mexico where it is sold over the counter and have it mailed to me. Is this possible?

Mucuna Pruriens, Nicotine Gum
Posted by Jenny (USA) on 02/02/2023

Interesting about the Nicotine Chewing Gum. I read, somewhere in late 2020 that doctors had noticed that people that smoked didn't get Covid as bad a non-smokers. Their theory was that the heat of the smoke in the throat and sinus was possibly helping kill off the virus. When my husband and I both got Covid last year, I sailed right through it and he ended up in the hospital. Though I smoke, my one bad habit, I was pounding Vit C, D, K2, Zinc, oil of oregano, osha root and whatever else I saw fit. Interesting thought that nicotine may have played a part in helping me with Covid. Very happy you are feeling better. Cheers!

Mucuna Pruriens, Nicotine Gum
Posted by Joy in the Villages (The Villages, FL) on 02/02/2023

Hi Cindy, ...Nope...No rash.

Mucuna Pruriens, Nicotine Gum
Posted by Cindy (Illinois, USA) on 02/02/2023 404 posts

Nicotine is what some Puritan control freak called the niacin in tobacco. It's niacin. Which would suggest...well...some sort of radiation response...which would be weird. Do you have any sort of a rash?

Mucuna Pruriens, Nicotine Gum
Posted by JoyintheVillages (The Villages, FL) on 02/01/2023

After 10 days of a terrible Covid infection, I woke up one morning and could not stand on my left leg. Both my legs were extremely sore. My kneecaps hurt badly when I stood up after sitting. I thought I might never be normal again...Then I found Dr. Bryan Ardiss on Youtube, who said that both the Covid virus AND the Covid injections contain SNAKE VENOM. He recommended a Velvet Bean extract (from Hawaii) $19.99 on Amazon, called Mucuna Prurienss, doses of 4 droppersful stretched out during the day to keep it in your system, along with Nicotine Chewing Gum, 2 mg (1/2 Nicorette gum) also 4 times stretched out during the day. This, he said will dissolve the SNAKE VENOM, which is stored in your muscles and other places in your body.---I tried this, and in only 3 days the pain in my knees was gone and I was walking my usual 30 minutes a day. I hope this works for you as well as it did for me. God Bless. Joy.

NAC and Bromelain
Posted by Chai (LA) on 01/18/2023

There is a study by some researchers, and they found

Taking NAC (N-acetyl cysteine ) and bromelain MUST be taken together — works together synergistically to dissolve spike protein.

High Dose Vitamin D and Magnesium
Posted by Andon Science (Limassol) on 01/10/2023 21 posts

I am a researcher, thus I can suggest this curement, since currently it had amazing results on bronchitis.

For coronavirus curement, simple cough, severe bronchitis or pneumonia I can suggest you try using these ingredients. This curement was developed by me.

I suggest using this:

a) 30,000IU vitamin D per day (notice here the dosage is 30,000IU and not 3000IU) for three days (in case symptoms persist, take for another two days).

b) 600mg Magnesium Citrate per day

Probably you will see amazing results, since already in two different occasions, it eliminated cough in 2 days and on another occasion it eliminated cough in three days.

Use this curement completely on your own responsibility or inform your doctor as to supervise supplementation.

FLCCC Recommendations
Posted by Pamela B. (Virginia) on 01/01/2023

Excellent advice, JJ. I have been very involved in the alternative treatments for Covid with FLCCC. Other things found in their protocols and on their informational videos that have worked remarkably well are Nigella Sativa, Autophagy, Photobiomodulation, and HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy). We also have protocols for flu and RSV. All have been proven to prevent hospitalization. See FLCCC at and See Dr. Paul Marik and Dr. Pierre Kory at We have been able to save thousands, maybe even millions with these remedies. Dr. James A. Thorpe is one of the top experts for obstetrics & gynecology. Dr. Saleeby, Dr. Been, Dr. Larry Palevsky, Dr. Sherri Tenpenney, Dr. Carrie Madej, Dr. Lee Merritt, and Dr. Christiane Northrop, Childrens Health Defense, Dr. Mercola, and Dr. Peter McCullough can all be found at, and Endless information for self-healing. Thank you for sharing.

Activated Charcoal
Posted by Steven (Kentucky) on 12/22/2022

I bought 3 today (Dec 22,2022) at Tractor Supply for $10.49 each.

Posted by Janna (Santa Ana, Ca) on 12/10/2022

Echinacea and Yarrow kept me from getting Covid, as the symptoms came and went last January.

Echinacea is a basic for strengthening the immune system. Too much of it is said not to be harmful. You have to be careful with Yarrow. I believe l have read that too much Yarrow can be toxic. (I also take communion daily, but that's a different matter.)

Coconut Oil
Posted by William (Michigan) on 12/06/2022

I saw the coconut oil recommended for mono which is a virus it said to take two tablespoons every 8 hours for 4 days. 35 people were cured on the Earth Clinic. I was the 36th. I was absolutely fine after 4 days of two tablespoons of coconut oil every 8 hours I ate it you can put it inside of a smoothie coffee ice cream put it on your salad whatever you want to do I just ate it straight and I was absolutely fine after ingesting two tablespoons. I read about Dr. E G N I N for Malaysia who studies coconut oil and she says the coconut oil gets in the body and the virus uses the body parts to build a lipid wall sack. The coconut oil when it's ingested, is in the body makeup, and therefore the coconut oil is in the Matrix of the lipid wall sack, but it rinses out easily and forms a hole in the lipid ball sack, and therefore the virus dies praise the Lord he anoints my head with oil my cup runs over.

We took it straight to the first person we knew that had Corona and in a day and a half, he was fine. Called back and said thank you very much I feel great. They have taken this off the internet everywhere maybe they won't take it off here at Earth Clinic.

Posted by Grace (Colorado) on 12/02/2022

Btw get the hydroxychloroquine now. I am into my third bout of Covid (pretty intense symptoms) and zero pharmacies will fill the prescription so I had to find a compound pharmacy three hours away and pay for overnight shipping. Legally they are not allowed to refuse but they all are. The telehealth np I used said this is common sadly and you need access to a compound pharmacy. My regular Dr wasn't gonna fill the prescription either so I had to find an online telehealth.

Artemisia Annua
Posted by Pam E. (SouthWestern California) on 11/23/2022 127 posts

I hadn't heard about it, so looked up some info to share: Study proves the effectiveness of Artemisia annua against SARS-CoV-2 in vitro - By Dr. Tomislav Meštrović, MD, Ph.D. Jul 19, 2021


Activated Charcoal
Posted by Pam E. (SouthWestern California) on 11/21/2022 127 posts

Yes, it has been researched: ​Coronavirus and Activated Charcoal Amazing Research Studies

Black Cumin Seed Oil
Posted by AR (CT) on 10/22/2022

Do you take it straight or mixed in the tea and lime juice?

EC: Mixed.

Wet Sock Treatment
Posted by Pam E (Southwestern California) on 10/19/2022 127 posts


"A natural method of stimulating the immune system and zapping a cold or flu ... commonly prescribed by physicians at Bastyr Center for Natural Health, involves putting on ice-cold socks and … sleeping in them!

"It ... rallies the body's defenses, according to [the] chief medical officer at Bastyr Center ... And the best part ... is that it uses the healing power of nature and [costs nothing].

"The treatment is known as a 'heating compress, ' meaning ... it's up to the body to heat the cold, wet socks ... which also stimulates the immune system. You [thus] ‘rev up' the immune system, so it's ready for battle.... says Dr. Wallace ...”

"The wet sock treatment is used in conjunction with other modalities to treat inflammation, infection or soreness of the throat, headaches, migraines, nasal congestion, upper respiratory infections, coughs, bronchitis and sinus infections....

"People with chronic conditions or a compromised immunity should consult with a doctor before starting the wet sock treatment. Dr. Wallace also points out,

“The wet sock treatment is only one component of an integrated treatment plan that includes [but is not necessarily limited to] hydration, proper nutrition and immunity-boosting supplements.”

Posted by Alex (Thessaloniki - Greece) on 10/06/2022

I was vaping nicotine the time I had my father with covid and still got it. It didn't protect me.

When somebody has covid or the flu, he should avoid taking nicotine at whichever form (vaping, smoking etc) because:

"The study found that vaping with nicotine impairs ciliary beat frequency, dehydrates airway fluid and makes mucus more viscous or sticky. These changes make it more difficult for the bronchi, the main passageways to the lung, to defend themselves from infection and injury"

Posted by Angela (NC) on 10/03/2022

Today was the first increased dosage. I am looking into the melatonin as well.Thank you for your input.

Posted by Hollyhock (America ) on 10/03/2022

I would never double the dose! No wonder you are feeling worse! Start drinking lots of water to help flush it out. Read all the good ideas here on EC for getting over covid.

Posted by Angela (NC) on 10/03/2022

I am one of the dumb ones and this is extremely important to get this right.

