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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Alternative Treatment and Prevention

Colloidal Copper
Posted by Jacquelyn (San Francisco) on 03/25/2020 10 posts
5 out of 5 stars

Hi Nick,

I have used both ultrasonic and compressor nebulizers. Pretty much any nebulizer should work. If you cannot obtain a medical nebulizer in time, you could also use a diffuser, vaporizer, mister, or cool mist humidifier, or anything that creates a fine mist without heating the solution (heating the liquid to create vapor removes most of the minerals). Just put your face/mouth directly in the stream of vapor of whatever device you have. You might have to put a larger amount of solution in a device that is not a medical nebulizer (because most of them won't work with just a teaspoon or two of liquid in them), and just turn it off after you are done nebulizing for 15-20 minutes and turn it again for your next treatment. I have the following two nebulizers, and both work well. For one of them, you have to put enough plain water in the bottom chamber so that it touches the bottom of the medicine cup, and then put the medicine solution in the medicine cup. The other nebulizer you only have to put medicine in the top.

I also have an old compressor model that I have had since I was a child for asthma, which also still works. One of my portable ultrasonic ones has died that I got a few years ago, so maybe the larger compressor models have a longer life, but are noisier. I suggest you filter your search on ebay (or wherever you buy it from) to find local sellers in Australia if possible (or wherever you are located), because it will get to you faster that way and they take at least a month, maybe two, to come from China (at least here in the USA). USA stock

Here are two compressor models:

Here is a non-electric (hand-pump) model:

Colloidal Copper
Posted by Jacquelyn (San Francisco ) on 03/24/2020 10 posts
5 out of 5 stars

Nebulize Salt/Baking Soda Solution and Colloidal Copper! (also Hydrogen Peroxide option)


I live in San Francisco and recently acquired something that I believe to be Coronavirus. I had a sore throat for about a week, which turned into tightness in my lungs, and a very mild cough. Then all of the sudden one night around 2am I felt like I couldn't get enough oxygen. My hands and knees were shaking, I was cold and shivering, and had a low fever of 99.3. I was tested on Saturday but the results will not come in for 5-7 business days. I will update later to let you know.

BUT I wanted to let everyone I can know, what worked for me to treat it.

My mom had sent me some colloidal copper, 10ppm some time ago, and advised me to use it in a nebulizer for any kind of lung infection. I also have successfully used a saline solution many times before to help treat cold and coughs with the nebulizer.

So, when I was all of the sudden feeling like I couldn't breathe, I made my saline solution of:

1 cup distilled or boiled and cooled water
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon baking soda

Only add the baking soda to the water once it has been cooled, and do not heat the water once the baking soda has been added. Heating the baking soda causes a chemical reaction in the baking soda which will transform it into something else that is irritating (I know from experience).

I put 1 1/2 to 2 teaspoons of this mixture in the nebulizer and nebulized for about 20 minutes.

Immediately after that, I put 1 1/2 to 2 teaspoons of the 10ppm colloidal copper in the nebulizer and nebulized that another 20 minutes.

Within 20-30 minutes of this treatment I started to be able to breathe again, felt like I was getting enough oxygen again and I went to sleep. I have been doing this treatment twice a day (morning and night) since, and my lungs and energy are gradually improving, and I have not had any more shortness of breath episodes. It was genuinely frightening. I am 36 years old so I am also not in a particularly at-risk age group.

I would advise everyone to get a nebulizer and colloidal copper (10ppm colloidal silver might work too – though this recent study showed significant growth inhibition for bacteria but not viruses in colloidal silver , and make a salt/baking soda solution to keep in the cabinet in advance of catching this thing, because when it hits, it hits hard and all of the sudden, and you feel like there is no time.

If someone is very sick, nebulizing more often would be appropriate/necessary. 20 minutes of nebulizing every hour (ten minutes each solution), or 10 minutes of nebulizing every 15-20 minutes (5 minutes each) are possibilities, but can be varied as needed. When my daughter had a very bad croup last year the only thing that helped to keep that terrible cough down was nebulizing saline /baking soda solution every hour for 20 minutes.

Also, I have a friend in L.A. that I sent a nebulizer to recently. He told me he had been feeling something in his lungs for a few days. He only had H2O2 (3% hydrogen peroxide) on hand so I told him to try nebulizing some of that. He did that for 10 minutes 3 times over the next 2 days and it went away. I personally don't like nebulizing hydrogen peroxide because it makes me lose my voice, but I would definitely do it in a pinch vs. not getting enough air and having a virus take over my lungs! It also fizzles and converts partly to oxygen in your lungs so I believe it could help deliver oxygen directly into your lung tissues. It is harsher than copper though, as it's a fairly strong acid, and I don't think you would want to use it for extended periods of time because it might start to burn your lungs over time. So I recommend getting copper.

Also, if you have to use it on a baby, child, or someone else very sensitive, I would probably try mixing the copper and saline mixture together in equal parts, as the copper has a tendency to be a little irritating at the beginning of nebulizing and makes me cough a bit until my lungs adjust. For a baby or sensitive person this might be too much, and the saline solution helps to buffer it.

Also, do not use an enclosed mask (especially on a baby or someone who cannot communicate) with the saline solution. Hold it an inch or so away from the face or the salt condensates/crystallizes on the skin around the mouth and is also very irritating.

Some research showing these substances kill or inhibit viruses and/or reduce virus load in a sick person:



Baking soda:

Hydrogen Peroxide (CDC itself says 3% H2O2 kills coronavirus):