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Nitric Oxide Boosters
Posted by p. raghavan (virudhunagar, india) on 02/28/2022
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There is an article from Massachusetts General Hospital titled “Therapeutic nitric oxide from air with an electric spark “. According to this, treatment with inhaled nitric oxide has proven to be life-saving in newborns, children, and adults with several dangerous conditions like pulmonary hypertension. Basically, nitric oxide inhalation dilates blood vessels in the lungs and reduces the blood pressure in the lungs.

There are two articles available on the net :

1) “Glenmark, Canadaian Firm SANOTIZE'S Nitric oxide nasal spray against COVID launched in India “.

2) “COVID-19: Nitric oxide shows as an antiviral treatment”.

This nitric oxide nasal spray is used to treat adult patients at increased risk (to Ventilator). Nasal spray is designed to kill the Covid – 19 virus in the upper respiratory airways. It has proven anti-microbial properties and a direct virucidal effect on SARS-COV-2. When sprayed over nasal mucosa, it acts as a physical and chemical barrier against the virus preventing it from incubating and spreading to the lung.

The recommended dosage of Nitric oxide Nasal spray is two sprays in each nostril, six times a day for 7 days. This nasal spray is not variant-specific of Covid – 19. It will work against the alpha, beta and delta variants of SARS-2-COV-2, besides Rhinovirus and H1NI virus as well. In clinical trials, this nasal spray reduced viral load by around 95 % in the first 24 hours and more than 99 % within 72 hours. This spray is approved for Covid-19 in EU, India, Israel, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia and Bahrain. Nasal spray costs about US $ 15 in India. It appears to be a very promising treatment for Covid-19.

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P. Raghavan.

Nitric Oxide Boosters
Posted by Rob S. (U.S.A.) on 05/03/2020
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What are and where do you get these Nitric Oxide boosters ?

Nitric Oxide Boosters
Posted by Trina Peterson (United States) on 04/21/2020
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I have bought my son VIT C, D and olive leaf extract added nitric oxide boosters, beet root powder and L arginine, the latter only if he became ill. He works at Whole Foods as a grocery clerk. I found this very interesting as they are using Nitric Oxide to treat Covid cases. It blocks replication and it helps with oxygen absorption. A quote from MedPage Today.... "However, perhaps the most convincing role of nitric oxide in this disease is its antiviral properties. SARS-CoV-2 infects cells by attaching to a receptor on the lining of the airways called angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2). This is the same mechanism by which SAR-1 infects cells. NO specifically alters a surface protein on SARS-1, known as the spike protein, such that it cannot attach to the ACE2 receptor. This results in blocking viral entry into the cell as well as the subsequent replication of the virus. Since SARS-CoV-2 shares the same mechanism of cell entry, we can relatively confidently assume that NO would have a similar effect regarding this novel virus."