Your opinion is a 190 pound "horse" could go double the dosage that is typically suggested .I have been doing this for three days and the horse is sicker than ever. My true thanks in advance for taking the time to answer...I am getting desperate.

Posted by Alex (Thessaloniki - Greece) on 09/28/2022

I had great results with Ivermectin. I cleared from the main symptoms of covid in just three days. These three days were difficult having a fever of 38,5 C, but in the evening feeling mysteriously well with the fever subsiding. I don't know if this was due to the nature of covid or the action of ivermectin. The second day after my infection I was at bed all the morning and evening and didn't have appetite until night. The third day was very good and by the and of it I am almost clear without even coughing or running nose.

I followed the FLCCC protocol taking 0,4-0,6mg/kg ivemectin (personally 0,5mg/kg).

I took nigella sativa as well. My father had too success with ivermectin dropping down his fever and clearing the disease in a few days.

My brother (we leave in the same house) who didn't take ivermectin because of an operation he had recently, has had the symptoms 8 days now and even lost his sense of smell. (Ivermectin is also a blood thinner so you cannot take it immediately after an operation).

Smoking Mullein
Posted by Alex (Thessaloniki - Greece) on 09/28/2022

It is very dangerous smoking or vaping oily substances. Lipoid pneumonia can be caused. Many people who had put cannabis oil in their vaping machine, ended up in the hospital for this reason.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Art (California) on 09/26/2022 2073 posts


If he gets the sore throat, have him gargle with 1.5% hydrogen peroxide three times a day, morning, noon and night. That will usually get rid of the sore throat after the third gargle.

Yes, Covid is definitely still here and your approach sounds good. Hit it hard and fast for best results.


Multiple Remedies
Posted by Hollyhock (America ) on 09/26/2022

Just when you think covid is a thing of the past, it's not! My 43 year old son moved home recently and this morning he tested positive for covid! His symptoms were like stomach flu, throwing up all night and aching from head to toe. I figured it was either food poisoning or stomach virus. I am giving him CS, BHT, ivermectin, lysine, zinc, 1 gram vitamin C, Xclear and later today I'll have him take melatonin. Any other suggestions? My husband, who is 70 and myself are also taking precautions as well. I really thought this was over! But the other day my son said someone he works with mentioned that he has covid, but came to work anyway! :(

Povidone Iodine Nasal Spray
Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 09/14/2022

I found this News Cast Article from KRCR-TV in Redding, California that validates everything I've been saying…

Povidone Iodine Nasal Spray – Redding doctor says there is an extra layer of protection against COVID-19 available (with video)


Redding, Calif. — Doctor George Domb is an ear, nose, and throat specialist in Redding. He has been practicing for more than 40 years and he says he has a simple way to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Doctor Domb says combining "Povidone Iodine”, brand name betadine, with a saline nasal spray is a powerful way to kill coronavirus. He says when a high proportion of ENT doctors started dying, others started using it to protect themselves.

"Somewhere along the line after I started using it in the nose to prevent myself from getting COVID-19, I started giving it to my patients, the ones in my office, and then a little while ago I started thinking the whole pandemic could be squelched if enough people throughout a community use it, " Dr. Domb explained.

It is all available over the counter at your local pharmacy. Povidone Iodine is a disinfectant, and you want the solution, not the scrub.

Dr. Domb says to mix half a teaspoon of the 10% Povidone Iodine solution with a 44-mL spray bottle of saline nasal spray and shake it up.

He has given it to his family members.

Amanda Domb, Dr. Domb's daughter said, "I use it four times a day, it's super easy to use, it doesn't hurt or anything. You just do it twice in each nostril, sniff a little bit and it's done. It's like really easy to add towards your morning routine and after you spray it in, if you just kind of tilt your head back that helps as well. It's just an easy precaution to take. I also am always wearing my mask, social distancing, but this is just like that extra layer of protection that is helpful."

Dr. Domb says studies can take up to a year. And having three daughters in Los Angeles, a COVID-19 hotspot, pushed him to speak out now.

"I'm saying it kills it 100% in the laboratory, it's 100% safe, and we've used it for years and we know it kills bacteria in the nose. So, to me it was just common sense, " continued Dr. Domb.

Dr. Domb has taken this all the way to the Infectious Disease Society of America guidelines doctor who told him they're awaiting results from studies.

Finally, he says this will not work for an estimated 10 to 15% of the population.

Do not use it if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have hyperthyroidism, are being treated for thyroid cancer with irradiated iodine, or hypersensitive to iodine. It should not be used on children younger than 6.

Coconut Oil
Posted by mmsg (somewhere, europe) on 09/14/2022

Serena, do try h2o2 inhalation. There are many ways to do that. The simplest way we have found is breathing the vapors of half a glass of boiling water with a squirt of h2o2 in it, 2-3 times a day.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Hollyhock (America ) on 09/13/2022

I would never nebulize any oil into my lungs! There is lots of good information here on earth clinic, just research. One that stands out in my mind is food grade peroxide inhalation.

Coconut Oil
Posted by serena (Bali) on 09/13/2022

I tried to watch your video but it was deleted, is it anywhere else? Was very curious about nebulizing coconut oil. I do colloidal or hydrocell with is an silver oxygen silver also but have been researching what else can be nebulised that will fight all this crap int eh air going around. Coughing in particular with a raspy left in your throat and I have been throwing the natural book at it. Would really love to ehar more about this or watch your video wherever else it is thanks

Artemisia Annua
Posted by Donna (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) on 07/24/2022

Hi June,

I and my whole family had a terrible case of a covid variant of some sort in June of 2022, I am the caretaker of everyone and I am the oldest with a very compromised immune system. I was terrified that this variant was going to kill me as it travelled through my body looking for my weak parts and attacking my brain and my lungs causing infection.

I was taking many supplements that may have been helping but 2 weeks in and I was still sick as a dog.. no energy, huge night sweats, terrible pain in brain and muscles and joints, extremely weak, nautious, coughing, phlegm?, and it goes on and on.. never had a flu like this, many of the words seem the same but this was very different from the typical flu and it was frightening.

At 3 am, in desperation, fevered, and a constant headache, I went to earthclinic to see what might be working.. I tried many of the things that were recommended, but nothing had turned it around, then I saw one post on wormwood, I knew I had some in my cupboard somewhere, but it was not the kind you recommend.

It was Wormwood Artimesia (?) so running out of options, I opened a cap and put it in a small amount of warm water and drank it down and went back to sleep. I awoke 5 hrs later with the virus completely dead. It was no longer travelling through my body, my headache was gone, my temp was normal, the sweats had stopped, the body aches and pains were gone, I could breath. It felt like a miracle, I could not believe it, but thanked God, as it seemed I was loosing this battle, but even 2 weeks into covid, and 1 cap of wormwood artimesia, it was gone.

I have been over what felt like a bioweapon in my body now for a few weeks, but the virus? did leave some damage, the lack of energy, and secondary infections. I have been attempting to fix with colloidal silver and high dose melitonin.. all infections seem to be under control and receding and energy is slowly returning. I will go out and buy some of the wormwood you mentioned, but will also keep some of the Wormwood Artimesian in my First-Aid kit as well.

Do you know why the Artimesian type is not recommended? Sorry about the spelling of the word, I do not have the bottle in front of me.

Anyways, thank you Earth Clinic and community for being a light in the darkness and helping people to get well and have the best health they can have.

Nebulizing Hydrogen Peroxide and Lugol's
Posted by Carol (Michigan ) on 07/12/2022

Hi Katrina,

I go to one of the doctors in Brownstein's office and I couldn't agree with you more. He has helped me so much. Anyway, thanks for posting about Brownstein!

Ethanol Vapor Inhalation
Posted by Mary (NY, NY) on 06/21/2022

Studies of the virus have shown that bleach kills coronavirus on surfaces in about five minutes, and isopropyl alcohol destroys it on surfaces even faster, Bill Bryan, a senior official at the US Department of Homeland Security, told reporters Thursday 4/23/2020. Bryan, who is not a scientist, said a US Army biological lab outside Washington, DC had been conducting tests on the virus.

The following link contains an article titled Possibility of Disinfection of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) in Human Respiratory Tract by Controlled Ethanol Vapor Inhalation

Alcohol for disinfection (rubbing alcohol in US, Surgical spirit B.P.) has been well established to sterilize various bacterias and disinfect viruses. Alcohols target the bacterial cell envelope, with resultant lysis of the cell and release of the cellular content.

The author suggests that it may be possible to use alcoholic beverages of 16~20 v/v% concentration for this disinfection process, such as Whisky (1:1 hot water dilution) or Japanese Sake, because they are readily available and safe (non-toxic). By inhaling the alcohol vapor at 50~60°C (122~140°F) through the nose for one or two minutes, it will condense on surfaces inside the respiratory tract; mainly in the nasal cavity. The alcohol concentration will be intensified to ~36 v/v% by this process, which is enough to disinfect the corona virus on the mucous membrane.

