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COVID-19 Commentary, Conspiracy and Concerns

Posted by HisJewel (USA) on 12/23/2020
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Stay Well, Stay Healthy, Stay safe

"Merry Christmas everyone! " For many of us, if Christmas is going to be Merry we will have to put extra effort into making it happy. Many of us have family members and friends that went to Glory this year. My mother went to be with the Lord November last year. She loved Jesus but she loved Christmas too. So my family decided to celebrate Christmas more than ever, however with all that's going on we must remember to "Stay Well, Stay Healthy, Stay Safe.

We must be consistent in taking a least at preventive measure of the remedies for COVID that we learned about and share them with family members and friends who will hear. Some are waiting to take the vaccine that's okay, but while waiting, don't' let down your shield. Take your herbs, vitamins and minerals and eat healthy. These remedies have kept us well this far I have heard that sometimes your body needs to switch remedies for a while to keep getting the best results. So if one remedy is not working, try another. The home make cough syrup remedy with Cayenne Pepper, turmeric, garlic lemon juice and honey is still working for me, if I feel a cold coming on I up the times a day that I take it. And I hang on to my vitamins too.

They say that COVID is not through with us yet. But I say, "COVID I disallow you! " Let's keep praying, Don't give up! We fight COVID with the word of God . We help our bodies to stay well by making use of the remedies that we have learned about right here on Earth Clinic. Stay Well, Stay Healthy, Stay Safe.


Posted by Hisjewel (North Carolina) on 09/16/2020
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I took a trip to assist and elderly relative who lives in North Carolina. Whenever I visit NC there is a favorite chain store I love to shop at and buy clothes from before I leave town. There were two registers open and one line. There was one person already in line when I got there. I heard the clerk say next as she handed her present customer their things. The man in front of me didn't budge. He waited till the other register was finished. As he went to that one I went to the clerk that said next.

Immediately as I approached she started coughing. I wanted to say something like, "You sound like you need medicine, " but it wouldn't come out. She took my garments and started bagging them. When she got to the third one she came up with a tremendous repeated cough. I can't remember if she moved her mask for it. But I saw her put both hands on her face. Then she drank some water and walked her hand on her clothes. Then she put both hands flat on my dress that was on the counter. I was to shocked to speak. Where is Candid Camera when you need them.

It is now 3 days later, I have sprayed the out side of bag with Lysol. The clothes are still in the bag. I checked on line they said it takes about 5 days for virus bacteria and germs to die. The next step would be to wash or cleaners them I suppose. I really like the store fresh look. But these are not the days. Keep the Faith and stay safe.


Posted by KT (Usa) on 09/05/2020
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Personally, I think the increase in Covid-19 is wearing masks too long and over sanitizing everything. If you happen to be a carrier you are constantly breathing the virus. There has to be some exposure to germs/bacteria to build immunities. When I took hubs for treatment at a hospital, I would pass freshly sprayed carpets and chairs; wiped down counters and woodwork with disinfectants. The fumes hurt my lungs and gave me headaches.

The same thing happened walking in grocery stores where they over spray and wipe down every shopping cart after every use. Hand sanitizers are worse and I feel the begining of the breakdown.

Several years ago my doctor used it on his hands when walking in for an office visit. I asked him not to come near me with those fumes. After using hand sanitizers or antibacterial soap you handle food to put in your mouth. You are ingesting those chemicals.

I wear a mask when required to enter stores but I remove it as soon as I leave to walk across the parking lot and not while driving. I wash my hands with Ivory bar soap or classic Ivory Liquid bc it is digestible. I was made aware some people are washing produce with antibacterial soap. This constant exposure to the breakdown of friendly bacteria is doing us more harm. I am in my 70's and don't have any upper respiratory problems. I use white vinegar and baking soda to clean.

Finally, I take garlic, turmeric, ginger, cayenne pepper, BSM, CO, ACV, zinc and colloidal silver along with vitamin C. I also drink lemon water. I feel these antibiotic, antibacterial, antiviral remedies have had a positive impact on my health. I recently started taking slippery elm for my GI tract problem.

This is just my opinion and what I do for myself.

In addition, I know I have mentioned this before and submitted supporting documentation but feel it should be mentioned again because what we eat affects us. Our entire food supply has been tainted in one way or another. Darwin started the cross pollination of plants in the 1800's. GMO's cannot be avoided due to wind and bird droppings. Organics are grown in soil that contains a genetically modified fungus. The food industry is allowed to add manufactured glutamic acid (hidden sources of MSG) to food, supplements and medication under deceptive names including "Natural". It is a nerve stimulant that can stimulate nerve cells to death. Not everyone will always have the same reaction because everyone eats differently.