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| Modified: Sep 25, 2020
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Posted by Hisjewel (North Carolina) on 09/16/2020
5 out of 5 stars

I took a trip to assist and elderly relative who lives in North Carolina. Whenever I visit NC there is a favorite chain store I love to shop at and buy clothes from before I leave town. There were two registers open and one line. There was one person already in line when I got there. I heard the clerk say next as she handed her present customer their things. The man in front of me didn't budge. He waited till the other register was finished. As he went to that one I went to the clerk that said next.

Immediately as I approached she started coughing. I wanted to say something like, "You sound like you need medicine, " but it wouldn't come out. She took my garments and started bagging them. When she got to the third one she came up with a tremendous repeated cough. I can't remember if she moved her mask for it. But I saw her put both hands on her face. Then she drank some water and walked her hand on her clothes. Then she put both hands flat on my dress that was on the counter. I was to shocked to speak. Where is Candid Camera when you need them.

It is now 3 days later, I have sprayed the out side of bag with Lysol. The clothes are still in the bag. I checked on line they said it takes about 5 days for virus bacteria and germs to die. The next step would be to wash or cleaners them I suppose. I really like the store fresh look. But these are not the days. Keep the Faith and stay safe.


Replied by Cpn
Somewhere, Usa

I work for a very greedy company that puts profit above health. When Covid first came about, we were able to meet customers outside the store. We are doing better in sales than ever before but the more you get them, the more the company wants. They now require we bring the customers into tiny visitation rooms and most customers are not wearing their mask correctly. Noses hanging out or pulling it down completely after entering the building.The mask are required but people are not considerate and don't care. I can not stand the public after all these years of selling to them.

Anyway, what I do is was my hands after every contact. I take 20000.00 IU of vitamin D3 every morning before going to work. I also put one dropper full of Colloidal Silver 500 PPM in my morning coffee. I boiled some water and added some of the Silver to it and use it as a nasal spray followed by So can allergy gel two squirts in each nostril followed by a tiny amount of antibiotic ointment on Q Tip swab run inside both nostrils. Then mask goes over my head and I wear it any where I am in public. I an still exposed to co workers in small confined space. Zinc would be a good one to add.

Also to answer the question you had, you may want to look at I think they said ultra violet light will kill viruses and bacteria.

Replied by Tawanna
New Jersey

Lysol? My aunt thought she had coronavirus. l told her l bet it was the lysol making her cough and to stop using it. Why would anyone want to use Lysol which has chemicals in it that can cause health issues?

Replied by Hisjewel

True Tawanna, but it was what my Aunt had on hand besides alcohol and regular air freshers. Moving quickly, what would you have used on or do with a shopping bag you suspected may be carrying a deadly virus?

Posted by Jak (Alaska) on 09/06/2020
0 out of 5 stars

Please get this word out!

In one of Dr. Hulda's book, she mentions the dangers of Isopropyl alcohol. She says it stays in the body for 3 days after contact. Isopropyl alcohol is a solvent. What this solvent does in the body is it breaks down the fatty protective barriers between the organs so that parasites can easily pass through to reside IN the organ. Parasites/flukes/worms can cross over from our intestinal gut to the other organs because isopropyl alcohol acts as a solvent to carry them pass the fatty barriers! Brain, liver, kidneys, thyroid glands, etc wind up with parasites/flukes/worms. Dr. Hulda has done much research to show that diseases manifest in the body when parasites reside and procreate in a certain organ. There are many other commercial solvents that are deadly. Benzene is one of them. Please read Dr. Hulda's book about HIV, to learn more about this.

With COVID-19 and everyone using hand sanitizers, this is an absolute disaster! People will get more sick from these sanitizers, laden with solvents/man made alcohol. Please get this word out so that people can be informed about hand sanitizers and it's risk to our bodies.