I personally poured isopropyl alcohol on a cotton ball and inhaled the vapors through my nose to kill COVID-19. My shortness of breath was relieved very quickly. I used this technique in July 2021 to recover from the Delta variant which was much more potent than the Alpha variant. Next time I would dilute it with hot water prior to inhalation in a 1:2 ratio.

According to the author:

Prompt Method

We use 40 v/v% whisky or similar alcohol, dripping on a gauze, inhale the vapor slowly at room temperature.

(1) Drip 1~2 ml (1~2 g weight ) of alcohol 40 v/v%, such as, whisky, on a gauze.

(2) Cover your nostrils with gauze (point where you drip the alcohol).

(3) Slowly and carefully inhale the vapor. If one of your nostril has narrowing, block other one.

(4) After a few tens of seconds, the smell of the ethanol will disappear, then stop.

This method works well for the front part of the nasal cavity. This is suitable for clinical workers, because their working environment means that they need may prompt preventative measure at short notice. Note that there is a risk of inflammation due to high concentration of alcohol, but we have to decide comparing with the risk from the corona virus itself. The prompt method is only suggested for use by medical professionals, and is not considered appropriate for use by the general public.

Nebulizing Hydrogen Peroxide and Lugol's
Posted by Katrina (Fenton, MI) on 06/11/2022

Dr. Brownstein is a genius. 179 patients healed. Only 2 VERY SICK ppl were hospitalized using food-grade Nebulized hydrogen peroxide w/saline and Lugol's as described in prior post. He has many excellent e-books. The state of Michigan shut down his practice & website and threatened to take his license if he didn't quit using an “unproven treatment”.
Sara-COV-Take Fisetin,, is a senolytic antioxidant and polypyphenol found in trees & plants, such as strawberries, apples, & onions. In studies conducted on cells in a laboratory, fisetin inhibits the activity of several pro-inflammatory cytokines.. also take Quercetin, the white bioflavonoid inside grapefruit skins, found in grapefruit peels.(DO NOT TAKE IF PREGNANT OR NURSING! Look up your medications to make sure it won't interact with them). Take NAC and Melatonin at night as well as zinc & Vit. D now to strengthen your immune system. Detox your body of Candida. (Look that up on this site); GET OFF GMO's (filled w/Glyphosate, and STAY AWAY FROM GLYPHOSATE (Round-Up) AT ALL COSTS.

Copy, paste/download these remedies before they are banned. If it's not a pill, shot, vaccine, radiation/chemo or surgery it's NOT AMA (=Big Pharma) approved. These “natural and organic” remedies have been used thousands of years and yet they are “not proven safe?” How much “proof” does one need? Have vaccines “been proven safe?”

Spirulina or Chlorella
Posted by Laura (PARIS) on 06/02/2022

I got COVID and was OK for about 48 hours until I literally felt as if something was eating my flesh, heart, brain and bones away. I had high fevers, chills and was burning all over.

I tried raw garlic, ACV for sinusitis which helped, liposomal vitamin C, magnesium chloride, supplementation with vitamin D, zinc, selenium... and some essential oils. They helped a bit. But nothing removed this burning sensation.

Then I got this intuition to try spirulina. Actually, I had it for the third time. But this time I took some. And, the burning feeling went away within an hour. I still had high fevers that I reduced with paracetamol (500 mg) every 6 hours, but I was able to get out of bed for the first time.

I have done some research since, and I found this :


confirming that there could be scientific ground to what I had experienced.

I went to buy chlorella. I took both at night and this morning. I am still weak, but nothing like I was before taking spirulina.
I'm still using vitamin C and vitamin & mineral supplements and dropped everything else as they upset my stomach too much.

One last thing, I noticed I needed to drink a lot of water and stay hydrated all the time or my symptoms would get worse.

I didn't see spirulina or chlorella mentioned here, so I decided to share my story. I hope it helps you or someone you love.

Olive Leaf Extract
Posted by Elizabeth (MN) on 05/26/2022


What is the dosage for Olive Leaf, please?

Posted by Renee (Boston) on 05/15/2022 41 posts

I wish I had known as well. I got a mild case of covid but I am 100% convinced that I'm suffering the after effects. I never had ANY health issues until after having covid. Prior to that I didn't even have a common cold for a couple of years. Now I have arthritis and chronic urticaria. Something in that bio weapon threw my whole immune system off! They want us all dependent on pharmaceuticals! I refused methotrexate for arthritis but on my next appointment I may ask for hydroxychloroquine if the Borax and DMSO don't give me some relief. BTW, I'm so glad I found this website. I don't trust doctors or big Pharma. Thank you all.

Posted by Art ( California) on 05/14/2022 2073 posts

It is often mentioned that Lysine may be useful for Covid-19, but the science has not seemed to want to pursue this potential treatment, gee, what a surprise!

Generally, prevention seems better than trying to treat the virus after you already have it, at least to me it does. I would rather not get covid in the first place than have to treat it after I have it. One problem with SARS CoV-2 virus is that it seems to mutate or form variants very often which can render the vaccines useless or minimally effective.

Yesterday I was looking at several studies trying to figure something out regarding Lysine and Benfotiamine when I came across an interesting study discussing Lysine and SARS CoV-2 virus. The study seems to add confirmation to the idea that Lysine may be useful against the virus and even possibly have prophylactic or preventative effects.

Here is a link to the study :

Here is an important and very relevant quote from the study :

>>> ' Among 30 medical professionals with daily face-to-face exposure to COVID-19 patients, all remain negative of the virus after taking 2000 mg lysine daily with required dietary restrictions (no caffeine, marijuana and arginine-rich foods) for 3 months, as compared to an average of two employees being infected every month prior to the study and to a public health department with similar capacity as their control group [39]. Our study validates that lysine has protective effects against SARS-CoV-2 and IAV infection. Thus, lysine supplementation may be considered as prophylaxis and therapeutic tool against these viruses. ' <<<

The question that is burning in my mind right now is why didn't I hear about this on the evening news 8 months ago when the study was released and why aren't scientists following through with more research to confirm that this works for more than the medical personnel who were studied in the original test of Lysine.

Scientists don't actually have a "real preventative". This is proven every day because so many people have gotten Covid-19 despite being "fully vaccinated". Even then, it is clearly better to never get Covid-19 in the first place, but scientists are going to ignore what these researchers have shown.

Lysine is inexpensive, readily available over the counter and has a very good safety profile, and has shown potential effectiveness against SARS CoV-2 as a "PREVENTATIVE". Two more studies could confirm its effectiveness in 6 to 8 months' time. What's not to like? I guess there just isn't enough money to be made with Lysine! What other excuse could there possibly be?


Posted by Pat (Reno, NV) on 05/05/2022

Your videos have been removed from YouTube. Any possible way you have copies or website views of the information.
Please advise if so. No reply is an answer. Thanks and God bless you for your service.

Vitamin D, Magnesium, Turmeric
Posted by Stephanie (Long Valley, Nj) on 04/30/2022

Hi Science,

Can you suggest which Vit D brand and does it have Vit k2 mk7 in it? Thank you

Vitamin D, Magnesium, Turmeric
Posted by Science (Cyprus) on 04/24/2022 21 posts

I am a researcher, thus I can suggest this curement, since currently it had amazing results on bronchitis.

For coronavirus curement, simple cough, severe bronchitis or pneumonia I can suggest you try using these ingredients. This curement was developed by me.

I suggest using this:

a) 30, 000IU vitamin D per day (notice here the dosage is 30, 000IU and not 3000IU) for three days (in case symptoms persist, take for another two days).

b) 600mg Magnesium Citrate per day

Probably you will see amazing results, since already in two different occasions, it eliminated cough in 2 days and on another occasion it eliminated cough in three days.

Use this curement completely on your own responsibility or inform your doctor as to supervise supplementation.

Lugol's Iodine
Posted by Kelly (Reno, nv) on 04/12/2022

Wondering off your ear ringing resolved? What helped?

Posted by rusti1 (usa) on 04/10/2022

I don't doubt ivermectin may work. However, this is just in general. I take daily Vitamin C, D3 and other things like turmeric and omegas 3s. I take extra Vit C at any small sign of something. Thus far, no covid, not even a cold in the last few years, and I'm 72, and susceptible having asthma (which I haven't had a problem with as well). Perhaps this may help others.

Posted by Debbie Johnson (Alabama) on 04/04/2022


Durvey brand. Can buy at any feed or pet store.

