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BHT Dosage for COVID-19

| Modified on May 05, 2024
BHT remedy on Earth Clinic

Learn how Earth Clinic readers have used BHT to successfully treat symptoms of COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

BHT, or Butylated Hydroxytoluene, is a food additive approved by the FDA. It is often found in cereal ingredients.

Earth Clinic readers have been writing about the potent healing effects of BHT for over 15 years.  It has been found to be an effective natural remedy for a number of viral conditions, such as hepatitis B, hepatitis C, the Epstein Barr virus, the herpes virus, and even warts.

It is one of our favorite remedies for the flu!

Continue reading in the comments section below for testimonials about BHT for COVID-19. Please let us know if you've used BHT to treat your symptoms.

BHT Instructional Video

Watch Earth Clinic's new video on how to take BHT for Viruses.

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24 User Reviews

Posted by Renee (NC) on 08/11/2023

Thanks to all the good people who posted about using BHT for Covid. And I thank God for helping me find this remedy and already having it on hand, just in case. I got Covid about 6-7 days ago. I tried all my usual virus remedies, but I just kept getting worse. I finally came across the BHT info but, in the fog of Covid, I didn't realize how much I might need to take. So a couple of days with about 2 or 3 180mg doses, and I was still feeling miserable. I would get a little relief, but then the virus would pick up steam again and get worse. Then I started getting unrelenting kidney pain on both sides. I was getting scared at this point. I remembered reading somewhere here that someone took 900mg and kidney pain subsided. Prayed and kept taking it until finally the kidney pain just stopped. It took about 6 doses or 1080mg-- but some of these doses were taken with oil, so they weren't very effective. It does work better without oil (thanks to those who explained this). All doses were taken on an empty stomach. I opened the capsules and put it right on my tongue. Tonight, I still have a lingering headache, slight sore throat, some sinus congestion, and my fever came down from 101.5 to 99.5. I will continue with the BHT until I'm 100% and then I will be taking milk thistle every day for awhile to make sure my liver is fine.

I also took 2 Quercetin and 2 Zinc 30mg each today, and I inhaled diluted food-grade hydrogen peroxide a few times a day throughout. But BHT was what seemed to pull me out of this.

I'm wondering how far apart I need to take milk thistle from BHT. Is several hours apart sufficient?

Replied by Deirdre

Hi Renee,

This was also my experience with BHT with suspected COVID. Normally I can take a pinch of BHT and viral symptoms will disappear within an hour or two. However, last fall when I believe I was battling it, a pinch of BHT was not enough. I took a scoop of BHT (each scoop is 90 mg) every few hours for about 3 days and always on an empty stomach (never with oil). Since I started on the BHT right away, I never got any symptoms other than fatigue.



Hi Deirdre, thanks for your explanation. Super helpful! I keep a list of remedies for colds/flu/viruses, and BHT is at the top of my list along with the description in your post.

I was actually wondering after reading Renee's post whether she took the 6 doses/ 1080mg all in one day, or over the course of a few days.

I've got 4 kids out in school during the day, and 2 little ones at home… so I'm always looking for things that will put a stop to the sickness before it spreads through the whole family. I'll just adjust their dose based on weight.

For me personally, I'll take it more on a regular basis because of all it's benefits!

Posted by Rob (Seattle ) on 07/23/2022

BHT for C19

Took 200 mg 1xd upon ones of C19 symptoms.

My partner also attempted to do the same, but had a rare allergic reaction, red and itching.

Although she had a tough time with C19, I experienced an abatement of symptoms within a few hours of first dose.

Posted by JJ (Wisconsin) on 04/19/2021

Kill any and all viruses in me with BHT, zapper, oscillococcinum, celljevity

I don't write that often and I am a medical professional. I am not here to cure or diagnose. This COVID and the mass ignorance around it has forced me to “come out” about what I do. I never tell people to take anything, just to study, learn and move forward. I do not sell any product.

Once and for all, the following has killed any virus in the world by patient report and killed over 50 viruses in me over a 25 year period, all in one to 3 days.

Let's roll:

BHT. Listen to Deirdre on this site. I take 1000 mg twice a day for 3 days and then 750 mg twice per day for 3 days.

Parasite Zapper. For me and thousands, these zappers kill a virus in hours. I have used zappers for decades. I hold the copper tubes for 3to4 one hour sessions per day for 3 days.

Oscillococcinum. This is a very strong homeopathic available at the drug store. I take as directed for 3 days. More seems to be better.