Replied by Orh
Ten Mile Tn

Jak,,,,,,,, ORH here, thank you for bringing the up. What I got from her book is that she alway found Isopropyl alcohol when she found cancer. She said to use vodka instead. I think you good to used grain alcohol as a sanitizer. All the movie cowboys used it when gunshot. Worked for them.


Posted by Kt (Usa) on 09/05/2020
5 out of 5 stars

Personally, I think the increase in Covid-19 is wearing masks too long and over sanitizing everything. If you happen to be a carrier you are constantly breathing the virus. There has to be some exposure to germs/bacteria to build immunities. When I took hubs for treatment at a hospital, I would pass freshly sprayed carpets and chairs; wiped down counters and woodwork with disinfectants. The fumes hurt my lungs and gave me headaches.

The same thing happened walking in grocery stores where they over spray and wipe down every shopping cart after every use. Hand sanitizers are worse and I feel the begining of the breakdown.

Several years ago my doctor used it on his hands when walking in for an office visit. I asked him not to come near me with those fumes. After using hand sanitizers or antibacterial soap you handle food to put in your mouth. You are ingesting those chemicals.

I wear a mask when required to enter stores but I remove it as soon as I leave to walk across the parking lot and not while driving. I wash my hands with Ivory bar soap or classic Ivory Liquid bc it is digestible. I was made aware some people are washing produce with antibacterial soap. This constant exposure to the breakdown of friendly bacteria is doing us more harm. I am in my 70's and don't have any upper respiratory problems. I use white vinegar and baking soda to clean.

Finally, I take garlic, turmeric, ginger, magnesium, zinc and colloidal silver along with vitamin C. I also drink lemon water. I feel these antibiotic, antibacterial, antiviral remedies have had a positive impact on my health.

This is just my opinion and what I do for myself.

In addition, I know I have mentioned this before and submitted supporting documentation but feel it should be mentioned again because what we eat affects us. Our entire food supply has been tainted in one way or another. Darwin started the cross pollination of plants in the 1800's. GMO's cannot be avoided due to wind and bird droppings. Organics are grown in soil that contains a genetically modified fungus. The food industry is allowed to add manufactured glutamic acid (hidden sources of MSG) to food, supplements and medication under deceptive names including "Natural". It is a nerve stimulant that can stimulate nerve cells to death. Not everyone will always have the same reaction because everyone eats differently.

Posted by Robert (Ca) on 06/22/2020

This was "unsettling" to say the least.

Please try this experiment before it's no longer accessible.

Type in your search bar any 3-numbers followed by "new cases", (without the quote marks).

Example & random selection:

347 new cases

Replied by Diana

I did type in 347 new cases just for fun (no mention of Covid-19) and it is amazing how many places have 347 new cases.

Curiouser and curiouser ... both Alberta (province) and BC (province) announced 32 new cases and 1 death today.

I guess everyone is reading from the same script ...

Replied by Den

I just did it, did the three digit numbers 5-6 times, then 4500,4507, it all came back the same. Totally rigged.

I hope too many people don't do this, or we'll all have it in no time flat!

Posted by ORH (TEN MILE, TN) on 05/22/2020

ORH here,,,,,,,,,,,, my topic is health, but in a round about way. This country has had it and need to find an answer to how to survive. EC folks know that the medical leaders of this virus problem are playing games. They into greed and have patents such that they reap $ with a vaccine. When I was in the military and got a flu shot ...... I got the flu. We were guinea pigs. Now all are guinea pigs with every flu shot you take. It is tainted with mercury which gives the kids autism and old folks Alzheimers. Bill Gates and his ilk are into depopulation. One sick dude. Hey, I understand exactly how I sound and don't give a rat's ...... We all need to be outraged and show our ass. We are fed fish that are fed poop. All our meat is full of steroids and antibiotics because animals are raised in sewage and need this to survive. Tn sprayed my farm with Round up until I threatened to sue the district guy as an individual if they sprayed our ditch again. Also .told the governor . He promised on his bible that they would not spray again. We shall see. We don't seem able to have a civil conversation. We have to threaten. I will wretch it up to where it works. I was scheduled for that PC class, but over slept.====ORH====

Replied by GertJr

I'm in Alabama and they spray our ditches, too. But, to save money, they only spray the overgrown ones. We keep ours trimmed and neat at all times (and we care for the neighbors on both sides, too) and haven't been sprayed in years. Money talks, so maybe use cost savings as an incentive? I know, some are just jerks.