Posted by Jim from Frostburg (USA) on 04/04/2022

Hi ML,

This old 'horse' used 1.87% Ivermectin gel (or paste), which is the same strength as the people version which is a pill. I followed the weighted directions on the back. I took 4 bar's worth. Mild taste. Washed it down with water. Only took it once. Many farm stores offer it. No doubt there will be a sign stating it doesn't work on Covid and is dangerous to humanity; but it does work on any flu or cold I've experienced in the past year. Amazon shows it here

BTW, AFAIK, there is no actual test for Covid-19. Apparently what we're all getting is regular but changing versions of Influenza A and a little of B. See here:

Posted by lurwif (US) on 04/03/2022

All the videos have been shut down for dosages and brands of iver paste to use safely.

Would you summarize dosage for people and list brands?

Posted by Mary Lou (Ky) on 04/03/2022

what brand of horse ivermectin did you use? Can that be posted?

Posted by Debbie J. (Alabama) on 03/31/2022

I've been a long hauler now for 19 months. First diagnosed with bacterial pneumonia August 2020. Have never felt right since. I've had good days and bad days, but I was beginning to give up hope. I tried all sorts of natural remedies here, but they only went so far. March of 2020 I started feeling wonky. Chalked it up seasonal allergies. Prior to March 2020, working out steadily, never had any issues. Never ever had shortness of breath. May of 2020 I had a large floater in my right eye. It looked like a gigantic snake. It freaked me out so bad I started crying. Went to the eye doctor, oh you just have dry eyes. I realized now I had an eye parasite. The eye parasite came out a year later. What an experience.

A month ago, I started to feel really bad. Lots of coughing, sneezing, honking noises from my throat and nose, serious shortness of breath and lots of fatigue. My sternum was killing me. I thought it was costochondritis. I also had two large boils on my inner thigh that was so painful, I actually cried. I had to use PRID to lance them. They're all gone now. Now I realized I had an infection. Not costo. I slept 12 hours a day. Had I not had another Rx of Keflex and my albuterol inhaler, I would have been a lot worse. I took a 7 day round of Keflex and used my rescue inhaler, daily. That's not good as it's hard on your throat and esophagus. There's got to be a better way. If I saw a doctor he or she would probably prescribe more predisone, steroid inhalers (like Advair which is obscenely expensive if you don't have insurance) and other meds.

Then I realized 3 days ago, I had a full thing of Ivermectin paste. The first night I stuck my finger in my old stash, spread it all over my tooth and gums and swallowed it. Tasted nasty. I followed up with a dixie cup of water with 4 drops ingestible oregano tincture, along with a detox formula tincture I made years ago. About 10 minutes later, I felt instant relief. But I panicked and took my inhaler.

For the next few days I took a pinch of Ivermectin every few hours. Got to feeling better and better. When I first heard about Covid and Ivermectin, I thought why are they pushing an anti-parasitical drug? So I looked at the Ivermectin package. Treats lung worms. Lung worms! That's it. That's why so many people aren't getting better. The lungworms have infected their lungs. (I've completed many a parasite cleanse, so I know the drill). When you take ivermectin you're killing and paralyzing those worms. They create a noxious gas when they die off and make life hell on earth while they're leaving your body.

I'll take ivermectin until most of my problems disappear. But I'll tell y'all one thing. This is the first day in 19 months I've had zero shortness of breath. To me, that's a miracle.

Posted by Betty (CA) on 03/28/2022

Sorry for the confusion.

In the cancer world we use a lot of acronyms/abbreviations. Sometimes I don't realize it when speaking or posting.

Like today at dr appt we did a mild detox thing. I asked if it was going to cause a herx reaction and he smiled. He did say NO it will not. We are slowly getting my body ready for a full detox. Not sure when that will be. Might be months down the road. Got to see improvement in inner balance, immune function (gut biome), weight, ect first.

Posted by Hwkmn05 (Nh) on 03/28/2022 108 posts

Yes, twice my usual 4 notches.

Posted by Art (California) on 03/28/2022 2073 posts

Thank you for the clarification, Betty!


Posted by Betty (CA) on 03/28/2022

IVC (vitamin C infusion) loading dose 150g.

IVM (Ivermectin) loading dose 75mg.

Posted by Stephanie (Long Valley, Nj) on 03/28/2022

Hi Art,

I think she meant 150 grams of Intravenous Vit C. I think she used IVM to abbreviate for ivermectin, and IVC to abbreviate for IV Vitamin C?

Posted by Jgny (Thousand Islands) on 03/28/2022

So you took a dose of 8 notches for 400 pounds? I took 4 notches daily for 5 days and it helped.

Posted by Art (California) on 03/28/2022 2073 posts


You said, the ivermectin loading dose is 150 grams, not milligrams. That is equal to 150, 000 mg!

Are you certain about this? The LD50 for ivermectin is 18.2 mg per kilogram. So if a person weighs about 175 lbs or 80 kilograms that would be 80 x 18.2 = 1456 mg as the LD50 for a 175 lb person . The LD50 of ivermectin for a 175lb person is 1456 mg. You are suggesting a dose of ivermectin that is magnitudes higher than the LD50???

150, 000 mg vs 1456 mg.

Can you clarify this?


Posted by Art (California) on 03/28/2022 2073 posts


Thank you for the reply. This seems to add confirmation to the study that showed benefit from Ivermectin at .6 mg/kg/bw/day.

Yes, it seems like the earlier you hit Covid-19, the more effective every treatment seems to be against it and the longer you wait to treat it, the less effective every treatment seems to be.


Posted by Hwkmn05 (Nh) on 03/28/2022 108 posts


To begin with, the highest FLCCC dose of .6 per kg which for my weight is 54 mg per day. I have 12 mg so I did 2 twice a day along with 400 mg of Hydroxy the first two days. After coffering with an ND on day 3 with little change, the consensus for treating Omicron successfully, oddly enough but in my condition, I was not questioning, was that the horse paste was much more effective than the tablets. My loading dose of that had been 4 marks on the tube, so I did 8 marks, fell asleep for a few hours and awoke to very little mucous and the sore throat, fever and headache gone. I have to wonder if this would have worked day 1? Having a dry cough in week 2 I decided to confer with an allopath. Started on 50mg of Steroids for 5 days and cough was 80-90% gone.

Posted by Betty (CA) on 03/27/2022

I thought I posted a correction but maybe not. The IVC is 150g loading dose not mg.

Posted by Betty (CA) on 03/27/2022

CORRECTION: IVC loading dose 150g, not mg.

Posted by Art (California) on 03/27/2022 2073 posts


Most of the ivermectin studies use Ivermectin alongside standard of care, but I have never seen where they have fully elaborated on every bit of what the standard of care is that they are using, but I think that is because it varies depending on the symptoms that the patient displays.

Out of curiosity what dose did you use? The study that I mentioned that showed benefit from Ivermectin was the highest dose study at .6 mg per kilogram of body weight per day. In that study, Ivermectin reduced the mortality rate compared to standard of care alone.


Posted by Art (California) on 03/27/2022 2073 posts


That is great, useful and important information on Ivermectin dosing for Covid-19. The studies are clearly showing that it takes high dosing in order to be effective and that is when administered along side standard of care treatment for Covid-19. This is information that people need to be aware of if they plan to use Ivermectin for Covid-19.


Posted by Hwkmn05 (Nh) on 03/27/2022 108 posts

In my household of 4 all getting Omicron in Jan, two of us are seniors,, all unjabbed, Ivermectin along with Hydroxy, Zinc, and a few other supplements, proved to be absolutely beneficial. Severe symptoms such as mucous, sore throat and dry cough mostly relieved on day 3. Other relatives close to us who were fully jabbed went with allopathic treatment. Results were mostly 7-10 days of severe symptoms and up to 45 days annoying symptoms. It would be interesting to know how this study was conducted and if any other chemicals such as Zinc and Vit A was used?

Posted by Betty (CA) on 03/26/2022

Agreed! The info you are sharing is so important to know.

I know two people who had Delta severe. Their regime with a hired home nurse:

IVM loading dose was 75mg (one person had dizziness with that high dose), Zinc loading dose 50-60mg, IVC at loading dose 150mg slow drip over 12 hrs (start drip again 6hrs later), potassium citrate in between IVC drips, O2 at about level 3-4 liters/min, melatonin loading dose not sure but know it was high dose. Then slowly lower the doses each day for 5-6 days. They did not go to the hospital! And do not have any symptoms of long haul cv.

Of course bromelain, NAC, B vitamins, nattokinase, ect.

One of the persons took lumbrokinase instead of natto.

Posted by Art (California) on 03/26/2022 2073 posts

Here is another study using Ivermectin at .4 mg/kg/bw/day in confirmed Covid-19 patients shortly after diagnosis. The first study I posted about used only a maximum dose 18 mg total per day and showed no benefit from Ivermectin in Covid-19 patients.

The third study I reported on, used .6 mg/kg/bw/day and found benefit.

So far, 18 mg/day shows no benefit.

The dose of .4 mg/kg/bw/day shows no benefit. To put this dose into perspective, a 175 lb person or roughly 80 kg person, the dose used would be, 32 mg per day.