Celljevity. This is a massive immune booster through the glutathione pathway. I take 2 500 mg three times per day for 3 days and then 2 twice per day.

Chlorine Dioxide. Learn about chlorine dioxide as I take 10 or more drops per day when a cold, flu or virus appears.

The above works every time for me and I am going on 72 years old with the health and fitness of a 25 year old. I start the above at the very first sign or symptom of a virus. I will add that I eat no sugar in anything, get alkaline with vegetables, green drinks, and Ted's baking soda regimen on this site, drink an ounce of apple cider vinegar with a half teaspoon of baking soda a day, eat as much garlic and onions and cayenne as I can stand in a hot soup, and other protocols on this site.

My 1000 clients have had massive success by studying these methods and if I add in more chlorine dioxide, I am willing to be injected with COVID or any virus and kill it in me in days.

For you, study, learn, and act as you wish for your best health and wellness.

Replied by Madelyn

Great post, JJ.

With regards to the remedies you mentioned, are you taking all of these remedies concurrently when you have a virus? Is your diet that you also shared only when you're sick, or all the time? Thank you and blessings!

Replied by Sanja
3 posts

Amazing!!! What is a parasite zapper?

Replied by AK Mike

Thanks for “coming out”. I recently started a simple combination of food grade BHT and organic olive oil. 1gm BHT to 1oz organic olive oil mixed in a glass jar, needs a couple days to dissolve then I take a hefty tablespoon every morning. This will kill the lipid coated virus. My source: friend who is retired army intelligence, a scientist.

Replied by Valerie

I'm interested to know if you eat any fruit at all, because of its sugar content.

Posted by Lee (USA) on 11/19/2020

BHT for COVID-19

I am writing because I remain convinced BHT works best when taken by itself with a gulp of water on an empty stomach. I cured myself of hepatitis C using this BHT by itself with water on an empty stomach method. In about 2 weeks I went from being very sick to " undetectable" and well with normal liver panel results.

And if you think about it, it just makes sense to use BHT this way. Mixing BHT with some oil would greatly dilute the effect. When BHT is digested hydroxylation occurs at the tert-buty groups and or the methyl group. This makes these BHT metabolites somewhat polar and therefore somewhat water soluble. But these BHT metabolites still remain very lipophilic and readily drawn to the lipid coated viruses. This takes place in the intercellular fluids. Mixing the BHT with some oil would only dilute this effect in my opinion.

Using the BHT by itself is what worked so very well for me for hepatitis C and also oral herpes or herpes simplex. I recommend using 1mg to 4mg of BHT per pound of body weight per day. 200 pounds = 200mg to 800mg per day for an active infection. 200mg to 300mg per day as a preventive dosage for a 200 pound person. I left a dosage range because some people don`t tolerate BHT as well as others.

It's best to divide the dosage into 2 or 3 separate doses throughout the day. So for a 200 pound person a 600mg of BHT dosage per day is best taken as 200mg of BHT 3 times a day and so on. With water on an empty stomach.

Replied by Bobbie

Regarding BHT dosing, I read that it acts on the methylation process. Does it work differently for those of us with MTHFR, a defective methylation factor? How would I use it (having MTHFR) for such as Covid or to deal with Epstein Barr?

Posted by Joseph (TN) on 11/09/2020

BHT is an important remedy for me. I got a mild case of Covid 19 last April and have dealt with it off an on since then. I should have been taking BHT more often. The last few days I was feeling tired but didn't realize right off that it was the leftovers of Covid causing it. Today, I felt like I had a mild flu with a slight headache and fatigue. I took 250 mg of BHT melted into coconut oil and rubbed it on my skin and then felt more alert within minutes. I'm going to take 500 mg 2x tomorrow, transdermally and do this for a week or so until it really brings my viral levels down.

I should probably keep taking BHT for 2 or 3 weeks every day now, and then use it every month thereafter. It's amazing stuff. I'm 69 now and the last thing I need is the flu. I had dosed up on Borax and garlic as well as oil of oregano but they didn't do much, but BHT worked immediately.

Replied by Betty

Where can I get BHT?


Hi Betty,

Try Amazon but be sure not to buy BHT with any additional ingredients other than the capsule ingredient (usually gelatin). If you can't find pure BHT on Amazon, try eBay.

You can also buy a jar of BHT crystals and just use a pinch of it at a time.

Posted by Robert (Va) on 10/13/2020


Take the same thing you would take for Influenza: BHT 500 / St Johns 450 / Vitamin C / Lysine+ and zpak capsules(2) once a week.