Posted by Walid D. (Kuala Lumpur) on 05/17/2020

Covid-19 is a Plandemic. People should get to know that Bechamp theory (The Territory theory) is the Truth! Search using DuckDuckgo engine for: $5K Reward for Proof of Diagnosis: Feeders at the Trough The Germ Theory: The New State Religion. - Dr Tim O'Shea OR you can find the Podcasts here:

Posted by ORH (TEN MILE, TN) on 05/15/2020

Climate in now different,,,,,,,,,,,,ORH here,,,,,,,,, how you ole patoots doing. We full time working at our little farm or sitting on our back stoop at the lake. The sky is now beautiful....... what has changed? Climate is now like my youth. We a few miles from Oak Ridge and no planes. What is happening? Dang, I kinda like this new lifestyle. Think we back living in simple times. Since I's a simpleton, I kinda like it. It has taken me a while to realize this, but do you notice a difference? Don't get caught up in the daily crap. Folks think they don't spray chem trails daily, but they does. Guess they too scared to fly. Who-ray for our side for a change. Ask you to just rock back on your porch and look at the sky. It has not been this clear in many years. Don't think we need a virus to get here but need just the government to stop messin with us. We don't need their help. The Lord said he would provide and he does, if you will allow. Most of you are smartern me and know things have changed. Think we just need to get rid of about half our government employees and we would be fine. They good people........... they just useless as tits on a boar shoat. ATS ====ORH====

Posted by ORH (TEN MILE, TN) on 05/09/2020

GLOBAL WARMING,,,,,,,,, ORH here, and we still have not planted our main garden because we have frost tonight. Normally our last frost is April 21 and we plant. Not this year, with all the rain and cold. All our plants are still in our warm green house getting root bound. Look that up, because it is not good. So we have will lose 3 weeks of growing because of Global Cooling. You smart folks, and know that the commercial people that grow veggies in a green house add CO2 to the house to help their plants. The Tree Huggers have been telling us that CO2 is bad for plants. Wrong, Wrong, Wrong. The Lord has this all worked out...... the plants or trees take in CO2 and give off oxygen, which us simple folks need to live. It's all been worked out without our help. Why do these nerds keep messing things up? Been posting here for many years and ask folks to see how I works out by doing the things I doos. Mainly........ growing good garden veggies. This site is on a roll like I have never seen. Everyone is on the same side of the house pulling on the rope. That will work for EC and will work for the USA. ====ORH====

Posted by Oshea (Mid West, USA) on 05/09/2020

Covid 19 is a cover up to force vaccinations and to take out small to medium business. They are labeling every death and illness as Covid 19 to induce fear and hospitals make extra money by doing so. You can bet they will be bringing back another round of flu fear and lick down this fall/winter 2020. Please check out Dr.shiva, Dr. Rashid Buttar and Dr. Andrew Kaufman and Rose /Icke You will not find this on mainstream and they are taking down anything revealing truth from YouTube, google and Facebook. Stay Healthy and May Love, Peace and Wisdom be your constant companion. Ps If this resonates as truth for you please share. It's going to take a grass roots effort to bring change and take down the evil ones. Remember You Are Loving Awareness :)

Posted by Tyler Vincent (Canyon BC) on 05/09/2020

Red Algae is known to make Mice & other animals IMMUNE to corona viurses, MERS, SARS, and Ebola, and effectively treat corona viruses in human beings. Here is my video on the topic: Sourced Scientific evidence: Products:

