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Lysozyme Treatment from Italy for COVID-19

| Modified on Feb 27, 2024
Lysozyme Treatment from Italy

Lysozyme, a naturally occurring enzyme, has been recommended by an Italian doctor for symptoms of Covid-19.

Lysozyme is found in bodily secretions such as saliva and tears, and also in milk and egg whites. Not only are egg whites the main commercial source of lysozyme, they are also the most abundant dietary source of the enzyme.

Lysozyme is sometimes used as a preservative in cheese to prevent a production defect called butyric late blowing caused by the bacteria Clostridia. [1] It also provides an alternative to nitrate or the bacteriocin nisin.

History of Lysozyme

In 1922, 6 years before he made the discovery of penicillin, Alexander Fleming discovered the enzyme lysozyme by studying nasal secretions from a cold patient. These secretions were found to prohibit the growth of bacteria. [2]

How Lysozyme Works

Lysozyme operates as an antimicrobial agent by splitting apart peptidoglycan, the main component of a cell wall in gram-positive bacteria. This cleaving leads to cell death of the bacteria. [3]

Is Lysozyme Safe for Those With White Egg Allergies?

In one small study, egg allergic participants did not show allergy symptoms after the oral intake of cheese containing lysozyme.

Where Can I Buy Lysozyme?

In the USA, it appears that Lysozyme is not sold as a stand-alone supplement. However, you can find the powder if you search "Lysozyme for cheese".

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2 User Reviews

Posted by Daniela (Italy) on 04/26/2020

Dear Deirdre,

I wanted to pass you a tip from a great Italian doctor, very antiestablishment. He has been heavily persecuted (which is always the sign of the presence of truth). His name is Giuseppe Di Bella, son of Luigi. They are both very famous in Italy for an effective anti cancer cure that was suppressed. Luigi was a genius and he helped thousand of cancer patients without asking for any money. His son is continuing his work. But he is not young and I am afraid that their method will be lost.

About 20 years ago, the Italian ministry of health did a fake clinical trial, completely butchering it on purpose (using the wrong dosages), in order to officially dismiss the Luigi Di Bella cancer protocol. He was supporting the immune system instead of destroying it and hundreds of people had been cured.

At any rate, Giovanni Di Bella has said that Lysozyme (from eggs, used to make cheese) is a great antiviral to use against this coronavirus.

Dosage: 500 mg a few times a day if sick.

It was discovered by Fleming with Penicillin. Lysozyme is a natural antibacterial and antiviral substance. Extremely powerful. It is found in woman milk (not in cow milk) in tears, in saliva and in the blood.

It is largely used in Italy in the production of parmesan cheese. It is needed to kill off a miriad of bad bacteria and viruses. In the human body, since it is capable of destroying the envelope of viruses and bacteria and dissolve their DNA material it is necessary for normal immune function. But nobody ever mentions it!!! It has also, for the same reasons, anticancer properties. It is extremely powerful against herpes virus.

I haven't had the time to read further (if you can read Italian I can send you the article) but I found that it has intentionally been suppressed by pharma because it would kill its business. Their viciousness goes beyond what any non-psycopathic human being could even imagine. And this characteristic is entangled with ignorance, corruptibility and pride.

You take 500 mg of Lysozyme 3 times a day. If you are sick 500 mg every 2 hours. It also naturally lowers fevers.

They knew about it. There are publications of the 60ies. The substance was made unavailable in pharmacies. Only cheese producers still use it. Or no parmesan! I guess cheese is more important than the lives of people.

If you publish this information in a very evident way they might prohibit the sale of lysozyme, as they did in Italy.

Replied by Alex
(Thessaloniki - Greece)

I want to confirm Daniela. After trying many pastiles for throat during covid, those with lysozyme were the best. It didn't kill covid, but alleviated to a big degree the throat soreness. I had to take 4-6 pastiles per day. In Greece the brand Sopain has pastiles with lysozyme.

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I had an excellent response using store bought 3% hydrogen peroxide (HP) diluted to 1.5 % HP, which eliminated my Covid-19 confirmed sore throat, in minutes after gargling it.