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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Alternative Treatment and Prevention

Posted by Vicki (United States) on 02/27/2020
5 out of 5 stars

I successfully have used DMSO to stop “fever blisters/cold sores” many times since my 1st use of it in the early 80s to save teeth (fractured the enamel) in an automobile accident. It must be applied several times BEFORE blisters form, when the area is swelling, tingling and/or itching. This past year, I remembered my mother poking Vicks VapoRub up my nose as a child to open nasal passages. Since DMSO is a byproduct of paper milling (not petroleum industry), & has/is still used for nerve injury in expensive race horses, this past year I decided to try putting it IN my nose (like my mom did the Vicks) when I 1st started sneezing after being exposed to cold/flu virus. After putting the DMSO creme (remains at the bottom of a very old jar) the swelling in my nose & lips went down, the dripping running stopped & I quit sneezing). I have not had the flu or a “cold” since I started doing this at 1st symptoms & I have NOT had a flu vaccination since I retired from public education 8 yrs. ago. Please be assured I am NOT RECOMMENDING this. Just relating my personal experience. I advise EVERYONE to do their own research & make their own decisions as to health care & I do advise seeing a licensed medical person for any symptoms of illness.