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Ted's Antiviral Remedies for Covid-19

| Modified on May 05, 2024
Below, Bill Thompson describes Ted from Bangkok's famous protocol for viruses, originally published during the Swine Flu epidemic of 2009.

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Posted by Bill (Philippines) on 02/19/2021

I discovered a fast H1N1 remedy that was recommended by Ted from Bangkok. Since H1N1 virus is very similar to COVID-19 I have decided to use Ted's fast remedy if I actually become infected with COVID-19. I like this remedy because it is such a simple and quick remedy. Here is what Ted from Bangkok says about his fast-acting H1N1 remedy:

"Swine Flu: There was an interesting case of a woman going to the butcher to buy a pig, that was somehow infected and had a very high fever for the entire family of only three people and have already recovered. The symptoms appear to be a swine flu. Unfortunately most antiviral drugs didn't work. What did work was three things, and in the order of importance is lysine, BHT, and alkalization. In this particular influenza A(H1N1) swine flu the temperature went very high, about 105 degrees Fahrenheit to 106 so obviously one of the person in the family was clearly dying. The dose used was 1200 mg of Lysine, 1000-1500 BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene) and 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda plus 1/2 teaspoon of potassium citrate. Within less than an hour the Swine flu for the family disappeared almost entirely. The symptoms were extreme fatigue, very high body temperature, chills, and a relatively resistant to most antiviral therapy and other known marketed cold remedy. " Source:

Here is a simple description of how this remedy works.

The core protein or amino acid that is essential to most viruses is arginine. Supplementing lysine acts to block the uptake of arginine in the virus, thus inhibiting viral replication. Alkalizing with sodium bicarbonate and potassium citrate acts to alkalize the blood and cell environment. Generally, the viral enzymes released by the virus work best when the blood is acidic. These enzymes help to attach the virus to the host cell for replication. So if you constantly alkalize the blood then these viral enzymes become incapacitated and the virus cannot attach to the host cell, thus also inhibiting viral replication. Incidentally, the beneficial action of Chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine has nothing to do with the drugs they contain but they work in a similar way to make the blood alkaline -- which stops the virus replicating. Lastly the large dose BHT is necessary to actively kill the virus and reduce the viral load quickly in the blood.

Here is Ted's full protocol:

Lysine at 1200 - 1500mg, taken every two hours

BHT taken once or twice at 1000 - 1500 mgs.

Alkalizing using 1/2 tspn Sodium Bicarbonate + 1/2 tspn Potassium Citrate + water, taken at least 3 times a day.

Avoid food that contains arginine.

I know there will be some that might say that 1500mgs of BHT is too much and will be bad for the liver but I prefer to go with what both Ted and Steve Fowkes recommend. In Steve Fowke's book "The BHT Book" he confirms from the research that a single dose of 2000mgs of BHT is the safety limit. And also bear in mind that you will only take this large dose once or twice at the most to achieve a large and necessary viral kill and that's it -- you will not be taking this large BHT dose on an every day basis.

Replied by Peter

"Lysine at 1200 - 1500mg, taken every two hours..."

Bill, how many times total would you recommend per day of lysine?


Hi Peter...The COVID-19 remedy is based on Ted's lysine, BHT, alkalizing fast-cure remedy for H1N1, which should also work for COVID-19 because both are lipid coated viruses.

And if you read Ted's story in my previous post about the family that had H1N1 that took this fast-acting remedy, Ted actually said that they were ALL cured within about one hour after taking the initial recommended doses of lysine, BHT and alkalizing. So the family probably only took the 1000-1500 BHT dose once. As regards the lysine dose, and according to Ted's protocol, you just keep taking the lysine at 2 hour intervals until your symptoms improve. Lysine certainly isn't poison, it's an amino acid or basic protein that is classed as a food.

So what Ted was saying was that his fast remedy cured the family in about an hour. He also said in the story that one member of the family was actually dying. They all recovered -- very quickly.

For myself, if I took this remedy for COVID-19 then, after recovery, I would probably switch to taking Melatonin at high dosage (40 - 80mgs/day) + Vitamin C + Vitamin D3 for at least a few days to a week to ensure there was no ACE-2 inflammatory damage caused to my lungs, heart, brain etc. Post-recovery, it has also been found that many people are having serious problems caused by inflammatory damage to the heart, brain, lungs, liver etc. In one recent British study concerning recovered COVID-19 patients the researchers found that 50% of all recovered patients had various heart problems -- myocarditis, infarction, ischemia etc -- all caused by excessive inflammation problems because of the virus.

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Bill (Philippines) on 10/24/2020

Aspirin Kills Lipid-coated Viruses Confirmed by Research

Some interesting research has recently appeared as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. This research from the University of Maryland(Oct 20,2020) confirms that aspirin is effective in killing COVID-19 virus, thereby causing a reduction in risk of mechanical ventilation, ICU admission and mortality in COVID-19 patients. Here is the research:

The many benefits of aspirin are: it kills lipid-coated viruses; it thins the blood; its a pain killer; it actively suppresses or reduces inflammation. Of course all the older members of this forum have known this for over 10 years because of Ted's informative posts.

And just out of interest and as a help to those people still worried about the COVID-19 problem, here is an interesting past post from Ted describing his famous one hour aspirin cure for flu which will probably work just as well well for COVID-19(also a lipid-coated virus):

"Is it really possible to "cure" flu in one hour? Yes, but it's usually less than an hour. Not that I wanted it to but as a necessity. One case told me (one of my students) had only one aspirin. The other case is the owner of LPG gas, whose store had to close due to 5 p.m. closing time and didn't want the employees to go home with a bad flu (two of them in fact) and the fact that she hates the idea of taking aspirin more than one.

So the remedies, assuming you have them, is in a full glass of water, aspirin is dissolved, added with 4 drops of 0.1% methylene blue and 8 drops of concentrated Hydrochloric acid. 1/2 teaspoon of sea salt is option to stop the mucus that sometimes occur. Lysine 1000 mg is optional, although lysine is a rare commodity here in Bangkok. It will go stop the flu in less than an hour.

There's just one catch: make sure you wash your hands before eating food and clean the enviroment otherwise you will catch it again the next day or two, and obviously avoid picking nose, a bad habit my students have and recaught the flu 2 more times, before he stopped that habit and never had a flu since.

In case some people are low on aspirin, and by chance happen to have methylene blue 0.1% and hydrochloric acid, this remedy would work. How it works is relatively simple. The methylene blue raise the energy level it works on the same principle of caffeine in a strong black coffee is used instead, and this can be mixed with the aspirin. In case hydrochloric acid isn't sitting around, I think plain distilled vinegar say 2 tablespoons with lemon juice one tablespoon is mixed can be substituted to have a similar effect as the one hour flu cure.

It is important to wash the hands after flu is gone. I prefer to wash my hands in vinegar, or a very weak solution of hydrochloric acid such as 10 drops per glass as antiseptic solution, as virus in general do not die in alcohol gel and other alcohol antiseptic. They also resist fairly well with most chlorine antiseptic solution, but they do not survive well in vinegar, hydrogen peroxide solutions in general. The hydrogen peroxide antiseptic solution should preferably be about 1% concentration when using as hand wash or general cleaning the area to avoid reinfection. Of course if a person were to get necrotising fasciitis, the preferred remedy is not this one, they don't survive well in betadine iodine solution mixed with other chlorine washes."