In the study that showed benefit from Ivermectin for patients with Covid-19, the dose used was .6 mg/kg/bw/day. For a person that weighs about 175 lbs or 80 kg, this dose would be 48 mg/day.

What these studies so far are showing is that Ivermectin requires a high dose in order to show benefit and this is an important point to keep in mind if you plan to use Ivermectin to treat Covid-19.


Posted by Karen (Dunnellon, Florida) on 03/26/2022

Thank you, Bill!

Posted by Betty (CA) on 03/25/2022

I agree totally. The melatonin studies are pretty concrete in results for cv19.

I just stocked up on melatonin not too long ago.

I take IVM as part of anti-cancer protocol and have for a few years now. So, yes price has exploded, so ridiculously. And one shipment was held by customs at LAX, smh. None of their business what I am using it for. They try to pressure you to volunteer info on use. I was advised if it ever happens to only say "For medical use rx'd by my doc."

Suppression and control!!! Makes my blood boil at the thought of where we are headed for full medical tyranny.

Posted by Art (California) on 03/25/2022 2073 posts


It can be tested for with a blood test or a stool sample, but the worm lives in the intestinal tract. The blood test is considered to be more accurate. Strongyloidiasis seems to be more common in the subtropics, tropics and warm temperate areas.

It seems as though pricing on Ivermectin continues to increase. A friend who had a prescription for it and got it at a local pharmacy and said with a recent purchase from the same local pharmacy that the price was now 4 times higher.

I prefer melatonin myself because I already use it and recent studies have confirmed very good efficacy and it is still dirt cheap at the local stores or online.


Posted by Art (California) on 03/25/2022 2073 posts

I get your point on the dosing Betty and have posted another study using high dose Ivermectin to show the difference in effects between the two doses. Zinc wasn't used in either study so that remains unresolved.

I think some people may feel that Ivermectin is a stand alone treatment for Covid-19, so I made a point to mention it.


Posted by Art (California) on 03/25/2022 2073 posts

To show a side to Ivermectin that the first study did not show, in this February 2022 study where they used high dose Ivermectin at the rate of .6mg/kg/bw/day for 5 days, Ivermectin showed benefit.

To put this dose into perspective, in a person who weighs 175 pounds or about 80 kilos the dose would be 48 mg per day for 5 days. This compared to the first study which used 12 or 18 mg/day depending on weight

Here is a relevant quote from the study :

>>> ' This report highlights the safety and possible efficacy of high dose ivermectin as a potentially useful intervention deserving public health-based consideration for COVID-19 patients. ' <<<

Comparing the first study to the last study, you can see the difference that a higher dose makes compared to a lower dose and a higher dose suggests a better outcome.

I haven't seen the dose used in the second study yet, but when that study is published, I will report the dose used.

So if you plan to use Ivermectin for Covid-19, using a dose that is high enough is a must. The study above gives a better idea of what that dose might look like. I have seen this same effect in melatonin/Covid-19 studies. Too low of a dose did not produce positive results while a higher dose produced exceptional results.


Posted by Betty (CA) on 03/25/2022


Thank you, Art.

How does one find out if they have this parasite? Is it thru symptoms or is there a fairly fast blood lab or what?

An azole would be a good to if you can't get IVM I would suspect if someone also had this parasite?

I read an article about mebendazole helping cv19. Might be the connection here?

Posted by Art (California) on 03/25/2022 2073 posts

I found an article that shows the study results for the study that has not been released to the public yet. Here is a link to that article so you can see what the study found in testing Ivermectin in 1358 Covid-19 patients. I will still post the actual study when it is released :

To add to the idea that Ivermectin does not work for Covid-19 or at least does not prevent mortality, this new (March 2022) meta-analysis of 12 Ivermectin/Covid-19 trials reached this conclusion :

>>> ' In this meta-analysis of 12 trials including 3901 patients, strongyloidiasis prevalence was found to interact with the RR of mortality for ivermectin as a treatment for COVID-19. No evidence was found to suggest ivermectin has any role in preventing mortality among patients with COVID-19 in regions where strongyloidiasis was not endemic. ' <<<

Strongyloidiasis is a type of parasite infection and this study suggested it affects the mortality rate of Covid-19 patients. Ivermectin, an antiparasitic, did improve mortality in people who had both Covid-19 and Strongyloidiasis, but in cases where this parasite was not involved, Ivermectin did not alter the mortality rate.


Posted by Jim from Frostburg (USA) on 03/25/2022

People, I have myself taken horse ivermectin at the first sign of a cold or flu. My symptoms subsequently disappeared within 2-3 days. It has worked beautifully two times now. My family members have experienced the same success. Do not wait until your lungs are filled with puss and your entire body is damaged before you take it. I have no doubts ivermectin will kill the virus (no zinc required), but the damage has been done. How fast you recover from that point on will be up to your body's healing-ability.

Posted by Betty (CA) on 03/24/2022

Yes, from quick read of the study, dose was too low and did not include zinc. So, ya of course the study would fail. By design $$$? Who knows.

IVM is not a stand alone and neither is HCQ.

Posted by Art (California) on 03/24/2022 2073 posts

Ivermectin, an antiparasitic, is a popular remedy that is suggested to be highly effective for fighting off Covid-19, but studies have been lacking to confirm this off-label use for Ivermectin.

This new study (March 2022) shows that Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine were ineffective for treating patients admitted to the hospital for Covid-19.

Here is a relevant quote from the study :

>>> ' In non-critical hospitalized patients with COVID-19 pneumonia, neither ivermectin nor hydroxychloroquine decreases the number of in-hospital days, respiratory deterioration, or deaths. ' <<<

I know this will be disappointing information for those who believe that Ivermectin is effective for treating Covid-19 and this one study may not be enough to convince you, but there is another study that will likely be released in April that used Ivermectin in 1,358 adult patients that were tested positive for SARS- Cov-2 and this study also had very similar results. I will post that study as soon as it is released.

Here is a quote from the study:

>>> ' In each scenario, they found that Ivermectin did not improve patient outcomes. ' <<<

If you still believe Ivermectin to be effective for Covid-19 and it is your plan to use it if you get infected with Covid-19, I think it would be a reasonable idea to use it alongside other remedies that have also been suggested as remedies for Covid-19, rather than as a stand-alone treatment.


Selenium, Vitamin C, Garlic +
Posted by john (london) on 03/18/2022

Arn, what brand and type of selenium do you use?

Thank you

Smoking Mullein
Posted by Trish (Puyallup, WA) on 03/16/2022

Dear Mama to Many,

Thank you so much for all the remedies and where to find them. I also thank you for sharing your experiences. We will be trying to find them and start incorporating them. I will let you know how it has worked for my boyfriend when he's had a good dosage of them. You are a wonderful wealth of knowledge, who I feel I can trust.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Mary (NY, NY) on 03/14/2022

Hydrogen Peroxide Gargling & Nasal Rinses May Prevent Viral Infection

The following link is from early September from a hospital in Ghana, which is an extremely poor country where they have no money for PPEs etc. The hospital workers caring for COVID patients gargled 3 times a day with dilute hydrogen peroxide, and none of them got COVID. Seems too simple and too cheap of a prevention, sadly not promoted by our media. (See excerpt of Ghana report below.)

To read the whole orthomolecular news bulletin: “COVID-19 Efficient Protection of Contacts is Simpler than Imagined”

The virus tends to live in the nasopharynx for 10 days before causing respiratory problems and extreme inflammation. Hydrogen peroxide kills the virus nearly on contact.

You can read another article from Penn State College of Medicine: “Mouthwashes, oral rinses may inactivate human coronaviruses.”

This article confirms that the viruses are inactivated by mouthwashes, nasal rinses, and hydrogen peroxide on contact or in less than 30 seconds.

This is a quite simple and cheap prevention that anyone can do. I have been gargling with food grade 3% Hydrogen Peroxide to ward off sore throats and colds for many years. (It also can whiten your teeth.) You can find food grade hydrogen peroxide at any natural food store, co-op, Whole Foods etc. or online.

The Ghana Hospital used 1.5%, so you could dilute 3% hydrogen peroxide with distilled water 50-50 and make it go farther or use the 3%. Do not swallow. Just gargle for 30-60 seconds or more and spit out.

Nasal rinses: I have been using nasal rinses once a day for a long time, and haven't had a sinus infection for many years. I use Xlear brand because it contains xylitol, which kills fungi as well as other bacteria. Neilmed is another brand of saline rinse. Each can be bought with a kit including a squeeze bottle to rinse the nose.

These are remarkably simple techniques to keep you healthy and more evidence is making it clear that the simple techniques can help prevent catching COVID. You can use this technique to help especially if you are around family members or friends who have it or if you have been exposed. Gargling with hydrogen peroxide 3 times a day has shown to be preventive in hospital workers taking care of COVID patients.

Here is an excerpt from another article about vitamin C used for prevention and includes suggestions if you get sick.

