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Colloidal Silver Treatment for Coronavirus

| Modified on May 05, 2024
Colloidal Silver for Coronavirus.
Colloidal Silver is one of the top natural treatments suggested by Earth Clinic readers for the Coronavirus (COVID-19). It has been suggested that the best way to take colloidal silver for the lungs is via an ultrasonic cool mist humidifier. Our readers also explore whether taking colloidal silver internally is effective.

Continue reading below in the comments section to learn what our readers have to say about this home remedy for the Coronavirus and let us know if you tried this remedy and how it worked for you!

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Posted by Art (California) on 10/13/2022 2182 posts

I was recently talking with a friend who was relating how after he got over Covid-19 in 5 days, developed a strange cough where he didn't cough much, but when he would talk, he would get spasms that made him cough and also made it impossible to continue talking. He told me he had the cough for over 2.5 months and it was getting worse instead of better, because now his voice had become hoarse and he had more phlegm that was getting darker.

I had previously given him a bottle of colloidal silver (CS) to test for another health issue, so he decided to use the leftover CS in his cold process vaporizer and inhale directly from the output port of the vaporizer for 10 minutes, three times per day for a total of 30 minutes per day. He told me he replaced the CS in the vaporizer with new CS after each use and he did this for 3 days in a row and by the third day his cough started to diminish and was gone by the 5th or 6th day, but he only used the CS for the first three days.

He was very happy with the results and said he still had some CS left over which he was going to save until needed again. I told him that I was a little surprised that he was able to recover from such a long standing cough so quickly, but I was happy to hear it! He told me that before he used the CS, he would not have been able to have this conversation with me as all of the talking would have had him coughing up a storm.


Replied by Carol

My family had Covid in November/December 2019, just before it was a "thing". Last Monday (1/16) my son came home feeling bad, and by midnight he was running a temp of 104. We thought it was the flu that has been going around, so we weren't too worried, and my husband (he's 74 & immuno-comp'd) stayed away from him completely. Well, lo & behold - his employer required a Covid test because he was out for 3 days, and it came back positive. Using the match - that means he came into contact on the previous Tues or Wed (1/10-11). And, he's a security guard - he is literally around no one. He didn't even stop anywhere that whole week. EXCEPT, the job boss had gotten a booster on that Monday and that is the only person he was within 6ft of. My son has ALWAYS wiped down the desk, etc. when he arrives, and when he leaves. By yesterday, it was clear I had contracted whatever it was - so I took a test too, which came back positive. With my head already feeling like mush, I prepared for the worst of it. I forgot I had colloidal silver - which I finally remembered this morning, and I took it internally. I never even thought of putting it in my nasal rinse or nebulizer. Is a teaspoon the right amount? I've been using my cold vapors (eucalyptus & lavendar) and nasal rinse 2x daily, but if colloidal can knock it out, why not? I can't go back to work for 10 days (their rules are SO stupid), but I'd like to get this over with anyway. I can't sleep, my head is woozy, and I have weird sharp pains thru-out my muscles (back, calves, sides). The CS I use is 30ppm. And, I figure a capful is 1/2 tsp.

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Mary (CA) on 06/27/2022

I have had lung issues for years, bronchiectasis diagnosed years ago. Each time I got a cold it would settle in my chest. After several repeated lung infections, I stumbled on colloidal silver and was convinced. Since then when I feel an infection threatening out comes the nebulizer and the colloidal silver. It has stopped the infections for years. But because of that history Covid 19 has been scary for me, I am also COPD stage 1. This week I came down with a short but terrible bout of Covid for the first time and I used colloidal silver before and while sick, and the Covid has not affected my lungs. I coughed up phlegm maybe three times. I am thankful for Colloidal Silver.

Replied by Stephanie
(Long Valley, Nj)

Hi Mary,

What ppm colloidal silver do you nebulize? do you mix anything with it? how much do you nebulize per session, 1/2tsp? and do you use a table top or a hand held nebulizer? thank you!

Replied by Art
2182 posts

Hi Mary,

Melatonin is useful for COPD among its multitude of health benefits.


Replied by Art
2182 posts

Hi Mary,

I forgot to include this link to an article I wrote about Melatonin and COPD :


Colloidal Silver
Posted by Art (California) on 11/16/2020 2182 posts

There have been many posts on EC discussing the use of colloidal silver (AgNPs) to attack SARS CoV-2 / Covid-19 and I had not contributed to that discussion much, even though I am a user and maker of AgNPs and felt that they would destroy the virus.

The reason I had only passingly mentioned AgNPs as one part of an anti-Covid-19 plan was because I had not yet seen a study that conclusively showed that AgNPs were effective against Covid-19 / SARS CoV-2. While I was reading this past week, I came across a new study that finally confirmed that AgNPs are effective for this purpose!

Although my impression was that AgNPs would be effective against the virus just as it is against other lipid coated viruses like HIV, I had no proof that it could actually impose itself on SARS CoV-2 and attack it. This is why I only mentioned that I would use it for my family and myself mainly based on my previous experience with higher dose AgNPs and the known safety profile of AgNPs at doses that have shown the ability to destroy pathogens while having minimal negative impact on normal cells.

This new study takes the doubt out of the effectiveness of AgNPs against Covid-19. Here is a link to the full study :

Here is an interesting quote from the study :

>>' AgNPs potently inhibited viral entry step via disrupting viral integrity. '<<

Based on this study, I feel that AgNPs will also be very useful via inhalation, orally and topically through a spray. I normally have used AgNPs in a spray bottle that I spray up each nostril as I inhale and this may be effective to use this way every so often when I am around people such as in a plane. I make 20 ppm AgNPs for this spray and that should be effective for this purpose. I may also spray my mask to disinfect it or increase the possibility of killing viral particles that come in contact with it while it is wet as might also be useful in a plane or area with a fairly high concentration of people. These ideas are untested, but I will utilize them as part of my anti-Covid-19 plan.

I have another potentially effective and unique treatment to add to EC's continuing growing list of anti-Covid-19 remedies and will try and post about that soon as it looks like it will add to the effectiveness of most of EC's Covid-19 remedies!


Replied by Steven

Art, thanks for the article.

I've been making my own CS since 1998 and it has been fantastic in reducing the frequency of illnesses. Prior to using CS, I had chronic sinusitis, regular bouts with bronchitis, and occasional pneumonia (sometimes prolonged). After the start of CS, I am never sick with any of these illnesses. I merely use it as a spray daily. If I feel any kind of respiratory attack, I nebulizer a few times, and the lungs stay clear.

Replied by Art
2182 posts

Hi Steven,

It is good to know that you have gotten such good results with colloidal silver! I carry a 2 ounce spray bottle around in my pocket and will breathe it in through each nostril anytime I go into a crowded area. Based on that study, it takes a relatively weak ppm level of silver to work against the virus, so 20 ppm colloidal silver should be more than enough silver to severely damage the virus.


Debi Sunshine

I've done the same thing for 27 years. Can't live without it and wouldn't want to. I carry it everywhere. Happy Healing :)!!!

Replied by Diana

So I tested positive on 12/09. It was awful and I am past the initial issues. Now as of 01/01, I have vibrating in my left foot on the right side and on the bottom. My right eye twitches nonstop. What can I do to stop this? Please help. I use ACV daily and take a whole food supplement and take potassium and magnesium daily. What else can I do? Please help!!!


Ivermectin seems to be a good treatment for longer symptoms.

Art M
(Kennewick, WA)

Try a product call MORINGA from the so called miracle tree that grows in hot climates, you can find all about it on YouTube. And also learn about how to start making colloidal silver, can find a lot of material on it from Youtube and other sites.

(San Diego)

I had Covid-19 with Pneumonia, bad. 19 days in the hospital...Still recovering, but much better. I also had not vibrating, but foot pain, toes and bottom. I spoke with a Frontline Doctor and he told me that there has been success with a drug called Colchicine, primarily used to treat Gout. Been around for 100 years. Too much Uric acid in the blood. I took one pill, twice a day 0.6 MG. It cured my foot problem. I stopped taking after 2 weeks. Good luck


Treatment for long haul covid is similar to treatment for acute covid. Use a search engine and search for 'FLCC long haul covid treatment protocol'. Plenty of things you can do for this.


Try using Lugol's iodine. 6 drops in 1/2 glass of water. Also, 3drops in a spray bottle in the nose and spray in the throat.