Posted by ORH (Ten Mile, TN) on 05/07/2020

Bleach,,,,,,,,,,,, is that a dirty word or what? Spent 40 years bleaching pulp so I have a clue. First , we have Chlorine. That is now outlawed, but most of your water suppliers kill the stuff with Chlorine . Can't use it to bleach pulp anymore but most all cities use it to kill stuff in your drinking water. Funny how that works. Then we have Hypochlorite , either Sodium or Calcium Hypochlorite. All wemmins use this to make their drawers really white. They don't want to be seen in dingy drawers. Then we have Oxygen. Next comes Ozone. All good stiff, but not good according to the CDC. It has not gone through the double blind BS. Lots or rain this spring in East Tn and all the cow pastures are brilliant green. Now why is that? Rain is not plain water..... it passes through the ozone layer and becomes Hydrogen Peroxide. Water is not water. Why, that's bleach and we can't eat those cow's that have eaten that bleached grass. That is what our medical folks are telling us. Boy's and Girls ........ we are being fed a line of stuff. If it's natural, the the Lord told us he would provide. I would trust that before I would....... Rx garbage from China or India. Could go on but, you get the drift. ====ORH====

Posted by Teena (Melbourne, Australia) on 05/04/2020 180 posts Forced population control? In a vaccine? No. I'll just leave this here.

Posted by ORH (TEN MILE, TN) on 05/03/2020

ORH here,,,,,,,,,,, too wet to plow and hope we can do that tomorrow. Wettest ever. Doing stuff in raised beds. Carrots, radish, beets, lettuce, onions, spinach, lima beans, squash and zucchini and butter peas. Lots of garlic to harvest. Yep, it hell to be pore and have to live off the land. New subject........... suggest you read Dr Judy Mikovits. She is one smart woman and will give you the straight skinny about COVID 19. We are all being fed a line of garbage by the current folks. Yep, they have an agenda. ====ORH====

Posted by ORH (TEN MILE, TN) on 04/25/2020

ORH here,,,,,,,,, have followed Dr. Judy Mikovits and her saga for awhile now. The world needs to know her story of exposing how the vaccines are contaminated by passing them through a mouse's brain and picking up virus'. You think the medical field has your interest? Think again. I double dog dare you to watch this video and not be outraged. ] ====ORH====

Replied by Bill

ORH...Just to back up your last post on Dr. Judy Mikovits, Dr Peter Gotzsche is an expert Danish researcher who is at the top of his field. He is a research designer -- a research architect if you will -- and he has been cited in 40,000 research papers. That means he's an absolute expert at research. He has also written a book called Deadly Medicines and Organized Crime. Here's what he has to say about the FDA and the drugs companies and his message is very clear:


Here's a good docu-series, The Truth About Vaccines, that is a real eye-opener. Here's the viewing link (not sure if you can access episodes 1 to 3): Take care,

Posted by Addy L. (Atlanta GA) on 04/23/2020

Hello! I am wondering if anybody would have any feedback regarding the blood clotting being reported with covid 19. I have Factor V Leiden (hetero with episodes) and I'm on aspirin and plavix for life. Is there any thing additional I can be doing for this? I am taking higher doses of c, d and zinc. Thank you.

Replied by Karene
2 posts

Hi Addy.. I am on warfarin and I also worry because I have had pulmonary embolisms and dvt's. I think magnesium is super important to take. Whatever you can tolerate. I take magnesium chloride, glycinate, citrate and orotate. Not all at once, just here and there throughout the day. I can feel when I need it. I get anxiety.. I lose magnesium very quickly from stress. Potassium is super important, too. I know when I went to the hospital, I was given both potassium and magnesium. Also drink water or some kind of drink with electrolytes. Coconut water is good. I hope that helps you. I am also taking vitamin C, D zinc, k2, lysiene, vitamin E, and A and selenium and molydonum.

