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Olive Leaf Extract + Colloidal Silver
Posted by Maria (A.C.T) on 12/04/2021
5 out of 5 stars

This might be recorded somewhere on Earth Clinic already because I love the site and share as much as possible. I caught a virus on a plane in 2009 and after the worst sickness I've ever experienced, a doctor told me she could see it attached to the roof of my mouth but that there are no medicines for virus. I tried an alternative remedy sent to me soon after and it killed that virus in 24 hours. Afterward, I went back to that doctor and she confirmed it was gone and asked for the remedy in case her family ever caught such a thing.

Here it is:

One teaspoon of Olive Leaf extract, any brand, one teaspoon of Colloidal Silver any brand in a half glass of water. Drink it straight down ugh! ONLY ONE repeats.

Then mix up the same in a full glass of water and gargle and spit that out over 24 hours.

It worked for two other people I've shared this was Swine Flu like mine, the other was a bad reaction to Covid vaccination. These natural remedies are Mother Earth's gifts to us.

All the Best.