Use water from a water bottle, not tap.

Replied by Susan
(Wilmore Kentucky)

I have a question, when you all make your silver water, do you add food grade hydrogen peroxide. I have a friend that does and she said that it helps it not get discolored. If you all do add it. How much do you add?


Hi Susan,

If you are working with real colloidal silver nanoparticles, hydrogen peroxide will cause the silver to agglomerate and generally turn gray, cloudy and what is left will no longer be effective, even if the AgNPs were properly capped.


(Pittsburgh pa)

I brewed cs 2 years ago. Will it still be good? Keep in dark place. Plus it has turned a little dark.


It should be pale yellow even after many years if it is real colloidal silver. If it has turned dark, then it was not made properly and has been contaminated. Toss and start over.


Just use single distilled water which will be around just under 1 ppm measured by a TDS meter, and that will provide sufficient electrolytic properties to enable conductivity between electrodes, do not add salt or oxygen products or use any magnetic stirrer, as silver responds to electromagnetic fields and you get a nasty grey solution from that also.

Replied by Eileen

Art, can you list these remedies mentioned in your last sentence? I also don't understand your abbreviations for some of the words. Thanks

2182 posts

Hi Eileen,

Just post any abbreviations that you didn't know and I will be happy to explain them!

As far as the remedies I was referring to, those are the ones listed on EC which has 131 of them and increasing! This is probably the longest available Covid-19 remedy list available from any health site on the web. Here is that link :


Replied by Art

In the following 2021 study, it is shown that just using AgNPs (Colloidal Silver) as a mouth rinse and nasal rinse by health workers is very effective at significantly reducing the incidence of Covid-19 :

Here is an important quote from this study:>>>

' We present a prospective randomized study of 231 participants that was carried out for 9 weeks (during the declaration of a pandemic). The "experimental" group was instructed to do mouthwash and nose rinse with the AgNPs solution; the "control" group was instructed to do mouthwashes and nose rinse in a conventional way. The incidence of SARS-CoV-2 infection was significantly lower in the "experimental" group (two participants of 114,1.8%) compared to the "control" group (thirty-three participants of 117,28.2%), with an 84.8% efficiency. We conclude that the mouth and nasal rinse with AgNPs helps in the prevention of SARS-CoV-2 infection in health personnel who are exposed to patients diagnosed with COVID-19. ' <<<

This adds further confirmation to the idea of the following study which clearly showed AgNPs to be a potent neutralizer of the SARS-Cov-2 virus:

Here is a relevant quote from this study :>>>

' We evaluated a plethora of AgNPs of different sizes and concentration and observed that particles of diameter around 10 nm were effective in inhibiting extracellular SARS-CoV-2 at concentrations ranging between 1 and 10 ppm while cytotoxic effect was observed at concentrations of 20 ppm and above. Luciferase-based pseudovirus entry assay revealed that AgNPs potently inhibited viral entry step via disrupting viral integrity. ' <<<

I use the same 20 ppm AgNPs that EC sells and I fill up a two ounce spray bottle that I carry in my pocket. I use this bottle to sanitize surfaces such as restaurant table tops, door handles, restroom faucets, chair handles in waiting rooms, hands, face etc. Most importantly I use this spray inhaled into each nostril as I breathe in through that nostril and I also spray it directly into my mouth whenever I feel I am in an area where I may be exposed to Covid-19. The first study confirms that this may be a very effective option to help prevent getting Covid-19.

Given the extremely rapid rate of infection of the Omicron variant, this seems like timely information, especially if you happen to be planning a night out to celebrate the new year.On a related note, yesterday set the highest number of new Covid-19 cases per day at over 475,000 new cases. Today, which is still counting with 8 hours remaining has cleanly broken that record with 528,924 new cases. This has eclipsed the high of last January 8th, set at 306,307.

Yes, I will be refilling my AgNPs spray bottle and using it freely and frequently.


Replied by Kelly

How do you test for ppm? I just ordered a colloidal silver making machine and I'm curious:)

Thanks, Kelly


Hi Kelly,

Unfortunately, there is no way to test for PPM unless you have very expensive equipment. I believe people think they can use a TDS meter but that is generally only used to make sure the distilled water that you must use for CS is at 0 ppm. Otherwise, CS PPM is measured by time and current. The tricky thing is that unless the device you bought has a built-in current limiter, the current will not be steady. You can ask the manufacturer of your new generator if there is one.

You can verify what I have said at the forum or Art might chime in here. This was one of the questions I asked the founder of the forum while making the Earth Clinic colloidal silver videos. Incidentally, that forum is the main site for ALL questions about CS and CG. There's a lot to learn about making CS, so I suggest you spend a bit of time perusing the threads on that excellent site! The founder of the forum stopped making Silvertrons a couple of years ago (which had a current limiter) so a lot of people are in the same position.

Rob Patroney
(Bundaberg Australia)

The strength of colloidal is tested and proven that 10 on the tds meter is 20 ppm, this has been known for years, we have made gallons of it, keep the electrodes about 30ml apart, make it quick, fairly large particles, colloidal is what you want especially if used internally, don, t use ionic internally it won, t work. Rob Patroney

Replied by Katzie

At first I used a PPM reader that I got with a Zero water filter kit. After that died, I just order from Amazon. Shouldn't be more than $15 or so.

I found it SO interesting that my readings were consistently between 15-20 PPM, using my 9v battery method. AND, when I started using post-its on the side of my mason jar with the words "love" and "thanks" on them - that my readings were a consistent 150-200 (10x as strong), which I water down. So I get 10x as much with the same batteries! Fascinating! Guess Tesla was right: the secret to understanding the Universe is understanding frequency, energy & vibration. Goes to show that Words have Power.

Happy brewing!!

2182 posts


A TDS meter (aka PPM Reader) can not measure the true ppm of silver in a colloidal suspension. TDS stands for total dissolved solids. Here is a description of what that covers :

The inventor of the SilverTron colloidal silver generator has written extensively about the use of a TDS meter for the purpose of determining how pure the water is that you start with when making colloidal silver and this is an important step in the process and he has also explained why a TDS meter will not work for the purpose of determining the parts per million of silver in a sample of colloidal silver. It is interesting reading and explains in simple terms why this is.

Here is a link to that article:


Colloidal Silver
Posted by Tim K. (Ohio) on 09/18/2020

I got a silver generator from Steve Barwicks, Silver Edge, Micro particle generator website 13 years ago for my mother who had stage 4 cancer. It was too late for her. I've been taking it for 13 years. I went for a year taking around a quart a day. My ins. company says no we're not paying for your anti-viral drugs. Not so much now. But I do take probably 15 or 16 ounces a day. I bought another generator this year, for extra security because of the corona 19 virus, although the old one seems to be holding up fine. I use it almost every day. Had to go on a waiting list this time, well worth it. I've gave away silver to family and friends. My sister told me a long time ago, 'we're going to have to start calling you papa smurf." I am still waiting. Still not blue. Use only steam distilled water. No additives.

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Gina (Texas) on 05/09/2020

I have been using ionic silver to spray surfaces- I take a bottle with me to the store. I have also gargled with it and sniffed and spit it after being out without a mask. A couple of times a week only. I wonder if I shouldn't. The machine I have makes 3-7 ppm. Any thoughts?

Replied by J. Park
(Los Angeles, CA, US)

I don't see any real harm in just gargling, but sniffing might not be that great idea. The ionic silver IS can react inside body & also get into cell & trap in the long run. I think what you are doing is very reasonable thing to do, except sniffing. Good luck.


U can actually nebulize colloidal silver to help with lung issues.


Is distilled water to be added to the colloidal silver for nebulizing, and if so, what amount?

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Beta (Finland) on 05/07/2020

Hi there,

a contribution to this discussion, would be great to hear your thoughts about this document. (I haven't been against or for silver inhalation, just interested if it is safe). I have been recommended it by a MD in the past.

This document, titled “Environmental and Human Health Risks ofAerosolized Silver Nanoparticles”, (accessible from: says:

“Once inhaled, particles may deposit along the air-ways, from nasal and oral cavities to alveoli of the lungs,by impaction, sedimentation, interception, Brownianmotion, or electrostatics. The efficiency of each mecha-nism depends strongly on size29.. (…) Thedeposition efficiency oflarger 10- to 20-nm particles in the nasopharyngeal-laryngeal and tracheobronchial regions is less than 20%(per region); these particles have the highest depositionefficiency (50%) of any size in the alveolar region. ”

In my understanding this means that the nanoparticles could be deposited into the lungs – interested to hear your thoughts on this.