Posted by Andy (Thailand) on 09/30/2020

I saw all hospitals in Trang building hundreds of extra rooms in 4 story complexes two years BEFORE any virus and I asked myself what for, is it forward planning? Billions of Baht spent in anticipation of business? How did the Thais know? Did the same building happen in other countries before the virus? Thailand has a couple of popular songs about the virus – it plays every day at the exercise park. Lets have a few more about autism and cancer and we can sing as we die. On the positive side, BHT stops the Govid 19 virus, that's Butylated Hydroxy Toluene, which one can't find anywhere here. Makes sense?

Replied by jUAN

China and Thailand have very good diplomatic relationship. China knew and approved the study of MRNA in Wuhan Laboratory, financed by USA. It will be remembered that its only in 1984 when China was invited to Bilderberg Conference. It will be noted that China is the only Asian country that was invited to this Conference. Attendees were mostly European royalty and Americans (including billionaires). The purpose?? To discuss the problem of population explosion and climate change. The target? China, India, Indonesia, Philippines and the rest of Southeast Asia, with the exception of Australia. Thailand, who have close relationship with China must have been tipped-off. The extra rooms in hospital you saw, 2 years before the pandemic, in all hospitals in Thailand.. is in preparation for the pandemic.

Brace yourself for more will be coming back with impunity. Probably from the same source.

Posted by Evan T (New York ) on 06/11/2020

I've been having lingering sinusitis and eustachian tube blockage from covid going on 12 weeks now. I've done many conventional and alternative therapies.

I've been taking bht in varying doses starting with the pinch for 9 days, up to 900 mg some days, 600 yesterday. Generally my eustachian tube pressure is down 90 percent and my sinuses have cleared a lot. It seems to be working as a decongestant in a way. I still have loss of smell and taste and I've been having severe sleep disfunction for weeks. Not sure where I go from here.

Replied by Amy

Loss of smell and taste is a symptom of low zinc.

Taking a food based zinc at 250 mg a day for a few days will probably get it back for you. Garden of Life and New Chapter both have food based zincs. Once you get your senses back, take only 50mg a day.

Good luck. Let us know how long it takes to work.



Daily zinc dosages over 25 mg will depress your copper level.

(Northern California)
4 posts

just fyi - garden of life sold out to nestle a few years ago.


That is really disappointing, thanks for letting us know!

Sarina B.
(Houston, Texas)

New Chapter sold out to Procter & Gamble in 2012.

Replied by Melissa
(Socorro, NM)

Would you mind providing an update of how you are doing today, and if you are better, what did you do to get better? I have the same symptoms you were fighting and am trying to figure out what to do. Thank you.

Posted by Lee (USA) on 05/25/2020

This use of BHT to treat and prevent covid 19 is too important not to make more noise about it. If the powers that be about all this need something that sounds more scientific, here is my take on it: Butylated Phenols are oxidized at the tert-butyl groups during digestion, and these metabolites are still very lipophilic but do have some added O-H groups that cause these molecules to move about rapidly once embedded in the lipid envelopes of the different viruses including covid 19. Each O-H or hydroxy group is in effect a dipolar spot on the larger molecule. This rapid movement helps destroy the lipid coatings decloaking the viruses and marking them for destruction by the bodies' defense mechanisms. Also, there are three tert-butylated phenols. You have a phenol ring with one, two, or three tert-butyl groups. These are called BHA, butylated hydroxyanisole with one tert-butyl group. Then BHT, butylated hydroxytoluene with two tert-butyl groups. And TBP, tri 2,4,6 tert-butyl phenol with three tert-butyl groups. The different sizes may be very important in creating the best treatments. It does seem likely that BHA with only one tert-butyl group would penetrate the viral envelopes more readily, for example. There have been animal studies using BHT and BHA together more effectively than either one used alone. I have not heard of anything more promising.

Replied by Prakash

Thank you very much for sharing this. Can you please elaborate on BHA dosage? Should we also take a pinch of it as BHT shown in this video?

Replied by GrannyGoodFood

If penetration of the viral envelope is the goal, why not use proteolytic enzymes? I studied BHT and BHA as food additives and found that they can cause endocrine disruption or eye/skin/lung irritation. Other studies suggest possible link to cancer.

Cereals that avoid use of BHT use Vitamin E instead. If the antioxidant property is the key active ingredient, doesn't Vitamin E seem to be a safer option?