“High-dose Vitamin C Cuts COVID Deaths by Two-Thirds”

Orthomolecular news article: Where Does Hydrogen Peroxide come in?

Dilute hydrogen peroxide can help to destroy invading viruses, bacteria and fungi. We have suggested deployment of hydrogen peroxide as an oral cleansing agent to destroy the virus. None of our clinical research team members and their relatives, protecting themselves only with face masks while caring for COVID-19 patients, who used hydrogen peroxide, have had symptoms suggestive of the disease. At the Shai Osudoku District Hospital in Dodowa, seven members of staff with minimal protective clothing who cared for a COVID-19 patient and who used hydrogen peroxide mouthwash, did not contract the disease. Previously, 27 other staff at that hospital had become infected caring for COVID-19 patients. Dr Richard Cheng's success with Vitamin C is published and known to the WHO, NIH, and CDC . To augment the effect of vitamin C, we use nasal drops containing 0.5% hydrogen peroxide and reduce the risk of infecting healthcare workers.

Vitamin C and COVID prevention and treatment article excerpt:

But even better is to prevent a person ever getting into this critical phase of COVID-19. That's why early intervention, taking 1,000 mg of vitamin C an hour upon first signs of infection, is likely to save even more lives. This reduces duration and severity of symptoms, with most people becoming symptom-free within 24 hours. It takes on average, two weeks of being sick with COVID-19 to trigger the ‘cytokine storm' phase. During that time, the patient is at risk of becoming vitamin C deficient and then developing acute “induced scurvy.” If you can beat the infection within 48-hours you'll be out of the woods. You can lower your risk even further by taking vitamin D (5000 IU/d, or more: 20,000 IU/d for several days if you already have symptoms), magnesium (400 mg/d in malate, citrate, or chloride form), and zinc (20 mg/d) Prevention is better than cure.

You can see previous Prolonews Newsletters for immune boosting supplements and other prevention and treatments that are effective.

Posted by Bethany (San Diego, CA) on 03/13/2022

Please post to both Potassium and COVID recovery pages.

In July 2021 my family and I came down with Covid. My symptoms were severe headache, severe fatigue and entire body severe muscle aches and body aches. None of us lost smell or taste but I also developed a different symptom than what I have read about: I got a disgusting nasty taste in my mouth that no amount of tooth brushing or anything would remove. It made coffee, water and any food taste really gross. As a result I stopped eating much and stopped drinking much, except forcing myself to eat and drink a little bit to stay alive.

My husband and two teenagers all recovered within a few days & our 4 year old never got it, however I continued to be in constant intense pain with muscle & body aches all over. I also had lost my appetite and had (sorry TMI) diarrhea.

After a week and a half I was still in agony & my husband asked why haven't I gotten better? I was wondering the same thing so I looked up online “severe muscle aches and body aches” and out popped Low Potassium & your article explained why eating a banana doesn't afford immediate potassium. I realized that all the diarrhea probably exasperated the issue of low potassium.

So I sent someone to the store as I was no way ready to travel and the potassium couldn't arrive fast enough!

I took a few potassium pills (sorry I don't remember the exact number) and within an hour or so I felt SO much better! I think I took 2-4 potassium pills at 99mg for a few days.

I continued with then potassium supplements until I felt better. Also ate some bananas for good measure as I figured it couldn't hurt.

Lugol's Iodine
Posted by Missy (US) on 03/13/2022

When using Lugols Iodine 2% does Dr. Mercola or Brownstein say to put a drop in EACH TIME you nebulize or just a certain (maximum) number of times a day? I'm concerned if I do it each time I nebulize that I might get too much iodine if nebulizing multiple times a day?

Posted by Jennifer (El Paso ) on 03/06/2022

Betty, many thanks for the advice.

Posted by Betty (CA) on 03/05/2022

Yes, the elderly parents should probably be on the protocol also as an exposure preventive measure.

Posted by Betty (CA) on 03/05/2022

Take with food. Hold the pill in the mouth for about a minute until it starts to melt. By melting in the mouth it will kill the virus in the throat. Take 50mg zinc with it. The ivermectin cracks the barrier of the virus to let the zinc in for the kill.

I would also suggest anti-coagulants.

Posted by Jennifer (El Paso Texas) on 03/05/2022

Seeking advice on usage of ivermectin for Covid-19. Several members of our family recently tested positive for Covid. We are into day two of typical symptoms. We live near the Mexican border and were able to get a prescription for Veridex Ivermectina 6mg. We have started on one tablet once a day. Supplements are on hold as appetite is non existent and symptoms include nausea. Is Ivermectin best taken with or without food?

We are especially concerned for our senior parent (80 plus) who lives with us. So far they are not showing symptoms. Should we start them on the ivermectin? If so how much and how often?

Any info will be greatly appreciated as headache is interfering with research at the moment.

Thank you all in advance. In good health!

Hydrogen Peroxide and Iodine
Posted by Sunny (USA) on 03/05/2022

When using 2 percent Lugols Iodine when nebulizing HP, if I am doing the nebulizing multiple times a day, am I supposed to put the Lugols into the nebulizer EVERY time I nebulize or just a certain number of times per day?

Nitric Oxide Boosters
Posted by Art (California) on 02/28/2022 2073 posts

p. raghavan,

Thank you very much for this very important information to give Covid-19 and its variants a quick beat down!

Here is a link to the study that confirms what you are describing :

The one NON nasal spray I found here is $45 + $20 for shipping.

Sadly, the medical establishment here seems intent on pursuing the very expensive prescription drugs rather than the more affordable and more effective supplements and alternatives mentioned regularly on the EC community. Thank you again!


Nitric Oxide Boosters
Posted by p. raghavan (virudhunagar, india) on 02/28/2022


There is an article from Massachusetts General Hospital titled “Therapeutic nitric oxide from air with an electric spark “. According to this, treatment with inhaled nitric oxide has proven to be life-saving in newborns, children, and adults with several dangerous conditions like pulmonary hypertension. Basically, nitric oxide inhalation dilates blood vessels in the lungs and reduces the blood pressure in the lungs.

There are two articles available on the net :

1) “Glenmark, Canadaian Firm SANOTIZE'S Nitric oxide nasal spray against COVID launched in India “.

2) “COVID-19: Nitric oxide shows as an antiviral treatment”.

This nitric oxide nasal spray is used to treat adult patients at increased risk (to Ventilator). Nasal spray is designed to kill the Covid – 19 virus in the upper respiratory airways. It has proven anti-microbial properties and a direct virucidal effect on SARS-COV-2. When sprayed over nasal mucosa, it acts as a physical and chemical barrier against the virus preventing it from incubating and spreading to the lung.

The recommended dosage of Nitric oxide Nasal spray is two sprays in each nostril, six times a day for 7 days. This nasal spray is not variant-specific of Covid – 19. It will work against the alpha, beta and delta variants of SARS-2-COV-2, besides Rhinovirus and H1NI virus as well. In clinical trials, this nasal spray reduced viral load by around 95 % in the first 24 hours and more than 99 % within 72 hours. This spray is approved for Covid-19 in EU, India, Israel, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia and Bahrain. Nasal spray costs about US $ 15 in India. It appears to be a very promising treatment for Covid-19.

Best wishes.

P. Raghavan.

Activated Charcoal
Posted by Maurice P. (British Columbia) on 02/24/2022

I have been making my own capsules for years. Used it mostly for Montezuma's revenge. To make them I bought a capsule machine and food grade charcoal.. it's a lot cheaper then buying them at a health store. I was told to be careful not to use it after a good healthy meal as it could bind to the nutrients. You want to absorb and expel the ‘undesirables'

Chlorine Dioxide
Posted by Cdioxide30 (Houston, Tx) on 02/23/2022

Chlorine dioxide in water 30ppm ... the molecule is very tiny and is said it can get through the hydrogel to the nanotech which it then oxidizes the metallic parts of the nanotech to put a stop to it. Also helps with a lot of other kinds of healing.


How to:

Activated Charcoal
Posted by Ray (South West) on 02/23/2022

Hello Chris, My Dr. is not seeing patients, only telephone appts. I believe I have Covid toes from reading and pictures I've seen on the internet. I've had this for 3 month but I didn't get Covid symptoms. Have you seen anything that would help me with Covid toes. I'm still searching the internet. Thank you, Ray

Manuka Honey
Posted by Teresa (CO) on 02/23/2022

The only thing is, Manuka is so expensive, I can't afford it really.

Manuka Honey
Posted by Michael (New Zealand) on 02/21/2022

Hi Marilyn,

A neighbour of mine, upon reading your recent posting that I shared with her, said that she totally supports the "Manuka Honey Theory". It is not really a "theory" any more is it? She likes to have a little raw Manuka every day. I listen to her because she is older and wiser and more sensible than me! There are soo many positive reports re Manuka Honey out there that they are becoming really hard to ignore. If it can tackle MRA in hospitals I rest my case. Also, prior to anti-biotics, it helped to win the war in the trenches in WW1. What's not to like?