Also this document states that lungs and liver were the main organs for prolonged AgNP accumulation (rats. 90 days). (

Please let me know what you think. I am totally open and very interested in the possibilty of using nebulised silver, but wondering if these mean that it may indeed accumulate in the lungs.

Best for you all.

Replied by Art
2182 posts


The links you posted don't seem to work.

Silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) will accumulate, at least temporarily once inhaled which is pretty much what is wanted, for them to stay around long enough to kill whatever the target pathogen is. In many studies (animal) the exposure levels are ridiculously high and often times quite lengthy. Particle size is always a factor and going below 10 nm will always show more toxicity. Staying in the sweet spot of 12~20 nm will give maximum pathogen neutralization with minimum toxicity to normal cells as shown in previous studies. On the other hand, something like inhaled H2O2 will be neutralized fairly quickly by catalase into oxygen and water and will essentially be gone quickly.

In many animal studies, the AgNP exposure that the researchers start with is already known to be toxic and these type of studies are questionable at best. If you give rats aerosolized AgNPs at dosing that is already known to be toxic and then say the AgNPs were toxic to the rats, well, I'm not sure of the purpose of such a study. In one study I read, they exposed rats to aerosolized AgNPs for 6 hours everyday for 90 days and then said that there were signs of toxicity! For people that actually inhale AgNP in an attempt to destroy a pathogen, the actual amount of silver inhaled is going to be magnitudes less than such a rat study and length of exposure for such a course of AgNPs is going to be much much less. In the 90 day rat study, the rats were killed at various stages up to the 90 days of the study period and then examined for AgNP buildup in the lungs and other organs. Not surprisingly, there was measurable AgNPs present, exactly as there should have been under the test circumstances as the rats had no time after AgNP exposure to rid the body of the AgNPs as they normally would because they were sacrificed and examined before their bodies could rid itself of the AgNPs. These type of studies have little practical value other than to further solidify the idea that if you inhale toxic amounts of AgNPs, you are going to see toxic effects.

Here is a link to a fairly recent study abstract (March 2020) where they used rats and exposed them to relatively high doses of aerosolized AgNPs for 6 hours a day for 28 days. In this study they allowed time for clearance of the AgNPs and noted two probable avenues of clearance. To me, the importance of this study is that the animals were given time to excrete the AgNPs and clear them even at the highest dose and even with elevated inflammation at that dose, through the rat's own natural process.

Note how the elevated inflammatory markers also decreased as they should have. Neutralization of any pathogen can involve a certain amount of inflammation and oxidative stress as this is typical for the body, with or without AgNPs. Had they sacrificed these rats directly after the final AgNP exposure, of course it would have shown residual AgNPs in multiple locations, but in this case it showed that even the highest dose exposure of AgNPs had cleared from these rats.

Sometimes understanding what the researchers underlying intent is, is helpful in determining the value of any given study. If a research team is merely replicating a previous study that has already been proven 10 times over, then maybe those researchers are professional researchers who are more in the business of getting funding for further research rather than actually establishing new and useful data.



Hi Art, What is the recommended time for nebulizing CS?

2182 posts

Hi, Freda!

I am not a doctor so I can not give advice on dosing, but I can describe what I do for myself.

I use a small room cool mist vaporizer and add approximately one ounce of 20 parts per million uncapped AgNPs (Colloidal Silver).

I run the machine for 7 to 10 minutes while inhaling directly from the output port of the machine. If I do 7 minutes, I will do this a total of 4 times per day.

If I do it for 10 minutes, I will do it 3 times per day.

After each use, I dump out what is left in the machine because the ultrasonic force of the vaporizer will cause some of the silver to be knocked out of suspension since it is not capped. These particles will start to join other particles and become so large as to fall out of suspension to the floor of the vaporizer. This is referred to as agglomeration and when you inspect your vaporizer closely, you will see actual silver particles on the floor of the vaporizer.

I clean the vaporizer after each use and always use new AgNps for each use. Although I add about an ounce of AgNPs at each use, I am only inhaling a small fraction of that ounce. It takes at least an ounce for my cool mist vaporizer to operate properly for about 10 minutes. For me, a larger unit will be more wasteful as it may take more than an ounce to operate properly.


Colloidal Silver
Posted by J. Park (Los Angeles, CA, US) on 05/04/2020

Colloidal Silver Sprayed on Masks

This is not treatment for covid-19, but prevention.

The most common & important issue is the MASK. N95 or other good quality masks are hard to get or horribly expensive to get. Those of you who can't afford them, or can't find them may use regular lesser quality masks(even ones you make).

There is one thing you can do to better protect you from the virus. Spray colloidal silver (or IONIC silver which is better) on the mask.

For this matter, colloidal copper can be used, some claim it's better than “silver” for the virus, but either one can be very effective protection on your mask.

For those you who want to know some technical background, I'm adding some below:

The N95 or good masks use static electricity to kill viruses and spraying any water will harm the mask by deleting the static electricity, Also wetting (from spray or from your breathing) the mask will give the virus to chance to “FLOAT” into your system, so wet mask is not such a good idea (unless you have colloidal silver/copper protection).

So this is not recommended, but any lesser quality ones will get benefit from this additional protection.

Those who are in the know know that colloidal silver is good, but ionic silver (which is the ionic form of silver atoms and don't have yellowish tint, whereas colloid is cluster of atoms) may harm you because it's very small (size of an atom) and can get into your cell & react to become another bigger compound and get trapped, eventually causing some bluish tint on you skin.

Yes that's well known, but this is TOPICAL use, so ionic form is better since it carry positive electric charges and the virus with negative charge can get captured better by ionic silver or ionic copper.

There are huge markets for colloidal silvers, but many are just plain ionic silver and this makes people uneasy to buy them (including myself) for internal use.

But this is topical, on your mask in fact, so we are free from this worry.' Your mask will get wet due to this spray, but the ionic silver will do the job nonetheless and it will remain effective.

You can wash your mask & reuse as many time as you wish by treating it with colloidal/ionic silver/copper wet or dry!!!

Please remember those good quality masks(static electricity) remain good only when they are dry and
when they get wet, they give wet path for the virus to enter your system.

There are manufacturers who will be making new washable masks with copper particles on the mask
but they are going to demand a huge prices, besides I'm not so sure if they would use ionic silver/copper like we can due to possible high manufacturing cost.

IONIC silver/copper is easy to make at home using electrolysis, easier to make than COLLOIDAL silver/copper which requires additional processing so it's advantageous to our purpose.

Replied by J. Park
(Los Angeles, CA, US)

I forgot to mention one thing in my post above: Spraying alcohol, hydrogen peroxide,... for this matter has limited effectiveness. They kill virus for the moment but do not have lingering effect like colloidal/ionic silver. Besides when they evaporate, they will simply leave moisture then this generates viral path to your system as mentioned above. J. Park

Replied by Debi Sunshine
(San Fernando Valley)

I've been using Colloidal Silver for 26 years. I do spray it on my mask and in my ears, nose and throat when I visit any hospital or care facility. Thank you for your wonderful explanations.

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Freda (Canada ) on 04/05/2020

Hi, Can you recommend a good ultrasonic nebulizer? Thanks.

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Marcie (United States) on 03/31/2020

I've been having covid-19 symptoms and have been inhaling collidal silver in a nebulizer several times a day and it has helped greatly!

Replied by Lilia
(Oahu, Hawaii)

Marcie, have you read the study where a doctor did this to cure his pneumonia? He did say that there may be issues in that therapy since it stays in your lungs. Would you please let us know how you're feeling now.

Replied by Akamai

I would caution anyone nebulizing colloidal metals. Yes, they will work but the lungs are not well equipped to absorb small particles of metal be they silver or copper. This could have long term health consequences for the lungs. Please read my post regarding KI and SSKI. The expectorant of a few drops of SSKI in distilled water may help clear the lungs of these small metal particles. I use colloidal silver myself but it is incomparable with an Iodine protocol.

Using colloidal silver at the same time as SSKI is not comparable. Colloidal silver can be used to rinse the eyes (yes, they think that the eyes are a possible entry point for the virus), the nasal passages, and to gargle with.