Second point: High school chemistry was a long time ago, so is Butylated something akin to Butyric acid, found in butter and highly beneficial? If so, the fat soluble vitamins could be a bigger help to enhancing our immunity than questionable chemical food additives.

EC: Hello, please read Oscar's posts on our Hepatitis C and Viral Hepatitis pages. He used BHT extensively for 20 years without any issues. 


We are all chemically unique and so not all cures work for all (boy am I smart.. lol) Some of us will respond well to BHT and others not so well. I took BHT years ago for Hep C and wasn't as successful as others. Harvoni was the answer for me. Hep C free for a few years now - yay! Hep C brought me here years ago.

This being said.. I am currently dosing up on BHT because I just found out I have had close contact with my daughter who has just tested positive for Covid. Chances are I have it.

I plan to take 3 x 3,000 mg a day for 4 days - if my system accepts it. Then slowly reduce it down. I am over 65 and a smoker .. BHT has always helped me with any chest issues. It opens my airways and significantly reduces any cough.

Be well, Caroline

(Thousand Islands)

I took BHT 2 months ago to help avoid catching covid from my 98 yr. old dad, but broke out in hives or rash all around my neck, it was so itchy I thought I'd go nuts! I believe it helped me avoid covid, but not sure I could go through that again!


It could be that it acted against a dormant herpesoid infection. Maybe persist until the herpes clear up..?!

Posted by Bill (Philippines) on 05/08/2020

Concerning using BHT (Butylated Hydroxytoluene) against COVID-19 infections, here is a short, free explanatory ebook (PDF) by Steve Fowkes on how to use BHT as an anti-oxidant for general for health, anti-aging and against lipid-coated viruses.

Steve Fowkes is one of the few researchers (along with other researchers like GM Williams) who, through his own well-known and extensive research, strongly supports using BHT against viruses like COVID-19. This downloadable ebook contains all you need to know about BHT and I thought this book would perhaps be particularly useful to help allay any fears that people might have about using BHT.

Replied by Marie-Lousie
(Zurich Switzerland)

Thanks Bill for sharing this e-book with us. Very interesting how simple one can treat viruses. Hope more people will read it and get BHT. rgs

Replied by Frances
(Cabarlah, Qld., Australia)

BHT book : I get Page not Found at that link; however, I did find it another way. Pls note there is a 2020 version available.


I get the broken link too. Here is another site with the free book:

(Cabarlah, Qld., Australia)
Replied by Vicki

Bill, when clicking on your link for more info, nothing comes up. Apparently, Big Tech has removed it.


Hi Vicki...

The link in my post goes to Steve Fowkes' Project Wellbeing website but the page for "The BHT Book" could not be found. So either Steve Fowkes has removed it or moved it. So you can try this link, which currently works:

If the above link (which is a good link - I've tested it) still doesn't work then just copy the above link direct to your browser's i/p search box and try that OR you can just type "The BHT Book Fowkes" into Google Search and you should be able to find it that way too.

Replied by W.Lee

This book does not exist when you open the url.

Replied by George
(Mandaluyong, Metro Manila, Philippines)

Posted by Josef Novak (illinois) on 04/28/2020 4 posts

One of the best kept secrets around is BHT, short for butylated hydroxy toluene.

It has been around for the better part of thirty years, has been approved as a food additive by the FDA as safe for human consumption in small quantities and using common sense. Without going into all the details which would fill many pages, some of the benefits are difficult to ignore. Even so, pharmaceutical as well as the medical profession does their best to do so.

Some of the reasons are that that there is no money to be made by pharmaceutical companies as patents related to BHT ran out long time ago and in order to have it approved for medical application it would require an immeasurable amounts of human tests with expenditures in the millions of Dollars which most likely will never be recovered.

On the other hand, many doctors may know about BHT but will refrain from suggesting it as recommending anything which is not approved by the FDA would leave them wide open to lawsuits, as it is pretty well known that one of the American dreams is, to fall on your neighbors property and then sue them for what ever they can get.

Over the years enough information about BHT has surfaced that if used in small quantities to achieve a particular result, such as from 100 mg to about 1g (one gram or 1000mg) and in most cases 250mg to 450mg may do a nice job for some of the things suggested, it may be less harmful than an equivalent amount of Aspirin. Again, do your own research and use common sense which appears to be in short supply these days.

Even so, if you still apprehensive or hesitant use BHT only when one of those nasty viruses appears on the scene and use it as a prophylactic in a small quantity perhaps 200 mg and once the danger subside stop taking it.

The catch is that in order to do its job, BHT works better before you get sick, as BHT will NOT REPAIR ANY DAMAGE which may already have been done by an infectious disease such as the coronavirus.