Posted by Nora (GA) on 04/22/2020

Improving immune function is always a good strategy against any illness, but I am blown away by how many people believe they can "catch" a virus. Understanding the true role of viruses is important to combat the campaign of disinformation used by the WHO and other agencies that want to terrify the population into complying with a mandatory vaccine mandate, which they have no authority to impose to begin with. The Emergency Powers Act does not supersede constitutional amendments which protect us against such authoritarian measures. As signatories to the Geneva Convention, we have a right to bodily self possession. The fact is and has always been that the term "virus" defines solvents produced naturally by cells to aid in the excretion of toxins. That is to say, they are NOT living things and cannot be "grown" in a petrie dish or cultured by adding agar or another growth medium. Viruses do not exist outside of cells, although segments of their genetic material can be spliced into "living" organisms, and that is precisely what occurred with COVID-19. If you read the patent for the Novel Corona Virus (US 7,220,852 Bl ) approved in 2007 and assigned to the CDC, it states that the virus can only be injected into a human, it does not jump from its naturally occurring animal model to humans, and is not lethal. The whole COVID-19 plandemic is a total hoax, designed to destroy the economy and strip Americans of their constitutionally protected rights on the pretense that there is a threat from this novel virus. If you doubt what I'm telling you, I suggest you do your own research, starting with Fox news "hot mic" video posted yesterday where the anchorman admits it's a hoax, then hop over to Jon Rappoport's blogsite, nomorefakenews (dotcom) and you will see article after article explaining what the real agenda is. These are labeled "alternative" news sources, but they are telling the truth. In addition, you can find the video made by an Australian naturopathic doctor, entitled "You Can't Catch A Virus" which confirms the fact that viruses are not alive, are not communicable, and can't be contracted from surfaces or transmitted through the air. Those are plain old lies, but the public has been brainwashed for decades to believe that viruses cause disease, when in fact they make you feel ill only while they are removing toxic substances from your cells.

Posted by BW (Bellevue, WA) on 04/22/2020

This is not exactly a treatment for the COVID-19 virus, but it is certainly an important element, considered in this blog post from University of Washington meteorologist Cliff Mass, posted Saturday, April 18, 2020, titled "Why Outside Air is Safe and Park Closures Should End":

Posted by Stephen (Northern California) on 04/22/2020

This seems to be a very credible article debunking the recent claim, regarding the relationship between Covid19 and iron. Well worth the read. "Covid-19: Debunking the Hemoglobin Story"

Posted by Helen Simmonds (Australia) on 04/21/2020

So pleased I've found this site. Love the focus by everyone on health/the immune system. I have my own protocol, which is corresponds to different posts I've read. Just wanted to let people know that working on the immune system works. We returned to Australia from France on March 19. My husband tested positive, but was asymptomatic. I tested negative, even though we had not been apart. So why didn't I get this incredibly contagious virus?? Orthodox/big Pharma doctors don't even ask questions, don't want to know. Great to know there is a community of like minded health seekers out there.

Replied by LoveEarthClinc
United Kingdom

Hi Helen, Would you mind sharing your protocol, it would be great to know? Many thanks

Posted by Bill Sardi (California) on 04/21/2020

These may be your readers' favorite natural cures, but they don't make up for essential nutrients, namely zinc (required for T cells), vitamin C and vitamin D. You could end up with people relying on your list of remedies and seeing their symptoms worsen. Prevention is different than treatment for active disease.

Posted by ORH (TEN MILE , TN.) on 04/21/2020

OLE ORH HERE,,,,,,,,,,,,,, appears that states have gone against the grain and are opening up. That means Shorty and his ilk lose their stroke to control the world. Too many first line responders tell of fighting off this virus with simple Hydrogen Peroxide. That messes up their head because their cause is lost and they just back to government employees that work for us, and not our Gods. We have much work to do to squash the sick'os that are controlling this country. The key word we on EC must remember is the word is ANECDOTAL. This word blows their mind. Everything on EC is Anecdotal. It just happened, but you cannot believe it. It did not go through Big Pharma, thus it did not happen. That is our message from Shorty. This group of people worldwide need to take on these nerds that want to control our lives. The U. S. is the worst. When a Redneck like me can cure cancer twice in my life and our medical folks have no clue......... that ain't right. They want to treat it, but not cure it. It's a $$$$ thing. More money than energy until the bottom fell out. Yep, I pissed and have a good reason to be. Shorty and his ilk are not happy that things are improving. They are losing control. In parting ....... beware of the 5 G thing. It is worse than GMO or Glysophate. Grow you own garden like we do. You will get back close to God. ====ORH====