The idea is to deactivate the virus with the silver particles so that they stop replicating in the mouth, throat, eyes and nasal passages before they progress into the lungs. It is current belief that most covid-19 infections start in these areas first. I have read some accounts of persons nebulizing colloidal silver or copper which seemed to work well to stop the virus, but remember that colloidal metals are chunks of metal containing hundreds if not thousands of metal molecules which the lungs have no practical way to absorb or clear. Short term gain but long term pain.

Btw, a few drops of SSKI or 10-20 drops of lugol's iodine in distilled water to rinse the afore mentioned eyes nose mouth and throat. Test a small amount of either of these solutions ( SSKI or lugol's) first and wait a day for reactions if you intend to ingest the iodine. Sometimes it is enough to simply paint lugol's or dilluted SSKI on the skin of sensitive individuals to get a reaction which would be an indication NOT to use iodine. Colloidal silver can be ingested also and would help to fight the virus systemically.

Blessings, Akamai

Replied by Earth Clinic

This afternoon, we emailed Art Solbrig, one of Earth Clinic's top contributors and leading experts on Colloidal Silver, for his comments to Akamai's post. I have posted Art's responses below.

* Art wants to make it very clear to Earth Clinic readers that this is strictly a conversation between himself and me, and he is not recommending or suggesting that anyone do what he is doing.


** The acronym AGNP stands for Silver Nanoparticles.
AG – Element for Silver.
NP – Acronym for Nanoparticle.

Many thanks to Cathy Colorado on Facebook for asking us to clarify the acronym AGNP.

Art writes: “Hi Deirdre,

This is a tough case to argue, one way or the other because quality human studies of AGNP inhalation are lacking. This leaves us only animal/rodent studies or anecdotal evidence to call upon and those studies show that inhaled AGNPs end up in the blood and from there to other parts of the body, which is very similar to if you had taken the AGNPs orally, in which case they will end up being excreted as though taken through the oral route. In those animal studies they are talking about continuous inhalation for many days (90 days), which is many magnitudes higher intake that what I actually do in practice where inhalation is limited to minutes over a period of perhaps a week at most. For myself, I might inhale AGNPS four times a day for 10 minutes at a time or a total of 40 minutes per day, times 7 days is 280 minutes or less than 5 hours of inhalation in total over a complete treatment cycle, compared to continuous inhalation for 90 days in animal studies which would be equivalent to 2,160 hours of inhalation. Based on the available animal studies in relation to actual use rate in humans, it seems like the risk is going to be similar to ingesting AGNPs with the main difference being that oral consumption is generally going to be much, much greater than the amount of silver that can be inhaled in my full 7 day treatment cycle. Almost everything we do has some risk involved including drinking and inhaling AGNPs, so the context of that use is definitely a factor in weighing the risk to reward ratio.

Typical discussion regarding AGNPs today is going to be generally aimed at its use against SARS CoV-2/Covid-19 which is known to be fatal in some cases and even survivors can end up with long lasting damage to their lungs. As an example, I have a cousin who was recently diagnosed with Covid-19 when he went to the hospital with great difficulty breathing and was admitted and tested positive for Covid-19. He was diagnosed with pneumonia and was treated for it, but there was permanent lung damage that he will have to deal with for years to come. The good news is that he survived Covid 19 and was eventually released from the hospital to finish healing at home. In the context of the known fatality rate of this disease and the many complications that can arise from it, my choice for “myself” would be to weigh the risk of what I am trying to treat, Covid-19, verses the potential benefit of using what I have always used for many years to treat colds, flu and various other health issues and after weighing those two risks, my choice is clear, especially since it is now proven that Covid-19 is found throughout the body and is not confined to the lungs of the people who have succumbed to this disease.

Since the viral particles are slightly larger than or about the same size ( 70 to 90 nm) as some AGNPs (1 to 100 nm), they may possibly travel in a similar way in the body which would be ideal in terms of locating and destroying these viral particles in my body.

Another major point to consider is that the SARS CoV-2 / Covid-19 virus has shown the ability to initially retard the normal human immune response essentially giving the virus a head start against the immune system. This gives the virus a chance to attach to many cells unabated which it then hijacks to use to make these cells into mini virus replicating factories. The cells eventually die and all the virus that has been produced inside the cell are released to find other cells to hijack and use for virus replication. This sounds like a scene from Alien! The immune system then starts to return to normal and begins a massive production of inflammatory cytokines to try and compensate for the initial retarded response to the virus. Unfortunately this can be a major contributing factor to the “cytokine storm” that not only goes after the virus, but also destroys normal human cells in this “over response” by the immune system that often ends up in death. For me, I would like to avoid this cytokine storm as well as the potential for deadly pneumonia. So for me, and I can only speak for myself and not tell anyone what they should or shouldn't do, I will start an AGNP regimen at the first signs of infection such as fever, sore throat, body ache or flu like symptoms. I will not wait until I am having a hard time catching my breath or am otherwise having a hard time breathing as this can be an indication of pneumonia that is becoming well entrenched in the lungs. In this context, I will take the risk of using AGNPs over the risk of doing nothing until a hospital is willing to take me in and test me for Covid-19! I have been using this AGNP regimen effectively for many years now with no apparent problems! If there were actual human studies that indicated a risk of using AGNPs at this relatively low dose, I might reconsider, but even then, I would still weigh the risk of AGNPs compared to the risk of dying from the virus!

Lastly, I would like to mention that, if AGNPs work against SARS CoV-2 / Covid-19 (which is currently unknown)
and I do take the AGNPs at the first virus symptoms, this means that my body will be starting to make antibodies against the virus and I consider that the AGNPs are augmenting this virus attenuated immune response, I will be increasing my odds for survival as well as opening the door for herd immunity for myself in case the virus comes back annually, such as the yearly flu cycle, in which case my immune system will likely be better prepared to deal with the virus in the future.”

Art emails again:


Some of the statements that that poster made are incorrect.

He said that the virus is thought to gather in the throat area and then move on into the lungs, but as far as scientists and doctors have been able to determine at this point, that all happens in one step as the viral particles are inhaled. Some particles land in the lungs while some land in the throat, nasal passages and pretty much everywhere that the inhaled air takes it as it “rides on the wind”, so to speak, so it all happens at once and so if you have a sore throat, it should be considered that the virus is also in the lungs as well as other parts of the body. Because the viral particles are similar in size to AGNPs, this is likely how they end up in the blood, just like the AGNPs. The important point to remember here is that the viral particles in the lungs can do very significant damage while reproducing in the lungs rapidly. Whatever treatment is employed has to actively deal with the lungs or risk the complications associated with the virus in the lungs. Drinking colloidal silver will not accomplish this because it will never get to the interior of the lungs. Silver has to come in actual contact with a pathogen in order to neutralize it.

He mentions the use of two forms of iodine and like silver, it is highly likely to be active against the virus, but as yet not proven for either one. What he doesn't mention is the side effects related to iodine use or colloidal silver use. In this case, iodine is the loser. Here is an incomplete list of iodine side effects:

Iodine: Side Effects, Dosages, Treatment, Interactions, Warnings

Notice that one potential side effect of iodine is the accumulation of fluid in the lungs. This is probably not what you want in a patient that has pneumonia with already to much fluid in the lungs. Do you hand a drowning man a glass of water?

Silver does not have these side effects. There is the possibility that a person can be allergic to silver, but that would be rare and anyone can be allergic to almost anything. He describes skin testing the iodine before consuming it. That idea right there shows that he knows that people can be allergic or otherwise reactive to iodine, but skin testing does not guarantee that oral dosing will not cause an adverse reaction.

The way he worded his post, he wasn't very clear, but it sounded like he feels that iodine is more effective than AGNPs. I think they are comparable in some ways, but iodine has potential for many more side effects as illustrated above and that would be a definite problem for long term treatment of a chronic virus infection such as HIV where the treatment would have to be taken daily at a dose effective enough to neutralize circulating virus particles where as properly made AGNPs can do so without problem.

I think, Deirdre, that if you choose to make an argument for or against almost anything, you can, but in this particular case, the context is Covid-19 and given what is known about the virus, I don't really see much argument against AGNPs for the purpose of destroying the virus, which it is likely capable of doing in a way that people already use AGNPs, so for me, his argument is null.

The poster also mentioned nebulizing. I don't think a nebulizer can deliver enough silver in a reasonable amount of time whereas a small room cool mist vaporizer/humidifier can.