Even so if taken afterwards BHT will still continue to disable lipid covered viruses, but to repair any damage already caused may require different medications.

So why to take BHT on the first place? It has been long known that BHT will remove the lipid layer or cover from LIPID COVERED viruses and the coronavirus happens to be just such a virus and by doing so will prevent such a virus from attaching itself and do its dirty work.

The Principal Benefits of BHT

In order of importance, supplementing with BHT can help with:

Reduce and prevent viral infections such as herpes, thus terminating their outbreaks. Also BHT is effective against many different human and animal viruses including CMV (cytomegalovirus),9 pseudorabies,10 genital herpes, 11 HIV, 12 and some strains of influenza. 13 A few of the viruses that have a lipid envelope and may be treated by BHT include herpes simplex I, herpes simplex II, herpes zoster, CMV, West Nile virus, HIV virus, influenza virus, hepatitis B and C viruses, avian flu influenza virus and the SARS virus. However, BHT has not been clinically tested to treat these infections.

The CORONAVIRUS is also a lipid covered virus and BHT affects the lipid covering and in turn prevents the virus from attaching itself and do its damage. Now keep in mind that very few things in life are perfect and this holds true for vaccines as well. So when everything comes down to being cut and dried, do you prefer risking being infected with a nasty virus with all kinds of unpredictable side effects or take a chance with some substance which overall has a very good safety record.

Replied by Liz
(Boston, Massachusetts)

Couldn't agree more, Josef! I purchased BHT about a month ago (lots of it, so that I can share it with others). If taken in small amounts, it certainly can't hurt anyone. It was used for decades in cereals, etc. And if those small amounts even just 'might' protect us from COVID, then I am all IN! Stay safe, everyone! (And please listen to information from Dr. Fauci and other equally experienced and qualified immunologists/virologist--*not* to the politicians, who are putting their party/agenda, before the lives of their fellow Americans.)

Josef Novak
4 posts

Here is a more effective way as well as better absorption and you get by with a smaller quantity. One suggested way of taking BHT is to dissolve the quantity you intend to take first in oil as BHT is only soluble in either oil or alcohol, It is also much better absorbed by the human body, but alcohol is not recommended to consume along with BHT. One way of doing it is to dissolve 18 grams or 277 grains, if you happen to have a powder scale used for reloading, of BHT in 200 milliliters of olive oil in a small glass bottle. Then heat it up slightly in a microwave for maybe 40 seconds and then shake it a few times. A teaspoon of this substance, depending on its size will give you approx. 450 mg of BHT, which, in most cases, should do the trick.


Dr. Fauci is in it for the money...not to be listened to!


The comment about Dr.Fauci didn't age well...

Posted by Earth Clinic (USA) on 04/24/2020

Hi everyone, For those interested in taking BHT for viruses, here's a video we just published a quick video YouTube.

Posted by Bill Thompson (Philippines) on 04/23/2020

I would wholly agree with both Lee and Tyler Vincent's view of BHT. I bought 500 gms of BHT powder (USP grade) direct from an online chemical supplier and it only cost me $8.50.

For the last 3 or 4 weeks, I've been taking BHT at between 250 mgs to 500 mgs every day dissolved in coconut oil (which also kills the COVID-19 virus) as a preventative and for protection against the virus. I have also calculated, at that daily dose, that my BHT powder should last me between 3 and 4 years of constant daily supplementation if required.

I love it when you can find such a cheap remedy like BHT for use against a nasty virus like COVID-19 because that also means that BHT is accessible and easily affordable to everyone who needs it.

Replied by Surfer

Thanks Bill!! Better use that BHT before 3 years as I have seen in several places that it is good for 3 years after manufacture date.

Posted by Amit R. (India) on 04/18/2020

I have consumed BHT many times over the years for its antiviral and antiaging. Never regularly. Most recently, when coming down with a sore throat and fatigue twice over the past 60 days, I took just one 350 mg capsule of BHT on an empty stomach with a small glass of warm water. My symptoms disappeared within the hour. Now I'm not sure if this was the beginning stage of coronavirus or just a cold, but it worked.

Replied by Deepa

Hi Amit, where did you get BHT capsules in India?