Replied by Educated AND ok with Alternatives

Shame on you for trying to slip politics into this site. Do not include me, and other educated patrons of EarthClinic, in your "we". Funny how green-eyed a self-proclaimed "redneck" looks when he calls out someone for being "nerd", ie... educated.

Posted by Mary (USA) on 04/18/2020

Can wearing a face mask of any kind, be it coffee filter, cotton. cloth, etc. develop mold? I have read it make take a few hours before mold develops. Is this true? Most people wear the same mask day after day. Is this ok?

Posted by Akamai (Hawaii) on 04/18/2020

From an article in TheMedicineJournal: April 9, 2014 "Based on the mechanism of ingestion, most medical professionals agree the potential for deadly consequences is considerable." "When you inhale air, and all of its impurities (in this case alcohol), the vapor easily crosses the capillary beds that reside in the small air sacs within your lungs, called alveoli." "While the party-fueled vaporization and inhalation of alcohol is extremely dangerous, there are some real medical benefits when done appropriately.  In 1954, Dr.'s Aldo Luisada, Morton Goldmann and Ruth Weyl used this as a method for treating pulmonary edema, resistant to all other forms of therapy." "The fluid in the lungs, associated with pulmonary edema, contain blood elements that get churned into a froth by the act of breathing.  This leaves foam-like bubbles that make it extremely difficult to diffuse oxygen through the capillary beds.  By bubbling oxygen through a 50% ethyl alcohol solution, the frothy bubbles collapse making it easier to breath.  It's thought the alcohol alters the surface tension of the bubbles, causing the collapse.  The resulting sputum is also more liquid and is much easier to expel from the lungs." ------------- In my opinion this was a very informative and well written article. Ethyl alcohol inactivates virus everywhere else, why not in the lungs? Limited exposure would help with the suffocation by surfactant problem also. You mean it worked in 1954 and it doesn't work now; or haven't they tried it and why not? This would not be my first choice because it does not address the hypokalemia and aerated alcohol is extremely dangerous and highly flammable. However using a one breath only and waiting a couple of hours approach, it is second on my list. And it certainly looks approriate for pulmonary edema patients on ventilators.

Posted by Lee (USA) on 04/17/2020

I wish point out to the staff here that a guy named Tyler Vincent reported here at the Earth Clinic in the BHT remedies section that he got well and fast using good old BHT to treat his coronavirus infection. People need to read it for themselves.

Posted by ORH (TEN MILE , TN.) on 04/15/2020

ORH here, please, please, please everyone stop referring to what the FDA says to take. They have no clue. Some of you folks need to understand that Rx is not the answer. That CDC guy is 79 and screwed up every thing he has come into contact with. He is partners with Bill Gates. Both are sick dudes. Their program is depopulation by virus shots. Have you noticed that Africa is not getting this disease. Why? Because they all take the malaria drug which shorty says won't work. Get real. This was planned from the beginning. ====ORH====

Replied by Dana
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

I agree with you! I will do MEGA research for what my family calls hippie drugs and use them! (CBD, Silver, Elderberry, etc) I have adult onset asthma, and decided to nebulize colloidal silver as a precaution- I can tell you after a 2 minute breathing treatment, my lungs already feel lighter...

Ghana and South Carolina

Sorry ORH, but someone's not being honest with you, Africans have lots of covid 19 cases as well as deaths. Not many Africans are able to take anti malaria drugs as you state, due to its being too expensive or fake pills proliferating the markets. I know because I live there part of the year, and see many who suffer lifelong weakness and fragility due to malaria.