I don't know if I have ever mentioned this to you before, but when I vaporize AGNPs, I only use about two ounces per session and dump out any remaining in the vaporizer and pour in two ounces when I do the next session. The reason for never reusing what is left in the vaporizer is the fact that the ultrasonic force that is applied to the AGNPs in the vaporizer can knock the AGNPs out of suspension and cause them to agglomerate and fall to the floor of the vaporizer which means there will be less AGNPs available in what remains in the vaporizer after a use.


Art, I agree with your assessment. I believe I caught corona before it hit the news. It hit me hard and fast, my doc thought it was a flu. A week later my husband found me close to death. He called the doc very angry asking why he didn't put me in the hospital after seeing him that morning. Doc said, "it's probably a good idea". The hospital staff took one look and rushed me in - a bad case of pneumonia AND SEPSIS. (The ER docs said they didn't know what I had, they hadn't seen that type virus before.)

The reason I tell this story is to encourage all here to keep yourself healthy and keep on hand an arsenal (lol) of products discussed on EC. Had I a nebulizer and CS, pneumonia, sepsis, hospital and over $4K co-pay avoided.

Since, I've felt my lungs on their way to being heavy and on fire twice. The CS & nebulizer literally take it away. If it isn't one thing that will take us, another will - just listen to TV disclaimers.

Like you, I take CS when flying. Also take the recommended covid list recommended by FL (see below) that have kept my family healthy especially when traveling abroad. When you feel a virus attacking, there's no time to waste hunting in unfamiliar territory.

As a sidenote, my sister caught covid last week while visiting us. Tested positive for 4 days. She doesn't like the nebulizer and didn't want to use. I started it as a safeguard. My symptoms were much, much lighter than hers and tested negative. I didn't nebulize 1 day and tested positive the next. That 1 day made a difference (deep cough, bad headache, body soreness, tired). On her 4th day, she began nebulizing and began coughing up stuff that nearly made her regurgitate. The following day she was coughing up gel-like phlegm - clear with a slight yellow tinge. IMHO, this lab-made virus is very dangerous and why we won't buy anything made in that country.

Thanks for being a contributor Art - your insight is incredible valuable as is the others.

(OofO, HP Therapy, CS, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, ACV, Povodin Iodine, Lugol's Iodine; aspirin, quercetin, C, D, zinc, potassium, magnesium, melatonin, baking soda, charcoal, sea salt, ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine)

Replied by Akamai

Dear Art

I am in receipt of your email. First, intervention with any type of nebulized solution is best done at stage one where ROS, macrophages and viral ran as well other cell debris are not so cluttered and the surface Lumina is still relatively intact and localized oxidative stress Is not too great. At this stage even H2O2 would be a good choice even though it would raise the local oxidative stress somewhat. It has the advantage if supplying Oxygen which would be beneficial. Also, it would not become part of the debris in the lungs which are a secondary problem for macrophages and deter them from the primary target which is the active viral particles.

Colloidal particles are not molecular in solution and while I have no problem eating these particles or rinsing oral nasal passages with colloidal silver I do not like the idea of small chunks of metal in the lungs. Consider the effect on the kidneys if these chunks actually do get into the blood. While the digestive tract would reject these larger chunks the lungs have no natural way to absorb them and they could well become part of the debris field as they have no natural action to dissolve or disrupt dead viral parts and macrophages and may become part of the problem. This would not happen with H2O2 in solution as oxygen and water are the only end products. Colloidal copper would be even worse as it is carcinogenic in concentration and trapped in debris in lung tissue would sooner or later produce carcinoma.

Now if you used molecular silver this may be ok but I do no know of any such product available. Even these small size colloidal silver that you speak of are very difficult to produce with uniform size. Sometimes even red blood cells are swollen due to certain diseases and can get stuck and clog capillaries. Even Dr. Sircus agrees with you regarding nebulizing colloidal silver and this is one material I disagree with.

Secondly, Dr Sircus also agrees with your assessment about iodine, at least in part. Dr Sircus abdicated using nascent iodine and so do I; but maintains that nebulizingh KI is dangerous. What I say is that it depends on the amount. My computations show that less than one microgram of KI would be all that is necessary to do the job. I do not believe that this amount of Potassium would be detrimental. Additionally one could ingest sodium bicarbonate or salt to buffer the load of potassium which does enter the bloodstream. KI is ph neutral in any solution of ph neutral water. Some of the iodine would be expelled through the breath leaving k+ which would alkaline the local region and help balance the acidity from acidic protein debris. Also, sodium causes water retention and potassium has some diuretic functions. This is one reason why I do not prefer nebulizingh sodium bicarbonate for this problem. Also, Thailand reported most fatalities were hypokalemic.

I do agree that too much potassium is harmful and any one with high blood potassium or who takes medications which interfere or react with potassium should REFRAIN from using SSKI OR KI. Also, it is difficult to measure less than a microgram of anything and this is why I suggested using a simple bubbler where the user controls the intake with the breath. One breath is sufficient and time should be taken to allow the system to absorb and process it. What I did was put one milligram of KI into one liter of water. I took one slow inhale held it for a moment and slowly exhaled. I waited a moment and noticed my heart rate increased about 15%. It took about 5 minutes to drop back down. Now, I did this because I have chronic nasal polyps which obstruct any nasal respiration and I have been waking up with some minimal wheezing in the upper respiratory tract for six months maybe longer. I immediately felt an improvement in breathing. Two hours later I took another breath with similar effect. So far I have only taken six breaths; the wheezing is completely gone and the polyps with the help of low doses and topical applications of D3 are shrinking up significantly. Now I do not know for sure that the virus harbored in my bronchial passages was covid19 but it was viral and could gave been as it was getting worse. No doubt it was some virus similar in nature. What amazed me is how quickly and effective it worked with such a small amount ( probably 1/10 of a microgram or less). I do often take large amounts of KI and lugol's and have not seen this kind of benefit to the respiratory tract with oral administration.

While we seem to be in agreement about the methodology of directly inactivating the virus in the respiratory tract during the phase one of the disease, the choices available all have their individual benefits and perils; and every one is somewhat different metabolically which compounds the problem. Some people react to the iodine alone, this is why I posted testing the iodine you intend to use on the skin for sensitive individuals and those not familiar with using iodine.

I read documents coming out of China which clearly identified covid-19 proliferating in the nasal passages, the back of the roof of the mouth and the upper adenoids region. The it would be difficult to get a cluster of virus all the way down into the lower part of the lungs and is much more likely that the exposed individual would incubate the virus in these spots of the upper respiratory tract where they would multiply significantly and simply migrate to the lower part of the lungs after they started to exhaust the macrophage capacity of the individual. So percentage wise, I do not believe that a few viral particles inhaled into the lower lungs would have a chance against macrophages in a healthy individual. There are many ways immunity could be compromised long enough for covid-19 to take primary site in the lower lungs; even intense exercise in otherwise healthy athletes will lower immunity significantly. Insufficient vitamin D, zinc selenium, magnesium, etc.. However it is much more likely that the mouth and nasal regions are the primary site in healthy individuals, statistically.

Recovery from covid-19 even after all virus has been deactivated is difficult and time consuming as all the debris in the lungs need to be cleared and lung tissue needs to heal. Scar tissue is a problem here and this is why I am so concerned about the side effects of interventions. Expectorants could play a role here and a few drops of SSKI in distilled water has been used as an effective expectorant for decades even a century. It is especially useful for the kind of dry nonproductive cough seen with covid-19.

I want to express my most sincere and heartfelt gratitude for the opportunity to communicate and discuss these vital topics in this forum. It is my opinion that this virus will never be eradicated, that's it's contageousness is due partly to its novelty as no specific antibodies existed and that vaccines will not be effective for immune compromised individuals who comprise the majority of serious cases and fatalities. It is imperative that we all work together for alternative methodologies which are effective, practical and affordable. Certainly, taking drugs like chloroq– is not a practical long term solution.

