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Cod Liver Oil
Posted by Cindy (Illinois, USA) on 01/09/2021 343 posts
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I also recall, from years ago, reading about the significance of both vitamins A AND D, together. Which made me think of Cod Liver Oil which led me to a preliminary clinical trial paper regarding Cod Liver Oil and Covid. Cod liver oil is where the vitamins A & D in A&D ointment come from. Oddly, it has the cod liver oil listed as the "inactive ingredient". Actually, I suppose it would be odd if they'd listed as the ACTIVE ingredient, instead which would have been like painting a big target on themselves...

From clinical trials starring Cod LIver Oil, "Ethics" section

"In conclusion, the study has a low risk of negative health-or other effects on participants and a high probability of identifying whether cod liver oil can prevent Covid-19 and other respiratory infections. Furthermore, the encouraging preliminary data suggests that the morbidity caused by Covid-19 will be significantly reduced in the cod liver oil group adding to the benefit of the study. Further adding to the benefit is the prospect of collecting high-quality data on the more general health effects of cod liver oil use. In total, we consider that the benefits of the study far outweigh the risks and disadvantages"