Posted by Tyler Vincent (Canyon BC) on 04/03/2020

After more than two weeks of no symptoms of covid19, after nebulizing MCT oil, my lungs and kidneys began swelling up in pain again on day 40. I took 900 milligrams of BHT, and after 15 minutes, the pain in my kidneys faded away, as well as in the lung; It's been 5 hours now and I feel great, but BHT hurts my liver. I had also took 1/3'rd of an Aleve. Aleve seemed to help before with immune over reaction but, importantly, BHT is well known to kill basically all viruses, with far fewer side effects compared to big pharmas line up. Thank you to earthclinic for making this public, it is the best kept anti-viral secret and most widely used preservative on the planet. Seems to be helping me in a huge way, very rapidly. I'll have to do more testing. See earth clinics video on it:

Replied by Charity
(faithfville, Us)

Eating ginger helps reduce liver pain and also topical castor oil packs with heat reduced liver pain for me. My liver got healed so I don't have to use them for that now. Coconut oil works mouth to rectum and everything in between.

Tyler Vincent
(Canyon BC)

I will probably down an entire bottle of milk thistle to fix my liver up one of these days, I already stagger the dosage (milk thistle in the morning, BHT at night); Milk thistle is utilized rapidly by the liver. BHT is definitely a no brainer if you have covid19. It works and I say that from experience. So spread the word and get it out to every last man woman and child on planet earth.

Replied by Christina

What do you mean it hurt your liver? How do you know it wasn't the Alleve.

Replied by Tyler Vincent
(Canyon BC)

BHT inhibits sars-cov-2 replication and reduces viral load significantly, as does nebulizing lauric acid containing MCT oil (coconut derivative), which can prevent and treat sars pneumonia. Nutiva brand includes lauric acid, a powerful anti-viral. MCT oil is approved as a carrier oil in e-cigarette vape liquids. (1), though heat may damage its healing properties. BHT is lithophillic, and must be taken with oil.

When BHT is absorbed into MCT oil, both become even more effective anti-virals, nebulized or otherwise. I've successfully treated covid with an ultrasonic essential oil diffuser and inhaling this combo directly. Nebulizing colloidal silver and H202 (2, 3) alone have also been recommended by good doctors for treating SARS-COV-2. However, both can be combined with MCT oil + BHT in one treatment, nebulized or otherwise. 4 birds with one stone. This is how I stop the super spreader Trudeau vax created variants and treatments from murdering me.

Replied by Pam

Re: Nebulizing MCT Oil

There was a kid who died trying to huff PAM cooking spray because the oil coated his lungs. He could absorb oxygen through his lungs. Be careful inhaling oil.

I use a Budesonide inhaler for lung congestion. It's recommended by FLCCC.

Posted by Tyler Vincent (Canyon BC) on 04/03/2020

I am using BHT to treat Covid19. 900 MG of BHT knocked out covid19 related kidney and lung pains after only 15 minutes, hours later, effect is down to almost nothing at all, though it was really really hard on my liver. The liver was already troubled thanks to Covid19. Probably going to down an entire bottle of milk thistle to fix that up one of these days, I already stagger the dosage (milk thistle in the morning, BHT at night); Milk thistle is used rapidly by the liver. Definitely a no brainer if you are worried about Covid19, or especially if you have it. It works and I say that from experience.

Replied by Lee

Hi Tyler, I read all your postings. WOW, what a success story. I have no problem believing that the BHT worked as well as you said it does. I had the same amazing results using BHT to cure my hepatitis C infection. In one of your posts you mentioned BHT is found in some fungi that grows on olives. BHT is also found in 4 different phytoplankton, some lichen, a certain fruit, and others. So this BHT is every bit as natural as any herb. Keep posting everywhere. People need to hear from you.

Tyler Vincent
(Canyon BC)

When I say the "effect is down to almost nothing at all," I mean BHT knocks the viral load down to nothing, and very very fast. I can tell this stuff is incredible, it is a life saver.

Posted by Ted (Baton Rouge) on 03/24/2020

For all those looking for hope from the KUNG FLU. Things you should have at your house just in case. 190 proof Everclear alcohol - first sign of a sore throat, slowly sip a cap full and let it run down your throat. Repeat if your sore throat comes back. Lysine- 1500 mg every 1 hour for 24 hrs, then 1500 mg every 4 hours for 3 to 5 days BHT - 1500 mg once a day for 5 days. Vitamin D3 with K2 - 80,000 iu taken once a day for 5 days. Hydrogen Peroxide 3% - in hail threw a neutralizer or spray bottle or a humidifier, 3 inhales every 2 to 3 hours for 5 days. Vitamin C - take 10,000 mg over the course of a day for 5 days. These steps should be started as soon as a sore throat or fever is noticed.