Replied by Art
2182 posts

Yes, my intent would be to use AGNPs (Silver Nanoparticles) at the very first potential symptoms such as fever, body ache, sore throat or loss of smell. This is the time when the hospitals here will tell you to go home and come back if it becomes hard to breathe. Well, waiting till it is hard to breathe in my opinion is not great medical advice, but I understand that with the crowded conditions in the hospitals in this area, that the hospital and medical staff are overwhelmed and really have little choice in the matter, but this is the time I would employ AGNPs for myself to start fighting the virus because the virus, through an as yet unknown mechanism has shown the ability to retard the normal immune response and this is the time for me to attempt to augment the immune system with AGNPs to attack the virus while the immune system is unable or very limited in generating a normal response. This step could potentially prevent or minimize the potential for a “cytokine storm” that has been seen in many patients and often times proves fatal. It is thought that the initial retarding of the immune system by the virus causes the immune system to over compensate with an immune response that is too strong with a massive release of inflammatory cytokines that simply starts to destroy the virus rapidly, but is essentially out of control and destroys normal cells in this runaway inflammatory immune response. Application of AGNPs early on may potentially allow for a more attenuated immune response and lessen the chance for pneumonia to take hold.

Going back to the “chunks of metal” that you refer to AGNPs as, these are generally under 50 nanometers in size and would not qualify as chunks by any standard as they are not even visible to the naked eye. You say that these can cause problems in the lungs, but in years of use, I have never had an issue with my lungs from inhaling AGNPs, only benefit. You seem to feel that AGNPs can somehow become part of the debris field adding to the burden of the dead material that must be removed from the lungs. This thinking is not in line with the available studies which clearly state that the inhaled AGNPs end up in the blood which you say could be a problem and then you go on to say that you have no problem “eating these particles” which is actually drinking them, but once you drink AGNPs, studies are very clear in saying that they will end up in the blood and this is where studies also show that inhaled AGNPs end up. So how can it be bad for you to inhale AGNPs if they end up in the blood, yet you say it is okay for you to drink AGNPs even though they too end up in the blood? That makes no sense. The AGNPs will not only go to the kidneys once in the blood, but pretty much everywhere where the blood goes and this has not shown to be a problem at dosing that has been found to destroy multiple bacteria and viruses while being relatively safe for normal human cells. You make it sound like this will be bad for the kidneys, but studies do not confirm what you are saying at the minute dosages used. If you think it would be bad for the kidneys, why would you say you have no problem drinking them when you know that the AGNPs will go to the kidneys as well as other areas of the body, yet you say that they could be a problem for the kidneys?

You said that Dr. Sircus agrees with me regarding nebulizing and I imagine that is because he has read the available studies. Here is a very brief video of another doctor who agrees and shows how he uses it for his patients. His method is very simple and easy to do.

Again, I am only describing what I would do and do not recommend that any one else do the same. You should consult your doctor or medical care professional as SARS CoV-2/Covid-19 can be deadly!


Replied by Bill

Akamai…I hope you don't mind if I also disagree with you about your own views on AGNP. I also must confess that I was quite enchanted with your description of how the lungs get rid of debris. I also disagree on several other things you have said.

The lungs get rid of debris by cilia action, not by “sweeping”. The cilia cells in the lower lungs beat continuously to causing an upward current that gently drives both the mucus and any debris towards the bronchial opening at the top of the lungs. Once they are at the top of the lungs the human can then cough up the mucus and either swallow it or spit it out.

Concerning your conviction that AGNP are too large to be absorbed by lung cells and are always left as debris in the lungs — that is also wrong. I always recommend a AGNP size of 10nm when supplementing. It's also quite well known that viruses vary in size from 20nm to 200nm and these viruses seem to be able to penetrate human cells — including the alveoli cells in the lungs — and enter the blood from the lungs without a problem. So if that's the case then there seems to be no real reason why the lung alveoli shouldn't also be able to absorb 10nm AGNP particles directly into the blood without any problems as well.

You've also mentioned your belief that the Na/K pumps are the main cause for cytokine storms occurring in COVID-19. Sorry, but that is also wrong. The main reason cytokine storms happen is mainly because of the out-of-control chemical signaling that occurs between the immune system and the cells producing the anti-bodies. Due to this awry signalling, a huge over-production of antibodies occurs. These out-of-control antibodies then swarm to the lungs and actively and continuously destroy the cells of the lungs — the alveoli. Massive cell destruction occurs, which rapidly leads to fluid continuously collecting in the lungs(pleurisy) with a large increase in histamine production, which is very dangerous for asthma patients. This reduces the oxygen absorbing area of the lungs so the COVID-19 patient cannot get enough oxygen. Finally, this can lead to organ sepsis, coma and death for the patient. Modern medicine's normal treatment for this situation is to put the patient into an induced coma and on a ventillator. Unfortunately, from the current treatment statistics, anyone taking this route will only have a 20% chance of survival. And if you are an older or ancient person like me and you get put on a ventillator, then your chances of survival are even less.

And if you want remedies that will stop the cytokine storm in its tracks as well as kill the virus then you should investigate TCM medicine, Ozone therapy, Vitamin C IV therapy, Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy and herbs like Tumeric and Olive Leaf extract. TCM medicine is perhaps the easiest to use. In my investigations, I have found the following Chinese herbal remendies to be quite useful: Gan Mao Ling(kills viruses, disperses fever, stops cytokine storms), Zhong Gan Ling(best used to lower fever that is higher than 102 degrees C) and Yin Chiaow(used for colds, flu, sore throat). I am only recommending these TCM remedies because China has been very successful at treating and beating the COVID-19 virus. The main reason for this is because she has been using using TCM doctors in over 75% of her hospitals from the onset of the pandemic. That's why China's death rate is so low compared to other countries. I also recommend TCM herbs because it provides the most complete remedy for COVID-19. I've also recommended other specific anti-viral remedies — which will also work just to kill the virus — but I think that the TCM remedies are perhaps the most complete, accessible, cheap and easiest to use against the COVID-19 virus.

Replied by Akamai

Aloha Bill,

Thanks for this email.

I am still looking for any data on the nutritional requirements for silver. No rda is established or warranted. 10nm so what. How many atoms is that? Do you understand that metals atoms are attracted and stick to each other? Do know what happens to a silver atom when it comes in contact with iodine or chlorine? How is a cellular iodine deficiency resolved by adding silver?

Data shows covid19 mortalities are hypokalemic. Potassium gradient controls the rate of macrophage release; and a high release rate triggers the production of ROS such as H2O2 and this high rate snowballs into a cytokine storm. So tell me again how slowing down the Na/K pump does not direct the immune response. What other sensing mechananisms do the cells in the lungs have?

Now to the sweeping action bit. It is like a sweeping action only not as efficient. Good thing it works 24/7 else it would not work at all. Smaller particles are harder to sweep. If it can not sweep out a 20÷ nm virus what makes you think it can sweep a 10nm metal particle? Yes the virus may be bigger but the metal is heavier and denser.

AGNP is still a clump of atoms and this is why people who use it need to vaporize large amounts for long times. It does not disperse like charged ions of iodine do. Quote me all the studies you like regarding lab rats and the effect of nebulized AGNP, but find one that shows effects of habitual use for years, because I have not found one.

Hydrogen peroxide is a ROS So how is adding it to the battle field not increasing local ROS? As I posted, nebulizing H2O2 will get the job done in the very early stage but any later one runs the risk of exacerbating oxidative stress snowballing into cytokine storm. Systemic oxygen is good but it only treats the system. What most even good intentioned people fail to understand is that the mature virus in the lungs is on the outside of the body and not directly subject to all of the immune treatments you listed.

There are three genetic mechanisms in the novel cov-stars-2 virus. This is unique as no other encapsulated virus has more than one mechanism to first gain entry to living cells. Two of these genomes are similar to other corona viruses and one is similar to HIV-1. This suggests serious mutation either by 5G radiation or similar manmade intervention. Wuhan City was one of the first to roll out 5G. The same frequencies are used by military in their so called non-lethal weapons programs. These frequencies are known to severely reduce glutathione. Little silver particles act as antennas for these frequencies. Tell me again how you think it is a good idea to flood your body with billions of little silver antennas. Why does art say he gets a cold or flu every few months if AGNP is so good for you.

I am not going to tell you all the vitamins and minerals that are useful in respiratory viruses, but you might well take some time to research this as you do not mention any save the vitamin c. I will give you a place to start. Iodine and potassium. No amount of silver will restore a healthy metabolic balance in a sick or unhealthy individual. Silver bullets kill; they do not heal or restore healthy balance.

I am very familiar with Chinese patent formulas and individual herbs and TCM theory. If they have an effective treatment why did so many Chinese die?