If she has any indication a cold may be starting, she sucks Cinnamon tabs. Has done so for many years and can't remember when she last had a cold or flu. We have always tried to have a sprig of garlic and onion hanging by our front door to ward off colds and flu (and demons, vampires and debt collectors) from entering our house. I realize that that may sound a bit wacky to many but it is an old Guernsey folk remedy that I have stuck with for decades and we also have never had a cold or "The Dreaded Flu" for more years than I can remember. Our relatives in the big smoke seem to have them all the time!! Small children, as the vectors, are the problem, I strongly suspect!! In N.Z. during the last winter, almost no one got into hospital with Flu (presumably as a consequence of all those Covid precautions most of us took). However, the downside is that we have maybe lost some of our acquired immunity through not having been recently exposed. In addition, with several new mutations out there on the horizon just waiting to pounce once winter arrives (in a couple of months) there will be scant time ("Window of Opportunity") for the drug companies to develop vaccines for these new ones. Shame- they may go broke!? Fat chance eh? Grim stuff - best to take sensible precautions and not worry too much I suppose.

Cheers from Down Under

Manuka Honey
Posted by Marilyn (Ojai, California ) on 02/18/2022

My husband and I have used Manuka honey for colds and flu since around 2014…it has been a “lifesaver” in dealing with various symptoms of Covid-19! We take that together with several antiviral essential oils, and Black Cumin Seed oil! For us, taking this combo as soon as we started to feel any symptom, did an amazing job of “kicking out” the problem virus within a 2-3 hours, or the very latest the following day! We never once got seriously sick!!! There is a reported study by researchers, with over 300 patients in 4 countries…including the US, Canada, Pakistan and Chile, …dealing with moderate to severe Covid-19 symptoms…the results were significant! Here is their assessment of this study: That Honey and Black Cumin Seed (aka: Nigella Sativa) was “an affordable therapeutic option and can be used alone or in combination with other therapies to fight COVID-19.”

Lugol's Iodine
Posted by DJ (Eastern Wyoming ) on 02/17/2022

Lugol's is an oxidant, coffee is an anti-oxidant. No doubt the full effect wasn't happening.

Selenium, Vitamin C, Garlic +
Posted by Stephanie (Long Valley, Nj) on 02/17/2022

Hi Arn,

Thank you for your post about selenium, vit C, garlic and silver water. Which type of selenium helped your friend with the virus? Was it yeast-free selenium? Also, was the silver water you put into the homemade soup colloidal silver 20ppm? Thank you.

Posted by Lorin (Queens ) on 02/17/2022

Sherry …

What was your dose of ivermectin? Just wanted to say I agree with you a thousand percent that God does step into our circumstances and surround us with the right people at the right time. So happy you are doing well.

Posted by Magnolia (US) on 02/10/2022

How long are you taking this protocol? How many weeks of ivermectin?? Assume this is for covid. Thank you.

Posted by Brant (South Dakota) on 02/09/2022

I take one Hydroxychloroquene 200mg and one Ivermectin 12mg weekly and a 50mg Zinc supplement daily and no problems. If I had to take just one, I'd go with one Ivermectin 12mg tablet weekly along with Zinc as both HCQ and IVM are what is known as an Ionophore that facilitates the entry of Zinc into our cells. Ivermectin is also a Protease Inhibiter (whatever that means), so it's probably better than HCQ.

Posted by Sherry (Ohio) on 02/07/2022

ER visit for covid 19 august 2021 proved to be a successful endeavor. Great doctor and nurse on duty for sure. I was there right around 8 hours. Was rehydrated, prescribed ivermectin and given an infusion of Regeneron. It took an act of Congress however at the time to get my refill for ivermectin but I was blessed to find a mom/pop pharmacy who went out of his way to get it for me. I was in Florida at the time but I truly believe this was all orchestrated by God himself. Listen, that ER Dr never suggested the jab and neither did the nurse. He actually gave me a list of vitamins to take etc and sent me on my way. Trust your gut instinct people as God can and does do what people think is impossible.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by H2O2 (Memphis, TN) on 02/05/2022

I have been using this method with a nebulizer for years. I inhale several times, 2-3 times per day. I used to get the flu twice a year, every year. Since I started H2O2 therapy I have not had even a cold or sniffle in the last 10 years! Could not worry less about Covid.

I have also used it more intensively to help with detoxing (longer sessions 4 times a day), and on the 2nd or 3rd day experienced an intense Herxheimer reaction immediately after, which proved beyond a doubt the effectiveness of this therapy.

Smoking Mullein
Posted by Joyce (Michigan) on 01/29/2022

What form of CBD do you use? Oil? Also is there certain strength or brand of CBD that you use? I don't smoke and don't want to start, but I would like to get off Motrin for my herniated disc pain.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Lilu (Los Angeles) on 01/29/2022


"Evid Based Complement Alternat Med. 2021; 2021: 5592042.
Published online 2021 Jul 3. doi: 10.1155/2021/5592042

Hydrogen Peroxide as an Adjuvant Therapy for COVID-19: A Case Series of Patients and Caregivers in the Mexico City Metropolitan Area


Knowledge of the antiseptic effects of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) dates back to the late 19th century, and its mechanisms of action has been amply described. Globally, many physicians have reported using H2O2 successfully, in different modalities, against COVID-19. Given its anti-infective and oxygenating properties, hydrogen peroxide may offer prophylactic and therapeutic applications for responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. We report a consecutive case series of twenty-three COVID-19 patients (of 36 initially enrolled) who had been diagnosed by their primary care physician (mean age: 39, range: 8 months–70 years; 74% male) and twenty-eight caregivers in the Mexico City Metropolitan Area who received a complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) telemedicine treatment with H2O2 taken by mouth (PO, at a concentration of 0.06%), oral rinse (mouthwash, 1.5%), and/or nebulization (0.2%). We describe the treatment program and report the response of the COVID-19 patients and their caregivers. The patients mainly recovered well, reporting feeling “completely better” at 9.5 days on average. Two (9%) were hospitalized prior to joining the study, and one did not fully recover. Patients frequently reported nausea and sometimes dizziness or vomiting related to the oral treatment. None of the twenty-eight caregivers in close contact with the patients reported contracting COVID-19. Given its low cost and medical potential and considering its relative safety if used properly, we suggest that randomized controlled trials should be conducted. These should include both SARS-CoV-2-positive and SARS-CoV-2-negative participants, with single or combined modes of administration of H2O2, to study the benefits of this simple molecule and offer safe guidance regarding its use by health professionals.

Go to:

1. Introduction

A case series is described on twenty-three ambulatory patients diagnosed with COVID-19 (coronavirus disease 2019) and monitored by telemedicine, using an adjuvant therapy of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), administered PO (per orem), by mouth rinses (oral gargles), and by inhalation routes. We report the clinical outcomes of the consecutive COVID-19 patients and their caregivers, who were treated by our medical team between May 11 and July 19,2020.

Among other things, the team conducted a nonexhaustive review of the scientific literature to identify possible therapeutic and prophylactic alternatives. This review was supplemented by literature from the complementary, traditional, and integrative medicine fields. Our aim was to identify nonstandard therapeutic alternatives for treating viral infections, such as COVID-19, that could be easily and cheaply attained in Mexico over the counter and aid in the primary health response to the pandemic. With these requisites in mind, we identified this clinically useful molecule, hydrogen peroxide.

Dating back to 1888, Love et al. reported the use of hydrogen peroxide as an anti-infectious agent and described it as effective in treating numerous diseases including scarlet fever, diphtheria, runny nose, coryza, whooping cough, asthma, hay fever, and tonsillitis [1]. Specifically for viral diseases that attack the respiratory system, the first reported medical success using hydrogen peroxide therapy dates back exactly 100 years, when doctors Oliver and Murphy reported in The Lancet how they had successfully applied intravenous hydrogen peroxide to treat a group of patients with influenza; they reduced by half the mortality among this group of patients, which consisted of troops from the Indian army during the 1918-1919 Spanish Flu pandemic in the Mesopotamian valley [2].

Although the use of hydrogen peroxide therapeutically has generated great controversy in alternative medicine [3], this ubiquitous molecule is not just one of the many components that help regulate the amount of oxygen that reaches cells, but its presence is vital for a variety of other functions of the body. Many positive effects of hydrogen peroxide on the immune system response have been described, including the stimulation of monocytes and T-helper cells which help fight infections, the increased production of interferon-gamma, which has a role in immunoregulation, and the effect of decreasing the activity of B cells, which have a role in up-regulating the inflammatory response [4].

