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Chanca Piedra for Covid Symptoms

| Modified on May 05, 2024
Chanca Piedra - Earth Clinic.

Author Bill Thompson (Candida, Killing So Sweetly) describes why Chanca Piedra is potent herb to protect against coronavirus symptoms.

Chanca piedra is a powerful medicinal plant used in Central and South America for hundreds of years to treat kidney stones. liver problems, and gallstones. "Stone breaker" is the literal translation of the plant's common name (Phyllanthus Niruri), given to it by Spanish settlers who recognized its incredible medical value.

Continue reading below for feedback from Bill and let us know if you try this herb for any virus symptoms!

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Chanca Piedra Herbal Benefits

2 User Reviews

Posted by Bill (Philippines) on 10/28/2020

I just thought I'd add another good herb for use against COVID-19. As some might know, my favorite herb is Chanca piedra. My wife and I have just harvested a large amount of Chanca piedra (Phyllanthus niruri) in our area (it grows as a rampant weed on Cebu island where we live) and I've started taking Chanca piedra decoctions twice a day. So you might also say that my Chanca piedra (CP) has been wildcrafted and prepared by my wife and me. "Wildcrafted" means picked and prepared the old way by our fair own hands without the use of chemicals, excess heat or FDA herbal 'standardization'.

My purpose in taking these Chanca piedra decoctions was to help remove any plaque build up in my arteries. As some might know, Chanca piedra easily removes both gallstones and kidney stones (which contain calcium) and CP also lowers calcium to safer levels in the blood. That's why I'm using this herb to remove arterial plaque(which contains calcium). And after taking this decoction for less than a week, it seems to be working well. I can tell its working to remove the plaque from the capillaries at the extremities because my vision is getting better along with other positive indications as well.

I learned most of what I know today about tropical herbs mainly because I read and studied Leslie Taylor's large book "The Healing Power of Amazon Rainforest Herbs". Many of the plants mentioned in that book also grow in the Philippines where I live. Here's what Leslie Taylor, a medicinal herb expert, has to say about the anti-viral power of Chanca piedra:

"I've used chanca piedra for many years as an effective herbal antiviral. It's been the subject of clinical research in humans to treat hepatitis B and C. It's also been confirmed to be effective against several herpes viruses (including the chicken pox virus in children), HIV, influenza, dengue, and others. It works by inhibiting enzymes and other substances that viruses need to divide and multiply (transcriptase and protease), while also providing a direct toxic effect to some viruses (as well as bacteria). Researchers have confirmed the presence of at least 8 natural plant chemicals in the plant with antiviral actions. It has not been scientifically tested against this current coronavirus, however I used it effectively with several clients (including my own granddaughter) when the country was fighting the H1N1 swine flu virus years ago.

In addition to being a good antiviral, significant new research on chanca piedra confirms it is an effective immune modulator. It significantly increases the production and activation of immune cells responsible for fighting infections, while lowering the production of immune cells that cause inflammation. This has also been confirmed in human research. In human trials, adults and children with pneumonia, tuberculosis, hepatitis, chicken pox, and Hanson's disease (leprosy) mounted a much stronger immune response to fight these infections which sped healing and viral/bacterial clearance. It was also noted that immune cells responsible for immunity were also increased, and those taking chanca piedra for their infections had no relapses or secondary infections and had higher levels of antigens (cells responsible for immunity). The small trial on leprosy patients led researchers to surmise that it's strong and immediate immunity response might be helpful as a preventative/anti-infection remedy to protect caregivers of this devastating disease.

In the people with pneumonia, asthma, and tuberculosis that were studied, a significant reduction in lung inflammation was also noted with significantly less pro-inflammatory immune cells causing lung cell stress, damage and cell death. Chanca piedra's many strong antioxidant plant chemicals were probably one reason for this noted effect. However, other research has been published on chanca piedra's effective anti-inflammatory actions delivered by other novel anti-inflammatory chemicals in the plant.

I don't know if chanca piedra can kill this particular coronavirus outright like it can other viruses. That it boosts the immune system to fight both bacterial and viral infections naturally, as well as protects the lungs from inflammation and cell damage bacteria and virus causes in the lungs was enough for me to stock up on chanca piedra to protect myself and family, just in case, during these trying times."


So why is Chanca piedra my favorite herb? It's my favorite simply because it does so much to protect and heal the human body -- more than any other herb/plant I know. Here is a list showing all the beneficial properties of Chanca piedra on the human body:

Expels stones

Supports kidneys

Relieves pain

Protects/Detoxifies liver

Reduces spasms

Reduces inflammation

Kills viruses(CP contains 8 anti-viral chemicals)

Clears obstructions(in the blood)

Aids digestion

Reduces blood sugar

Reduces cholesterol

Reduces high blood pressure

Reduces excess blood calcium

Kills bacteria

kills malaria

Cures Hepatitis B(CP cured a family member of Hep B within 2 months)

Prevents mutations

Reduces fever

Mild laxative

Expels worms


Replied by Natalie
(Qld, Australia)

Is there any brand you would recommend?


Hi Natalie,

I'm quite lucky because I get my Chanca piedra directly from my garden and surrounding areas for free.

But if you're going to buy Chanca piedra online just make sure that it's preparation is denoted as 'wildcrafted' or 'organic'. You should avoid all 'standardized' herbs(where chemicals have been added to standardize them à la Codex Alimentarius!).

'Wildcrafted' just means that the herb is properly prepared in the old or ancient way as a powder(for teas, decoctions or capsules), alcoholic tincture or vinegar tincture.

I don't need to buy Chanca piedra but here is a good, trustworthy website where you can purchase this herb(and many other useful herbs as well):

I think the above website also sells the herbal powder as well(which is mainly used for teas or decoctions).

Replied by Annette
(Lubbock, TX)

What would be an appropriate dosage if trying to prevent covid or if already positive for covid?

Replied by Stephen
(Cebu City, Philippines)

Hi Bill!

I have been searching new articles on chanca piedra for treating covid19. I found your article quite interesting because you talk about the current disease that is dominating our human race today. Actually, I have been using this herbs for more than 5 years it started when I was still schooling as a BSPHARMA . I have plenty of wonderful testimonies of this amazing herb.. Now, I have been selling this herb in capsules and tea for quite a while now. the brand name is MONA short name for MOTHER NATURE... The chanca piedra I'm using is not the bitter one and the frangrance is good and its really a powerful herb. I have 3 users who are employees in VSMMC hospital currently working and she said that its been two years already and they werent infected by the mutants ALPHA variant even they sit closelybeside the positive person...her older brother was an ambulance driver and was infected and his body was weakened and his sense of taste lost and ask her helped what to do she then gave 10 capsule and 2 days later his sense of taste came back and now back to his work again very healthy..