I say I have a treatment that works, takes one minute per treatment session, no more than three treatments per day or ten treatments total and costs less than a penny per treatment. It uses a nutritional supplement in a dosage that is miniscule compared established rda and should not need any FDA drug approval. I have all the research supporting data for how this works and what vitamins and minerals to take to support the immune system in addition to the actual treatment. I have used this treatment and vitamin/mineral protocol with astounding
results on some respiratory virus yet to be tested for covid19 antibodies. What I do not understand is what the problem is. Potassium iodide has been used for over a century. So tell me again what your objection is to a few hundred nanograms of KI.

Sincerely, Akamai

Replied by Bill

Akamai…Here are some answers to your questions:

“So how is it that something 10nm in size would not obstruct the alveolar portal?”
As I mentioned and have fully described in my last post to you, if viruses that usually have a particle size of between 20nm and 200nm can so easily pass into the blood via the alveoli cells of the lungs then why can't a 10nm particle of AGNP pass into the blood in the same way? This isn't rocket science, it's just common sense.

“I am still looking for any data on the nutritional requirements for silver. No rda is established or warranted.”

Who's been talking about nutritional requirements of silver? This thread or discussion is all about the best ways of naturally treating COVID-19 + pneumpia(with complications). And this thread also discusses the usefulness of using AGNP to kill the COVID-19 virus which you dispute. So perhaps it's best not to wander off on distant, irrelevant trails — such as discussing the dietary requirements for silver — that are not really relevant to this discussion.

“What most even good intentioned people fail to understand is that the mature virus in the lungs is on the outside of the body and not directly subject to all of the immune treatments you listed.”

What a strange thing to say! Your suggestion “that the mature virus in the lungs is on the outside of the body” is really quite weird and wrong. It's fairly common knowledge that all viruses pass into the blood either thru infction thru the nasal passages or lungs into the blood where they will replicate by attaching to the host cell and inject their DNA or RNA into the host cells and, after taking over the cell's mitochondria, the virus replicates itself within the host cell and is eventually released back into the blood. See this link on viral replication:

The above would suggest that viruses must therefore inhabit the blood(where they can also be destroyed by a healthy immune system or AGNP) where they are also able to penetrate the hosts cells. This would seem to also confirm that viruses regularly inhabit the inner environment of the human body — not the “outside” environment of the lungs, whatever the heck that means. I'm sorry but I find your arguments here somewhat ethereal, blurry and without any basis at all.

“If they have an effective treatment[re: TCM medicine] why did so many Chinese die?”

I've already explained all that in my previous post. Obviously, initially, a large amount of TCM herbs would be needed by the Chinese hospitals — obtaining a such a large amount of such herbs for wide hospital distribution will normally take some time to set up. And in any pandemic people will die — that's a given. But I will also counter your question with more facts. China's COVID-19 death rate is currently between 0 and 3 people a day — it is the lowest COVID-19 death rate in the world.

See this link for details:–20_coronavirus_pandemic_in_mainland_China

Using “off label” drugs like lopinavir, ritonavir, remdesivir or hydroxychloroquine might be useful in killing the virus but will be of no use at all for people who already have pneumonia(with complications like cytokine storms). China has been using these “off label” antiviral in combination with TCM protocols, which also act to prevent or stop the cytokine storms in patients thus saving lives. And, according to the statistics, they have been successful. Here are some live comparison statitics on current death rates from COVID-19 which might convince you:

As you can see from the stats, the Chinese death rate is currently 2 deaths per million — which is way lower than most other country's death rate per million. And I also find it strange that you would so hastily criticize China's COVID-19 performance in light of the fact that both Europe and the US have such awful infection rates and death rates in comparison to the China stats.

“Systemic oxygen is good but it only treats the system.”

That's wrong too. You can successfully treat a patient by using ozone therapy or pure oxygen inhalation therapy. That's the protocol that South Korea was screaming to the world and nobody listened. Here's some ozone therapy evidence here:

It's also well known that having ozone injections or nebulizing hydrogen peroxide will also help to oxygenate cells and kill viruses and likewise prevent cytokine storms. All these forms deliver oxygen to the cells, kill viruses and will act to stop the dangerous cytokine storms. Here's some research which confirms that oxygen kills viruses — ANY virus:

There's also alot more positive research on ozone therapy if you would care to look for it yourself. You can use Google Scholar to search for the required research to find out what ozone therapy can do reference viruses and bacteria.

“Hydrogen peroxide is a ROS So how is adding it to the battle field not increasing local ROS?”

Well, hydrogen Peroxid e(HP) can act in a good and bad way in the human body. In fact it is well known in research that phagosomes act by surrounding the pathogen and creating what's called a “respiratory burst” whereby the phagocyte, neutrophil or eosinophil sprays out hydrogen peroxide, hypochlorous acid and hypoiodous acid over the virus or bacteria rapidly killing it by oxidation. You can read all about this defense mechanism in the research here:

The point is that hydrogen peroxide is well known to the body. It's deleterious or destructive effects are usually prevented thru the action of mainly the catalase and SOD enzymes of the body which also remove any excess hypochlorous or hypoiodous acid from the blood as well.

As to the effectiveness of hydrogen peroxide against pathogens, I always follow what Ted from Bangkok has said about hydrogen peroxide on this website. Ted is a highly qualified biochemist and herbalist, so I would certainly trust his judgement and recommendations. He also recommends using nebulized 1% hydrogen peroxide.

“I say I have a treatment that works, takes one minute per treatment session, no more than three treatments per day or ten treatments total and costs less than a penny per treatment.”

It is common habit for most posters on the EarthClinic website to share their remedies and protocols that have worked for them. They do this to try and help other sick people with the same medical conditions.

But here you are saying that you have a nutrient protocol that will cure the COVID-19 condition without fail. So why won't you fully share that remedy or nutrient protocol on this website? What is your own treatment — in detail please — for the COVID-19 condition? Are you willing to share it?

Replied by J. Park
(Los Angeles, Ca, Us)

Bill, I have been enjoying your postings for quite some time, always very knowledgeable and convincing, helped me in broadening my medical understanding.

However, there one point I'm forced to make here about Chinese Statistics. In short, I do NOT trust what they say, so my calculations of C19 always left out China, Iran, even Japan (sometimes). You seem to have a very solid faith on Chinese # but I don't. Their current death # is ar 4600 which I found to be a total joke. We, western world, know how many crematories in City of Wuhan, their processing capacities, and the fact that they were(not now) running 24/7. We also know the fumes they generate in sky which were taken by satellites, the fumes from burning “ORGANIC” materials. We even heard an anecdotal story by a truck driver who handled 5000 bone box in 1 day etc etc. China is by now world-famous for cheating, stealing, lying, wrong? Many many American secret/confidential commercial materials were stolen, copied, used to make forgeries. Chinese people were killed/starved in millions in history by the communist regime and the people were used as expendable items during Korean war. The regime never hesitates killing mass Chinese to achieve their purposes, since they were so used to it.

TCM is another area I have many doubts and I have background in TCM. Their “herbs” have no practical standards, each herb with same name can have many differences, place of origin, harvesting time, handling skills, condition/time of storage, etc. Compared to modern medicine, chemical formula, purity, packaging alone quite severely restrict the quality. TCM has history of thousand years and it would be surprising they came up with TCM cure in so short time. I know TCM and they can hardly cure serious diseases.

As a researcher in Alt. medicine, I trust just about all you mentioned, Hydrogen Peroxide, Ozone, pure oxygen, colloidal silver/copper and this is the way to go while we don't have official cure for this C19. Even after they find “CURE”, I'd rather use alt means which is more powerful, hardly any side effect and much cheaper.

My personal guesstimate of their deaths are somewhere ar 100 times the official figures,
Of course I have no proof :), but I'd be shocked to be proven otherwise later.

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Hi J Park…Thanks for your comments on Chinese TCM. Well, I have to say that if you completely trust the advice of the FDA, who have been advising the US President and other leaders in the West then I would be very surprised indeed. I have been intimately following how countries such as China, India and Cuba have been treating their own populations with their own forms of integrated medicine involving Traditional or Alternative Medicine. And When you compare what these countries have achieved using Traditional Herbal therapies and the success they have had with their own approaches to integrated medicine, you surely cannot be pleased with the current way that Western countries have handled the COVID-19 pandemic. Just to make and amplify that point again, Western modern medicine curently has no useful or successful therapeutic treatment for COVID-19. In fact, throughout all of the120 years of modern medicine there has never been a consistent or successful therapeutic treatment for any viral disease.