Known in medical terms as oxidative therapy or bio-oxidative therapy, hydrogen peroxide is a simple, well-studied, and useful molecule for a range of medical and sanitary applications. Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) contains one more atom of oxygen than water (H2O) and is naturally produced in the human organism as a by-product of oxygen metabolism. It is metabolized by enzymes known as peroxidases and catalases, which decompose low concentrations of hydrogen peroxide into water and a free oxygen ion. “Hydrogen peroxide appears to be a ubiquitous molecule. We exhale it, excrete it and take it in from diet” [4]. It is produced endogenously for many functions of living organisms, and there is an abundance of scientific knowledge on this molecule, with sufficient documentation on its uses for sanitation, sterilization, and, importantly, diverse therapeutic modalities.

Given that the H2O2 molecule decomposes into water (H2O) and oxygen (O−), in appropriate doses, it is relatively safe for animal and human uses, as well as relatively nontoxic. In the late 1980s, Farr reported that hydrogen peroxide offers therapeutic benefits by directly destroying microorganisms through dual oxidative and oxygenating actions, caused by the released oxygen molecules [5, 6]. In more recent times, hydrogen peroxide has been widely hailed for use in the so-called “oxygenation therapy” in acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), several types of cancer, heart and blood vessel diseases, immune disorders, infectious or pulmonary diseases, and many other ailments and conditions......

Activated Charcoal
Posted by Mary (CO) on 01/28/2022

Actually, Zelenko says Zinc is the bullet and Ivermectin/HCQ/Quercetin are the gun that shoots the bullet into the cells. He says you need an ion to open the cell wall to the zinc and those 3 guns are the ions that deliver it. In addition, Dr. Patterson who is the leading Dr on longhaul covis and the former Head of Clinical Virology at Stanford says that your body has trash collectors running throughout and collecting all the covid debris (both live and dead cells) and dumps it into the gut. This is why anything that cleans out the gut, like charcoal or the anti-parasitics like HCQ and Ivermectin, are working so well. They clear out the gut of the virus instead of letting them travel back through the body causing havoc.

Check out a few of his videos: and

Artemisia Annua
Posted by Tessa (Okanagan (Canada)) on 01/28/2022

Hi Pam (New Zealand) –

I admire and take heart in your resilience!

A few months ago, I stocked up on Vitamin D, Lugol's 5%, Artemisia (from Amazon, can't find it in health food stores where I live), food-grade hydrogen peroxide, Vitamin D, zinc, quercetin, NAC, melatonin (thanks Art!), Vitamin C and others just in case they mysteriously disappear from the stores.

Both New Zealand's prime minister (Adern) and Canada's prime minister (Trudeau) are alumni of the World Economic Forum (yes, the one with the message - “you will own nothing but be happy” as part of their “Great Reset”).

Mainstream media here in Canada is the same as what you are experiencing in New Zealand. For real news, I go to various alternative sites but the best, and most professional one, is called The Highwire.

They have excellent legal and research teams and they back up everything they broadcast with documents and footage (and provide the links so you can do your own research).

Although most of it pertains to the U.S., it is still relevant to the rest of the world. They also cover global protests with videos that you will never see on regular media. It's so popular, though, that it may take some time to buffer.

From one small Commonwealth country to another, here is a short video of the peaceful Canadian Freedom Convoy 2022 which should bring a smile to your face.

Day five and a huge turn of events!

American truckers are joining in and truckers in other countries (Brazil, Sweden and, I'm sure, there will be more) have started convoys to protest mandates and vaccine passes. Bless them all!

Best wishes, stay strong and keep on truckin' Pam!


Artemisia Annua
Posted by Charity (faithville, Us) on 01/26/2022

we are not alone in the storms and perception and thoughts with words create future. I follow julie green you tube she post most days Gods prophetic word and she includes many countries and prays for people. What she has spoken is coming about. A daily shot of hope for those overshadowed by the cloud of the enemy. You sound very wise and resourceful, and I am sure you got that age by being informed. Sometimes the sun is hiding right behind the dark cloud waiting to snare the liars/enemy. Speak outcome not reality. Blessings, charity

Artemisia Annua
Posted by Pam (New Zealand) on 01/26/2022

Artemisia has definitely NOT been overlooked but because it works our Govt banned it from sale except on prescription last August. Just tell me a normal Dr who who would prescribe it? Its also excellent against cancer. and used 30yrs for malaria. Everything they find out is working is then banned from public being able to buy it. MMS1 (chlorine dioxide), Lugols or any iodine at chemists, HP in Nebulisers. high dose Vit D only low doses allowed. We have a great Govt here run by a real socialist that is in power with a majority so has been changing laws to suit her totalitarian agenda of 2030 so many times I get dizzy and no-one opposes her. We have worst coming and I totally despair for this country, I am 81 protect myself and do not want the jab but she has worst in store where all those like me will be locked indoors, and many in the world think she is wonderful, they don't know the half of it neither do we. Thank God for the Internet because our media, ALL Of them have been totally bought and she boasts about it. No more democracy or freedom of speech here I can assure you. Boy do we need help.

Chlorine Dioxide
Posted by Pam (New Zealand) on 01/26/2022

The guy who initially told us about this is in his 80's and moves around African countries healing. Mark S. Grenon and his two sons have been languishing in USA jail for over 18 months for supplying people often for free if they can't afford the $25. He wrote "Imagine a World Without Disease" which is excellent. Andreas Ludwig Kalcker wrote "Forbidden Health" and lists treatments for so many diseases and how to treat them last I heard had also been arrested as he has spent years helping countries like Bolivia and Mexico. He is an extremely intelligent man and had so much taken from him by standing up. His book cannot be faulted. NO-one is going to be allowed to escape that jab and its consequences if they can help it.

Activated Charcoal
Posted by Pam B. (New Zealand) on 01/26/2022

Hi, 12 years ago we had a herbal business and also sold charcoal powder. It was the worst thing ever to handle, it is so light if you even breathe on it it flies everywhere and if you try to wipe it up what a black oily mess you create.

Like you, I like to make up my own capsules but finally gave it away and we sold it in very slowly filled 50gm jars. I managed back then to buy charcoal granules from an Organic Herb Supplier in UK they are very easy to take 1/2tsp and just wash it down with water but they have stopped so many natural ways we can help ourselves I doubt you can still buy them today.

Daresay even the organic Herb Wholesalers would have been put out of business years ago.

Good luck.

Panacur C
Posted by ORH (TEN MILE , TN) on 01/26/2022

HI U OLE PATOOTS, ORH here, and just got in a fresh batch of Panacur C. We started this after Joe Tippens wrote about it solving his cancer problem. What Clif High says is that it will also solve your Covid problem. I have no issue with this because we are doing 9000 things to stay alive. Money is worthless, so spend it while you can. We are buying our Ivermectin from India as an EC poster told us to do. How in the heck did we get into this predicament? Got my garden planned and we will share with folks that put in sweat equity. If you don't know what that is, then you probably a one sorry ass person. Better hush, least D flush me again.


Posted by Debbe (Grand Rapids, MN) on 01/26/2022

You can order Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, Zpacks and more from

We and many friends have ordered and it is legitimate. Godspeed!

Smoking Mullein
Posted by Mama to Many (TN) on 01/25/2022

Dear Trish,

I read about using Mullein root for nerve pain and skeletal pain a number of years ago. I have found little information about it, but I will share what I know and have tried.

What initially intrigued me what that mullein root was reputed to increase synovial fluid, making it easier for disks to move and get re-aligned. And, once I got ahold of some mullein root tincture and tried it, it did seem to accomplish that, applied directly to the skin over the vertebrae in my neck. My neck would loosen up and I could get it to pop.

I kept tucked away that mullein root tincture was indicated for trigeminal neuralgia and nerve pain. (Either by massaging the tincture into the area in question or by taking 6 drops of the tincture 3-4 times a day.)

It is also not easy to find Mullein Root tincture though now I see some sell it on etsy. Here is where I bought some years ago and found it helpful:

Mullein Root Tincture - Beneficial Botanicals

I have not found a source for the mullein roots other than wildharvesting. But due to the prevalence of poison ivy and ticks where I might try to harvest it, I have done little of it. I recently ordered mullein seeds to get my own patch of mullein growing so I can easily harvest leaves, flowers and roots, all of which are wonderfully useful.

Here is an article with some useful information about Mullein, including some guidance for smoking the leaf (very hard to find info on that!) and for using the root.

Another herb to know about for neuropathy is burdock root. Many years ago my doctor said the pain in my hands was neuropathy. He said I could take tylenol and that I would have to live with it.

I found that Philip Fritchie recommended Burdock root for neuropathy in his book, "Practial Herbalism." I took 2 capsules of burdock root twice daily for several months and it seemed to solve my issue and it never returned. Burdock tea may be an even better option. Steeping burdock in hot water allows more time for the medicinal properties to be extracted than by digestion alone. But those capsules did seem to work!

I hope you find a good solution for your boyfriend's pain!

~Mama to Many~