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Posted by Bethany (San Diego, CA) on 03/13/2022
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Please post to both Potassium and COVID recovery pages.

In July 2021 my family and I came down with Covid. My symptoms were severe headache, severe fatigue and entire body severe muscle aches and body aches. None of us lost smell or taste but I also developed a different symptom than what I have read about: I got a disgusting nasty taste in my mouth that no amount of tooth brushing or anything would remove. It made coffee, water and any food taste really gross. As a result I stopped eating much and stopped drinking much, except forcing myself to eat and drink a little bit to stay alive.

My husband and two teenagers all recovered within a few days & our 4 year old never got it, however I continued to be in constant intense pain with muscle & body aches all over. I also had lost my appetite and had (sorry TMI) diarrhea.

After a week and a half I was still in agony & my husband asked why haven't I gotten better? I was wondering the same thing so I looked up online “severe muscle aches and body aches” and out popped Low Potassium & your article explained why eating a banana doesn't afford immediate potassium. I realized that all the diarrhea probably exasperated the issue of low potassium.

So I sent someone to the store as I was no way ready to travel and the potassium couldn't arrive fast enough!

I took a few potassium pills (sorry I don't remember the exact number) and within an hour or so I felt SO much better! I think I took 2-4 potassium pills at 99mg for a few days.

I continued with then potassium supplements until I felt better. Also ate some bananas for good measure as I figured it couldn't hurt.

Posted by Betty (CA) on 10/22/2021
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Yes, potassium is important for kidney function with covid. Potassium Citrate ER (rx) is preferred but OTC works also.

Posted by Bethany (CA) on 10/21/2021
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Potassium for COVID19. I cannot believe NO one has listed Potassium to be helpful for Covid recovery! It IS listed in the Covid overview, but no one listed it as a cure. ALl I know is that is what finally helped me get over Covid!

In July 2021 my family and I contracted Covid while on vacation on a road trip to Colorado. Realized it may be covid after arriving home, and looked on this website, started us on the Melatonin Vit C & Zinc, protocol. Everyone else recovered fast except for me, I had terrible unrelenting painful muscle aches and body aches. After being in continuous agony I finally researched online after a week and up popped up Potassium deficiency! Sent my husband out to purchase it (he was fine by then), and within two hours I was 99% better!