This is about trusting Western Medicine. In a recent US medical trial using Remdesivir, the results are in. It was found that survivors on Remdesivr were discharged after 11 days whereas the survivors of the placebo group(no drugs) were discharge in 15 days. In the Remdesivir group, 8 people died. In the placebo group, 11 people died. They then declared Remdesivir a wonderful success. From those results, I personally would never rate those Remdesivir trial results as a successful. Not even close. China would also seem to agree because when I checked the Chinese Clinical Trials Registry Database, they were also testing Remdesivir a month and a half previously and they stopped the Remdesivir trial in favor of other more successful strategies like using Actemra + TCM herbal protocols. Actemra is a Japanese arthritis drug that suppresses dangerous cytokine storms causing complications and death while the TCM protocols were used to actually kill the virus itself. You heard that right and they've been using this protocol very successfully in China for a while now.

Now, if you're still unconvinced, try and picture something else. God forbid, but imagine that your mother has been infected by COVID-19 and she is in a very serious state in a US hospital ICU. You also know from her doctor that your mother will probably likely die from COVID-19, because she is an older person with perhaps other significant illnesses with a much weakened immune system. Current treatment for COVID-19 just involves putting the patient to sleep on a ventilator with oxygen and no drugs. So are you just going to give up and make arrangements for your mother's funeral or, knowing what just I've just told you about the success of Chinese TCM, would you be willing to at least try using Chinese TCM to save your mother's life? When all's said and done and it gets up close and personal like that, all the ongoing political propaganda and misinformation and all the biased and thoroughly confused western media reporting really shouldn't come into it. Because all you want to do is save your mother's life. And right there is the reality of it all.

J. Park
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I am reluctant to advise but please consider the followings:


You seem to have a totally wrong notion about me. I have clearly identified myself as a researcher in Alt. Medicine, Where did you get the idea of me a follower of FDA? or believer of western medicine?
Then what am I doing here? Do not assume, use some fact.

If my mom is sick with C-19, I have army of weapons, well-known alternative weapons that is, ready to shoot.
MMS of course (esp. in CDS form with which she can take protocol 1000 in few seconds) that FDA persecutes every day 🙂

H202 humidifier, nebulizer right next to me that I've been using many years.
H2O2, Colloidal Silver sprays (esp. on my reusable mask) that she could use anywhere anytime.
BHT food grade, 1 kg, I recently fortified my army with.

Vitamin C Liposome fortified with GSH I make & take,Vitamin D, Zinc, EGCG, selenium
etc… but my mom passed away 20 years ago, which brought me into this field of A.Medicine.
It wasn't western medicine but me saving her from certain leg amputations due to very severe diabetes.

I wasn't discussing countries with small number of casualties nor India using not TCM but TIM(Traditional Indian Medicine) AYURVEDIC. So I'm confining myself with China & their TCM.


Anybody can make a claim and I respect that, but that doesn't mean I jump & follow. Only if the claim is clearly stated so that other can duplicate and followed by actual VERIFICATIONS & CONFIRMATIONS by INDEPENDENT parties, then the claim starts carrying more & more weight.
Only then I might be CONVINCED & follow.

You stated “TCM” has cured or showed great improvements in C-19 patients, but TCM is very inclusive term that is too vague. Almost equivalent to saying “Western medicine cures C-19”.

What is their “herb X[s]” or whatever that cures or shows very good results that the Chinese claim, so that others can verify? So what makes you think I may be CONVINCED w/o such evidences ?
This rationale is not, as you put it, rocket science but just a common sense.


I don't trust China's statistics, but just for this discussion, let's assume it true. China's death rate is very good indeed, 5.6% (4,633 deaths vs 78,049 cured that I temporarily use for this discussion as 05-09-20), compared to US which is 26% which you seem to attribute it to their TCM pointing to some websites.

There are many countries with better mortality rate than China w/o the use of TCM or false propaganda!
Do you think Russia with death rate of 5.4% use TCM or intentional lying?
How about Germany with 5%?
How about S.Korea with 2.6%? (I've been chasing this country closely & I know they don't use TCM
even though they have a large TCM base there, their TCM community simply remains quiet).
How about Israel 2.1%? etc.

There so many nations w/o TCM/LYING doing very good! What is the merit of TCM here? This is NOT math but mere arithmetic. Nobody discussed TCM vs. Western Medicine, but you.

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Thank you for giving feedback on your experience with nebulizing Colloidal Silver and thank you for the thoughtful words!


Colloidal Silver
Posted by Ed2010 (Oakville) on 03/19/2020

Hello All. Top 3 virus killers 1. Lugol's Solution 2. Colloidal Silver 3. 3% Hydrogen Peroxide Preventative Usage - Lugol's Solution - Usage Adults 150 ml water add 4-5 drops. Gargle nicely and swallow it. This will kill any virus in throat. Swallowing will increase the iodine in the body increasing anti-viral activity and immunity. Take 3 days in a row every night. Give a Gap for 3 days and take it again if required. If you are feeling healthy you don't have to do it. May be you can do once a week. Colloidal Silver and 3% Hydrogen Peroxide can be used as in Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation method. Don't use Lugols Iodine Solution and Colloidal Silver together as they react each other. Peace and Health for all. Thanks

Replied by Elaine

Are you using a 2% or a 5% lugols iodine solution? Thank you!


Always 5% Lugols Solution

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Mama to Many (TN ) on 03/17/2020

I have been making my own colloidal silver for years. I got my generator from Technically I guess it's ionic silver. I think freshly made may work better. Recently my husband and son came down with a cold/cough (no fever and before Covid19 came here.) I gave them 3 ounces of silver maybe 5 times a day. It helped so quickly. I am hopeful it would work for covid19 should we need it. I also suspect that coconut oil would work for it also. Coconut oil breaks down lipid coats (enveloped viruses). Covid19 is lipid coated. Always use cold pressed coconut oil when using it for medicine. The kind that smells like coconuts. I give a tablespoon 3 times a day for medicine. That is too much for the gut for some. It's not bad at all blended into coffee with a blender and some honey. ~Mama to Many~

Replied by Julie

Monolaurin and lauric acidfound in coconuts is being considered to fight this virus in Phillipines and Singapore. I had my son use the brand Lauricidin when he had mononucleosis last fall and it seemed to help him quickly recover. I read that it would require many tablespoons of coconut oil to get the same amount as one scooperful of Lauricidin.

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Jill (EC Facebook) on 02/28/2020

CS internally and in nasal spray.

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Tanith (EC Facebook) on 02/27/2020

Colloidal silver and aloe vera hand sanitizer. Mix 50/50 of each and add a few drops of lavender essential oil.

Replied by joe

I'm fairly new to the Silver but do have a 32oz bottle of 120 ppm colloidal silver that i recently bought. i put about 10-12 drops in my bottle of water and in other liquid foods such as chicken soup. My question; what brand do you use? i use the garden of eden silver/rocket88 as suggested by a knowledgeable friend but wondering if you or anyone else has had good results from a particular brand of CS?

03/12/2020 MesoSilver

Replied by Tanith
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Carla...I use it all the time.I keep a small bottle in my handbag.The aloe vera in the mix makes sure the silver particles stay on your hands longer and of course no triclosan or other nasties ! ☺

Replied by Carla T.
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Wow, that's a great idea!

Replied by Anita
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Tanith, I also put cs in my dish soap and hand soap.

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Melanie (EC Facebook) on 02/27/2020

colloidal silver thieves essential oil honey elderberry syrup gonna pick some rose hips and dry them this summer. I have never done that before but was reading about it.

Replied by Jennifer

No elderberry for this virus. See for the latest on THIS virus.

Replied by Melanie
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ok so I googled it a bit this morning and you can dry them whole, then push them through a sieve when you want to make tea or put them in a food processor if you have it. But honestly I think I will just pick and dry as many as I can and then either boil them or just put boiling water on top when I want tea. I actually think the seeds would be good for you too.

Replied by Melanie
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Andrea, what I briefly read was to pick them, let them dry, and make tea, but I will read some more about it.

Replied by Marsh

There's a recipe online - wash fresh elderberries and add 80% vodka. Made several batches - it's strong but very high in C! Tried locating the hollywarner article mentioned below but couldn't find.